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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 8, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, our deepening drought. fire danger becoming increased. what you can do today to prepare yourself as conditions intensify across california. all of this with another round of extreme heat about to settle in. triple digits coming but not for all of us, but we are tracking it all. the biden administration weighs in what isng equal voting rights to everyone. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you on this thursday. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. i want to check in with kari hall. new drought data coming out soon, and we have extreme heat
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and fire danger as well. >> yeah, we have got a lot going on as these temperatures ramp up, and it's going to be one where we all have to plan our day around the heat. as we are starting out with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, this is where we are headed today. stopping the timeline at 4:00 and it will be in mid-90s in the south bay part of the county, and getting even more intense into the weekend. i'll have more on that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> the extreme heat kari is talking about bringing with it a higher risk of fire danger. >> and one place likely to be a lot busier as people try to find a place to escape the heat is where cierra johnson is. >> reporter: this will be one of the locations people will be escaping to because of the high
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temperatures that kari has been talking about all week, and it's going to get warm and with that comes the danger of fire. pg&e are doing something to help folks prepare for the potential of fire danger. today and next thursday pg&e will host webinars for some of the bay area counties. the webinars run from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m., and it will focus on fire prevention, and tonight they will focus on contra costa and san mateo counties, and next week it's santa clara and santa cruz. pg&e are saying any customer is allowed to join the sminars, and this is new video we have in from the complex fire burning near the california/nevada
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border, and it's keeping firefighters pretty busy. so far this fire has burned 3,000 acres and is at 34% contained. we have another video as we enter fire season. this is what crews faced at the tenant fire in northern california. a lot of activity in terms of fires, keeping our firefighters very, very busy. it's important this time of year especially when the temperatures rise to sign up for the flex alerts so you know exactly what is going on and you are prepared for any of the energy changes and you and your family know exactly what is going on. we're live at pacifica beach, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> yeah, i am sleeveless and she's got a jacket on.
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>> thanks. the broiler fire is burning in ukiah. it destroyed one structure so far and threatening dozens more. more than 135 fighters on the front lines. the cause of the fire is under investigation. new overnight. did you feel the shaking? a 3.6 earthquake shook just before 1:00 a.m. i posted more on my twitter. so far not many replying in regards to feeling it. two key issues unfolding in washington today. >> "today in the bay"'s tracie potts is joining us, and the taliban is regaining space in
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afghanistan. >> exactly. that's one of the things the president may talk about today is whether or not there's a real chance that without the united states there the afghan government could fall. the president gets a security update from his national security team this morning and then he will speak to the nation about what is happening. >> are you worried about -- >> president biden last night hours before he gives an update today on the drawdown of u.s. troops from afghanistan. the pentagon turned over bough tkpwrupl air base. critics argue it's too soon. president biden and vice president harris will meet with
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civil rights leaders after the senate failed to consider legislation, and supreme court upheld restrictions in arizona. >> we want the white house to cooperate with preserving peoples' right, to protect their right to vote. >> the legislate will meet in a special session. >> our objective is very simple, and that is to ensure that every eligible voter gets to vote. >> all citizens have the right to vote. constitutionally. it is their right. what we are seeing are examples of an intent to interfere with that right. >> the justice department is doubling staff in its civil rights division to fight state efforts to restrict voting.
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to the pandemic in sonoma county, icu rates are climbing over recent days among people who are still not vaccinated. two weeks ago 20 patients were hospitalized and now about twice that. icu beds countywide are at about 70% capacity. if you have a phone this is something we all have in common. how many times a day do you get one of these? >> you have yet to extend your warranty? >> yes, that pesky robo phone call interrupt dinner and everything else. now new federal rule aimed at fighting robocalls. >> right now bad guys can pick whatever random number they want to use and pretend that's the phone number making the call.
