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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 13, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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parents are starting to weigh in on the latest decision. plus -- >> fleeing texas, dozens of democrats leaving the state over night in attempt to block a voting bill they claim is a dangerous attack on our democracy. and how president biden is responding. fires and flooding, the coast to coast weather disasters are playing out. our meteorologist kari hall is tracking our bay area forecast and what you can expect. this is "today in the bay." a good morning to you on this tuesday, thank you so much for making us apart of your morning. state health leaders switching gears on plans for
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masks. late last week health officials issued students did not have to wear a mask and yesterday they reversed their guidelines. this could get confusing of the back and forth. >> reporter: good morning, it is a little bit confusing the taking things back in just a step. the cdc released their guidelines on friday. their guidelines were cut and dry. things got a little confusing. the state released their guidelines on monday afternoon explaining masks required for all students. unmasked students were prohibited from campus. hours later this was released. ensuring schools fully reopened for in person instruction. according to the l.a. times, the spokesperson for the governor's
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office confirmed the phrasing of excluding students would be dropped. discretion will be left to local officials about how to enforce that mask mandate. the health department previously said masks would be mandatory because many schools do not have space to provide three-feet of social distancing required not to wear a mask. california is one of ten states will require a mask for the upcoming school year, some other states including washington and the state of new york. we are live in san francisco. >> we want to know how you feel for the state's updated guidelines. do you agree or disagree! you can find me @l@lauragarcia.
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lawmakers are hunkering down in the nation's capitol to avoid approving new voting restrictions. tracie potts is looking at how all this drama is playing out over night. >> it is interesting. the texas legislature can not act on this, they don't have enough people by law to do so. that was their plan. they are here hoping to convince the u.s. senate to do what they could not do back home. >> once they step back into the state of texas, they'll be arrested and brought to the texas capitol and we'll be conducting business. >> reporter: greg abbott fled the lone star state to avoid the
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vote of. f new restrictions. >> republicans stripping away the rights of my constituents to vote. >> it breaks our hearts that we have to it. >> we do it because we are in a fight to save our democracy. >> it is a very untexas thing to do to cut and run. >> i applaud them standing, fighting for the right to vote is as american as apple pie. >> president biden heads to philadelphia today to speak on voting rights. >> this is an opportunity for him to make the case for the american people about how this is a fundamental right. the white house talks about the pending legislation and engaging
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empowering voters. >> now the white house says the president is also going to say that these laws like what they are trying to enact in texas are the biggest threat to voting rights since the civil war. >> this sounds very dramatic here especially with the governor saying they'll be arrested when they return. >> these democrats have to stay outside of the state of texas away from their jobs or homes or families until august 7th. >> that's a long time to stall. tracie potts this morning, thank you. we have a follow-up now on september's recall election. governor newsom will not be listed as a democrat on the
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ballot. a judge denied his lawsuit. it was mistakenly not listed when he filed his answer to the recall effort. political analyst larry gerston says it is a mistake that'll cause some votes but the biggest issue is bigger turnout. >> where is the answer going to fall? that's the big question. >> the deadline to enter the recall election is on friday. continue coverage of the johnson & johnson vaccine. it was what the body's immune system damaging nerve cells and causing muscle weakness,
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peralysis, -- >> it can happen after infections or all by itself with no known reasons. it could happen rarely after some vaccines, influenza vaccine but even then it is very rare. >> roughly 3 to 6,000 people developed the syndrome each year. most patients fully recover. we'll learn more of how and when the vta resuming services in the wake of the shooting when an employee killed nine of his co-workers. they hope to have the trains running again by the end of this month. the largest wildfire, the
