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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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-great idea. [gasps] look at the little cutie. -he's coming for a visit. -hi. [chuckles] aww! oh! he's leaving! gu! -introducing togo's new cheese steak melt, featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. right now at 11:00. growing by thousands of acres, every hour. we are tracking this fast-moving fire near lake tahoe. and we are also keeping a close eye on potentially dangerous fire conditions headed toward bay area. plus -- >> voting rights. >> from california to the nation's capital. tributes to the late civil rights icon, john lewis, one
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year after his death. the late-night development in the recall election against governor newsom. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. bone-dry hills, wind, heat, and the potential for lightning strikes. we are under a micro-climate weather alert with a possibility of dry lightning in parts of the bay area. this a live look at walnut creek, the diablo range. one of the areas that could see lightning. we got team coverage for you tonight. let's start with meteorologist rob mayeda. rob. >> the changes we will see in the weather tomorrow, happening right now in southern california. right on schedule, as the computer models had suggested. the monsoon moisture is now moving through southern california. returns here offshore. that fast forward another 12 hours from now, will begin to approach the bay area from the south. during the day tomorrow. and you can see the band, the showers approaching. as we head through the evening. so this will be occurring higher up in the atmosphere. down closer to ground level. things will be quite dry. so it means the initial
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thunderstorms could be providing some lightning, but not a lot of rain. so red-flag warnings from santa barbara, all the way up to the bay area. locally, getting started at 5:00 tomorrow evening, through 5:00 on monday. in addition to that, temperatures, still, quite hot inland. we will see 90s inland with low humidity. locally-breezy conditions around where those thunderstorms could form, as we head towards tomorrow evening, we will have a closer look at this pattern hour by hour and when fire danger comes down in our seven-day forecast coming up in 15 minutes. well, the possibility of lightning strikes has people living in the czu fire-burn zone on edge. nbc bay area's thom jensen continues our coverage from the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: the late-afternoon glow through the forest canopy, a reminder of the night when fire nearly swept up to the rudy family's home in boulder creek. >> there was a fire all the way up this tree, that you can barely tell. and in the back, on this mountain, was all on fire. >> reporter: that was less than a year ago, when gordon rudy,
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defied evacuation orders and stayed to create a firebreak in the trees on this end of the czu complex fire. now, the rudys are getting ready for a sunday night they fear could bring thunder and lightning and evacuation orders for the entire town like last year. >> yeah, all we can do is be prepared for whatever we have to do. i mean, some people, like myself, will probably stay back, i think, if something happens. >> reporter: conditions are looking bad enough, that cal fire has issued a red-flag warning for sunday and monday. >> we're concerned, any time that lightning is going to come through and that really is what's lining up right now. >> reporter: dry lightning during a severe drought is an almost-certain recipe for wildfires. sometimes, hundreds of them, in one night, across the santa cruz mountains and diablo range. some of the coastal areas of the santa cruz mountains have gotten a little bit of precipitation and fog, which have helped bring up the moisture levels in the trees and the grasses. cal fire likes to see that. it helps avoid fires. but other large areas, across the bay area, it says, are bone dry and the moisture levels are
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so dry, they are seeing numbers that they normally don't see, until august or september. >> they're critically low moisture conditions. and all the ingredients are in place for the potential for dry lightning. >> reporter: cal fire and local agencies are pre-positioning equipment where they think they could need it most. the rudys hoping this remains just a warning, and the equipment isn't needed. >> it's been pretty peaceful. so fingers crossed, it stays that way. >> reporter: in boulder creek, thom jensen, nbc bay-area news. our nbc bay area app is a great resource this fire season. you can get breaking news, weather alerts, sent straight to your phone. you can also customize the forecast for where you live. it's free to download on the app and google play stores. it's more than tripled in size. new video tonight of the tamarack fire. it is burning in alpine county. that fire has grown to more than 21,000 acres. that's up from the 6,000 we
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reported at 6:00, this evening. flames broke out on the fourth of july. but in just the last 24 hours, it has exploded in size. >> they gave us about 20 minutes notice. that they -- you know, they -- it looked like they said the fire was like five, six miles away and about an hour later, it was right on us. they didn't give us any time at all. >> flames are burning about 45 minutes south of lake tahoe. but as you can see, that smoke plume is visible from the lake. undocumented immigrants won't have to worry about their legal status if they need to seek shelter from a fire. immigration officers are going to stay away from the facilities. department of homeland security announcing, today, their officers will not visit evacuation shelters and emergency-supply centers. agency issued similar edicts during previous cal california wildfire seasons. just in. three olympic athletes have tested positive for covid-19. two of them are staying in olympic village. olympic village will house 11,000 olympic athletes and
