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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  July 12, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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next on nbc bay area news. tonight, will you need that booster shot or not? the delta event in part fueling that debate. >> the delta variant is reaching around the world at a scorching pace. >> we are talking to our infectious disease expert about it. we're also looking at how prevalent the delta variant is here in the bay area. plus. there's no one-size-fits-all approach. >> san jose's mayor invited to the white house. we're talking to sam liccardo with the plan at that caught the
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president's attention. and we're about to have another record when it comes to the summer heat, jeff ranieri breaks down what is going on. and good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm jessica aguirre. we start with the local fight against gun violence and how that's catching the attention of the white house. sam liccardo met with president biden, one of the handful of mayors, police chiefs and community activists invited to take part in this communication. one of the topics, san jose's new laws. it comes weeks after the shoot shooting at the vta rail yard. >> i'm mayor liccardo, dealt with a horrific shooting in san jose. the city has passed ordinances
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recently dealing with the problem of guns ending up in the wrong hands. >> what exactly is included in mayor liccardo's plan? first, gun sellers will be required to video record all purchases. city counsel passed that ordinance last month, becoming the largest city in the country to make that kind of a move. also included, requiring gun owners to have liability insurance and having gun owners pay a yearly fee that would go into a fund the city would use to pay for costs associated with gun violence. the city council okayed these measures two weeks ago, but they'll be taken up again later this year. joining us is mayor sam liccardo, who is in washington, d.c. right now. i know you were among a handful of lawmakers and police chiefs that were also there, speaking with the president about some of the gun reforms that he wants to do.
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the president has said that combating the gun epidemic in this country is one of his big priorities. so tell us about that meeting. >> well, i was pleasantly surprised the president spent so much time with us. there was a small number of us, police chiefs, another mayor, mayor muriel bowser and a couple of experts in community-based policy solutions and really spent more than two hours with us, talking about our communities and how the federal government can be a better partner. we talked about guns, it's been a long-standing passion of his to crackdown on illegal guns. and he was particularly interested in what we're doing in san jose and what we call straw purchasing. we talk add little bit about the videotaping and inventory regulation that we are involved
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in. >> mayor liccardo, i know you were very passionate about this after the gilroy shooting. and then after the vta shooting really became impassioned. but mass shootings make up less than 1% of the gun violence. all of the shooters bought their guns legally. so how would this ordinance or these changes even impact that? wouldn't they have been able to get their guns anyway? and nothing would have stopped that. >> you're right, mass shootings are a very small percentage of the deaths and injuries that americans suffer every year as a result of gun violence. these measures are around reduce those deaths and injuries in other forms. and we need many measures. i think there are ten specific elements of the proposal that we move forward with the council a few weeks ago. i'm just talking
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about a couple. it's also important to recognize the essential effort to try to keep guns from getting into the wrong hands. that's where ordinances like the fee requirement fall. we know crooks aren't going to follow these laws. and it is often difficult for officers to discern who should have a gun and who shouldn't. and there's a fairly simple way for officers to know, for example when they're responding to a domestic violence call, and, as every officer does, ask, is there a gun in the house. at the point they understand there's a gun there, they also learn there's been no payment of a fee, and there's no insurance, that gun can be seized right there on the spot. you don't need to go get a warrant. you don't need to call for a protective order. can you seize the gun and get it out of what would otherwise be a potentially deadly situation. that's what these kinds of rules can enable us to do to make our
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community safer. >> mayor sam liccardo, thank you so much for joining us. gun rights advocates have vowed to fight it in court. one believes that the law will actually be on his side. >> he knows that you cannot put preconditions on the exercising of a second amendment right. you can't do it. it cannot be done. the preparations are being made right now to challenge this vote in state court, on state pre-ing issues and in state court based on privacy rights. >> we also spoke with the firearms coalition. head to nbc bay area dom and can you find the response. the other big topic. does the covid vaccine that you got protect you from the highly-transmissible delta variant? that was the discussion today as
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they talked about federal authorization for a booster. pfizer says all of us are going to need a booster shot in a year to fight the delta variant. now cdc and food and drug administration say fully-vaccinated americans don't need the booster right now. >> very, very actively following and gathering all of this information to see if and when we might need it, and if and when we do, we'll have everything in place to do it. >> also today a new warning about an extremely rare side effect of the johnson and johnson vaccine. both the fda and cdc have received about 100 reports of guillain-barre syndrome. the cases are developed about two weeks after some patients got the shot. and most people developed, it was men, 50 yearolder, 95 of the reported cases were serious and did require hospitalization.
