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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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on capitol hill about the increase in gun violence. also, the action president joe biden is providing. plus -- >> that doesn't mean we're not actively following and gathering this information to see if and when we might need it and if and when we do we'll have everything in place to do it. >> a brewing debate over a third shot. will you need to get a covid-19 boosters? just as we start to see a troubling new trend. >> a runner goes missing on a local trail. this is "today in the bay." a good monday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. a live look at the white house where today president joe biden is set to discuss the increase in gun violence with several
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mayors including mayor sam liccardo. >> reporter: hi, good morning, laura. liccardo meets with the president, merrick garland. washington's mayor, muriel bowser, the police superintendent from chicago, eric adams, the nominee for mayor in new york city all have been sitting down to talk about the biden strategy for dealing with gun violence. homicides are up 30% in the past year and a half. the white house announced a strategy that includes communit enforcement tools and cracking down on the flow of firearms. last week former president trump called it an assault. >> defunning police are also leading an all-out crusade to
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strip you of your god given second amendment rights. >> reporter: now this all comes after the deadly shooting at the vta rail yard in may nine employees killed by a co-workers and weeks later san jose approved landmark measures including a mandate requiring you to pay an additional fee when you buy a gun to help cover the cost. sellers are required to video record all sales. back to you. >> the federal government is limited in what they can do in terms of gun control. what's the biden administration trying to do to help cities like san jose? >> reporter: one of the things they're trying to do is to help law enforcement with new tools.y rolled out last month. just a few weeks ago actually.
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we could hear more about that today. >> tracie potts live from washington this morning. 6:02 right now. happening today san francisco's mayor and police chief are set to unveil the city's crime stats for the first half of the year. crime continues to be a major concern. the pandemic was still in full swing. 5:00 and now to the pandemic. the big question everyone wants to know these days is there a covid vaccine booster shot? cierra johnson is live to explain what will be discussed in a key meeting as well as that delta variant as it spreads more. >> reporter: yes, good morning, marcus. that meeting is slated to take place at some point between the drug maker pfizer and some of the nation's top health leaders. this meeting is taking place as some states are seeing an uptick in covid cases. the cdc and the fda both are saying that fully vaccinated
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individuals do not need a booster shot but pfizer researchers found a third dose can offer more protection against the delta variant. that drug maker told the associated press that their booster shot study suggests people's antibody levels jumped five to tenfold after a third dose. the company is expected to discuss their request for an emergency authorization of the third shot. dr. anthony fauci made his rounds on both sunday talk shows. take a listen to what he has to say about another dose. >> that doesn't mean that we're not very actively following and gathering the information to see if and when we might need it and if and when we do we'll have everything in place to do it. >> reporter: and a little bit more information.
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cvid cases are climbing and delta is fueling outbreaks in texas, arkansas, missouri, nevada. we're awaiting more information on what time that meeting will take place. as it stands now the cdc and fda are saying if you are vaccinated you are against that variant. this is a story we will continue to follow. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. more details across california. the current rate stands at 3 per 100,000. l.a. county seeing a mini spike. yesterday more than 1,100 cases reported there. searchers will return to the hills surrounding pleasanton to find a missing long distance runner. philip kreycik was seen saturday during a trail run near moller ranch. overnight about 80 people continued that search. crews last night launched a plane with infrared imaging
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hoping to pick up on his body heat. police say he was doing his typical six to ten mile run when temperatures were extreme and he never returned to his car. >> his phone was left in his car with his i.d. which is normal for him because he's a pretty active runner and he's all about the speed and doesn't like to carry a lot of things. >> searchers plan to continue combing the hills throughout the day. if you park your car in san mateo, more city parking enforcement resumes. only downtown parking has been enforced. leaders want all enforcement back in place. that means the parking meters and lots will be in operation along with loading zones. also ending the closure that were a part of the state street program is ending as well. there are still plenty of parking available at bay area b.a.r.t. stations. ridership is inching up as the
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agency tries to rebound from the pandemic. daily ridership still only 20% of what it was 16 months ago. it did, however, hit a new post-pandemic daily high last week. the annual clarity report telling the latest example of our climate in crisis. the latest uc davis report indicates water clarity in 2020 was one of the worst in the 53 years the data has been tracked. the 2020 readings put the average depth at a little under 63 feet. nearly the same as 2019. the record low in 2017 was considerably worse. the current levels also eight feet less than 2018. you can certainly see it when you visit the great lake tahoe. much closer to home, walnut creek. taking a live look from the east bay this morning. the glow of the sun coming up. the hot, hot sun over the week.
