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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 9, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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he's playing in the tournament as he does every year with his dad and his little brother. you can watch the tournament this weekend here on nbc bay area. always have fun little bets going who's going to jump in the lake. although that would be very refreshing. >> yes. today. >> exactly. here's what's happening on "today in the bay" -- >> nbc bay area issuing that microclimate weather alert as parts of the bay area are set to experience extreme heat. 111 degrees in some spots here. we're tracking that heat for you where you live. >> a live look at san jose, one accident and ignite. cleat coverage on the high fire danger and how cal fire is preparing at this hour. plus -- >> 6.0 earthquake strooig near lake tahoe. that shaking felt all the way to the bay area.
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the mess that was left behind and the aftershocks that went with well into the evening. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we're broadcasting live to your tv right now and also streaming live right now on >> but first we want to start with the scorcher today and into the weekend bringing in meteorologist kari hall to warn. you've been telling us, watch out the heat is coming and it is here. >> yes. it's going to be a hot weekend even in spots like san jose. we're looking at highs reaching into the mid 90s but at least we have the early hours where temperatures cool down and you can get some things done. let's go throughout the day as we go through our temperature trend starting out with some 50s and 60s and here we are in the middle of the afternoon. we're seeing highs over 100 for the east bay and 90s for the north bay and then for the south bay we're going to see those temperatures reaching into the
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90s, flex alert, where we're asked to conserve energy and the fire danger. we're watching all of that in the forecast and i'll have another update in a few minutes. bob redell out live, watching also that fire in brood today. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. yes, as you're well aware brood can see 105 today, 110, 111. this is one reason why the independent system operator here in the state of california has issued a flex alert for the state and basically this is because of the extreme danger with the heat and demand on licktrycle grid for things like air conditioning. the flex alert runs if 4:00 this afternoon until 9:00 tonight. cal iso is asking you to conserve energy during that time to help the state's power grid to keep up with demand during the heat wave. you want to set your thermostat to 78 or higher if your health
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permits, avoid using major appliances, and turn off all unnecessary lights. the national weather service has issued t the north bay. this means you want to limit your time outdoors, stay hydrated, keep an eye on your pets and as you're alluding, this also increases our risk of fire. cal fire in santa clara county say they're fully staffed and prepared, but they could use your help to reduce the risk of wildfires. >> if you're going to do mowing or anything like that try to do it in the morning or try not to do it during the extreme heat days. also, also, just in case you live in a wildfire threat zone, you should probably have some sort of wildfire plan. >> reporter: that plan would be having a go bag ready to go in case your neighborhood is threatened by a wildfire and if
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you live in an interface have 100 feet of fenceble space at least that around your home. recovering live in brood, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much. 6:03. switching gears, bart going agency bringing in goats to try to graze on that dry vegetation out there. this is new video that bart posted on twitter near the fremont bart station. look at them go. some 700 goats are chomping at the greenery along bart's right of way property out there. >> did you feel it? a 6.0 earthquake striking the tahoe area. this is one of the biggest we felt in a long time. right now seismologists are analyzing the shaking and aftermath. take a look at this video from coleville near the california-nevada border, you can see shaking sent boulders flying down the mountains and more than 200 miles away in pla
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dogs barking, it was barking as the earth moved. our nbc bay area seismograph picking it up. rock slide. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson will have more on this video and the scary moments at one campground and give us that report at 6:30. in the meantime at 6:05, in washington, president biden is taking action today to make it easier for you to get a better job as unemployment claims rise. tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c., this morning with the latest. good morning, tracie. >> hey there, laura. good morning, good morning, everyone. let's talk about what the president is doing today. focusing now on the economy and jobs. he's expected to sign this executive order asking the ftc, the federal trade commission, to take a look at nine compete
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clauses, noncompete agreements, that the president believes are keeping a lot of people from good jobs and better paychecks. not only do they apply to top executives, but many blue collar workers. the white house estimates 30 million people, many hotel workers, construction workers, who are prevented from leaving their jobs to go work for the competition if there's a better job offer or better salary or paycheck. the president wants to get rid of that. that's part of what he will order in that executive order today. this comes at a time when just last week unemployment claims, new unemployment claims were higher than economists expected, suggesting that we may be leveling off. job growth may be leveling off and we may be looking at a bit of a slump in the near future. based on the recent numbers. we'll see what the president has to say. he's expected to make some
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remarks when he to follow. thanks so much. here in the bay area, covid cases are on the rise in alameda county. infections have more than doubled since the beginning of last month when rates were at their lowest point in months. daily case numbers in early june averaged 28 per day. right now they're averaging more than 70, surpassing 100 on some days. in a video posted yesterday, the public health leader encouraged people to get vaccinated. >> simply the best tool we have to protect ourselves and protect those around us. particularly people who can't yet get vaccinated like children under age 12. >> he says the uptick comes as the delta variant continues to spread. in alameda county, 81% of people are at least partially vaccinated. most of the bay area also in the 80% range.
