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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 16, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking overnight, a texas standoff with one sergeant paying the ultimate price and four other officers injured. a resolution just a few hours ago. rising concern over a surge in covid cases as the delta variant spreads rapidly. los anles county now mandating masks for those who are vaccinated and for those who are not. buckle up for an economic rollercoaster. good news on the child tax credit front but bad news on inflation from treasury secretary yellen we'll sort it all out for you. to japan where the olympics
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begin one week from today as tokyo hits a new high in covid cases. plus, a big weekend at the box office kicks off with a long-awaited sequel to "space jam. but that's not all as we kick off your friday. "early today" starts right now thanks for ending your week with us. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm phillip mena. breaking news at this hour, another suspect in custody police in texas responded to calls about a man acting strangely and carrying a large gun. the standoff quickly turned deadly after the officers tried to make contact. >> he was very hostile it was only a matter of minutes after that contact that the suspect opened the front door to the residence and began firing on the lvelland police police
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officers >> a s.w.a.t. officer was killed and three other officers were hurt police used a robot to take the suspect into custody just hours ago. he is also injured rising covid cases are casting a dark cloud over america's summer of recovery the delta variant is fueling new spikes in nearly every state yesterday the biden administration leveled part of the blame on tech companies to crack down on covid misinformation also posing a problem, the breakthrough cases positive covid tests forced the yankees to postpone their game against the yankees yesterday. several players who tested positive are vaccinated. tracie, this surge is a major setback for the biden administration >> reporter: it is, frances, because this deadly delta variant is pushing cases up in 40 states we're seeing an increase now, 98 million americans still are not protected including many children under 12.
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but the fda is now reviewing data for a vaccine for children under 12 years old that could possibly be available as early as this winter about 4 million children have tested positive. a few of them have been hospitalized or died and the cdc director says even though kids should go back to school in the fall, schools should also be ready to shift virtual if these cases continue to rise. >> i remain emphatic that our schools need to open in the fall, they need to open for full in-person learning we know how to keep our children safe if they're eligible for vaccination we can keep them safe by being vaccinated if they're not eligible for vaccination, we can keep them safe in two important ways, surround them with people who are vaccinated and when they go to school, put a mask on >> speaking of being vaccinated, it's also had a huge impact on travel and tourism but if you are vaccinated, canada's prime minister justin
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trudeau says americans may be welcome across the northern border again as early as september. frances? >> we'll see if that stays the case with these numbers, the way they're going. thank you, tracie. in parts of the country with low vaccination rates, hospitals are once again rune delta varias rampant. gabe gutierrez went inside one of them. gabe, good morning >> reporter: phillip, good morning. arkansas has a vaccination rate of just about 35%. and this and other hospitals are now bearing the brunt. in little rock, arkansas, you not only hear but see the surge. >> you hit the floor running and most all of us are working extra hours. >> reporter: this is one of four covid units at the university of arkansas for medical sciences. this nurse is exhausted. >> these patients are definitely sicker like, we've seen really, really sick patients.
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>> reporter: and younger ones 20 to 40 years old as well as pregnant women overall arkansas has seen a 130% jump in cases over the last two weeks. they're storing wheelchairs and other equipment in the hallways because there's just no other place else to put them every single room in this hospital is full except for this one. they plan on bringing in someone here from the er any minute now. >> i am very worried about back to school. i'm very concerned about continuing strain on our healthcare system. >> how much does it frustrate you that the vaccination issue has become politicized >> it's disheartening. >> reporter: at one of the hospitals vaccine clinics nearby, 600 doses are available each day just 19 people made appointments the overall vaccination rate here is only about 35% >> were you skeptical of getting the vaccine? >> yes >> why is that >> because it was not proven yet. >> reporter: tate and his wife did not get the shot in may the couple and four of
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their five kids tested positive for covid. tate was hospitalized. so was his wife. >> just kind of turned our world upside down. >> reporter: they texted each other from separate rooms until she was placed on a ventilator, all the more terrifying because she was pregnant >> we lost the baby, and at some point her oxygen had just dropped too low. >> reporter: his wife survived and is now in rehab. to him, covid is far from over >> i want other people to hear my story so maybe they will think twice about not getting vaccinated >> reporter: nearly everyone at this hospital who's really sick chose not to get vaccinated. before it seemed that we really didn't have much of a choice when it came to the coronavirus. but now by getting vaccinated, we do. phillip? >> that's right. we do have a choice. gabe, thank you. after torrential rainstorms caused catastrophic flooding in germany, at least 50 people are dead and more than a thousand
