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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  July 18, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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a micro climate weather alert as the bay area is 30 minutes away from a red flag warning going into effect. the news starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. firefighters bracing for a difficult time over the next 24 hours. could be dangerous. live look right now walnut creek. meteorologist rob maietta has been telling us about the potential for lightning and now it's crunch time. what's the latest? >> we are seeing the high-level clouds moving in. you saw it over mt. diablo.
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here is the fire danger, the temperature and the humidity. it's 95 degrees in livermore, humidity 18(%. if you have elevated thunderstorms that don't produce rain at ground level but bring the lightning, you see how dry things are at the surface. the satellite and radar shows you that we are starting to see the high clouds on approach to the bay area. the showers for now are still in the central valley near fresno through san luis obispo county. this line has not had a history of producing lightning across the valley. different towards the sierra, more lightning across the southern and central sierra. this area of rotation just off the shore here of southern california coast, this upper level disturbance will lift north tward overnight tonight and that will keep the chances for dry lightning or brief light showers ongoing around some mountain ranges especially the diablo range heading into early
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tomorrow morning. the red flag warning which gets started at the top of the hour will continue through 5:00 on monday. the diablo range, santa cruz mountains, north bay mountains included in this. coming up a look when these fire danger conditions drop down a bit as cooler temperatures return in our forecast in about 15 minutes. rob's a valuable resource on twitter, constantly updating his feed with information. it is helpful. it is insightful. it's instructional. follow him @rob maietta. the fire burning southeast of lake tahoe, the tamarack fire exploded in size this weekend because of the wind. latest estimate as the burn area and more than 18,000 acres, about 30 square miles. friday might it was 500 acres. talk about exploding. also jumped highway 89, heading in the direction of the alpine county airport. containment stands at zero percent. the fire was sparked back on july 4th by lightning.
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coverage of the pandemic. overnight a new indoor mask mandate went into effect in l.a. county as new cases of covid-19 are rising. not just there, but in almost every state. nbc's jennifer johnson reports. >> reporter: masks are back on in l.a. county. officials say they had no choice as new cases of covid-19 surge again. >> i would say that it's not punishment. it's prevention. we still have 4 million out of 10 million that haven't been vaccinated. >> reporter: health officials say 99% of people in the hospital are unvaccinated as hospitalization rates surge across the country. 70% increase in florida, a 150% increase over the last month in springfield, missouri fueled by the delta variant. >> we know what the solution is. it's vaccination. people need to get it. it's readily available. >> reporter: doctors are urging the reluctant to get vaccinated, concerned this fourth surge of covid-19 won't be the last, and
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more places will be forced to put in prevention measures. >> now, in areas where there are low numbers of vaccinated people or cases are rising it's reasonable for counties to take more mitigation measures like the mask rules. >> reporter: meanwhile, the first cases of covid-19 are showing up at the tokyo olympic games. a handful of athletes, including american tennis player coco gauff, have tested positive and at least one international olympic committee member less than a week before the games begin. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. on the other side of the coin a big day for britain tomorrow. it is lifting the covid lockdown. back in june prime minister boris johnson extended the lockdown for another month because of the delta variant and vaccination rates, things open back up tomorrow. get this. 88% of england will have gotten at least one dose of a vaccine. the olympics start late they are week but already off to a rocky start as more athletes test positive for covid.
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the opening ceremony coming up on friday. you just taerd that coco gauff withdrew from the games after testing positive. that news comes after two unnamed athletes also tested positive for covid in the olympic village. organizers are reporting ten cases connected to the olympics, including athletes, media members, other personnel. officials are scrambling to ensure everyone's safety. >> there is no such thing as no risk. at the same time the mingling and crossing of population is incredibly limited. incredibly limited and we can ensure that transmission between the various groups is almost impossible. i'm quite fine almost. >> organizers say they have administered more than 30,000 covid tests since july 1th. as more positive cases are announced atlanta olympic protesters are growing louder.
