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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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now breaking the world record for teeter tottering, and there's a device set up with comfy lawn chairs there. 216 hours is the records, and one of them is trying to break his own record, in fact. walker set it 50 years ago as a teenager. his co-worker says he was foolish enough to sign up for this one this time. you are not even doing the work. aren't you supposed to push off with your feet. >> yeah, we could anchor like that. >> do you get a bathroom break? that's the question. >> it depends. you -- >> you can fall asleep like that. >> did you get my joke?
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it depends. >> oh, i did. fire danger intensifies. crews way north of us are already on the front lines. what you can do today to prepare yourself at home starting today. another round of extreme heat about to settle in. triple digit temperatures coming. we're tracking it all. no, your eyes are not deceiving you. the legal ruling leaving some scooter-less in san francisco. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thank you so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we are starting off with a new report just showing how bad the bay area's extreme drought conditions really are.
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let's get to kari hall who is sifting through the new drought data for us. >> it comes out every thursday, and it compares how much rainfall we have measured and compares that to the historical average. we don't get any rain going back in history in july and august, so it's not going to change. the category of drought we are seeing right now will most likely not change until we get rain again and head back into the rainy season. we are seeing the highest level of drought in parts of the north bay as well as the east bay. it extends into the northern and central valley so we will see, unfortunately, as a result of this a lot of high impacts especially to our food reservoirs and also to our air quality and wildfires. this is coming as the temperatures are ramping up. we will see heat building for the next couple of days. some spots in those high impact areas with the drought will be dealing with temperatures well
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over 100 degrees, and some spots reaching as high as 115 over the sacramento valley. we will be tracking this and talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. we will take a live look at walnut creek in dublin. triple digits. with the heat comes fire danger once again. >> cierra johnson. >> reporter: i can tell you it's nice and crisp, and the waves are beautiful and you get a little mist coming off of the water, and this will be a destination all week kari has been talking about. temperatures are ramping up so folks will want to escape the heat, but one thing they cannot escape is the looming fire danger. we know high temperatures and fire dangers go hand and hand,
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so pg&e doing something to let folks know how they can prepare for that impending fire danger. starting today as well as next thursday, pg&e will host webinars for some of the bay area counties. the webinars begin at 6:00 until 7:30 at night, and they will focus on fire prevention and some of the safety changes made to pg&e technology. so tonight the seminars will focus on certain counties. it's important to note that any pg&e customer can log on but when they do it specifically for those counties, that information may be catered for those regions. the seminars are coming at a crucial time. this is new video we have out of the beckwourth complex fire.
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so far this fire has burned about 3,000 acres and is 34% contained. as we enter fire season, this is what crews were facing. the national weather service tweeted out this picture. it was one of three fires they are battling in northern california. the pictures, all good reminders of what californians face, when temperatures increase there's lightning involved. it's a good idea to download the app so you get the flex alerts so your family knows what to expect with the impending dangers. here, could be a nice place for you and your family. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> nice place, indeed. love the scene behind you. thank you. to our climate in crisis and tighter water restrictions in
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effect for customers in the north bay. marin passed rules this week. drip irrigation now limited to two days a week, and it's valley. those fines for violators start at $250. 3.6 magnitude quake just before 1:00 a.m. there were no reports of damage. like we always do we try to post on twitter to see who exactly felt it? you can follow me, lauragarcia @nbc. the withdrawal of american troops in afghanistan, and a push to look at voting rights. this comes as the taliban is
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seeking to reclaim the space in afghanistan. >> exactly. it's part of what the president will talk about today as the u.s. with draws at a much faster pace than originally noted. what is security going to look like in afghanistan after the u.s. leaves? what are the humanitarian issues that remain? >> reporter: are you worried about -- >> i'll speak to that tomorrow. >> president biden last night, just hours before he gives an update today on the drawdown of u.s. troops from afghanistan. the pentagon turned over the air base. >> it doesn't feel like a ghost down, it feels almost post apocalyptic. >> after today's speech, president biden turns his attention to voting rights.
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he and vice president harris meet with civil rights leaders after the senate failed to consider legislation and the supreme court upheld restrictions in arizona. >> we wanted the white house to cooperate with preserving peoples' right to protect their right to vote. >> the texas legislature meets in a special session today to consider a law that eliminates drive-through and 24-hour voting. >> our objective is simple, and that's to ensure that every eligible voter gets to vote. >> all citizens have the right to vote. constitutionally. it is their right. what we are seeing are examples of an attempt to interfere with that right. >> the justice department is doubli civil rights division to fight state efforts to restrict voting.