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beckwourth wildfire doubled incise over the past few days. along with crews on the front lines. firefighters are looking for hot spots that are being blown by strong winds. the wind are helping the fire spread so quickly, some barely managed to out run it. >> very horrifying. the wind and the speed. we got out in time. i looked in my rear-view mirror, the flame passed over the road and burned both sides of my property. >> devastating for so many. the wildfires is about 25% contained and 2500 firefighters are now trying to knock it down. >> happening now, strong winds powered by hot and humid weather leading to widespread flooding in philadelphia. i want you to take a look at this. high water closing several major roads leading to water rescues throughout the region. people who live in the area, they lived there for years, they
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have never seen anything like this before. i want to check in with kari of the severe drought we are experiencing here. the extreme weather patterns. >> yes, and unfortunately, it would be nice to kind of change things up a little bit but we are just stuck in this pattern. we are not going to see any changes here. we are seeing a lot of fog developing over san francisco at least we do have the higher humidity especially near the coast and for the in land areas that's bringing some relief in terms of those temperatures. we are starting out with mid-50s in walnut creek. today 70s and low 80s. mike, how is it looking now? a new timing for tuesday, this is a second week in a row that we had that. we'll see if it becomes consistent here, two in a row so far. that's the backup at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. also, highway forest of a heavier flow of traffic. we saw a little bit of that showing in june as well. no word right now or busy throughout the north bay. a crash that cleared from 880 around milpitas. mccarthy ranch and great mall. back to you. 6:10 right now. hundreds of homes may soon be approved for contra costa county. the conflict would go up near the point of timber in 2013 but it under went a redesign. 41 of the 277 homes will qualify
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for affordable housing. 6:10. having it their way. the reason one entire group of burger king employees walked off the job together and how the company is responding this morning. things are getting much more expensive. we have the latest data on inflation. let's take a look at the futures this morning. wall street reacting to that report negatively. ready for take off. the clearance jeff bezos is getting for his mission for space and the new details surrounding his trip. stay with us, you are watching "today in the bay."
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good tuesday morning, it is 6:13. that time to lace up the sneakers, head out for a morning run or a bike ride. it is going to start out cloudy in san jose with our temperatures in the mid-50s and clearing up by 9:00 or 10:00. the rest of the day is just sunny and comfortable temperatures. we'll take a look at all of our micro climate coming up. >> i like comfortable temperature. richmond, there is a steady build for the volume and problems coming down the bridge, still we'll show you more coming up. good morning, happy tuesday to you. the trump reved
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allen weisselberg from his duties. he was charged with fraud. many experts see the prosecution of weisselberg as a way to catch bigger fish. you may see headlines of trump organization through weisselberg under the bus. those loans may prohibit someone in the company serving as a financial officer in the middle of a fraud investigation. we got the latest data on inflation, it was worse than we expected. the biggest jump than 13 years. prices risen is a staggering 5.4%. core inflation when you take out
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the cost of food and energy which moves around a lot, 4.5%. that core inflation is easily twice what it should be. the reason we could take gasoline out of the equation, gas has its own price rules. there is nothing anyone can do to change. ism there are encouraging signs, remember we were talking about the crazy prices of lumber, prices are back to where they were before the pandemic. lumber inflation is over. high prices fix high prices. the other thing we need to consider is there are so many price spikes and things like used cars and clothing. these are things people went out and bought and the prices went up because so many people are trying to do it the same time. how many used cars do you need, right? we all got some new clothes and slightly bigger clothes. after the pandemic. >> not all of us. >> there may be -- there is a
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limit of how many pieces of clothing you may be and we may see it taper off a little bit. >> now people are rushing to buy and prices are up. paying more. >> going out. new this morning, the sign pretty much says it all. a group of fast food workers had beef. the message seems to have worked because the company is looking into this situation and the franchisee adding not in line with their brand's values. this is where certain songs are banned from being played at
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gyms. under the new rule, work out music can't exceed 100 speeds. that new rules meaning a lot of k-pop songs will not be played. >> they'll be playing smooth jazz. >> locomotion. >> or tai-chi instead. what would you do to get a revenge on your ex? >> she took her ex-boyfriend's car on a joyride, driving it through 49 red lights. it didn't work because she was the one later arrested. >> she thought that was going to work? >> nope.
