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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 12, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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we begin the week with dangerous life threatening heat in the west. 120 degrees in death valley more heat on the way and that is fueling the growth of wildfires. today president biden will turn his aention towards gun violence four arrested for weapons charges just outside the stadium hosting baseball's all-star game. breaking overnight, thousands take to the streets of cuba in rare protest over hunger, pandemic restrictions and the lack of covid vaccinations. more pain at the pump as gasoline prices rise again
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up 5 cents a gallon to an average of $3.21 again and the covid booster shot, is it necessary? pfizer seems to think so and will seek emergency approval a busy start to monday, july 12th "early today" begins right now. the relentless heat scorching the west coast 128 degrees in death valley. the region is facing a double disaster with wildfires spreading and water supply dwindling >> reporter: this is the third major heat wave to strike the western part of the united states so far this year. we're not even happen way through summer it's making drought and fire conditions worse
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keen 'tises are pointing to climate change in california more than twice as many acres have burned compared to the same time as last year triggering evacuations in the northern part of the state the beckworth fire complex doubling in size the intense conditions as a small town burns. >> it's just week and weeks and weeks dryer than it should be this time of the year. >> reporter: the fire season prematurely ferocious and deadly in arizona jeff catura and matthew miller killed in an air accident threatening 30 million americans across the west with thermostats soaring 10 to 20 degrees above average. >> miserable. >> reporter: saturday utah tied the all time high a sizzling 117 in saint george,the same temperature as las vegas also
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>> you're in an oven. >> reporter: pushing the extreme drought to historic levels reservoirs hitting new lows. >> this year is something different. this is something i've never seen before. >> reporter: forecasters expect the worst of the heat to be over by tuesday the temperatures not dropping below 80 degrees which experts say are bringing a whole host of health problems and infrastructure issues. >> becoming unbaieunbearable thanks. the mlb all-star game will be held at the coors field according to officials, three men and one woman was charged
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with weapons charges president biden is setting his sights on gun violence today. he'll meet with the attorney general, law enforcement and elected officials on how to crack down on gun crime. nbc's tracie potts joins us with more this is shaping up to be a major issue in the mid-term. >> reporter: hi, phillip this is a big issue not only politically but in big cities. a sitdown with the president, attorney general and local leaders is designed to get them up to speed on the biden strategy to combat that. it includes community interventions and stemming the flow of interventions on the streets. conservatives called it an assault on gun rights. >> the same far left democrats who are defunding police are leading an all out crusade to strip you, the law abiding
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citizens of america, of your god given second amendment rights. >> reporter: the nra, national rifle association yags, has been a big leader in this chuck schumer is asking the justice department to investigate the nra for bankruptcy fraud >> at the same time they're saying they're bankrupt, they're spending millions of dollars in ads to stop universal background checks that demands an investigation by the justice department we all know the nra is morally bankrupt but they are not financially bankrupt that's the problem. >> reporter: the nra sought bankruptcy protection after a new york lawsuit designed to put them out of business a word from the justice department on whether they'll pursue this. schumer's comments promoting a false narrative.
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back to you. >> tracie, thank you thousands of cubans are screaming for freedom in the biggest anti-government protest in decades demonstrations erupted all over the island as cubans reached their breaking point they have been enduring the economic crisis. over the weekend the eye land set a grim record surpassing 6,000 covid cases in just 24 hours. in a nationally televised speech, the president said trade sanctions created misery the rallying cries were heard in florida. hundreds of cuban americans worked together in solidarity. sir rich and branson and virgin galactic took a huge step forward in the space race. >> if we can do this, just imagine what you can do!
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as a child looking up to the stars, now i'm an adult in a space ship >> sure was. sir branson along with a full crew spend a few minutes suspended in zero gravity at the edge of space they hope will carry private passengers. >> we're joined by nbc's cal perry. >> reporter: frances, it was a near flawless flight that was due to high winds and bringing out eve eve is that large plane that carries the smaller one that actually went to the outer edge of space named after richard branson's mother who passed away recently a flawless flight for sir richard branson. this is an advertisement all attention is of course going
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to turn to jeff bezos. he flies in just eight days. that will be a vertical launch on a rocket. the goal is the same to open a new chapter in space tourism. >> cal, thank you. vice president kamala harris is heading to detroit. she'll encourage people to get vaccinated as part of her we can do this tour a third vaccine shot is needed to ward off the contagious delta variant. one country announced plans to do that. >> reporter: hey, phillip. good morning to you. we have come a long way in the fight against the coronavirus. the cases are going back up all across the country even slightly here in new york city, meanwhile, health officials are worrying the delta variant is tightening its grip.