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marin county is at 91% who received at least one shot. solano county is at 67%. new information on the deadly condo collapse in surfside, florida. crews recovered ten more bodies bringing the death toll to 64. for the past two weeks crews have searched through the rubble to find missing people. the search and rescue efforts they have now turned into recovery efforts. yesterday was the first court hearing among dozens of lawsuits filed for those who are looking for possessions and lost their loved ones. 6:08. we're working to learn the condition of a man shot by police in pinnal. investigators say they received a call about someone with a gun. when they arrived they found a man's body who had been shot. that's when a suspect confronted an officer firing his gun several times. the officer returned fire hitting the gunman. paramedics rushed the suspect to the hospital. his condition not known.
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the officer was not hurt. back to the pandemic, and san francisco's chinatown looking to bounce back. happening today the chinese chamber of commerce will hold a massive banquet and hopes to welcome back tourists. the event will be at far east restaurant. leaders say this cultural hub took a massive hit during the shelter in place and the recent attacks on the aapi community. but this installation ceremony shows the unity in the community. mayor london breed will be in attendance. the event starts at noon. >> you might want to bring a parasol if you're outside, something to shade yourself. >> you will. >> it's going to be hot across the bay area. kari has been warning us about these extreme temperatures coming our way. >> yeah. but there will be a wide range in temperatures so thankfully we won't see extreme heat up near the coastline. we're watching the air quality because when temperatures heat up, a lot of times we have to
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deal with ozone and it makes it unhealthy to be outside for long periods of time. as we look at where we're going to seat worst of that air quality it will be in parts of the north bay, the inland east bay as well as santa clara valley. our temperatures will be reaching into the triple digits for today, some of those numbers where the air quality will be a little bit worse. take a look at our temperature trend as we head towards the upper 90s and triple digits today up to 103, 104 in parts of the inland east bay. we'll talk more about how hot it gets for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. what's going on for the commute? >> i'm in contact with our news desk and a lot of activity that's been called over here. i made the map and there you go. we populated that, a crash north 101 at the 85 split just shy of that. all the activity and slowing you saw that go from green to yellow to orange on the approach out of morgan hill and up toward the silicon valley boulevard exit there or the transition on to
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85. somewhere in that area we're going to track that closely. that does keep traffic held back here a little bit and we already see the slowing starting to clear from 101 around oakland road. we're going to follow that out of the south county. coming in to silicon valley and the rest of the bay, a smooth drive. lighter traffic at 6:11 on a friday. we see light traffic volume. the dublin interchange no problem. slowing towards greenville when back at speeds through alameda county. vasco shows a little bit more traffic so a little slower, a couple minutes added on to that drive out of brood and toward 580. back to you. >> thanks so much. it's 6:11. coming up next on "today in the bay," they say laughter is the best medicine. >> did you know it's good for work too? >> a study that may make you crack up or want to while sitting in your cube or next to your cube mate here. >> can't wait to hear that story. the golden gate bridge may seem a little less special if we see
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it every day, right, but we may be a little spoiled here. we're going to tell where you where it lands on the list of unforgettable experiences and what else just may have to do. >> the latest government data shows millions of americans need a job, but also there are millions of jobs available. so what's going on with that? take you out to the futures looks like a much better day on the markets. the dow got a drubbing yesterday. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good friday morning. right now at 6:14, let's get you out the door and ready for the day. santa rosa starting out with a refreshing 53 degrees. enjoy it. ou we're trending towards the upper 80s as we go into early in the afternoon, reaching 95 here. a look at all of our microclimates coming up in a few minutes. live look, the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems. traffic is light. the sun light. that's the biggest issue traveling out of san francisco into san francisco. we'll show you where things are starting to build a little coming up. good morning. very happy friday to you as well. toyota is putting its policies in reverse. it says it will no longer make political contributions to politicians who oppose the certification of the vote which led to the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. the car company faced a lot of backlash after the blog axios pointed out toyota gave more money to members of congress who