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that will mostly go away. >> this week due to the new rule, at&t says it has already blocked 1 billion unverified numbers on its network. if you are noticing you see less rental scooters in san francisco streets, it's probably not your imagination. scoot removed it's line of scooters after losing a permit on july 1st. two other scooter companies, spin and lyme still have their operating permits. now nobody has been found alive since shortly after the collapse in florida two weeks ago. searchers have recovered 43 people. teams have been working around the clock, vowing to continue to
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do so until every victim is recovered. we are tracking tropical storm elsa as it moves up from the eastern seaboard. check out the storm tracker here. right now it's passing through charleston, south carolina and heading north. we have a live look, in fact, this morning at charleston. you can see how soggy wet it is there, and the storm slammed in the coast yesterday unleashing plenty of rain, and then moved into jacksonville with a possible report of a tornado. at least one death is now being reported. >> we're all paying attention to that right now. meteorologist, kari hall, tracking on what is going on there as well as what we are experiencing here in the bay area today. we have different conditions here in the bay area. >> yeah, wouldn't it be nice to get a little rain they are seeing out east? we have had all these fires developing as well as some of
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the smoke drifting in, but today it's mostly ozone that will affect our quality here today. as we get these hotter temperatures, we are headed towards the upper 90s in some of the hottest spots today but not a significant warm-up near the coast. san francisco today reaches 70 degrees. mike, what is happening now on the commute? >> we have a lot of folks out there, overnight crews, wrapping up their hard work for the day, i guess, night. no real hiccups in the process. a longer drive out of antioch or out of the north bay, a smooth drive as well. across the bridges, we have smooth drives. our live camera here shows you no problem, an easy flow. you are basically at speed from here down to the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:10 right now, and if you are looking for a job, tiktok
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may have an offer for you. >> a lot of jobs out there, too. meanwhile on the stock market, look out below market. >> whoa. well, lightning ahead for you, title for one city.
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it's 5:13.
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as you head out the door in martinies, we are in the upper 50s and a cloudy start and it's going to heat up quickly. the early morning hours the best time for getting outside and getting things done, and we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. and then richmond side of the san rafael bridge. good morning. happy thursday to you as well. we're going to see money move out of the stock market this morning over towards government bonds. take a look at the futures. these are the financial bets. traders take on where they think the market will go at the open. after setting record after record, the markets are poised for a setback this morning. it's worth remembering, money doesn't go away, it just moves. you might lose money individually, but as a unit it just leaves equity, stocks, and moves to safety, bonds, and from
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time to time especially when investors feel there's a risk. investors are wondering if we are as far out of the pandemic as we first thought. worldwide death toll just crossed $4 million, and there's a new variant on the radar. donald trump suing facebook, google and twitter, and he also calls facebook's actions unconstitutional. as you well know, the first amendment prevents governments from denying you the right of free speech. facebook is a private company, not just -- it's not legally possible for it to deny your first amendment rights no matter how many times it sensors you because it's not a government. trump's lawyer knows this, and that's why they are going to
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argue facebook is part of the government. claiming in the lawsuit, facebook status rises beyond that of a private company to that of a state actor. the lawsuit goes on to ask for relief, including the end of legal protections called section 230. the whole lawsuit depends, it hangs on this idea that facebook is part of the u.s. government the way that nasa or the fbi are, and it's not. now, going up against big tech is popular and perhaps profitable. trump's office sent out a fundraiser appeal shortly after filing the lawsuit. this does not appear to be an appeal for political donations.
