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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> yay! >> what is that? >> i know her! >> that is kari returning to our news room this morning. here we are, back here. >> you guys, i just ran to the coffee machine. it's about a half mile away. >> yeah, not used to that. >> no, i am used to going down the steps and it was right there. >> not used to the plexiglass -- >> yeah, looks different. feels like we are getting ladle back to normal. >> moving forward. >> yes, we are. >> we have had nice weather these past few days, as we are starting out with clouds. yeah, that's walnut creek and it's hard to tell but we are going to see some of the temperatures starting out this morning in the 50s. as we go into the rest of today, we will go from the upper 50s to upper 60s and low 70s. take a look at our trend today. as sunshine returns we will see a slow warm-up as we head
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towards the mid to upper 70s and 80 degrees in livermore. we will be up to 75 in napa today. we'll talk about what is ahead for thisoming up. mike, what does it looks like for w saw folks slowing towards the toll plaza, and it's not a major issue and typically tuesday has a bigger backup. as you get in towards san francisco, there's a crash but on an on-ramp to west 37. highway 4, a little blip, but we noticed it. can't sneak that by us. back to you. >> thanks, mike. resent covid spread prompting one county east of the bay area to ask everybody there to mask up. this comes in the wake of a new north bay outbreak involving so-called break through cases sickening people who were fully
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vaccinated. >> good morning, cierra johnson. she's live looking deeper into both stories. >> reporter: let's talk about yolo county, and that's the county where the health officer asked folks vaccinated or not to continue to wear masks indoors in public places. they say it's because of the increase in cases and delta variant. yolo county is part of the greater sacramento area. in a press release, the yolo county health officer said the delta variant made up 76% of the positive samples collected from the end of june through the beginning of july. as a result that health officer strongly recommended fully vaccinated people along with those 65 and older or those immuno compromised wear a mask in those areas as a precautionary measure. so far we have not learned of any bay area counties issuing these type of recommendations.
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taking a quick look at the covid cases in the bay area, that 7-day average per 100,000 people, as you can see there, it has increased in contra costa, alameda, san francisco and santa clara county. north of san francisco, up there in sonoma county, there is a breakout at a homeless shelter. nine people had to be hospitalized because of the covid virus. of that nine, six were vaccinated. officials are not sure if it delta variant related, but they are trying to pinpoint what is going on in that homeless shelter, and they are asking people wear mask indoors even if you are vaccinated. >> thank you. this morning, the race to vaccinate americans is reaching
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a new milestone. more than 160 million people across the country are vaccinated, and that includes more than 20 million californians now fully vaccinated. new this morning, new data shows johnson & johnson's single shot vaccine is strong and stable after eight months. that's according to a study in the new england journal of medicine, and it offers good protection against the new delta variant. the study revealed all three vaccines showed a sharp increase in antibody responses. now trying to get money in the hands of crime victims and survivors for safety and justice, just announced a new $100,000 grant program. it comes as another program aiming to interrupt the cycle of crime is under scrutiny. the pretrial diversion program is seeing more than half of its clients re-offend. one supervisor is calling for reform and once voted against
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the renewing of the contract. >> the project has had this information likely for years and refuses to share it with this body when i ask for it. >> the ceo still, meanwhile, stands by the value of the program. a missing runner in pleasanton, the search has halted. they have been trying to find him and they have not found a trace since he was reported missing on saturday. authorities now wonder if he may be elsewhere. >> the first scenario is he is somewhere up in this ridge area, the open space area, and the second scenario is he parked his vehicle at that trail head and he's somewhere else. >> officers would not elaborate on theories of where else he could be, but only said they are focusing on all possibilities.
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6:05. looking for an extra $250 in your bank account today and even more. millions of families are getting their first payment from the extended child tax credit, and today in the bay's tracie potts joins us. this is as inflation is starting to hit close to home. >> right, marcus. prices are going up with more money in your wallet. the other parts of the president's agenda you talked about still stalled. this money is not. it's already a done deal and approved as part of covid relief, the american rescue plan months ago. $3,000 minimum, and for working families that qualify for those funds broken up into monthly payments that start today.