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opposed the counting of the vote than any other company. at first the car company was unapologetic and then a blistering lincoln project ad its policy stating, quote, we d are actively listening to our stakeholders and at this time we have decided to stop contributing to members of congress who contested the certification of certain states in the 2020 election. other news, scientists published a new study as part of the journal of medical association, following the health of people who contracted coronavirus who wore a fitbit. the study says many who got the disease, even a mild case, ended up with an elevated heartbeat for months after the symptoms were gone showing the long-term effects of covid on the body. we're expecting a better day on wall street after a drubbing yesterday. the numbers were actually worse than this on your screen at one point. the damage looks like we may
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have the first overall negative week since june. we got the first-time jobless claim numbers. brought them to you the second they were released on "today in the bay." the numbers were striking, more americans than expected asked for unemployment for the first time last week despite the huge number of available jobs. look at this. the number from the department of labor and bureau of labor statistics. 9.81 million americans are unemployed, own a third claim unemployment. look at the jobs available. 9.2 million. this could be a number of things, it could the accelerated unemployment pay, although many have gotten rid of that. it's a crazy shuffle people moved in with their parents or parents with them, maybe they did not, you know, continue their professional licensing, et cetera. it's going to be six months of madness until everybody gets back to where they are supposed to be or want to be. >> all the adjustment.
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>> yeah. >> all right. thanks, scott. adjusting to new life as we get back to normal. look many people stopped traveling altogether over the past year because of the pandemic. it didn't stop them from searching. the luxury travel operator unforgettable travel came up with a bucket list destinations people are hoping to visit after the pandemic. the number one spot to the world's tallest building in dubai, number two statute of liberty, golden gate bridge in the top ten at number 7. mt. everest, the nile, las vegas strip. >> mike had a good point, see all that on the las vegas strip. not real. >> you can. new for you this morning, new proof carjackings -- cracking jokes -- see, that was a joke, for you. cracking jokes at work not a waste of time. >> don't try to carjack your coworker.
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just laugh with them. a new study done in the uk shows laughter and happiness at work can boost your productivity by 12%. being happy can cut down on wasted time. the study adds someone who is happy may be able to do a task in an hour while an unhappy person will take an hour and 20 minutes to do the same task. >> we do a lot of laughter around here. >> we do. >> that was one of the biggest things i missed working from home, the comradery of our team, a great behind the scenes team. other than that i didn't miss you guys. >> your team at home is bigger than the team we have. >> a lot of laughing in your house. >> lot of laughing in the house too. that's good. i love being happy. >> we do. >> i'm sure not a lot so happy about the temperatures, we will gets to the weekend and today. meteorologist kari hall. >> bring us down. >> you're not the laughing matter today. >> we love you. >> we're going to be laughing all the way to the pool today. whatever we can do to try to stay cool this afternoon.
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take a look at where we're starting and our nice sunrise this morning in san jose. we do have our nice comfortable temperatures early in the day and if you want to enjoy some of that time outside going for jus somewhere to stayn the south bay to the upper 90s and close to 100 degrees. it's going to be very uncomfortable today as our highs reach 100 in morgan hill, 95 in east san jose. we'll see more widespread highs over 100 degrees for the east bay, from walnut creek to antioch and livermore. a high of 90s in freemont. but we're not all in with the heat because if you're in half moon bay, you're looking at mid 60s today. warmer in palo alto. upper 80s there. and some low 70s in san francisco. but if you head on the other side of the city, outer sunset you'll enjoy low 60s. we have from 85 in mill valley to 107 in ukiah.
