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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, bay area and washington leaders coming together. president biden sits down with sam liccardo. the big agenda following a south bay tragedy. do you need a covid booster shot? pfizer says yes. the big meeting set to take place later today aim at providing clarity. the desperate search to find an east bay long distance runner not seen since saturday when triple digit temperatures were peaking. this is "today in the bay." and a good monday morning to you. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. mayor sam liccardo meeting with
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president biden to discuss gun violence in the wake of the vta rail yard shooting. >> tracie, who else is talking and taking part in this? >> reporter: so today's meeting at the white house is going to include local leaders, local elected officials, law enforcement, and the attorney general, merrick garland. the idea here is to get them onboard with the president's plan to deal with gun violence. that's the strategy that the white house unveiled a few weeks ago where they were talking about not only investing in communities, helping people who are formerly incarcerated, providing more jobs but getting more guns off the street and stemming the flow of weapons. we do know that this is a big priority for the administration.
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>> and, tracie, the government is limited in terms of what they can do with gun control. what is the biden administration doing to help cities like san jose? >> reporter: so one of the things the administration wants to do is to give support to local law enforcement. so part of the president's plan was to roll out new tools, and they haven't specified what that would be but new tools to help law enforcement trying to deal with criminals and trying to get these guns off the stres. a big focus is how to step the flow of weapons and that will have to involve local law enforcement. really trying to flesh out this plan that the white house released. >> interesting what will come of it. thank you, tracie. san francisco's mayor and police chief set to unveil the city's crime stats for the fir
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half of the year. crime continues to be a major concern and in lots of areas, the numbers are higher. a follow-up on the assassination of haiti's president. a south florida doctor is under arrest. they say 63-year-old christian emanuel was one of the ringleaders and hatched a plot to take over as president. they also say he was the first person attackers called following the assassination. ammunition, shooting targets and a dea hat were found inside of his home. authorities previously said the gunmen disguised themselves as dea agents. he is a haitian immigrant. the big question is their covid booster shot in the future? a meeting involving pfizer that may provide answers. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson to explain what will be
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discussed as part of a delta variant spreading wider. >> reporter: that meeting is slated to happen between the drug maker pfizer and some of the nation's top health leaders. that meeting taking place as covid numbers continue to ramp up across the nation. the cdc and the fda say americans who have been fully vaccinated do not need a booster shot at this time. pfizer researchers have found a third dose of the vaccine can offer more protection against the highly contagious delta variant. the drug maker told the associated press their booster study suggests people's antibodies levels jumped five to tenfold after a third dose. the company is expected to discuss a request for emergency authorization for this third dose. take a listen to what dr. fauci
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has to say about the development of another dose. >> it doesn't mean we're not very, very actively following and gathering all of this information to see if and when we might need it and if and when we >> and a little more on the delta variant. covid cases are climbing in 2 dozen states, the variant fueling outbreaks in texas, arkansas, missouri and nevada. we're waiting for more information into exactly what time that meeting is slated to happen. the cdc and the fda saying for folks who are fully vaccinated you will not need a booster shot. we will continue to update you what comes out of the meeting with health leaders and that drug maker. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> a lot of people want to know, thank you. searchers will return today to the hills surrounding pleasanton to locate a missing
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long distance runner. philip kreycik was seen on saturday during a trail run near moller ranch. 60 people continued the search. crews launched a plane with infrared imaging hopefully to pick up on body heat. he was doing his typical six to ten mile run when temperatures were extreme and never returned to his car. >> his phone was left in the car with his i.d., which is apparently normal for him because he's a pretty active runner and he's all about the speed and he runs with -- he doesn't like to carry a lot of things. >> searchers plan to continue combing the hills throughout the day today. >> a big heads-up if you park your car in san mateo. more parking enforcement will resume. until now only downtown parking has been enforced. parking meters will be in operation along with loading
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zones and ending the closures that were a part of the safe streets program. >> b.a.r.t. ridership inching up as the agency tries to rebound from the pandemic. daily ridership is still only about 20% of where it was 16 months ago. it did hit a new post pandemic high. 5:07. the annual water clarity report. the latest uc davis report indicates water clarity was one of the worst in the 53 years the data has been tracked. the 2020 readings put the average depth at a little under 63 feet. nearly the same as 2019. the record low in 2017 was considerably worse. it is 8 feet less than 2018. researchers believe climate
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change is allowing more microbes to thrive. it is lower, that is certainly the case with all the boats out there on the water. let's talk about the cars out there on the road for this monday morning, mike. it will be interesting to see if traffic will pick up even more as more people are heading back into the actual work place. >> especially in the south bay. i think so. kari what do we have in store as far as temperatures go as well? >> yeah, we've seen in some spots some fog and mist and drizzle and it is mostly clear as the sunrise in walnut creek. a much cooler day as our temperatures go from the mid to upper 50s to the low 80s in some spots reaching up to 78 degrees in san jose. 87 in martinez but look at the difference we'll have in spots like farther to the north. ukiah will reach 101.