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from the white house, president biden says today this credit is helping 39 million families get out of poverty and improve their financial situation and take care of their families. so while this is a done deal, the rest of the family plan, as i noted, is not. child care, health care, climate change, now embedded in the democrat's $3.5 trillion plan, and they will try to push it through with no republican votes. >> it's a shocking figure and it's something republicans, i think, will uniformly oppose. >> what we are seeing is the outlines with the radical democrat freight train to socialism, and everybody in america will end up paying for it. >> even some democrats are concerned about the price tag. remember, they are still working on the more traditional infrastructure plan, roads,
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bridges, transit, broadband for everybody. lawmakers still tweaking the pay for on that. meantime the president is hosting german chancellor, angela merkel at the white house today. they are supposed to discuss international security, the pandemic and climate change. >> certainly something a lot of people will be following. i want to go back to the child tax credit. as i understand, a lot of the families that qualify may not get that money today. why is that? >> right. because everyone wasn't in the government's database. the irs did not have anybody's tax information. there was miscommunication of how you apply for the credit. the biden administration acknowledges that and they are working on some of the issues and have a brand-new website
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just focused on the child tax credit, and it's the third time they tried this, to get those that qualify the money. bart is bringing back late-night service. for the last three weekends of july, bart will offer limited trains on thursday, friday and saturday night. on august 2nd, train service will return to normal, running until midnight weekdays and saturdays. bart shutdown its train service in march of last year, as we all recall. so many things shutdown. we were all apart. today we're together again. looking outside at san francisco, a little haze and a cool start to our morning. and once again, we're altogether again. it's a great thing when you love your co-workers. when you don't, you are like, okay. >> one thing i did not like was
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that commute. as we are starting out the door in oakland this morning, cloudy and in the mid-50s. we will see the temperatures go from 55 degrees, cloudy, misty, drizzly to clearing by lunchtime. we're reaching into the low 60s. here's a look at our high for all microclimates. we will see a wide range in temperatures from upper 50s in half moon bay, and 80 in concord, livermore and highs in the mid-60s in oakland. we will talk more about what is ahead for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. we're watching the roads, mike. no problems. slowing in the peninsula is unaffected by the building commute. south bay, the first slowing in san jose cleared up. a little heavier volume of traffic.
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this crash here is near the on-ramp and is over in the center divide, and it's a distraction and it has not added to the drive out of vallejo. we have seen additional slowing in the area through concord and the bay bridge. your travel time for vasco, a little slowing. next on "today in the bay," why you may not want to toss your sun screen in your bag. you have to know about a recall. new playbook for the nba. talk about taking ownership of your tickets. we will talk about some of the league may profit. and then let's go over the futures this morning. let's take a look at what is going to happen probably on the market. looks like a bit of a dip for the dow. and then the project from
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meghan markle and elton john's husband coming to a screen near you.
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let's get you started in the east bay with a look at your forecast for your morning workout in danville. starting out cloudy and in the mid-50s. will be more comfortable if you wait another hour or two.
