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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  July 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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move its way through the country through august, september, maybe even october. unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. president biden heads to capitol hill to talk directly with members of congress. and it's no surprise, rent is always high in the bay area, but the latest number shows how shockingly high it is compared to the rest of the country. >> you have to have a choice, make a choice of whether i pay my rent or eat. >> we're going to show you the most expensive parts of the bay area. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thank you for joining us, i'm garvin thomas for raj mathai. >> i'm janelle wang. parts of the country are dealing with a high surge of infections.
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>> it is reminiscent of the peak of the pandemic with hospitals stretched to their limit. jay gray has a closer look. >> reporter: there's a dangerous trend across the country. covid infections are exploding right now. >> we'll to everything we can to try to handle the volume of patients. >> reporter: with doctors warning this may just be the beginning. >> the delta variant's going move its way across the country into august, september, maybe even october. >> reporter: according to the cdc, the most serious case and the majority of new covid deaths are among unvaccinated patients. the pace of americans getting fully vaccinated has drop by more than 80% since april. children are especially vulnerable to the delta variant, because at this point only about a third of the 25 million kids eligible for a kid have been fully vaccinated. >> we know that a number of the
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hospitalizations and the deaths we're seeing are preventible. >> reporter: the rise in cases leaving hospitals short on beds and staff. >> delta's just more rapid, because it's more efficient at transmitting. >> reporter: a fast pace that in some hospitals could, by the end of the month, set a dubious record for the number of covid patients since the start of the pandemic. jay gray, nbc news. >> okay. in other news, we are nine days away from the opening ceremony. tokyo is reporting its highest number of new covid-19 cases in six months. the ioc president met with the japanese prime minister and promised the games would be safe and secure. >> i would like that reaffirm all our commitments on behalf of the olympic community to do everything that we to not bring any risk to the japanese people.
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>> earlier this month, the tokyo olympics banned spectators of a japan reimposed a state of emergency due to the resurgence of cases. the state of emergency will now remain in place for the entirety of the games and beyond, now through august 22nd. president biden went to capitol hill today to drum up support for two big infrastructure bills. late tuesday, senate democrats announced agreement on a $3.5 trillion spending plan. this is separate from last month's $580 billion infrastructure plan for roads, bridges and rail and internet access. this second bill would help expand medicare, help families pay for child care and elder care and help fight climate change. >> this is generational, transformational change to help american families. >> well, the $3.5 trillion number is a shocking figure t is something that republicans, i think, uniformly will oppose.
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>> senate democrats know they'll likely have to pass without republican support. leaders hope to vote on both infrastructure plan this is month. the top general in afghanistan returned to the u.s. scott miller was met by members of the biden administration this morning. you can see him deboarding a plane at base andrews. if you bought gas, groceries or almost anything, you probably notice how prices have been rising. today the head of the federal reserve expects the increases to level off. inflation is up more than 5%. topic number one, when jerome powell updated lawmakers before the house committee on financial services. >> inflation has increased
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notably. inflation is temporarily by the price increases from last spring. >> powell also expects job gains will be strong in the coming months as pandemic factors ease and the economy continues to reopen. it may not be a shock to many living here, the newest numbers on rent in the bay area are out and are staggering. more so than anyplace else in the country. you need a pretty big salary to rent a typical two-bedroom apartment here. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, has been digging into these numbers. they're actually on his twitter page and he's live from san jose to explain what it means. >> reporter: people are having to make tough decisions, what to give up in personal lives to pay monthly rent.
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she is watching her money closely, because so much of it goes towards rent. >> you have to have a choice, make a choice of whether i pay my rent or eat. >> reporter: she lives in san jose, and like so many in the bay area, say it is can be a monthly struggle, because of how much money you need to bring home to afford to rent a home. . >> i like to shop, but i don't shop all the time. >> reporter: because rent is so high? >> of course. very to have a place to stay. >> reporter: a report puts the bay area head and shoulders above anywhere else in the nation when it comes to rent for a two-bedroom apartment. the top four cities are all here, led by san francisco, where you need to make $68 an hour or about $140,000 a year to afford the typical rent. san jose, santa cruz and oakland are just a shade below.