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the faa is giving more than $20 million to help mitigate noise for takeoff and landing. you can apply for a job through tiktok. it will have a new tool called tiktok resumes, and it will allow you to apply directly to more than 30 companies that are participating during the test period that ends july 31st. tennis superstar osaka stepped away from two major tournaments to focus on mental health. now she's preparing for her return to the tokyo olympics. >> nobody knows all the sacrifices you make. nobody prepares you for that. >> the number two player ranked in the world right now is also
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speaking out about her struggles in a new netflix documentary coming out next week. she also will be on the cover of "time" magazine this week. tune in this morning for today's exclusive to see that new "time" magazine cover and to hear from osaka as "today" exclusively reveals her personal essay for the magazine. let's see how things are rolling out there on the roadways, and let's check in with mike. >> the taillights away from us, this is the san mateo bridge. i was concerned because for the last three minutes westbound your commute direction at the peninsula, we had brake lights sitting on the right shoulder. there was not crews scheduled there, and everything just started moving just before we were talking about naomi osaka, and i will track that carefully. westbound is your main commute
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direction, and it includes all the routes here which are not showing sliding. contra costa county, and even out of the altamont, things moving nicely. over to you. >> we're moving nicely here but headed towards hotter temperatures today. as we get a look outside at walnut creek, things not cooling off, and then look at the south county where we reach into the 90s this afternoon. heading over towards the east bay, expect the temperatures in the upper 90s in a few of these spots, and even reaching 101 in antioch, and danville will reach 96. fremont, 83. there will be some spots where temperatures will be much milder, especially near the coast and on the peninsula. 82 in palo alto, but 62 in the outer sunset. in the north bay highs reaching
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into the low 90s, and sonoma 90s and 104 in ukiah. we are getting more arizona-type of heat as we go into the weekend. this high is not going anywhere, and it will take a while before the heat backs off. this will be different from the weather we have seen recently with the spikes in the temperatures because this one will last several days. look at our forecast and how hot it will be in brentwood. yeah, brutal on saturday. 111 degrees. we will see more days like that with the really hot temperatures, but saturday looks to be the hottest and then a cooldown by early next week, especially on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. it will feel so much better. we do have to make it through the next few days, and you want to make sure you are staying hydrated and taking care of your pets and none of the walks on the pavement during the middle of the day.
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we are looking at temperatures in san francisco staying cool there. we are looking to sunshine in san francisco and 70s, and it will be there for the weekend and it will be popular so get ready for friends from the inland valleys to come and visit. now let's talk about our climate hacks. vianey arana joins us this morning. how sit going? >> it's going well. i have your climate hacks, and i have things happening locally and across the globe. before i head to italy, the snowpack that provides billions of gallons of water has been depleted. 30% of california's fresh water comes from snowpack. the earlier the snow-melts could mean an earlier start to the fire season. this sort of gives you an idea. that means this could become a less reliable water source over the years, and with a frequent
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drought, it could mean an earlier fire season. and then over to the glacier. according to the experts, a reflective layer reflects solar radiation. the glaciers have seen a big reduction over the years, illustrating the ongoing threat of global warming. if you want more stories like this, head over to next here on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> i am consumer investigator,
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and nbc bay area responds is next. that's my good friend. it was nice. we had a good time. let me know who in your life you can count on to see you through the good, bad and maybe even a little funny on instagram, twitter and facebook. you're watching "today in the bay."
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nbc bay area responds to one viewer that has been fighting one company for a year and a half.
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>> yeah, finally he turned to chris and his team. >> he bought a new duke 770 made by ktm, and soon after he noticed the dashboard was off, and the dealer replaced the dashboard but the issue continued. ktm took a look but no resolution. this went on for a year and a half and the problem never did get fix. ktm offered a compromise, several upgrades to his bike. when the upgrades had not happened month later, he asked us for help. we made contact with ktm and it made good. total value, $1,084.65. ktm did not respond to our request for comment. but rony did speak up, and he said i can't express how happy i
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am. if you think a company is riding off into the sunset with your money, go to call us, 888-996-tips. even in hockey lightning strikes quickly turns out. in this case we mean the tampa bay lightning that won the stanley cup in five games over montreal for their second straight championship in about nine months. last night on bay area they won an intense 1-0 game for the trophy, and this year they did it in front of their hometown fans. >> happy guys there. coming up next, top stories we are following -- breaking news, we are just getting word of a shooting in santa clara. plus, the covid delta variant. the warning from health leaders as summer travel starts to pick up.
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right now at 5:30, breaking news. crime tape being put out in a santa clara neighborhood after gunfire erupts overnight. what we are just finding out from the scene. plus -- >> i regret the choice every day now, but by the time i came back out she was gone and the car was gone. >> one woman, brand-new to the bay area looking for answers after her rental car was stolen along with her beloved dog. and triple-digit heat about
5:31 am
to hit the bay area. good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. kari, you have been busy with new drought data coming out in an hour, and the heat we are experiencing right now. >> yeah, we are going to see the temperatures ramping up and we will get the new drought data coming up in a few minutes. temperatures heading up to 90 degrees in the south bay, and peninsula, a little fog there and 81, and tri-valley reach into the low 90s here while san francisco stays at a high of 70 today with sunshine. we will talk about the excessive heat warnings coming up tomorrow. breaking news from santa clara.
