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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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where 70% of eligible people are fully vaccinated. across the bay in alameda county it's at 70%. >> hopefully that will keep the numbers low, even though the percentage is going to look very dramatic. and most importantly, keep hospitalizations and deaths low. >> reporter: the highly transmissible delta variant is spreading quickly in places like yolo and sacramento counties. health officials there are strongly recommending everyone wear a mask in public indoor settings. how soon would a bay area county follow suit? >> even though it's going to be a psychological bummer, i know, to many people, so in short, i think it will probably come here. >> reporter: dr. chin-hong thinks indoor dining will still be allowed but he's thinking some counties might reissue mask advisories in the near future. >> you might see them contra
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costa or solano county. >> reporter: we've reached out to a handful of bay area health departments and are waiting back for comment. >> you're. well, coming up in about ten minutes, christy smith joins us with san francisco's effort to get more people vaccinated. how the mayor is trying to get the word out. a peninsula family is suing the palo alto school district for its mask policy. the student was sent to the office for not wearing a mask. the father says the son has a disability and the mask prevents him from pronouncing words and the school was supposed to provide a concession for him. but they're reporting he left the special education program in 2018 and no longer needed special language speech therapy. a letter from the school district says, the father was offered numerous opportunities to work with the staff.
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his son does not have an iep 504 or any documentation of an equalitying disability. this lawsuit seems misdirected. we're following the rules set at state levels. a mass casualty attack averted. campbell police say they arrested a man who they believe intended to carry out a shooting. charles wesley martinez was arrested as part of a routine call, but what they found in his car, police say, was anything but routine. you say we're talking about an arsenal, police say, and potentially a manifesto as well? >> a lot of that and, even more than that, jessica. the suspect has been in jail behind me since last friday. he's declined a request for interview. but police say the suspicions of one man may have prevented a
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tragedy. >> reporter: these the weapons campbell police say wesley martinez had in his car when they stopped him early friday morning. >> two ar-15 style rifles seized. multiple capacity magazines. su the two assault rifles. >> reporter: prosecutors say martinez also had bullets inscribed with phrases like cop killer and a handwritten manifesto saying he wanted to wipe out black, jewish, and hispanic populations. >> there's definitely a lot of disturbing information that's been received that lead us to believe that we really averted a crisis, a mass type shooting event. >> reporter: this is what happened when we went to martinez's home in loss gatos. >> can i ask you if you're surprised? >> no. >> reporter: this is what he was doing.
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the owner said he detected a prowler and called police, but he had no idea his call could have prevented an another bay area mass tragedy. >> i'm shocked. we get people in here at night all the time. they steal little things, parts off cars i'm kind of glad he's off the streets. >> reporter: farouk was someone who saw something and said something. >> we rely on the community and i think it speaks to the good relationship we do have with our community, our business owns. they know to call us. >> reporter: police say they're scouring martinez's computers and electrics to determine a motive and any other possible targets the suspect may have had in mind. >> reporter: the v.a. say his writings show martinez wanted to go into a sporting goods store and tie up everyone inside. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo. the motive of a seemingly
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random shooting this morning that hurt two people is still a mystery this morning. chp said it start in the oakland when a woman driving a white vw jetta starts aggressively tailgating a green honda. the woman then fired six shots into the honda, hurting a man and woman inside. they were able to pull over and they're expected to be okay. chp says it does not appear to be a victim of road rage, because the victims say they don't believe they did anything to make her mad. it has been a sixth disappointing day searching for a man. the search halted last night, but volunteers say they're going keep locking for him. he was reported missing saturday after his family says he left for a run in the park. authorities say they're investigating all possibilities related to his disappearance. more bay area firefighters headed to beauty county to bat it will dixie fire.
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that fire started tuesday along highway 70 near paradise. it's grown to about 2,200 acres with zero containment. some good news, cal fire says it's burning away from the populated areas and into the remote county. it's a not far from the 2018 campfire. the deadliest in state history, taking 85 lives. a delicate decision today involving the city of hayward. city leaders oppose a power plant starting up again months after an explosion, but the electricity provided by that plant is vital during heat waves and fire season. city leaders are digging in against plans to restart because of an explosion there in late may. during a meeting the mayor told the state energy commission she's astonished and appalled at the application to begin there.
