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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 7, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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quickly approaching 6:00. the a's future up in the air and the city making decisions about the coliseum. a key step oakland made overnight. plus. if you are vaccinated you are protected. if you are unvaccinated you are not. >> a new plan that president biden is taking after failing to reef that first vaccination goal. the move coming as cases of the delta covid-19 variant increase across the country including here in california. we are in the middle of a drought but a major water supply in the bay area is completely shut off. next, the steps and project. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. >> we want to get a start with a
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look outside at dublin and san jose. it is a cool start to the morning. later this week some parts of the bay area are set to warm up. kari hall tracking the temperatures that we should expect. good morning. >> good morning. yes. enjoy the weather we have for today. by friday we'll start to see excessive heat warnings for the central valley and the far north bay and right now the bay area not included in the heat advisories or excessive heat warnings and today looking at 60s and 70s for many of the microclimates and tomorrow when the heat starts to ramp up and the bright pink to move into the dale that, the trivalley and the north bay and talking more about that and what to expect going into the weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you. could the a's inch toward a
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new ballpark? the council is shaping the future. >> "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live to break down that vote. morning. >> reporter: good morning why that vote is critical. allowing city leaders to negotiate with the parties that have expressed interest in purchasing that site. now that vote by oakland city council last night was unanimous and talks can now officially begin. some groups that expressed interest is african american sports and entertainment group, dave stewart and lonnie murray and the oakland a's. morning another meeting giving folks the chance to share thoughts. the next few weeks are critical for the future of the park and the team's presence there in oakland. four cities have been in discussion with the a's about
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becoming their knew home city. so today's meeting starts at 10:00 and takes place over zoom why folks will have a chance to share their thoughts over zoom with members of council and we'll continue to follow the story and the fate of the a's in the city of oakland. live for "today in the bay." >> thank you. president biden is back on the road today pushing the families plan. today he's actually focusing on education while encouraging americans to get vaccinated. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in d.c. with more for us. good morning. >> reporter: hi. today you see the president at a community college talking about the education portion of his families plan. we also just got an update to go into detail about infrastructure. the white house said it is not political but both of these are big issues on capitol hill. >> if you look at the background
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there's no reason why. >> reporter: back to the midwest. today president biden visits a chicago community college. making two-year degrees free for every american part of the families plan. >> no student, no student education should depend on the zip code. >> reporter: focusing on dags, dags, health and child care is not tied to the infrastructure compromise. a group of nearly five dozen democrats and republicans wants to keep it that way. they're endorsing the infrastructure bill. >> if that's credibly paid for opposed to adding it to the debt i think there's a way forward on that portion of it. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't consider one without the other. >> what we need to focus on is the benefits of what we propose to the american people and not the cost. >> reporter: the biden administration is keeping the eye on vaccination rates now lagging among young adults under age 27.