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the mobile crime lab has been brought in to investigate a shooting in a neighborhood near lawrence expressway. crews saying one person was shot at the boardwalk apartments. a truck in the apartment parking lot appears to be at the center of the investigation. evidence markers are scattered around it. police on the scene say they likely will be out there for quite sometime. of course we will bring you more information as we continue to bring in to try and bring it to you. vta family still healing after the mass shooting in may, and transit leaders will announce today when service will resume. >> reporter: laura and marcus, the devastating shooting understandably shutdown light-rail for the past several weeks, and today the vta is expected to resume light-rail
5:33 am
will resume this month, about two months after the shooting occurred in may. commuters have been taking the bus or have found other ways to commute meantime. on may 26th a vta employee killed nine colleagues at the rail yard, and investigators are still trying to figure out what led up to the massacre and trying to find out how to prevent this from happening again. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:33 right now. california attorney general is now trying to restore trust between the police and the public. he is introducing new protocols in response to a law now requiring the state to investigate the deadly police shooting of unarmed victims.
5:34 am
>> this effort is personal for me. i have heard firsthand the hurt and the pain that so many families and communities feel in the moments after these incidents. >> among the changes new offices will be opening up in northern and southern california. bonta expect them to investigate up to 50 deadly police shootings every year. a south bay woman desperately seeking to find this dog. it's her dog that was stolen. kristy howard just moved to the bay area this month and was looking for an apartment at a complex on july 1st when her rental car was stolen. inside that car, her beloved dog. she's a veteran and she said the miniature poodle mix is an emotional support dog. she said after returning to her car she realized she left her
5:35 am
i.d. in the leasing office and within three minutes that car and dog were gone. >> i didn't think anything bad would happen in that amount of time. i want her back safe. i love her and miss her. it has been rough. >> surveillance video you see here showing the moment the blue toyota was stolen. a message being delivered nationally as the delta variant quickly spreads. bay area protections in general are high, but with the summer travel season in full swing the unvaccinated are far more exposed. >> the unvaccinated folks regardless will be at risk particularly as we have more influx of visitors during the summer months into the bay area. >> san francisco mayor, london breed, is calling the delta variant a real concern for the
5:36 am
unvaccinated as well, tweeting she wants everybody to roll up their sleeves. here's a map showing how high the vaccination rates are in the bay area, showing the percentage of people over 12 partially vaccinated. marin mops the county at 91%. solano county is at 67 percent. mask rules are being tightened at the state capitol after nine workers contracted covid over the last ten days. the san francisco schools and ucsf looking forward to the start of the new school year. happening today school leaders will hold the last of three town halls. as schools resume in-person learning on august 16th, mask will be required. it starts at 5:30.
5:37 am
advocates are calling it a make or break moment for special education days. one big reason, $1 billion coming into the state's special education system, and that's $300 million from federal stimulus money. hopefully that money is spent wisely. it's 5:37 this morning and time to get a look at the forecast. we have been talking about this all week, the heat up we are expecting to get. kari, walk us through this. what will happen? >> keep us cool. >> yeah, it will be one of those weekends when you want to change your weather. it will be hot in places like lake tahoe, and the air temperatures will reach into the low 90s here for much of the weekend. the coastal areas will stay
5:38 am
cool, but we are going to see some warmer temperatures in spots like big sur reaching into the upper 80s on saturday and on sunday up to 86 degrees. a place to cool off, and trying to find water. i know we will be doing this in concord, heading to six flags hurricane harbor for some water activities, and look, 105 on saturday. mike, how does it look heading out this morning? >> well, on all sides of the water things moving pretty smoothly. typical south bay slowing. here your westbound commute is your typical slower spots, and eastbound there's a crash on 580 heading away from the dublin interchange. in injuries reported and it could affect the off-ramp and maybe the slow lane as you past by. heading toward the bay bridge, a
5:39 am
little slowing here for west 80, and the typical pattern, those are the first areas we see. coming up, just 15 days away from the start of the summer olympics, but there's big time new concerns this morning in tokyo. we will tell you what prompted a new state of emergency. and then the president will be briefed on the situation in afghanistan, but what we do know is we are leaving much faster than anybody expected. there are still plenty of obstacles in store. the new signs that the team is getting more serious about leaving town altogether.