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damage at the natural gas plant was extensive, and the cause of that explosion is still unknown. commission members clearly troubled by the fire chief's complaints and the city's complaints about cooperation and transparency from this plant. they try a compromise today. okayed the plant's start up, but ordered the company to work more closely with the city and hayward fire department and to commit to more meetings with the emergency commission. san francisco as chinatown just got a multimillion dollar boost. today phil seung announced as part of the new budget. it will set up an asian and pacific islander focused community. the goal is to foster a greater understanding of the communities especially amid the rise in hate we've seen. the senter is set to open in 2024 and will be california's first aapi contemporary art and
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media center. still to come, covid cases rising again across the state and in san francisco. the communities the mayor says they need to do a better job reaching to stop the spread. plus, they're supposed to protect you but some popular sunscreens may have been doing more harm than good. we're going tell you which sunscreens are being recalled. i'll continue the climate coverage and give you the latest update on the draught. back with that in less than ten minutes. when we welcome our viewers in the west, we'll take you into the heart of the developing covid surge, and concerns about what back the school will look lick. and if you're planning travel abroad, check your passport. why renewals are taking up to four months long. when we see you back here for "nbc nightly news."
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>> san francisco has one of the highest vaccination rates of any city, but that doesn't tell the whole story, as the delta variant has cases rising in the city, it's reminding everyone how many people in the city's heavily minorities have got gotten their shots. >> reporter: outside the health center san francisco's mayor delivered a mixed message about vaccinations. the city has done well, but there's still more to do. >> we're doing an incredible job, but with this new delta
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variant, we're seeing real concern. and those concerns impact especially the african-american community and the latino community. >> reporter: she noted historical issue of trust and hesitancy in the african-american community where vaccination rates are much lower. >> every person that is in the hospital at san francisco general right now did not get the vaccine. and disproportionately, most of those people are african-american. >> if we look at the case rates of covid right now in the city, the rates are two and a half times higher among african-americans. two and a half times higher among latinos. >> reporter: dr. grant colfax says in the last 12 days the city has seen a threefold increase in covid cases. >> this rapid increase in cases is due to the delta variant. the delta variant is covid on steroids. >> we've done everything we can
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from pop-up sites to putting vaccination sites in every area of the district to now having mobile sites that will come to your front door. >> reporter: the southeast health center is one of many places trying to make it easy to get vaccinated. >> i'm one of these people that was scared. scared to get this done, skeptical. >> reporter: tianna harris came out today. her son najee plays for the steelers. >> how do you feel now that you have it? >> relieved because really i know this is the right thing to do. >> reporter: christy smith, nbc bay area news. a new recall involving something you may use every day. johnson & johnson is recalling some sunscreen brands due to low levels of benzene. the involuntary recall involves five sunscreens. you can see the list on your screen. j&j says if you have one of these sunscreens, just throw it
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away. all right, let's bring in jeff. we should always be wearing sunscreen, but it hasn't been that hot. would have been baking. >> not at all. . it's been a nice reprieve 112, 114 in brentwood. we have one more day of these temperatures and then things are heating up. let's get to you microclimate forecast. we'll continue our coverage as well. we'll start off with a look at the drought. we've held steady. no big update on the brout spreading at least through the bay area. 33.32% a california in the drought. and it's because of the horrible rain season. snow pack only 59% of normal.
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napa ounty under the drought, over the contra costa and alameda counties. homeowners might have to drill their wells lower. this can also mean water rights from farmers starting to get curtailed. so there's a lot of these impacts that we're just starting to see now, and this is going to get worse, because we don't typically see our first rains beginning to come in in september and october, if we're lucky. we talk a lot about the dryness of things but what about ways you can help. what about ways you can save water? here's a list i compiled. it's simple stuff but things we can all think about. put your landscaping on drip irrigation. maybe get a smart timer. artificial grass, a great way. low water use plants. check drips. here's the other thing -- rebates may be available. i checked e east bay has up to $2,000 that can help with you
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drought solutions. check all this out. you can get more at nbc bay we put all our climate stories there. tomorrow morning, the big change is definitely going to be that we get the fog rolling back in. you can see widespread cloud cover, also the areas of spotty drizzle at the coast and right you the the bay. most of us clearing, still hanging on san francisco and the coast. as we roll through the afternoon, i think we'll get a small area of sunshine through san francisco and oakland right around 2 sbk, 3:00, and that will probably make it a little better day. with that fog, we're going to start off on the cool side. lots of 50s. also bringing you at a cool 54 for the east bay. san francisco, 55 and north bay, 52. daytime highs have a hard time warming up, and that's okay. it's been really comfortable outside. 74 in martinez, 84, concord.
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peninsula, 64 in palo alto. seven-day forecast in san francisco. here's something good for you if you're sick of the fog. less fog the start saturday morning. through the inland valleys it does warm up. sad, sunday, monday, and tuesday with low 90s, but thankfully not the 105 to 110 heat. we talked about the olympics. the weather is going to be different there. the top roe of temperatures that's what it feels like with the humidity. sunday, 99. as we approach the opening ceremony, showers and thunderstorm chances. so the games are going to be good. i'll be watching that weather for sure. >> no fans in the stands for the opening ceremony, but we can watch them on tv. that's the best place to watch it. thanks, jeff. offering those who are unable to communicate a new way to do it. up next, amazing technology developed at ucf that could
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change a lot of lives.