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some parts may get a little bit of relief starting today. kari has a look at the forecast for us. >> we'll see a wide range in temperatures and can see it, the fog that's over the golden gate bridge as we get the low visibility there. that wind will bring some relief to a lot of areas like santa rosa. it will be clearing out by late morning and we'll head to the mid-70s and will see a range in temperatures from the upper 50s to highs over 100 degrees. we're mostly looking at 70s and 80s for many of us today so we'll talk about what's ahead for the week. mike, how is it looking for the commute? it's rough.
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if 84 is along your route, 880, the first crash still has your first lane, possibly two, northbound side another incident which is distraction so there are three issues of concern. 84 here as you're coming into sunol, we have a crash around the ge plant and that is your commute direction it involves a motorcycle. we haven't heard about any major injuries. none reported there. the south bay, the peninsula moving smoothly. rocket man, richard branson,
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back on earth. coming up next on "today in the bay," about his trip and the new era of space travel. a good time to ask for a raise. let's take you out to the futures this morning. we'll slippage on the dow today. plus -- ♪♪ oh, yes, you're going to want to leave the door open for this one. the song making president obama's play list still ahead this morning. the sound of bruno mars.
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good monday morning. it is 6:13. as we're starting out in san jose with a cloudy sky, we know it's going to be a cooler day. our marine layer is back and it will keep those temperatures from warming up too quickly. we're going from the upper 50s to the 70s today. but there will be a wide range in temperatures. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. and right now let's look at the san mateo bridge. headlights west away from the nimitz freeway. this may get more heavily
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traveled as there are three crash, two remaining, between 92 and 84. the nimitz is jamming up out of hayward heading down to fremont. well, good morning. very happy monday to you as well. elon musk will be in court this week testifying as early as today about tesla's purchase of solar city back in 2016. now it was seen at the time as a bad idea by many. solar city was running out of money. tesla was not in great financial shape at the time either. musk pushed the purchase through and tesla shareholders sued. that's why we're dealing with a court case this morning. now an important detail, the people who ran solar city at the time are family members to musk and the accusation was musk forced the tesla purchase of solar city to enrich those family members and force tesla to take on too many of solar city's liabilities. here is the important point, no
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matter what a court decides, whether any of that is true or not, and it may not have been a good idea, in the long run it didn't hurt tesla. stock is up enormously, reporting profits, is on the s&p 500. the stock market will start at yet new records. the stocks shrugged thursday's drubbing to close higher friday. companies opening their books to investors and reporters. we'll get important inflation data today. inflation a real risk. you've already seen it at the grocery store. it would be a good time to ask for a raise to cover your costs. a lot of companies are paying more not just because of inflation but because they're having so much trouble finding workers. a lot of sign-on bonuses as well. papa john's pizza says $50 to any employee who recruits a new co-worker and paying out $400 bonuses to existing employees. mcdonald's will raise workers' ages 10%. at company-owned locations not franchises. chipotle says it will pay $15 an hour across the board, higher
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where legally mandated. the idea of a raise, if inflags is going to gain, say, 3% a year, if you're not asking for 3% a year raise, you're getting paid less every year. >> right. >> phrase it as not so much a raise but i would like you to pay me the same amount. >> i would just like to keep up. scott, we all remember, hopefully so, you went to see the historic launch of spaceship one a few years back. >> it was more than a few years ago. boy, what did they do over the weekend? holy cow. >> so historic in new mexico marking the beginning of a new era, really, for human space flight. >> we've been talking about that since last week. richard branson and the crew flew to the edge of space yesterday. the edge of space, there it is, virgin galactic's first time with full crew in tow. this is the same ship branson hopes will ferry private passengers as soon as next year
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if you can afford the quarter million price tag. that trip definitely lived up to its expectations. >> i've always dreamt about what it would be like to be in space looking back at this incredible earth. it's impossible to describe just how magnificent it is. >> do you take pictures? so cool. you can watch that full interview with richard branson on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." most of us don't go out like that on a flight. you just take regular passenger flights. with more people flying these days, the faa is reporting more unruly passengers. just last week the agency han ed $119,000 new fines. one passenger was fined $18,000 for refuse to go wear a mask and punching another in the head as they were holding a baby. the faa has received more than 3,200 reports of unruly behavior
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since the start of the year, a 20% increase from last year. more than three-fourths involve passengers just not wearing masks. so listen to this, making headlines for you this morning, making new friends as an adult can be hard. there is one app famous for making love connections with a swipe hoping to help you out. bumble bff. these are the same ideas the dating site allowing you to swipe right for a new besty. i don't know. anyway, finding like-minded friends with similar tastes and the new feature is seeing success among those users. >> she ended up coming to my birthday party last fall and we basically have become awesome friend. >> i still have questions about that. it's cool. >> you find out things they like. do they play tennis like you do? not just books, marcus. >> i don't know.