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another nice and cool day, reaching 66 degrees. we'll get a look at our weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. this is a person changing lanes into the much faster moving hov lane. plan ahead. no crashes right now at the toll plaza. here's the backup. we'll talk about the rest of your build coming up. netflix says it's going to get into gaming. streaming the games right to your television set over the internet. it has hired a new boss to get that going and may be a few years before that becomes reality. it's something companies have tried to do before but it's not until now that internet connections were good enough to handle it, not just the video but all the computation. fed chief said he thought
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the terrible inflation we are seeing is temporary, and live pictures of the senate chambers where powell will testify a short time from now. more questions on inflation and unemployment, no doubt. the number of people applying for unemployment continues to fall. the number of people who were already collecting and continue to collect slightly over 3 million. critics of increased unemployment benefits say extra money is keeping people out of work. look at the data. they may be right. the number of people taking unemployment fell 12% in states that ended the extra benefits early compared to 7% in states where they didn't. the consumer product safety commission sued amazon over recalls. amazon said it's not effective on letting some know on the site
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something has been recalled. 24,000 carbon monoxide detectors -- >> that's frightening. >> the hair dryers, they sold 400,000 of them that didn't have the plug to keep you from getting shocked. >> yeah, and you never know if people hear from the recalls. >> we try to keep you abreast on any recalls and that's why you should watch us here on "today in the bay." johnson & johnson recalling sun screen brands because of a chemical that could cause cancer. there's a list on your screen. johnson & johnson says consumers should just throw them away. we have new details on another recall to tell you
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about, a potential hazard tied to certain chevy bolt models. cars made between 2017 and 2019, they should not park them inside or charge them overnight unattended. there was a recall issued last year, but now after the recall was issued two cars thought to be repaired recently caught fire. a las vegas restaurant says they have served up the most expensive steak ever sold. >> wally's bought a rib eye for $20,000. the steak weighs almost 4 pounds. if you don't have $20,000 in the bank for the whole steak, don't worry, the restaurant is offering a limited supply of similar super exclusive cuts for about $1,000 each. so that's where the beef is. >> that's where my gambling
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money went to. >> you could either lose it there at the craps or put it in your belly. >> i have never even gotten comped a meal. yeah, we're looking at odds are a good drive right now. smooth flow of traffic, and the build will start mildly now and in 20 minutes we will see more slowing for the 101. dublin interchange looks good right now. contra costa county, we showed you the slowing for highway 4 and 25 minutes out of pittsburg no matter which way you go, including in walnut creek. and kari, you know about this, but folks, clouds are hovering above the deck. i like that, because you can see the bridge and you have that iconic fog there. >> yeah, not affecting the visibility for the drivers.
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you can see the fog, and we are seeing that stretching inland as we see some breaks in the clouds. let's head to the south bay with a look at our high temperatures this afternoon. very much like yesterday. we had the nice breezy winds picking up, temperatures reaching in the mid to upper 70s, and we are still seeing a range in temperatures from the upper 60s in hayward, and upper 70s in danville and brentwood heading up to 86 degrees. near the coast, we're still in the 50s today. not a lot of sunshine. we are seeing the sun in palo alto where highs reach the low 70s. san francisco in low 50s and 60s. reaching 77 in novato, while clear lake will see the temperatures in the low 90s. this shows our near surface smoke, and where you see blue we have smoke drifting by. looks like we will start out the day with smoke and then clear out. tomorrow looks clearer as a lot of the smoke gets pushed off
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towards the east. we are still monitoring that and our air quality as we see things change. it will start to warm up into the end of the weekend. sunday and monday reaching into the low 90s, and we will still have warm weather for tuesday as well. san francisco reaching into the mid and upper 60s. clouds and fog each day. no changes here. we're going to keep that mist and drizzle in our natural air-conditioning for the bay area. now as we turn to our climate in crisis, we are feeling cooler weather, but in june it was one of the hottest on record. according to noaa, as the earth continues to warm we will see heat that will continue to become more frequent and intense as climate changes drives warmer temperatures over all. several states saw their hottest june, and there were some spots
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that recorded temperatures 40 degrees above average. we set a new 175 records. even the east coast saw above average temperatures, the last hottest june on record was in 2016. with the intensifying heat there comes worsening droughts. nearly 95% of the west facing drought conditions. check out more of these stories on next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> we set a goal to donate tens of thousands of backpacks for students that need them. we have a progress report and a way for you to get involved, next.