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thousands of other support staff. the tokyo games start on friday. well, it just keeps climbing. the state's positivity rate continues to trend, in the wrong direction. tonight, it's 3.7% -- 3% higher than the a reminder, the posit rate is a percentage of positive tests out of all the covid tests given. less than an hour from right now, people in l.a. county will need to mask up if they go indoors, even if they are vaccinated. that new rule goes into effect at midnight. it comes, as summer tourism is in full swing. today, the santa monica pier was packed with people. some visitors were caught off guard by that new rule. >> i don't want to put my mask back on. >> do you have a mask with you? did you not pack one? >> i didn't pack one. >> still, half california's not vaccinated. >> it pays to pack one. but the l.a. county sheriff says he is not going to enforce this mandate. he claims it's not backed by science and contradicts cdc guidelines. however, the sheriff is asking
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people to voluntarily comply with that new rule. right now, the bay area is not going as far as requiring masks indoors but seven of our counties. you see them here in green. are making a strong recommendation that you do wear a face covering when you are inside and again, even if you are vaccinated. they say it is the safest thing right now, as the highly-transmissible delta variant continues to spread rapidly. a major sign of moving forward in san francisco's china town, today. people gathering for the ping summer block party. it's one of the first street fair events since the pandemic began. there was food, music, and a message. >> a major uptick of api hate and violence incidents. and a lot of times, that have a lot of like [ inaudible ] sentiment that has been very divisive within the community. >> organizers say they hope events like this build bridges in the community. keeping an eye on another community. the united peace cooperative announced it is starting a chapter in san mateo.
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volunteers will patrol the downtown area. targets the asian community. the united peace collaborative also does patrols in san francisco. one year ago, today, legendary congressman and civil-rights activist, john lewis, passed away. there were a number of rallies and ceremonies across the bay area, and the rest of the country, to honor his legacy. nbc bay area's sergio quintana tonight at one of those events. >> reporter: this vigil is to honor john lewis's life of service, sacrifice, and inspiration. >> it's really hard to believe that he -- john lewis is not with us, anymore. he was the inspiration for so many people. he's a titan of voting rights and civil rights. >> reporter: it's one of more than a hundred across the country organized to pressure congress to pass the john lewis voting rights act. but organizers of this event aren't just rallying, they are also making phone calls trying to convince people to support the legislation. >> we have been contacting voters in the states, of some of
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the recalcitrant senators who are loathed to reform the filibuster and, frankly, our own senator, senator feinstein is in that group. >> reporter: from here to this event in washington, d.c., the rallying cry went out in city after city. and in san diego, an honor of a different kind for the georgia congressman. the christening of the united states navy ship named in his honor. >> one of the mottos of the army is always courageous and john lewis was, indeed, always courageous. >> reporter: the u.s., the lead vessel of its class of supply ships for the navy. in the year since his passing, congressman lewis's legacy of voting rights activism continues to inspire not just because of his mission but, also, because of his methods. >> he was a joyful person and i -- and i think that's one thing that needs to continue here. as -- as we fight a fight that really needs to be fought. i think we have to approach it
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with joy and -- and enthusiasm. >> reporter: there are currently two bills circulating through congress focused on voting rights. the first is the john lewis voting rights act. the second is the for the people act. both of them are, currently, stalled because of senate republicans' efforts to block them. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. the list is official. late tonight, the secretary of state's office release the the list of who will be on the ballot challenging governor newsom in the recall election. much smaller than expected. 41 people. sounds like a lot but some predictions had estimated there might be more than 100 contenders on the ballot. they got 41. recall election is set for september 14th. and we have posted the full list of candidates on our website. go to you will see the story, right there, on our home page. a warning, tonight, from the solano county sheriff's department. a mountain lion attacked and killed some animals in fairfield. deputies say the animals were
