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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 16, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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what bay area health leaders are saying following los angeles's lead. foiled. two men accused of plotting to blow up the democratic headquarters in the state capital. the new details we are learning about their bay area ties. and hitting the road to help. the bay are heading to the front lines of fires raging elsewhere. this "today in the bay." ♪ ♪ and a good morning to you on this friday. thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we will get to weather and traffic shortly, but first new details emerging about a plan to blow up the democratic headquarters in sacramento. >> federal prosecutors are charging two bay area men. "today in the bay" cierra johnson with more on the plot authorities uncovered. >> reporter: good morning, marcus and laura. in the now-unsealed documents,
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federal prosecutors say the two men began hatching the plan shortly after the 2020 election. they had a plan to fire bomb that democratic headquarters there in the state's capital. those two men, 45-year-old ian rogers of napa and 37-year-old jared copeland of have vallejo behind the plan. the plan was to fire bomb the headquarters was the hope that explosion would be the beginning of some type of a movement. prosecutors say the pair used multiple messaging platforms to discuss the plan and at one point copeland messaged rogers saying he contacted an anti-government militia group to gather support. for some lawmakers this plan signals a greater issue. >> these are symptoms of a larger issue, and that is our society and this separatism. even now i thank the fbi for their work, but in this day and
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age, you know, we should not be concerned about violence and terrorism just for participating in the democratic process. >> reporter: rogers and copeland are both charged with conspiracy to destroy by fire or explosives a building used or affecting interstate commerce. rogers is charged with additional weapons violations. if convicted both men face 20 years in prison and both men are scheduled to appear in federal court later this month. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay". >> thank you, cierra. 5:02. a live look in los angeles this morning, which seems to be moving backwards when it comes to the pandemic. residents there are once again required to wear masks indoors even if they're fully vaccinated. >> now, the announcement comes as covid cases surge due to the delta variant. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington this morning. tracie, the new guidance comes ahead of today's update from the white house covid team.
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>> reporter: right, marcus and laura. that's not just happening in l.a. we are seeing these rising numbers of cases all over the united states. we'll likely hear more about it at today's white house covid response team briefing. dr. anthony fauci and others briefing the media, the public and then the president on why we're seeing this increase in cases. they are likely to discuss the dismal vaccination rates around the country in particular areas and how to get more shots in arms. this after a big push this week with pop star olivia rodrigo. she tried to encourage young people to roll up their sleeves. the delta variant is the culprit here. this is also going to be something that they talk about. this strain is creating a deadly surge in 40 states with covid cases doubling daily. every day in the past three weeks. some hospitals say they're running out of beds again. now, with the vaccination rates dropping and the cases going up, 98 million americans still
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aren't protected. >> it spreads more easily, so it is going to find those pockets in each community where people aren't vaccinated and it is going to do a lot of damage. >> reporter: meantime, the fda is reviewing data. they say they may have a vaccine for kids under 12 before the end of this year, early to mid-winter. of course, that's after they go back to school. but of concern for a lot of parents, 4 million children tested positive although few of them have contracted very serious cases that required hospitalization or that resulted in death. >> when you hear that, that is scary. >> right. it is not going away. all right. thank you very much, tracie. 5:04 right now. more details for you this morning. here in the bay area, most counties are now above 80% at least partially vaccinated. marin county is leading the way with 92%. solano county is lagging behind at less than seven in ten. uc students now know they
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will have to submit proof of vaccination no less than two weeks before returning to campus this fall, and berkeley starts the new semester next month. cal state schools are still working out their vaccination plan. last night santa clara county hosted a vaccination clinic. this is designed to attract younger people. some were sjsu students who want to be on campus if the school requires them to get vaccinated. >> i just got out of work and i was like, it is about time i get the vaccine shot, which is also the reason i'm getting vaccinated because i need to have two shots before i start school. >> now, cal state schools are still waiting to make a final decision on vaccinations until the fda fully approves vaccines. uc students meanwhile will still be able to apply for a vaccine exemption. a south bay business owner is being credited with perhaps preventing a mass shooting incident. authorities last week arrested charles wesley martinez in los
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gatos. they were called by someone who saw someone on surveillance prowling his parking lot. prosecutors say they found an arsenal inside his car including two assault rifles and high capacity magazines. bullets were inspired with phrases like cop killer and they found a hate-filled manifesto. he is now being held on $300,000 bail. happening now, firefighters have their hands full with several fires burning in northern california. one of them near the site of the deadliest fire in the state's history, that is the dixie fire burning near paradise. thankfully moving in the opposite direction of where people live. it has now burned more than 5,000 acres. it is less than 10% contained with mandatory evacuation orders in effects of parts of the neighboring county. meanwhile, crews are providing extra support for first responders in oregon. this is to help out with the bootleg fire which started ten days ago and still is only 7% contained.