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their new push includes door to door outreach, getting more vaccine to doctors' offices, mobile clinics and response teams to deal with the delta variant. health officials are concerned we could see a post-holiday surge in cases in about a week. tracie potts, nbc news. turning to the pandemic here at home now, too. a live look at san jose celebrating a vaccination milestone. listen to this. 85% of people eligible for a vaccine has at least one dose. the mayor saying that san jose is first among ten largest cities in the country to reach this threshold. tourism officials say the numbers help entice people to come back to the city. convention organizers are looking for venues and they are asking about the vaccination numbers, too. >> because of our record of high vaccination rates and there's a reassurance of safety in california and san jose in particular. a lot of clients are looking to rebook and rebook soon so that
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they can have in-person events. >> both santa clara county and san francisco 82% of eligible people have at least one dose of the vaccine. a woman is recovering this morning after a scary moment in pacifica. firefighters say a firework exploded in her hands after she found the explosive device before lighting it. a couple watching the waves from above say the explosion was loud. >> heard this huge explosion. then a bunch of smoke went up. >> wow. emergency crews say if you find fireworks don't handle them. call police to remove them safely. new video of a dangerous situation in southern california. illegal fireworks on the fourth of july sparked a fire in a high-rise apartment in los angeles. witnesses from a neighboring apartment complex say that a stray firework launched from the ground exploded inside that building and then ignited a
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small fire. police say the person that set off that firework work was not found. as we have been reporting it's been an extremely busy fourth of july weekend and then into the week for firefighters. police, other first responders and across the bay area. we're getzing a look at the rescue video from missions in the north bay. take a look. so this was saturday morning when sonoma county sheriff deputies rescued a person having a medical emergency in marin county. later crews rescued another person having a medical problem. on monday deputies rescued a man north of sonoma countymb up or safely. wasn't hurt and just couldn't get out by himself. crews expected to begin work on a major project in the south
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bay to start building a tunnel as part of a massive earthquake retro fit as part of the reservoir and dam. draining began last year in preparation. the overall work takes more than a decade. the price tag is more than $500 million. the tunnel will run about a third of a mile to release water five times needed if needed in an emergency. live out the window over walnut creek. beautiful start to the day there. blue skies. the clouds had been keeping us cooler this morning. we know that the temperatures will pick up. mike, we saw traffic on the roadways. >> a little more. >> meantime, kari, looking at the temperatures. >> yeah. it is a really nice day. whether you have things to do around the house or the park.
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sunnyvale this morning mostly in the 60s and low 70s for this afternoon. we'll reach up to 75 degrees. warmest time of the day will be at about 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. looking at the microclimates and the highs today 82 in martinez. 80 in napa. 78 in san jose. we know we do have high heat ahead in fact forecast and talking about that in a few minutes. mike? >> kari we were watching the early start for the metering lights. the lights and the backup doesn't form that strongly at that time. before 6:00 a.m. we see things easing off. maybe someone got overzealous with the lights. the maze no problem. so the backup only up to the toll plaza and the lights and then past that the bridge itself cleared up quickly. the rest of the bay holds light.
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only real slowing for contra costa or alameda county and the south bay with slowing. everything else seems back at speed through the area. back to you. >> thank you. struggling to keep up with demand. next on "today in the bay" the boost in business bay area taxi drivers are getting all thanks to a ride share driver shortage and what it could mean the next time you need a ride. richest person in the world is the richest person to have ever walked planet earth. let's take you to the futures. the nasdaq on course to set another record today. hiring now. apply for a dream job up for grabs rile here in the bay area. and it comes with some pretty good perks including living in a -- on a private island in that nice home there. >> if you are interested we'll tell you all about it when we return after the break.
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good wednesday morning. 6:12. stepping out the door in palo alto mostly upper 50s. we have the clouds overhead and will clear out today and it is going to stay nice and cool here and seeing a warm upstarting tomorrow. we'll talk about that in the forecast in a few minutes. >> the traffic was loosed from san jose we haven't seen a
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change for palo alto. there's 101. no slowing between here and the city. more coming up. good morning. happening wednesday to you. gas prices will be just miserable it looks like. tuesday we told you about the contentious meeting of opec plus. opec countries plus some affiliated countries. disagreeing on when and how to raise prices. we get the fed minutes, the notes from the latest interest rate meeting today. analysts looking for any little word change, any tweak that could hint there are interest rate hikes ahead. stock markets fell off the recent record wednesday. except the nasdaq. that was once again at an all time high. i should say tuesday. some of that boost came from amazon. amazon stock jumped after the pentagon suddenly canceled a huge cloud computing contract it awarded microsoft. amazon was bidding but lost,
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claiming it's because former president trump influenced the contract. we don't have evidence of that. the pentagon said it will go back to the drawing board. the boost in amazon stock was worth more than $8 billion for jeff bezos. he made $8 billion in a single day pushing the net worth to $211 billion. not only is he the richest person on earth but the richest person to have lived on earth. his ex-wife mckenzie scott made about $3 billion yesterday. she is giving a lot of money away to charity. $2.7 billion just this year. not a criticism. just an observation. she is making money faster than she can give it away. a new report says the city with the most ultra millionaires defined at $30 million or more not dubai or monte carlo.