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it's going to be very hot farther to the north. let's take you to one of those hot spots and show you what's ahead. so it's going to intensify with the peak of the heat tomorrow. and then on sunday, still pretty high. you probably won't notice too much of a difference. we will get a big difference by to the 80s for highs. and that's what we're going to see across the bay area. so several days of this hot weather and then a big cool down by next tuesday. that looks to last throughout much of next week. san francisco coming up to the low to mid 70s and we're going to see some sunshine here. that fog returns early next week and highs back in the 60s. mike, how is it looking right now for the morning commute? >> it's looking like a friday, light traffic. no bull pen at the bay bridge. it's looking like your forecast as well that sun i get the impression those temperatures yeah, those are no lies and i know that because kari doesn't lie. the bay bridge toll plaza a little slowing there and also in towards san francisco, the
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decline. the rest of the bay looks really great. a light volume of traffic keeps things moving but there are cars throughout. a steady flow you have company and watch out for your fellow drivers. here is the problem out of morgan hill toward the 85 split. north 101 reports of a two-car crash, one vehicle overturned. no major injuries. i think it's out of lanes but you see the slowing. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:22. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> we get complaints that run the gamut. this morning we are plotting them out and the paydays people are getting. i'm consumer investigators chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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welcome back. our response team helps with consumer complaints that are all over the map. >> chris chmura is here to plot it all out. >> all over the map in geography and subject matter. let's start with geography. our numbers guru created a map here that shows where the 1221 viewers who have spoken up this year live and they are all over the map. north all the way down to southeast and west. we're hearing the most gripes from zip code 95112 in san jose. that's east of downtown from brokaw down to tele. doesn't matter where you are. if you're frustrated we would like to hear from you like we did from melissa in clayton. she was stuck in a 15 month battle to get a refund for a
6:26 am
canceled concert. we gave her advice, she used it, within 48 hours she had her $808 back. claire in palo alto paid $19.99 to renew a knitting magazine subscription. the problem was, she wasn't getting anything for her $19.99 so our team started a thread with the publisher. claire got all of her money back. perhaps we can needle a company for you too. go to and click the responds option from the main menu or call us, 888-996-tips. have a great weekend. >> you too, chris. >> the billionaire spaces race heating up. richard branson's virgin galactic space launch set for h minutes before coming back down to earth. one crew member says being on the flight is a moment that will
6:27 am
inspire many, especially young kids. next here on "today in the bay," the top stories we're following more shaking in california. 6.0 quake centered near lake tahoe felt all the way in the bay area. fresno as well as redding, the aftershocks felt overnight. and extreme heat get ready for triple digits today and throughout the weekend. we've got a look at your microclimate weather forecast coming up next. we're going to show you where it's going to be the hottest.
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet.
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right now at 6:30, people this morning re-examining their earthquake supply kits after yesterday's 6.0 earthquake sent rocks sliding. the epicenter south of the tahoe area. the shaking felt hundreds of miles away including here in the bay area. the aftershocks continue. the olympic torch reaches its final destination but now tokyo is preparing for the games without spectators. we're your olympics destination station. the heat is on. we've issued a microclimate weather alert as heat advisories and warnings go into effect across parts of the bay area. triple digits are coming possibly impacting the power grid. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we're broadcasting on your tv
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and streaming live on right now. first let's go to east contra costa county and a live look at brentwood tomorrow it may reach 111 degrees. a flex alert runs from 4:00 this afternoon until 9:00 tonight. we are asked to conserve energy to help power grids keep up with the demand. >> meteorologist kari hall has been forecasting this heat wave for days and it is now here. kari. >> it's here and that excessive heat warning kicks in at noon today when the temperatures are going to be dangerous to spend a lot of time outside so you do want to limit your time out there, keep drinking lots of water. we'll see our temperatures starting out cool this morning, mostly 50s and 60s but i'm going to stop it here at 4:00 in the afternoon as we look at this trend head upward we'll see upper 90s in the north bay, but notice some of those spots in the inland east bay towards fairfield as well as our temperatures head over 100
6:32 am
degrees and we're going to see some low to mid 90s for the south bay while the coastal areas will stay nice and cool. we'll talk about the temperatures going up even more for tomorrow. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. >> did you feel it? a 6.0 earthquake centered near lake tahoe could be felt for nearly 200 miles. check out this map from the bay area to las vegas. people felt that quake. they continue to feel some of the aftershocks as well. >> "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live with more and reaction from those who felt it. cierra. >> good morning. marcus and laura, that earthquake took place 250 miles away east and south of san francisco again. 6.0 magnitude earthquake. usgs says the quake began a little before 4:00 at 3:49 and those closer to the epicenter say when it began the ground
