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tv   Today  NBC  July 8, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪♪ good morning poignant pause overnight crews and families coming together for an emotional vigil and moment of silence at the site of that condo collapse after the difficult decision to transition from a rescue to a recovery operation ending the two-week search for possible survivors. investigation goes from here. breaking news.
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with covid cases rising, japan declares a state of emergency in tokyo just 15 days before the opening ceremony of the olympics. so what impact will that have on the games? we'll have a live report from tokyo. brazen attack. chilling video emerges from the assassination of haiti's u.s. drug agents. >> dea operation, everybody stand down. >> overnight, four suspects killed two others arrested in a gun battle with police. we'll have the latest and the turmoil that's now erupted in haiti over exactly who's in charge. in her own words. tennis star naomi osaka breaking her silence writing a powerful and personal essay for "time" magazine. this morning, her decision to take a break and her new mission. speaking out -- >> sickened. >> disgusted.
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>> an nbc news exclusive. eight of bill cosby's accusers sharing their reaction to his surprising release from prison. >> we put our necks on the line, and then the legal system yanked the rug out from under us. >> straight ahead, the support they found in each other, and why they say their fight is far from over. all that, plus -- the lightning strike -- twice. >> score! >> tampa bay wins a second straight stanley cup setting off a party on the ice -- >> the tampa bay lightning win their second straight stanley cup! >> -- and across the championship city. "today," thursday, july 8, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today."
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thank you so much for joining us on this thursday morning. savannah and hoda are both off, and down in florida, it went from hopeful to heartbreak. >> we begin with news out of surfside, florida, where it was two weeks ago today at 1:30 in the morning when the champlain towers south partially collapsed, at the time officials announcing one person was killed and 99 unaccounted for. >> rescuers worked around the clock as both the death toll and the number of missing continued to go up. then on sunday, the decision was made to demolish the remainder of that building, an effort to open up an unreachable area amid fears of tropical storm elsa. >> then last night the news many had been expecting. the operation turning from rescue to recovery. officials telling families there was "no chance of life in the rubble." >> then a short time later, hundreds of those first responders gathered by the site for an emotional moment of silence for the now 54 people confirmed dead and 86 others who
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are still missing. nbc's morgan chesky has covered the story from the very beginning and remains on duty for us in surfside. morgan, good morning. >> reporter: craig, savannah, good morning, and there was so much hope when this search began. as soon as that tower collapsed, everyone knew the clock was ticking. but with the last survivor now pulled from that pile of rubble, 15 days ago, this switch to recovery is heading home. this morning in surfside, two weeks worth of tears, spilling over. after a search and rescue mission unlike anything seen in florida history, a painful and emotional admission from officials. >> we've decided, based on everything that's been given to us, that there are no live victims. >> reporter: a rescue mission shifting to recovery as the death toll only rises. crews finding 18 more bodies wednesday. 54 people now confirmed dead. more than 80 others still
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missing. >> our first responders have truly searched that pile every single day since the collapse as if they're searching for their own loved ones. >> reporter: the chances of finding anyone else alive nearly impossible. but their 24/7 mission far from over. >> but we can and we will do everything in our power possible to identify all of the victims and to offer closure to the families. >> reporter: the news devastating for the families of those lost and draining for the crews working their way through the rubble. captain ignatius carol says every day that passed without a rescue took a toll. >> very heavy on everyone. there has not been a dry eye out on that search operation since we started. >> reporter: the massive undertaking more than a job. >> anytime that we found a person, we would stop, give a moment of silence, and there
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would be a line created by the search and rescue personnel as they bring that person off of that pile. >> reporter: and it was that pile crews on wednesday, standing shoulder to shoulder in absolute silence, paying tribute to those lost, and promising to make families whole, one final time. >> such a powerful image there, morgan. so much emotion from the families who lost loved ones to those emergency responders who have been sifting through that rubble for weeks now. you were there at the ceremony last night. what was it like? >> reporter: craig, it was -- it was beyond powerful. you had members of the community standing amongst first responders, joined by members of the clergy who were saying prayers as people held candles and clutched rosaries. one of the families of those still missing telling me that as they now approach this thought of a worst-case scenario, they just want to be reunited with their loved ones to say good-bye. craig?
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>> closure. morgan chesky, thank you. and another major story. the countdown to the olympics with opening ceremonies just 15 days away, overnight japan declared a new state of emergency in tokyo because of mounting covid concerns. how will that impact the games? tom llamas is in tokyo for us. good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning to you. the olympics here in tokyo will make history but not the type of history organizers were hoping for the first olympics we know of taking place in a host city under a state of emergency, and we just learned spectators are being banned from the events at the olympics. this morning, japan declaring a covid-19 state of emergency in tokyo, the move set to collide with the start the olympic games just 15 days away. japan's prime minister
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yoshihide suga announcing the new restrictions to combat a recent spike in covid cases. japanese media reporting the government is moving to ban all fans from late-night olympic olympic competitions and showcase event, including the opening ceremony plus, the olympic torch relay being pulled off the streets in public tokyo >> it isn't over yet we will do our best to ensure the safe and secure games. >> reporter: though the country has suffered fewer deaths than other developed nations, japan is taking no chances. have you met anyone who wants the olympics to happen >> i haven't met any japanese who are keen to have the olympics they are worried that there will be a spike and a surge in transmissions, and this is going to be bad news for japan >> reporter: recent polls have shown more than half the japanese want the olympics to be canceled or postponed. one reason for concern, japan's
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sluggish vaccine rollout just 15% of eligible japanese are fully vaccinated and now with the delta variant spreading all over the world, japan enforcing strict rules we've seen firsthand all foreigners have to do a 14-day quarantine when they arrive in tokyo and submit daily saliva tests and tracked on this health app here in japan these nice government workers are here to make sure we don't break quarantine and collect our saliva tests, and a sign-out sheet, only allowed outside 15 minutes and they want us not to break that time. the growing number of rules have burned athletes themselves, who are still training >> they're sacrificing a lot they can't take their friends or family to tokyo. >> hmm so, tom what does this state of emergency exactly limit there in tokyo? >> reporter: right the main issue here is crowd control.