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san jose. it is the richest city in the world! counts the area. the report says 1 out of every 727 people in san jose are ultra millionaires. you have 1/7,000th as much money as jeff bezos. >> none of us. >> you have neighbors not ultra millionaires. not even regular millionaires. thank you. new this morning a jump in coffee bean prices could fitter through to your morning caffeine fix. drops in brazil damaged by the worst draught in almost a
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century. >> we have been alerting you of a shortage of drivers. there's an issue of the surges in pricing and the long wait times. it appears it's a boost for business for those drivers. according to the san francisco examiner fly wheel seen a record number of new downloads and bookings. it's an app that's similar to uber and lyft but uses cabs from various companies and according to sfmta adds of june just under 500 taxis in the city. >> wow. that is so wild. trending this morning, a dream job for someone right here in the bay area. the role -- managing a five-room inn on east brother island in san pablo bay. this gig went virm last anytime advertise jd the job is available once again. not only will you live on the private island in the san francisco bay but you would make
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$140,000 a year. the inn is closed throughout the pandemic and will reopen in september and the new inskeeper will need to start next month to make sure all the pillows are fluffed. everything smoothed out. >> don't have to pay for housing. >> but the weather didn't always look like that in the video. >> it doesn't. you can barely see some days and probably get a little bit sad out there if you have a stretch of a lot of foggy days. we have sunshine for the inland areas today. ing the a beautiful afternoon. staying comfortable. the mid-70s here. we know we better take advantage of the nice, cool weather before it changes. look at the highs reaching 81 in east san jose and 87 in morgan hill and little warmer with 82
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livermore. oakland 69. 91 today in antioch. for san mateo highs of 70 today. mostly 60s in san francisco and north bay temperatures range from 72 in mill valley. 98 again in clear lake. we had hot temperatures there and going to get hotter further to the north. much of the central valley as the high pressure moves in and changes the wind direction. we won't get the fog and the cool ocean breeze. so the valley temperatures heat up. let's go to livermore. so we are still once again comfortable today in the heat starts to ramp up tomorrow and seeing the triple digits for several days. what will be different about this heat wave is that it lasts
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longer. so we'll have a stretch of days from thursday to sunday as the temperatures will be very hot so we'll need to take it easy. mike, how does it look right now? >> kind of taking it easy. easier. last five minutes seen the lanes start to fill in settling on how the pacing will go on and wanted to remind folks as the outer lanes are the later ones to fill in all lanes at the toll plaza are electronic and the labeling on the lanes overhead saying cash lanes are fast track. use any except hov with three or more. there's more slowing at the san francisco side. adjusted the speed and might be settled in for the morning. there's a crash that might affect the transition ramp.
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no slowing on the season sos. back to you. an oakland technical high school graduate being recognized by "the ellen show." >> 18-year-old ahmed muhammad he was accepted to all 11 colleges he applied to including harvard an princeton. he is staying in the bay area and headed to stanford. today on "the ellen show" hosted by lonnie love he talks about how he feels about being a trail blazer at his school. >> i'm glad to be the first and look at what's next and moving forward and excited about it will impact the kids coming after me. >> as vice president kamala harris says i'm the first and won't be the last. right? you can watch at 4:00 this afternoon and stay with us nbc bay area news for the news at 5:00. working to recover.
