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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 7, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00, the a's future in oakland is unknown. the next step oakland just made. waging war against vaccine hesitancy. how the biden administration plans to get people to roll up the sleeves after falling short on the vaccine goal. we are in the middle of a drought but a major water supply in the south bay is shut off. the next steps on the decades long project. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. >> get ready for the thermostat to turn up here in the bay area. hot temperatures heading the way. meteorologist kari hall is here. when can we expect the
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temperatures to spike? >> we are expecting the temperatures to start to ramp up by tomorrow and will see the excessive heat warnings including the far north bay. we will see the areas included in excessive heat warnings starting friday because we'll see the big heat coming this way for the weekend. once again we do have a little longer before we see those temperatures coming in. we see the highs today into the upper 70s, low 80s. by tomorrow widespread 90s and the bright colors. we'll show you where the temperatures will be for the inland east bay and south counties and tracking that and will have more on the high heat coming up in the forecast. could the a's be inching to a new ballpark? last night a major step in saving the future of the
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ballpark. cierra jng, marcus. that vote last night was really critical. it allows the entities that expressed interest in purchasing the park to participate in negotiations with the city. the vote was unanimous and talks with interested parties can now begin. some groups include that expressed interest african-american sports and entertainment grouch, dave stewart and lonnie murray and the oakland a's. later this morning another meeting will give folks living in oakland a chance to give their opinion. the next few weeks critical for the future of the park and the team's presence in oakland. four cities have been in discussion with the a's about becoming their new home city. now that meeting will begin at 10:00 this morning. it will take place over zoom and
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folks can raise their hand ian share comments and will have continue to follow the story of the fate of the a's in oakland. sierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> i hope it works out. i don't want my a's leaving. thank you. so president biden is back on the road today pushing the families plan. today talking about education while encouraging americans to get vaccinated. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in d.c. with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: just outside chicago at a school today talking about education, infrastructure. issues that the white house say are not political. although those issues have become very political here in washington. >> if you looked at the background there's no reason why. >> reporter: back to the midwest. today president biden visits a chicago community college makins
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plan. >> no student, no student education should depend on the zip code. >> reporter: focusing on education, hemtd and child care is not tied to the infrastructure compromise. a group of nearly five dozen democrats and republicans wants to keep it that way. they're endorsing the infrastructure bill. >> if that's credibly paid for opposed to adding it to the debt i think there's a way forward on that portion of it. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi says she won't consider one without the other. >> what we need to focus on is the benefits of what we propose to the american people and not the cost. >> reporter: the biden administration is keeping the eye on vaccination rates now lagging among young adults under 27. the new push is door to door outreach, mobile clinics and
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response teams to deal with the delta variant. health officials are concerned to see a post-holiday surge in cases in about a week. tracie potts, nbc news. now the pandemic. a live look at san jose celebrating a vaccination milestone. 85% of people eligible for a vaccine has at least one dose. tourism officials say the numbers help entice people to come back to the city? organizer looking for venues ask about vaccination numbers. >> because of our record of high vaccination rates and there's a reassurance of safety in california and san jose in particular. a lot of clients are looking to rebook and rebook soon so that they can have in-person events. >> both santa clara county and san francisco 82% of eligible people have at least one dose of
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the vaccine. higher in san jose today crews expected to begin work on a project in the south bay. building a tunnel part of the massive earthquake retro fit why this is a largest reservoir in the valley water district. draining began last year in preparation. the overall work takes more than a decade. the price tag is more than $500 million. a woman is recovering this morning after scary moments in pacifica. a firework exploded in her hand. the woman found it before lighting it. a couple saw the waves from inside the car above and said the explosion is loud. >> heard a huge explosion and then a bunch of smoke went up. >> wow. emergency crews say if you find fireworks don't handle them.
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call police to remove them safely. this morning sonoma county with a major milestone. taxable property hitting an all-time high of just more than $100 billion. this milestone is great for the county. it's a crucial source of revenue. officials say the skyrocketing home retail estate market. real estate market i should say is behind the milestone. officials are concerned that the pand stunted the growth of local commercial properties. it was an extremely busy fourth of july across the bay area and now a look at some of the rescue video from a couple of different missions in the north bay. this was saturday morn jared goff sonoma county sheriff's
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office rescuing a person having a medical emergency. later that evening another person having a medical problem in anadel state park. on monday a man on the side -- that man said he couldn't climb up or down safely. he was uninjured but stuck. >> glad they helped them out there. time for a look at the forecast today. this is the beginning of what we all don't want to experience. all that heat in the bay area. it is coming whether we like it or not. >> it is. i think all we can do is try to get things done while it is still cool and as we take a look at the hiking forecast we have the nice weather all day long and going out this afternoon we are talking about 70s. sunshine for today. once again talking about that heat up. as we look at the microclimates and the highs for this afternoon 80 in napa.