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now we'll hear more about this from the vice president later today when she speaks about democrats expanding their campaign to fight voter suppression. >> a lot of people concerned there in places like georgia. thank you so much. happening today, first lady jill biden will be in orlando for the 2021 scipps national spelling bee finals. one is from san ramon. the spellers and their families will get a chance to meet the first lady beforehand. dr. biden also attended the times in 2009 as the second lady. >> always fun to watch. if you are seeing less scooters on san francisco streets, it's not your imagination. scoot is facing a six-figure fine for using subcontractors
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without the city's permission. new this morning, sonoma county facing a lawsuit over the future of the russian river. the environmental group filed a suit. it claims sonoma county allowing too many people to drill ground wells. this is happening as leaders in sonoma county are launching the russian river revitalization project. the county working with more than 20 organizations. check out storm tracker here. right now elsa is passing through charleston, south carolina, heading north. we have a live look at myrtle beach this morning. see how wet and windy it already is there. the storm slammed into florida's coast yesterday unleashing plenty of rain and then moved towards jacksonville with reports of a possible tornado.
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at least one death is now being reported. >> like you were saying earlier, kari, if we could get just a little rain here in the bay area, it could help our dry and extreme heat. >> yeah, temperatures are going to get really hot over the next few days. let me show you where we are headed today. we will reach 90 degrees in the south bay. the peninsula looking at coastal fog but low 80s in spots like palo alto. moving over towards the tri-valley, highs in the mid-90s. we'll talk about what is ahead coming up in a few minutes. how is it looking for the commute, mike? >> yeah, looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, and we are seeing folks ease into the toll plaza and a little wait tpwaepb between the metering lights. highway 37 and concord, there's the typical pattern. slowing out of san leandro.
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back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up on "today in the bay," as we move forward from the pandemic, retailers expecting a back-to-school buyers boom. wall street is not entirely convinced. take a look at the futures. look out below on these. the dow expected to lose 500 points on the open. this is a high wire walk, and this is one for the record books.
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good thursday morning. as we take a look at our forecast in fremont, it's going to start out in the mid-60s and clouds with a slow warm up, as temperatures head toward the mid-80s today with sunshine. some spots today reaching near 100 degrees. we'll take a look at that in the forecast in a few minutes. slowing from hayward and through hayward, and slow across the san mateo bridge. we'll show you the build in the east bay coming up. good morning. happy thursday to you as well. we are going to see money move out of the stock market this morning over towards government bonds. take a look at the futures. these are the financial bets that traders take on where they think the market will go at the open. after setting record after record, the markets are poised for a big setback this morning.
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you see their live futures on the big board there. worth remembering, money doesn't go away, it just moves. you might lose money individually but as a unit it sometimes leaves equities, stocks, and moves to safety, bonds, and that's happens from time to time especially when investors feels there are risks, and there are risks, as investors are wondering if we are as far out of the pandemic as we first thought. the delta variant moving through the united states, and there's another variant on the radar. president trump is suing facebook, google and twitter. his legal team is made up of lawyers from big tobacco, because, quote, tobacco has the best lawyers. he calls facebook's actions unconstitutional. as you well know, the first amendment prevents government from denying you the right of
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free speech. facebook is a private company. no matter how many times it sensors you it is not a government and is not covered under the first amendment. remember, congress shall make no law, and he claims in the lawsuit, defendant facebook status rises beyond that of a private company to that of a state actor. as such the defendant is constrainted by the first amendment. the whole lawsuit depends, it hangs on, this idea that facebook is part of the u.s. government the way that nasa or the fbi are, but it's not. going up against big tech, though, is popular and perhaps profitable. trump's lawsuit sent out an
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appeal for fundraising, and it's not a political donation, and it seems to be, laura and marcus, an unwinnable suit, but doesn't mean he's not taking donations for it. >> no kidding. thanks, scott. and then bracing for the biggest back-to-school shopping season in at least five years. a new report out today, spending will surpass $32 billion. that's up 15% compared to some rules. there are still challenges like shipping. ? >> in the meantime, kids are like, don't talk about school just yet but vacation. like this. tightrope walkers breaking the world record for the longest