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in fact one person even died. but let's put it in perspective here. nearly 13 million doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine have been given out in the u.s. delta variant continues to spread, even here in the bay area. the variant is responsible for a large amount of the cases. marin county says since january about 70% of cases analyzed have actually been linked to the delta variant. they've found two cases of something called the delta-plus strain which may be even more infectious than the delta variant. county health leaders say the virus is spreading mostly among people who are not yet vaccinated. a couple other bay area counties tracking the delta variant include santa clara county. they've detected about 85 cases, sonoma county, 68 cases so far, just under 1100 cases.
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ucsf's dr. peter chin hong joins us. let's start with the very public spat between federal health officials and pfizer over the issue of the booster shot, which we should note pfizer will make an enormous amount of money on. health and human services says it's going to decide with the cdc when we get the booster shot. pretty unprecedented to see that squabble like that. >> exactly. public health recommendations are not made by a company but by public health. that's where they're coming down to. i think there are three reasons why we probably don't need it right now. right now, with the data rehave
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we don't really need it. >> what happens if the cdc and fda say you don't need it but people say they want to get it. can they get it? would insurance pay for something like that? >> i think what you're coming down to is insurance may not pay for it if it's not a public health recommendation. it wouldn't stop anyone from getting a third shot. we don't think it's going to be harmful, necessarily. we don't know for sure it's not harmful in everyone. but the data, probably three reasons i'm thinking about why we don't need it. the first is, looking at the circulating anti-bodies in the blood isn't necessarily an indication that there aren't immune cells from the blood and lymph nodes. right now we know that even with delta that the pfizer shot prevents more than 96% of hospitalizations due delta. that's pretty good.
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number three is, you know, it's worth to think about a third dose or fourth dose when really to stop a creation of variants. we need to immunize many people as possible, even with one shot. that's where a lot of people are landing on. >> yeah, because we have a lot of people who haven't been vaccinated. and those are a lot of the people we're seeing who are getting the delta variant. we're seeing more hospitalizations of people who just don't have any immunity right now, right? >> yeah, so, you know, if you had to direct the next public health measure, it's not giving a third or fourth shot. it's actually getting one shot into somebody, 50% of the country that hasn't had it yet n what do you think about pfizer saying it wants to do a pfizer shot specific to the delta variant, that they're going to start testing that next month. is that something more important than just the generic booster shot? >> i think it's a good proof of
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concept, and i'm definitely all for developing in case we need it, because, again if we need something, it will already be there. you know, i think the other feature is that tens of,000 people in the original trials are still being followed. so far so good, we haven't heard of any break through cases in that population >> let me ask you about the johnson & johnson vaccine. first we had the blood clot issue with the vaccine, that scared some people off now there's the neurological issue, the guillain barre syndrome. how dangerous is it to get something like that, and is it something you should be worried about? >> no, it's something that's not just unique to j&j vaccines. actually people may be surprised to know that we see guillain barre with any immune.
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you can also see it in other vaccines like influenza shots. it's really, reall rare, like things, although real risk, most people do get better, if you're beyond two or three weeks, don't have to worry about it. in the big scheme of things, covid is worse. >> again, that's what you always tell us, covid is worse than going through some of these things. thanks for talking to us and always setting the record straight on what we should be worried about or not. thank you. >> thanks so much jess. >> we asked what are your thoughts on pfizer developing a booster dose. this viewer posts, i'm all in as long as the cdc approves.
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paul tweeted out. no clinical evidence to support a booster is needed at this time. the current focus should be on getting the population at least 70% vaccinated. peter agrees with dr. peter. and on facebook, gigi writes, whatever it takes. there you have it. coming up after the break, it is cooler in the bay area, but we're still asked to conserve. why a fire north of us is putting a strain on the power grid. plus jeff will join us to explain a heat-related record that we are about to break. and a new twist in governor newsom's recall election. it's about how his name will appear on the ballot. what the judge just decided. we're back with more.