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excessive heat warnings go up tomorrow starting at noon, even though it will be hot today. our northbound and east bay valleys getting highs over 100 degrees. we'll talk more about this and when those temperatures peak coming up in a few minutes. even though there's slowing on the bay bridge itself. yesterday it was slowing because the metering lights were turned on early. we'll track that today. athletes and coaches are arriving in japan for the tokyo
5:43 am
olympics. the japanese government is considering banning all audience and since no overseas spectators are allowed only local fans will be admitted with seating capacity at 50%. two members of the olympics staff tested positive for covid. the state of emergency will last through august 22nd. new details this morning on california's troubled employment development department. the agency may soon get a new influx of manpower. state lawmakers have authorized assembly members to hire two new staffers per district to handle the overflow of requests for those to receive the benefits. critics argue that plan will still fall short of what is needed right now. first time unemployment
5:44 am
filings at 373,000. not one, not two but for th house this morning. >> scott mcgrew, meetings and plans being made. >> cyber security, afghanistan, voting rights, covid. let's take them in order. president biden met yesterday with cyber security experts and the heads of federal intelligence and law enforcement and trying to figure out how to respond to and stop hacking coming out of russia. now we may never know what happened behind the scenes, but the u.s. has to respond forcefully. it was only a few weeks ago biden warned putin about this thing and if we don't respond and forcefully, it will be hard
5:45 am
to convince putin they are serious about anything in the future. and then afghanistan, the president wants troops out by september. looks like we are leaving much, much faster than that. talks between the taliban and u.s. government began back in the 2020. talks of kabul falling after the last american soldier leaves. the president will speak on that issue today. voting rights, many states moving to curtail voting, and he'll deal with that today. four is covid, and the w.h.o. and oacd, the organization for economic development, warning this morning covid is getting worse, the delta variant is
5:46 am
having an effect on the stock market. >> truly in the 21st century, and to truly build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out to truly deal everybody in this time, we need to invest in our people, we need to invest in our people. >> we're watching all of the things he is going to be discussing today, particularly afghanistan, talking about it on social media. you'll find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. it's 5:46 right now. attorneys are arguing over a deleted patient database in the latest pretrial hearing surrounding a former ceo, elizabeth holmes. a critical database showing flimsy of test results were destroyed and a useless copy
5:47 am
given to investigators. attorneys argue investigators mishandled it in part. the criminal fraud trial is expected to start at the end of august. today and tomorrow oakland a's leaders will be back in las vegas looking at potential stadiums. a's leaders yesterday addressed skeptical oakland leaders about a stadium pan. here's one council member. >> i think it's -- it sets a bad precedent and is a bad idea, and to me that's a shocking element of this that -- i have difficult swallowing it. >> in part the mayor said the
5:48 am
staff answered many questions and showed how we can structure a development deal that protects our taxpayers and ensures our beloved a's stays rooted in oakland. council members will receive a project term sheet on july 20th. on the field the a's are going through a bit of a rough patch. in houston last night with the game tied at three in the seventh inning, the a's could not manage and lost their third in a row. yesterday the giants avoided a sweep against st. louis. the giants taking a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the second. they lead the dodgers by a game and a half in the nl west. how many close friends do you have? if you are a man, the answer
5:49 am
could likely be none. >> i don't like the sound of this. >> not you. >> this is according to a report, and it shows 1 in 6 men friend. poor guys. hey, we can be friends. it gets worse if you are a single man. the pandemic is the most obvious reason contributing to that decline, and long work hours and children are also contributing factors in this. >> the pandemic didn't make me lose friends. i just was not able to see them in person. >> yeah, you would think you would call or text, something, right? >> interesting. >> i texted you a few times during the pandemic. >> yeah, sorry about not answering. >> that's your problem right there. >> yeah. >> get out of that box! come back. we're just kidding. we're team, that's for sure.