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next here on "today in the bay" the common issue many covid-19 long haulers deal with. another key member of britney spears' crew asks to resign amid a heating battle over her conservatorship. you are watching "today in the bay." delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs,
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it is one of the most common covid side effects. a doctor tells the san francisco chronicle about 95% of patients get the ability to recognize odors backs for better or for worse. for those that don't doctors recommend a new way to fix the problem calling that sniff training. developing now shootings have been on the rise for months and after an especially brutal holiday weekend new york will require large police departments to detect the hot spots. this is a nationwide issue. in oakland 65 homicides this year compared to 109 homicides overall last year. in los angeles they're up 33% and in chicago that rate up 40%. new details, a los angeles police officer who shared a meme mocking george floyd was cleared
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of any wrongdoing. the meme shared on valentine's day showed a picture of floyd with the words you take my breath away. an internal trial board found the officer did not violate policy. the lawyer for the officer said he only shared the meme with a superior in order to report it. new this morning the attorney for britney spears resigning from the case. the lawyer filed the documents to resign and asked the judge to find spears a new lawyer. last month spears spoke in court where she said that she wished the court would allow her to hire a lawyer of her own choice. the manager resigned this week. lots of reaction after one country passed a new law regarding pictures on social media. in norway if you alter or photo shop a picture without disclosing that you could go to jail.
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in addition to alteration influencers must label altered images if they're paid or benefit some way from that post. the new law means they will be classified similar to advertisers. coming next, top stories includesing a young boy shot at the south bay home. police reveal about that tragic accident. likely seen it that litter dumped plaguing the side of california's city streets and freeways. here in the bay area we'll hear highlights from the governor on his plan to clean up california. millions moving away from big cities including out of san francisco. america's small townhousing boom. we'll be right back.
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those who report on the crime who actually experience gun violence or the threat of it. >> crime spiraling out of control in oakland. now hitting close to home for many of us. the unwanted spotted light for nbc bay area. our crew a topic of a big meeting today. community leaders are calling for change. the new alarm the covid-19 hot spots emerging in states across the country. and also the fight against the new surge as new data reveals more about the vaccine rollout right here in the bay area.
6:31 am
"today in the bay" continues right now. good wednesday morning. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> we want to start with a live look to san francisco where it is a beautiful summer morning. cool and foggy. watching us because you visit this is normal. kari hall is tracking the forecast and when some parts are set to heat up. good morning, kari. >> good morning. we call that gray sky july. we'll see that continuing. keep the bay area cool especially as we get a westerly wind blowing in that cool ocean air and keeps the temperatures even in the valleys much more moderated seeing the highs in the upper 70s and low 80s today. that all changed tomorrow when the wind direction shifts. take a look at the temperatures reaching 96 in livermore
6:32 am
tomorrow afternoon and 90s for most of the north bay. >> they. haiti's president is assassinated in his own home. officials say jovenel moise attacked overnight. no group took credit for the assassination. the first lady is hospitalized. the killing comes during instability and a spike in gang violence. officials say that they are assessing this attack and president biden has been briefed. oakland police plan to announce an initiative to combat violent crimes in the city after opd was overwhelmed over the weekend. there was an armed robbery of our colleagues in broad daylight hall. cierra johnson is live with more on the initiative and weekend
6:33 am
gathering planned to help stop the violence. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. oakland pd are a very busy fourth of july holiday. the department is already short staffed but today we are expected to hear from the chief of oakland police about a new initiative to help prevent violence. the specifics for the program called the stand up for a safe oakland initiative is not released but the video of our own news crew robbed last week in broad daylight with a weapon will be shown at the announcement. the crew interviewing the newly appointed chief of violence prevention. he shared with us why there needs to be different approaches as the department is short 74 officers and deals with more violence. >> right to the surface, precisely why oakland needs to do this. you know? very angry people that are being
6:34 am
violent. we have to stop it. >> reporter: and while we wait for the specifics of the stand up for a safe oakland initiative chief armstrong did announce a march on saturday at lake merritt to stop the violence and put down the guns expected to begin at noon at the lake merritt amphitheater. >> this is a specific -- not specific to oakland. this happened to me and my cameraman several years ago and the disturbing thing is that it's broad daylight. the crew last week there 3:00 in the afternoon. happened to us at 6:00 in the morning as people jogged by. clearly folks feeling emboldened to tale what they consider to be pricey equipment and glad to hear that the police departments are talking about it not just happening to journalists but people in the community. thank you. 6:34.