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swiping right because of the way you like. bumble says in september the future will comprise 10% of the total active users and is slowly growing there. >> marcus only has beautiful i like to think so. they're all good inside, too. >> that's nice. another one trending this morning, if you need a mixed tame for the summer, former president barack obama has you covered. ♪♪ >> okay. classic there. smoky robinson and the miracles singing "tears of a clown." the former president releases a list of songs he's been jamming to this summer containing names that may be on your play list including drake, jay-z, rihanna, rolling stones, stevie wonder and more. always a cool list. >> it is.
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sometimes i look at it, oh, he listens to what i listen to. >> he could be your friend on bumble. >> that could work. >> also he's a former president so you listen to what he listens to. >> i guess so, mike. sounds about right. >> he wants to be commander in chief now. >> hmm. >> almost there. >> 20 -- >> no, you stay right here right now. kari has a look at our forecast for this monday morning. everybody was talking about the heat over the weekend. yeah, you might want to check out that play list as you're heading out for work this morning and it will be so much better especially temperature wise for many of our microclimates. we're going to have these microclimates in full effect. where we're starting this morning as you're stepping out the door. we have some upper 40s in san francisco. nice and cool, refreshing there. brentwood at 62 degrees. we're at 60 in san jose. one of the warmer spots, los gatos at 65 degrees.
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let me show you our high temperatures today. how about 78 degrees? i think this is a big improvement over the weekend. it's still going to be warm in morgan hill reaching 90 degrees. we're going to see our ocean breeze cooling off our temperatures for the east bay in spots like oakland. we're in the upper 60s. we're at 82 in danville. still hot in antioch reaching 91 degrees. we're going to see that breeze getting stronger as we go through the week but we're looking at mostly upper 50s in daly city. palo alto will see a high of 75 degrees. we have some 60s in san francisco and our north bay temperatures are as hot as 103 degrees. clear lake still under those excessive heat warnings but much cooler elsewhere. the heat is easing. it's going to be backing off and allowing for a storm system to approach the pacific northwest that will bring in a stronger ocean breeze for us, much more cooling over the next few days in spots like livermore we're going to mostly see our workweek
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temperatures in the low 80s and then some 90s coming by early next week but it's not going to be as hot as the heat we just had. so mostly 80s for our inland areas while san francisco and the coastline will stay in the 60s with that fog. mike, we've been watching the fog and drizzle in some spots. it may affect the commute just a little bit. kari, that's a great note. unfortunately, that's not the worst of the notes we have. the peninsula and south bay coming in toward the city, everything is great. the east bay, the tri-valley, we have issues, continued issues of a rough drive on the nimitz south of hayward heading down to fremont. three crashes now down to two incidents here. disabled vehicle in the middle of the roadway around fremont boulevard as well as a crash that may be blocking one lane as you head down to whipple out of hayward. that's an issue. the earlier crash cleared. that's better news but still slow south of 92. clearing by 84. 84 here still jammed up heading out of livermore and pleasanton
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towards sunol and the ge plant where the crash is still located involving a motorcycle. no major injuries. the backup here starting just after 6:00. pretty typical pattern. >> look at that. >> all right. next here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: tutoring might help your kids ace their schoolwork. where you can sign up for free. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we're supporting our schools next.