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we'll talk about this spread in temperatures coming up. >> we see more slowing than i expected to see on a monday at this time. there may be early traffic. the google plex in mountain view and expansion throughout san jose. there may be more traffic building over the week in toward august as we look at some folks returning to work. closures for north 242 up until possibly 10:00 a.m. the counter commute comes this way out of concord. your alternate would be north 680 to westbound highway 4. it's not that much longer and it's clear. that closure will the bay bridge toll plaza without any slowings. richard branson is back and
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earth. why he says the groundbreaking voyage defied more than gravity. a good time to ask your boss for a raise. here is what will happen? >> don't slouch. >> i'm not slouching. >> you will get the back hunch. marvel's newest movie breaking records at the box office. the fans of "the black widow" might have some rough news. scarlett johansson's big reveal about her future inside of marvel universe.
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right now 5:12. as you're stepping out the door this morning in the east bay let's check out martinez. we're at 56 degrees. a chance to cool off and get a fresh start to the week. and we're going to see our temperatures cooler today even with all of the sunshine we will see this afternoon heading to the mid-80s. a look at our microclimates coming up. and looking at the nimitz where traffic flows nicely. well populated and also well populated vasco road. the reminder that is reopening after the weekend fire, vasco at byron and 580 open for business this morning. well, good morning. very happy monday to you as well. elon musk will be in court this week testifying as early as today about tesla's purchase of solar city back in 2016.
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it was seen at the time as a bad idea by many. solar city was running out of money. tesla was not in that great shape at the time either. musk pushed the purchase through and tesla shareholders sued. that's why we're dealing with a court case this morning. an important detail, the people who ran solar city are family members and the accusation is musk forced tesla to buy solar city to enrich family members even at a cost of tesla to take on too much of solar city's liability. whether or not that's true, that's up to a court. here is the important point. it might not have been a good idea to buy solar city but it did not hurt tesla. stock is up solidly, it's on the s&p 500. speaking of the stock market, it will start this fine monday morning at new records. stocks shrugged off thursday's drubbing. various companies will open their books.
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we also get very important inflation data this week. inflation is a real risk. you've already seen it at the grocery store. it would be a good time to ask for a raise. a lot of companies are paying more not because of inflation but having so much trouble finding workers and sign-on bonuses as well. papa john's is paying out bonuses. mcdonald's raising workers 10%. this is not franchises. they can't control those. chipotle says it will pay $15 an hour across the board. higher where legally mandated. when i say ask for a raise i'm not saying it's a raise. if there's inflation you're asking your boss could you please pay me the same amount next year as this year by paying me 3% more. >> right, exactly. >> otherwise you're paying me less. >> with inflation everything is going up. very tough times. talking about the big launch over the week. scott went to see the historic
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first launch a few years back. now historic moments in new mexico. >> this is so cool. richard branson flew to the edge of space yesterday. virgin galactic's first full crew flight there and this is the same ship he hopes to ferry passengers as soon as next year. if you can afford a quarter million price tag, which i can't, the trip is definitely what it lived up to. >> i've dreamt what it would be like to be in space looking back at this incredible earth. it's impossible to describe just how magnificent it is. >> that's at 7:00 a.m. >> he dreamed about it when he was a kid. can you imagine completing that. >> all coming true.