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developing this morning an 8-year-old boy recovering after he was accidental shot in the south bay. police say that a 30-year-old man was inside an apartment when a gun went off. the bullet hit that young boy playing outside. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he is in stable condition. family member ran away after that shooting but was found and arrested. turning now to the pandemic. the delta variant now makes up more than half of coronavirus cases in the u.s. according to the cdc. currently ten states are now listed under the high risk category for that mutation. arkansas tops the list with experts saying it will be the dominant strain. in napa officials say that the delta variant is low there and expect cases to increase and urging residents to be vaccinated.
6:36 am
more details as vaccina cou some of the lowest case rates in the state. san francisco county had one of the lowest with less than 8 cases per 10,000 residents. that's according to data from the state health department. marin and santa clara counties saw roughly 8 cases why rural counties continue to see increases in cases as vaccinations remain low there. tropical storm elsa barrels on florida is forcing search operations to pause at the deadly condo collapse. but yesterday workers from miami-dade fire rescue shoveling digging with the hands and scraping through the piles of debris. eight more victims have been found including two sisters, a 4 and a 10-year-old. the president called for an
6:37 am
update on the search efforts. >> earlier this afternoon president biden called me to check in on the community and to ensure that federal government is continuing to do everything it can to provide all the support that we need for the families and survivors here in surfside and he continues to send prayers and love to all of the families and the first responders. >> so far there's 36 confirmed deaths and more than 100 people missing. more on the path of tropical storm elsa. jooefr night downgraded from a hurricane. that storm expected to make landfall this morning north of tampa bay. from there elsa will move across florida to the atlantic side north of jacksonville and then up to the east coast. here's a look at naples. this is where beaches are battered with the strong storm winds. you can see right there the waves up to shore. this is new video to show you
6:38 am
from overnight. driving rain coming down there. the wind's blowing. so far that storm has been a big rainmaker. not to mention the big wind event that they experience right now. governor newsom is headed t a clean california day of action. he is expected to highlight, cleanup and hiring events in the state part of an initiative announced by the governor last month to clean up the roadways and streets, reducing unemployment and providing affordable housing. as he visits the bay area another candidate is running for governor in the recall election. assembly member kevin kiley says he is filing papers to replace the governor. or at least challenge him in an election. he is holding a kickoff rally saturday at the state capitol. these are the people who are going to go against governor newsom in that recall election.
6:39 am
a total of five republican challengers including john cox, former san diego mayor kevin faulkner caitlyn jenner and former congressman as rent prices continue to rise in the are opting out of big city life because they can work remotely. >> many people around the country and the bay area making boise, idaho, their new home. the town fast growing and adjusting. a developer said some areas have not seen new rental apartment construction in decades. now they're putting up several buildings to control the sudden demand in housing. >> can you literally not build these things fast enough? >> at this moment in time you can't build them fast enough. it is a cultural phenomenon. boise is on the tip of
6:40 am
everybody's tongue right now. ten years ago people thought boise was in iowa. >> next stop, boise, idaho! watch that full interview and see how the long time locals react to the city's new popularity. >> okay. somebody tries to sell you a house in boise, iowa, it is a scam. it is not true. >> don't fall for that. look. no need to move because take a look at what we have for you. live look at san jose. do you know the way to san jose in. >> i do know the way to san jose. >> you know to buy a house here about a million dollars. >> yeah. i would rather live here than in boise. >> that's why we are here. >> it looks dreary this morning. maybe not what folks expect when they first move to the bay area. >> this is july. >> this is what it is like pretty much every morning in the summer. when we start with the clouds that's the marine layer.
6:41 am
we have had the fires burning nearby so keeping an eye on the air quality. for most of the bay area it is good but seeing more smoke coming into the coast and bay as well as santa clara valley. may need to limit the time outside and talking at the heat ahead. mike, what's going on with the commute? >> we finally settled down. we saw really packing in early. start to clear up adds they sped the metering lites up. the most slowing off the overcrossing. we have berkeley slowing for west 80. past university. the slowing over here getting into the city cleared up. the distribution is what we expected for the morning commute. an easy drive. no problems at the dublin interchange. back to you. >> all right. thank you. if you're scared of the big
6:42 am
cats there's been another mountain lion spotting here in the bay area. we'll tell you about where it happened overnight. plus -- >> i heard someone yell bear. >> a wild encounter with a bear on a fourth of july in southern california. that poor guy was just as scared. we'll tell you how the group was able to get away. reviving the russian river. protecting the area. in washington joe biden under pressure to do something about gas prices even though he really can't. out to the big board this morning. talk at bears and bulls. another record on the dow. you're watching "today in the bay."