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concord today 86 degrees. we'll talk about that heat coming up in the forecast. mike, what's going on for the commute? >> reminded of a street name i forgot about. south 101 at produce. produce avenue. just north of sfo. crash there. may be blocking a lane. over here i had heard about a crash toward 580. might be an issue near where the roadways join. narrow. so we'll watch for any impact. so far no slowing out of brentwood and discovery bay. over here a nice through the maze. a nice easy drive right now. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, it is six months since the insurrection at the capitol and the quest to find people responsible for from
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over. the new clues released by the fbi they hope lead to answers. the richest person in the world becomes the richest person to have ever lived. we'll go over the numbers coming up. the next story not just a lot of yadda yadda. seinfeld coming to the child's toy box. nothing wrong with that. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good morning. as you get ready to step out the door, mostly low 50s. we are 60 in brentwood and san jose. seeing a slow rise in the temperatures today but a big heat up tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. >> a live look northbound 101. north of 680. heard about a crash. get more updates once chp arrives. good morning. very happy wednesday to you. gas prices are going to be just miserable. looks like tuesday we told you about the contentious meeting among opec plus. opec countries plus some affiliated countries. disagreeing on when and how to raise prices. we get the fed minutes, the notes from the latest interest
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rate today. any tweak that could hint there are interest rate hikes ahead. stock markets fell nasdaq at an all time some of that boost came from amazon. amazon stock jumped after the pentagon suddenly canceled a huge cloud computing contract it had awarded microsoft. amazon was bidding but lost, claiming it's because former president trump influenced the contract. the pentagon said it will go back to the drawing board. the boost in amazon stock was worth more than $8 billion for jeff bezos. he made $8 billion in a single day pushing the net worth to $211 billion. not only the richest person on earth but the richest person to have lived on earth.
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his ex-wife made about $3 billion yesterday. she is giving a lot of money away to charity. god bless her for it. $2.7 billion just this year. made $3 billion yesterday. can't give it away faster than she makes it. >> a great problem. >> a great problem for everybody. >> hopefully he'll do more of that. >> it is a trend among billionaires. buffett and gaetds. >> nice to see you so close. >> i know, right? ♪ welcome back ♪ shopping hours for veen yours will end at costco. the store says that the final day is july 26. costco put the special times in place for those members 60 and
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older. >> they got the good avocados. >> now i know. >> senior friends. the hit show about nothing is about to get its own toy set. >> the iconic show "seinfeld" is being immortalized in lego form why they can hang out at jerry's new york city apartment. they have a set, a standup stand there and also a festivus pole. festivus for the best of us? >> for the rest of us. >> if you can't wait it goes on saul in august for $80. >> george pretty accurate i would say. cramer, too. a local dance team is moving on to the next round of "america's got talent." .
