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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 14, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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unveiled as president biden plans to lay the ground work today for his infrastructure plan. our washington insider also breaks down how to push the roll back from voter restrictions. more boots on the ground. the reopening plan for today that may boost protections and the funding challenge a city still faces. this is "today in the bay." 5:00 on the wednesday morning. thank you so much for starting with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. "today in the bay's" mike inouye is following the latest on the deadly crash. mike? >> that is right. a surface street but a major roadway to or from 680. this is between jackson avenue and jose. there's a chinese garden within that park and then we have a
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wendy's nearby which is significant. where i got my vaccine, as well. look at the video. the investigation that continues over there. that's why mckee is closed. a pedestrian was killed overnight. there's damage to the windshield. so this is likely involved in the investigation. but again waiting for more detail from san jose pd. we'll have that closure for mckee has we look back at the map with a closure that continues west of 680. allen rock is a good alternative to you. and expected to continue for hours and will follow this closure. a crash on the peninsula coming out. >> 5:01. what may be the bay area's last mass vaccination site closes this morning. san francisco's moscone center
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is closing down. >> cierra johnson is live there. covid cases begin to climb statewide. >> reporter: yes, good morning. at the peak the center was bustling with folks. i was there several times reporting on how busy it was. it helped bring down the number of positive cases in the city. it also helped the city reach 81% of the city's eligible residents vaccinated. the city says vaccinations will continue through a network of community sites, mobile sites as well as pharmacies. health leaders say the presence of mass vaccination sites helped san francisco to become the first major city to reach 81% rate in first dose vaccination rate by the end of june why the 7-day average of new cases in san francisco declined by 97% since january but as they transition to a convention space
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there's a new concern. covid cases are on the rise again in the state of california. a month ago the state positivity rate .7%. this week 2. 7% and hospitalizations on the rise. the state's14-day average about important things to keep in mind talking about the increase of cases. for one the increase seems to be centered in sacramento and los angeles. san francisco doesn't seem to experience the increase. the other thing to keep in mind the cases 99% are in those that are unvaccinated so two key points to remember there as we're seeing the cases in the state rise and sees the moscone center shut down but still places for folks to receive the vaccine. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. new this morning sonoma
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county health leaders talking about a new tool to track variants. a new diagnostic machine provides genetic sequences for positive test specimens with information on the spread of the variants. the cost $275,000. new overnight democrats in washington unveiling a massive plan. "today in the bay" tracy pots joins us live in washington with a look at where this is all going. good morning. >> reporter: hi, laura. good morning. it is not going fast and we know that if you've heard reconciliation that's what they call it here in washington. if this is going anywhere it is likely to only happen with democrats behind it. overnight democrats introduced $3.5 trillion of spending they promise is fully paid for without taxing people earning
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under $400,000. they call it human infrastructure. >> mom and dad going to work return it would expand medical care. fund clean energy and other democratic priorities. >> this is the most profound change to help american families in generations. >> reporter: president biden will discuss the plan with lawmakers on capitol hill today. then meet with mayors and governors for their support. republicans are worried about the cost. >> republican senators who are inclined to be for infrastructure package also want to make sure it is not just added to the debt. >> reporter: this is separate from the bipartisan plan focusing on roads, bridges, transit and internet. >> bring the vote up and vote for or against them. >> reporter: lawmakers are also at odds over voting right just president biden's pushing for a federal law to combat 28 new state restrictions. >> 21st century jim crow assault
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is real. it's unrelenting. we're going to challenge it vigorously. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris met with texas democrats who fled the state. >> d.c.'s newest asylum seekers. >> reporter: hoping to run out the clock on more voting restrictions. tracie potts, nbc news. seeking more guidance on the new mask update. they want clarification on how to enforce the mandate. students are required for a mask indoors and districts will enforce the rules as they see fit. campbell schools in the south bay saying if a student refuses to wear a mask they cannot participate in in-person instruction. new details has rubber stamped the conviction of two
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men. the two received life sentences for the stabbing. italian courts are required to detail the ruling within 90 days of that verdict. in its report the judge called the defense claiming self defense implausible. this following up in san francisco. supervisors there have passed a new shared space ordinance to make parklets a permanent option for businesses. it helped restaurants stay afloat in the worst of the pandemic. owners say the extra tables are needed to get business back on the feet and cover the cost of higher wages. >> if we can't make up with additional seating i don't know why we'll be. >> it is in many ways an improvement. i love it. see it in a number of cities. l.a. and here. nice to be in the fresh air. >> the ordinance requires
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businesses to pay for permits with public seating in the parklet which also have to shut down at night after closing time jishlgs continuing coverage on the search for a missing runner. deputies are scaling back the search for the 37-year-old. the long distance runner went for a run sum saturday morning. searchers found the cell phone in the car but infrared cameras have not been able to detect any sign of him. >> at night we go up with the airplane. the very sophisticated forward looking infrared camera. we are picking up deer. smaller game. >> deputies say the beshlgly father of two may be incapacitated in the park or not there at all. hopeful signs for firefighters battling the largest wildfire in the state right now. the beckwourth fire.