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pharmaceutical adviser will meet about the benefits of a booster. the washington post reporting the meeting will happen in days and pfizer's research says it will offer help against the variant. >> that doesn't mean we're not very, very actively following and gathering all of this information to see if and when we might need it and if and when we do, we'll have everything in place to do it >> reporter: why is there a debate over the third doise >> the debate is when we need it and studies show that even 8 to 12 months out for trial participants, they're still maintaining antibodies and have immune net at this. >> reporter: with infections going up in israel, they're
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offering the third dose but want it for everyone. in the u.s., coronavirus cases are climbing more than $2 states >> we're going to overwhelm the system within 14 days. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney general stressing the risk of going unvaccinated. >> the vast majority, more than 99%, are in unvaccinated populations. >> reporter: the deadly surge largely driven by the delta variant. >> reporter: health experts warn that a surge is a possibility. vaccine levels will determine the severity of the outbreaks. >> kathy, thanks. now get a check on the intense weather out west janessa webb
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this is unrelenting for them >> unrelenting but, you know, somebody has heard our cries we are just getting reports in, vegas dealing with rain. we have not seen that since early january. finally some storms flowing through the area this could be record-breaking. i'll continue to watch this on the national weather service, but the heat is going to build throughout the way we're talking about heat advisories currently there place. our temperatures are still in the triple digits. high pressure will not move away until tuesday afternoon. the alerts will stl beiln.
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upper midwest, daytime highs in the lower 90s. let's take a look at that week ahead comingup. >> at least we have a drop of hope there vegas getting some rain. thanks, janessa. a budding romance. jasmine lawrence and eric murphy, they're officially dating they're sharing photos on social media, using the "l" word. they have been in boomerang and life. pope francis's return in the public eye. "mario" atrsshte the record for the most expensive video record ever sold we talk like td friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get
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spotlight for the first time since undergoing intestinal surgery. the pontiff emerged on a balcony on sunday. he highlighted the need for everyone to have good health care. in surfside the death toll continues to grow. 90 people are confirmed dead and 31 unaccounted for some of the international rescue teams have alreadydeparted they were given a hero's farewell by members of the community and victims' families. so far more than 14 million pounds of concrete have been hauled away from the site. teams investigating the collapse will sift through nearly 40 million pounds of debris to determine what caused the disaster. super mayrio video game sol and was auctioned off for over $1.5 million that broke the record for the
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novak djokovic tied roger federrer and raphael nadal he has won all three grand slam tournaments this year. if he wins the u.s. open in september, he'll be the first to win all four in more than 30 years. on saturday the top ranked player became the first australian woman to win wimbledon since 1980. it didn't come home. instead it went to rome. england suffered a loss. italy scored a goal two minutes into the match italy got a free kick here but they did not make it the pressure culminated after the second half after leonardo
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benucci pounced on that. he forced it in scoring it for id italy. the match ended with the historic tiebreaker. the players missed those shots it came down to this one here. he was stopped by the italian goalie giving italy the 3-2 victory. >> the emotion and anguish, during the game and after. >> a crazy few minutes. now to wall street where consumers are getting sticker shocks where the price per gallon is soaring. steve sedgwick has something to tell you about when it comes to cooling off, steve good morning >> reporter: good morning. i can't believe your story before me was about a soccer you join me on a concrete morning. we're so devastated. gas prices across the country are going up really, 5 cents per
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gallon in the last two weeks the average price per gallon is $3.21. down in baton rouge, louisiana, $2.65 per gallon but san francisco gally, ouch, $4.39 really expensive opec having an agreement and basically economic recovery behind it. how will americans cool off? americans are spending big on backyard pools moving to the suburbs, going to a warmer state there are some problems including shortages of chlorine and actually the housing market tails up as well that is leading to other concerns about the development of your own property he did a little bit of work. the national average cost is 45 to $50,000 for a pool.
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one thing's for sure, i'm done running from my past. >> it's official marvel's "black widow" is the biggest hit since the start of the pandemic it crushed expectations netting $80 million at the box office in its first weekend. it brought in more than $60 million on disney+ f9 was just shy of $11 million out of control air passengers are showing signs of slowing down unruly passengers canceled and
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delayed more trips this weekend. nbc's vonn hilliard has more. >> reporter: this weekend unruly passengers shutting down airports and diverting planes. flight attendants duct taping this woman to her seat american airlines saying she attempted to open the plane's boarding deer and then physically assaulted, bit and caused injury to a flight attendant. these passengers forced 20 put their hands on their heads due to an hour thousands forced to evacuate fort lawsuit der days' report. now more than 302 million reports of unriley riders. the number of faa investigations three times more than a normal year faa releasing a zero tolerance >> stop. >> reporter: and tsa resuming self-defense classes for crews.
4:28 am
>> handle a problem passenger. >> reporter: packed planes inflaming the threat of air travel united airlines ceo hoping it will end soon. >> it expires on september 13th. my guess is it will expire on september 13th. >> clearly the masks are a spark point, but it is not really the underlying cause any flight attendant will tell you there's something much bigger going on here there is a general aggression. >> go to the back. >> reporter: american and southwest airlines stopping alcohol service and the faa handing out massive fines, from 7500 to $52,000. a steep price to deter more chaos in the air vonn hilliard, nbc news. >> i know we were joking about this but did people forget how to behave? >> i don't forget the aggression we should be chill and happy
4:29 am
that we can hop on a plane and go on vacation or travel for work. >> that's exactly right. be koom and be grateful. >> mind boggling. >> right now at 4:30, get ready
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to conserve again. another flex alert in place starting later today. and this time it's not because of heat. plus, heading back to the office. many google employees returned to work today for the first time in more than a year. the changes they can expect and why not all high-tech employees are happy about the return. the post-pandemic. this is "today in the bay." well, it starts right here right now. good morning and thank you for


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