5:50 am
>> if you don't have air-conditioner, hopefully you can find a friend that has one. >> yeah, and never hurts to bring a bottle of wine, too. hey, friends, how are you? all right. i just got the update of the drought monitor. no change. still a dire situation for us across the west. you can see how expansive it is with the dark red, and that's the exceptional drought, the highest level. we're going to have more of an update on this coming up in a few minutes, but with dry conditions, poor air quality and hot conditions, too. today we are seeing more unhealthy air quality due to the
5:51 am
ozone levels. still looking good right there along the immediate coastline, so if you have breathing problems you want to limit your time outside. we're also limiting our time outside because of the heat. take a look at the temperatures. where we are headed today, mid to upper 90s in the east bay down to the south county. for the inner bay, 70s and 80s. 60s near the coast. the heat continues to add up each day. tomorrow slightly hotter temperatures. saturday will be the peak of the heat as we will see some of the inland temperatures reaching over 100 degrees from fairfield, concord and livermore. the seven-day forecast, this will be different from the past blasts of heat we have had. this is more of a heat wave as we get several days of the highs over 100 degrees. we will see that extend into sunday. monday is when it starts to come back down. tuesday, we're really feeling
5:52 am
the cooldown in the forecast in san francisco, as well as the immediate coastline, we will see temperatures in the 60s and 70s. a lot more sunshine. that fog just rolls back a little further away from the coast. still going to be fairly comfortable here. we have to watch our inland areas and take care of each other during this heat. i'll have another update in a few minutes. mike, what is the update now on the morning commute. >> a live camera in san jose does have slowing. it was about five minutes where we saw folks just pausing for just a second and then moving again. somebody, again, rushing to the roadway and then somebody else hitting the brakes will cause the slowing and it typically happens about now, every day between 5:40 and 5:55. these speed sensors are going back from orange to yellow in the same stretch from old oakland road exit, and no surprises up there. pretty clear, the tri-valley, no major concerns. highway 37 and the bay bridge on
5:53 am
the incline is also slowing a bit. here the berkeley curb, a steady flow of traffic coming in. >> thanks, mike. happening now, a troubling milestone in the pandemic. global deaths from the pandemic surpassed 4 million. the united states has the most covid-related deaths. the body that overseas swimmers around the world now under fire for banning a type of swim cap used by black athletes. details on the outrage across the sports world, and whether the decision may be reversed. plus, tens of thousands of people left california last year. is this a mass exodus from the state? let's just say, don't count on
5:54 am
it. the study done on that straight ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. good morning. the pandemic pushed a lot of americans out on to the open roads and a lot of folks are getting behind the wheel of an rv for the very first time, including myself. this is a 40,000 pound
5:57 am
recreational vehicle. i am at an rv training course getting my lessons to make sure i can get out and drive one of these things safely. coming up on "today," you will see how i did and the safety checklist you will want to have before you take your family out this morning. that's all ahead this morning, on "today." >> got to get a trucker handle there for her. we now know two people were killed after a corvette crashed into a pool in southern california. both victims were just in their 20s. it happened yesterday morning in chino. investigators say excessive speed was a factor in that crash. neighbors say street racing is a big return in that neighborhood. some are calling for additional safety measures following that crash. very tragic. 5:57 right now. a decision to ban international athletes from a
5:58 am
certain swim cap is under review. >> they came under fire for what is known for a soul cap, and it protects hair from pool chemicals. the federation now reconsidering that decision. >> it's versatile. it could be in its natural form in an afro, and we could have weave or extension, and it doesn't fit in a skin tight cap. >> you can check that story out on our new platform at anytime on this is the story that made headlines earlier this year,
5:59 am
california experiencing the first population loss last year, but the so-called x exodus is not real. about 70,000 people left california last year. amazing new video from orange county this morning. fire crews are using a helicopter to rescue a horse. the animal got spooked while out on a ride on a trail on monday. it was wedged upsidedown between pieces of concrete and rebar. crews sprang into action. no word yet on its condition.
6:00 am
now breaking the world record for teeter tottering, and there's a device set up with comfy lawn chairs there. 216 hours is the records, and one of them is trying to break his own record, in fact. walker set it 50 years ago as a teenager. his co-worker says he was foolish enough to sign up for this one this time. you are not even doing the work. aren't you supposed to push off with your feet. >> yeah, we could anchor like that. >> do you get a bathroom break? that's the question. >> it depends. you -- >> you can fall asleep like that. >> did you get my


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