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good morning. family giving tree tells us we are almost there, 22,000 of the 23,500 backpacks have been stuffed, donated and are ready for delivery by the truck load. 23,500 is a lot of backpacks but nowhere near the number truly needed. family giving tree said there are likely hundreds of thousands of families who cannot get their kids the tools they need to go back to the classroom. while in-person learning feels normal, one teacher said each
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student needs to have their own school supplies. here's why. >> they are not able to do group work like they used to. they can't depend on sharing pencils and pens like they have in the past because of covid restrictions. it's more difficult to come back. >> you can ease the burden on families by donating a pack back now during a supporting our schools campaign. in person we have a drop off station tomorrow in mountain view, and i will be on hand. we will be there from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. meet us between the jamba juice and pizza my heart on el monte avenue. if you are unable to pay us a visit in mountain view, you can contribute online and build a backpack virtually. it only takes a few minutes. hope to see you in mountain view tomorrow. >> thanks, chris. the nba is jumping into the nft game, nft are ownable
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one-of-a-kind digital file. the nba wants to incorporate ticketing to nfts. >> some people might buy it and split it, saying here's a way to get in and watch the game. some people may want to buy the ticket just to get the nft. >> why is the question? you have to watch the whole story to find out. meghan markle taking on the role of creator and executive producer of a new animated series coming to netflix. the show is called pearl. it's about the adventured of a girl coming over life's adventures. no word on when it will drop. returning to the courtroom.
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the charges 49er richard sherman is facing after a bizarre arrest. i'm sharon katsuda live in palo alto where the school district faces a lawsuit over the mask issue. you're watching "today in the bay." [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan. some real face time. just an amtrak away.
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featuring fresh artisan bread, layered with tender seasoned steak, sautéed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and smothered with melty american cheese. the new cheese steak melt, now at togo's. right now at 6:30, refusing to wear a mask. the palo alto teenager in
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jeopardy of not graduating. now the school district is being faced with a lawsuit. and then aimed at stopping the violence, and now why the city's mayor calls the new legal action premature. a push for change this wildfire season. the bay area industry looking for more protection and changes on the front lines. this is "today in the bay." as we start out the morning, first we want to give you a live look outside in san jose and san francisco. a cool start to the morning. we are nearing the weekend. all eyes on the forecast, of course, as many people look to make plans. here we are on this thursday morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. the team is finally back together. >> this is "today in the bay." >> this is "today in the bay." it's nice to have you back house. everybody. >> it's great to be back. just thinking about what it was
6:32 am
like working at home, there was so much going on. you are not only working with work, but you are working with your family and keeping the house clean and all that stuff, so you know -- >> now you get a break. >> yeah, i get a break now that i am here. this is great. let's get you out the door in fremont. this is something that i had to do this morning, commute. we are starting out with temperatures in the upper 50s, cloudy skies and that will clear as we go through today. enjoy the time outside as our temperatures go from the low 60s in san francisco to the low 80s for inland valleys. a warmer weekend ahead. mike, how is it looking for the commute. >> welcome back to the commute, kari. the metering lights were turned on, just about 6:00 a.m. it has been a gradual build and the westbound drive, over here, highway 37 is slow, and the
6:33 am
westbound direction, the build really kicked pittsburg. nothing major, but more slowing for the tri-valley. palo alto schools facing new legal action tied to the mask policy. >> the lawsuit stems from one student that enrolled in summer school. sharon katsuda is live this morning, and this shines a light on the mask debate ahead of the new school year. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of districts will be watching this case. the student's name is not disclosed in the lawsuit is set to become a senior here at palo alto high school here in the fall. his father enrolled his son in the program, and when the student did not wear a mask the first day of summer school he was sent to the office. the mask makes him unable to