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the kids from fairfield and the group made up of kids 12 to 18. last night was the sirks night of auditions. 19 acts performed in front of the judges hoping to make the cut. host heidi klum was all set. >> that's why she is a model. looks amazing. sitting around. >> anybody look good next to that dog. >> looks like an irish wolfhound. >> really big. kari, to take the dogs out for a walk we might want to do it early today. >> yes. it is nice all throughout today. the heat doesn't ramp up until tomorrow so get the activities done today in this afternoon. we start with a cloudy sky in san francisco but clear in
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walnut creek and we are going to see the clouds here and there. going through the hour by hour forecast let's go through the time line and what to expect. we have mostly 50s this morning. heading to the 60s and 70s in the middle of the day. a few spots like the north bay reaching into the low 80s. head inland to the 70s and 80s there. tonight back to the 60s and then take a look at tomorrow. this is what we start to see the widespread 90s in the forecast. liver more mid-90s. and even upper 80s for san jose and mid-90s for the south counties. end of the week the heat ramps up and more intense going into the weekend especially on saturday as those temperatures peak and it is all because of the high pressure starting to come in from the desert southwest and heating up the inland temperatures. going to change the wind
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direction. instead of a cool ocean breeze we see a southerly wind and going through this forecast it is going to be a little bit different compared to the past spikes in heat because this lasts longer and looking at temperatures in the triple digits, upper 90s. it won't heat up that much in san francisco. but we'll get some more sunshine by the end of the week. mike, how does it look for the morning commute? >> a nice drive. i heard about the crash. the camera's right about here north of 680 on north 101. a car went off the roadway. perhaps into fencing on the side. no more injuries. chp hcene yet. rest of the bay south 101 at produce. trivalley typical slowing and a
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crash at vasco road. and another at marsh creek road and despite that we only add a couple minutes exiting the area from brentwood. back to you. >> thank you. 5:20. next here on "today in the bay" new details on the quest to free britney a day after a manager resigns another key member of the team leaves. the lawn getting crunchy at my house. cole is getting itchy but trying to save water why it is voluntary right now. we'll show you how my chunky enjoying the drought riddled lawn. follow us on social media. find me on twitter, instagram and facebook.
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would you press it? welcome back. 5:23 this morning. new for you, the fbi looking for the public's help to identify new suspects at the u.s. capitol. the videos might be disturbing. 11 videos released of suspects affecting officers on january 6. the fbi said the tips from the public helped them arrest more than 500 people.
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more than 100 of those assaulted officers. the fbi say that is some of the most violent offenders have yet to be identified. also the attorney for britney resigned and asked the judge to find her a new attorney. last month she spoke in court saying she wished the court would allow her to hire a lawyer of her own choice. and her manager resigned this week. what if in a perfect world we all just worked four days a week? >> i promise i would be productive. five-day work week started in 1908 but a new england cotton mill. under the proposal the work hours would go from 40 hours to 32 hours for the same benefits and pay. website looking for petitions to
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change the work week launched and the founder of strategy at rest alex. >> there are already hundreds of companies around the world that have moved sometimes to four-da and still working five days but they find it is possible to find ways to make companies more efficient, people more productive so when you cut hours you boost productivity and maintain the same level of output or customer service or satisfaction of before. we have the technologys that have made us more productive but the gains have been buried underneath meetings that are too long and a quick question that turns into a ten-minute
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conversation so in a sense the four here. lx. channel 185 on xfinity cable or any time on an oakland technical high school graduate that made history being recognized on "the ellen show." >> the first black male valedictorian. he was accepted to all 11 colleges he applied to including harvard an princeton. he is staying in the bay area and headed to stanford. today on "the ellen show" hosted by lonnie love he talks about being a trail blazer at his school. >> i'm glad to be the first and look at what's next and moving forward and excited about it will impact the kids coming after me.
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>> awesome. you can watch at 4:00 this afternoon and stay with us nbc bay area news for the news at 5:00. >> i used to wear my hair like that in college. not anymore. all right. 5:26. next, top stories including that breaking news out of the caribbean. the president of haiti assassinated and his wife hurt. plus cleaning up city streets. governor newsom heads to contra costa county today to highlight the initiative to pick up trash across the state as another challenger looks to unseat him. stay with us. you are watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:30 crime spiraling in oakland and now hits close to home for us. an unwanted spotlight on some of the colleagues. our crew the topping of a big police meeting in oakland today and it is a crime caught on camera that has leaders calling for change. trashed. litter dumped everywhere. in just hours the governor here in the bay area highlighting the plan to clean up california. a major makeover. we'll tell you about the major efforts in the north bay in order to protect that famed russian river. this is "today in the bay."
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a good morning to you on this wednesday. thank you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. i like the new graphics. >> i love them. >> feel fresh and bright and nice and clear to see and not quite very clear to see outside this morning. looks like it's hazy or foggy, kari. >> yeah. we are going to see some of the clouds linger for a little while longer keeping us cool. the heat ramps up and we are expecting high heat and the heat advisory and warnings to go up for the weekend. that's from friday to monday. so as we take a look at at where we are headed for today, 60s, 70s, warmest spots in the low 80s but getting to the 90s that's in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. breaking news this morning, haiti's president is asass natded.