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it has burned more than 225,000 acres, the largest wildfire currently burning in the u.s. i want to show you some video. the right here, sf crews departing from the firehouse yesterday who were part of a strike team organized by state office of emergency service. we have new pictures and a new perspective on our climate in crisis from space. take a look at this. a nasa satellite took these images over the past few months of the sierra snow pack. on the left was march 31st where you can clearly see snow still there, mostly melted away by mid-may. the photo taken on the right was taken last wednesday. the sierra snow pack, our main source of water, basically nonexistent now. >> and just getting more and more views of the impact the drought is having on california. i mean we haven't had a significant rainfall in quite sometime. >> yeah, and then even toward the end of the water year when we do get some time some boost in our water and snow pack, well, we didn't get that. >> right. >> so we are now looking at these mega drought conditions across the region. we have several years on end
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where we deal with this extensive drought, and the dark red shows where it is the most extreme. we are going to be watching out for that over the next few days. at least we do have a cool down in what we've been feeling over the past few days. our temperatures this morning starting in the low 50s. it is mainly clear in san jose and we will see our temperatures heading toward the 60s and low 70s as we go toward noon, and then eventually reaching about 76 in san jose. concord headed up to 84. martinez, 78. san francisco in the mid 60s. mike, you've been watching the roads. any problems popping up? kari, we have actually a number of incidents we have sorted out too as we talked about just one. looking at the roadways, a smooth drive. green sensors everywhere including around the fremont area. we had a crash reported somewhere between thornton and the arden exit as you get off the done bart on-bridge toward
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880. those two locators but it is just a single crash as far as i understand. there may be a traffic break, a second one. first one was there to move debris and vehicles and there may be a second one as you exit toward the area. if you want you can take off thornton and get over toward the nimitz. there is a crash clearing through berkeley. back to you. >> thank you. through the weekend, expect road closures on 242. caltrans is working. full closure will happen through monday. only one lay will be open during the day, so expect some delays. be patient. coming up, if you thought texting and driving was a dangerous issue, a new study finds far more common distractions a lot of people seem to be doing when they should be focused on the road. and in technology news this morning, something that somebody said in washington really has the attention of some facebook critics this morning. and disney moving hundreds of workers across the country.
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what is behind the move to leave california? you are watching "today in the bay."
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air.
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? happy friday. it is 5:12. let's get you out the door. in dublin heading through the tri-valley as we are starting out, temperatures in the mid 50s. this is about what we're seeing and the bay area, but it is also cloudy and it will clear out for another comfortable day. we will see some changes in the weekend forecast and we'll talk about that in a few minutes.
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>> and we're talking about oakland right now as we are looking at the camera off 880. the nimitz moves smoothing around the coliseum to the bay bridge. heading through richmond and berkeley, there is some slowing. there is an issue and we we'll talk about that coming up. good morning. happy friday to you as well. all eyes on boeing this morning, which is one of the 30 stocks on the dow. after the faa told boeing it needs to inspect some switches in every single 737 flying today. the 737 is the world's most popular airliner. the faa says the switches that control cabin pressure could fail though there's not a single instance of that happening in air. the white house is increasing pressure on social media to crackdown on false claims about covid and vaccines. the u.s. surgeon general says some americans have been sharing incredibly inaccurate information about vaccines. vivek murthy himself lost ten
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members to covid, family members. now, it was something the press secretary jen psaki said at the same press conference that really caught the attention of some americans. here she is describing what the white house is doing. >> we've increased disinformation research and tracking within the surgeon general's office. we're flagging problematic posts for facebook. >> flagging posts for facebook. the white house says just 12 posters are responsible for 65% of the misinformation out there that's putting the public health at great risk. but flagging posts for facebook feeds into the claims donald trump made in his lawsuit against facebook that facebook violates the first amendment because it follows the demands and threats placed on it by the u.s. government. under normal circumstances, the way the constitution is written you can't accuse a nongovernment entity of violating your first amendment. it is a private company. in order to be successful trump's suit would have to prove