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this morning we're kicking off our 2021 supporting schools initiative, helping kids and parents prepare for the new school year. >> the big effort is our backpack drive. chris chmura is here to share our plan with you. also bringing along some free homework help. >> reporter: good monday morning. we've partnered with family giving tree hoping to get 23,500 kids in need a new backpack full of supplies. to help get us there nbc bay area has selected six backpack captains you might recognize including vianey, cierra, melissa, kari, marcus and kris. each has a school and a mission to encourage to you donate a backpack. you can pitch in now at and looking at ways to help up kids return to the classroom. today tutoring is especially vital right now. our team found places where tutoring is free. first, ask your kid's teacher.
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their school or district might have a no cost tutoring partnership. oakland has one. >> what we've noticed is just a greater need for the community to step up and support students with more individualized time. >> reporter: your public library might, too. oakland, san jose, santa clara give free access to freetutor tom. i'll be back tomorrow to talk about food. next up, the top stories we're following including the return to office. many google employees will be back to work in person starting today. we're going to tell you the impact the big tech return could have on your commute. plus -- >> reporter: another flex alert and the call to conserve electricity.
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covid restrictions set to greet them in tokyo. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it,
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creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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right now at 6:30, conserve your power. a live report on the request being made even without the searing heat. as wildfires burn amid dangerously dry conditions.
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heading back to the office. many google employees are heading back to work for the first time in more than a year. what changes they can expect and why some aren't too happy about it. "today in the bay" continues now. good monday morning. i hope you had a great weekend. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. the weather is finally cooler across the bay area. a check of the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. nice to see the return of the ocean breeze but we've had to deal with some fires over the weekend during that intense heat. we take a live look outside in dublin. we could see smoke moving in not because of fires burning locally
6:32 am
but in oregon and some complexes of fire, the beckwourth complex moving the smoke to the east. the fires to the north and once again some of that smoke from the oregon fires may get brought into the marine layer and moving right into the bay area. we're going to be watching our air quality over the next few days, laura and marcus. >> thank you. we want to take a live look across the state. everyone being asked to conserve power amid an already busy fire season. >> bob redell, a scare there yesterday on a major commuting route. >> reporter: yes. vasco road behind me, which is back open after the small fire was put out. we're now talking about a different wildfire, one in oregon, that will have repercussions for us here in the bay area.
6:33 am
that flex alert issued for later today is because of the bootleg fire that's burning in the southern part of oregon and what's happening up there that fire has compromised transmission lines crucial to our line putting a strain on our grid. a flex alert has been issued. the iso is asking to con serve energy between 4:00 and 9:00 tonight. set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher if health permits. avoid using your dishwasher or washer. behind me in eastern contra costa fire. that delta fire is out. it burned 130 acres near vasco. this is south of byron. vasco was shut down because of the heavy smoke at one point. now reopened. firefighters were able to respond. they had crews on the ground and
6:34 am
an air attack from above. you can see there are several wildfires burning throughout the state of california. one is burning in plumas county called the beckwourth fire at over 86,000 acres burned so far making it the largest in the state. firefighters say it sparked last weekend after a lightning strike. mandatory evacuations are under way for people who live nearby. firefighters say at least 20 homes have been destroyed. containment stands at 20%. reporting live here in eastern contra costa county bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. and new this morning as wildfire season picks up some california wineries are losing their insurance according to "the chronicle" which says winemakers are seeing their premiums in some cases triple. st. helena went from paying $12,000 to being quoted $54,000.
6:35 am
$200,000 to $800,000. and placerville, a winery there had its $10,000 insurance revoked altogether. 6:34. expect heavier traffic as more people are heading back to their offices in silicon valley. tech giant google plans to start today with employees voluntarily returning to work. sharon katsuda, employees seem a little bit split on whether they want to return to the office just yet. they got comfy at home. >> reporter: yeah, they certainly did, laura, and it's definitely busy out here. we're seeing someone work out in the gym, the lights are on and food deliveries. they want employees to come back to the office. this is a big step as google prepares to require most workers to return to the office at least three days a week starting in september. for now google won't require workers to be vaccinated but those who provide proof can remove their mask in the office.