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>> after a record breaking weekend scarlett johansson said she will not return to her role as black widow. >> don't cry, though. it scored $80 million, the most for any movie during the pandemic and earned an additional $60 million in streaming from disney plus. johansson says she is satisfied with the ending. she added she would like to collaborate with future marvel projects. >> yeah, me, too. >> we're all available. >> doesn't have the same weight as scarlett johansson. >> the weight of what we're experiencing weatherwise, probably a sigh of relief because we're seeing the temperatures still high but lower than we experienced this weekend. >> yeah, it was so hot over the weekend but the coastline was
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nice and cool. a few clouds in san jose, we're going to see the cooling clouds and let's take a look at those temperatures and where we're headed for today. how about 78 degrees. so much more comfortable than the 90s over the south bay but it's still going to be hot in morgan hill. and not too bad there, mid-80s. to the east bay where we will see a spread in temperatures. you head down to walnut creek, check out oakland. 68 degrees and hayward reaching 70. near the coast, upper 50s this afternoon and it's going to be hard to shake those clouds. over to redwood city clear. reaching 76 degrees. mostly 60s in san francisco. breezy fog and drizzle to start out the morning. for the north bay look at a high of 103 in clear lake.
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santa rosa reaching 80. so what's happening here? the high pressure that caused that intense heat is easing up. we'll see the return of a strong ocean breeze. it's going to bring in some of that cool air off the ocean as well as the deemer layer of fog as we go into the rest of the week. spots like livermore will be cooling off and our temperatures coming up a few more degrees going into the rest of the week. mostly 80s here and i think the coolest day will be thursday as we get some deeper fog near the coast and also some of that cooler air stretching inland. san francisco staying in the 60s throughout the whole workweek. a pleasant start to the week. no major issues. i'll let you know if that's a problem. so far it's just a report coming if.
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84, a little slowing. i was worried. it's down to its normal but the note is coming down vasco road. there was a closure over the weekend because of that fire. it has reopened. this morning's drive was just fine. keep that in mind as we look at the drive times. still 19 minutes. there is slowing that just popped up. i will see if it continues or was a blip there. everything else looks great for highway 4 over in towards 242 and concord. northbound 242 still closed overnight. construction going on all mornings northbound from 680 up to concord avenue. an easy drive across the bay bridge. back to you. >> thanks, mike. up next nbc bay area responds. tutoring might help your kids ace their schoolwork. we'll show you where you can sign up for free. i'm investigator chris chmura.
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we're supporting our schools next. all of us are on social media even on the weekend trying to find a cool place to beat the heat. my daughter kept going in and out of the pool. >> she is leg muscles, in and like that. >> hey, tell me what you did to cool off for the week. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back, 5:23. new details a san jose man accused of taking advantage of $2 million in pcp federal covid recovery loans. the u.s. attorney said he submitted bogus and used money for investments. he's facing multiple fraud charges. supporting our schools initiative. we'll be helping parents prepare. >> a big effort is our back pack drive. chris chmura is here to share our plan and is bringing along free homework help. for the fifth year now we've partnered with family giving tree. this year we're hoping to get 23,500 cascades in need a new backpack full of supplies. nbc bay area selected six backpack captains you might recognize including vianey,
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kari, marcus and chris. each captain has a school and a mission to drum up support and encourage viewers like you to donate a backpack. you can pitch in right now at also looking at ways to help your kids return to the classroom. today tutoring, which is especially vital right now. our team found places where tutoring is free. first, ask your kid's teacher. their school or district might have a no-cost tutoring partnership. oakland has one with the nonprofit oakland public education fund. >> what we've noticed is just a greater need for folks to step up and support students with more individualized time. >> reporter: your public library might, too. public libraries give card holders free access to i'll be back tomorrow to talk about food and how to ensure kids aren't going hungry on campus. i'll see you then.
