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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 9, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, get ready to sweat, bay area. extreme heat set to take and it's going to make for sweltering temperatures across the region. we're tracking where it's expected to reach deep into the triple digits. plus -- >> only went for about ten seconds but having lived through many earthquakes in the bay area it certainly felt like an awful long time. >> shake, rattle and roll. a 6.0 earthquake hitting south of lake tahoe is felt for miles including here in the bay area. a cluster of quakes, scary moments for a northern california camp ground as the shaking continues. coming back from covid,
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translating to longer drive times for bay area commuters. the reason the brakes could be hit on carpooling. this is "today in the bay." and a good friday morning. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. >> i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we're going to get to traffic but let's talk about the extreme heat. meteorologist kari hall is tracking it all. summer, we expect it, but this also comes with some warnings and, of course, danger. >> yes, of course. most people don't realize how dangerous heat is. it's the number one related, weather-related cause of death, and so as we are starting out with this morning's temperatures, mostly in the upper 50s to low 60s, we are in the low 70s right now. san jose hitting 70 degrees, and that's to start out the day. up to 103 in livermore, concord,
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we'll see for the east bay and a lot of heat as we go into the weekend. another look at that in a few minutes. mike how is it looking? >> over here, golden gate bring, the crew sitting here is just starting to move. clearing from the bay bridge heading north and that typically happens a little bit earlier on fridays as we all like to get done with our workweek. these folks, watch for anybody working outside, hope everybody stays safe with the incoming heat. the traffic is at a minimum across the bridges, antioch, and tri-valley. a disabled vehicle, should be on the shoulder, coming up. >> we begin with the shake, rattling and rolling. did you feel it? a 6.0 earthquake rattling a town south of lake tahoe but it was felt in some parts of the bay area as well. >> this is a map from the usgs. people as far north as redding
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reported feeling the quake. >> all of a sudden. >> reporter: when a 6.0 earthquake hit, scott capturing this video near the epicenter in the eastern sierra community of coleville. boulders down from the centennial bluffs kicking up dust while crashing down. >> the ground seemed to shake extensively more might be because of the granite being here in high desert country that it's not absorbed like it might be in other parts of the bay area. i think it made it that much more scarier, it rolled. you could see the ground moving. >> reporter: he is the manager of the koa camp ground there but lived in danville for 15 years. >> only went for about 10 seconds but having lived through many in the bay area it seemed like an awful long time. >> an earthquake. >> how do you know? >> the tires went a little funny, maybe the road was just funny, kind of wiggled. >> reporter: another video showing hillsides rumbling. >> i don't understand.
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>> some had to steer around boulders on highway 395. the usgs says it's the strongest quake to hit the antelope valley fault. >> shaking was felt quite widely from san francisco to east of carson city in nevada and as far south as visalia, california. >> this chandelier rocking back and forth in brentwood. >> i thought it was just me. >> reporter: others didn't at all. he wasn't impressed, but she was sitting in a classroom. >> yes, we are, of course. who is not going to be. like she got us, dropped her bag and phone, do we have to go out? >> it was little vibrations. it was nothing. >> reporter: for burkhart and the campers in coleville they'll try to rest after quite the afternoon. >> nobody was hurt, no injuries, no damage, a few uneasy guests that aren't used to earthquakes
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so we're keeping them calm and moving them to different parts of the property. >> reporter: the usgs reported more than 40 aftershocks. geologists say the chance the antelope valley fault will have a larger earthquake in the coming days is around 6%. ian cull, nbc bay area news. we track the follow-up from the quake and numerous aftershocks. head to for the latest updates on this earthquake when we're not on the air. new details this morning, five palo alto officers, police officers, suing the city for what they claim is discrimination for being forced to walk past a black lives matter mural. after the death of george floyd last summer the mural painted in front of city hall which images inside each letter of black lives matter for the letter e showed a black woman who killed a white new jersey state trooper in 1970s. the mercury news reports that five officers say the city allowed that mural to be painted which was offensive and created
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a hostile work environment. the mural was removed in november. palo alto police are looking for answers on a hate crime involving vandalism at a popular park. earlier this week a patrol officer allegedly found a derogatory racial statement written inside a bathroom at el camino park. the officer says the message expressed hatred for white people. police think that message was written on tuesday or wednesday but no leads have been found. public works crews have cleaned up the vandalism. new traffic trouble to report tied to the return to work as we move through the pandemic. several bay area companies like google, apple and uber are opting for a hybrid work place where employees spend a few days in the office. many are worried that traffic will retur and it already has. telling us about it. we see it really. bay bridge congestion is worse now at peak hours than it was before the pandemic. there's concern the hybrid work model will disrupt carpool