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>> basically what it says, that our housing system is broken. >> reporter: amounts that force many to put most of their income toward rent and leave an increasing number of people unhoused. >> if you have that many people that have to live outside, you have a housing system which is not functional, doesn't work. >> reporter: and with that much of our income going toward rent, saving for a down payment gets even tougher. >> because it's just too much of our income, that, like, you know, we don't work in tech. >> scott budman now joins us live in san jose. people are still working remotely. some people are still moving out to other parts of the state. is there any hope that these rents will like flatten or stabilize or go down like they did last year touring the pandemic? >> reporter: well, partly
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because of what you said, it's a fool's game trying to predict where they will go in the near future. even in the pandemic and now tech companies are still hiring, so in the bay area, we're creating more jobs than housing units. it's hard to imagine prices dropping anytime in the future. >> politicians have talked about this. any reaction on the horizon? >> reporter: there are several bills being put forward by people, a lot of them politicians in the bay area, not just for new housing but to do it a little differently, high rises and things like that to get people into smaller areas. that's possible going forward, but, again, the economy is strong, housing is still high. so it's going to be tough to find a w middle and low-income housing until we start to building. >> scott budman live in san jose, thanks so much for your report. >> reporter: you bet. from riding a bike around
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mt. tam to riding it at the olympics. the bay area mountain biker is ready to claim her spot on top of the world. the challenges, next. a closer look at the system that not only will bring us heat but flooding rains to arizona. we'll take a look at both things in about ten minutes
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okay, we are nine days away from the start of the olympics. because no fans are allow the at any of the events, it will be an all-tv event. can you catch all the action here at nbc bay area. >> a stanford graduate and professional mountain biker was number one before the pandemic hit. our raj mathai sat down with courtney at her peninsula home. >> this past year has been a time for me to think a lot about the things that are in my
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control and out of my control. what's in my control is having the best preparation, the best attitude and the best performance leading into the event. >> reporter: what makes you number one? >> that's a very good question. i think there's a few things. like my core, kind of ethos as a person is to really balance joy and hard work. i fell in love with the sport just riding as a young kid with my dad, getting blueberry pancakes, hanging out. for me, there's still that joy and freedom and adventure that cycling brings. >> reporter: when you're in the middle of a ride, in a competition, in a race, what's going through your mind? >> i think overall i try to just keep it really positive and come back to what i can do in that moment. and that's something that i practice in training. i practice in racing. and it is, you know, a key skill, i think, in being able to
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perform incredibly on the days that are going well, and even on the days that aren't going so perfectly. >> reporter: you seem like you're really enjoying this. > yeah, absolutely, you get to enjoy the joy of just riding a bike. >> champion, what a performance, mom and dad. >> reporter: upside and down side of mom and dad not coming to tokyo. >> my mom is the loudest cheerer. it sounds kind of similar to an ambulance or a fire truck. like, because she's so excited that she can't make it into words. so that certainly will be a
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missing, missing thing. >> reporter: we see you now, very nice, very bubbly, very energetic. what's the race game. >> the game face. my alter ego. i actually had a joke at my training camp earlier this day, beyonce has a stage presence, fierce, and i have that for mountain biking. i love riding my bike. and i love my competitors. like i love the sport. but, when i'm racing, like, i go to a different place. and i am there to compete, and i am ruthless and relentless. >> reporter: so you crush. >> i try. i do my best. >> oh, i love kate courtney, definitely going to be watching mountain biking. we have so many athletes heading to tokyo. talented area. july 22nd at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., and july 23rd, the day of
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the opening ceremonies, you can check out all these stories about our local athletes and track all our coverage on >> raj will be in tokyo, covering our local athletes. tirico, who is in quarantine right now, talked with raj earlier today from tokyo. >> tell us just the process of getting there. that's an olympic story in itself. >> it is. if it's an event, i don't want to see my time. it takes a little bit of patience, for sure, to get through. i will say this. the japanese government is essentially trying to keep the olympics in a bubble. >> raj will have more with mike tirico at 7:00 p.m., including what tirico says is the one thing he will miss the most when covering these olympic games. >> probably going out to eat. >> all that stuff. raj is heading out soon.
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he's heading out this week and has to quarantine when he gets there. >> hearing raj explain what that experience is like first person is going to be fascinating. this is an olympics unlike any other. >> we get the benefit, we get to watch all his coverage once he gets there. it is going to be awesome. >> let's talk about the weather, it is awesome right now. san francisco finally getting out of the 50s. >> into the 60s. every little bit counts in san francisco. we have more fog on the way. all in all, it's been really comfortable. let's take you into the micro climate forecast and ready to go if you're headed to the airport to pick somebody up, we may actually have airport delays. the fog is starting to roll in. and on my weather headlines, yes, more of that fog. some areas of drizzle, low clouds, and because the fog pattern is going to be so strong i think temperatures will cool off just a little bit through tomorrow. and ahead we are looking at
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hotter weather once we hit sunday. let's get you ready to go for the thursday forecast. you'll notice here the clouds are widespread even towards the south bay with areas of drizzle. we should really, at this point, clear out for most of this by 11:00 in the morning. notice san francisco, also oakland at 11:00 a.m., still hangs onto the low cloud cover. by the afternoon, 1:00 p.m., we'll likely have clouds hanging over san francisco. it's par for the course in july in san francisco. as we roll through tomorrow morning with that cool, foggy breeze, temperatures are going to start off on the chilly side, and not too many differences. if you're down in the south bay, 56. over to the tri valley, 54. 50s back for you in the east bay, 55 in san francisco and the north bay 52. so, because of that fog pattern, we just showed you is so strong, tomorrow's temperatures are going to be dropping off a
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couple degrees. down in the south bay, 77 in cupertino. we are out of the 90s in brentwood, at 86. so enjoyable after the 112 this weekend. 80 in concord. 60s from oakland to hayward, fremont, 73. the peninsula dropping down to 73 in palo alto. maybe you're heading to san francisco for work. you got to head to the office, jacket weather here with 61 in downtown, 62 in the mission and through the north bay, 75 in santa rosa. we're good with weather like this all the way through saturday's forecast. once we hit sunday, that's our next changes. what i'm seeing is this area of high pressure expanding across the desert southwest. and this is what's responsible for our heat coming in sunday through tuesday. but the other thing it's going to do is bring in monsoonal rains to arizona. i definitely think flooding is on the way for arizona. wanted to take a quick sidebar
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out here. you can see, flagstaff, tucson, looking at two-plus inches of rain. on and off flooding conditions in arizona throughout next seven days. on my forecast in san francisco, 60s coming back next several days. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. >> and through the inland valleys, low 80s, then 90s sunday and also on monday. gold medal winning, i think the next two days in that forecast. >> for sure. the start of the new school year is right around the corn corner for many students. we'll show you how you can contribute to students in need.