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a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit okay. for the fourth day in a row, we are being asked to conserve, but today it's not because of the heat. it's because of a fire burning north of us, the bootleg fire, and it's threatening key transmission lines near the oregon california border. there's a flex alert that goes until 9:00 tonight. if it seems we're dealing with a lot of these flex alerts this summer, we are, but we have a number of excessive heat warnings. it's been blazing hot this year. ? >> it really has. >> am i imagining it's warmer
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this year than past years? >> we could break that record there. that happens when temperatures reach 100 to 110. so we have to be in that dangerous territory. >> it's super high. >> yes, june can get high, to have this many days in that heat is definitely unusual. >> is this triggered by climate change? what's the factor in this? >> we're seeing a lot of short-term changing in the pattern that in some respects become quote-unquote the normal, and you add them up year after year and we're getting increasing temperatures. look at this. last year, i wanted to put this into perspective. last year we tied the record for the warmest weather on earth, globally. we had 17 days at 100 and/or hotter. this year we're already tracking
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at seven days. we're only four weeks into summer. >> that was for only summer. and this is adding to our fire danger, which is terrible and the drought is only making it worse, right? >> right. the brush tries out more, the fuel dr more. the other thing we've seen is this area of high hot pressure is usually over vegas and phoenix, but we've seen it more often move over southern california. that's what's really driven the heat for us. it just seems like it's become the norm over the past couple weeks. that's why we got to over 112 this past weekend in brentwood. >> is there any way of anticipating whether we're going to continue to see this for the rest of the summer? >> there's some indication we could swing back and forth into it. right now we're on track for maybe a hotter summer than we
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had last year. >> okay, that's good. jeff's going to be back in a few minutes with tomorrow's forecast as well. another great resource is our nbc bay area app. you can get information right to your neighborhood. it is free to download, so check it out. we want to get you up to speed on a few other stories. governor newsom will not appear as a democrat on the ballot for his recall election in this summer. the governor's party preference was not included when he filed his answer to the recall. they noticed and filed a correction, but newsom's hand-picked secretary of state refused to accept it because the deadline had passed. there's a massive search today in a large east bay park and no sign of a man who was supposed to just go for a
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45-minute run on a scorching hot day over the weekend but never showed up home. there's an army of volunteers joining about a hundred workers looking tor phillip kroichek. he is a 37-year-old man, father of two. police say he drove from his home in berkley to the trail head and left his phone and wallet in his car. now remember he was only going there for a 45-men run. it's unclear if he took any water with him on the run, and it has been super hot. those close to him say he's an avid trail runner, has a clean bill of health, that he really knows what he's doing. searchers are still looking for him. now they're using drones and a helicopter and they even used search dogs. many volunteers don't know him personally but they want to help. >> i just felt like, i have a 37-year-old husband. he goes out for runs. if he went out for a run and
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didn't come home i would want anybody and everybody to be out here. ? his wife is a sweet lady, very, very nice. they're looking for him too. >> volunteers on a facebook page say they have not found him yet. but they are not giving up. they're going to continue that search tomorrow as well. looking live at the golden gate bridge. yes, the fog is rolling in, definitely getting cooler. jeff is back with the forecast you need to know going into tomorrow. bites in your mouth. jack, you gotta stop clowning around. oh... i didn't mean it like that. wow bro. jack, that came out wrong. my chocolate croissant bites. only at jack in the box. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- my chocolate croissant bites. 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point.
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okay. got to see this. they're just like us. prince william going crazy with little george at the euro cup championship. he's a prince but he is getting it on. italy beat england and prince william is speaking out about ugly social media posts after the game. look at little george. some people posted racist comments about the black players on the english soccer team. he was sickened by the racist abuse calling it totally unacceptable. metropolitan police are investigating the post. on twitter, prince william is taking heat for not standing up for meghan markle when she made claims of racism in kensington palace. think about that. we'll see the fog, lots cooler than we've seen. >> that's really what's helped us out today. great news. and we've got more of that fog
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coming our way. you can see it on our sky camera network here in san francisco. as we roll it ahead to tomorrow morning we can expect 50s with the fog, also the chance of spotty drizzle. now with the ocean breeze staying put, temperatures are going to be comfortable tomorrow. look at this, up into the north bay, 77 in santa rosa. 75 in napa, instead of 105 and 112. 82 in concord. morgan hill 80. and lots of 70s along palo alto. we get morning fog, afternoon sunshine right through the week. daytime highs in the 60s, morning lows in the 50s. for the inland valleys, low 80s. warms up here once we get to sunday and also on monday, but not extremely hot. jessica, right now, it looks really good as we head through
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the next couple days. >> 80s sound perfect. tonight at 11:00, a new school year starts with kids wearing masks, but what happens if they refuse to wear them. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. goodnight.
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breaking britney news is this high-powered attorney ready to set her free? bruce arena and asap rocky michael b. and lori's temperature hit a new high for summer loving and gwen and blake owes wedding is the gift that keeps on giving. >> has there ever been a moment? >> is chip and jonah's rock solid foundation set for one more child? >> i think it's meant to be. >> it feels like it was almost kind of supposed to happen. >> and how ariana grande of all people helped this young shark


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