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schedules. climate in crisis series continues and shows new signs suggesting the potential for new flooding threats by the end of the next decade in the lowest lying areas. nasa researchers looked at the 18-year moon cycle along with potential impacts from rising sea levels. the study published in the new edition of a plublycation called nature in climate change suggests repetitive flooding from high tides may become prevalent in coastal cities by the mid 2030s due in part to how the earth is lined up with the sun and moon. all right. it's time to get a look at that microclimate weather. we have been talking about it and felt it a little bit too. the temperatures starting to warm up out there. i'm bringing the heat on. >> wow. >> we got to laugh about it because it's not fun to be in the heat. >> it is not, especially during the middle of the afternoon trying to get something done and
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like, oh, my goodness. it's like that again today as we start out this morning with our temperatures in the mid-60s in the tri-valley. windows down, take it in and enjoy it because we don't see the cool air last for long. it's going to heat up quickly in the upper 80s by late morning. here's where we're headed today with highs over 100 degrees for the inland east bay and widespread 90s for the south bay and north bay. we'll talk about this weekend in a few minutes. how is it looking for the morning commute? >> like we say, don't blame you for the weather. it's marcus' fault. to the dublin interchange, the disabled vehicle, looked like an earlier incident might have left one lane affected, the chp cleared it from the blotter as far as i can tell. that's better news for the tri-valley. the altamont, barely any dip in the speeds at all. no traffic right now. light traffic early as we expect throughout the bay area and no major problems throughout as we're looking at travel times, highway 4 out of antioch and
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vasco you're at the limit. coming up here on "today in the bay," tropical storm elsa wreaking havoc this morning on the eastern seaboard. video of the flooding an the mark it left behind on the big apple before moving north. >> a fit for investors, why experts say levi's is primed to have a lucrative day on the stock market. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where things are moving along not too busy but it will change. it's friday. have a look at traffic, weather and more news for you right ahead.
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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. good friday morning. right now at 4:41 we are under a microclimate weather alert as we have to plan our day around the heat. in martinez, nice and cool at 65 and we'll stay in the 60s for a couple more hours. rising temperatures expected today as we reach into the mid 90s here. we'll get a look at our microclimates coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. over here we're looking at the bay bridge and that looks good. overnight crews have cleared the westbound direction getting into san francisco is easy right now. of course a lot of us just getting started with our workday and well into that is christina. >> good morning. i'm christina from cnbc. wall street is set to open higher as the markets look to rebound from yesterday's sell-off. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 suffering the worst day in three weeks. the dow closing down 259 points although it had been off more
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than 500 during the seg. that was on a host of worries, including a slowdown in economic growth and increase in covid cases and when and if the federal reserve will decided to turn off the spigot of financial support. all three are expected to close in the red for the week. watch shares of levi's strauss. the latest set of earnings beating wall street forecasts coming in stronger than expected. they expect a strong second half of the year as demand for its jeans, tops and jackets rebound. levi's ceo saying, quote, about 35% of consumers have changed waist sizes and some of it is up and some of it is down, but either way creates another reason for people to update their wardrobe. the company is benefitting from collaborations with brands like valentino and a push forward towards online and digital sales. amazon has signed a deal with comcast to show movies on
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prime video and imbd stream services. new releases will show up on prime following a four-month run on peacock. they will be available on amazon for about ten months before returning to peacock for another four months. hopefully you can keep track of that and our viewers that are watching aren't some of those that saw the jeans size go up. >> mine is going up, but it's going down. >> it's all muscle. >> good for you. >> thanks, christina. coming up, we're talking about the heat wave that is headed our way. really what we can all do to try to help cut down on our power usage. >> we need to do that with the flex alert beginning this afternoon and we're going to have intense heat for the bay area, including san jose headed toward the mid 90s. a look at our microclimates coming up. >> you don't have to flex right now. keep the tv on for a couple
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hours. san raphael, where things are very light right now. we'll show you how the rest of the bay is shaping up. the south bay coming up. >> ban upheld. details on the major blow for some east bay restaurants. you're watching "today in the bay." scripps, murraya.