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facebook is acting as an arm of the government. it is going to take years for that suit to wind its way through the courts. the british government is pressuring bay area companies like facebook and twitter to take down abusive posts aimed at one of the english soccer players who missed a penalty kick, cost england the championship. the player made this post, apologizing for the miss but also asking social media to help stop attacks on him and his family. now, the british government has also threatened facebook and twitter with fines for allowing those hate and threat speech to go through as well. a lot of different issues with a lot of different legal ramifications. >> right. makes sense. >> scott, thanks. well, santa rosa police will be out in full force today. they're looking for distracted drivers, and the crackdown comes with a new finding one in four californians admit to using social media while driving behind the wheel. the florida car dealership commissioned the study. 25% admitted to checking facebook, snapchat, twitter,
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instagram, youtube, all of those apps. but california's ratio is actually 1% below the national average. get this, 16% admit to taking a selfie while driving. new this morning, hundreds of southern california disney workers now facing moving across the country. "l.a. times" reports walt disney plans to relocate about 2,000 positions in it's amusement park branch. they will be relocated to orlando. disney says it has been in the work since 2019. so if you see snow white on your next flight heading across country, a little bird. >> oh. >> if i do, i'm going to start thinking more than what's going on. >> yeah. that little drink you had? >> what did you all put in this? >> it's okay. >> it's okay, all right. look at that forecast, that's okay for us, too. >> yeah, it looks pretty good here. i don't know why you would want
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to catch a flight and go anywhere else. we are going to continue to have our nice weather heading into the weekend. take a look at this shot, as we get ready for sunrise we can see the clouds rolling across mount diablo. and then another layer of clouds above that. that is what helped to keep us cool over the past few days and that does couldn't today. as we get a look at our high temperatures this afternoon, we are heading up to 75 in cupertino. 81 in morgan hill. for the east bay we have some upper 60s again for oakland and hayward. 80 today in danville and 86 in antioch. and for san mateo, we are up to 69 degrees. still comfortable there, but the clouds and the fog as well as those gusty winds will continue in san francisco, keeping it chilly there, while sonoma today will have a comfortable 78 degrees. we are still looking at highs to low 90s farther to the north. here is what is going on. we have a storm system moving into the pacific northwest. we still have a gusty westerly wind keeping it cool, but this high pressure across the desert
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southwest is going to nudge in a little closer, but also bring in a chance that the surge of monsoonal moisture we have seen across arizona and nevada starting to move into parts of southern california. i want to show you what the computer models are doing with that. i put on a too so it does show us there will be an increase in cloud cover, a surge in humidity and moisture on sunday, and there may even be a few isolated showers or maybe even some thunderstorms. what could happen here is that the rain could dry out and there still could be enough lift in the atmosphere to produce some storms that will make some lightning. so the rain evaporates as it falls, but we are still left with the lightning. we know what happened at the middle of the summer last year where we had the lightning strikes and the complexes of fires that broke out from that, so we are watching this very closely even though between sunday and monday that chance of lightning is very slight. it is also going to be a lot warmer, so livermore headed
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toward the low 90s, and our temperatures peak on monday, reaching 94 degrees. so it will be warm and humid and you're going to feel that as we go into the weekend. so keep that in your plans, so make sure you keep checking in on the forecast to see what is going on as our temperatures reach into the low 90s, we will see that through the beginning of next week. we're not going to see too many changes here in san francisco, just a little bit more sunshine between saturday, sunday and monday with highs in the upper 60s. mike, how is it looking for the commute? not bad, but one spot in particular. this is berkeley where we talked about an earlier crash heading down towards carlton. there was an earlier one in gilman that cleared but between that report and this one we hear about the one at carlson which i think is causing the slowing. traffic is moved -- the crash is moved out of traffic lanes. i believe there may be activity causing a bit of slowing in the area, heading toward golden gate fields out of richmond on
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westbound 80. the rest moving smoothly across the venetia bridge. and the earlier incidents are not affecting traffic on 80. a light drive out of antioch for highway 4 through concord, the same thing for the altamonte pass. just a little bit of slowing which is not a problem for friday. that crash, activity on the shoulder, east bay 84 torn thornton and ardwood avenue. >> thank you, mike. "today in the bay" respond. >> school is starting up again so kids will need supplies. many kids might not get them but you can help. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we are supporting our kids next. plus, our team is always on social media. look at this. scott budman posting incredible video of the moon rising last night. he posts some great things. make sure to stay up to date by following us all at nbc bay
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area. search our names and find us. we would love to hear from you. it is 5:20 right now. oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller.