6:36 am
the company says unvaccinated employees or those who don't provide verification will have to wear a mask in the office and get a weekly covid test. the offices won't have capacity limits or require social distancing and google plans to gradually bring back signature perks like free food like we saw delivered here. in may the ceo tweeted he expects 60% of the workers to come into the office a few days a week. 20% to switch to a new office location and 20% to be fully remote. a microsoft survey of 30,000 workers found 73% of them say they want to keep remote work options. >> people want to get back together in person but want that flexibility they enjoyed for over a year and a half now. >> reporter: apple is planning for employees to return to work in september in person despite some complaints saying they would also like to work from
6:37 am
home. many small restaurants in the area welcome the news because they need the business from these tech workers to survive. reporting live in mountain view, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> that's right. all of those small businesses. thanks so much, sharon. a group representing teachers plan to hold a car caravan opposing new cdc recommendations for the full reopening of schools. leaders announced policy changes stressing the return to in-class learning even when distancing rules cannot be fully followed. the cdc to longer advising masks in the classroom for fully vaccinated people. happening starting tonight south of the bay full weekday overnight closures on highway 1 in big sur at the historic bixby bridge. caltrans will close it every night at 10:00 p.m. for maintenance work and it will stay closed until 6:30 the following morning. that's going to take place sunday night through thursday
6:38 am
night through the end of the month. now, this is the important thing, too, the closure doesn't have a detour. so instead drivers will be forced to head back in the other direction. >> speaking of driving this morning if you're heading to the golden gate bridge, i want you to take a look at what you will face. karl/karla the fog sticking around this morning. >> carlita. >> whoever you want to call the fog, making cooler temperatures in the city. it's cooling down for us coming off of a hot week. it's nice we will get our natural air conditioning back and can give our home air conditioning a little bit of a break. we're starting out nice and cool. we're at 65 in los gatos right now. a great day in concord and parts of the east bay from the mid-60s at 10:00 to about the low 80s.
6:39 am
so not bad at all. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week coming up. mike, how is it looking for that commute? in san jose this is the first slowing we've seen. usually this is about the time for the second batch of slowing. we're talking about google and other high techs having folks come back to the office. looking to 84 and also the nimitz. the nimitz is recovering nicely. all three incidents have cleared. extra slow past ruby hill and the ge plant. that crash still active. we've been talking about it for a while. they're avoiding 84, cutting through here and taking the corner. it's just slowing per normal.
6:40 am
back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:39. a hero in the stands. up next on "today in the bay," what a bay area doctor is saying after his lifesaving actions at saturday's giants game. the major league sons that are also weighing in on their dad's quick thinking. >> reporter: and drug maker pfizer expected to meet with the top health leaders. what the fda and cdc is saying ahead of the meeting. the president is meeting with san jose's mayor among others on fighting crime. out to the big board. the dow industrials are down but the nasdaq hitting a new interday record. kids love visiting kidifornia.
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at 6:42, i know we're ready for cooler temperatures in the east bay. martinez where we start out in the mid-50s and we will see the sky clearing today and our temperatures slowly warming up. so comfortable this afternoon with mostly some 80s for the inland east bay. a look at all of our microclimates in a few minutes. and i'm happy to report here that san mateo bridge has maintained, a crash for 84 jamming up in pleasanton. we'll show you how that's around
6:44 am
thanks so much, kari and mike. new overnight firefighters busy battling a fire at a vacant restaurant. new video in to our newsroom started about 2:30 this morning on willow pass road in concord across the street and down the street from six flags hurricane harbor. still no word on the cause of that fire. the painstaking and heartbreaking process of recovering bodies and notifying next of kin continues in south florida. the remains of 90 people who died in the condo collapse have been recovered. 71 have been identified. another 31 are still missing. recovery teams still working hard trying to remove the debris. 6:44. the big question everyone wants to know these days is there a covid vaccine booster shot in our future? happening today a meeting involving pfizer that mayanswer.