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burned about 93,000 acres in 2 weeks and the firefighters say it is about two thirds contained. ou be fully contained by next be lifted. looking at the fires in the state right now here in california it is in good shape considering it's mid-july. of the fires burning here most are in the remote areas of those that we're seeing right now and only one being fought by cal fire is in the mariposa county area. in oregon homes are threatened not far. this is where the grand view fire burned close to 6,000 acres about 5% contained right now. glen cove fire station is set to reoerp as fire season hits the peak. city leaders closed it down in 2010 after declaring bankruptcy. last night the city cown kri
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voted to reopen it by the end of september. city said they have enough firefighters to staff the station thanks to grants but it is still in need of nearly $2 million of engines and other costs. halfway through the work week. kari has a look at the forecast. been nice to enjoy the cooler temperatures in the bay. >> it has been and very humid, especially in the early morning hours but starting out clear here in the south bay. we'll be watching for the possibility of some decreased air quality due to the smoke that we were talking about. but this is people are getting out to enjoy the nice cooler weather. highs into the mid-70s. a high of 82 today in concord and livermore and mid-70s in the north bay. we'll talk about the weekend coming up. mike, what's going on with the morning commute? >> sorting through the tweets and the information that we have and the deadly crash information
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is eastbound mckee and the westbound direction may remain open in the investigation there. consider it as an area to avoid no matter what with the flashing lights but going to valley health center that is an issue. ludlow is included in the closure there. following that investigation which we continue to this morning. on the peninsula the crash just north of sfo may have activity both direction just there's a crash, debris. better news is disabled vehicle on the bay bridge, speeds unaffected. stay to the left crossing into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up, popeye's preparation. some wonder if the sandwich is just an appetizer. the next big rollout and the challenges to make it's not bone dry. now i really mean jit the
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check is in the mail. i'll tell you all about it no it is not orange sherbet or sorbet but a new creation set to hit the markets today. so the question is, would you be fun of it. we'll tell you the details. i don't know if i call it delicious but we'll talk about it coming up after the break.
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as you're stepping out the door in the east bay check out pleasant hill's forecast. at about 56 degrees. and some clouds moving by but a little bit clearer and the sky will clear quickly. another beautiful day for outdoor enjoyment at lunch why put that on the planner today. we'll talk about what else is going on in the forecast. >> lunch is also on the planner in my house. the bay bridge, wanted to confirm the taillights into the tunnel. no slowing. despite the incident reported on the westbound direction. more coming up. good morning. very happy wednesday to you. child tax credit. start rolling out tomorrow. if you're one of the families eligible you may see the bank account suddenly rise as direct deposits go in. from the u.s. government that's
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a real check. cash it. 39 million american households are eligible. 88% of the children in america. families with kids 6 to 17 get as much as $3,000 for the year. broken into monthly payments. families with children under 6 get $3,600. both figures are for each child you have. we have talked earlier about how to take the credit at the end of the year. one way or the other this all starts tomorrow. an odd moment in court for elon musk. it happened in the second day of musk's testimony. one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against musk got physically ill. the trial resumes tomorrow. fed chairman powell will testify today before a house committee at 9:00 a.m. our time. talk to the senate tomorrow asked about inflation numbers showing the biggest price rises in 13 years.