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they're asking all restaurants, bars and karaoke parlors not to serve alcohol. they're really worried an the crowd getting out of control they want to make sure with all olympic festivities and thousands of travelers, all these foreigners, that things don't get out of control, and that's the main reason for the state of emergency. >> trying to keep it tight thank you. to the breaking news on the assassination of haiti's president at his own home. overnight several suspects were killed, others arrested in a gun battle with police, and new images emerging of that brazen attack and it's sparking worldwide outrage and growing unrest as well as turmoil on the streets of haiti nbc's gabe gutierrez is with us at the united nations with the latest on all of it. good morning. >> reporter: this attack seems like something out of a movie. four suspects killed during a gun battle, two arrested and three police officers freed after being taken hostage. all this as the u.n. security council plans to meet later today. overnight, the first arrests
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after videos emerged of assassins apparently outside the private residence of haiti's president. the footage appears to show vehicles and heavily armed men moving down the street around the time he was murdered. >> deae operation, back up, stand down >> reporter: in separate audio a voice heard identifying the group at dea agents. do you believe they were paid by his political opponents? >> i believe it was some consideration being made it's obvious this has been a group of haters. >> reporter: haiti's ambassador tells me they were clearly not dea agents but foreign mercenaries that gunned down president jovenel moise and critically injured his wife, who has been flown to the hospital for treatment. overnight, four suspects killed, two arrested as the international manhunt continues. the country's prime minister is
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in charge and has declared a state of siege and the port-au-prince airport is closed down the u.s. embassy there is telling its staff to shelter in place. >> need a lot more information, but it's just -- it's very worrisome, at the state of haiti. >> reporter: the poorest country in the western hemisphere ravaged by that catastrophic earthquake a decade ago has grown increasingly chaotic in the past months. gang violence has exploded, so has inflation. protesters had accused president moise as awe authoritarianism as he tried to rewrite elections near end of this year. when i spoke to the haitian ambassador to the u.s., he did not rule out that some of the killers may have left the country. the acting prime minister is calling on the international community to investigate the assassination as the u.n. security council calls for calm. craig? >> gabe, thank you. now to a grim new milestone in the pandemic. worldwide, 4 million people have now died from covid.
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more than 609,000 of them here in the u.s and while cases have been driven down across much of the country, pockets that remain largely unvaccinated are seeing a spike driven by the highly contagious delta strain we're joined from one of the hot spots, southwestern missouri shaquille brewster joins us. good morning >> reporter: good morning. overnight the first member of a federal covid response team arriving here in springfield the delta variant impacting not just the state of missouri but really, the entire region. especially where those vaccination rates remain low one doctor telling me that the risk among the unvaccinated is eight to ten times higher than it was at this point last year this morning, a clash of covid realities. >> we are in the worst setting of the pandemic right now. >> reporter: at mercy hospital in springfield, missouri, the number of covid patients breaking a record this week. now a call for more physicians as doctors say the highly
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contagious coronavirus virus strain is driving the increase. >> you're seeing a peak 16 months into this pandemic. what does that feel like >> tiring. it's very tiring >> reporter: the delta variant is now the dominant strain across the united states health experts say it's putting unvaccinated people at a far greater risk >> this is a different threat. this is covid 21 not covid-19. >> reporter: delta is accounting for around 80% of new cases, in kansas, iowa, nebraska and missouri according to cdc estimates, hospitalizations are rising, too. here at least 95% of patients are unvaccinated >> there are 120 real human beings in that hospital right now struggling with this illness. >> reporter: elected officials are scrambling to boost stalled vaccination rates. >> if you don't want to go to the hospital >> reporter: this 42-year-old spent three weeks in the icu he now regrets passing up the vaccine. >> i really thought i was going to die.
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>> reporter: by contrast, celebrations in new york, where more than 62% of adults are now fully vaccinated >> thank you to the doctors! thank you to the technicians >> reporter: a ticker tape parade, the first since the pandemic, honoring frontline heroes who carried the city through its darkest moments last year. >> it's amazing. we have worked so hard, every day of the pandemic. >> reporter: a hard-won celebration amid growing concerns now, mercy hospital and its entire health system now requiring mandatory vaccinations for all of its staff by end of september. that includes about 100 hospitals and clinics throughout the area meanwhile, a local school district is now reinstating its mask mandate for summer programs guys, you're getting a sense of the push and pull that many local communities are having to face sheinelle? >> absolutely. have to get the numbers down shaq, thank you. turning to hockey, the party still going along florida's gulf coast this morning, because the
7:16 am
tampa bay lightning are back-to-back stanley cup champs. >> lightning strikes twice the tampa bay lightning win their second straight stanley cup! >> the lightning only needed one goal last night to beat the montreal canadiens in game five of the stanley cup final and win the series four games to one more than 33,000 lightning fans inside that home arena, and thousands more were outside. you see them there celebrating the big win. this is tampa bay's third stanley cup. i remember years ago when they announced tampa bay was getting a hockey team thinking, wow. a hockey team in tampa bay >> and now look. look at that crowd, too. meantime, elsa is continuing to soak the south, and this morning tropical storm warnings and watches now stretch from south carolina all the way to new england. dylan is in for al this morning with the forecast. she's on the road today in state line, nevada
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good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. yeah the storm has moved out of florida and now it is bringing most of its heavy rain through south carolina, but take a look at where we have our tropical storm warnings right now, extending from georgia all the way up to massachusetts. also flash flood watches in effect, too. the storm itself, while over land, is still maintaining its strength with winds right now up to about 40 miles per hour and likely it will strengthen to about 45 mile-per-hour winds, but look at all the rain tropical downpours and a lot of energy could also spawn some tornadoes, too, but it is moving pretty quickly by tomorrow morning, we will see it just to the south of new jersey there, and then it will most likely scrape cape cod getting into friday afternoon. it will pick up forward speed. we're still looking at a chance of gusty winds, the threat of some of those tornadoes and locally could pick up about six inches of rain when you get stuck in the heavier downpours
7:18 am
that leads to flooding potential, which will be the biggest risk going forward that's a look at weather across the country. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. g forwa. that's a look at weather across the country. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. families. businesses. in-laws. law firms. every customer. new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. and if you're not a customer, we'll help cover the cost to switch. just ask wanda. she's been with us since... (gasps)... now. upgrade your phone. upgrade your network. good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall. take a look at our high temperatures today. we will have a wide range from the low 60s in half moon bay to the upper 90s as we head to the inland east bay as well as the north bay. our forecast shows triple-digit temperatures for the next seven days in the hottest spots
7:19 am
inland. we will catch a break next week as san francisco will see temperatures staying in the 70s. and that's your latest forecast. back to you guys back to you guys. >> all right dylan, thank you. coming up, naomi osaka back in the spotlight this morning and getting candid our exclusive look at what the tennis star is revealing to "time" magazine about her decision to make a mental health break. the pressure on today's athletes and how she's now fighting for change. plus, one week after bill cosby's surprise release from prison kate snow sat down with eight of
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tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. good morning. it's 7:26. i am marcus washington. here's today's top stories including the vta trying to move forward from tragedy. >> in the south bay vta is expected to make a major announcement today. the vta is expected to say light-rail will resume later this month, about two months after the shooting occurred in may. the agency was short staffed as employees tried to process and heal after the tragic mass shooting. commuters have found other ways to commute meantime. on may 26th a vta employee
7:27 am
killed nine colleagues at the vta rail yard. i am cierra johnson, pg&e will be hosting webinars to help folks prepare for the impending fire danger. the seminars will take place on thursdays from 6:30 to seven in the evening. now tonight it focuses on alameda, contra costa and san mateo counties. let's get a look at the forecast. those temperatures are heading our way, kari. >> yeah, it's going to be really hot these next few days. inland valleys, some of the hottest spots will reach 100 degrees, and it extends throughout the weekend and saturday with the peak of the heat. we will have areas to go to clear off like san francisco. here the temperature will be in the low 70s with sunshine into
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look at that right down the -- >> bam >> oh, yeah! >> just say, ah, yeah. >> she does. >> back with vicky wynn's experience at rv school. there is a thing recreational vehicles became all the rage during the pandemic and rentals are soaring, but there's a lot to know before getting behind the wheels. tips she picked up. >> and she's good at everything she does sure she aced it get to 7:30 headlines on this thursday morning former president trump time add lawsuit against facebook,
7:31 am
twitter and google along with their ceos because of bans imposed on him after the capitol riot the immediate past president contends the social media platforms should not enact limits on conservative users legal experts say he faces an uphill battle in court representatives for facebook and twitter declined to comment. six months after being put in place, capitol police will remove the remaining fencing around the capitol the temporary barrier put in place after the january 6th riot officials say improved security conditions have made it possible for the fencing to come downks noticed that your plane was completely full. according to the tsa more than 10 million passengers were screened at u.s. airports this past holiday weekend that's 83% of the travel volume from 2019 before the pandemic. in fact, some experts say they
7:32 am
are actually exceeding 2019 travel numbers at this point in the year. turning to a young star bace in the spotlight we have anne exclusive reveal of tennis phenom naomi osaka on the cover of "time" magazine as she opens up about mental health. >> stephanie gosk is with us. >> reporter: good morning. naomi osaka describes herself as an introvert, and says speaking up and speaking out gives her anxiety, but that is exactly what she's doing in this essay calling on professional sports and the media to show some empathy, that not all athletes are the same and maybe the expectations should change dropping out of the french open shocked the tennis world then naomi osaka withdrew from wimbledon. now on her own terms and in her own words, the 23-year-old is explaining why "it's okay to not be okay. and it's okay to talk about it she explains, i wanted to skip press conferences at roland-garros to exercise self-care and preservation of my mental health.