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>> thanks, chris. it's 5:25. with more people flying the faa reporting more unruly passengers. the agency handed out $18,000 in fines. one involved a passenger fined $18,000 for allegedly refuse to go wear a mask and punching another passenger in the head as they held a baby. the faa has received more than 3,200 reports of unruly behavior since the start of the year. a 20% increase from last year. more than three-fourths involve passengers not wearing masks. not happy with the happiest place on earth wondering if the fast track option will be coming back. fast passes can help you avoid long lines for top rides but never came back when the park reopened this year. now disneyland paris launched a fee-base version called premiere access charging up to 15 euros
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extra depending on how busy the park is. the fear is it may expand elsewhere. a ticket now costs at least $83. >> that's a lot of money for a lot of people. much more ahead. 5:27. the top stories we're following including google employees returning to the office. plus, losing their protection, what some of wine country's big businesses may find themselves in trouble this fire season.
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right now at 5:30, get ready to conserve again. another flex alert in place starting later today, and this time it's not because of the heat. plus, heading back to the office. many google employees returning to work for the first time in more than a year. the changes they can expect and why not all high-tech employees are happy about their return to post-pandemic work life. this is "today in the bay." big change to normalcy as they head back to work. we're here for you. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. team coverage on the flex alert. "today in the bay's" bob redell tracking the event prompting that statewide cause of action. >> meteorologist kari hall, let's talk about the triple digit temperatures we saw over the weekend. not the case today. things are cooling down.
5:31 am
not really the reason we're being asked to conserve energy. yes, we do have a lot of changes here. we're starting out with a clear view. we did have some problems with fires over the weekend. and so now as temperatures cool off, our fire danger will be going down and hopefully we don't see any new starts as we see a westerly wind bringing in higher humidity and some higher humidity does slow the spread of fires. temperatures reaching into the mid-80s. with the fires burning across the region we could see more of that near surface smoke coming in especially by tomorrow. air quality does look good but the smoke could get trained in the marine layer and pushed into the bay area, we could see smoke moving in. let me show you the fires over the past couple of days, the big complex of fires farther to the north but we have the beckwourth complex mostly pushing off to
5:32 am
the east but we're seeing some of that smoke coming down from the oregon fires into the bay area. we'll be watching all of that as we are seeing some more of the fires and acres burning across the region. >> thanks, kari. a live look across the bay area right now where we're all being asked to conserve power again. this is amid an already busy fire season. >> we continue our live team coverage with bob be redell in east contra costa county this morning. there was a scare through there, bob. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura and marcus. that flex alert is going to be in effect for later this afternoon and not because of the heat, as kari was alluding to, but because of a wildfire burning far north of us in oregon, the bootleg fire, which is burning in the southern part of that state has compromised transmission lines that are crucial to the golden state power supply that put a strain
5:33 am
on our grid which is why california's independent system operator has declared a flex alert for later today. the iso is asking that you conserve energy between 4:00 this afternoon and 9:00 tonight. if you can set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher if your health permits. avoid using major appliances like your washing machine or dishwasher and turn off unnecessary lights. back here behind me in contra costa county the delta fire that was burning here yesterday is out. that fire burned near vasco just south of byron. vasco was shut down because of the heavy smoke. you can hear behind me people are honking their horns heading in for the commute. vasco road is back open. firefighters responded with crews on the ground and an air attack from above. there are several wildfires burning throughout the state right now. there's one burning northeast of
5:34 am