6:33 am
shook, causing things to fall off shelves as you see there. one shop in placerville and the shop at walkerville they had -- the placerville business had the items fall off the shelf, the walkerville business had the roof partially cave in from the force. those outside saw mother nature reacting. boulders crashing down from the hilltops near the region of the epicenter kicking up dust as it crashed to the ground. drivers on 395 had to drive around the boulders that landed on the roadway. now chp says cars were damaged but no one was injured. vianey arana captured her plants swaying in the moments after the cake quake. this is the strongest quake to hit the antelope valley fault near tahoe since 1994. take a listen to what a campground owner said he saw and heard in the coleville area. >> the ground itself seemed to
6:34 am
shake extensively more and it might be because of the granite being here in high desert country it's not absorbed like it might be in other parts of the bay area. that made it that much more scarier that it really rolled. you could see the ground moving. >> reporter: and that shaking continued after the initial quake. usgs says more than 40 aftershocks were reported including seven of a magnitude of 4.0 or greater. this is a great time to check and double check your go bag, making sure you have an extra set of clothes, flashlight, medications if you would need to actually leave your home. we're live, cierra johnson, for "today in the bay." >> thank you, cierra. >> we continue to track the fallout from that quake and numerous aftershocks. you can head over to and once you get there you will be able to get the latest updates on the earthquake even when we're not on air. new details five palo alto police officers suing the city
6:35 am
for what they claim is discrimination for being forced to walk past a black lives matter mural. after the death of george floyd last summer, that mural was painted in front of city hall with images inside each letter of black lives matter. but a controversial image in the mural showing a black woman who killed a white new jersey trooper, state trooper in the 1970s, sparked a lawsuit. according to "the mercury news" the officers claim the mural was offensive and created a hostile work environment and that work has been removed. the city of milpitas reportedly one step closer it new housing for people trying to make it in the bay. the mercury news reports -- [ no audio ] near the milpitas bart station. all the unit would be priced below market on sango near montague expressway. they have received a waiver allowing for one third of the normally required parking space. some planners voted against it in part over a parking concerns.
6:36 am
the plan now heads to the city council for final approval. our climate in crisis, the potential for new flooding threats by the end of the next decade in the lowest lying areas. nasa researchers looked at the 18-year moon cycle and the potential impact interest rising sea levels. the study printed in the new edition of "nature in climate change" suggs repetitive flooding from high tides may become prevalent in coastal cities by the mid 2030s due in part to how the earth is lined up with the sun and moon. it's time to get a look at that forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall has been telling us about these hot temperatures and depending on where you live, i guess that's how you're going to feel. >> or where you want to go. >> look around the bay area. >> i think a lot will be heading to the coastal areas as we see those temperatures much cooler in san francisco compared to what we'll have in napa reaching the mid 90s for today but then
6:37 am
some upper 90s for tomorrow. and then on sunday, still pretty hot. 91 degrees. you'll want to make sure you're fining air conditioning. san francisco will have some much cooler temperatures as well as santa cruz reaching may want somewhere where it's going to be much more comfortable. oakland reaching into the upper 70s and about 74 by the end of the weekend. san mateo also going to be one of those milder spots compared to what we'll have for the inland valleys. a popular destination this weekend anywhere near the coastline. stimpson beach will be in the mid 70s today and tomorrow and then upper 60s on sunday with the sunshine i think that's going to be really nice. half moon bay in the 60s throughout the weekend. if you want to drive a little farther and head to monitory, expect highs 68 today and 65 for the end of the weekend. so we are looking really great here. one of the places where it's
6:38 am
going to be pretty hot, tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. upper 80s. during the middle of the day it will reach 94. find shade, stay hydrated or even in some of those areas where we're looking at highs over 100 you'll want to make sure you can find a pool and somewhere to cool off. i'll have a looks at how hot it gets for the weekend coming up. mike, what's happening now heading to work this morning? >> a lot of folks are not heading to work right now being a friday. we're looking at lighter volume that is a problem. there is a problem coming out of morgan hill, northbound 101. the volume of traffic continues to slowly build north 101 the 85 split with a crash. as far as i'm told is off the shoulder there but a distraction as folks are transitioning to north 85 there, north 101 a lot going on here. there's slowing in san mr tin but not a major issue. we're looking at the bay, also very light traffic.