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the first lady attacked and in the hospital. that killing comes during instability and a spike in gang violence just officials say that they are assessing this attack and president biden has been briefed. oakland police plan to combat violent crimes in the city. this comes after opd overwhelmed over the holiday weekend with sideshows, shootings and killings. just days before an armed robbery of our nbc bay area colleagues in broad daylight right in front of city hall. "today in the bay" cierra johnson is live with more on a weekend gather to try to stop the violence. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is safe to say that opd had a busy holiday weekend. but the police chief there in oakland is expected to make an announcement about a new
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initiative set to combat violence. the details have not been released but it is called "stand up for a safe oakland." the video of a news crew robbed in broad daylight with a weapon will be shown at that announcement. the person the crew was interviewing that individual shared with us why there needs to be different approaches to crime prevention as that department is short 74 officers dealing with more violence. >> to the surface. precisely why oakland needs to do this. you know? very angry people that are being violent. we have to stop them. >> reporter: while we wait and learn more about the specifics of that stand up to violence initiative there in oakland the chief armstrong announced there
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would be a march this saturday encouraging folks to put down the guns. that march is scheduled to begin at noon at the lake merritt amphitheater. >> not too long ago that me and my colleague were robbed at gun point and what is really hard is it is happening in broad daylight, happened 3:00 in the afternoon, to me and my photographer 6:00 in the morning. embarcadero was packed when we were held up and he was pass pistol whipped. it feels like there's more targeted effor expensive equipment. thank you. be careful out there. >> glad you all are okay, too. this morning, new overnight
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police alerting the public of another possible mountain lion spotting on the peninsula. someone spotted the animal at loyola drive. a person saw that big cat jump the fence in the area and officers did not find anything. along the peninsula numerous spottings in recent months including millbrae and san francisco. an 8-year-old boy recovering after he was accidentally shot by a family member in the south bay at an apartment complex in gilroy last night. police say that a 30-year-old man was inside an apartment when a gun went off. the bullet hit that young boy playing outside. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he is in stable condition. family member ran away after that shooting but was found and arrested. governor newsom will be in the east bay. contra costa county to kick off a clean california day of action. he is expected to highlight,
5:36 am
cleanup and hiring events in the state part of an initiative announced by the governor last month aimed at cleaning up the roadways and streets, reducing unemployment and providing affordable housing. another candidate is running for governor in the recall election. republican say assemblyman kevin kiley says he is filing papers to replace the governor. holding a kickoff rally saturday at the state capitol. that gives the governor a total of five republican challengers including john cox, kevin faulkner, caitlyn jenner and doug osie. the recall election is september for september 14th. affordable housing in the bay, the santa clara county housing authority is in phase one of the development. the group looking to create more than 600 residences in san jose
5:37 am
and creates homes in two lots in the same area on 14th street and senior apartments on north 15th street. the housing authority says they hope to next year. recent wildfires and drought conditions are plaguing california rivers and now leaders in the north bay are looking to ways to revive the famed russian river. the county will work with more than 20 organizations to help solve environmental challenges threatening the river. over the next few months county leaders will hold meetings looking for research and enput from people that live around there and use the river, as well now a look at the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. we know you're tracking heat. you say we have nice days head. >> we will have today to enjoy. a few degrees warmer but still
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taking a look outside at dublin a cloudy sky to start. we have mid-50s here heading to work. maybe having the heat on in the car. then going through the day it is going to turn sunny and gradually warming up with highs mostly the 80s. 86 in concord. san jose 78 degrees. 80 today in napa. tomorrow's really starting to feel that heat picking up for the inland valleys and talking about that in a few minutes. mike, what's going on now? >> we are seeing a few more car just the commute starting to pick up a little bit. westbound 80. the berkeley curve. lots of different names. the commute will build. no major slowing. some slowing around golden gate
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earlier. typical spots for the first slowing on the maps. this crash in san jose is now slowing from north 101 combining with the build. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, new details around holmes' trial. what jurors will be able to see in the massive fraud case. a hack attack puts pressure on president biden to do something. tropical storm elsa hammering parts of florida right now. what you need to know if you have loved ones there. we'll take you live to the state's gulf coast next.