7:33 am
i stand by that. athletes are humans. but tournament officials insisted she face the press, like every other player. osaka writes, "i felt under a great amount of pressure to disclose my symptoms frankly, because the press and the tournament did not believe me i do not wish that on anyone." ranked number two in the world, the young star has a proposal for all professional sports. writing, "we can enact measures to protect athletes, especially the fragile ones osaka says, give athletes the right to take a mental break from media scrutiny on a rare occasion without being subject to strict sanctions. in a twist, the spotlight on osaka has only grown brighter. >> people might think i'm quiet. different. that i don't fit the box of what an olympian should be. >> reporter: overnight the international olympic committee launching its "stronger
7:34 am
together" campaign. >> but i am proof that the definition is bigger than people think. >> reporter: osaka who would play for japan in the olympic games with a message for female athletes >> if we don't fit that expectation of what people think we're supposed to be -- good >> reporter: a message that echoed in her netflix series, launching next week. >> i always had a pressure to maintain the sweet pea image, but, you know, i don't care what anyone has to say. >> reporter: in her essay osaka thanks those who stood by her including michelle obama, steph curry and novak djokovic she admits she is uncomfortable being the spokesperson of athlete mental health but adds, "michael phelps told me by bispiking up i may have saved a life if that's true, then it was all worth it." >> naomi osaka thanked those who
7:35 am
supported her and reflected how divided the reaction was you know, to her decision to drop out of the french open. >> yeah. and really surprised by it how intense it was, and how split it was, and she said she learned an important lesson. a lot of people know, you can't please everyone. >> yeah. >> as far as those olympics are concerned, they are her first. pressure is going to be intense there as well, also to speak publicly it will be interesting to see how she handles that. >> and worried more attention on her now because of all of this >> absolutely, the cycle continues. thank you. >> you're welcome. by the way, that issue of "time" is on newsstands tomorrow. up next, kate snow's candid and exclusive conversation with eight of bill cosby's accusers in the wake of his sudden release from prison. >> we put our necks on the line and then the legal system yanked the rug out from under us. >> this morning, how they felt watching cosby walk free and the support they're now finding in each other that's right after this.
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we're back 7:30 now on this thursday morning with "in-depth." this morning, an exclusive conversation with eight of bill cosby's accusers. >> seven first spoke out to nbc news in an interview with "dateline" several years ago now they're sharing they reactions to cosby's release reflections on the last six years and their hopes for the future. >> nbc senior national correspondent kate snow on the story from the very beginning and joins us once again this morning. kate, good morning >> reporter: good morning, craig and sheinelle. they knew that bill cosby was appealing his conviction some of them even listened to the arguments before the pennsylvania supreme court months ago and say they had a bad feeling, but for most of these women, the decision to release cosby came as a total shock. they are eight of the more than 60 who have accused bill cosby with cosby a free man, they say
7:41 am
their support for each other and mthe ore important than ever when they heard bill cosby would walk free there was anger and more. >> sickened. >> disgusted. >> victoria, who are you most angry at? >> i'm angry at the legal system we put our necks on the line, and then the legal system yanked the rug out from under us. >> feeling frustrated and upset, because i feel like a bully has been let go. >> i'm concerned for the victims of sexual assault that they will have that attitude of, why bother why bother telling my story? >> i was drugged and raped. >> reporter: six years ago all but one of these women joined a group of more than 20 to share their stories about bill cosby. how many believe you were drugged by bill cosby? how many of you believe bill cosby raped you? their accusations ranging from harassment to groping to sexual assault and rape many of the stories strikingly similar. bill cosby and his lawyers deny
7:42 am
any of it ever happened. >> we come on the air with breaking news. bill cosby has been released from prison -- >> reporter: now the pennsylvania supreme court decision overturning cosby's 2018 indecent assault conviction brings the women back together. >> there's a fire inside of me that has just made me want to go out and make change even more than i did in 2015 >> he was not proclaimed innocent i think most us in our sisterhood need to hold on to that. >> the point the supreme court made over and over was that this was a due process issue, that bill cosby was essentially promised by a prosecutor he would never be prosecuted and then he was. that violated his rights. >> and what does the evidence -- what does the evidence of "a promise" show the proof? >> bill cosby's representative called the court's decision a victory for black america. >> ah! [ laughter ] >> this is not about race.
7:43 am
it's about rape. the only place that race plays into this is the fact that bill cosby was disproportionately targeting black women. >> reporter: two of these women testified in support of andrea constand. do you regret that >> absolutely not. i would go back and do it again. this man has spent two years and nine months in jail. this man has lost his entire reputation he's lost every bit of credibility that he's ever had. >> it's worth the public knowing the magnitude of character assassination of blaming and shaming, of silencing, and yet we've still found the strength to transform our tragedy into political power. >> reporter: since speaking out, many of cosby's accusers have fought to change the statute of limitations on sexual assault and succeeded in several states. >> this may be the kick-start we need for more states to get involved.