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others are missing storms caused rivers to burst their banks sweeping away cars and causing homes to collapse. and in neighboring belgium, at least eight are reported dead, and another river overflowed they are sending torrents of water tearing through the streets. l luxembourg and the netherlands are also experiencing flooding for more on the impact of this child tax credit payment, here's more. >> reporter: badly needed relief for sasha in arkansas, the si single mother of three was laid off while she was hospitalized with covid this spring what does that money mean to you and your family? >> it means a lot. i've always lived paycheck to paycheck and so it will continue to be helpful and keep us going. >> reporter: the child tax credit payments begin showing up in checking accounts up to $300 a month for each child five and
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under, $250 each month for children 6 to 17 it applies to single parents earning as much as $112,000 a year and couples making up to 150,000. families that don't make enough to pay taxes can register to receive their check. >> this is the right thing to do, and it's a smart thing to do >> reporter: the new program expands on the existing child tax credit and was added as part of the covid relief package earlier this year. some republicans have criticized the program as welfare because it removes work requirements to receive the money. sasha says she hopes they make the one-year program permanent >> we've got billionaires going to space but we still have people down here trying to make ends meet. >> reporter: the white house says the families have as many as 60 million children stand to benefit, and president biden says it'll lead to the largest one-year decrease in child poverty in u.s. history. phillip? >> peter, thanks about a dozen of those texas democrats who fled their home
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state met with senator joe manchin thursday they spoke with him about the restrictive voting bills they are opposing and the push to pass federal protections >> back at the texas capitol voting rights activists turned to prayer for support. >> reporter: here in texas, hundreds of clergy members and civil rights leaders descended on the south steps of the capitol. they kicked things off with a prayer for those texas democrats who have fled the state and are in washington, d.c. holding those meetings around this federal voting legislation, and then they prayed about this bill that is currently making its way through the texas legislature saying that while the gop may control both chambers here, it is god who has the ultimate power to intervene on this legislation that they say is unnecessary. and, so, what these folks did after holding those prayers is they went inside to speak with republican lawmakers about their opposition to these bills.
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and so you've got the democrats from texas in d.c. you've got folks on the ground here all in opposition to these bills. but it remains to be seen what impact, if any, this will actually have on whether or not these bills become law phillip? >> doing everything they can with so much at stake. let's see how we're going to end the week weatherwise and get a check of your friday forecast with nbc meteorologist bill karins >> great to see you guys the rainfall this morning is over interstate 44 in missouri, i-70's not a fun drive from st. louis to indianapolis. eventually this rain will be on the move as we go throughout the day today. this will start at 8:00 a.m. this morning heavy rain over st. louis. this evening thunderstorms will erupt through areas of western kansas, evansville to paducah back to louisville, lexington, even columbus and detroit. it's not going to rain all night but we will see a period of heavy rain with storms very much
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like we see in the early summer. and tomorrow kind of a messy rainy day buffalo to syracuse. and tomorrow afternoon, thunderstorms are likely from new york city through southern new england right down through the mid-atlantic areas, raleigh and charlotte included it's not going to rain all day, but when it does, it will pour and as far as the forecast goes for the rest of the country today, very hot from texas alltp california and in oregon and then the great lakes that's where we'll see the coolest temperatures in the country with rainy weather. that rain has to go somewhere, guys i'll tell you where over the weekend coming up. >> i can just guess because it's been that way every single
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leading the news, the national trust for historic preservation is donating millions of dollars to help reserve landmarks linked to black history. the group which created the action fund back in 2017 after the unite the right rally in charlottesville is awarding $3 million to grants to dozens of groups and sites nationwide the grants are going to projects like civil rights sites, black churches, and more in 17 states, plus puerto rico and the district of columbia excitement is building for the start of the 2020 tokyo olympics but signs of trouble are also brewing as japan is seeing a surge of covid cases according to reuters, tokyo's
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daily new infections have now hit a six-month high >> reporter: he was hoping to help team usa win a fourth consecutive gold medal, but usa basketball announcing wizards all-star bradley beal will miss the olympics after being placed in covid protocols >> he was playing very well. there's no next bradley beal >> reporter: his teammate jeremy grant now under those protocols as well out of an abundance of caution. over the last week, they've played teams from three different countries in las vegas. while here in tokyo, covid cases are at a six-month high. organizers saying another olympian has tested positive the ioc president telling me safety is their number one priority >> we want to organize these olympic games, but we want to organize it in a safe and secure way for everybody. >> reporter: athletes are flying
