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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 15, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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tween the only vaccine approved for emergency use in the united states for kids 12 and older. the first and second dose are given three weeks apart. then it takes about two weeks after the second shot for the body to build immunity. five weeks from today is august 19th, right around the time many kids will be heading back to the classroom. a napa doctor accused of selling fake covid-19 vaccination cards will be in federal court today. >> julie mazi advertises herself as an alternative and holistic health service doctor. a man was repairing the front door of her home office in napa after she was arrested by federal agents. >> honestly, kind of surprised. >> ethan gladner lives two condos away. he says he doesn't know her personally but recognizes her face as a neighbor. >> with everything that we've
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experienced in the last year and a half, i'm not surprised honestly. i just didn't think it would happen in our town. >> mazi is accused of wire fraud and making false statements relating to health care matters. agents say she used fear of catching covid-19 as an opportunity to expand her pre-existing immunization scheme and capitalize on a national emergency for her own financial gain. they claim she used unapproved remedies and fake vaccination cards like this one. victims were allegedly told to sign and date the card making it appear they received an approved moderna shot when they did not. the complaint also says the victims were sentle in this letter signed by a doctor explaining saying they would provide treatment for the deadly virus and they would create an antibody response in the immune
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system. the victims were also told her remedies were safe for children. the city of san jose wants a bar and grill where a waitress died will be shut down. a parked truck slammed killing a worker. the attorneys have now sued to close that restaurant labeling it a public nuisance. they allege it's a hot bed for prostitution, solicitation and other hazards. gun rights groups are rolling up their sleeves for a legal battle with san jose. the city now in the process of creating a new gun control measure that would make gun owners pay for the cost of gun violence. the national foundation for gun rights yesterday sent the city a cease and desist letter threatening legal action if it
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follows through on its plan. the mayor issued a statement saying he's not surprised with the threat, even if the draft ordinance is still in the process of being worked out. new this morning, imagine a fire department focused mostly on napa county's wine industry. they're trying to do something about it. this is according to napa valley register. >> they asked county leaders to explore -- cal fire partnership goes back decades and includes five full-time and nine volunteer stations. supporters argue an independent department would allow for more control. here we go with a look at that forecast for you today. meteorologist kari hall in the building this morning giving us a look at that forecast. how are we shaping up today? >> it's going to be another really nice day. we've enjoyed the cooler temperatures, and that's going to be the case right now as we get a live look outside in dublin. starting out, temperatures in the 50s. i am watching the air quality. we are seeing still some smoke that could be coming in this morning. and we are going to see it
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starting to clear out today, but where you see the shades of blue mostly some near surface smoke that will be moving in. then clearing out for tomorrow as well. the air quality should improve, but we've been monitoring all of these fires burning across the region. we are looking at some good conditions for your outdoor activities as we enjoy this cooler air. mike, you've been watching the traffic, anything popping up? >> i'm also enjoying the cooler air. nothing major, a smooth drive on the peninsula, an easy flow of traffic south bay. we talked about the king road off-ramp from north 680 may be affected. 84 has that scheduled overnight closure through niles and no problem for the early drive through the dublin interchange, just a little bit of slowing out of the altamont pass. a longer drive for highway 4 from rio vista through concord. a little slowing highway 4 at 680, there's a construction crew doing something in the area. they have scattered projects of
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course, always maintaining those roadways. that's likely what's going on there. no problem on any of the westbound bridges. 4:37 right now, coming up next on "today in the bay," out of control, a new wildfire burning near a community that's already suffered through so much. plus, free money for californians. a vote today could change the lives of thousands across the state. and after the break, netflix expanding, the big steps the streaming service just took to expand into video games and just how soon you could play. and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza seeing things moving right along nice and smooth this morning. how long will that last? kari's here are your forecast and laura and i have you covered on all the news. it is 4:38. you're watching "today in the bay."
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parts of the north bay seeing fog in a few spots. a look at all our microclimates coming up in a few minutes. oakland, across the bay, looking nice. much calmer report coming up from bertha. wall street set to open
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lower at this hour following a split session yesterday, and the nasdaq dipping just a bit. the chair, jerome powell is easing investor fears about whether or not the fed will roll back the interest rate policy anytime soon. even in the face of rising inflation, he told congress prices are temporary. we will get jobless claims coming up at 8:30 eastern, and so far for morgan stanley, better earnings as well as better than expected from united health. netflix hiring a former facebook executive to run its video game business as it looks beyond streaming shows and movies.
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he spent the past three decades working at other tech companies. it will be discontinued on august 3rd. it does plan to use data and other insights it gains from fleets to build new products. i didn't know what fleets were. i never used it. >> i saw it but never used it. didn't do anything for me.
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there you go. >> held i don't and good-bye, fleets. >> thank you, bertha. coming up, nearly $100 million now set to go to san francisco residents and it's all because of their trash. how you can cash in and make sure you get some of that money as your own. going to enjoy more time outside in the south bay. our forecast starts out with mid-50s and heading towards low 70s today. yes, this is still the middle of july. we'll talk about what is ahead coming up in a few minutes. san mateo bridge westbound, a clear look. you can see the cars coming across the high-rise as well. we'll show you what else we have on the report with changes coming up. a dramatic rescue in arizona. how this car managed to get in this frightening situation, and how the occupants got out to safety.