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attacked overnight on solano road and officers with the department of fish and wildlife say they looked at it. it looks like it was the work of a mountain lion. sheriff's department recommends moving pets and livestock into a secure area. for example, a home or a barn. well, we are back, in 60 seconds, with chaos inside the ballpark. what happened at tonight's nationals'-padres game that left fans and players running for cover? plus, touching down in tokyo. raj mathai joins us from japan with a behind-the-scenes look at what athletes are going through when they land at the olympics. and we are watching a red-flag warning. this time tomorrow night, dry lightning potential. the latest on that hour by hour and our forecast when we come back in 6 0 seconds. here are the two battling to the line
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developing news. a shooting outside a baseball game in washington, d.c. the washington nationals were playing the san diego padres in the sixth inning, shots rang out. sending fans and players scrambling for cover. >> something that's fully automatic. a bunch -- bunch of rounds for bunch of firecrackers and everybody stood around for a minute because nobody knew what it was. then, a whole storm of people started running. then, we all kind of locked into a room. and then, started coming back out and then people came running from a different direction. well, police say two cars were involved in shootout right outside the stadium. outside the stadium. at least three people were shot. one was a fan. she is expected to be okay. investigators say the other two victims were in one of the cars and they were involved in the shooting. the game is going to resume, tomorrow. we are just six days away from the opening ceremony of the olympics and right now it's just
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after 3:00 in the afternoon sunday in tokyo. our raj mathai is there. he landed today but as you are about to see, his journey didn't come without some hiccups. >> reporter: we made it. this is our first, full day in japan. right here, in tokyo. and i got to tell ya, it looks a bit like san francisco and miami. a lot of beautiful waterways. beautiful bridges. and the skyline is gorgeous. it's, also, hot, by the way. 90 degrees right now with 60% humidity. now, we are under a 14-day quarantine. it's really a working quarantine. what does that mean? we can leave our hotel, and we can report on the olympics. and speaking of that, we did come across our first problem. last night, at the tokyo narita airport, the flight from sfo, actually, was easy. about 11 hours. but after we got off the plane, it took us six hours to clear japan's very strict covid screenings. there were dozens of olympians on our flight. the usa fencing team had to wait for ten hours. but the payoff is nice. tokyo bay and the skyline.
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and even in the waves at the new surf stadium. remember, surfing is making its olympics debut. >> nice to get some waves straight off the plane. and it's superfun. get a bunch of reps. and everybody's ripping. >> reporter: quick practice on the manmade waves but the competition will be in the open water. about an hour away from here, in chiba. okay. so that's it. this is going to be like a marathon for us. this is just day one of 25 here, in japan. reporting from tokyo, i'm raj mathai. the raj has landed. nbc bay area is your home for all things olympics. raj is hosting several olympic specials from the bay area to tokyo. they air this coming thursday, at 4:00 and 7:00. and then, friday, the day of the opening ceremony, there is a special at 1:00 in the afternoon. i tell you, after all the tock, you know, we were building up to it last summer and it got cancelled. now, it's here and raj is actually there.
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>> yeah. >> now, it's real. now, it's real. >> and i bet he is missing our cool breeze. warm wind coming in off the ocean. it feels more like new orleans with the warm waters there. near the coastal areas of japan. and speaking of weather, we are going to be watching it closely around here as we go through the day tomorrow. right around this time tomorrow night, we will likely be dodging a few showers and the threats of lightning. we will talk more about that, in a moment. right now, 65 degrees, san jose. kind of mild out right now. livermore, 69 degrees. it's going to be warmer tonight and more clouds on approach toward sunrise tomorrow. and still, that ocean air conditioning, this is what raj is missing out on. it's that cool-ocean air coming in off the bay. ocean temperatures here in the mid-50s. and it's been keeping our highs down during the day in san francisco. keeping temperatures now in the mid-50s there closer to san francisco. for the morning, mid to upper 50s to start and as we head through the afternoon, it is going to be another day of hot temperatures inland. for areas south of san jose, around morgan hill, near 90
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degrees. even as the clouds start to fill in so it's the warm temperatures and the low humidity at ground level, at least to start, that is going to add to the fire-danger component tomorrow. you can see, bay side, still, comfortably cool in the 70s from oakland to san mateo, still a chilly day in the low to mid-60s around san francisco. and north bay temperatures in the low to mid-80s up toward san to rosa. so the areas here highlighted in red. the red-flag warnings start at 5:00 tomorrow evening for the bay-area hills above a thousand feet through about 5:00 on monday. and what we are going to notice is that case of that monsoon moisture coming in during the day. i think the peak opportunity for watching these showers move through the bay area will be late afternoon, into the evening, with perhaps more of an east bay and south bay focus. some of these showers, if they're strong enough, may briefly drop some rain. but others may bring a little lightning without the rain and that's a problem around 6:00. you can see, inland, we are still looking at humidity numbers in the 20% range with temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90.