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wall street largely shrugged off the threat of inflation. minor losses there. stocks have been on a tear lately. we'll talk more about inflation and how it affects us here in the bay area. coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right. thank you. take a look at this. new this morning. popeye's hoping for a chicken game changer. there's bite-sized nuggets. the new dish is set to roll out july 27. this time the company says that they are preparing for what it hopes to be the next big thing and stocking up on inventory for months with the demand with inflation surging. hopefully this time the lines will not go around the block. welcome news for families looking to explore san jose this weekend. rides will reopen. the restaurant opened again with
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indoor dining soon to follow. time limits have been removed from the play area. masks are required for people not vaccinated indoors and outside. guests are still encouraged to buy the tickets online in advance. reservations are not needed. a big favorite of the triplets. you know what? they would celebrate national mac n cheese day. but listen to this. someone challenged kraft to come up with something cool and i would say very different. >> cool because it's ice cream. how about this? mac n cheese flavored ice cream sounz tasty to you? >> no. >> same here, no. look. mostly in l.a. but you can find them at the shops around the bay area. no. some grocery stores also selling the brand by the pint.
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would you try it? cheesy treat in the form of ice cream. come on and let me know what you think. vote and let's talk about it. >> i would try it. i don't know that i would buy it. >> that's an also. yes, no, or i'll try it. >> laura, kari and i have kids and will tell you, marcus. you have to try it at least once. >> uncle marcus will buy. your kids can try. >> mine too. that's fine. >> you know what? for today could be an ice cream day. warmer out there. not too hot. definitely warmer in some places. >> very nice for many spots today. for my son if you put that on the side of chicken and said desert and a side dish, i don't know. i don't know what to do with that. all right.
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we are going to have a nice day. maybe we'll have dinner outside why foggy in san francisco. it is all clear in san jose. not going to have a big warm up today but clear in the south bay because we have the strong westerly wind trance importanting that ocean air b land and getting a look at the temperatures today how about the mid-70s. going to be breezy today. we are up to 9 still in brentwood today. walnut creek 79. we have some low 70s for redwood city. 60 in daly city. san francisco in the 50s and low 60s. north bay temperatures still hot. mill valleyi in the 60s. we are still in the same weather pattern. a strong push of a westerly
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wind. that's possibly going to bring in some more smoke for the south bay as the fires burn to the north and continuing to have nice weather getting a look at napa and the 7-day or 10-day forecast here will be in the mid-70s today and warms up the end of the weekend into early next week. not the extreme heat we had recently. not too bad looking at the forecast even down the line. warming up into the low 90s and there you go, mike. breaking news. >> yeah. i was following the temperatures which look better. looking over here at the bay bridge. the crash has been cleared from the bay bridge. great stuff here. no delays in the north bay. or coming out of antioch. my concern is this crash. no slowing here.
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highway 101 still the report of a couple lanes north and south at grand have lanes blocked from an earlier crash and following that. everything else looks pretty good and the investigation on mckee. just eastbound mckee closed toward 680. you can access that valley health center to the north of area at london i believe. ludon. back to you. >> thank you. next here on "today in the bay" nbc bay area responds. >> the start of a new school year is right around the corner. we'll show you how you can help contribute to students in need. we are supporting our schools, next. check this out. we talk about us on social immediate gentleman look what she lands there. a coffee cup in the coffee
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maker. fantastic. can watch it a couple times. they're so great. follow bob. you're watching "today in the bay."