7:44 am
>> reporter: their survivor, sisterhood, the sweetest thing to come out of their trauma. >> i am ready and raring to go, and will do anything and speak my truth to anyone that needs it. >> i'm very, very proud to know all of these women. >> we have opened the floodgates for so many people who had previously never felt safe in speaking out. predators are being put on notice. >> barbara bowman told me she would tell anyone out there still carrying a story to find someone who will listen. some of them will be at a vigil this saturday evening in philadelphia and also an event in chicago craig? >> so, kate, i mean, cosby, out of prison now. does he face other legal issues at all >> yeah. he does, actually, craig there's a civil suit against cosby in los angeles moving forward right now. an attorney for that accuser, gloria allred, said wednesday they'll ask the court to allow a second deposition of bill cosby. that hearing is mid-august,
7:45 am
guys. >> kate snow for us. thank you. switching gears and a check of the forecast with dylan in nevada this morning near lake tahoe. good morning. >> good morning, again, guys yeah, while i am in lake tahoe we are watching a situation going on down in texas a lot of rain is moving in off the gulf of mexico some areas have already picked up 14 inches of rain and look at corpus christi right now heavy, torrential downpours continue to stream out of the east we do have, because of that, the risk of some more flooding, some flash flooding as well we could see several more inches of rain, perhaps five, six, seven inches, and it falls at rates around 2 to 3 inches per hour that is a lot of rain falling in a short period of time that's why we also have that flash flooding risk. this is something we'll continue to keep an eye on and also watching elsa as it moves through the carolinas today and will continue to make its way into the northeast out west, record-high
7:46 am
good morning. i am meteorologist, kari hall taking a look at our excessive heat warnings for tomorrow starting at noon. for all of these areas shaded in red including parts of the north bay into the inland east bay and all the way down to the south bay. we are going to see temperatures heating up for the valleys away from the coastline reaching into the triple digits today and more intense on saturday. we will catch a break from the heat early next week. forecast we'll send it back to you guys in new york. >> dylan, thank you. still ahead, a major development in britney spears' fight for her freedom as her mom speaks out the plea she's now making on her daughter's behalf. first, these messages. troke risk due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,... i want that. eliquis.
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us for "pop start. we've put in a special request. >> your favorite story of the morning! favorite story carson's going to tell us all about the '90s rap classic that's getting a whole new life as a pandemic anthem we're not making it up yes, that's juvenile juvie is now asking everyone to not back that thing up he wants you to vax that thing up. >> i thought they were joking. instead of money, vaccination cards. >> no. >> that they've -- >> no. quite the throwback, after your
7:52 am
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good morning. 7:56. i am marcus washington. here's what is happening now. >> i'm in the south bay where vta is expected to make a major announcement today. the vta is expected to say that light-rail will resume later this month, about two months after the shooting occurred in may. the agency was short staffed as employees tried to process and heal after the tragic mass shooting. commuters have been taking the bus or found other ways to commute meantime. on may 26th a vta employee killed nine of his colleagues at the vta rail yard. good morning. i am cierra johnson. as the temperatures in some bay area communities continue to rise, pg&e will host webinars to
7:57 am
help folks prepare for the embending fire dangers. the webinars will focus on wildfire prevention as well as information you need to know about the psp events. tonight it focuses on contra costa and san mateo counties. and kari hall has a look at the hot temperatures today. >> yeah, still hot for the inland areas but cool near the coast. we are starting out with fog in san francisco. this will be clearing out as our temperatures there head up towards 70 degrees. we will see upper 90s for the inland east bay as well as the north bay. 95 in morgan hill. we can see some spots reach into the triple digits, and we will see that through the next several days, and heat peaking on saturday and then temperatures come down early next week. and meantime san francisco stays in the mid-70s for highs into the weekend. we'll have another local
7:58 am
news update coming up in 30 minutes. i'll see you here then. [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ give grandma kisses. mwah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 am
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coming up, moment of silence. overnight, first responders pausing at the site of the condo collapse in florida as their operation officially moves from search and rescue to recovery. >> we can and we will do everything in our power possible to identify all of the victims and to offer closure to the families >> this morning, dozens of victims still missing. we take you inside the tireless effort straight ahead. then, joining the fight. britney spears' mother coming to her defense over the pop star's conservatorship. why she's asking the court to let her daughter have her own
8:01 am
attorney. ♪ eastbound ♪ plus, hitting the open road as demand for recreational vehicles surges, we take you to rv driving school. >> this thing is very different from driving a car holy smokes! >> what you need to know before getting behind the wheel. and -- her best name. gwen stefani shares a family photo of the wedding we can't get enough's we'll have carson daly, and all that "today," thursday, july 8, 2021 ♪ in my heart ♪ >> good morning, "today. starting our today celebrating my mom's birthday. i'm alison. >> i'm leslie. we love "today." hope to see you on the plaza soon >> i'm trish. >> and i'm ron. >> we're in raleigh, north carolina, celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. ♪ la, la, la ♪ >> good morning from duncan,
8:02 am
south carolina i'm here with my beautiful children to celebrate a huge milestone. mummy is turning -- >> all: 50 >> yeah! >> all right happy birthday, and welcome back to "today" on this thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us. savannah and hoda are off. >> yes we have something we're very excited about for you this morning. coming up, one week from today, the fixer-uppers themselves, chip and joanna gaines, here live longing to get folks back into the studio. >> yes they always bring the party. their visit will happen on the same day they're launching their own tv network appropriately named "magnolia" of course weren't kate to catch up with them on everything happening with them. >> right. right now, get to your news at 8:00. it is a busy thursday morning and a difficult decision two weeks after that condo building
8:03 am
collapse in florida. search efforts transitioned from rescue to recovery a painful reality for families and first responders who had been desperately hoping to find survivors, and morgan chesky is in surfside, florida, for us morgan, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you a different feeling in surfside, because there was so much hope when this search began, but with the last survivor pulled from that pile of rubble 15 days ago, officials said it was with profound sadness they made the decision to switch from rescue to recovery, and an incredibly powerful moment took place last night just after 7:00 p.m. when that announcement was made hundreds of residents of the community, local clergy flagged the site of champlain tower south offering prayers for lives lost and those that still need to be reunited with family members. a moment of silence held there, but rescuers tell me it's very important that their nonstop work continues this will not really change what
8:04 am
they've been doing on top of that pile since the collapse began. they're still going to delicately removing massive pieces of debris, gathering evidence in hopes of learning more about this collapse we heard the mayor of surfside, charles burkett, say, they are not leaving this scene until every single person who was inside that building is reunited with their family. >> hmm. >> craig >> morgan chesky for us there as surfside, morgan, thank you. now to a road rage shooting in houston leaving a teen in life support this morning. the boy and his father were heading home from an astros game tempers played with another driver kristen dahlgren has the story. >> reporter: overnight, police in houston releasing this photo of a white four-dour buick sedan searching for its driver as the suspect in a road rage incident that left a 17-year-old boy shot the teen has been identified by his father as david xavier castro