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4:47 right now. taking a live look outside this is in the hills of san jose. you see how dry it is. you can tell from the distance
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when driving anywhere throughout our state. no wonder why it's the golden state, but it's concerning, dry conditions out there really hot temperatures expected across the region today. kari has her eye on that. >> almost looks halloweenish, don't you think. it's not going to feel like halloween, the fall feeling out there. it's going to feel like summer today, kari. >> absolutely. i mean it's going to be so hot especially during the middle of the afternoon for our inland areas. the good thing is that even though the fog has moved away from san francisco, we're not going to see an intense heat up here. we're not going to get that strong offshore wind. we're watching those hills and the fire danger for today. very high. it gets higher tomorrow as the heat intensifies and dries out the vegetation even more so than it already is. and also a breezy wind picking up even though it will be a hot dry wind, it's going to feel like a hair dryer. planning your day around the heat in danville, heading to the
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park, you only have a few hours during the morning before it really starts to feel uncomfortable. really by 11:00. we're in the mid 80s and headed toward the mid 90s during the middle of the day here. we're going to see these temperatures reach into the mid 90s for much of the south bay, reaching 95 in east san jose, but 100 degrees in morgan hill. for the east bay we're looking at a high up to 106 degrees today in antioch. danville reaching 102 and 90 in freemont, oakland in the upper 70s. and you can see the wide range in temperatures because of the cooler air that will be right along the immediate coastline but not helping them out in palo alto. reaching up to 87 degrees there. some low 70s in the mission district. see the difference from there to the outer sunset where we will be in the low 60s and mid 80 in mill valley reaching 107 in ukiah. going through the forecast, the heat gets stronger tomorrow building for the desert
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southwest and the southern california, it's going to linger for a while before it backs off and then we'll see some cooler temperatures quickly moving in by next tuesday and wednesday as the storm system approaches from the north. antioch with our temperatures reaching up to 103 degrees, even 109 for tomorrow. that's the peak of the heat and then coming down by next week. we're watching all of our microclimates. what are where you watching for the morning commute? >> i'm watching traffic on the roadway. easy drive right now. cooler i guess is the one advantage. 237, the on ramp may be a disabled vehicle affecting only the on ramp, not 237. it's been there for a while. 680 and 101 where the roadway split like a triangle portion where the two split off and right there at the gore point there is a disabled vehicle or a minor crash in san jose. live camera didn't show slowing or issues in the roadway. the rest of the bay is a nice, smooth, easy drive. very light traffic even out of
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the altamont pass and no delays out of the north bay or along highway 4, the whole area kari was talking about with the the water. back havoc along the east coast. a live look at hartford, connecticut, where the storm bringing rain with it. part of new york city, deluged with water. you can see just how high the rain water rose causing problems. look at this for drivers and pedestrians. this is down in the subway. look at that. flooded a number of subway stations across the city. in central virginia there were central water rescues. 70% of one city's streets shut down due to the flooding. a massive red oak tree fell into a yard where a family was just seconds from that tragedy pulling out from their driveway
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before it fell. no one hurt. evacuation orders for homes as crews work contain the beckworth fire. the flames are consuming parts of the plumas near the nevada state line. hundreds of firefighters are part of this battle. the fire is 30% contained. evacuation orders lifted as crews are making progress on the broiler fire in mendocino. the flames there 75% contained. firefighters say it's burned at least 80 acres. nine structures have been destroyed including three homes. the cause is still under investigation. new details, a major loss for some restaurant owners in the east bay. a judge upholding berkeley's ordinance banning natural gas lines and new buildings. the city passed the ordinance in 2020 which requires new buildings to use electrical lines instead of national gas lines. the goal to reduce emissions of
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various house gases. the california restaurant association says the ban conflicts with federal laws on energy efficiency. the tokyo 2021 games start right here on nb bay area. you couldn't see fans in the stands. covid is spreading in japan and only 15% of the population has been vaccinated. the japanese government making the decision to ban fans from the game yesterday. many people say their main concern about how it will impact athletes' performances. here's team usa basketball member and warrior's star draymond green. >> i don't think it gives us a disadvantage because fort worth better part of the last calendar year most of us have been playing in front of no fans or very little. >> other u.s. athletes told us they're sad for their families who sacrificed so much to see their daughters and sons reach the olympics and now can't be there to see their dreams come
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true. >> that is tough. 4:53. coming up next on "today in the bay," she's pretty great, this year's winner of the scripps national spelling bee one for the history books. we'll tell you why. a word that sent her to victory. >> happening in o.w., america's animal shelters are seeing a sad ripple effect from the return to normal. with the world opening back up again, pet adoptions are declipg and some shelters seeing the number of pet surrenders surge over the past few months. leaders say more and more shelters once again near full capacity. we'll be right back. why o-cedar ?
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we like to play crocodile on the floor reves over 99% of bacteria, even with just water... why o-cedar ? easy and truly clean floors o-cedar. it feels great to feel at home this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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there's a new national spelling bee champion. >> her story making the moment. it's trending this morning. take a look. murraya.-o-o-k. murraya. murraya. >> that is correct. >> zaila avant-garde of louisiana is now the new champion, the first black american to win that title in the competition's history. she's also a basketball star i should say because she has three guinness world records in dribbling and she wants to play for the wnba one day. you can catch zaila talking live about her historic wins following "today in the bay" on the "today" show. that's coming up for you right after "today in the bay." well, you know what, you could use one. the tiki bar opening today.
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the tonga room had an invitation only event before reopening today. >> the reopening of an icon. this kind of the anti-san francisco, right. it's very -- there's nothing else like it. >> it's great to be back in the tonga room. this little oasis away from the city, right. and get to wear an aloha shirt. >> the team at the tonga room says it's only one of only five authentic tiki rooms in the country. >> pretty cool. we'll be right back.
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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right now at 5:00, hot, hot, hot. bay area temperatures are on the rise. we'll take you live to the epicenter of the extreme heat as you're asked once again to limit your power usage. the alerts and dangerous the hot weather is triggering. the system underestimated the original magnitude of that event. >> new cake concerns after a 6.0 earthquake strikes lake tahoe. the shaking felt all the way to here in the bay area. the reason you may have gotten an alert before you felt the shaking. this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we begin with that extreme heat parts of the deep east bay set


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