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good morning on this thursday. prefriday, as we like to call it around here. see the people on the road getting started with their day, and so are we. the team here this morning getting ready to go. >> that's amazing. finally back to of crowded. >> yeah.
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♪ ee so good ♪ ♪ >> never stopped working. >> yeah, it was a lot of work working from home. usually from the show my daughter would be awake and i would hear her in the other room talking in the middle of the night, and it was a little distracting and i have no distractions here. >> it's all good. let's get started and get you out the door this morning. as we start out, temperatures nice and cool. 56 degrees as you head out the door in martinez. we'll see a few clouds here and there and as we go into the rest of the morning, clearing out. let's head to the south bay, 78. this will be one of the coolest days of the week as we reach 74 in milpitas. morgan hill heading up towards 80 degrees. 68 degrees in hayward. 86 degrees in brentwood today.
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nice and warm in some spots, and still foggy and cool near the coast as we reach up in the 60s, and then 75, very nice and comfortable in napa today. high pressure is still over the desert southwest and surging up monsoon moisture causing showers and thunderstorms in southern california as well as nevada. we're getting our ocean breeze, still kicking up and that's not going to change. there will be a slight warm-up by the end of the weekend, but overall we're stuck in the weather pattern that continues into next week. antioch, we will see a big warm-up from the weekend going from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. monday is the hottest day and then we bring it back down by the middle of next week and back into the mid-80s. as we look at the 7-day forecast, some low 80s for today
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inland, and 90 on sunday. you will feel warmer but not too bad. at least we are not talking about highs over 100 degrees. san francisco will see temperatures reaching into the low and mid-60s over the next few days. we are going to be much cooler there, at times cloudy and foggy, misty, drizzly, the same thing we have been seeing from the past few days. that will continue as we go toward the weekend and early next week. mike, anything popping up out there on the roads? >> the temperature chart for antioch reminded me on the bridge. a smooth drive. you can see the lights over on the san francisco side of treasure island, and we are watching from our cameras all over the place. chp watching the roads and they reported a little wind crossing the venetian bridge.
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and then no need for the alternate, so 680 and mission still open and so is 84. and then have not gotten any updates recently, and there could be a crew there on the scene. >> thanks, mike. we're working to learn more about what happened before a 15-year-old in vallejo was shot and killed. this happened last night on main street near the ferry terminal. that teen was shot at least once and died at the scene. this marks the seventh homicide so far this year in vallejo. >> california lawmakers are looking to take a guaranteed income program. a few low-income families will receive $500 a month for 18 months. other cities have tried it and santa clara does it similar for
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former foster care youth. the first program of its kind in the country. and then refunding customers, this comes after a settlement with san francisco after years of improper rate hikes. let me walk you through how to get that refund. you need to have had a recology account, you use the i.d. and p.i.n. a new fire close to the site of the deadliest fire in our state history. the dixie fire started yesterday near paradise, not far from
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where the camp fire killed more than 80 people. crews say it's heading into is the more remote county. it has burned 1,200 acres and so far no containment. checking this out after a bear got stuck in this. how did she get out? we know all about it. it's in this morning's bear beat. >> that's what it is. okay. and uc berkeley, california righting a check for $4 million a year for more than double of what it was paying recently. in exchange, the city will stop two lawsuits for over an increase in students and plans to build al new academic building and also will fight in a new long-range uc berkeley
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plan in place. what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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new video out of arizona this morning as monsoon storms caused flash flooding. you can see fire crews working to save a man and his two daughters from the roof of their truck. the vehicle was washed 25 yards downstream in fast-moving water and nobody was hurt. trending today, the next time life has you thinking you can hardly bear it, just think of one bear in colorado. >> she was not dealt the best hand, and somehow she got her
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head stuck in a 10-pound chicken feeder for ten days. when they tracked her down, wildlife authorities cut that thing off. she did get a little thin because she was unable to eat. but she's okay. a lesson learned, and for humans, too, when you get around those chicken feeders. >> i'm going on the chicken feeder diet. it will be a thing. millions of families could get their first payment from the extended child tax credit today. just how much you can get coming up in a live report straight ahead. kari is back in the house. yeah, starting off with fog and a live look outside. we will see our temperatures keeping cool, and we'll look at our microclimates coming up.
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traffic moving smoothly from richmond over to the east bay and into the north bay. we will see how traffic shapes up. could be something new on the bay bridge. i'll let you know. and then we will bring you the latest on the search for the missing jogger in pleasanton.
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the body you are randomly assigned at birth ♪ shouldn't determine how well you are cared for. ♪ or how hard we work to find answers, partners, and hope. ♪ we make medicine. ♪ not just for some ♪ but for everyone. ♪ right now at 5:00, ready to mask up again. one california county telling
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residents to wear a mask even if they are vaccinated. more answers ahead in a live report. done deal. parents of children should check their bank accounts. the new rescue plan is kicking in and providing money to millions of families. other parts of his agenda facing a long road on capitol hill. and then the option coming back if you are out late on the weekends. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we'll check in with mike just a second. excited, the team is back together again. kari is back after working from home for over a year. >> yeah, it's like riding a bike and getting back into the groove of things, and i know other people are getting back


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