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line crossed in sweden. the four -- oh. more than 1,900 feet in the air. at this time of year the sun doesn't set which allowed them extra time to cross. the line itself took two days just to rig up over a famous u-shaped valley. >> why? >> i don't know. i don't know. thrill seekers. >> i am a thrill seekers, but i am, like, i'm good. i will sit back and just watch. pretty cool, though. kari right now. we keep talking about these bute with traffic. >> yeah, nothing like a tightrope, but we will look at the toll plaza. look at that. it goes over the water with a
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big number of lanes, and that's good stuff. a little slowing still. this is a gradual build as we are going westbound. this is not a problem. yesterday the metering lights were turned on a little earlier and disrupted the pattern and that was the only thing causing the backup early at the toll plaza. right now it's an easy drive. highway 4 showing a bit of slowing now. we added these numbers up a little more. highway 4, wasco, a smooth drive. it's a pleasant drive right now, kari. what do you have for us? >> yeah, we're starting out foggy with a live look outside in san francisco. you see mist and drizzle here and will get clearing this afternoon. temperatures slightly warmer. it's also cooling off the immediate areas near the coastline, the inland valleys. it's going to be hotter. look at santa clara valley,
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mid-90s in morgan hill. we will see highs in san jose warmer, reaching mid-80s today. we could see highs up to 101 in antioch. livermore will be in the mid-90s, and we will see upper 70s for a high today in hayward. keeping it cool in half moon bay, 64 there. 80 in redwood city. more sunshine on the other side of the hills there. for san francisco reaching 70 downtown, and our north bay high reaching 90 in novato, but ukiah reaching 104 today and that's where the excessive heat warnings will be going up tomorrow. the high pressure will continue to get pressure and will be slow to move, so it will feel more like the central valley and parts of the bay area as the heat ramps up. look at the wind direction around the high pressure, like a southerly wind. the ocean breeze will be so weak, it doesn't help us outgoing across the peninsula and parts of the bay.
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take a look at your forecast. we're going to reach possibly up to 111 degrees on saturday. be prepared for that. this is dangerous heat we will see as we go into the weekend. it does back off by early next week. we will see the temperatures cooling down while san francisco stays in the 70s. joining us now, vianey arana highlighting spots of climate change. >> before heading to italy, or snowpack has been depleted since may. this only adds to california's drought and fire concerns. to put that in perspective, 30% of california -- or 30% of california's water supply comes from that sierra snowpack. when we see the lack of water supply, well, that only makes our drought conditions worse. you saw the drought monitor released as of this morning, and
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the elevated fire concerns is something to keep in mind here locally. now, let's head across the globe to italy, where experts are in the midst of a month-long operation to help with global warming. it illustrates the ongoing threat of global warming. make sure to check out stories like this one and my climate hacks at back to you. >> thanks so much. next here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> a motorcyclists can't see how fast he's going or how far he
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has gone on his brand-new bike. that's next.
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good morning. rony in los altos bought this new motorcycle made by ktm. he noticed the dashboard were off, the mileage and speed were all wrong. they replaced the dashboard but the problems continued. this went on for a year and a half and the problem never did
6:27 am
get fixed. rony said ktm offered a compromise, several upgrades to his bike. when the upgrades had not happened, months later he asked us for help. we made contact with ktm and it made good. total value, $1,084.65. ktm did not respond to our request for comment. rony was eager to speak up saying i can't express how happy i am. this case was revolved after nbc investigates. >> thanks so much. 6:27 right now. coming up next, the top stories we are following including breaking news. police right now on the scene of a shooting. details we are learning about an overnight shooting in a santa
6:28 am
clara neighborhood. the delta variant the dominant strain in america. here are the two battling to the line and allyson felix... simone manuel's above her trying to fight on, and above simone... getting an opportunity to show her stuff.
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right now at 6:30, breaking news. crime tape set up in a santa clara neighborhood overnight after gunfire. new details we're finding out in the screen. plus, a decision as soon as today from vta.
