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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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to conserve again. another flex alert in place starting later today. and this time it's not because of heat. plus, heading back to the office. many google employees returned to work today for the first time in more than a year. the changes they can expect and why not all high-tech employees are happy about the return. the post-pandemic. this is "today in the bay." well, it starts right here right now. good morning and thank you for
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joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm marcus washington. we have to start with kari hall. another hot day of temperatures, kari? yeah, and it's going to be much cooler in some spots. not all of the bay area will see the changes as we're getting ready for a new week we are going to have our temperatures coming down. i'm watching the air quality and the smoke. we'll talk about more on that just a little bit later. we're anywhere from 59 at half moon bay to 101 in ukiah. it's all about location today and whether or not you're going to get that cooling. we'll feel that in san jose. reaching 78 degrees today. much better. we're going to talk more about what's coming up in a few minutes. it's early and it's light and moving westbound around the bend. an easy flow from the east bay
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and vice versa. those will be the ones we see colors change. green sensors all the way around the bay. and it's mild. back to you. >> thanks, mike. breaking news this morning, fire crews in contra costa county busy battling a fire at a vacant restaurant. i want to show you new video just in to our newsroom. it broke out around 2:30 this morning, that fire, on willow pass road in concord. this is across the street and just down the street from six flags hurricane harbor. no word on the cause of the fire. cal has declared a flex alert because of a fire burning in oregon. the state's power grid is strained in part because of the bootleg fire. flames have knocked out crucial transmission lines that supply power into california. between 4:00 and 9:00 tonight
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you are asked to con serve energy. set that thermostat 78 degrees and higher if your health permits, avoid the washing machine and dishwasher and turn off all unnecessary lights. new time lapse video showing plumas county, the beckwourth fire. flames have scorched 86,000 acres. the biggest fire burning in the state. firefighters say it sparked after a lightning strike. mandatory evacuations are under way. at last check at least 20 homes destroyed. containment stands at 20%. a major artery in the east bay is back open just in time for the morning commute. a investigation tags fire shut down vasco road. it was closed most of the day. the flames were contained by late afternoon. 130 acres burned. but you can see right here just why vasco had to be closed. this is what one driver
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witnessed. thick, heavy smoke from that fire nearly blinding at times. luckily no one was hurt. no word on a cause yet. this morning rescue teams are not giving up hope in finding a missing runner. he disappeared saturday from a trail near moller ranch. crews are getting ready to resume the search later today. sergio quintana is tracking the efforts to bring that man home saving. >> reporter: along with a search team, a fixed wing plane helped with the search. philip kreycik is an avid runner. he often completes six to ten-mile runs in about an hour. police say that was his plan, but they were called when he was way overdue meeting his wife. officers quickly found his car but not him. >> his phone was left in his car with his i.d., which is normal for him because he's a pretty active runner and he's all about the speed and he runs -- he
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doesn't like to carry a lot of things. >> reporter: one of the first concern were the triple digit temperatures saturday. so search teams were quickly called in including one of the dogs that followed his scent from his vehicle to this trail, but no further. there are search teams from alameda, contra costa and marin counties as well as volunteers who have just shown up to help. >> searching for a runner so i thought i would come and check out. >> reporter: someone living in the neighborhood here who doesn't want to be named shared this video of drones also sent up. he says search teams used them for several hours. >> i saw about three or four drones in the air. they were comb the mountains up on top. they were very loud and very bright. >> reporter: according to police by using aircraft like planes and drones they've been able to map half the trails in this massive park. unfortunately, they still
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haven't been able to spot him. sergio quintana, "today in the bay." google is gearing up for the return of some of its workers today. the company told employees those who want to return are welcome to come be required to wear a mask. goog plans to relaunch its private shuttle bus program. some have opted to work from home permanently. a microsoft survey of 30,000 workers found 73% of them say they want remote work options to stay. >> we call this the hybrid paradox. they want that flexibility they've enjoyed over a year and a half now. >> to accommodate the hybrid work space, they're making changes to software to help
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employees complete health screenings. 4:36. for most of california the weekend was a scorcher. santa cruz one of the few places to go to beat the heat for tourists, out-of-towners, packed with people coming from all over for some much-needed relief from the heat. >> yes, it feels nice to be here. >> i've been living in tampa, florida. moving out here it's a lot less humid. it's so beautiful. the weather is perfect. >> yeah, florida is a lot more humid than our beloved california. a high of 72 degrees. all that natural air conditioning coming from the ocean. yeah, you had to find a place to cool off this weekend. >> i actually went to the city this weekend. >> nice. >> it really was nice. >> to visit karl the fog. >> and i said, there's karl, my cousin, who is visiting, he said who is karl? the fog. i'm teaching and getting away from the heat all at once. >> kari, you know that karl is
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now speaking. >> it's karla now. karl went on vacation and disappeared and now karla is here. you'll have to check that out on social media to see what's going on. let's see what's going on here. our temperatures anywhere from 48 degrees in santa rosa to 70 as you're stepping out the door in los gatos. we are in some spots still going to have a warm-up f. you're planning to head outside in spots like concord we are going to feel temperatures in the upper 50s. some low 60s throughout much of the morning but you can see that trend heading to the low 80s going into early in the afternoon. so we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast this week. mike, any problems right now for the morning commute? kari, no problems. we will take a look at the roadways where we see overall the green sensors as you would expect. a little bit of slowing. there are road crews -- i'm just kidding, mike.