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>> i am glad no one got hurt, right? >> definitely so. i got dinged after going through one red light camera. >> the best event is move on and be happy. >> i am going to show you where folks are not moving on quite so quickly. we are looking for a smooth drive for the south bay. that's the good news. some slowing in the east bay, i will take you through the north bay, the westbound push is typical. slow getting into vallejo and towards the east bay. the crash i am understanding the three vehicles moving through the shoulder. that's recovering as we speak. kari, i was going to show folks, i don't know if you can see this from where you are. this is the opening camera. from time to time it looks like it is flickering because some low clouds flying through the
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area. traffic flows smoothly, low clouds in the area and some fog got it here and there but you got a bigger forecast to look at. >> yes, we are seeing some of that fog drifting by and starting out with some drizzles in spots. watch out for that. we can see clouds over dubling this morning. let's head to the south bay. at times we'll see our temperatures and the south bay reaching into the mid-70. we'll see some low 80s. there will be a wide range in temperatures. take a look at brentwood today, heading to 92 and 82 in concord and 67 degrees in oakland today. mid-70s in palo alto and mid-50s again in san francisco, staying chilly there. napa reaching 75 and hot in ukiah. as we go through the forecast,
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we are looking at temperatures staying mostly in the low 80s for most of our in land valley. it will be comfortable. let's talk now about our climate in crisis as more people are getting vaccinated, we are seeing the fears of the pandemic ease, people are ditching those masks and they're ending up everywhere unfortunately, we last year had, $52 billion masks manufactured in 2020 and that about 1.5 billion masks ended up in the oceans. n-95 and surgical masks contain micro fibers and they can take up to 500 years to break down. how can you help? if you see a discarded mask? pick it up and dispose it
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properly. you can join a volunteer group that'll help clean up those masks. the pacific beach coalition had a beach clean-up event and the volunteer event they do monthly around the pacifica area. you can check out this story and more on, click on the climate in crisis tab. thank you so much, kari. >> coming up next on today in the bay, nbc bay area responds. when bay area kids head back to the classroom this fall, some may not know where they may get their next meal. we'll show you free programs you can access and why california students may have an advantage. we are supporting our schools next.
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check with your local schools about how you access those free meals. it should be super easy. ask if the district is offering take-home groceries. some of them are. families can pick up the kids and fresh produce at schools. for the fifth year we teamed up with family giving tree for the backpack drive. we are hoping to give children in need of new backpacks full of school supplies. you can build a backpack virtually or make a contribution, head to, i will be back tomorrow with a look of a difference a backpack can make. the faa giving the green light to a new origin to launch
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into space. they are set to experience two-minutes of weightlessness. they are expected to go into space like richard branson. >> now is time to get daisy duk ready. >> stagecoach festival. >> carrie underwood and thomas rhett and luke conrad. >> tickets will go on sale. the stories we are following including the cost of fighting covid. the hefty amount of tax paying dollars. >> reporter: i am sharon katsuda. residents are facing tougher water restrictions. we'll be right back.
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right now at 6:30, making mandatory for water restrictions. what you need to know of the changes. >> if it was myself or daughter out there, i hope that random stranger would want to come together for a good cause. >> the runner went missing in an
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east bay park. what police are saying. fighting covid surge. the common thread among those becoming infected. this is "today in the bay." >> a good tuesday morning to you, thank you so much for joining us, i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. sharon katsuda has that more. >> rainy season is over, we know how dry it is out there and it is such a concerning time. >> it is a concerning time because as we look at our water year, we just ended upstate wide with a driest season we ever had, with 49% of our normal amount of rainfall. we are starting out dry. our reservoir levels continue to
6:32 am
drop. our south bay reservoirs, we are seeing it at 23% capacity and statewide they're about half of where they should be including some of the largest reservoirs. our water levels continue to deplete as we head deeper to our dry seasons. >> water restrictions are tighten up across the bay area for us. >> starting to become mandatory in some places as well. i want to check in with sharon katsuda. >> reporter: the city council will vote on the drought plan effective immediately. the city declared a drought emergency, here are the restrictions that'll be patrolled and enforced. no waste water including run offs on sidewalks and streets.