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a lot of people in the south bay, those commuters, they have been waiting to hear. i regret the choice every day now, and by the time i came back out she was gone and the car was gone. >> a desperate plea one woman brand-new to the bay area looking for answers after her rental car is stolen along with her beloved dog. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. let's bring in meteorologist, kari hall, and you're tracking extreme heat and fire danger. >> yeah, so the heat will be the main thing top of mind for a lot of people heading out today in the inland valleat's included i heat warning but does not
6:32 am
include the coastline where temperatures will be cooler. we will feel the heat ramping up this afternoon with the temperatures in the upper 90s, and we are talking about highs over 100 degrees tomorrow into saturday. i will have a look at that in a few minutes. breaking news this morning in santa clara, a mobile crime lab has been brought in to investigate a shooting. this is a neighborhood near el camino real. one person was shot at the boardwalk apartments. the condition of that person not known at this time. a truck in the apartment building parking lot seems to be at the center of this investigation. evidence markers are scattered around it. police on the scene say they will likely be there for quite sometime. we will continue to follow this story and bring you updates here on "today in the bay" and online. the vta family still healing
6:33 am
after the mass shooting in may. but they are announcing today when light-rail service will resume. shannon kutsuda with what some may be waiting to hear. >> reporter: today the vta is expected to announce that light-rail will resume later this month, after two months after the shooting occurred in may. the agency was short staffed as employees tried to process and heal after the tragic mass shooting. commuters have been taking the bus or found other ways as a means to commute. in the meantime, the transit agency and investigators trying to determine what led up to the massacre and how to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. we have seen buses already drive up to pick up some commuters and
6:34 am
definitely welcome news possibly by the vta that could help commuters here in the bay. >> a little normalcy maybe returning to them. thank you. 6:33. take a look at your screen right now. this south bay woman desperately trying to find her stolen dog. she was looking at a apartment complex when her rental car was stolen. inside that car, her beloved dog. howard, a veteran, says her miniature poodle mix is a support dog. she realized she left her i.d. in the leasing office and within three minutes that car and dog were gone. >> i didn't feel like anything bad would happen in that amount of time. i want her back home safe. i love her and i mission her. it's just been -- it's been really rough. >> this is surveillance video
6:35 am
showing the moment the blue toyota rav4 was stolen. if you know where she is call police. and the delta variant quickly spreading. ucsf infectious disease specialist said bay area protections in general are high, but with the summer travel season in swing the unvaccinated are far more exposed. >> the unvaccinated folks regardless are going to be at risk particularly as we have more of an influx of visitors in the summer months into the bay area. >> san francisco mayor, london breed, is calling the delta variant a real concern for the unvaccinated as well, and tweeting she wants everybody to roll up their sleeves. mask rules are being tightened at the state capitol after nine workers contracted
6:36 am
workers over the last ten days, and four of them fully vaccinated. san francisco's schools and ucsf looking forward to the start of the new school year. happening today school leaders will hold the last of three virtual health and safety town halls. mask will be required when school resumes in august. here we go on this thursday morning. getting ready for the weekend. we get excited about the weekend forecast. this time in some places, kari, i am, like, huh-uh, i will just head to the coast. >> yeah, that's where we will see a lot of people going this weekend. even warming up in lake tahoe, and the water temperatures are cool. in the 90s on saturday and sunday. hot there. even warm in big sur as we reach the upper 80s on saturday. that's when we will see the
6:37 am
hottest temperatures inland, too. 86 degrees on sunday. for the water, i know everybody in concord will look for a place to cool off. take a look at our forecast for six flags hurricane harbor. 105 is the air temperature, so anyplace you can cool off will be popular this weekend. the benicia art walk will be happening as well so get there early. mike, what is going on with the commute? >> we saw the metering -- i saw the metering lights turn on the bay bridge toll plaza, and lights turn on about 6:24, 6:25, so that's relatively late for a thursday. it's been just under 15 minutes. we have that build for the berkeley area, and the approach of west 80, and south bay not a major issue.