6:39 am
i'll show you the bay bridge coming up. back to you. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. get ready to go for the gold, bay area. we're officially two weeks away from the summer games in tokyo. the olympic flame burning bright there this morning. ceremony was actually held earlier today as you see here marking its arrival in tokyo. this comes after the japanese government announced no fans in the stands due to a surge in covid case there's. it also forces tokyo leaders to pull the torch relay off capital streets allowing it to only run on remote islands off the tokyo coast. that opening ceremony takes place two weeks from today and you will be able to watch the games exclusively right here on nbc bay area. >> i can't wait. a deadly ripple effect from the record setting heat wave in the pacific northwest. the find showings 1 billion sea creatures were killed. the reason scientists are
6:40 am
calling it a perfect storm. putting the brakes on the carpool lane. the way new workplace rules could change commute patterns forever. we were commenting yesterday, we were withdrawing from afghanistan much faster than planned. it's even faster now. we'll update you on the schedule. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it sure is bobby. right now at 6:42 as you're heading out the door grab the sunglasses and a water bottle.
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you'll start out with sunshine in the tri-valley and heading to work in dublin we have a cool start to the morning but you're going to see those temperatures heat up quickly heading into the mid to upper 90s. some of us over 100 degrees. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. use the sunglasses if you're going to look at the shot. the bay bridge toll plaza, the thing dominating the screen is the sun, not the traffic. it's light here but we have a good slowdown in san jose. i found out more about the crash going on causing the issue out of morgan hill. all right. we'll check back with you. developing at this hour, tropical storm elsa continues to wreak havoc along the east coast. new video, parts of the new york city, look the water there in the subway system as well. you can see just how high the rain water rose causing a lot of problems for drivers and pedestrians in that area. water also flooding just the city streets there. central virginia, there were
6:44 am
several water rescues as the remnants continue to wreak havoc on the eastern seaboard. 70% of city streets shut down due to flooding. in the meantime a massive red oak tree fell into the yard where a family was seconds from tragedy, pulling out of their driveway before it fell. luckily they donald it donald it. sea life killed during last month's heat wave. reports estimate 1 billion small sea creatures like mussels, clams, snails were all killed. record-breaking temperatures hit since june. scientists say millions were killed by a low tide event during the hottest part of the day. a potential legal blow for east bay restaurants after a judge upheld berkeley's ordinance banning natural gas b. the city passed the or nance in 2020. it requires new buildings to use
6:45 am
electrical lines instead of natural gas lines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the restaurant association sued saying the ban conflicts with federal laws on energy efficiency. the association plans to appeal the ruling. traffic trouble to report tied to the return to work as we're moving through the pandemic. several bay area companies like google, apple, uber opting for a hybrid workplace where employees spend a few days in the office and a lot are worried heavy traffic will return and it has. mike has been telling us about that. bay bridge congestion worse now at peak hours than it was before the pandemic. also concern the hybrid work model will disrupt carpool schedules. quarter to 7:00. president biden defending his decision to speed up america's withdraw from afghanistan. >> even faster than it was, scott. >> that's right. he's saying we'll be out by the end of august. his original target date was september 11th. either way the withdraw is very, very fast. that could be tactical.