8:05 am
police say the pair left an astros baseball game tuesday night and were traveling in their pick-up truck when they encountered the suspect in a white four-door sedan. david's father exchanged hand gestures with the other driver who then began following the family's truck on to the highway. authorities say the suspect began shooting into the truck striking the 17-year-old in the head his father frantically pulling over, dialing 911. first responders rushing the teen to the hospital >> there are far too much road rage occurring and we want to stop it. when people start turning these people in, they are apprehended and then face the court system. >> reporter: castro's father telling nbc news, he and his family are devastated. my son was the kindest kid you could imagine, castro said he loved percussion, lived for band and was always cautious, never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings. >> it's really unfortunate and sad and we're really hoping to figure out how this happened and
8:06 am
who did it. >> reporter: this morning, an incident of rage ripping a family apart, causing unspeakable heartbreak, as police continue the search for the shooter. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news >> police released a surveillance photo of the suspect's vehicle hoping someone will recognize it this morning anyone with information about the shooting or the vehicle is urged to call houston police also this morning, tennis great roger federer admits he may have played his last wimbledon match. after becoming the oldest man to reach the finals, the eight-time champ fell short federer turns 40 had two knee surgeries in the last year and doesn't know what the future holds. >> of course i would like to play again, you know, but at my age, you're just never sure what's around the corner. >> federer not making any retirement decisions just yet,
8:07 am
but he does have to make at least one decision pretty soon -- whether he will be competing in the tokyo olympics. >> did you hear that >> what's that >> that's savannah sobbing. >> nice to see him in tokyo. >> no. we can hold out hope. time for "the boost. ready? >> let's do it if you think your neighborhood bar or restaurant has pretty good customer service, wait until you see this a restaurant in dublin, ireland, taking customer service to a whole new level. a bartender named franky removed a patio umbrella and used it -- to walk a customer home in the rain. franky at the pines going above and beyond. >> ah! >> one can only assume franky got a pretty good tip, too. >> that's just good -- good to do that. sweet. up next, if you are ready to jump on the summer's hottest travel trend, rvs, stick around. it is not easy driving those big, heavy vehicles. vicky wynn is here she went to driving school for a lesson from the pro.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
season. >> that's right. a growing number of families are choosing to hit the road in the rvs, but before you go get behind that wheel, there is a lot you need to know >> who better to teach us than nbc's investigative corresnn drove an rv? >> i'm learning like everyone else easy to see why it's popular over the past year great way to get outdoors. if you are thinking about going on your own cross-country adventure, know this -- driving an rv, nothing like driving a car. they are big, heavy and if you don't know what you're going, can be dangerous to show you what to expect, i went to driving school. >> reporter: time to hit the open road. with a recreation's vehicle, it's a comfortable and even luxurious way to see the country. rvs are so popular right now, one major rental company reports sales are up 219% from the previous year. but some rvs are more than 40 feet long, 13 feet tall, and weigh more than 40,000 pounds making them even bigger and
8:12 am
heavier than a school bus. that's why they say, before you drive one of these recreational vehicles you need specialty training that's what i'm doing here in texas in this parking lot where they set up these orange cones and a little driving course. you know what? i'm going to crush it. my instructor, tim armstrong with the rv driving school he has 25 years of experience as a professional semitruck driver and rv instructor. our vehicle, this massive motor home that sleeps four, has a full kitchen, bathroom and even a washer and dryer a true home away from home loaned to us by the national rv centers. before we get behind the wheel what do we do? >> we'll do a safety check >> okay. >> walk around make sure all hatches are closed air in the tires there's nothing underneath it that can cause us a problem and check the front and back to make sure those areas are clear. >> reporter: time to get into the driver's seat. first a minor wardrobe change. >> you had me change out of flip-flops to wear these shoes
8:13 am
why was that important >> we always want a solid shoe to drive, because i want you to have a firm control of the brake and the gas. >> okay. here we go. next, i get situated. >> before we can drive we have to have everything set up for you. >> that means adjust the seats to reach the pedals and see above the dashboard, make sure you can reach the steering wheel and arms relaxed fine tune the all-important mirrors to see what's beside you while you're turning. >> mirrors in these size coaches, that's your very best friend. >> we are all adjusted how do i put this thing into gear >> first up, put for foot on the brake. >> got it. >> left side, there's a panel, said "dnr. press "d" for drive. the yellow knob is the parking brake. >> push the brake? >> yes. >> ooh we're ready to roll. i'm just going to move a couple
8:14 am
inches and grab on with the brakes >> that's air brakes they tend to grab a little quicker. >> reporter: yeah, they do tim says the brakes are sensitive for a reason need 450 feet to stop from highway speeds. >> a lot of weight to bring to a stop. >> reporter: i learned how to start it, now i learned how to park it. harder than i thought. whoops we're going backwards instead of forwards i've drifted way over. feel i'm going to run over that cone. fortunately i only took out a few parking cones. did i run over the front one >> oh, yeah. they're gone. >> reporter: soon i straighten it out. >> bam oh, yeah >> reporter: relying on my mirrors and backup camera to ease into my parking spaces. getting the hang of it boom done. tim says most crashes occur at less than 5 miles an hour while parking. leave a buffer from the curb and beginners should get oust vehicle to check. >> look here three feet of clearance yet. the way you're here, you're
8:15 am
perfect. >> reporter: now the driving course the real test. very different from driving a car. holy smokes. and on my very first turn, i popped the curb. >> oh, wow. >> i popped the curb now watch from our go pro mounted on the rv. oops while i did hit the a few bumps -- >> reporter: i finally turned a corner. >> there you go. you got it >> ah, yeah. >> reporter: i learned my lesson cruising in an rv, a great way to see the country, but only with the proper training. >> what was that >> super fun but exhausting as i was concentrating the whole time some lessons we actually didn't go over, how to enter and exit a ramp, and go through toll booth and pumping your gas that's also different with an rv emphasizing why training is so important in one of these heavy, large vehicles. >> i feel like you should have a special driver's license or something like that, if it's so
8:16 am
big? >> driving an rv like one we were, some states require an extra certification on your license. in general, if you're driving a smaller rv that weighs less than 25,000 pounds, you don't need a special license, but it is a good idea to practice. >> that rv is, i mean, that's -- >> like a tour bus that thing's nice. >> what's the price tag? >> that was about $300,000 the price of a house, really, and can go up to $1 million or more it was amazing and we're grateful for them loaning it to us. >> also know your clearance. driving out of state even in one of these ones, not the tour bus, got to know your clearance, bridges and tunnels around the country can be different heights. >> exactly they have great apps to plan your routes to put in the dimensions of your vehicle and take the appropriate route so you're not running into issues, in too big of a vehicle. >> or just drive to the airport and fly! >> that's a vacation. >> time to park that thing >> i did it was hard.