6:38 am
we will show you that slowing coming up. back to you. >> thanks. coming up next, a northern california woman identified as a victim in a deadly bear attack. new details we are learning about this early morning encounter. the american with draw from afghanistan going much, much faster than we expected. let's take you out to the big board. dow industrials down 400, and at one point down 500. coming up, the beach may be where you want to be this weekend as temperatures continue to rise. coming up, i will explain how pg&e is helping folks prepare. you are watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:40, it's time to open the windows and let the house cool down. martinez starting out with a temperature of 56 degrees and a few clouds. we will have to plan our day around the heat. we will look at the microclimates and drought monitor coming up. the sensors looked like they did an hour ago. we are seeing a slower drive through san jose, but not the tapping of the brakes we saw at the 5:00 hour. 6:41 right now. new this morning authorities now say a woman from chico died after being attacked by a grizzly bear while camping early
6:42 am
tuesday in montana. deputies say the bear visited their campsite earlier and took food from their tents and the bear has not been captured. and then the edd will be hiring two new staff per district. that would add a total of 160 more workers. critics argue that plan will still fall short of what is needed right now. the latest weekly jobs reports out. first time claims rose higher to 273,000. another 3.3 million americans continue to receive unemployment
6:43 am
benefits, and the lowest since march of 2020. not one, not two but four major challenges for the white house this morning. >> scott mcgrew, they say plans are being made for all of them. >> yeah, cyber security, afghanistan, voting rights. president biden trying to figure out how to respond to and stop hacking coming out of russia. some of its criminals, a group sheltered by the government. we never know what happens behind the scenes but the u.s. has to respond forcefully. only a few weeks ago biden warned putin about this very thing and if we don't respond forcefully the white house will find it hard to convince putin they are serious about anything in the future. president biden will be briefed on the latest on afghanistan.
6:44 am
looks like we are leaving much, much faster than expected. talks between the taliban and u.s. government began back in 2020, in the last administration. but allies in the country are totally unprepared for our exit ahead of schedule. the president will speak about that issue later today. problem three is voting rights. many states move to curtail voting. u.s. congress failed to pass any voting protection. he'll meet with voting rights experts today. then you have covid. the organization for economic development and the w.h.o., they are showing the delta variant and a new variant.
6:45 am
then president biden plans to four more years of free education for american children, two in preschool and two in community college. >> if we truly want to build an economy from bottom up and middle out, we need to invest in our people. we need to invest in our people. >> we will watch what the president has to say about afghanistan and talking about it on social media, and you can find me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. and advocates calling it a break or make moment for education across our state. $1 billion coming into the state's special education state from new state and federal money. it includes half a billion in one-time funding from the state and 300 million from federal money. we have extreme heat, but
6:46 am
won't be scorching everywhere. cierra johnson is live in pacifica. there's a lot of places people will try and get away from that extreme heat. >> reporter: that's exactly right. it's still pretty cool here in pacifica, and since the sun has come up, we have seen fishermen coming and bundled up because it's still that cool this morning. as we get into the weekend, some of the folks in the hotter areas will find themselves here as the temperatures continue to rise. as we have seen in past situations, as the temperatures go up so do the risks for fire danger. now is the time for pg&e to do webinars. they are helping certain communities learn to protect themselves in this season. today and next thursday pg&e will host the webinars from 6:00 to 7:30, and they will focus on wildfire prevention and
6:47 am
information on the events and their technology. tonight alameda, contra costa and san mateo counties. anybody can tune in, but pg&e said information may be tailored to some of those specific communities. with these seminars coming at a crucial time, this is new from the beckwourth complex fire. so far the fire burned 3,000 acres and is 34% contained. take a look at this picture. this is right as we're beginning to enter fire season. the national weather service tweeted out this picture. it was shot on scene by firefighters battling the tenant fire in northern california, and so we are already seeing activity in terms of fire so
6:48 am
it's a good time to download the app so you can receive the flex notifications so your family knows where things stand in terms of energy and what can you do to protect yourself and others. we're live at a very cool pacifica, i'm cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> yeah. we're going to see coastal areas staying cool. the drought monitor comes out every thursday, and we keep an eye on it although we are not expecting any changes. we are seeing severe drought conditions across the region with the highest level of drought right here in parts of the bay area, from the north bay over to the east bay and sacramento valley, we have exceptional drought meaning we are seeing water levels continue to decline as well as air
6:49 am
quality issues and the fire season we could see year round. today we are going to see our air quality going down a bit with moderate air quality due to ozone levels as the temperatures rise. the north bay, east bay, south bay and santa clara valley seeing moderate air quality. if you are sensitive to that you want to limit your time outside. we are going to be limiting our time outside anyway because of the heat, as the high hits 93 in morgan hill, and 80s in san jose. 101 in antioch. while we keep the milder weather for the inner bay, oakland reaching upper 70s. coastal areas staying in the 60s, and mostly 60s in san francisco and then the mission district and downtown will reach up to the low 70s. our north bay temperatures, hot. ukiah reaching 104 while novato will see a high of 90 degrees. this heat intensifies over the next few days, peaking on
6:50 am
saturday in spots like brentwood that could get as hot as 111 degrees, and it will last several days and continue through the weekend and start to ease off early next week with relief coming our way. mike, how does the morning commute look? >> i talked about the san jose commute, and as we talk about this volume generally starting to build on 101, and now we see 87. that has happened over the last month. we have consistently seen slowing up to downtown san jose for 87, and that will last through much of the morning. lighter volume overall this morning. typical spots for slowing, 88 and the nimitz freeway, and we are well over the half hour mark from pittsburg to walnut creek. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a troubling milestone in the pandemic.
