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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 13, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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making it mandatory, the south bay gives residents no choice when it comes to water restrictions. one city considers a new step to preserve its crucial supplies. >> i am in this trail five days a week. >> where is this? the desperate search finding the missing jogger. technology being used to find it. and the cost of fighting covid, how much it is costing you? yes, you, how much did you
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contributed last year to help the state. a worldwide pandemic and where is all that money went? this is "today in the bay." here we go, tuesday morning, thank you so much for starting your early morning with us. i am laurie garcia. >> i am marcus washington. >> our meteorologist kari hall starts us off here. >> the good thing is we are seeing more fog and we are getting some mists and drizzles in san francisco. we'll see it lingers throughout much part of the day as our high temperatures reaching into low 60s. our temperatures today reach into the low 80s we'll talk about what's ahead coming up in a few minutes. good morning michael for our
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early compute. >> good morning, great news for folks into the city, in the south bay, there may be some activities at 888 and 237. i am double checking with chp. just some activities. i-80 getting onto the bay bridge, that earlier crash had been cleared in case you have not heard. happening today new mandatory water restrictions are coming to santa clara, city council is expecting to approve an emergency drought declaration effective immediately to follow our ban. wasting water includes run off and walks and streets. washing paved areas and washing cars with a hose that does not have an automatic shutoff valve. watering during rain between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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and more than three days a week. these rules mirror many that are already in place in santa clara and the state. where is phillip crichek, he left his home on saturday for a run in the pleasanton foothills. you are looking at how an infrared camera looks like at night. this video is operated by a search and rescue team with the alameda sheriff department. >> the heat of the day, you can't differentiate the heat of the animal because the sun is heating those areas. the heat of a human being will be much more extreme. their mission is to find the missing hiker.
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authorities say the search has been difficult. >> we have a large search area. we have patrol 250 square miles. we don't know if he got lost. >> he left his home on saturday for a run. he left his phone inside of his car, possibly because carrying with him would have weighed him down. he's an experienced runner with no health issues. over 100 volunteers searched the hills. >> i heard they have been uses drones and helicopter to search. i was planning to go under the canopy of the trees see what they can't see. >> this brother duo came out and had crichek's route on their phone. >> if it happens to me, i would want the same response. i have two kids at home and it
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breaks my heart when i think about his family. >> time is a factor. new this morning, we are getting a better look of how much the $12.3 billion. that's how much taxpayers in the state have spent. another$110 billion came from federal funds and $1.1 billion for lab equipment for public health labs across the state. covid cases are quite low. your chance of covid infection are still higher if you are unvaks natsed. unvaccinated. you can see new cases pretty consistently involviunvaccinate. the vaccinated line is hovering near zero. in marin, there had been 12
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hospitalizations since june 1st, all but one who are not vaccinated. getting you started with today. >> what were you thinking? >> is it wednesday, or tuesday? >> hopeful thinking but it is only tuesday. >> i thought the weather was warm but it was still pleasant out there. >> it was. we are going to see this basically repeat as we go through the week. excuse me, one thing i am watching is the air quality. we are seeing numerous fires across the region. and for the coast in the bay, we could see some moderate air quality but it does look pretty good elsewhere. watching that as more people are getting out there and enjoying the cooler temperatures. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute?
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>> we have a few things to look at. 188 and 287, everything is out of the lanes so that's a good news. highway 12 denverton, that's clear off the grid. i will watch for an early pick up. that's a pattern. no major surprises. an easy drive through contra costa county. >> back to you. 4:37 right now. coming up next, governor newsom signs a new bill budget plan. we'll break down what's inside. >> why neighbors are upset over the $10 billion deal. >> mcdonald's is struggling to find employees. the new fast food chain is offering a mid short wide
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now 4:40 as you are stepping out the door. our temperatures across the bay area, in the 50s and upper 50s for the peninsula and the south bay as well as a the east bay. we'll take a look at our
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forecast coming up in a few minutes. now across the bay, you are at the limit there, it says 65 on the right, you go as fast as it is safe on the san mateo bridge. show you more coming up. wall street looks for a mix opening this morning all ahead of the kickoff of earnings season. stocks did rise on monday closing a new record highs for the second straight session. the dow just shy of 35,000. >> goldman sachs and jp morgan, the strongest growth. jay powell testifying onhi abou. mcdonald's owners are adding perks like child care or help covering tuition as restaurants
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are struggling to hire workers. franchisees aim to boost hourly pay. mcdonald's are making multi million dollars investments to back those efforts. and speaking of food, i-hop is bringing back its anniversary deal today african selling their events last year. customers can get a short stack of butter milk of pancake for just 58 cents. the deal available while supplies last. with your cnbc's morning business report, i am brian sullivan. >> we are going! >> much more ahead here, 4:42 right now.
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lawmakers in texas fleeing their state, how the democratic move blocks new voting registration. kari? >> as you are heading out the door in the tri-valley, we are nice and cool, a beautiful day so make some plans to get outside. we'll talk about the wide temperatures we have coming up in a few minutes. >> i like the look at this. the bay bridge, getting out of san francisco, clear as you are heading into the eastbound deck. we'll see how things are shifting off the drive. who the fbi is now searching for in the bay area?