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in from around the world simone biles and the women's gymnastics team the latest to arrive >> i've never competed without a crowd or without my family there. so it'll be very different but i know they will be there in spirit >> reporter: and we're learning novak djokovic, the number one ranked tennis player in the world confirming he will be in tokyo. >> all right, tom, thank you don't forget to catch the opening ceremony next friday july 23rd right here on nbc. more than 7,000 hours of olympic coverage will air on the networks of nbc universal and on our multiple streaming platforms. next up on "early today," from used cars to cartons of milk cnbc's steve sedgwick will give us a rundown on the rising fears ofnfti ilaon the sweetest deal of the day and how you can score a dozen donuts at krispy kreme on the cheap. and then ♪ ♪ worst of all ♪ ♪ you never call ♪ baby
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breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? what in the matrix >> new in theaters and on hbo max this weekend, lebron james teams up with tweetie and the rest of the loony tunes crew "escape room: tournament of champions" is playing exclusively in theaters. and finally "roadrunner," the
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late documentary about anthony bourdain it is a very chilling letter that they have his voice reading. so, you can see why the controversy. >> do they reveal that in the moment >> you know what i'm just reading about that, i don't know, but i'm sure that this causing the stir is going to have people want to watch it even more. >> we miss him every day we see him. now to wall street where the current head and former treasury secretary says buckle up for several more months of rapid inflation. plus, a delicious doughnut deal with cnbc's steve sedgwick good friday morning to you, steve. >> a very good friday morning to you. treasury secretary, former central bank governor janet yellen is saying we are going to see several more months of this rapid inflation we are seeing.
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we spoke earlier to our viewers in the week. housing prices up 15% in the latest measure as well, airfares, lodging, car and truck rentals seeing huge unflationry pressures. lyft is cautiously bringing back shared rides, not the first time since the pandemic from monday consumers in philly can book the option allowing multiple passengers. but the key is you're going to have to wear your mask to the sweet tooth that is krispy kreme it's their 84th birthday congratulations. so they're having what's called a birth-yay offer. you can purchase one dozen donuts, and then for one buck you get a dozen of the original glazed ones. you get 11, but what you also get is one special strawberry iced and sprinkled doughnut as well for today only. but that's 24 donuts you got to have a lot of friends
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rule number one, no touching of the hair or face. >> of course >> and that's it now let's do this! >> got to love that classic scene from "anchorman. today the man behind ron burgundy actor and comedian will ferrell celebrates his 54th birthday phoebe cates is 58 lord of the dance michael flatly turned 63. reuben blades is 73.
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and international tennis hall of famer margaret court is 79 >> actor ashton kutcher revealing he was set to soar to space on richard branson's virgin galactic flight, but he sent his ticket back after talking with his wife actress mila kunis she said she convinced him it wasn't a smart risk, but at some point he said he is going to space all those priorities get shifted a little bit when those little people come into your lives. >> he bought it nine years ago not thinking about any of that, just the excitement. for all my hooligans in brooklyn, this is for you. budweiser is rolling out new cans the tall boys won't be going back to cali though. they are only available in new york budweiser is also putting on a concert in brooklyn with busta rhymes and lil' kim.
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you better believe i'm going to try to get my hands on one of those cans for the man cave. it's not about east/west we should all share in it. mccormick's is launching a $100,000 gig for developing recipes using the company's taco seasoning mix and traveling across the u.s. to dish about taco trends with different chefs. mccormick is accepting applications through july 20th for anyone based in the u.s. over the age of 21 tacos are going to be on the menu for quite some time that's what you're getting for 100 grand. 300 new definitions and words have been added to its english language catalog just a few of the words here include long covid, dei,
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diversity, equity, and inclusion, snack, that describes an attractive person, and an exclamation of enthusiasm. >> haven't heard that yet. yeat that it's friday. >> language is always
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i don't trust this delta variant very much. >> right now at 4:30, masks could be required indoors once again. the bay area county that's considering reversing course. and push to move forward means getting kids vaccinated. just how long it could take until younger children can get a shot. plus, preventing wildfires in the east bay. the new million dollar effort to keep residents and homes safe. a very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike has a look at that traffic


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