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outside the international olympic chief's william u welcome in tokyo, protesters marched outside the palace calling for the games to be canceled. polls show the majority of japanese oppose the olympics as cases there continue to rise. we continue follow the latest developments from tokyo as well as all things olympics related on our home page and you can find it all at vice president kamala harris spent part of the day having a routine exam at walter reed medical center. the white house says she bent for a regular checkup. also her visit is not related to her meeting with texas democratic lawmakers who later tested positive for covid. the washington nationals and san diego padres back on the field today after having last night's game postponed when gunfire erupted outside the nationals stadium. three people were shot outside that stadium. it happened during the game. one of the victims a young woman
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hit by a bullet leaving the park. several loud pops from outside the ballpark were heard inside the stadiums. some took cover in the padres' dugout. >> i love this city. this city is my home. it can get crazy. we all know that. and we all want to feel safe. i can tell you that inside this ballpark i feel safer than ever. i really do. we care about each other. we don't want anybody getting hurt. so like i said, for me, yesterday i tried to protect as many people as possible. >> emotional there. police say people in two cars were shooting at each other outside the stadium. so far police have made two arrests. one of the most well known festivals in the bay area is set to return on friday. i think you know what it is
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based on that fliem right there. the gilroy garlic festival is going to be held in a unique way. and a former cal bear makes history on the golf course. what colin morikawa did today that hasn't been done in the history of golf. and we are watching hot temperatures to wrap up the weekend. 97 degrees in walnut creek. a red flag warning due to dry lightning tonight. a closer look when we come right back.
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bringing back the famed gilroy garlic festival instead of the traditional event which draws tens of thousands per day, people can still get that great food, just in a drive-thru line. the move forced by the pandemic of course. this year's drive-thru festival runs for the next two weekends. you may remember organizers haven't been able to hold a typical festival since the deadly shooting in 2019. organizers hoped to bring back the full event last year but the
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pandemic canceled those plans. a former cal bear continues to make history on golf's biggest stages. [ cheers and applause ] >> didn't take long for collin morikawa to put his name on the claret jug, one for one. >> this is amazing. collin morikawa comes back to win the british open today. with that win he becomes the first golfer ever to win two different major championships on his first try. in golf, ever is a long, long time. less than a year ago he won the pga championship at san francisco's harding park. >> you know, i think i just enjoy these moments and i talk about it so much, we love what we do, and you have to embrace it. you have to be excited about these opportunities and that's how i looked at it today, especially down the have the claret jug right here in my possession for a year, i believe, i am excited to have it.
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>> maybe excited. he doesn't sound blown away. he is relaxed. anthony flores will have more on the win coming up in our 6:00 newscast. not just covid olympic organizers are warning athletes and volunteers to prepare for summer heat. temperatures are rising across japan ahead of the opening wearing masks won't make it easier on the athletes encouraged to carry water at all types. some events have been moved to sapporo which is a bit cooler than tokyo and rob was talking about this yesterday saying summertime in japan, i don't know if a lot of people are aware of this, it can get -- >> it's like miami or new orleans. >> i have been to those places. >> you go outside, sunglasses fog up. that's the feeling they got. temperatures in the 90s, lows around tokyo in the mid-70s. here it is much warmer to finish the weekend. it's hot, but it's a very dry heat right now inland. out towards contra costa county
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inland mid-90s, brentwood 96 degrees, 95 livermore. but closer to the santa clara valley not much changed, low 80s around san jose, northwest wind at 12 miles per hour. you are seeing a few high clouds on approach out of the southeast out of the central valley. walnut creek 97 degrees. look at the humidity, 13%. so initially as these bands of showers come in if there is any chance of lightning you can see how dry things are at ground level. this is the recipe for dry lightning. bone-dry conditions at ground level. up at 10,000 feet and higher you have the instability. over in san francisco the chilly conditions continue. 63 degrees, low clouds and fog on approach again as we head to tomorrow morning. by 11:00 tonight before midnight we might see some 70s outside heading to tomorrow morning low temperatures in the low 60s inland with the cloud cover. so temperatures will stay pretty mild to start the day. highs tomorrow close to today