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good morning to the bay bridge, you know what i am bringing back? >> what? >> terrific tuesday. it is going to be a terrific day out there. mike is going of a look at the commute coming up. first, let's talk about the forecast. hopefully another terrific day for us here, kari. >> i am so happy that we don't have to deal with the heat over the weekend. right now as we take a live look outside, get ready for a repeat of yesterday's weather starting out with some clouds and once that clears out, temperatures will warm up. let's head to the south bay. milpitas expect a high of 75
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degrees, 78 in san jose. we are seeing temperatures coming down from the south county. we are looking at a high of 80 in morgan hill. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. we are seeing a wide range of temperatures. this is about normal for this time in july, reaching 92 in brentwood while walnut creek will be in the upper 70s. oakland, that's a big change as you drive one city to the next. we are seeing foggy conditions continue, half-moon bay will be in the upper 50s. palo alto, temperatures will be 75. in san francisco yesterday we had a record, the high temperature for the coolest day and it is going to be like that again today. foggy and cool and a lot of times just cloudy. our temperatures in the north bay we'll reach into the upper 60s many mill valley and 79 in sonoma. with all of our micro climate
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continuing to see dry conditions, we are keeping an eye on our fire danger and the fire burn index today, takes some measure of the vegetation and air temperature as well as the humidity and the wind speeds. looks like it is faily low going into the next couple of days. of course there is no rain headed our way. we'll continue to basically rely on that boost in humidity of the ocean breeze we have been seeing so it hangs around through much of the week. we'll see a high of the low 90s today. it will continue to step down as our temperatures cool off the next few days and it will be heating up by the end of next weekend. expect those highs that'll stay in the 80s for the most part. near the coast, we are staying in the 60s. mike, how is it looking right now?
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>> kari, we have reports of a wrong way driver on highway 37. a lot of times is the set of lights on the shoulder or the frontage road. someone going westbound on the eastbound. if you know the area, it is on the ear side and the front road is clearly visible. confusion with the lights, we'll see what goes on. so far that's the report. there are no lanes reported blocked and chp is going to sweep through the area. we are going to watch for it to clear in the next couple of seconds. things over here, they're starting to build up a little bit. highway interstate 580. the timing here pretty much the minimum we typically see for the morning. 18 minutes from byron over 580. there is oakland, clear but
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populated. >> yeah, you can see all the lights out there. governor newsom will be in southern california this afternoon on the heels of signing a new budget plan into law last night. the big chunk of the money he calls a come-back plan. it includes covid relief for middle class families and $600 stimulus checks for many californians. it includes recovery funds for small businesses working to come back from covid. he'll hold a news conference in los angeles. new details this morning, the man accused of murdering in the 1996 disappearance of kristin smart may soon face new charges. authorities arrested paul flores. possible rape charges is added. a pretrial hearing will start
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next week tied to the smart case. a prosecutor may amend the murder charge as soon as tomorrow. federal authority are tracking down a mill valley man, evan newman is accused of attacking police during the insurrection. that case has been under sealed until recently. prosecutor argued the judge should lift the seal so the public can help track down newman. at least 58 democratic members of the house left austin from washington via private jets on monday, a move blocking gop black voting measure from advancing. the legislature requires a qorum
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two-thirds. 4:51. residents are concerned for a popular wedding venue. a 10 year lease for the venue. before weddings at the venue were only occasional. the new lease starts in november brings in $1.5 million annually. coming up next, the olympic village is now opened. >> it won't be the same as usual. look at how new restrictions are affecting athletes arrival. >> happening now. many are looking to leave the country right now, the coast guards say crossing the invested florida strait are dangerous. 20 people have died. massive protesters are happening in other parts of the island.
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the demonstration are protesting food shortages and high prices because of the pandemic. 4:52. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, it is a case of grand theft puppuppies. a group of puppies are okay this morning. the suspect pointed at a gun at a manselling puppies online and stole the victim's truck with the dogs inside. the driver took off. the truck rolled, the puppies are okay, the suspect was taken into custody. reminder from police when you are meeting with a stranger for a transaction, meet them at a police station.
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we are just about ten days from the kickoff to the tokyo olympics. team members arriving the tokyo village bubble. a,000 athletes have to adhere restrictions. the games will be filled with familiar names like katy ledecky. a whole new generations looking to make their mark. >> dream big and have fun. >> it is an honor to be here and and so fun to represent our country hopefully for more years to come. >> july 23rd, opening ceremony, raj mathai will be in tokyo. you can watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area. right around the corner. >> come up next. the largest fire in california.
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we'll talk about where the condition is standing this morning. and we are monitoring our air quality as we are seeing temperatures today reaching into the upper 60s to low 70s. we'll look at our micro climate ahead. a clear look at san rafael, southbound 101 populated with these head lights. no problems right now through the north bay, we are tracking them. there is that issue. wrong way driver still reported in the south bay. we'll follow up. raising tuition at uc schools, how much will it go up and why not all students are affected?
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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right now at 5:00, on our off. new guidance adding into the confusion whether your child will have to wear thosemasks this fall? >> the fire was moving so fast and hot. it was exploding spot fires ahead of it. way ahead of it like a gunshot. >> an all new glimpse at the destruction of california's largest fire so far this year, what survivors are saying of the desperate race to make it out alive. more than a month after experiencing utter strategy at the vta rail yard.
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may be ready when the light railer will be able to return. "today in the bay" starts now. good morning as we continue with today in the bay. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. >> state help are switching gears for plans for masks in the classrooms. the cdc advised vaccinated teachers and students vaccinated do not have to wear a mask. reversed guidelines confusing for parents. >> reporter: the state health department was a little confusing. masks required for all students


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