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right now at 5:41 on this wednesday morning, wakinger up and heading out the door to a lot of clouds. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. it is going to slowly warm up today as we enjoy this last day before the heat comes in to the valleys. more about that in the forecast. >> enjoy the last day. key words. enjoy the last look at the bay bridge before it starts to slow down more. folks are slowing approaching the toll plaza. there's an issue to affect the silicon valley commute comes up. the alameda county sheriff's office is releasing footage of a
5:43 am
deadly officer involved shooting. you might find it disturbing. this is from the april 17th shooting. officers responded to reports of an armed man banging on doors at 3:00 in the morning threatening to shoot them. deputies found him behind a wall and opened fire after he refused to drop the weapons and then shot at them. now to an update on a trial for holmes. the east bay times reports that a san jose judge ruled that the jury will be allowed to see communications between holmes, communications between holmes, her company and the law firm of attorney david boyce. holmes argued it was protected but prosecutors plan to introduce nearly 13 documents as evidence during her trial. the documents hold conversations with the law firm before "wall street journal" published articles of her blood testing startup. that trial scheduled for next month. president biden under
5:44 am
growing pressure to do something about russian hacking this morning. >> scott mcgrew, the question is, what? >> we could slap more sanctions. good morning. we could certainly respond in kind with a cyber attack. you have two different hacking issues. one is coming from the criminal gang that's been spreading ransomware and now bloomberg is reporting the republican national committee has been hacked by so-called cozy bear which is the russian government itself. you recall it hacked the democratic committee just before the 2016 election so very serious accusations this morning. a real test for biden who said he told russian president vladimir putin hacking our infrastructure and certainly the political parties is off limits and that was just three weeks ago. complicating this the republican national committee denies the systems were breached.
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the third party company based in fremont says only that it's aware of an attempt. the pentagon says 90% of american troops withdrawn from afghanistan. the u.s. handed over bagram air force field. president biden wants all troops out by september. the other goal of vaccination falling short of the mark dividing itself among blue and red states. >> now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and oft times door to door to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus. look. equity, equality, remains at the heart of the responsibility to ensure that the communitys that are the hardest hit by the virus have the information and the access to get vaccinated. >> another challenge for him is
5:46 am
gas prices. let me be clear. i have said this in this studio for four different presidents. presidents don't have control over gas prices. supply and demand do. that said americans like to blame or credit the president as prices go up and down. president trump had low prices because demand cratered. the prices are up. opec is squabbling about how much to produce. president biden said he wants opec to pump more oil but same time he's been restricting oil exploration here in protected lands. none had direct effect because none have been finished but he wants one thing from opec. another from america. president biden on the way to chicago today. covering that on twitter. you can find me there. >> all right. thank you. tropical storm elsa
5:47 am
barrelling up florida's gulf coast is forcing operations to pause at the condo collapse. but yesterday workers from miami-dade fire rescue shoveling digging with the hands and scraping through the piles of debris. eight more victims found including two sisters, a 4 and a 10-year-old. the president called for an update on the search efforts. >> earlier this afternoon president biden called to check in on the community and to ensure that federal government is continuing to do everything it can to provide all the support that we need for the families and survivors here in surfside and sends prayers and love to all of the families and the first responders. >> so far there's 36 confirmed deaths more than 100 people missing. hurricane elsa expected to make landfall well north of
5:48 am
tampa bay. hundreds of thousands of people are in the storm's path hunkers down now. >> jay gray is live in clearwater beach, florida. looks kind of calm right now. >> reporter: yeah. it's coming through in waves. we have seen bands coming through throughout the day. we are in a lull thankfully. from this marina, i want to show you. tampa is that way. this is the way the storm is going. dealing with flooding and things like that. we have standing water here in clearwater. the wind is strong throughout the early morning. ripped away the awning. signs wobbling and torn away. when you look at where we are you can see it's starting to break up a bit. shear took the top off the storm system and the backside of this
5:49 am
storm breaking up. look. you got a patch of blue there. unbelievable after what we saw this morning to now have a little patch of new skies and i think, i hope to continue to see it break apart. may not be as rough as it was especially jumping up to category one. flooding waters the concern with the storm. we have some here dealing with it in tampa and will deal with it as the system which is not as assembled as it was before and kind of in disarray and sticking together enough to run up the eastern seaboard and be an issue for the rest of the week so you have winds 40, 45 miles per hour gusts at times and the rain and will continue to be the problem. right now though we get a bit of a break and it is not all that bad to be honest. >> good that you get the break in between the waves of the
5:50 am
storm but there's more coming. thank you. >> reporter: yeah. dealing with the extreme dry conditions here but what they deal with there is very scary, especially family or loved ones there. >> the other threat with hurricanes is tornado threat and still seeing some of those severe thunderstorm warning and watches around there in florida. we'll continue to monitor that as the band of rain move on shore. here we see the dry conditions. wildfires. starting to affect the air quality with smoke coming in from the east bay as well as the coast and the bay area. we're going to see some moderate air quality today. santa clara valley getting in on the more haze and some unhealthy air quality. the temperatures stay comfortable with the upper 70s
5:51 am
downtown. we'll see upper 80s, even a few low 90s towards antioch. 74 today in fremont. near the coast still foggy, cool. 63 in daly city. 76 in palo alto. san francisco at upper 50s and low 60s. north bay temperatures range from the low 70s in mill valley. 83 in sonoma. 98 in clear lake. clear lake, the areas of the inland valleys start to feel the heat. to liver more for mid-80s for today and upper 90s for tomorrow. and then we go to the triple digits by the end of the week into the weekend when the temperatures will peak especially on saturday for the valleys and some heat advisories possible. as of rite now we are still looking good for today.