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nbc bay area and telemundo partnering to help thousands of barr students in need. >> chris is here to show us how much an impact a backpack can make. >> good morning. we went out to cambridge elementary school in concord to receive a couple hundred backpacks. the principal said 94% of the families are economically disadvantaged. this is the third year of receiving backpacks why the principal said it builds up confidence. >> walking on to campus with the backpack they're ready to learn. not something to worry about. >> since 1995 family giving tree is donating backpacks to schools like cambridge elementary school. aim we are helping and you can do. go to nbc bay
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you can make a contribution. it only takes a few minutes. >> thank you. 5:26. next the top stories following today including a big blow for a hospital system. why the good samaritan's access to medicare may be in serious jeopardy. a very real concern this fire suspect. a shortage that may leave less tools to fight the largest fires.
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right now, not backing down. the oakland a's potential move to las vegas getting support of a big name in major league baseball. this as new concerns about a new billion dollar stadium, what it would bring to the city. plus how much are you paying for your fuel, food, natural gas? likely more these days. we'll talk about the impact inflation is having here in the bay area. this is "today in the bay." and a good wednesday morning. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. >> we have breaking news. major road closed in san jose. mike inouye is following this. >> this is video from mckee. you see the flares, the flashing lights and a white car which i believe is critical to the investigation. look at the wind shield shattered there. a pedestrian hit and killed this
5:31 am
morning, died at the hospital. but the investigation continues. the map will show you we're talking about mckee only the eastbound direction from what i understand so the direction heading up toward or past over felt park and then past ludlow. over here is 680. heading to 680 do not use that roadway. use allen rock. just to the south. everything else throughout the south bay a moving with slowing for san jose and more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. pressure is building for the city of oakland to come up with a deal to deep the a's from leaving today. bob reddell this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. this is all about where the a's should build a new stadium. in las vegas, at the current site 0 for proposed site at the
5:32 am
howard terminal. this morning oakland united and members of the oakland chinatown community will rally outside a's headquarters to try to get them to commit to the howard tell nal. this group is demanding the team negotiate in good failt with the city and commit to things like affordable housing and local hires for the project which the group says right now the team is not committed to. another group is demanding that the team does not build at the howard terminal and rebuild at the current coliseum site why that group called east oakland stadium alliance with businesses, work ores and organizations will release a report shows major safety and concerns for the howard terminal argues that the trafficstadium devastate businesses at the
5:33 am
port. next tuesday the oakland city council is scheduled to vote on a nonbinding agreement. commissioner rob manfred is trying to apply pressure on the city to reach a deal. he said the way they vote will determine the fate of baseball in oakland and calls it a quote mistake to think the team moving to las vegas is a bluff saying a negative vote by the council next week could mean the end of the a's. live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we saw the raiders go. people that left town don't want to see the a's go. we'll see what happens. thank you. the parent company operating san jose's good samaritan hospital is responding to the investigative report confirming a serious penalty handed down by federal regulators. the team learned they have been hit with an immediate jeopardy notice from the centers for
5:34 am
medicare and medicaid services meaning there's or was a situation where the hospital's failure to follow regulations putt patients at risk for injury, harm or death. an internal email indicates the hospital may be at risk of losing the medicare contract. the hospital said there's no demonstrated harm to patients. parent company hca health care says in part the findings demonstrate areas where we have work to do and committed to address each and every one of them. we had self-reported some findings to the state why many are due to the national nursing shortage and increasing patient. there's concerns. nurses spoke about the workload. don't know if this or something else led to the federal notice or what the hospital will do. you can head to the investigative unit section on
5:35 am