6:51 am
global deaths from covid-19 surpassed 4 million. those deaths from the coronavirus is likely higher. 6:51. did you feel some of the shaking? coming up, an update on the overnight quake that rattled parts of the bay area. plus, the future of the russian river. why environmentalist is impacting the health of the river. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay" as we move you forward, perhaps a step forward for vta families obviously still grieving from the recent mass shooting. >> sharon joins us live. today they may reveal when service will resume. >> reporter: the devastating shooting understandably shutdown light-rail for several weeks. today the vta is expected to announce light-rail will resume later this month, about two months after the shooting occurred in may. the agency was short staffed as employees tried to process and heal after the tragic mass
6:55 am
shooting. commuters have been taking the bus or found other ways to commute meantime. on may 26th, a vta employee killed nine colleagues at the rail yard. investigators still trying to determine what led up to the massacre and trying to find ways to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. today's possible announcement would certainly be welcome news for thousands of commuters that use light-rail. back to you. >> sharon, thank you. and then in santa clara, investigators are investigating a shooting. one person was shot at the boardwalk apartments. the truck surrounded by evidence markers appears to be at the center of the investigation, and investigators say they will likely be there for sometime. overnight, did you feel it?
6:56 am
in the north bay, 3.6 earthquake was just before 1:00 a.m. no reports of any damage. and then the pretrial hearing for holmes. a critical flimsy test results were destroyed. holmes' attorneys argue government investigators mishandled the information in part. holmes' criminal fraud trial is expected to start at the end of august. new this morning, sonoma county facing a lawsuit over the future of the russian river. the california coast keeper filed that suit. it says sonoma county is allowing too many people to drill water wells. this is happening as leaders in sonoma county are launching the
6:57 am
russian river revitalization project. the county working with more than 20 environmental organizations. and then marin municipal water passed new rules limiting sprinkler use to once a week, and drip irrigation is limited to two days a week, and only allowed to two a day only in mill valley. fines for violations start at $250. kari hall, a morning to savor as the temperatures are going up. >> yeah, kari hall, you have been busy keeping track of all of what is happening across the
6:58 am
bay area. how is it going to feel this weekend? >> it's going to be hot this weekend, especially in the valleys. thankfully we have cooler coastal temperatures that will continue. take a look at the highs. over the next several days, this will be several days of high heat. we won't see those temperatures cooling off as much as we normally do during the overnight hours. we will have more updates. mike, what is the update on the commute? >> we are looking at the bay bridge toll camera. traffic is moving well which is great. this is westbound. the other side, eastbound. right in the same area, there was a report of a tractor trailer on fire on the side of the roadway. nothing as dramatic as it sounds, and it looks like everything is cleared and we will break in if we have to, but it's not. right now the san mateo bridge moving smoothly as well. a big reminder, a 92 over
6:59 am
through half moon bay and to the coast, and 17 over to the mountains -- >> that's going to be busy this weekend. >> yeah, getting very crowded. take your time. highway 17 we had an earlier story last week, and we talked about the number of cars and that was one of the biggest commute spots back up from the summit and the santa cruz side, and that will be a tough one especially if -- >> yeah, planning where you are going to go. >> yeah, exactly. bring your patience, and remind the kids they may have to play bingo for a while. >> true. get a early start. of course, it's only thursday, so of course, we will be back tomorrow morning early as well. >> we will. >> when that heat arrives. >> that will do it for us this morning. >> thank you so much for making us part of your morning today. the "today" show is next.
7:00 am
♪♪ good morning poignant pause overnight crews and families coming together for an emotional vigil and moment of silence at the site of that condo collapse after the difficult decision to transition from a rescue to a recovery operation ending the two-week search for possible survivors. investigation goes from here. breaking news.


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