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just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby.
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happening today, a little bit of history. when union city's first cannabis shop opens its door, it is historic because it is the first
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outdoor malls. it starts todayansco's muni wil add two popular lines to those returning starting next month. the new editions include the m ocean view line and 31 balboa bus service between downtown and ocean beach. they previously said they lacked the manpower to bring them back quickly, but it returns starting august 14th. help parents and students prepare for the new school year. >> today is the day you can pitch in in person. consumer investigator chris chmura is here to show us how. >> reporter: good morning. many bay area families will struggle to get their kids the essentials they need to go back to school. so we partnered with the charity family giving tree again. our goal is to provide backpacks full of supplies to 23,500 kids in need before school starts. >> the child chooses their own backpack, and then when they start looking inside the backpack, you know, that smile on their face just to see
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everything that's in there. kno. >> you can help. today nbc bay area, telemundo 48 and family giving tree are setting up a backpack drop-off station in mountain view. you can drop off a new backpack or come by, buy one and pack it yourself. we will have everything you need to fill one up and donate it. you can even add a personalized message of encouragement for the student who will receive that backpack. i will be on duty at the drop-off station along with my partner from telemundo responde. we will be there from 11:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. if you are unable to visit us in mountain view, you can contribute online and build a backpack virtually. head to it only takes a few minutes. i will be back again at 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., live from mountain view with a progress report on our goal to get 23,500 bay area students a backpack. see you then. >> see you at midday, chris.
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look, if you have been out there and you have gone to a few restaurants you probably noticed the extra fees there. >> here is why. it is expensive to live here, so businesses are raising wages. at the same time food costs are climbing. restaurants say all of that leads to extra fees to offset some of the costs. among those putting an extra fee on the menu, refuge in san mateo added a 2% wellness fee. >> we had trouble getting equipment. we have trouble getting food. meat prices are through the roof. chicken wings are -- if i don't charge double digits i'm losing money. >> service charges existed forever. our vendors all charge us. they call us what is called a delivery fee, say, the linens or the beer. >> some bay area restaurants we spoke to say in addition to offering higher wages they plan to bring workers back by offering extra benefits including health care packages. >> everything is going up. 5:26 right now.
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up next, the top stories we are following including the vaccination plan for children under the age of 12 comes into focus. if you are a parent, what you may want to prepare for. plus, a new million dollar effort to prevent wild fires in the east bay. we will explain what is being done to better protect you. the bay area is home to the forward thinkers, the creators, the go-getters, the disruptors. business he continue pushing forward to make a difference, where ideas take root and change lives, where people come together to make the bay area the place we call home. it is your passion that moves the bay area forward. by supporting local business esz we can make our communities stronger. >> and we're committed to telling your story. can make our stronger. >> and we're committed to telling your story. we can make stronger. >> and we're committed to telling your story.
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i don't trust this delta variant very much. >> right now at 5:30, masking indoors once again. california's largest county now
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requiring it. ahead in a live report, will bay area counties follow course? and getting younger kids vaccinated with school on the horizon. the new timeline that may just have parents looking ahead to the holidays. plus, preventing wildfires in the east bay. the new million dollar effort to keep people safe. welcome to friday morning. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we're going to get a look at the commute in a bit with mike, but first with the friday forecast. meteorologist kari hall here with a look at that. looks pretty great again today. we had a nice week across the bay area, and taking a look at our highs this afternoon, in the south bay 78 degrees after some early clouds that will be clearing out. the peninsula reaching into the mid 70s, and the tri-valley, even though it is cloudy now, it is going to be sunny later today, reaching into the low 80s. in the east bay, in the inland areas, some mid 80s, while san francisco stays in the mid 60s. we will talk about the weekend