8:17 am
with all mirrors. >> with the training, now that you've graduated from the schooling, would you do it? >> let's go on a road trip let's go i did very well. one curb. >> we check in with dylan, who's in nevada this morning dylan? >> good morning again, guys. update on tropical storm elsa, because it is still a thing and it is still going to impact the carolinas. we've got those tropical storm warnings from georgia up to massachusetts. we also have flash flood watches in effect as well. here is the latest on the storm as it moves through south carolina it is still with those winds up to 40 miles per hour, but moving northeast at 18 miles per hour so while it does have a lot of heavy rain and some gusty winds, it's moving quickly. already by early tomorrow morning, it will be along the southern new jersey coastline and then eventually by the time you get into friday afternoon, it's already beginning to exit southeastern massachusetts, but
8:18 am
bringing a lot of wind, rain, and could end up with about six inches's rain and why we have a flooding potential going into the weekend and approaching weekend, . good morning. i'm kari hall. taking a look at our heat today, that is going to be the main issue as our inland temperatures head up close to 100 degrees. we'll have several days of this high heat as we see the peak of those temperatures on saturday still hot on sunday, some relief early next week. by tuesday and wednesday, back to the low 80s. san francisco along the coastline, we'll still have mild weather there with highs in the 70s and a little bit more sunshine for the weekend. and, guys, i'm so happy you can finally see lake tahoe behind me. i'm out here for a very fun reason we'll get to it in a second. i know, carson, you are very jealous. we'll get you all the details in
8:19 am
the next half hour >> has to do with golf all the greens out there, everything breaks towards the lake keep that in mind. >> pro tip thank you, dylan. >> ready for "pop start" >> i am. start with britney spears. seems to be the big story. this morning's pop star's mother lynne spears coming to her defense. we'll have more details on the explosive court battle >> reporter: this morning britney spears' mother lynne spears is joining the fight over the pop star's conservatorship petitioning the court to listen to her daughter's wishes and as a first step, grant brittney permission to hire her own attorney and her father, jamie, her mother argues she's able to care for her person she cited her competence under the conservatorship. she searched literally hundreds of millions of dollars as an international celebrity,
8:20 am
performed in front of millions of people choreographing each and every move, and praising britney for speaking out during her court hearing last month saying she gave a courageous showing while baring her heart to the court in that explosive hearing britney alleged she was forced to perform, take lithium and prevented from removing an iud meant to stop pregnancy. in recent legal filings, jamiee into her concerns. earlier spears insists he had nothing to do with bad treatment and demanding an investigation into her concerns earlier this week britney's longtime court-appointed attorney petitioned to resign and larry rudolph announcing his departure just days ago. in a letter obtained by nbc news, rudolph has not communicated with spears in more than two years writing in part my professional services are no longer needed. still, no comment from spears herself on the shake-ups, but all eyes will be on her court hearing next wednesday. for "today," erin mclaughlin,
8:21 am
nbc news, los angeles. >> so much on that story. next, gwen stefani and blake shelton. the photos keep coming in from that wedding in oklahoma it took place over the holiday weekend. the music couple giving fans about inside look at their big day. gwen taking to instagram wednesday showing three boys there, 15-year-old kingston and 12-year-old and 7-year-old all grown up in matching suits, black bow ties alongside their stepdad lake in the back proud mama, against. stunning in a custom vera wang gown people love this photo it's a symbol of what americans can relate to, the sort of new blending families, brady bunch i was a year older than apollo in that picture when my stepdad came into my life and he ended up being my hero he's, like, the man. gone now but excited for these boys to have time with blake,
8:22 am
such a great stepdad. >> did they have a part in the ceremony over the weekend do a reading? >> they did. and up next, ed sheeran breaking down "bad habits. he's known for performs live uses a loop pedal allowing him to quickly record multiple instruments, lay them on top of each other and build a loop. he explained exactly how he did this online. >> start with a kick drum first. ♪ the next thing do you, your snare. goes like this ♪ and then bass on your keyboard ♪ and then get the guitar in, which goes like this -- ♪ and then -- ♪ and, last, not least -- you add the keyboard sound, and it goes like this -- ♪ >> i love it.
8:23 am
>> that's all ed sheeran he didn't start touring to a band until semirecently. he was a huge global star, go himself and build out loops using the pedal, all, you know, on this show that's how he would play. >> that's next level is that common with other artists? >> it's becoming more and more common yeah. >> oh, wow. >> "bad habits" marked ed sheeran's eighth song in the top ten on the billboard charts. finally, teasing earlier juvenile the rapper best known for, yes, the 1999 hit "back that thang up." this was the first hip-hop song ever to go number one back in 1999 he's giving it a pandemic twist. teamed up with a dating app, blk. they did a remix instead of "back that thang up" it's "vax that thang up" hoping to easing vaccine hesitancy along with fellow artist manny fresh. newly signed mia x
8:24 am
check out a little of "vax that thang up" ♪ girl, vax that thing, and use a handful brother and vax that thing up ♪ you need to vax that thang up feeling freaky all night ♪ ♪ you need to vax that thang up ♪ >> so many layers here i don't know where to start. >> nostalgia. >> a lot. >> the messaging. >> vaccination card instead of money. >> chilling. he's 22 years old. everybody looks great. >> go get your vaccinations. >> one of the lines is you're a good-looken gentleman, need to vax that thing up. wanted to be a positive example on the vaccine in his community. according to the u.s. census bureau black adults age of 40 most likely to avoid the vaccination. >> and two or three people, more than that, say, okay, fine i'll go do it. >> good to see juvie doing his part all right. still ahead -- >> did you say juvie >> i did i'm not carson daly, but back in
8:25 am
the '90s -- still ahead, jill martin is back with day two of steals and deals.this time big bargains or essentials for hosting the ultimate summer gathering inside but first, your local news. >> we like "steals & deals"! vax that thang up!
8:26 am
and good morning, it is 8:26, i'm marcus washington. tighter water restrictions now taking effect for some customers in the north bay. there are new rules limiting sprinkler use to once a week. and weekend sprinkler use no longer allowed. dripper indication is now limited to two days a week and only allowed today in mill valley. fines for violators start at $250. let's get a look at that forecast for you. kari hall is taking a look at the temps for us. going to be a hot one for some of us. >> yes, we'll see some really
8:27 am
hot temperatures over the next few days. inland areas, reaching into the triple digits in some of the hottest spots mainly in the eat bay and spots like fairfield, ukiah, as well as down in gilroy. so we are looking at some extreme temperatures leading into the weekend with our high temperatures peaking, hot temperatures peaking on saturday. we will see it gradually coming down and by early next week, we'll catch some relief especially on tuesday and wednesday. and we'll also have some relief near the coastline, san francisco in the 70s with sunshine. and another local news update is in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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8:29 am
a common side effect of ocrevus is infusion reactions, and some may require hospitalization. it can increase your risk of infections, which can be serious, and may decrease certain types of immunoglobulins. while pml was not reported in clinical trials, it could happen. an increased risk of cancer, including breast cancer, may exist. sorry, ms. you don't get to control every part of me ms can't own us. ask your doctor about two-times-a-year ocrevus.
8:30 am
ah look at that back at 8:30 with a look at the edgewood tahoe resort in nevada. host to a popular celebrity golf tournament and among those teeing up this weekend, teeing it up this weekend -- dylan! >> dylly dylly. >> that's coming up and a special guest in just a bit as well. also ahead, we've got you covered when it comes to sunscreen. what spf do you need what's best for your kids? how about, what to apply if you're going swimming? a doctor is standing by with answers. very good.