chico at over 86,000 acres burned so far. that is currently the largest wildfire in our state. firefighters say it sparked after a lightning strike. mandatory evacuations are under way for people living nearby and the fire department there says at least 20 homes have been destroyed. containment now stands at just 20%. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a big thank you to all the fire crews. they are certainly busy. bob, thank you. as the weather changes this week be sure to follow meteorologist kari hall. she will post the updates for you. expect heavier traffic this morning as more people are heading back into their offices in silicon valley. tech giant google plans to start with employees who are voluntarily returning back to work. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda with more on how employees are split on wanting
5:35 am
to return to the office. they've gotten used to being at home, sharon. >> reporter: that's right, laura. you can't blame them for wanting to roll out bed and skip the commute. it looks like it will get busier out here because many companies are expecting them to come back to the office. this is a big step as google prepares to require most workers to return to the office at least three days a week starting in september. for now google won't require workers to be vaccinated but those who provide proof can remove their mask in the office. the company says unvaccinated employees or those who don't provide verification will need to wear a mask in the office and get a weekly covid test. the offices won't have capacity limits or require social distancing and google plans to gradually bring back signature perks like free food. in may google ceo tweeted he expects workers to come in a few days a week, 20% in a new office
5:36 am
location and 20% to be fully remote. a microsoft survey of 30,000 workers found 73% of them say they want to keep remote work options. >> we call this the hybrid paradox. people want to get together in person but they want that flexibility they've enjoyed for over a year and a half now. >> reporter: apple is planning for people to return to work in person. of course many small restaurants welcome the news as tech workers come back because they do rely on their business for survival. reporting live in mountain view, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." 5:36. a follow-up out of mountain view where a voter approved crackdown on rv dwellers is ramping up. it's been slow in getting going. "the mercury news" reports the first sets of no parking signs will be installed later this
5:37 am
month in areas where rvs are parking in the highest volume. the law prevents them from parking on the streets overnight. concord police says its app received 458 reports of fireworks. using that information police set up extra patrols and more than 100 illegal fireworks were confiscated. the wildfire season as it picks up some california wineries are losing their insurance according to "the chronicle" which says winemakers are seeing their premiums in some cases triple. one in st. helena went from $12,000 to quoted $54,000. another in calistoga went from $200,000 to $800,000. one in placerville winery had
5:38 am
its altogether revoked. happening tonight full weekday overnight closures at the bixby bridge. it will stay closed through 6:30 the following morning. it will take place sunday through thursday night. the closure doesn't have a detour. if you forget about it you will be forced to head back in the other direction. >> oh. >> right. make sure you have a full tank of gas. >> uh-oh. >> whoops. turn around. want a turnaround from the heat this weekend? a little refreshing, kari? can you deliver on that one? >> absolutely. it's going to be so much nicer as we see the return of our natural air conditioning. we are going to see mostly highs in the 80s in the warmer spots and we'll continue to see that fog near the coastline.
5:39 am
i am watching the smoke and air quality as we go into tomorrow and wednesday. we're possibly going to see more smoke. take a look at the highs today anywhere from 59 in half moon day to 80 in santa rosa and concord. we'll talk what's ahead coming up. over in the tri-city area a crash south 880 right around dakota. i think there's at least one lane blocked in fremont. showing a big build coming down in towards sunol out of pleasanton. still close from 680 up to clayton road. if you join in from concord avenue, that's overnight work and it will go on but your commute is fine. there's a little build and highway 37. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:39 right now. coming up, not all heroes wear
5:40 am
capes. some wear baseball caps. what one doctor is saying after his lifesaving actions at saturday's giants game. and the response from his both sons to play in the major leagues. the president will meet with america's mayors in an attempt to fight new crime. and, scott, you may want to console yourself with this next story. a super mario auction is turning into a super big payday. why one person didn't have to fight bowser or -- i don't know any of this stuff. to score some serious coin. we'll be right back.