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around the santa clara valley, low-to-mid 80s san jose, 90s closer to morgan hill, mid-90s expected around brentwood and antioch, not quite as hot in livermore, low 90s, redwood city staying in the low 60s around san francisco and north bay temperatures in the mid-80s. top concern remains the red flag warnings up for the hills through 5:00 tomorrow evening. diablo range, east bay hills, santa cruz mountains and the north bay mountains. on the satellite view, the showers off to the south and east a little unusual here as the clouds continue to approach from the south. this is going to be an event where the moisture continues going from south to north overnight. it's this area we will be watching around sunrise tomorrow that will cross over the bay area. so we are not seeing any real rain here in the futurecast, but notice how the bands of clouds pass on by and enough stability that may trigger a shower or two. the intense action we think
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across the central valley and sierra. sigh it around 9:00 in the morning that little wave comes on through across northern california. diablo range watch out for that early tomorrow morning. you might see a stray shower or isolated their. by tomorrow evening that heads to the east. the culprit high pressure which built westward today. we saw it in the temperatures and the change in the wind pattern. that begins to shift back towards the deserts southwest by tuesday and wednesday. so the thunder chances start to leave and our red flag warning due to dry lightning should expire on time later tomorrow. san francisco staying cool through the week, if not trending more chilly. by thursday and friday the seaboard picks up and our extended forecast trends cooler in the next seven days. next weekend perhaps another monsoon watch. we could see more of this trying to spill out of arizona headed our way again. so stay tuned next weekend. once we get past the next 24 hours most of the week should be cooler with the ocean air conditioning sticking around through friday.
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? some point. for some they can be debilitating, interfering with sleeping, eating, even breathing. now there is a device that may be able to stop hiccups almost instantly without medication. doreen gensler joins us to show us how it works. >> i have very strange hiccups. >> reporter: they're loud. >> they sound more like burps and are very painful. >> reporter: they're annoying. and at times they are embarrassing. >> my hiccups are, you could call, unique. they are not like the normal hiccups. >> reporter: sierra gets hiccups
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a lot and she has tried everything to get rid of them. >> my mom used to make me sit in front of the water unit we had at our house and cups of water. odd to do that. i have stood on my head maybe upside down. i have tried every method that i could think of to look up and either make them go away temporarily or they go away but then the next day they are back again. >> reporter: the 27-year-old stay-at-home mom says there is no rhyme or reason to what brings them on, and she says it can take hours to get them to go away. she says she was willing to try anything for relief, and that's when she heard about hick away. >> i was skeptical. a straw? i am looking at the science and, well, that sounds like sound science. >> reporter: it's the brainchild of dr. ali seifi. >> the patient was so frustrated. imagine somebody just had brain
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surgery and his hiccups was the main pain for him. >> reporter: he want to invent something to help and he not an idea as he watched his son eat a mcflurry at mcdonald's drink or eat from it, he needed lots of pressure. then it came to my mind that might be something to use as a tool. >> reporter: fast forward several years as he experimented with different dimensions and the suction pressure. >> these are samples with 3-d printer that we started to make and test. >> reporter: patented in 2017, the hicc away device is backed by science. a recent study published in the journal of the american medical association found it helped alleviate hiccups in more than 90% of the people who used it and it worked better than home remedies. and you don't need an extreme case of the hiccups in order for it to work. >> hiccups start with a sudden as mac, die frat i can muscle
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and then it sends a pulse to the brain and the brain sends the pulse to the throat. i was thinking if somehow at the same time i can keep this easy with something different t they may forget or they don't have time enough to go to those vicious cycle pattern. >> reporter: it has made a big difference for sierra. >> no hiccups. >> reporter: she carries it in her purse, never leaving home without it. >> now i don't feel like i have to be scared when i go out. i don't have to go to my car, excuse myself to the bathroom, you run away because i am embarrassed. now i got my hicc away. i drink water and i don't have to worry about it anymore. i told myself i am going to say this without crying, i told myself i will give you ten minutes to cry. >> she was down on her luck until the community rallied around her. how a facebook post changed an east bay woman's life. check out our bay area proud.