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there is an incredible breakthrough for severe stroke victims from bay area researchers. it's called neuroprosthesis and it's given people a new way to talk using brain activity. robert handa spoke with them. >> reporter: the project started with a man, a brain stem stroke survivor who lost the ability to speak 15 years ago and could only communicate using a pointer attached to his head to point to letters. that method helped researchers create a 50-word vocabulary. then an implanted brain device recorded his brain activity as he tried to speak specific works. computered translated
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that and that allowed him to create sentences via brain signals. the person tries to say words and sentences and words and sentences are able to be decoded. >> reporter: right now, the vocabulary is limited to 50 words as a proof of concept. >> one of the next things is to say, how do we get more words into this vocabulary? that's ongoing research. >> reporter: the research team says there will be ongoing research in any areas, admittedly a long way off is turning brain activity and ultimate sounds. >> speech is the ultimate goal. that's what we're zrooifing for. >> reporter: the cutting edge has led to -- they get annoyed when it's called mind reading. >> we think of speech as the most mindless and effortless way to communicate, so being able to restore speech would be really
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profound, we think. >> reporter: like any breakthrough, the test starts with a single subject. the next would be to validate with more participants to find out if this can work for everyone who needs it. in san jose, robert handa, bay area news. preparing for earthquakes the safrt police department teamed up to demonstrate a high pressure water system. these pipes bend and sway as the earth shakes. it's been use in the japan since 1970 and has never failed during an earthquake. they'll be installed in the richmond and sunset neighborhoods to start with. american gym that'ses including simone biles arrived in japan today. all athletes need to take two tests before their departure and another when they arrive at the airport in tokyo. they'll get tested daily and understood go a three-week
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quarantine. tomorrow, the start of the olympics. today, the usa men's basketball team held a news conference. draymond green is going. team usa won three straight medals and they're the heavy favorite to make it four in a row. >> it's an incredible thing. i think for me, you know, being in the position where everybody kind of wrote me off and thought i was watched up last year, you know, to be here is great. >> his teammate steph curry is not going. the warriors two-time league mvp decided not to play in the olympic games to allow his body time to rest and recover for the next nba season. >> those games at the olympics are so much fun to match. okay, special flowers grown by kids who are taking center stage at the games. we'll explain.
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coming up tonight at 7:00, confusion over the child tax credit. we're hearing from people wondering why they're not getting the money. we'll have that conversation tonight coming up at 7:00. first on nightly news with lesser holt, if you're planning the summer trip abroad, you may want to check your passport now. lester expert witness why renewals are taking up to four months. olympic athletes will receive a warm and colorful
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welcome to tokyo. it's called the flower lane project. elementary school students planted them two years ago. in all, there will be 1,300 flower pots. volunteers will place them along the streets. flowers will be donated to the children and volunteers after. such a great idea. >> keep them in the pots and save them. >> jeff, you're saying it's kind of muggy weather over there. i don't know what to think of tokyo weather. i've never been there, but i didn't realize it's, like, humid. >> it's like new york in the summer right now. >> yeah, east coast. >> miami where we grew up. >> exactly, florida. and the athletes have to think about that and prepare for that, especially for the track athletes. when you are in that humidity, it just, it's much more taxing on your body. >> right, for sure. >> so that is definitely going the make it interesting. next week, looking at mid and
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upper 90s there. >> that's fascinating. >> it's the summer olympics. >> even some thunderstorm chances approaching opening ceremony. our forecast, no thunderstorm chance tonight. we have a little bit of fog rolling back in and very comfortable weather tomorrow. we're keeping mid to low 80s. saturday, sunday, mono, tuesday, hotter but not the extreme heat we had last weekend, so that is definitely some great news. we're in this really nice stride of we thinker and i'd like to see this all the way through august. >> very plaz on the. thanks, jeff. that's going to do it for us. "nightly news" is next. bye. breaking news tonight. the major setback in the covid battle as the nation's largest county reinstates its mask mandate los angeles county now requiring residents to wear masks indoors again, regardless of vaccination status it comes as the delta
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variant fuels a surge in 40 states hospitals in hot spots filling up also, the move by the fda, potentially dashing hopes of vaccinating children under 12 before the new school year. plus, tonight's yankees/red sox game positive tests the cdc director is here to answer your questions. the first round of child tax credits hitting american families' bank accounts president biden hailing it as life-changing. who is eligible, and how much you're entitled to. the bombshell new book claiming top u.s. generals feared donald trump would stage a coup after losing the election how the former president is firing back tokyo hitting a six-month high in new covid cases, eight days before the olympics at least one team usa basketball player out on covid protocols and superstar simone biles arriving in tokyo. how she feels competing without fans


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