6:46 am
you tell your enemy you'll be out by some date ahead and get out way before that. >> the draw down is proceeding. once i advised the decision to end the war we needed to move swiftly to conduct the main elements of the draw down. speed is safety. >> we never did secure afghanistan. no super power, the british, the russians, the americans have been able to build afghanistan neither have the afghans. we may see the taliban overrun afghan's government but you won't hear criticism from the powerful republican on the decision to withdraw. the moment president biden announced the withdraw former president trump said getting out is a wonderful and positive thing to do. here he is planning a withdraw in the state of the union. >> we are working to finally end america's longest war and bring
6:47 am
our troops back home. >> president biden will sign an executive order that will in his words promote the american economy. we've seen an advanced copy. one of the biggest ideas for the bay area is the idea of re-examining certain mergers. he'll order the ftc to do that. this has facebook written all over it. and more transparent pricing for airlines. you probably gotten e-mails from an airline that says $39 to l.a. only to find out on the side it's hundreds of dollars more. and a clause ending noncompetes. parts of a contract that forbid workers from working for the competition. noncompetes are not valid in california but it is good for workers in other states. we'll be monitoring that and tweeting about it. find me on twitter @scott mcgrew. >> history made for the scripps national spelling bee. >> murraya.
6:48 am
m-u-r-r-a-y-a m-u-r-r-a-y-a. >> that is correct. >> it's the spin for me. >> and judge. >> yeah. so happy for her. this is trending 14-year-old zaila avant-garde of louisiana is the first black american to ever win that title. he's got skills. i say that because she's a basketball player with three guinness world records in dribbling. she wants to play for the wnba one day. catch zaila live on the "today" show talking about the win after "today in the bay." >> i love how proud she is. >> i have to admit i did a twitter, she's 14 years old but twitter stalking, checking out things because i wanted to see what they posted about dribbling, tweeted out a video of her dribbling and her twitter profile or what i believe is her twitter profile one of her role
6:49 am
models the first woman of color in space, dr. may jemison. she's good in math, likes astronauts, spelling champions and an athlete. >> there's your resume. that's awesome. >> i better do something. >> i know. >> you can do something in a little bit. >> i'll do that. >> she's not taking over traffic. >> doesn't do traffic. >> that's all you. >> yes. yet. >> let's check in with kari with a look at those temperatures. >> yeah. it's going to be so hot over these next few days. inouye that's what a lot of people are going to be talking about as you get out and about especially in walnut creek as our temperatures are going to be heating up quickly and we're enjoying a nice clear sunrise this morning but, yeah, we know it's going to be a very uncomfortable weekend. now we're also having to limit our time outside, not only because of the heat but because of the ozone levels are affecting our air quality. we are going to see some moderate air quality due to
6:50 am
ozone from the north bay to the coast and some of the worst here in santa clara valley as we get the live look outside in san jose. let's head to the south bay with a look at these temperatures and what to expect today. mid 90s for much of the south bay but up to 100 degrees in morgan hill. moving to the east bay more of the temperatures that will be over 100 degrees, 101 in walnut creek, but notice how cool it's going to be in daly city, half moon bay, staying in the 60s. but still very warm in redwood city and in palo alto. we'll see a spread in temperatures in san francisco from the upper 50s to the low 70s. 85 in mill valley to 94 in napa, 107 in ukiah. really hot up in those areas as this intense area of high pressure moves in. we could possibly set some all-time record highs for much of the central valley as the heat comes in, but it kind of backs off next week and allows for the storm system to approach the pacific northwest.
6:51 am
it's going to bring us cooler temperatures. antioch how hot it's going to be. we've reached the peak of the heat tomorrow. 108 degrees. still going to be hot on sunday. we catch a break next week as we head back to the 80s by the our temperatures continuing on the trend for much of the rest of next week. we have to get through the next few days with our highs over 100 degrees for a lot of our inland valleys. take a look at the refreshing temperatures next wednesday and thursday. i'm looking forward to that. while san francisco is going to enjoy some sunshine and highs in the low 70s we'll see the fog return next week that keeps the city cool and also provides some relief to the rest of the bay area. mike, how is it looking driving heading out to work this morning? >> everywhere but one stretch is looking great. my numbers similar to yours. 92, 84. we're going to zoom down off of 101 and 85. everything looks great for silicon valley until you look at
6:52 am
the approach out of morgan hill. here's the deal. more detail comes in about this crash. one of the vehicles was overturned as we said. there are injuries. maybe some moderate injuries so that is a concern for one of the people that was stuck in the car overturned. the big issue is the fact that they had to block one lane at the transition on to the split with 85 before you get there. one lane was blocked by crews. they should be clearing soon. that will clear up the delay out of the south bay toward the rest of san jose and we still have a nice even drive. we haven't cracked the half hour in pittsburgh to walnut creek. 6:52. happening now america's animal shelters seeing a sad ripple effect from the return to normal. with the world opening back up again, pet adoptions are declining. some shelters are seeing the number of pets surrenders surge over the past few months. as a result, leaders say more and more shelters are once again at or near full capacity. a quick look next at the top stories including covid concerns here in the bay area.