the home page for this story. now to the money and prices for things these days seemingly going through the roof. we have new numbers this morning to explain why it seems you paye you go and see the gas prices there. perfect example of skyrocketing prices. >> reporter: that's right. i talked to a driver who just took off and the price is $4.60 a gallon. i went to the beach this past week. had to fill up and shocked to see the prices. gasoline, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, natural gas and used vehicles were the primary items that fueled the jump for prices in the bay area during june. here's how bay area prices look in the one-year period. unleaded gasoline prices soared
5:36 am
41.6%. used cars and trucks skyrocketed 44.2% higher. meat, poultry, fish, egg jumped 5. %. this is the highest year over year jump since 2008. experts say supply chain issues are to blame as the country and bay area aggressively tries to reopen after the pandemic. coming to used cars dealerships are adapting. >> we have had the guts do go out and pay the escalated prices to hope to sell it to the consumer. they're buying them. >> reporter: restaurants are charging more for the meals as they try to survive. i definitely saw it this past weekend dining out. meals costing about $25 at certain restaurants which were much less pre-pandemic. experts say this is temporary and if you can without too much
5:37 am
anxiety spend to support the local economy. parents summer is already halfway over and thinking about school supplies that's expected to be higher, too. shop around before you buy. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda. >> thank you. let's bring in scott mcgrew on this. no one knows whether inflation is temporary or long term. >> we have never been in this spot before. coming out 0 of a pandemic like this. a flu of 1918. maybe the end of the second world war is comparable. if inflation is a long term thing, that is a disaster for our economy and your savings. higher rates take money from the economy and bring down the prices. look at the '80s that was a real threat, inflation. interest rates up to 20%. >> crazy. >> insane. can you imagine trying house? >> a house? >> it would be what we needed to
5:38 am
do to stop inflation if it were a long term thing but if this is all temporary raises rates is the worst thing. you know the movie to cut the green or the red wire? we don't know which wire so we don't do anything and seems to be the best course. >> maybe. >> exactly. maybe. >> thank you. vote before san francisco leaders today may help some people in the city struggling to make it in the bay. this comes as activists push for affordable housing. the push for san francisco to acquire this building on irving street. right now it is a temporary home for police credit union but many in the sunset want it turned into a multi-story building of affordable units. today supervisors bud finance committees will vote whether to approve a $14 million loan to acquire the site and begin pre-development. now the climate in crisis
5:39 am
and an impact to a northern power source. the plant faces closure due to low water levels. the water is pumped to generate electricity. at full capacity it powers 800,000 homes and sitting at 668 feet. the plant would shut down once the lake hits 640 feet. experts believe that could happen as soon as three weeks from now. the plant has never been closed due to low water levels. new details on a jet fuel shortage with concerns to impact fire fighting aircraft with fire season starting to pick up some shortages are already being felt at bases in oregon and utah. still not clear if supplies can be bolstered by the time the wild fire fighting aircraft will be needed. >> we are seeing that threat across the bay area right now. dry conditions out there. it is warmer. cooler though that we experience
5:40 am
in the bay area dealing with the extreme heat days but today not necessarily that day. >> right. it is nice to have the cool down. the fog near the coast. compare what we experience today to normal. in santa rosa headed to 76 degrees but the normal high temperature is about 84 degrees so look at these numbers. we are cooler than average going into the next few days. we'll continue to have a nice cool down with san jose reaching 76. usually middle july up to 81 degrees. so this is the kind of weather that holds for the next few days and then a warm up and more on that coming up in a few minutes. mike, how does it look for the commute? >> pretty good. a couple spots to watch. obvious continuing to watch that crash eastbound mckee at jackson there with the crash investigation.
5:41 am
the pedestrian hit overnight. typical slowing for highway 101. the east bay slowing north 238. there's a crash just shy of 880 and concerned of a laempb blocked. we'll follow that. could affect traffic from castro valley. not a major issue. vasco road mild slowing starting to build there. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we are just nine days away from the 2020 tokyo summer olympics. a live look at sfo where in a few hours the u.s. women's gymnastics team will take off ready to claim gold yet again. the team will take off for the games later this morning. >> good luck to them. so exciting. a mystery just south of the bay area. >> are you experiencing an
5:42 am
in-flight emergency? >> a plane crashes into a monterey home and this morning they still don't know why. a person on board died. coming up the bay area connection to the home that was destroyed in the home. would you stay here? a northern california home ranked one of the most hospitable airbnbs. we'll give you a look inside.