6:34 am
pronounce words correctly because of a disability. we have not confirmed with the district the details on this case. meantime, school districts statewide are trying to determine how to deal with these types of cases come fall. the state this week said all students, even those vaccinated wear masks indoors but is allowing districts to decide how to implement the plan. no social distancing will be required when the schools reopen this fall. i am sharon katsuda, today in the bay. we are in the final stretch to get children over 12 vaccinated before schools reopen. it takes five weeks for full vaccination with the pfizer vaccine, the only one approved for kids. it takes two weeks after the second shot for the body to build full immunity. five weeks from today, august 19th, right around the time kids
6:35 am
will be heading back into the classrooms. and then a 15-year-old was shot and killed in vallejo near the ferry terminal. the teen was lost at least once, sadly dying there at the scene. no word of any arrests. this, on record, is vallejo's seventh homicide this year. and then rolling up their sleeves for a legal battle with san jose. the city is in the process of creating a new gun control measure that would make gun owners paying for the cost of gun violence. the city was september a cease and assist letter. new this morni,he details for you, the city of san
6:36 am
jose reportedly wanting to shutdown a bar and grill. this is where a waitress recently died. a parked truck slammed into the outdoor dining area killing a worker. since then new revelations suggest there may have been sexual aaactivity in the vehicl before the crash. restaurant management did not respond to the report. we are tracking a new out of control fire in butte county this morning, close to the biggest fire in state history. the dixie fire started yesterday not far from where the camp fire killed more than 80 people. this fire is burning away from the most populated areas, and it's heading back into the more
6:37 am
remote plumas county. napa california winemakers are calling for a new fire department. they asked county leaders to explore a local level fire department rather than contracting cal fire for rural areas. that partnership goes back decades and includes five full time and nine volunteer stations. supporters argue an independent department would allow for more control. 6:37. a live look in downtown san jose. a little hazy, gloomy -- shouldn't say gloomy but hazy. looking for the sunshine, kari. i know it's the favorite part of your day. it's so nice to have you back and talk about that with you. >> yeah, you can't see it. i think people are going to be heading to the coast. let me show you some of the
6:38 am
beach forecasts we will see. stinson beach from the upper 60s to low 70s. still clouds and fog there. we will keep the marine layer and what keeps much of the bay area cool as we go into the weekend. half moon bay reaching into the low and mid-60s. monterey will also be cool. if you are heading from the inland areas make sure you have a you are going there, but comfortable looking at berkeley and the flee market this weekend. you may wrap up the weekend at the stern drove festival in san francisco. and if you are headed to tahoe this weekend, it's going to be warm. we have mid-80s there in the forecast, but sunshine and really nice weather. mike, how is it looking now for the morning commute? >> you are right about the beach forecast looking great, and that will mean that we are looking at more traffic heading over there
6:39 am
on 92 and 17. that may be as early as this afternoon, some people making a early getaway. we will look at the preview at the south bay slowing, and it's holding true to that form, looking at more slowing. a mild build here. fremont, southbound 880, a more severe build. there's a crash that may leave a vehicle in the middle of the roadway for a few minutes here, and we'll track that. contra costa county, we're over the half hour mark for highway 4 through pittsburgh. concord towards walnut creek, 680 here. back to you. just days now before we kick off the tokyo olympics. arriving today. >> all overseased athletes are required to take two covid tests before they arrive and another test once they arrive in tokyo.
6:40 am