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good monday morning right now at 5:42. if you are planning to head out to the park, enjoy some time outside in the east bay. concord looking so much nicer. we don't just have to limit our time to the morning. we go from the low 60s to the low 80s today as the cooldown moves into the bay area. but i'll talk about where we're still hitting 100 degrees in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. looking at the bay bridge one of the reasons we saw slowing sensors. here to the curve we have fewer lanes than we did at the toll plaza so that does cause a slowdown. we'll see that and i'll show it to you coming up. breaking news in contra
5:44 am
costa county. firefighters are battling a fire at a vacant restaurant. this is video into our newsroom and it started around 2:30 this morning on willow pass road in concord. this is across and down the street from six flags. no word on the cause of the fire. and the family of a young woman last seen on the golden gate bridge is renewing their call for help to find her. sydney west would have been 20 years old. that would have been her birthday yesterday. her parents are offering a $25,000 reward to find her. 5:44. president biden will meet with some of the nation's mayors this morning. >> including mayor sam liccardo. they'll be looking to solutions for violence. cities are seeing crimes up double digit percentages in some of our largest american cities. biden will be joined by attorney
5:45 am
general merrick garland focused particularly on crimes that involve guns. also tracks with democratic calls for gun control. among the city leaders adams wh next mayor of new york city and san jose mayor sam liccardo spoke with cnn a few minutes ago explaining why san jose is taking further action on guns. >> we've been waiting for congress to enact many sensible reforms like, for example, an assaults ban federally for nearly two decades. we can't continue to wait for congress to act to impose the reasonable measures. they step forward and we're not willing to continue, we need to protect communities. >> it now requires gun owners to buy special insurance as well, this new rule has been
5:46 am
challenged as unconstitutional. the texas legislature held a special session passing new restrictions on voting opposed by democrats who say they're to disenfranchise people of color, who tend to vote for democrats. races in texas and georgia working on new voting rules. here is a nice moment. fences are down around the capitol. the outer perimeter fence removed in march. the inner fence just removed. the capitol police say threats of new violence have faded as the nation gets back to normal. visitors are still barred from going inside. donald trump was in texas for cpac, the conservative political action conference. an unscientific straw poll shows he would be the choice to run in 2024. this man, ron desantis, is the first choice if trump chooses not to run. we'll be watching the meeting with sam liccardo and the president today in the white
5:47 am
house, tweeting about it as well. you can find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thank you, scott. 5:46. a bay area doctor who helped save the life of a fan who was choking, he says that he's surprised by all this attention. >> dr. willie ross was at oracle park when he noticed a woman across the aisle in need of help. this is video of the castro valley doctor talking to the woman. the woman moments after he saved her is in the red baseball cap. he realized she was choking on a hot dog and performed the heimlich maneuver three times. the woman and many giants fans were thankful. >> it was pretty amazing because i was operating in a vacuum and when i turned around there was a large cheer and peopleapplaudin. >> he's the father of washington nationals pitcher joe ross and his other son, tyson ross, is also a pitcher for the texas
5:48 am
rangers. both say they're very proud of their dad. >> as they should be. trending this morning, if you once owned a nintendo 64 game system when you were a kid you may be kicking yourself when you hear this story. a never opened super mario 64 game just sold for, get this, $1.5 million in auction. the game we all played as a kid. the unopened copy of nintendo's legend sold for $870,000. >> oh, my gosh. lots of people endured some serious heat over the weekend. santa cruz is one of the few places to go where you could beat the heat from tourists to out-of-towners, pretty busy with folks packing just to head over the mountain there.
5:49 am
they needed relief from the heat. >> i've been living in tampa, florida, and moving out here. it's a lot less humid. >> it's so beautiful. the weather is perfect. >> yep, we like it out here in california. a lot of parts of our state expected under heat advisories. santa cruz, however, had a high of 72 degrees and that natural air conditioning from the ocean. always a nice getaway. the thing is getting there. >> it was packed as of 9:00 a.m. >> i told my kids if you want to go we have to get up at 6:00. we were lucky to do that, kari. >> and you wanted to do anything to cool off from the heat we had in the valleys over the weekend and so now we get back the natural air conditioning for many of our microclimates and
5:50 am
take a look at this view coming in from the north bay across the golden gate bridge. it is foggy and misting and drizzling and we are going to see this help us all out for most of our microclimates as we get into this new workweek. here is where we're starting. temperatures mostly in the 50s as you're getting ready to head out the door. we have these early hours to try to keep the house cool and also let those temperatures come back down around the bay area. take a look at our highs for today reaching 76 in milpitas. you compare that to the 90s in morgan hill and then as we move to the east bay a wide range in temperatures. 84 in pleasanton. 75 in fremont and oakland at 68 for a high today and that's because we're seeing the temperatures staying in the 50s. then where it's clear in san mateo you see a high of 70 degrees. san francisco in the mid-60s.