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good wednesday morning. we are starting out getting you ready for work in the east bay. fremont, the temperatures at 57 degrees and will be a few clouds but clearing out earlier but we are going to keep the nice temperatures today. headed here for the mid-70s. a look at the microclimates coming up. >> looking at oakland. traffic seems to be moving smoothly. the headlights southbound 880 around the park street bridge a crash blocking a lane. i'll check that. another spot in the east bay, as well, coming up. three san leandro officers rushing into action to rescue a woman whose car went in the water. the mustang is pulled from the water. fire officials says that it was fully submerged. the officers pulled that driver out. she was given cpr and taken to
5:46 am
the hospital. the officers are okay developing this morning the ntsb is investigating the deadly crash of a small plane into a home in monterey. happened yesterday in the hillings near airport. the plane after taking no one was there when it happened and firefighters say no one on the ground was hurt. >> when we arrived on scene the home was 60% involved with fire and some debris from the crash had spread to other parts of the property starting spot fires. >> those fires were quickly put out and investigators are not saying if they have narrowed down a possible cause. president biden warning our very democracy is at risk from people telling lies about the
5:47 am
election. >> scott mcgrew, no widespread fraud in 2020 and proven over and over. >> president trump's own attorney general agrees with that statement and 80 some judges presented with so-called evidence. president biden made an impassioned speech yesterday in philadelphia fighting back against claims our elections are rigged. >> we asking the republican friends to stand up for god's sake. and help prevent this concerts effort to undermine our election and the sacred right to vote. [ applause ] >> as the president spoke the texas republicans in the state's senate passed new voting restrictions. states democrats fled the state to grind the process to a halt. biden one point asked republicans have you no shame. it will remind people of the question asked by u.s. senator
5:48 am
mccarthy back in the '50s. he lied to the american people about the threat of communism. seemed like nobody could stop him until this question posed to mccarthy by a u.s. army lawyer. >> let us not annihilate this land further. you have done enough. have you no shame sense of decency, sir? have you left no sense of decency? >> there were a lot of factors in the downfall and historians see that moment as the americans realized the lie was a lie. the gopher nor of wisconsin wants the state paid back. the team lawyers abused the state's legal system. a federal judge said this man can leave jail now out on bail. a lawyer for douglas jensen said he was duped to believe donald
5:49 am
trump's claims. he was the person who appears to lead the chase of the capitol police officer goodman leading that crowd from lawmakers. hailed a hero. this scene led prosecutors to accuse jensen of leading the attack. the judge in the case expressed some doubt. video shows jensen thought he was attacking the white house. >> look at me touching the [ bleep ] white house. this is why we're here. [ bleep ]. at the white house. just so you know. >> at the white house. the judge granted bail. jensen faces charges. the judge doubts the accusations that he was a leader since quote he had no basic understanding of where he even was that day. we'll watch what happens in reaction to president biden's speech. on twitter find me.
5:50 am
>> thank you so much. trending this morning airbnb is just released a most hospitable hosts in 50 states and the top in california is a guest studio with redwoods surrounding the property. the owners built it across from their home. airbnb said the studio had over 500 guests since it was listed in 2012. and it has received five star reviews in the hospitality categories for nine years straight. the studio goes for $270 a night. >> cha-ching. >> there you go. >> hmm. >> i saw you analyzing the pictures. considering it. all right. considering a cool place to take a dip? a bear seemed to find the perfect way to cool off in the recent heat wave. >> check this out. this black bear that climbed into a water cistern. the photo right here shared on took by the u.s. corps of engineers.