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forecast and some places you may be headed. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, i think they're just trying to get to work this morning. >> you have to get to work so you can be done with work. all right. we love our jobs, yes, don't get us wrong, but we love our weekends as well. we love the green sensors we see around most of the bay including now much of the area from richmond in toward berkeley. west 80 is recovering. i believe the crash activity at carlson has not only cleared the roadway but perhaps cleared from the shoulder. less distraction and slowing. we will watch that. a ladder was hit west 88, and i see slowing heading down through the area. there may be a quick traffic break going on if they have to remove debris or the ladder itself. we will continue to track it but so far no backups for the commute. back to you. >> thanks, mike. when we were getting comfortable taking the mask off, now more talk about putting them back on. and that's indoors even if fully vaccinated. >> live in walnut creek this morn, sharon, bay area counties are looking closely at what is going on in l.a. county right
5:32 am
now. >> reporter: that's right, laura and marcus. they have to, right? right now contra costa county says it is going to stick to the guidelines which is if you are fully vaccinated you can go maskless indoors, but mask on if you are not fully vaccinated. now, for the past month since mask requirements were lifted by the state, we've all seen some people wearing masks while others are not. due to the quickly spreading delta variant, l.a. public health officials decided it is time to bring back the indoor mask requirement regardless of a person's vaccination status. and alameda county says it is considering recommending people wear masks again indoors. the highly contagious variant is surging across the country, and that's no doubt raising concern in the bay area. >> we're hoping that people have enough respect for each other that if you're not vaccinated that you are wearing a mask. >> well, today i went to the gym and i wore my mask the whole
5:33 am
time. i usually swim, but i went in and i worked out, and i don't trust this delta variant. >> reporter: so far san francisco says it is not planning on changing the rules back to an indoor mask mandate, and this, of course, could all change rapidly because people are still traveling this summer and we'll have to see how it affects the covid numbers here in the bay area. reporting live in walnut creek, sharon ka sued au, "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. parents are getting a better timeline on when kids 12 and under will be eligible to receive the covid vaccine. they say it could receive emergency use authorization in early to mid-winter. the fda hopes to move quickly then to full approval. both moderna and pfizer are launching trials for this age group in march. the former cdc director explaining more to the "today" show. >> what the fda is saying because it is less severe in
5:34 am
young children we want to see six months of safety data so we can say to parents, and as a pediatrician i can say to my patients, they've done due diligence. >> results are expected sometime in september. then the fda will need to review them. in the u.s. more than 4 million children have been diagnosed with covid. from the bay area's three major cities homicides over the first half of the year are 36% higher than last year. now, here are the numbers from "the chronicle." they're showing the homicides in oakland, san jose and san francisco. this is within the first six months of each year from 2018 through 2021. now, all have seen increases. oakland driving the spike with 65, accounting for about a third of the region's total. happening today in san francisco, lawmakers joining asian and pacific islander groups to layout the new state resources for stopping anti-asian hate crimes. a $156 million in the new state
5:35 am
budget will be used to help tackle that problem, span over three years. the money will go toward areas including victim support, mental health and educational tools to address the root causes of racism san mateo with a new push to go green, working on a plan to reduce carbon footprint. one of the main proposals is reducing parking spaces requirement. this is for new developments. the environmental group, greenbelt alliance, says the parking requirement gives residents incentives to buy vehicles and drive more. the idea, cut the number of spaces so fewer people feel they need to drive cars. >> we need to reframe our mindset and think about, okay, instead of spending millions and millions of dollars on parking garages, how about we invest in ways to help people get around that are just as effective but, you know, are better for green house gas emissions, are better for vehicle miles traveled. >> that proposal does not aim to reduce parking currently available, but it may be on the city council's agenda by the end of the year. new this morning, the next commuter option for people on
5:36 am
the peninsula may involve hopping on a ferry. this is to head up the bay to san francisco. that plan now reportedly being set in motion by local assemblyman kevin mullen. now "the mercury news" reports he secured $5 million in a new state budget, had is for the ferry terminal in redwood city, a plan actually first talked about some 25 years ago. supporters believe the new money will be just what gets the plan off the ground right now. now, the ferry service ends in south san francisco. now to a $13.5 million commitment to help fight wild fires in the east bay. the east bay regional park district plans to use most of the money to remove dead and dying trees that could help spread flames. about $3.5 million will go towards buying and replacing firefighter equipment. the money comes as part of the governor's $100 billion package signed into law on monday. time to check the forecast for this week end. we made it to friday.