5:52 am
the heat creeping in to the forecast. looking at in the forecast next week it is pretty warm and cools off on tuesday and not seeing the intense heat in san francisco but some sunshine there as we have been waiting on that to get some of those clear days along the coast. heading out the door this morning, mike, how does it look for the commute? >> san jose. pretty standard. in the south bay moving. looks around at 101 at 680. just past the camera the speed sensors slowing a bit. 101 to 680 slowing and a crash, a car off the roadway into the fencing and there's more slowing that showed up at oakland road. maybe extra slow for that stretch. the trivalley looking all right. there's a crash marsh creek at
5:53 am
vasco. might be the reason for more slowing. the bay bridge toll plaza, the last look was the last with the smooth drive. folks are pausing to pay the toll. back to you. >> thank you. bart wants your opinion on how to improve stations. they're holding an online open house right now. they want to know what riders think about the improvements after a 2,500 housing units built in the north berkeley area. still much more ahead on "today in the bay" including reaching a pandemic milestone. the vaccine rollout success in the bay area's biggest city is celebrating. plus how about a four-day work week? the group making a push for the change for companies across the country and what it looks like. stay with us. you are watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. you are watching "today in the bay." today marks five years sense dallas police were ambushed by gunmen downtown. five officers were killed and several others and civilians injured. a ceremony will be held for families and the officers this morning and then a vigil to be
5:57 am
held. to a live look at new york city. today the city is set to honor its hometown heroes with a parade. despite high temperatures that parade to honor essential workers goes on as planned but the ceremony at city hall plaza is canceled. the queen's nurse that became the first person in the united states to receive a covid-19 vaccine will lead that parade and serve as grand marshal. mayor deblasio will be alongside hospital workers. sfo, for many of us gearing up for summer vacation trips but the rebound may be limited. court a new study two third of u.s. adults will travel but 24% are prepared to take more trips than normal and others are more likely than baby boomers. >> seems like everybody's traveling. at the airport last doesn't
5:58 am
matter. age. everybody's there. >> i'm clicking my tickets, as well. for many of us we love working the shorter work weeks but what if in the perfect world we work f week? >> now some argue it's time for an update for a four day work week. the work hours from 40 hours to 32 hours. >> there are already hundreds of companies around the world and all kind of industries that have moved but they find that it's
5:59 am
possible to find ways to make companies more efficient, to make people more productive. there's customer satisfaction that you had before. and the reason for this is that we have got all kinds of technology that is made us more productive over 20 years but the gains buried underneath meetings that are too long and distractions and that one quick question that turns into a ten-minute conversation trying to get something important done so in a sense the four day week is already here. >> all right. to get the talking points ready for the boss check out the full story and others like it at nbclx. it is 11-15 over the air. o
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all right. quickly approaching 6:00. the a's future up in the air and the city making decisions about the coliseum. a key step oakland made overnight. plus. if you are vaccinated you are protected. if you are unvaccinated you are not. >> a new plan that president biden is taking after failing to reef that first vaccination goal. the move coming as cases of the delta covid-19 variant increase across the country including here in california. we are in the middle of a drought but a major water supply in the bay area is completely shut off. next, the steps and project. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. >> we want


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