5:51 am
when the photos were taken in late june it was more than 105 in the shade. so well deserved little dip. >> yogi is smart there. now if he could find a picnic basket. >> was that water cistern or was it like wine? smashing grapes? >> then really smart bear. >> special bear. >> all right. for a while there we all needed to find a place to cool off and nice to have the cooler temperatures but humid out there, kari? >> yeah. we're starting out with the fog and drizzle. look at the refreshing clouds rolling by as we get a live look outside in walnut creek. getting a view of mt. diablo. the temperatures staying on the lower side. heading down to the south bay the highs today reaching into the mid to upper 70s. check out the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we are still looking at a wide
5:52 am
range in temperatures. hayward today to 70. 81 in danville. 92 today in brentwood. we are going to see some of those inland temperatures hotter today and cool near the coast. upper 50s in half moon bay. san francisco mostly upper 50s today and temperatures in the north bay heating up still hot to the north and not too bad for the rest of the north bay and watching the air quality. this is thor in surface smoke with fires burning in the region. shades of blue show smoke. mostly bad in parts of the south bay. and then starts to clear up heading into tomorrow. keep an eye if you do smell smoke and may need to limit the time outside. coming from the oregon fires coming down the coast and into the bay area. we get a stronger ocean breeze keeping the temperatures cooler but also going to see some changes with the a little bit of
5:53 am
a warm up by the end of the weekend. so as we take a look at napa up into the upper 80s after highs in the 70s. so a little bit warmer by sunday. mike, how's it looking for the commute? >> overall good. south bay we have an extra stretch of 101. story road. we have been seeing a bigger volume for the freeways and standard. the issue is getting to 680. eastbound mckee that's still close wizards that deadly crash investigation. we have been following since before the show started at 4:30. closure continues. past the wendy's. shy of jackson to 680. everything else moving smathly. a crash holding steady. i think that crew is cleared. 880 down towards the fruitvale.
5:54 am
>> thank you. pope francis is back at the vatican ten days after surgery. the pope got out of the car at the side gate to greet the well wishers. francis and half of his colon -- had half of the colon removed july 4. first major surgery since becoming pope in 2013. there's clues into the cause of the condo collapse in south florida. plus a big debate lighting up capitol hill exclusive details on the plan to legalize marijuana on a federal level. you're watching "today in the bay."
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this morning the death toll from the collapsed condo in florida is climbing. 95 people have been confirmed dead following that collapse in surfside 20 days ago. 14 people remain unaccounted for. crews continue to meticulously search the rubble. so far search and recovery crews removed 18 million pounds of concrete and debris. more than 200 truckloads. investigators are still looking into what caused the building to crash down. the miami herald reports problems with the garage and pool deck.
5:58 am
friends and family of brie on that taylor demand answers. there's a suit believing that there's video footage that's not yet been seen. the president of the national bar association says that the family has the right to see that video. >> the family is entitled to that footage. brie on that taylor, we have seen the trial of derek chauvin who murdered george floyd, a number of other cases but there's still not a single charge for the murder of breonna taylor. watch this story and others like it at lx. channel 185 on xfinity cable or a federal appeals court ruled the law banning handgun
5:59 am
sales to anyone under 21 violates the second amendment. virginia judge voted 2-1 to declare the value invalid. while it bans handgun guns to people 18 to 21 it allows them to buy rifles and shotguns. an appeal is expected. the fires created the second highest air pollution level from the holiday in southern california in the last decade. according to the l.a. times they were the highest since the bobcat wildfire in september. levels of air pollution from the holiday about 50% higher than a ten-year average. pollution was also higher than a tnch bay area. right now at 6:00, shutting down despite rising concerns. ahead one of the bay area's last mass vaccination sites closing
6:00 am
just as california sees an increase in cases. the new findings ahead in a live report. 21st century jim crow assault is real. it is unrelenting. we're going to challenge it vigorously. a standoff on capitol him. democrats and republicans going head to head on voting right just an all new spending plan overnight. we'll break it down. a reopening plan that may boost wildfire protections and funding challenges for a city that's still facing a hard time. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. today what may be the bay area's last mass vaccination site closing the doors this morning. san francisco's


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