6:33 am
you can't water your lawn after the rain. restaurants are prohibited to give customers water unless they ask for projects and homes and rural areas. they may have to cut back on service. the city is considering having those vineyards get water from the napa sanitation district. next week napa will consider more cut backs for residents and you can check back our website which will show you different water restrictions in the bay area. >> i am sharon katsuda. >> thank you, sharon.
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today bob redell is live for us. are police getting any idea of what may happen here? >> reporter: they are not saying they are. we are at a foothill high set up a few hours before launching another search for kreycik. kreycik is an experienced hiker and runner. officers do have an idea of the route they believe he took. they don't know if he got lost or even if he went off that route. the search area is about 50 square miles of terrain that's steep and rugged. the sheriff's office launched a drone with an infrared camera attached to it that can detect body heat. over 100 volunteers went out and searched the hill looking for
6:35 am
this 37-year-old man who's married with two children. >> being a hiker myself and i am in these trails five days a week. if it happens to me, i would want the same kind of response. i have two kids at home. it breaks my heart to think about his family. >> i heard they had been using drones and helicopter to search, i was planning to go under the canopy of the trees and see what they can not see. >> time is a factor especially of the heat we had. we are hoping for the best. >> kreycik's wife reported him missing on saturday afternoon. on what was supposed to be a planned one hour run in the hill. the pleasanton regional park. kreycik left his phone inside his car because possibly carrying it with him would have weighed him down. he's an experienced runner with no-known health issues.
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it is 6:35 right now. new this morning, israel is dispensing third doses of the pfizer covid vaccine to people with weak immune system. the health ministry site of a recent rise with infection, most of the new cases among children who are not eligible for the vaccine. new covid cases are generally quite low. your odd of infection are much higher if you are not vaccinated. here is a graph showing the number of new cases for 100,000 contra costa county. you can see the new cases involving people who are unvaccinated. the vaccinated line hovering zero. there had been 12 hospitalizations since june 1st, all but one been involving patients who are not vaccinated. new this morning a better look of how much the pandemic is causing californians.
6:37 am
state leaders say state taxes provided more than $12 billion. about $1 billion went towards equipment for public health labs across the state. a new up close look at the ongoing search in surfside, florida, following the deadly collapse. crews are zeroing in on the ground level and a garage below deck. fuels spilled from damage cars had been starting small fires. 94 people confirmed dead. 22 are still missing. new details of california's deadliest wildfires. 85 people died and destroyed the town of paradise. state, air regulators say smoke
6:38 am
particles were detected. >> the volume is far greater than due to buildings being destroyed. >> the lasting impact is not clear. it is 6:37, taking you live outside. a foggy start to our morning. promise me it is there some where. >> it converts. cooling things off this morning otherwise it would be a headline story. >> i would have heard it. >> we hope so. >> it is cooler out there, kari. >> yes, it is cooler and all thanks to that fog. we are seeing some of the smoke from the fire being trapped in that fog. it is increaing our air quality. elsewhere it does look pretty good today. we have to keep in mind especially with people with breathing problems. even as these temperatures cool off, we all want to enjoy it. a few low 80s for the in land
6:39 am
east bay. we'll take a look at the forecast ahead, that's coming up in a few minutes, how is that is looking for the commute. >> we lead off this report for west 80s. out of the north bay and into the east bay, we still have the backup which forms now back around highway 37 and the split there. it was in tennessee, it is starting to move better overall and recover takes a while. westbound, 37. richmond bridge, westbound highway 4 is really slow. look at the travel time here, we already gone past the half hour mark. again, sticking with the heavier tuesday traffic flow, meanwhile the south bay and the east bay, milder. an effort to move businesses forward, san francisco leaders may be ready to make the
6:40 am
parklets a permanent fixture, businesses offering outdoors. a new help for people struggling to make it through the bill. the new ordinance will protect tenants between now and december 31st provided they can pay 25% of the rent owned. 6:40 right now. thousands of restaurants and small businesses across the state are still bouncing back. the all new funding governor newsom is signing off to help them. and coming up, the state health department shifting gears on who regulates how students wear masks in classrooms. president biden will speak out what he calls of the biggest threat to our democracy since the civil war.