6:45 am
"today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live in san francisco to explain what will be discussed as the delta variant spreads wider. cierra? >> reporter: yes, good morning, marcus. we're not sure exactly when the leaders of pfizer are expected to meet with the nation's top doctors. this meeting is taking place as they continue to ramp up. they are discussing the possibility of a third booster shot. both the fda as well as the cdc are saying those who have been fully vaccinated don't need a booster shot at this time. pfizer researchers found that a third dose can offer more protection against the highly contagious delta variant. last week the drug maker told the associated press their booster shot study suggests people's antibodies jumped five to tenfold after a third dose compared to their second dose just months earlier. the company will request
6:46 am
authorization for the third shot. dr. anthony fauci made his rounds on the sunday talk shows. take a listen to what he had to say. >> that doesn't mean that we're not very actively following and gathering the information to see if and when we might need it and if and when we do we'll have everything in place to do it. >> reporter: additional information, cope individual cases right now climbing in as many as 2 dozen states with the delta variant as a primary variant fueling outbreaks in states like texas, arkansas, missouri and nevada. right now a close eye on when that meeting will happen. we're not sure the time of the meeting. the cdc and the fda saying a third booster is not needed if you are fully vaccinated. we're live in san francisco. cierra johnson for "today in the
6:47 am
bay." now more details to tell you about. a mini spike over the past few days. yesterday more than 1,100 new cases there marking the fourth straight day with 1,000 plus new infections. statewide the current rate of new cases stands at about 3 per 100,000. president biden will meet with some of the nation's mayors this morning. >> including san jose mayor sam liccardo, scott mcgrew. they'll be looking for a solution to the violence that many cities are seeing crime up. biden will be joined by attorney general merrick garland focusing on crimes that involve guns. among the city leaders attending eric adams may very well be the next mayor of new york city and, as you mentioned, san jose mayor sam liccardo. liccardo spoke with cnn a few
6:48 am
minutes ago explaining why san hope say is taking further action on guns. we've been waiting for congress to enact many sensible reforms like, for example, reinstituting assault weapons ban that hasn't existed federally for two decades. i think we're seeing mayors throughout the country step forward saying we're not willing to continue to wait. we need to protect our community. >> san jose imposed a fee on gun owners and now requires gun owners to buy special insurance as well. that new rule has been challenged as unconstitutional. here is a nice moment. the fences are down from around the nation's capitol. the outer perimeter was removed in march. capitol police say threats of violence have faded as things get back to normal. visitors are still barred from going inside, however. donald trump was in texas over the weekend for cpac, the conservative political action
6:49 am
conference. an unscientific straw poll shows trump would be the attendees' first choice to run. it would be major news if he weren't. more importantly this man, florida governor ron desantis is the first choice if trump chooses not to run. we'll be watching what's happening with the mayor and the president in washington. we'll be tweeting about it. you can find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thank you, scott. 6:49 right now. bay area doctor helped save the life of a fan saving and said he was surprised by all the attention that he got. >> he did a great thing. dr. willie ross was at oracle park when he noticed a woman who needed some help. so take a look at this video. this is the video of the castro valley doctor talking to the woman moments after he saved her. ross says he realized she was choking on a hot dog, performed the heimlich maneuver three times. the woman and giants fans were thankful. >> it was pretty amazing because
6:50 am
i was operating in a vacuum. when i turned around people were standing up applauding. >> so cool there. along with being a lifesaver he's the father of washington nationals pitcher joe ross as well as his other son, tyson ross, a pitcher for the texas rangers. both say they are very proud of their father. >> wow what a team they are there. all right, let's talk about tokyo. under a fourth state of emergency now as the olympics start in less than two weeks. the city is actually trying to slow the spread of covid cases there. in the meantime athletes from across the world are getting re ready for the game. taiwan's president held an early sendoff for his country's olympic delegation one week before they depart for tokyo. and a reminder our own raj mathai has been chatting with a lot of local olympians. join raj for three olympic specials from the bay area to
6:51 am
tokyo. then on july 23rd, the opening day of the opening ceremonies. you can watch them right here on nbc bay area. >> going to be so much fun here on nbc bay area. >> i'll be hosting a live event. >> see? it's all coming together. >> we've got you covered including that weather today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that for us. how is it looking? the fog has us covered this morning as we were starting out with a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. well, you can barely see the bridge right now and that may be the case as you're driving and having to deal with that fog, the wipes of the windshield wipers. let's get a look at these temperatures. they're going to be wide ranging across the bay area with our temperatures in milpitas reaching 76 and 90 in morgan
6:52 am
hill and in los gatos a high of 85 degrees. we're anywhere to upper 60s, 75 in fremont and we're staying in the 50s in half moon bay. daly city and for san francisco mostly some mid-60s. our for the bay temperatures will be from the mid-70s all the way up to 103 in clear lake. so we are still looking at excessive heat warnings there. the heat, though, for most of us easing off as we're seeing that high pressure fading and we're also going to see storm system approaching the pacific northwest. good news for the fires burning up there. going to see a little bit more rain in those areas and we're getting the cooling coming off of that. some spots like livermore mostly in the 70s and 80s all throughout the week for high temperatures. it is going to be so much more comfortable than the heat we had over the week. no major changes as we're going to see 60s in the coast and some 80s in the valleys. mike, you've been really watching the east bay. how is that clearing up?