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nbc bay area and telemundo has partnered to get backpacks with school supplies to students
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in need. >> chris chmura shows us. >> reporter: the hallways are empty, but not for long. kid also flood the campus in t, eager for the homecoming. but it's bittersweet. she says 94% of her students are economically disadvantaged. their families live paycheck to paycheck. in a normal year, getting students the basic school supplies is hard. during the pandemic even tougher. >> there's a need for support. >> reporter: family giving tree says cambridge isn't alone. hundreds of thousands of kids at schools around the bay area will go without basic supplies. but some will get help. >> we just have piles and piles of backpacks. >> reporter: family giving tree
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is stuffing tens of thousands of backpacks and donating them. >> we're hoping to make some kind of impact there. >> every kid is happy. they get a backpack. >> reporter: last year all 530 students at cambridge got a new backpack. she says her students also receive a confidence boost. >> that eliminates that sense of being unprepared on the first day of school and also feeling like you don't have enough, compared to the other kids. >> reporter: family giving tree says fund raising has slumped a bit. this year they may be 200 backpacks short at cambridge, but that could change if more people pitch in. >> even if it's like, i can't donate a backpack but i can give you 15 packs of pencils, whatever can you do is awesome. >> we are working together to support our schools. our goal this year is to collect and donate 23,000 backpacks
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around the bay area. we invite you to join us. online, go to there you can build a backpack virtually or make a contribution it only take as few minutes. >> i remember getting back to school supplies. that was the best part. before simone biles, the imagination was caught by heroic feats. we take you down m
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women's gymnastics is always must-see tv during the olympics. it took a magical moment by a former stanford cardinal for the u.s. to win olympic gold. >> this marks the 25th anniversary of carrie vaulting herself into olympic history. here we have a trip down memory lane. >> reporter: it's an iconic olympic moment. carrie strug overcoming an ankle injury to stick the landing. her determination vaulted the u.s. women's gymnastics team to its first all-round gold medal at the 1996 olympic games. >> it was well worth it and more. >> reporter: inspired by mary lou retton, she moved away from
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home and pursued her olympic dreams. >> for me, it was here in the united states, the flag was raised, the national anthem was playing, my parents were in the stands. it was just incredible. >> reporter: and a moment she will never forget. this month marks the 25th anniversary of her performance that put the magnificent seven on top of the podium. when they show great moments, you're going to be up there forever. >> it's been 25 year. i hope my moment will ignite the flame from within in a lot of youngsters out there that may see the vault during these games. >> reporter: a mother of two, strug lives in tucson, arizona and works for the department of justice, focussing on the prevention of juvenile delinquency. she's also a motivational speaker and product spokesperson. this week, she has extra pride,
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recognizing her alma mater for being the best in sports. >> winning the capital one cup this year on both sides, the men's and women's programs is extra sweet. >> reporter: as for her olympic gold medal her mother is extra protective of it and likes to keep it in the vault. but she might bring it out when she and her kids watch the americans go for the gold in tokyo. >> she has not aged a bit, 25 year later. >> if i had a gold medal, i wouldn't keep it in a vault, i would have it around my neck 24/7, 365. >> it was great to reminisce and see her. right now at 6:00, disturbing new details about the vta shooter. >> i think what's so concerning is that there's books about terrorism, and then there's a
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handwritten notebook with animus towards people that worked at vta. >> pointed comments from the d.a. as this new information comes to light. plus, we continue to follow a story our investigative unit broke last night. good samaritan hospital on the defensive tonight as it faces major disciplinary action. also, another day of searching with to results. the latest on the effort to find a missing jogger who hasn't been seen since last weekend. and less than a week before a major decision deciding the a's future in oakland, voices are heard, the impact on whether the team goes or stays. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm garvin thomas. we have the customs report about the vta shooting. he had express hatred five years before the killing. the report just released


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