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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  July 16, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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right now. you might call the most dangerous block in oakland's chinatown. masked thugs were caught mugging asian victims there twice in 24 hours. >> those attacks come as the state launc historic plan to combat anti-asian hate. the disturbing videos show attacks that happen even in the daytime. >> reporter: two men in black and white hoodies attack an asian man. a man with a white helmet intervenes. the man in the plaque hoodie strikes the good samaritan in the face with a gun. the suspects are black males in their 20s. >> there are so many people
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afraid to go to work. >> reporter: then today around 1:00 p.m. it happened again. watch as a silver car pulls up to 9th street and harrison. the suspects, two of whom are also wearing black and white hoodies run toward two beam on the corner. the victims sense something is wrong and turn around. the men enter a silver sedan. >> you could be the victim of hate crime. >> reporter: oakland police are investigating the crimes that have not been investigated as hate crimes. >> we really need to support the victims. >> reporter: that help is on the way. this week governor newsom approved the api budget, $156
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million that will be used to help victims of hate crime, help struggling neighborhoods bounce back from the pandemic and increase anti-bias education. ? this may not end anti-asian hate, but it is certainly an incredible step forward. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. a coyote has been youth emphasized in golden gate park. its behavior posed a threat to the public. it's not the coyote's fault. people had been feeding it. the government has been ordered to stop approving new applications for daca. the obama administration launched it to shield
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undocumented immigrants brought here as children from deportation. these are children who at the time didn't know they were being brought to the country illegally. today's ruling bars future applications, but it does not existing daca recipients. the judge says daca was not created legally since congress did not grant the department of homeland security the authority to do so. the number of people hospitalizing and dying from covid-19 is on the rise. >> the fast-growing delta variant and slow vaccinations is really what's behind the surge. chris pollone has the latest from washington. >> reporter: with covid-19 infections rising, the cdc director calls this a pivotal moment in the pandemic. >> there's a clear message that is coming through. this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> reporter: the nation's top
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health officials say more than 99% of all covid deaths in the u.s. are people who haven't been immunized. the rise driven by the delta variant where vaccination rates low. >> four states accounted for 40% of cases, one of five occurring in florida alone. >> reporter: the president pointing the finger at tech companies like facebook for allowing covid misinformation from spreading online. >> they're killing. look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and they're killing people. >> reporter: health officials in los angeles county, california, are reinstating an indoor mask mandate. in missouri, where they're seeing the highest number of new cases since january some feel they're getting mixed messages from health officials,
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politicians and businesses. >> some people wear masks, some don't. it's free choice at this point. so it's confusing. >> reporter: health officials continue to studying why vaccinated people will need a booster shot down the road. shots to those have not gotten then. >> the local authorities do have the discretion of going that extra mile or going the extra step it takes to make sure that the spread of this virus is really contained, and they do that by saying that everyone should wear a mask. >> can you catch more from lester holt's interview with dr. fauci at 6:30. pfizer and biontech say the fda has approved their application for full approval of the covid vaccine. it doesn't mean that the fda has
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granted approval yet. they have granted them priority review. and the goal is to decide by january 2022. the emergency use authorization was granted in may. but this approval is only for ages 16 and up. it's been 18 years since the u.s. had to worry about monkeypox. but a dallas resident is hospitalized. a person traveled from nigeria to atlanta last week and from atlanta the that is the following day. contact tracing is under way, but the risk is believed to be very low because face masks are mandated on airlines. monkeypox is spread via droplet us. it happened before when imported african rodents spread the disease to prairie dogs. wider devastation from