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so initially, fire danger will be high. as showers continue to move on out, we might catch a little break. and then, again, on monday morning, a few more showers perhaps firing up. after we get through monday morning, though, skies should start to clear. the attention shifts toward the sierra where they will still be seeing the thunderstorms there. and high pressure starting to move out. as that sea breeze picks up, it's going to lead to some cooling changes as we head towards the middle part of the week. so san francisco, tomorrow, mid-60s. not much change, temperature wise as we go through the next few days. inland areas staying warm for a couple days. we'll lose the fire danger as we go through the day on monday. as you see there, numbers as we head toward the middle part of the week, will start to cool back down into the mid-80s. fire danger on the decline, as that monsoon moisture moves out. and on a day, like tomorrow, we talk about it all the time. the nbc bay area weather app calling it up right now. our new, redesigned weather page takes you right to the radar. so this is something that's free
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and on a day like tomorrow, i think, this is something we are going to be watching a lot of as those showers come up from south to north during the day tomorrow. >> and that monsoon goes through august, right? >> absolutely. so this -- these patterns, typically, we see two or three of them in -- during the summer. getting one now, it's not out of >> rob, thanks a lot. anthony flores now here with sports. wild game. nba final that was nuts. >> the team finally breaks through the nba finals but tonight's win puts milwaukee on the verge for the first time in a half century. stick around, sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. an epic comeback has milwaukee just one win away from their first nba title in 50 years. game five of the nba finals, in phoenix. now, the suns were hot early. bridges drills the triple.
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suns up 16, in the first quarter. but the bucs would retake the lead by halftime. it's a one-point game. 20 seconds to go. drew holiday picks the pocket of devon booker. then, watch this. to giannis antetokounmpo. the bucs eclipse the suns, 123-119. they lead the series, three games to two, they can close it out tuesday in milwaukee. >> announcer: it's back there and it's gonna go! >> he did it when he was with the diamondbacks and he does it with the cardinals. paul goldschmidt puts st. louis, up 3-nothing. giants get one back in the 7th. a run scores but the giants' five-game winning streak it over. at the coliseum, the a's taking on cleveland, 2-1 in the eighth. reyez. watch this. unloads on a shot to center field. that thing is going, going, gone
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into the luxury boxes. check out the guy who catches the ball. now, i think he has an a's jersey on but he says, you know what? buddy, can i get an autograph? the a's struggled to get the big hits down the stretch. they left nine men on base. i a's fall by the final of 3-2 to cleveland. to the pitch. the quakes in colorado to take on the rapids. off to a fast start. javier lopez scores in the 11th minute. the match, though, would end in a one-run draw. san jose has gone more than two months without a win on the pitch. the third round of the open championship in england. colin morikawa, one shot behind the leader heading into sunday's final round. that final round can be seen right here on nbc bay area. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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finally, tonight, one member of the rhino family at the san francisco zoo is, officially, a teenager. that is boone, like daniel boone. only a boone rhinoceros. celebrating his 13th birthday today. you see they gave him some leafy greens shaped in the number 13. they don't like birthday cakes, in case you are wondering why they held off on that. boone is a black rhino. most black rhinos live between 35 and 50 years so boone has a long life ahead of him. we will keep you posted and bring you next year's birthday celebration as well. back to some serious stuff. tomorrow, when is the lightning going to hit? and where do you think it is going to be? >> red-flag warnings starting 5:00 tomorrow evening. you see here in the future cast. highest odds i think will be across the inland east bay into
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early monday morning. and as we head to monday afternoon, skies clear and red-flag warnings expire later on monday. >> at least it's cooling off next week. a bit. all right. thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is up next. have a great night. is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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