6:53 am
another county seeing a new surge in cases. plus did you feel it? >> a 6.0 quake brings down boulders on the road in the sierra. shakes up parts of the bay area as well. a look at where the shaking was the strongest. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
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ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. 6:55.
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welcome back. the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay." >> did you feel it? the 6.0 earthquake striking the tahoe area shaking things up in the bay area as well. our seismograph caught it here. look at that. this is one of the biggest we felt in a long time. right now seismologists are analyzing the shaking and the aftermath. take a look at some of this video from coleville near the calfornia-nevada border. if you look closely you can see boulders flying down the mountain. in san jose, people also feeling the earthquake. this is video showing plants swaying, the dog barking as the earth moved. we continue our reporting online. head over to and you'll get the latest updates on the earthquake, even when we're not on air. in the bay area covid cases are on the rise in alameda county. infections have more than doubled since the beginning of last month when rates were at the lowest point in months. daily case numbers averaged 28 per day.
6:57 am
right now averaging more than 70 surpassing 100 on some days. in a new video posted yesterday, alameda's public health leader encouraged people to get vaccinated. >> simply the best tool we have to protect ourselves and protect those around us. particularly people who can't yet get vaccinated like children under age 12. >> he says the uptick comes as the delta variant continues to spread. if you plan to spend time outside today you only have a little more time before things start to heat up. >> that's right. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in brentwood. most of eastern contra costa county will have tough temperatures past triple digits today and tomorrow. >> in brentwood we're looking at 105 possibly 110, 111. this is one of those days if you can stay indoors stay indoors. the national weather service has issued a excessive heat warning and the california independent system operators asking you to
6:58 am
conserve electricity today. they've issued a flex alert. the flex alert in effect from 4:00 to 9:00. again, that's the time that you really want to limit the use of your appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher, keep your thermostat at 78 or lower and limit your time in outside and try to stay inside. they're doing this because they're expecting there to be a lot of demand as people will be using their air conditioning. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory, for much of the rest of the bay area including the east bay, pens, parts of sf and the north bay. limit your time outdoors, stay hydrated and of course keep an eye on those pets. >> with the flex alert, no doing laundry or cooking dinner. we can find a silver lining in this. >> absolutely. there's always a silver lining,
6:59 am
right. i think for a lot of people that's finding time to enjoy some of the water activities in the pool and visiting a neighbor with air conditioning. temperatures hot throughout the weekend reaching the peak tomorrow and early next week we're going to cool off by tuesday we'll start to feel that. mike, how is it looking heading outs the door? >> good news, bad news. the crash did clear in north 101 in the last minute or so, so that should leave the traffic backed up out of morgan hill. moving to northbound 85 to santa clara. we're looking at oakland where it shows the traffic in the rest of the bay, a very light volume of traffic. today is -- >> friday. >> friday. by the time we get to the temperatures. >> oh, yeah. >> try to find a cool spot today and throughout the weekend. >> that's going to do it for us on this friday morning. >> thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. take a look at this. i'm not sure who that is but, of
7:00 am
course, you know the iconic golden gate bridge is a place that so many people want to visit and we have it in our own backyard. get out and enjoy as much as you can. stay cool an hydrated. the "today" show is coming up next. good morning summer soaker. elsa drenching the northeast this morning torrential rain and high winds creating a dangerous commute just hours after a separate system led to chaotic scenes like this. new york city subway stations flooding passengers wading through waist-high water just ahead, what you can expect today and this weekend booster already? pfizer announcing it will soon seek government approval for a third shot but overnight, the fda and cdc saying boosters are not
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