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massive regions. the forecast shows little mercy. >> reporter: the death toll is climbing rapidly, and the search for survivors continues. germany has many villages reduced to rubble by sheer force of the water. houses washed away like they're made of paper. they could not withstand the debris and force of the water. a lot of people in those houses calling for help. and the police say they may till be there because either they never left by the warnings, or they may have returned this morning, because it has finally stopped raining after many days
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of uninterrupted torrential rains, and this may have prompted many people to think that the worst was over. now they're stuck in their homes and will have to be saved by helicopter or inflatable boats. there are still more than 1,000, 1,300 at least, people, missing, unaccounted for. local authorities hope this is, the telephone network has gone down, and maybe they were away from their houses. one thing is certain is that as this is media are calling it the flood of the century. and angela merkel is calling it a catastrophe. in germany. up next, one week away from the tokyo olympics, and japan had an unusual way of celebrating the milestone. for more on the floating face in
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the sky, a kickoff, one week out to the olympic games. plus. i'm chris chmura live in mountain view. all this week we are supporting our schools. we'll show you how can you drop off a backpack or donate it at your convenience. we're tracking the increase in fire danger brought on by dry lightning. who could see 90s coming back in the weekend forecast when we come right back. with with with with with with with with about p p about p p about about about about about with about about with with with with with with with with about about about about about
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well, as part of the lead up to the olympic games, major traffic is being changed. the goal is for athletes and firms to be transported smoothly around the clock. a short distance from a tokyo olympic venue, a gigantic
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face is floating in the sky. it's promoting the olympics and paralympics. it's about the length of a six-storey building and is honestly kind of creepy. >> that is creepy. >> it shows the facial features of more than 1,000 people who applied to served. >> it's important to note so many olympians are from here. >> we show you how the judo program figured into the journey. >> reporter: it's a room where dreams are made or put to rest. where sweat and sacrifice are necessities of the journey. in the midst of san jose state university a training ground. the dojo for the legendary judo
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program. among those whose photos decorate the trophy case, olympian colton brown. >> i fell in love with the campus, the people. >> reporter: and here the new jersey native fell under the guidance of the legendary coach yushida. he is squarely focussed on the games in tokyo. like all olympians, his road took an unseen turn, with the
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pandemic. >> i wasn't able to train or work out because things were closed, it made me realize my love for judo. >> reporter: when the rescheduled games became a reality he poured himself back into the sport he's pursued his entire life with his dad as his coach. >> it's important to be a coach and a father at the same time. >> reporter: he's no stranger to the olympics or tokyo. earlier in his career, he spent four months training there and returned nearly every year. >> i love the culture, and needless to say, it's the home place of judo. >> reporter: there will be a place in his heart for the san jose training ground, a place where his dream got a leg up. joe risoto jr. >> this is going to be a very special olympics. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> exciting, isn't it? raj is actually right now on his
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way to tokyo. he's in the air. he will be hosting specials on july 22nd at 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. on july 23rd, the day of the opening ceremony for more stories on local athletes. if you want to check their progress during the games, check out we are supporting our schools for kids in need around the bay area. let's head to mountain view. chris chmura is there. i know we always say this. the need is great. but with kids having missed out on a year of in-person learning, it's probably greater, right? >> reporter: one of these can be a real confidence boost for kids, especially when they're full of supplies. this is what we have set up, a place where you can build a backpack near pizza my heart. please do drop by.
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we have evelyn here. is it okay if i pack one up live on tv? >> yes, let'sit >> reporter: what are the changes, how are these different or the same for kids? >> we are trying to accommodate for all different types of learning. so we've added a few items and took some away. the ones in particular that we added that are a big deal. >> this is for kindergarten and first grade. one of the changes is a dry erase board. >> we'll get to that. >> and a health kit that you just put in the bag. masks, sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. we're trying to keep kids safe and healthy. >> tell me about the dry erase board.