6:53 am
or hopefully it is. it is clearing up pretty well. a lighter volume. san jose has mild slowing. three incidents in free throw month. fremont. this has not cleared, it still has a crash. the tow truck is a slow truck getting through the backup from livermore. this is still on the closure for northbound 242 scheduled until possibly 10:00 a.m. you have to use this alternate route. clear through concord. 680 and highway 4. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:53. happening now, pope francis expected to spend a few more days at the hospital after intestinal surgery last week. the pontiff making his first public appearance delivering his weekly blessing. the 84-year-old has surgery to
6:54 am
remove a portion of his colon which had narrowed due to inflammation. next, a quick look at the top stories including get ready to conservative again. another flex alert in place and this time it's not due to the extreme heat. the steps you are being asked to take. plus, many google employees are gearing up to head back into the office. the impact big tech returns have on your morning commute. we'll be right back in just two minutes.
6:55 am
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and welcome back. before you head out the door, we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." >> that's right. you may want to expect heavier traffic. you'll probably notice it. more people are heading back into their offices in silicon valley. >> to sharon katsuda live with more on that in mountain view. sharon? >> reporter: well, laura and marcus, we're seeing a busy morning with a food delivery person and the gym is open we can see through the windows at this google building. this is a big step as google prepares to require most workers to return to the workforce office at least three days a week starting in september. for now google won't require workers to be vaccinated but those who provide proof can remove their mask in the office. the company says unvaccinated employees or those who don't provide verification will need to wear a mask and get a weekly
6:58 am
covid test. the offices won't have capacity limits or require social distancing and google plans to gradually bring back signature perks like free food. in may google ceo tweeted he expects 60% to come into the office a few days a week. 20% to switch to work in a new office location and 20% to be fully remote. apple is also planning for employees to return to work in september in person despite some complaints saying they would like to work from home. out here live we saw the food delivery person so excited he gave us a double thumbs up, happy to be busy again but too busy to give an on-camera interview. things are slowly coming back to normal. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda. >> i thought you were going to say he gave you an egg sandwich or something. mayor sam liccardo will meet with president biden discussing
6:59 am
gun violence with other mayors in the wake of the vta rail shooting. last month the white house announced the strategy that includes new law enforcement tools and cracking down on the flow of firearms. a live look across the state and cal iso has declared a flex alert not necessarily from the heat but due to a fire burning in oregon. the state's fire grid is being strained because of the bootleg fire. between 4:00 and 9:00 tonight you're asked to conserve energy. in the east bay vasco road is fully open after a vegetation fire. a look at the commute. you can see right there things moving along getting back to normal. but what a mess yesterday afternoon. that road shut down most of the day sunday because of the fire. about 130 acres burned. the cause still unknown. a quick check of the forecast with kari. a little cooler. yes, it's going to be much
7:00 am
cooler for the inland areas with highs in the 80s. mike, how is the commute rolling? >> still slow for 84 because of the crash coming out of livermore approaching 680. that's it. okay. not time to go just yet. but it is now. >> have a good morning. we'll see you back here at 7:25. good morning rocket man richard branson makes history, the first billionaire to fly his own plane in space and moments after the launch, sits down with us, sort of our exclusive just ahead as the battle of the billionaires heads to hyperspace. troubling trend. new covid numbers here in the u.s. show the delta variant spreading like wildfire. >> this is the worst str


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