5:37 am
>> nice ♪ it is friday ♪ . >> time to make plans if you haven't done so already, and maybe you want to head somewhere cooler. let's check out the coastal forecast big sur. as we were i think the road closure is still going on during thehos? mike says yeah. so you want to make sure day. our temperature will be in the low 70s. really comfortable as we are going to have some of those temperatures in the valleys heating up. speaking of valleys, going to paso robles this weekend, expect the day to reach 88 degrees, but not too bad considering some of the heat we sometimes see here. reaching up to 93 degrees on sunday. sonoma valley is going to be a little bit more comfortable if you want to taste some wine closer to home. we will see some highs in low 80s over the next few days, and then you can wrap up the weekend in san francisco by checking out the stern grove festival. 65 degrees, a few clouds moving by and a nice breezy wind. always comfortable out there at
5:38 am
the park. we will take a look at the weekend forecast where the valley temperatures heat up. that's in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the morning commute? >> the earlier thing i thought was a traffic break was not. it was a break in the traffic because of a crash. flat tire, someone over here on westbound 80, approaching willow and got in a crash here. single car involved, and so that's why there's slowing there. there's debris in the roadway as well, so we are watching as things develop coming off the bridge and down towards highway 4 in hercules. after you pass that, things are moving smoothly. the earlier crash at carlson is on the grid for chp but they've not arrived there yet. they said someone is reported on the shoulder helping out with the issue there as you are heading toward carlson and it looks like the slowing cleared up in the last five minutes. the bay bridge has not started a big backup yet and the rest of the bay shows an easy drive. 84 cutting through there in livermore, still moving relatively smooth.
5:39 am
just a little dip, tap the brakes. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:38. happening today with the oakland a's seeming to have a foot out the door, oakland coliseum members will meet to discuss potential new tenants for the arena. among recent ideas, a possible indoor football team. there's also talk of professional women's basketball coming to the arena. if the a's leave the coliseum, there's also future development to think about. today's meeting starts at 8:30 this morning. 5:39. coming up, olympic dreams dashed with a week to go until the tokyo games. one athlete revealed he has tested pos positive for covid-19. we will tell but the details of his diagnosis and dozens of new infections confirmed. the white house issuing a warning to american companies. i will bring you the latest. plus, why a little slice of paris is getting global attention today.
5:40 am
tested positive for covid-19.
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5:42 am
on this friday morning right now at 5:42, as we get a look out there and our forecast for a pleasant hill, we have mid 50s to start. it is cloudy now but it will not be that way all day. by 9:00, 10:00, it is clearing out and we have another really nice day. we will talk about our warmer weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> wow, pleasant hill looks great. right now the san mateo bridge looks great as well but we don't have quite as many cars about 45 minutes ago when we had a peek
5:43 am
at it. we will see how things are developing as cars hit around the bay. happening later this morning, governor newsom's supports will gather in san francisco's outer richmond to voice opposition to the recall. his opponents, meanwhile, are trying to hone in on several ke handling the homeless epidemic. you may remember candidate dad john cox recently appeared in the bay area with a ball of garbage that he says symbolizes the problem. a recent uc berkeley poll found more than half of voters believe newsom's response has been poor or very important. the president is warning business esz you may have trouble if you stay in hong kong. >> hong kong is supposed to be its own special region of china with its own laws and courts, but the chinese communists have been quickly establishing rule over the city state. this morning the white house issued a warning to american financial companies and other businesses they could be at serious risk if they continue to
5:44 am
do business as normal there. their executives subject to arrest, their data taken by chinese law enforcement. china says the warning is america interfering with internal politics. i've heard from a lot of you about getting checks and direct deposits over the last 24 to 48 hours, that new child tax credit. a surprising number of people had no idea it was coming. >> to give you a sense of how transformative this is, this would be the largest ever one-year decrease in child poverty in the history of the united states of america as we begin now. historic reduction in child poverty among white, black and latinos and aapi communities. it is not even close. the benefits will be felt for years. >> but do all families know they should have gotten a check? critics point out information about the tax benefit is available in many languages on the irs website, but the sign-up is only in english.
5:45 am
note the blue bottom that takes you to the sign-up page. "the washington post" discovered american airlines resumed contributions to one of the politicians that tried to they tell the post, while there's no lawmaker that we agree on all policies we are working to advance policies that will positively shape policy for our company. military leaders worried president trump would tried to use the military to try to stay in power, according to a new book out. it was the nation's highest ranking officer that worried the most according to the book. "the washington post" released a section of the book in which general mark milley spoke with other officers about what to do if trump tried such a thing. trump for his part issued a statement saying, if i was going to do a coup, one of the last people i would want to do it with is general mark milley.