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here are the two battling to the line and allyson felix... simone manuel's above her trying to fight on, and above simone... getting an opportunity to show her stuff. nonstop, displayed at the highest performance level... finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪
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right now at 6:44, heading out to the park in sunnyvale we start out with clouds and clearing out today. we'll talk about a warm up in a few minutes. looking out to oakland. the nimitz freeway. busy anyway and southbound the headlights slow down a bit. we'll show you where the build is happening coming up. president biden under growing pressure to do something about russian hacking this morning. >> the question is what. >> we could slap more sanctions.
6:46 am
we could certainly respond in kind with a cyber attack. you have two different hacking issues. one is coming from the criminal gang that's been spreading ransomware and now bloomberg is reporting the republican national committee has been hacked by the so-called cozy bear which is the russian government itself. you recall it hacked the democratic committee just before the 2016 election so very serious accusations this morning. a real test for biden who said he told russian president vladimir putin hacking our infrastructure and certainly the political parties is off limits and that was just three weeks ago. now you have these two major hacks. complicating this is the republican national committee denies the systems were breached. the third party company based in fremont says only that it's aware of an attempt.
6:47 am
the pentagon says 90% of american troops withdrawn from afghanistan. president biden says he wants all of them out by september. his other goal to get more americans vaccinated falling short of the mark. mark dividing itself among blue and red states. >> now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and oft times door to door to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus. look. equity, equality, remains at the heart of the responsibility to ensure that the communities that are the hardest hit by the virus have the information and the access to get vaccinated. >> another challenge for him is gas prices. let me be clear. i have said this for four presidents. presidents don't have control over gas prices. supply and demand do.
6:48 am
that said americans like to blame or credit the president as prices go up and down. president trump had low prices because demand cratered. the economy's better. the prices are up. opec is squabbling about how much to produce. president biden said he wants opec to pump more oil but same time he's been restricting oil exploration here in protected lands. he shut down the construction of the canadian xl pipeline. none had direct effect because none have been finished but he wants one thing from opec. another from america. the president travels to suburban chicago today. covering that on twitter. you can find me there. >> all right. thank you. looking for a perfect fireworks photo in los angeles leads to an up close encounter with a bear. >> hey! hey! >> ryan duke was with a group of photographers when the wild animal showed up.
6:49 am
stood the ground there. others tried to scare the bear away. the bear bit a man as he turned his back. later the man is hear shouting that he is okay. he is fine. >> this person ended up staying to watch some fireworks so i'm sure just like a tiny nibble but something pretty startling and unexpected. >> the tiny nibble? >> okay. >> a tiny nibble if it's a bear. i don't think so. duke says the bear eventually did make the way back into the brush. i'm surprised it didn't run off. it looks like a baby, right? >> i hope it is. >> nibble, my eye! >> police alerting the public of another possible mountain lion spotting on the peninsula. someone spotted the animal at loyola drive and saw it jump a fence. officers checked and did not
6:50 am
find anything. recent wild fires's drought conditions plaguing california rivers. now leaders in the north bay looking to revive the famed russian river. the county will work with more than 20 organizations to help solve environmental challenges threatening the river. kari? >> absolutely. we've had to deal with the extreme drought across the region. a lack of rainfall and we have to see where water's going to come from. at least as of now we have the mild weather and higher humidity. a look at the high temperatures for the south bay. headed to upper 70s and seeing upper 80s for morgan hill and mid-80s for gilroy. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. 82 in walnut creek and hayward
6:51 am
today headed to 70 degrees. foggy, cool along the coast and stays that way today. half moon bay at 60. we'll see mid-60s from downtown to the mission district and san francisco. and north bay temperatures will range anywhere from the low 70s in mill valley to 98 degrees in clear lake and napa at 80 degrees for a high today. as we go through the forecast we are going to heat up and that heat starts to ramp up tomorrow. reaching 99 degrees. 100 degrees inland. a few days of highs near 120 -- 100 into the next week. now the good thing is that we will have the cool areas near the coast and more sunshine for san francisco so we are reach ing into the low 70s. mike, you have been watching the roads. anything new?