5:51 am
foggy, misty, drizzly today and the north bay highs anywhere from 103 in clear lake. we'll be in the mid-70s. it all depends on where you are and if that cooling fog can even reach where you are with the topography that has to get over some of the hills. as we go through the week the heat will ease. the pacific northwest will enhance our westerly wind and keep the fog near the coast. also the bay area nice and comfortable with our temperatures for the inland areas reaching into the mid-80s. we'll get even cooler as we head to the end of the week. all right, mike, how is it looking now for the commute? kari, several issues. slowing in the tri-valley. over in the tri-city over there. it was southbound 880. the earlier crash is blocking out the left lane and possibly two as crews are on scene. there is slowing out of union city and in to fremont.
5:52 am
it's a highway coming through the hills and it's slowing from ruby hill. there's a crash as you approach for that portion. everything else in that area looks all right. vasco road is reopened. the diablo fire that happened over the weekend. from 680 because of the fire, the structure fire. note that for city streets. back to you. >> happening now pope francis is expected to spend a few more days in the hospital after invest nal surgery last week. the upon tetch made his first service from the 10th floor instepped of the usual window overlooking st. peter's square. a portion of hison was removed which had narrowed due to inflammation. much more ahead on "today in the bay" including a security scare in denver.
5:53 am
the tip that took police to an arsenal of weapons in a hotel close to where thousands are gathering for this week's all-star game. plus, the price you pay. how a strategic move made by businesses years ago is now impacting cost. you're watching "today in the bay."
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5:55. you're watching "today in the bay." developing now a tip from a hotel housekeeper helped alert authorities in denver to an arsenal of weapons and ammunition. come all ahead of baseball's all-star game tomorrow. police arrested three men and one woman in connection with 16 long guns, body armor and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. the hotel is about a block from where tomorrow's game will be held. so far no evidence of a planned attack. over the weekend more controversial statues came down in charlottesville, virginia. this one is on the campus of the university of virginia. that shows clark confronting three native americans and on the pedestal refers to him as a conquerer of the northwest. back here in the golden state a possible political change could be coming.
5:57 am
l.a.'s mayor nominated by president biden to serve as u.s. ambassador to india. if confirmed eric garcetti says he will accept the role in the biden administration. is likely to take over as acting mayor should garcetti take on that new role. you may be noticing the skyrocketing prices of many different things you buy. >> it includes chlorine for your pool, lumber for homes. >> the list goes on and on. all in short supply. the supply chain used to be less vulnerable to cut the cost of storming. >> built on efficiency, running very well and keeping costs down.
5:58 am
used to be you would go to a store an autoparts store, but there became recognition in the '90s inventory is evil. the reason is the cost to it. it's not free. >> check out the full story on nbc lx. 185 on xfinity channel or some disneyland lovers are not happy with the happiest place on earth wondering if the fast pass option will ever come back. they can help you avoid some of the long lines for top rides. it never came back when the park reopened. disneyland paris has a fee-based version called premiere access charging up to 15 euros extra per ride. the fear is that it may expand elsewhere. a single day particular for
5:59 am
in-state residents now costs at least $83. trending this morning, you might like this one. you can do a deep dive in dubai. this underwater reaches depths of 200 feet. it's at a facility called deep dive dubai. divers swimming around an underwater arcade, library. >> must be a diver. pretty cool. i'll check it out on video. what about this guy? a bear taking a bath. tejon with the oakland zoo having a spa day over the week. he came as a cub a few years ago. with this level of comfort why would he of leave? >> i wouldn't leave either. >> had to find a cool spot. we're quickly approaching 6:00. here is what's happening on "today in the bay." >> a live report on the meeting
6:00 am
on capitol hill about the increase in gun violence. also, the action president joe biden is providing. plus -- >> that doesn't mean we're not actively following and gathering this information to see if and when we might need it and if and when we do we'll have everything in place to do it. >> a brewing debate over a third shot. will you need to get a covid-19 boosters? just as we start to see a troubling new trend. >> a runner goes missing on a local trail. this is "today in the bay." a good monday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. a live look at the white house where today president joe biden


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