5:46 am
well, we are talking about all kinds of things going on in washington. we will talk about hong kong as well. you can follow me on social media and twitter @scottmagrew. >> thanks, scott. a live look where summer travel post-quarantine has airlines planning for a busy future. if you have been to the airport recently you know there are longer lines. american airlines telling thousands of employees extended leave is over and they should prepare to return to work in november and december. delta airlines says it is hoping to hire thousands of workers. in the midst of the hectic summer travel season, they say they will avoid the holiday surge. >> can you imagine what it would be like during the holidays? >> if you are looking to go international, get your application for your passport in now. it is taking three to four months to get through the renewal process. the eiffel tower is finally
5:47 am
reopening ten months after being shut down in the middle of the pandemic. this is also the tower's longest closure since world war ii. for now, up to 10,000 visitors a day will be allowed in. they normally can accommodate i think 25,000 a day, so, yeah. we now know one week from now opening ceremony, and we have some olympic athletes who have tested positive for covid. leaders say that an australian tennis player tested positive before he left for tokyo. alex minor, he will be playing in the upcoming games. after wim wimbledon. this comes after several staff personnel tested positive for covid-19. since the beginning of the month, 26 cases have been linked to participants and workers in the games. just like athletes, members of the media attending the games. our own raj mathai will have to abide by strict rules to keep safe as well. everyone has to do a two-week quarantine when they arrive.
5:48 am
nbc's fernando hertado gives us a look how the media is adapting. >> reporter: we're not allowed on tokyo's public transit but on official tokyo 2020 media shuttle. expect to see a lot of videos of roads in our coverage, at least for the first 14 days. >> media only allowed to film during 15-minute breaks when they leave their hotel rooms. watch full stories and others like it on our new platform, nbc lx. it is channel 185 on xfinity cable or any time on raj mathai will actually most three olympic specials from the bay area to tokyo. on july 22nd at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., and then on july 23rd, which is also the day of the opening ceremony. hard to believe, but that's just a week from today. >> i know. and then the excitement begins. >> uh-huh. no, let's start it right now. >> okay. i'm going first. i'm running to weather. >> all right.
5:49 am
today would be a good day to get outside and run. >> yes, pass the baton. >> get a relay. >> yes. it will be a really nice weekend, but warming up in some spots. i think the scene that we're seeing right now in san francisco will continue as we have seen the fog right over the golden gate bridge, and it is also providing some cooling relief. our natural air conditioning for the south bay. as we take a look at the highs reaching 75 in milpitas. in morgan hill expect a high of 81 today. so it is very much like yesterday. 80 in walnut creek, and martinez reaching 78 degrees. 68 in oakland. for the coastline we are in the upper 50s and low 60s. redwood city reaching 72. 62 downtown, and the north bay temperatures reaching 78 degrees. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the sc let's talk about what i'm concerned about. we are seeing the high pressure over the desert southwest starting to nudge closer to the bay area. it is going to heat up our inland temperatures. we do still an ocean breeze tore the immediate coastline, but
5:50 am
then also as that high pressure moves it also shifts where we have seen that surge in monsoonal moisture. so it does show the potential that some thunderstorms could get going in parts of the southern sierra, and some of the models are showing the possibility that some of that ty area by sunday. so there could be some pop-up thunderstorms sunday afternoon into monday. the problem with that is that the air is so dry that that rain could evaporate before it hits the ground, and there still could be some lightning strikes within some of those storms. if we see that happening, there could be some new fire starts, as we've seen quite a few of the fires over the sierra farther to the north sparked by lightning. so it is unfortunately going to be a little bit closer to home this time, and we will be watching that sunday into monday. that comes as our temperatures warm up, so it is going to be warmer monsoonal moisture, and our temperatures will reach into the low 90s into at least tuesday before it starts to cool off.
5:51 am
san francisco, just getting a little more sunshine, a little less of the fog we have seen the past few days as our highs there reach into the upper 60s. mike, you have been keeping an eye on that hopefully light friday commute. >> it is a friday commute, so folks know traditionally we have a lighter volume and less slowing and that's kind of what we're seeing. we're seeing right here, 5:51, so about ten minutes late for this to start on friday, north 101 past 680. there's a disabled vehicle heading south. we will track it on the chp report and get more detail, as well as perhaps another crash that just appeared on the report and no detail really, but here, 84, the early slowing has cleared up. friday we will see the shift. instead of getting heavier we will ebb and flow with the volume. right now steady out of the altamonte pass. that one crash off the bridge still a distraction heading down towards willow westbound 80. there may be a lane blocked and
5:52 am
flashing lights, it will slow folks coming down out of the north bay. the longer drive, highway 4 for example, holding up fine. vasco road is moving smoothly as we showed you. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, the death toll continues to climb in germany due to uncontrollable flooding. so far 103 people have died, strong rains turning the streets into a raging torrent. they swept award cars an tore up homes. german chancellor angela merkel says everything will be done to find those missing. there's much ahead for "today in the bay" including the hefty settlement uber is reaching with the state. hackers who attacked critical infrastructure across the country. plus, have you noticed some extra fees at restaurants? why some bay area businesses say they're being forced to add them
5:53 am
to your bill. stay with us. you are watching "today in the bay." "happening now" is brought to you by genesys, a global leader in cloud contact centric software.