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>> all right. >> technical blip. >> it's a smooth drive. no big deal. no, marcus was talking about vasco, brentwood to 580. it's reopened and you're at speed. if you heard about the fires over the weekend, everything is okay. good to go for this mornmonday,? let's all get into it here. 4:39. up next on "today in the bay," policing rv dwellers. the crackdown seems to be ramping up. the new installations set to take months after voters approved the controversial ban. a historic mission, richard branson heading to space. how you can take that exact trip he did without a quarter of a million dollar price tag. no, this will just cost you the toll to go over the bay bridge. it is getting steep for some folks. we'll keep checking in with mike and see if we're going to see a
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pickup with some of the tech workers heading back to work today.
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happy monday. it is 4:42 and as we're heading out the door parts of the north bay temperatures in the low 50s and it's cloudy and slower warm-up in temperatures today. we're going from the low 50s here to mostly some low 80s. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead for the rest of the week in a few minutes.
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>> we'll look at the north bay. moving nicely. plenty of space between these cars. headlights southbound. we'll show you further south along the peninsula coming up. wall street looks set to open mixed to lower this monday morning as stocks come off a third straight week of gains. the dow, the s&p and nasdaq all closing at record highs on friday. a recovery from thursday, which was marked by doubts over the economic recovery. in focus this week reports on inflation, retail sales, consumer sentiment and filings for unemployment benefits. also earnings season kicking off on tuesday with results from jpmorgan chase, goldman sachs and pepsi. nordstrom announcing a deal today with british online fashion repailer asos. it will sell top shop apparel at nordstrom stores. shoppers will be able to pick up
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and return items. the deal secures a physical foothold in the u.s. and will help nordstrom improve its virgin galactic is offering you a chanc to take the same trip to the edge of space in billionaire founder richard branson did this weekend partnering with a fund-raising site and the winner will send you and a friend. space for humanity, the minimum donation is $10. the more you donate, the more entries you get. the winner will be announced at the end of that month. the flight expected to take place early next year. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm brian sullivan. >> get the flight jacket ready. let's go on over to kari and check the forecast for this monday. >> i'm so ready for cooler
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temperatures. heading out the door in dublin. we have some mid-50s to start. cloudy skies and a lot of sunshine as we head to the 80s. we'll talk about our microclimates. folks, relax for the drive north 101 through palo alto. you will find some road crews still but nothing major. no closures. plus, another heartbreaking weekend in surfside, florida. more victims discovered where that condo collapsed. new information we're learning about efforts to remove debris from that site.
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and good morning. taking a live look at the bay bridge. you see quite a few cars on the road. mike, you're going to be busy this morning. >> i counted all of them. >> one, two, three -- >> yep. monday morning, time to get a look at the forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall has a look. certainly some warmer temperatures today. yes. we're going to see some warm areas. we can see the fog, the drizzle happening at the golden gate bridge this morning and some spots you have to turn on the windshield wipers. we have the fog and drizzle back. san jose is looking at a high of 78 degrees. it is going to be so nice today and still hot in morgan hill
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reaching 90 there. this is why we call it microclimates because we are going to be anywhere from 91 in antioch to 68 degrees in oakland today. danville reaching 82. we have some upper 50s along the coast. daly city, half moon bay. you head over to redwood city and a high of 76 degrees there. we have some 60s for san francisco today. a little bit of some peaks of sunshine. 103 in clear lake. you can see to the far north bay really hot this afternoon. then as we go through the forecast i'm watching the air quality. we could see an increase in surface smoke. we have all these fires burning across the region but some fires in oregon that may get pushed into the bay area. it's possible we could see an
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increase in smoke as we see an ocean breeze. look at what we are expecting through the week as our temperatures will bring in cooler air. we're looking at highs in some of our warmest spots in the 80s. san francisco will stay in the 60s. how is it looking now as we see mist and drizzle. so far chp hasn't talked about any windshield wipers. here very light traffic to the north bay. you notice your westbound commute routes are still green and coming into the area is fine. in the area north of 580, vasco at dire, in the brentwood area, that's where there's a report of a spot fire. someone says they saw a flare-up. chp will check it out. vasco still open.