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that's next.
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there was a time when someone new moved into the community people would show up bearing gifts, the welcome wagon. that doesn't happen so much anymore. every once in a while we still see the sentiment in action. a story in martinez. tonight's bay area proud. >> normally, if the bay area proud story were sharing comes with a lesson we bring that to you after we tell you the details. this time i want to start with it. the lesson is simple. if you need help, ask for it. it's something a single mom from martinez learned in the best possible way. >> reporter: this story both begins and ends with a woman crying. but as you'll see for two very different reasons. the first cry happened a little over a week ago in this parked car. christina sellers in the
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driver's seat. >> i told myself i am going to try to say this without crying, but i told myself i am going to give you ten minutes to cry. >> reporter: it was the culmination of a very rough year for the 33-year-old mother of two. she is going threw a divorce, moved to a new city, martinez, and lost her brother in a motorcycle accident. crushing, really. both emotionally and financially. >> i had a lot of bills to pay, a lot of debt that i'm working off, and i had found myself in a position financially where i had $50 in my account. >> reporter: and that is what led her to allow herself ten minutes of tiers in the 2004 pontiac vibe. but that was it. >> i also told myself after ten minutes you are going to do something about it. >> reporter: that was a soul-bearing post to the martinez ravens and rants facebook page, spelling out her situation in detail, she asked her new community for help, particularly people willing to hire her to clean their homes.
4:56 pm
she expected maybe one or two jobs out of it. >> i never expected what happened to happen. i never expected i got so many job offers, not just for cleaning. >> reporter: and not just job offers, but donations of someplace for her and her children and countless words of welcome, support, and encouragement exactly when christina needed them the most. >> i have been sobbing every day since. so i did not expect the generosity, the love, the support that i received. >> reporter: and every moment since, when christina is not with her kids, she is busy cleaning for her new clients. busy getting her life back on track. it can take a lot of bravery to ask complete strangers, particularly on the internet, for help, but for christina those strangers were nothing more than her new neighbors, happy to welcome her to town. >> martinez is really blown me away.
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i'm here for the long haul. >> reporter: and how is this for a quick reversal of fortune? after having just 50 to her name, she has so much work now, she is thinking she will have to hire somebody to work for her. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. still to come, we are minutes away from when a red flag warning takes effect. meteorologist rob maietta tracking the chance of lightning. and are we a step closer to needing booster shots of the covid vaccine? who could be first in line when we return. at song coming along? that's for me? oh no, you're making music, i don't want to get in your way. oh c'mon man. oh. hang on a second. my triple bacon cheesy jack combo. only at jack in the box.
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right now at 5:00, a solemn sunday in the south bay as a memorial is held for the victims of the vta shooting. also, with the delta variant spreading fast, more people are wondering if a booster shot of the covid vaccine will soon be needed. a meeting this week about who could get it first. the micro climate weather
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alert as a threat of lightning strikes bloom. the news at 5:00 starts now. i'm terry mcsweeney. a red flag warning taking effect adds the clock strikes five. it's going to be a tense night for many in the barr. let's get to meteorologist rob maietta to explain it all. >> temperature, humidity and wind speeds. you have those temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90s inland across the inland east bay and humidity numbers less than # 5%. on the fire danger index map those areas in red, the diablo range, orange there. hot and dry, breezy at times. we have a fourth component tonight, the threat of lightning strikes on top of record dry fuel set up across the bay area hillsides enhanced by drought. right now we are seeing high clouds over the bay area. showers in the central valley. you notice the time lapse the last two hours moving from south to north. starting to see more lightning. most confinedo


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