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5:55. welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." developing now in texas, a deadly 11-hour standoff is now over. police responded to a report of a man acting strange and carrying a large gun.
5:56 am
now, after trying to make contact, a swat commander was killed and four officers were wounded. the suspect was later arrested. law enforcement gathered for a procession in the commander's honor. he leaves behind a wife and three sons. eight people are recovering this morning in southern california following a may lay at a california security checks inside one of the dorms when one deputy was assaulted by an inmate. then more inmates got involved and the facility went into lockdown. six inmates and two deputies injured were taken to the hospital, all are expected to be okay. off the coast of southern california one person is missing after a boat fire. it happened three miles off of krarls bad yesterday afternoon. the boat had significant damage from the blaze. it eventually sunk. the search is ongoing for any survivors who were on board that ship. happening now, a $10 million reward now being offered for information on cyberattacks against the u.s.
5:57 am
the state department is offering a reward for information leading to the identification or location of any person participating in a cyberattack on u.s. critical infrastructure. that includes extortion threats as part of a ransom attack. the reward may include payments in cryptocurrency. new york governor andrew cuomo will be interviewed tomorrow about the sexual harassment allegations made against him. the state's attorney general is looking to claims of inappropriate comments and touching by the governor. a source familiar with the situation confirms this to nbc news. governor cuomo has apologized for behavior that may have made people uncomfortable, but he has denied touching anyone inappropriately. new this morning, uber along with state leaders have agreed to a $9 million settlement over data on riders and drivers who were sexually assaulted while using the service. that's according to "the chronicle." california's public utilities commissioners requested the release of the information last year. part of the terms mean uber would pay a $150,000 fine
5:58 am
instead of the $59 million penalty it faced last year for not complying. a judge still has to approve it. okay. so have you noticed those extra fees at restaurants? >> well, we know it is expensive to live here. businesses are raising wages, at the same time food costs are climbing. all of that leading to extra fees to offset some of the costs. among the restaurants putting an extra fee on the menu, refuge in san mateo. it added a 2% wellness fee. >> we had trouble getting equipment. we have trouble getting food, meat prices are through the roof. chicken wings are -- if i don't charge double digits for it i'm losing money, you know. >> service charges have existed forever. our vendors all charge us. they call us somewhat called a delivery fee to drop off, say, the linens or the beer. >> some bay area restaurants we spoke to say in addition to offering higher wages they plan to bring workers back by offering some extra benefits
5:59 am
including health care packages. quickly approaching 6:00. a foiled bombing plot. a live report on two bay area men now facing charges for conspiracy to attack democratic headquarters in sacramento. plus -- >> until we can stop the trends in the current levels of transmission we are currently seeing. >> masks back on amid an alarming covid surge. an urgent push to stop the spread. l.a. county is now requiring masks indoors even if you are fully vaccinated. other bay area cities could follow suit. what you need to know. and even more signs our dangerous drought conditions are worsening across the state. the major water supply now being impacted as wildfires burn on. this is "today in the bay." and we've made it to friday. good morning to you. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. a check of your weekend forecast and commute is just minutes away, but first this morning, federal prosecutors are
6:00 am
now charging two bay area men tied to just-revealed plans to bomb targets in sacramento. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live in san francisco this morning with more information on the suspects and the plot that authorities just uncovered. >> reporter: good morning, laura. yeah, that case is now unsealed, those documents unsealed and federal prosecutors say two bay area men did have a plan to fire bomb the democratic headquarters there in sacramento, and they say they began hatching that plan shortly after the 2020 election. now, the two men, 45-year-old ian rogers, is of napa, and 37-year-old jared copeland of vallejo, are said to be behind the plan. now, copeland was arrested in sacramento on wednesday. rogers was arrested back in january. so according to prosecutors the plan was to fire bomb the john l. burton headquarters with the hopes that that explosion would begin some type of a movement. prosecutors say the pair used multiple messaging platforms to discuss the


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