8:31 am
jill's back with a new round of sizzling summer "steals & deals. this morning bargains to make entertaining a breeze. >> i just want everything on that table. in the third hour, actress sophia bush is with us live and we'll talk about tapping into her dark side for her newest role. guys, next week back out on the plaza for our citi music series, because we are going big. one of our favorites here at the show, dan and shea they are taking the stage next friday, july 16th. >> if you find yourself in the new york area, you'd like to attend, remember, you need a request a fan pass easy to do go to >> they are the nicest guys. dan and shea. before we get to more on dylan's trip in nevada, give us your forecast and then go back to the fun stuff. >> yeah. at least the forecast for the west coast, because it is going to be exceptionally hot. here at about 7,000 feet above sea level, still in 80s and 90s, but we have dangerous heat for 24 million people. look at all the heat warnings,
8:32 am
advisories, watches across idaho, oregon, through colorado, wyoming, utah. temperatures well above average. about 15 to 20 degrees above average. not as hot as a couple weeks ago when we were 30 degrees above average. still, likely will break records. especially in areas like reno. tying a record las vegas tieing a record. also looking for triple digits to stick around for a long period of time again, no relief in sight. look at boise. saturday, sunday, monday up around 103 to 105 degrees in fresno, california, 111 every single day las vegas, 116 for saturday and sunday so the heat will continue, and really there is no relief. in fact, denver gets in on it. by monday, high temperatures back up into the lower 90s that's a look at good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. this will be several days of
8:33 am
dealing with triple digit temperatures in our inland valleys. up to 100 today, slightly hotter tomorrow with the peak of the heat moving into the inland valleys of the bay area on saturday. still hot on sunday. we will catch a break from that early next week. by tuesday, we're back in the mid-80s. and we'll also have some cooler temperatures near the coastline with highs in the low to mid-70s. for san francisco, more sunshine throughout the weekend. all right, guys. now for the reason i am here the biggest boondoggle i've pulled off all year. the 32nd annual american century championship golf tournament i get to play again this year. it is the best of best of the sports, athletes of actors, all across the board take a look at some of the people you'll see playing this tournament grammy winner justin timberlake. chief's quarterback patrick mahomes in it this year. golden state star steph curry. family affair. brother and dad playing in it this year.
8:34 am
one of my tournament pairs, and at phenomenon sew rivera joining me and joining me in person, john to hurley you know him from "seinfeld" and the national dog show also celebrating 20 years. >> big year for us 20th anniversary, believe it or not. isn't that something >> and you've played in this tournament 30 years? >> i missed two somewhere along the line i don't know how that happened something. when i miss it, it really hurts. this is normally the week i circle and nothing comes in the way of this tournament this is something so special to all of us. and watching this thing evolve over the years has been unbelievable. >> i'm sure. >> back, in fact, in 1990, mark rypien, famous quarterback, shot a 75 on the final day. >> wow. >> and everybody thought he had walked on water. last year, tennis star mardy fish shot a course record 63 that's how much the golf evolved over the years of this tournament. >> these are stars in, you know, baseball, football, hockey,
8:35 am
basketball i mean, why does this work why does this environment work for everybody? >> well, it underscores the great common denominator that golf is. the fact charles barkley and i would ever pass each other's paths yet we've been dear friends for 30 years the great thing about golf, brings people together that would otherwise not know each other. it's wonderful, and we play at a level that we don't have to play all year long, two-foot putt at a country club, that's good. in the circle of love they call it huh-uh not here everything is finished out, and when you're holding a putter and it's a three-foot putt, you understand what the word "yips" mean. >> yeah. last year, we had the pandemic, but the tournament still went on this year is extra special >> great our gallery is back. yes. in my case, singular that's a singular word you know
8:36 am
if a double bogey were a fabric, i would be draped in i'm right are e there with you charles is happy came in dead last, last time i played this. >> no! charles's circle. >> charles was happy relieved thank you, john, so much. >> great to be with you as well. >> see you out on the course so you know, carson, they have been begging you to come out to this tournament. when will you make the trip out here this is heaven on earth. >> what time do you tee off? i can be on a plane, and there pretty quick tell john, thank you great to see him a question, because you're 7,000 above sea level, you hit the golf ball a country mile at that elevation. how are you going to deal with that >> i hope it helps being pregnant, the first pregnant person to ever play in this tournament, although i was pregnant when i played two years ago, but it was a secret at that point. i am hoping between the baby and the elevation, i'm hoping i can get a little extra distance and do better than last year. >> it helps you with ballast >> yes yeah i got the belly, just keeping my form right
8:37 am
>> good luck, dylan. >> a great event, a great fun event. >> last year, last, only beat your -- >> true. >> no way you'll go last two years in a row, dylan. impossible. >> impossible, right >> catch dylan right here on nbc. saturday at 2:30 p.m. eastern. >> get out there, carson >> i played a couple times >> so much fun. >> famous par 3. 17 off the lake. everybody's on their boats steph curry, j.t., high fiving it's a great thing to watch. up next, something dylan will need on the course. dr. debra wattenberg on the best sunscreens to protect your skin and your family this summer, but
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back 8:39 "today wellness. with record hot temperatures and
8:40 am
more people heading out for fun in the sun, sunscreen is more important than ever. >> yes it is never skip before heading out the door those banking on old bottles, sunscreens do expire so now's the time to pick up fresh ones. >> i learned that the hard way i used one from two summer's ago. it will be fine. face just burned here to help, new york city dermatologist dr. debra watternberg. you can follow along by scanning that qr code on the bottom of your screen. good morning >> good morning. nice to see everybody. >> there's always confusion for me in the sunscreen aisle. mineral, spf numbers what's an easy way to tell when pick a you're getting a good sun screen? >> pick one with spf of at least 30 it should be broad spectrum uva and uvb and it should water resistant for 40 to 80 minutes you can choose a product that's chemical-free or mineral-based
8:41 am
on your preference a mineral sunscreen will contain titanium or zinc oxide and actually scatter the sun's rays. a chemical sun screen, which will absorb the sun's rays, but it will prevent the absorption into the skin. so want to go with a high number. >> doc, does it matter if you're, like, at the pool, or on a boat near water versus hiking, land versus water is there a difference what you should wear? >> absolutely. when you're near water, you want to use a product that is water-resistant, and you want to use a high number and use a lot of it, because the product doesn't stay on your skin, even though it's water-resistant it will sweat off, come off if you're in the water. good spf, water-resistance and apply frequently use at least an ounce of sunscreen, about the size of a
8:42 am
shot glass, in order to protect your whole, entire body. so it's super important to make sure that you're using the right product when you are in the water. when you're walking around the city and doing errands or doing, know, a quick in and out of your car, use a moisturizer with an spf. you can use a makeup that contains a sunscreen so those types of products don't need to be water-resistant when you're indoors. >> a question for you. what is the best protection for your face? we all know the sun can damage your skin. >> so when choosing a face sunscreen want to go with a product that is according to your skin type use one good for oily skin, if you have oily skin or for dry skin you want to apply something that won't cause you to break out and you want to use a product on your face that perhaps doesn't smell or a smell, or a fragrance you are most comfortable with. i love this mineral sunscreen because it's light it goes on really easily it doesn't leave a tacky sensation on your skin
8:43 am
it's mineral and easy to use so you want to choose a product that is good for your skin >> any other dermatologist approved favorites in front of you there, doc >> yes so there are some great products here that we love. the neutrogena products. they're all really easy to apply. they have a great spf. they absorb into the skin really nicely, and people do quite well with them. i love these products over here. this elsa uv clear, it's an excellent product as well. i like that particularly for indoor and outdoor use i find that it's incredibly helpful for the skin it doesn't cause you to break out. it contains an active ingredient that's anti-inflammatory i enjoy that as well the reason for using an indoor sunscreen is that believe it or
8:44 am
not, the computers and your television and your phone all release blue light, and blue light are high-energy visible light that can cause sun damage to your skin it can cause -- it's been associated with aging. it's been associated with brown spots and associated with making your skin look older so for all of us that are sitting in front of zoom meetings all day long, be sure to wear spf to protect you. >> learn something every day dr. watternberg, thank you. to find all the sun screens scan that qr code on your screen or head to still ahead, round two of jill martin's "steals & deals" summer blowout this morning, amazing discounts on summer entertaining essentials get that phone for the qr code ready. but first, this is "today" on delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here.