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here is the san mateo bridge. the family of a young woman last seen on the golden gate bridge is renewing their call to find her. sydney west would have turned 20 yed. she attended cal and was last seen september 30th. her parents are offering a $25,000 reward to find her. voter approved crackdown on rv dwellers appears to be ramping up. voters approved the crackdown last november but it's been slow going. "the mercury news" reports the first set of no parking lines will be installed later this month in an area rvs are parked in the highest volume. the law prevents oversized vehicles from parking overnight on most city streets. the painstaking and heartbreaking process of recovering bodies and notifying next of kin continues in south florida. the remains of 90 people have been row covered. 71 have been identified. another 31 are still missing.
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recovery teams still hard at work. the mayor says some 14 tons have already been hauled from the site. >> our team continues to make incredible process delayering the pile. and we're working to bring closure to families as quickly as we possibly can. >> the fire department is leading the search and recovery efforts. the chief says the job is open-ended with no timetable yet on when it may wrap up. ahead of the wildfire season california wineries losing their insurance according to a report from the "san francisco chronicle." winemakers are recording a 300% increase. they went from $12,000 to quoted $54,000. another in calistoga from $200,000 to $800,000 and one in placerville from $10,000 to being revoked altogether. happening starting tonight south of the bay area full
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weekday overnight closures on highway 1 in big sur at the bixby bridge. caltrans will close every night for maintenance work. it will stay closed through 6:30 the following morning. that will take place through the end of the month. the closure does not have a detour. drivers will be forced to head back in the other direction. definitely plan ahead. up next, not all heroes wear capes. some wear baseball caps. >> what one bay area doctor is doing and saying after his lifesaving actions at a weekend giants game. we'll tell you the major leaguers weighing in on their dad's quick thinking. pope francis is expected to spend a few more days at the hospital. yesterday the pontiff made his first public appearance delivering the weekly blessing
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from the 10th floor of the hospital instead of the usual win dope overlooking st. peters square. the 84-year-old had surgery on july 4th to remove a portion of his colon which had narrowed due to inflammation. more after the break.
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a bay area doctor, after he helped save a woman who was choking at this weekend's dodgers game, says he's surprised by all the attention. >> dr. willie ross was at the oracle park game saturday. midway through he noticed a woman across the aisle from him needed some help. some video now of the castro valley doctor talking to the woman just moments after he saved her. he's the man in the red baseball cap.
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he says he realized she was choking on a hot dog and then performed the heimlich maneuver three times. the woman and many of the fans around them said they were thankful. >> it was pretty amazing because i was operating in a vacuum. there was a loud cheer and people were standing up applauding. >> he's the father of washington nationals pitcher joe ross. his other son, tyson ross, is a pitcher for the texas rangers. both say they are very proud of their father. >> no doubt. saving lives. check this out, a bear taking a bath. this is tejon having a spa day over the weekend. everybody had to try to keep cool. he came to the zoo as a cub. with this level of comfort why would tejon ever leave? >> take a bath next time.
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4:57. it's still early. coming up on "today in the bay," kari, take it away with a look at some of the heat we're experiencing. yeah, much cooler today. we're going to have a better day for getting outside, going for a hike in the east bay, going from the upper 50s this morning to the low 80s. not too bad. we'll take that compared to the weekend. more traffic later on. right now a smooth drive similar to the weekend for the nimitz. a heads-up if your travels are taking you to the peninsula especially if you need to park your car. returning to normal starting today.
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right now at 5:00, bay area and washington leaders coming together. president biden sits down with sam liccardo. the big agenda following a south bay tragedy. do you need a covid booster shot? pfizer says yes. the big meeting set to take place later today aim at providing clarity. the desperate search to find an east bay long distance runner not seen since saturday when triple digit temperatures were peaking. this is "today in the bay." and a good monday morning to you. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. mayor sam liccardo


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