6:52 am
>> hayward to union city, don't worry. san jose there's a smoother drive. we have the backups forming for high 37. richmond toll plaza. berkeley as well. want to call out the times for highway 4. more slowing there and might have caught the glimpse of the slowing on 242. back to you. >> all right. thank you. happening now bart wants your opinion on how to improve the stations in berkeley and elp stories. the a's future in oakland is
6:53 am
unknown but the city making decisions about the coliseum. and we are in the middle of a drought but a water supply is shut off. the next steps in a decades long project. you are watching "today in the bay."
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america.
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but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
6:56 am
welcome back. before you head out the door we are moving you forward with a look at the top stories here on "today in the bay." >> first the a's inching toward a new stadium? there's a new step in the shaping the future. >> cierra johnson breaks down the vote taken by the council. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not only was that vote critical but unanimous. last night voting to approve the provision that allows interested parties interested in purchasing the property to begin talking with the city. some groups that have expressed interest is african-american sports and entertainment group, dave stewart and lonnie murray and the a's. later this morning we'll continue to follow another meeting with oakland city leaders to give those living if oakland a chance to shire
6:57 am
thoughts on howard tell nal and jack london square. four cities have been in discussion with the a's becoming the new home of that team. today's meeting starts at 10:00. it will take place over zoom. i'll be listening in and deliver what we hear for you at the midday newscast. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. a new initiative to combat crime. just days before the armed robber of our nbc bay area colleagues in front of city hall. showing two young men pointing guns at the cry interviewing oakland's violence prevention chief. our armed guard pulled a weapon and they ran away. this year 67 homicides. turning to the pandemic. the delta variant now making up
6:58 am
cases in the u.s. according to the cdc. currently ten states are listed high risk with arkansas topping the list. president biden will be in chicago today discussing changes to the vaccine rollout plan. the new push is door to door outreach and more vaccines for doctor's offices. governor newsom headed to contra costa county to kick off a clean california day of action. he is expected to highlight cleanup and hiring events in the state part of an initiative announcing that last month. it is aimed to clean up roads and streets. today crews are expected to begin work on a project in the south bay to start building the tunnel as part of a massive earthquake retro fit. this is the largest reservoir in the district. take a look at this new video into the newsroom.
6:59 am
this is a car in los angeles. driver failed to negotiate a turn and crashed into a pool about 4:00 this morning. investigators they excess i speed was a factor. there were injuries but no word on the number of people and the condition. now a look at the forecast. kari, mild to start. right? >> it will clear out today. upper 80s inland. hot tomorrow. more of that heat heading into the weekend. so we'll be following that. mike, how does it look for the commute? >> bay bridge into the city of san francisco looking at a smooth drive. the backup and build moving. holding steady with the volume. san mateo bridge slower build. hayward coming off the nimitz on the 92.
7:00 am
>> all right. that will do it for us this morning. >> thank you for making us a part of your morning. a live look at walnut creek. we'll be back at 7:25 for an update for you. make it a great morning. the "today" show is next. ♪ good morning breaking news. tropical storm elsa making landfall in florida. a state of emergency there now being expanded the wind, waves and heavy rain building tens of millions from the south to new england in the storm's path in the coming days. we've got everything you need to know no stone unturned. the closest look yet at the site of that collapsed condo building in south florida >> the first thing that stands out is the sheer void of what's left behind. >> as crews pull eight more victims from the rubble.


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