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8:47 am
steals and deals today life sometime contributor jill martin returned back with products making entertaining a breeze you know what to do when you see jill take out the phone qr code on your screen put your smartphone up to the screen scan it for instant access to these deals. this is cool >> good morning. >> how are you >> excited i want to tell everybody a lot sold out yesterday almost everything. if you want something, no time scan the qr code, get your fingers ready. a lot of great stuff today this is a picnic time grill. retail, $59.95 guess the price when we get to it game show. this would have been great for vicky wynn's trip. perfect for camping, tailgates, picnics. what i love about this, come back out here live, it folds up. >> oh! >> comes like this carry it comes with a tote bag. it has a shoulder strap. retail $59.95. what's the deal? >> i guess $35.
8:48 am
>> $30 50% off. close. i guess in one of the games over, oh, ah tech for you, outdoor-indoor weather-proof string lights. these are behind you sorry. retail, $139.99. >> these are nice. >> what's really cool, sheinelle has a version of this in your kids' rooms but they aren't waterproof these are weatherproof string lights, 48 feet long, waterproof, weather proof and come with a hanging hook for each socket so you can put those little things up and just arrange it however you want. it's a simple way to entertain beautiful, a few candles you're done retail, $139.99. deal >> $80. >> $49 65% off. >> okay. what do we have? serving trays? >> rock, flower, paper, just because they're themes my father's a sailor just great gift to give lemons, very on trend. >> for one of them $60? >> for one
8:49 am
melamine heat resistant to 225 degrees. 15 inches round, lacquer wipable, easy. ten designs. retail $59.95. the deal >> $25. >> $24.50. still got over 58% off. and french bowl 12-piece set retail $60 to $125 these are beautiful. how i serve. feel them. it's the days of not having paper plates or melamine so great they're shatter-proof. hear it right here. >> perfect for kids. >> beautiful and put them out and not have to worry. so the three different 12-piece serving sets, look on dinnerware set, entertaining set or snack and appetizer set scratch and shatter-resistant and dishwasher safe. no one likes fussy now black and white or floral. retail $60 to $125 the deal, a range. >> $30 to $60. >> $24 to $49, up to 61% off over on all. maybe on this one we'll go under.
8:50 am
>> i love these things, by the way. love this. >> this is very cool, and really if you're not a great cook put a lot of this on, really tastes delicious the version i've done. that's a spice, spice things up. four tins, different spices and really fun sets to choose from it make as great gift. pantry essentials, global foodie collection, cocktail sugars use on drinks or food. really delicious, and interesting with interesting names. great gift retail $55 this is for four tins. the deal >> i see $40 -- $30. >> $20 50% off. this is your last try here >> a pretty good deal, jill. >> eight-piece dynamic dynamic, steak knives retail $99.99 eight essential knives great for prep for summer cookouts lightweight. popular brand. retail, $99.99. >> $49.99. >> $45 55% off.
8:51 am
you're 0 for 6 you go home with a -- a punch from me as your parting gift >> that was fun. >> yeah. maybe get a game show out of it. that wraps up our "steals & deals. let's go through the products one more time. picnic time grill. and tech for you, outdoor and indoor weather-proof string lights rock, paper, flowers, and summer spice set, and eight-piece dynamics steak knife set, and a reminder "today" works with affiliate partners to make a portion of the purchase, and at prices less than you would think. >> thank you, jill great. by the way, again, jill reminded shop the deals before they run out. scan the qr code or do the old-fashioned way. if looking for more great summer finds, tune in to our streaming program. it's "shop all day." today's episode, vacation essentials what to wear, how to pack
8:52 am
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8:53 am
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celebrate very special birthdays and i get to spin those smucker's jars lucky me meeting remarkable people. first up, happy 100 birthday to laura hake from illinois she's won many prizes at the local fair for her awesome quilts donald oakley celebrating 100 years. this world war ii veteran from hurley, new york, and he says the secret to longevity is drinking a manhattan every night. >> all right. >> one drink a night gets to 100 you're going to be 300. craig. >> yes i will. >> and happy birthday, proud pittsburgh steelers' fan from
8:55 am
maitland, florida. peg is known for showing lots of love and giving care wherever she goes lawrence pearlmutter from fort lee, new jersey. a proud grandfather is 101 years young. and he loves spending time with his four grandkids, three great-grandkids and one great-granddog and maryanne also 100. secret to longevity, not to live in the past. good advice. last, not least, happy 100th birthday to shirley brightman of minneapolis, minnesota for her big day, the greatest gift of all. she'll be meeting her brand new great-granddaughter. >> how about that? >> congratulations and happy birthday. >> congratulations. coming up on "hoda & jenna" the scoop on the latest ice cream gadgets. >> first, third hour, dylan's coming back. she's lined up more stars to join her live at that american century championship spend time with d. dryer in a few minutes. first your local news and some weather. >> cheers, guys. >> cheers! just
8:56 am
just getting started gu good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. santa clara police are investigating an early morning shooting that happened about 1:00. and we know at least one person was shot at boardwalk apartments. their conditions not yet known.
8:57 am
our crew early this morning saw a truck in the parking lot surrounded by evidence markers which seems to be the center of this investigation. so far police are revealing very little about what happened. happening now, we do have a crew at the scene asking those questions. and we'll have a live update during the midday newscast. and we'll also post it on the twitter feed. and get ready for a new round of extreme heat, triple digit temperatures are moving in before the start of the weekend. we'll have live team coverage including what pg&e is doing to get people prepared. you can also link to more right now at the top of our home page. and new announcement this morning, in tokyo, just 15 days out from the start of the summer olympics, fans will not be allowed to attend. that news coming on the heels of a new state of emergency just announced there. only about 15% of the people living in japan are fully oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients
8:58 am
as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby. [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ give grandma kisses. mwah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan. some real face time. just an amtrak away. we're taking you live to the epicenter of the extreme heat where temperatures could surpass 110 on saturday. >> and a lucrative start to the summer.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour today." and, a good thursday morning. friday-eve. welcome to this third hour of "today." it's july 8th already, by the way. >> yeah. >> jill mart sn


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