they will get tested daily and undergo a three-day quarantine. remember, you can watch it all right here, the exclusive activity of the olympics right here on nbc bay area. >> finally here almost. >> yeah, been so long, but here we are. 6:40 right now. profiting off the pandemic. next here on "today in the bay," the first of its kind, what one doctor is accused of selling that now has her facing fraud charges. and then britney spears literally doing cart wheels. we'll talk about where that case stands now. and washington trying to repair its relationship with europe. let's go to new york as well, and the dow down about 150 points. free money for californians. yes, now thaeour attention, we will break down the vote today that could change the lives of thousands across
6:41 am
the state. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy thursday. it's 6:43. let's get you out the door in the north bay and look at how the morning is shaping up for you. fog in napa and 55 degrees. we will see the clouds and fog until about 9:00 and then all clear the rest of the day as we keep the comfortable weather and warmer for the weekend. more on that in a couple minutes. oakland, look at the
6:44 am
flashing lights on the right shoulder and that's just north of the coliseum. we have a crash southbound, and we have congestion and we'll give you the latest when we come back. thank you very much, kari and mike. it's 6:45. britney spears, the judge agreed to hire a former federal prosecutor that represents holiday a-listers. she appeared by phone again demanding her father be dropped as sole conservator. this could be the key condition in regaining her financial freedom. >> check this out. she was so happy with the decision that it apparently had her doing cart wheels. by the way, the entire interview is airing this morning on the
6:45 am
"today" show at 7:00 a.m. following "today in the bay." richard sherman expected to appear in court. yesterday he crashed his car into a highway median. and they are investigating whether he was truck, and then he showed up to a home and tried to break in. he was treated at a hospital before being booked into jail. scott mcgrew, both sides trying to repair the relationship. >> president biden will meet with chancellor angela merkel at the white house today. they have met many times before. merkel has been chancellor for four presidents now. she did not have a good relationship with trump. on the day she was named "time's" person of the year, trump tweeted she was ruining
6:46 am
germany. there are two bills, one where it needs republican participation in the senate, and that's a traditional infrastructure plan, $579 billion. the one where he doesn't need republican participation, the senate can pass it under reconciliation rules and he will need 60 democratic votes and it's not clear he has that one, and that is worth 3 trillion. one of the reasons, no doubt, the president was in his old stomping grounds to push that bill. he was elected to the senate in 1972 when he was 30 and was re-elected six times. >> it's great to be home, great to be back with all of my colleagues and i think we are going to go get a lot done. on the internet, we're tweeting about the new tax
6:47 am
credit that you probably saw in your bank account already. we'll talk about it online, on twitter @scottmcgrew. and then dr. julie mazy was arrested yesterday at her home office in napa, and she's accused of wire fraud and making false statements related to health care matters. she issued fake vaccination cards and provided pellets she claimed would create an antibody response. her remedies were said to be safe for children. her neighbors were shocked to learn about the arrest. >> don't happen, but with everything we have experienced in the last year, year and a half, not surprised, just didn't think it would happen in our town. new this morning, california lawmakers may be ready to take the no strings attached income
6:48 am
idea to the next level. a few hundred low-income families will receive $500 a month for 18 months. stockton, los angeles and new orleans have also tried it. state lawmakers will consider a bill to provide $35 million for guaranteed income programs statewide. it's the first program of its kind in the country. trending this morning, no matter what age you are, you can still get down. >> hey, all right! >> that's og, as we like to talk it, breaking it down at the center in san francisco. that's a bay area dance right there. got serious moves there. mike telling us this morning that his day job is teaching math at mt. diablo high
6:49 am
school -- could you imagine if that was your teacher. >> can you believe that? >> look at that. >> yeah -- wow. >> geometry right there. >> moves like that, he has the attention of all of his students. what the homework looks the dance -- >> that dance, that -- that's not an easy dance to do. the rhythm -- >> yeah, and then all the students are like this. >> yeah, lots of work here. >> all right, you know, it's not that fun what i am talking about today. >> oh. >> yeah, i know, because we were watching the severe weather outbreak that happened across the parts of the midwest. in iowa, they had a tornado touch down. thankfully nobody was hurt.