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it is slightly higher, just move to the positives after we got some pretty shocking inflation numbers. plus, the nomination are coming down. the shows expected to top the list this year, emmy nominations. you are watching "today in the bay."
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it is tuesday morning, it is 6:43. let's head to palo alto as you are stepping out the door this morning. cloudy, in the upper 50s, it is going to clear out by 8:00 to
6:44 am
9:00. sunshine through the rest of the day. temperatures reaching into the mid-70s. we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we are looking at a to chang last minute and that's kind of what messes some of the flow. we'll show you where another bridge is having issues getting there. the man accused of the murder of the 1996 disappearance of kristen smart may soon face new charges. authorities arrested paul flores earlier this year. her body had not been found. prosecutors want to add rape charges in the l.a. area targeting women. prosecutors may amend the charges as early as tomorrow.
6:45 am
late last week the cdc advised fully vaccinated teachers and students diplomat diplomat -- didn't have to wear masks. cierra johnson is live. >> reporter: that's exactly right. >> the cdc were pretty cut and dry. things got a little murky. the state's health department released those guidelines explaining masks were required for all students. but, a couple of hours later this tweet was released in california school guidance will be clarified regarding masking enforcement and keeping students and educators safe for-pson instructions. according to the l.a. times, the spokesperson of the governor's
6:46 am
office confirms. discretion will be led to local officials about how to enforce that mask mandate. california is one of ten states that'll require masks for the upcoming school year. other state includes washington and the state of new york. we are live in san francisco, cierra johnson, "today in the bay." >> we want to know who you feel about the state's updated guide lines. you can find me on my twitter page. governor newsom will be in california this afternoon signing the new budget plan. a big chunk of that money he calls it his $100 billion combat plan, $600 stimulus checks for most californians. it includes recovery funds for
6:47 am
fall business working to come back from the pandemic. president biden will speak out today. scott mcgrew, he's got some strong words ahead. >> the president will say what's happening in places like texas and georgia. he'll further direct the department of justice to protect american voting rights. he's going to do it in philadelphia. the birthplace of american democracy. is calendar shows the event were quote, "protecting the sacred constitutional rights to vote." changing the rules or cutting down on the number of polling places. in texas, where republicans have the vote to pass new voting
6:48 am
restrictions. democrats you are seeing here, the lawmakers left the state denying the state house's constitutional qurom it needs to pass laws. >> democrat members left austin, left texas. not because we want to. we do it because we are in a fight to save our democracy. >> those lawmakers are mostly in washington and they're subjected to be arrested if they return to texas. >> one can make the argument that the changes to voting in texas is democracy in action. people are voting and the democrats denying colleagues as the right to vote. they never got a judge to
6:49 am
agree, 80 different judges rejected it. the evidence they presented were so flimsy that they're in serious legal jeopardy now. you can't show up with deposition like here is a guy who saw someone that carried a bag that may have had fake ballots in it. that's one of their submissions. >> voter fraud in a list of county michigan, the person that put it together confused in abbreviated -- >> the man holding the red flag stabbing and beating the officer, michael perkins of florida had been arrested. we'll be following what's happening in washington and philadelphia today. we'll be talking about it on social media and on twitter.
6:50 am
you will find me at scott mcgrew. brittany spears may be getting high-profile legal help as she tries to take control of her career and personal life. she's still battling to end her conservativeship. matthew rosengard is expected to attend court today. trending this morning, emmy domination. you know what, nbc's "this is us" is seen as a best possible contender and i may be the only nominee in that category from the network. >> interesting.