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>> it is super helpful for those learning at home and doing the zoom thing and having to show the teachers. >> reporter: of you've thought of everything. >> the last big thing is headphones with microphones for the online learning, which is really important. >> i get, two years ago we never would have thought. >> it was not a thing. >> reporter: the goal is 23,500 backpacks for kids in the bay area in need. we're around 22,000. you can help out. you can come down until about 6:30. you see my colleague over there from telemundo. you can go online and build a backpack virtually, pick it out and send a message or just accept a contribution if you'd like. >> we're so close to our goal,
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23,000? >> let's bring in rob. we made it to the weekend. >> yes. minutes away. the weather's going to be warming up a little bit. the big headline's going to be thatñr monsoon moisture moving towards california. and what that could mean for the potential of lightning. we'll take a close look hour by hour. coming up, temperature wise, summer spread of micro climate. 50s to start for the morning. one change for tomorrow, the
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temperature starting to climb up a little bit. bay side and coast, not much change. tri valley, inland contra costa county, here's where the warmest temperatures will be. 92 in antioch. similar temperatures from redwood to palo alto. the talk of warming's not going to change much around san francisco. the sea breeze not stopping. low 60s there and north bay temperatures in the 70s and 80s. here is the big news of the weekend. what happens with all this mid-level moisture. we don't often see this much moisture get thrown out toward california. that's what's going to happen late saturday into sunday. that green band is a sign of increasing moisture, increase instability aloft. you see how it passes by the bay area. the future cast does not show
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really rain associated with that, but it could have enough instability to trigger dry lightning strikes that don't have much rain attached. the sierra area, hilltops inland, keep a close eye on your nbc bay area weather app and radar to see if we see any of those showers developing. by monday and tuesday, high pressure moves out. monsoon flow shuts down, we see cooler changes. san francisco, your warming is only going to get to you the upper 60s on monday. upper valleys. 90 degree temperatures. cooling by midweek. a little warmer this weekend, but all eyes on the radar. we've had these drought conditions, the first time we've had this tied to potential dry lightning. >> that is so dangerous. thank you, rob. >> thanks. up next, president biden making the white house more environmentally friendly. the trump-era changes he's
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well, a white house battle that represents so much more. one of the many changes was to switch showerheads that allowed more water to flow. the biden administration is reducing that, going back to the low-flow standard. president trump enacted the change after he complained publicly he wasn't getting enough water when he showered. tesla's cyber truck could fail, but he loves the design. the production design will be exactly the same as the show car, a giant metal trapezoid. they received more than 500,000 orders for the cyber truck. an update is expected rater this month. the eiffel tower reopened
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for the first time in nine months. it was shut during the surge of the pandemic and it remained closed for renovations even after most of france's major tourist draws reopened last month. it will be limited to 5,000 a day rather than 25,000 per day. visitor also need to prove that they've tested negative or been vaccinated or recovered from the virus recently. the team hasn't hit the court and are already getting a lot of attention. the new college team in the east pay.
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okay, a new basketball team will hit the court from lincoln university. ? >> they hired a nba hall-of-famer, gary peyton as a head coach. >> reporter: lincoln university has been offering graduate and undergraduate programs for more than a century, but recently, they made headlines by hiring gary peyton to be the head cope of the new basketball team. >> if it would have been anywhere else i probably would
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have said no. >> reporter: men's basketball is part of the new athletic department. challenge of building a new program from the ground up would scare most people, but not this head coach. >> i have a chance to develop a program on my own. i don't think you need to go to dukes, north carolinas and all that to be recognized as a back player. you need to be good and people will come and see. >> reporter: he won a title in 2006 but is best known for playing most of his 17-year hall of fame career with the seattle super sonics. >> reporter: how much does it help when you walk into a kid's living room, that you're gary peyton? >> that's a good question. it's a big plus to be who i am. kids want to play under me. >> reporter: the goal, build
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this independent squad into a division i program. >> we're going to working an hour on day on people. >> reporter: his head coaching experience has been in the big three league. he believes he'll be able to connect with today's collegiate players. >> good luck to gary, that's a big job starting that whole thing from scratch. >> quite impressive. we have another half hour before we hand it over to lester holt. gone for a week, but his family's still holding out hope. >> i think that saying goes that your life can change in an instant. that we're the definition of that. that's exactly what happened to us. >> we speak with the wife of a missing jogger.
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the city rolls out its latest plan to keep the a's in town. and a big announcement from bay area health leaders. what they're saying about wearing masks indoors and why not all counties are on board. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us on this friday, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm garvin thomas. it's only a recommendation, but an important one. nearly every bay county recommended that you wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. sonoma and marin counties among those saying the cases are rising because of the highly-transmissible delta variant. they stress that masks are a stopgap. the real solution is for more people to get


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