6:50 am
here's video somebody was able to shot as it was starting to develop and touched down in iowa and we got reports it did damage a house, but once again everybody is okay, mostly moving through a smaller city but we are looking at all of the weather that is going on across the country, and, of course, here it's all nice and quiet. let's get you a live look outside in san francisco. starting out, cloudy, foggy. this is the picture we have seen. our temperatures have been cool as a result. we're starting out with the low clouds this morning. it does clear out again today as we head towards the mid-70s in milpitas, and 80s in morgan hill. will reach into the upper 60s for oakland, and low 70s and 80s for many of the inland spots, but near the coast once again, foggy, cool, and low 70s in palo alto and redwood city. san francisco in the upper 50s today and anywhere from 90 in clear lake to a high of 67 in mill valley. we are going to see more of the
6:51 am
nice weather continuing. we had the strong ocean breeze continuing as the storm moves into the pacific northwest. this high pressure will try and nudge in here a little more and heat up our inland area. antioch, we are going from the mid-80s to mid-90s. but we are not talking about widespread triple digits here, and it comes down by the middle of next week. our coolest day, actually today for the valleys reaching 80 degrees and then low 90s by the end of the week, and then san francisco not changing. still, cloudy, foggy and some peeks of sunshine. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute. >> looking great, just like the forecast you gave, and except here in fremont, there's a big rig reportedly in the middle lane on outbound 80, and somebody stopped on the shoulder
6:52 am
to assist, and chp already knew about that. you can get off the freeway and go on to surface streets, and i would not do that because traffic is getting by and is slow, so south of the dumbarton bridge, that may have folks traveling across 84 or 92 if they are heading down into this part of the silicon valley. so far have not seen anything significant. the build that is significant is typical, the westbound drive as you head towards the bay bridge where the backup is only at the toll plaza there. at the richmond bridge, the richmond side starting that congestion off the east shore freeway. back to you. uc berkeley doubling its payments to the city of berkeley for services like fire services. in exchange the city will stop two lawsuits, including one over an increase of students and the
6:53 am
plans to build a new academic n long-range uc berkeley plan. bart has a new option if you are out late on the weekends. plus -- >> coming up after the break, i tell you which county is encouraging its residents to wear masks indoors. we also talk about a homeless shelter experiencing a covid outbreak. we'll be back in two minutes.
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6:55. welcome back, before you head out the door we are moving you forward with a top look at the stories. first recent covid spread in one county just outside the area to mask out. >> sickening people who were fully vaccinated. today in the bay's cierra johnson looking closer into both of these stories. >> reporter: good morning. we are following both stories. let's start with yolo county. that's the county that involves greater sacramento. that's the county where health officials are telling folks they need to wear a mask indoors even if they are vaccinated because of the prevalence of the delta variant as well as rising covid
6:57 am
cases. the health officer said the delta variant made up 60% of the positive samples, and they strongly recommended fully vaccinated people along with those 65 and older or immuno compromised wear mask indoors as a precautionary measure. this move follows a similar measure in another county, and so far we have not heard of any bay area counties making recommendations to wear masks indoors. we will look at cases in the bay area, that 7day average per 100,000 people has increased in alameda, contra costa and san francisco counties. and officials are trying to figure out what prompted an outbreak of covid in sonoma
6:58 am
county. so far nine people of the 59 affected had to be hospitalized and of those nine six had been fully vaccinated. they are trying to figure out how it started and they are trying to contain it. in yolo county, folks being urged to wear masks indoors. >> thank you. this morning the race to vaccinate americans is reaching a new milestone. more than 160 million people across the country are now vaccinated, and that includes more than 20 million californians fully vaccinated. new this morning, johnson & johnson vaccine is stable. the vaccine offers good protection against the new delta variant. the study showed all three vaccines showed a sharp increase in antibody responses.
6:59 am
the search for a missing runner in pleasanton now halted. volunteers plan to look for any signs of him. for five days search and rescue teams from across the bay area have been trying to find him but have not found a trace since he was reported missing on saturday. they wonder now if he may be elsewhere. a missing person is being filed today. bart will offer limited trains after 9:00 p.m. on thursday, friday and saturday night. >> on august 2nd, train service will return to normal, running until midnight on weekend ends. look at that. you can make out the golden gate bridge span there, but it's fogged in as well. cooler temperatures. we are in july, right, kari? >> it is july. we have had temperatures mostly in the 70s and only our warmest spots in the low 80s. it's going to heat up as we go
7:00 am
into the weekend so maybe a little less fog for the weekend. unfortunately we have one problem in the bay area, south bay 880, a crash leaves a big rig in the middle of the road. >> we will have an update in half an hour. >> we will see you back here at 7:25. have a great day. good morning summer surge >> it's far more intention patients are sicker, younger. >> health officials sounding the alarm begging americans to get vaccinated amid a wave of covid ses. new ones doubling daily. concerns it could spike higher as kids head back to school. we will take you inside a hard-hit hospital and sharp the latest warning from desperate doctors. biggest bill ever. debate grows over the $3.5 trillion piece of legislation


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