6:51 am
>> not a lot of new shows out. "today in the bay" is always here for you. >> we are always working hard to keep us up to date on what we can expect. we are seeing fog sticking around, a cooler start for the day. >> yes, it is. we are starting out with cooler temperatures and some of those low clouds that we are seeing. our temperatures now in the mid-50s and it is going to clear out, we are in for a nice day, breezy winds and sunshine and reaching into the mid to upper 70s. really does not get any better than this in the middle of july. our temperatures come down, milpitas, we'll see a high of 75. it is cooling in morgan hill, we are up to 80s today. our seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. east bay, wide ranges with 50s in the coast. low 60s as well. for the north bay, we are seeing those highs reaching from 98 degrees at ukiah and 66 in mill
6:52 am
valley. we are going to see a storm system approaching the pacific northwest that's going to ring them some rain. what it does for us is it enhancing the ocean breeze and our natural air-conditioning keeps it in place. we are looking more of the same with our in land temperatures in the low 80s. it looks like it does stick around for next week. it will warm up a few more degrees by sunday into monday. our san francisco keeps those highs in the 60s. mike, how is it looking right now? ism. overall not bad. it started to recover quickly during scott's report so that's good news there. northbound 101 is showing less focus. that's really it for the south bay. everything else on the peninsula is great. we continue to have slowing, san
6:53 am
leandro and down to hayward. a little build around dubling. recovery over there, a big backup. there is indeed a crash causing and all of the focus slowing for highway 4. that's why we have over 40. 45 minutes for the drive from pittsburgh into walnut creek. that does back you up before you get to your passage. >> 6:53. the u.s. coast guards are warning cubans do not try to flee their country by seas. crossing the florida strait is dangerous and unforgiving. >> massive protests are happening across the island. next, a quick look at a top story including more than a
6:54 am
month after the vta may be signal when riders may be able to return. the impact it will have on your everyday life. we are back in just two-minutes.
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we are moving you forward with a look of our top stories on "today in the bay." we'll learn more how and when vta resume service. trains had been stopped since may 26. governor newsom will not be listed as a democrat on this september recall election. a judge denied his lawsuit aimed at his political party by name. the deadline to enter the election is friday. a new fda warning for the johnson & johnson vaccine following reports of a rare neurological disorder. the cdc receives 100 preliminary reports out of the 12 million americans received the j&j vaccine. a live look at pleasanton. this is where about an hour,
6:58 am
team wills gather to resume a search for the missing runner. phillip kreycik left his home for a run during extreme heat and had not been seen. the largest wildfire this year at beckwourth. more than 20,000 acres have burned. the recent extreme heat adding to the bay area's extreme drought. sharon katsuda is live in santa clara with the details for us. >> reporter: that's right, the santa clara county will vote on this drought plan. here are the restrictions will be patrolled and enforced. no wasting water which includes run offs and sidewalks on
6:59 am
streets. you should check out, for all the restrictions in your area. there are a lot of updates. i am sharon katsuda. we'll be watching that, sharon. we'll see this dry weather continue as we go into the weekend. >> how is traffic flowing? >> everywhere is pretty good. san marcus, still a blocking lane. i put the arrow there. you will get a slow down. tough drive right now for concord and walnut creek as well. >> that's going to do it for us on tuesday morning. we'll leave you with a live look of the bay bridge, we'll have a
7:00 am
cut-in coming up at 7:25. make it a terrific tuesday. as we like to call it around here. >> hopefully the traffic is terrific. >> well, there you go. for somebody out there. thanks so much for joining us. the "today" show is next. good morning. extreme weather coast to coast. severe storms pound the northeast overnight flooding roads and forcing evacuations. while out west, record high temperatures scorching millions. >> it's too hot. it's too hot. >> prompting new wildfire fears and calls for people to simply stay inside. al has everything you need to know. covid questions. with cases on the rise and some hospitals once again struggling to keep up, a new warning from the fda about a vaccine nearly


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