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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 7, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, hitting close to home and an unwanted spotlight for nbc bay area. our own crew and colleagues the topic of a big police meeting in oakland today why the crime on camera that has community leaders calling for change. trash. plaguing the sides of california city streets and freeway why is the governor here highlighting plans to clean up california. the new major revitalization
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efforts in the north bay to save the famed russian river. this is "today in the bay." >> a good morning to you on thi hall and mikeye, too. >> good morning. starting out cloudy as we have seen the past few day just a live look outside in san jose. head over to palo alto. temperatures in the upper 50s. seeing the clouds linger and then clear out for another beautiful day and tracking big heat ahead. we'll talk an't that in a few minutes. mike? >> there may be more traffic. i don't know big traffic. little bit. slowing popping up here and there. crews moving around.
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south 6807 sick more valley road should be cleared to the shoulder in a few minutes why back to you. >> thank you. haiti's president is assassinated at his own home. officials say jovenel e attacked no group took credit for the assassination. the first lady is hospitalized. the killing comes during instability and a spike in gang violence. we'll bring you updates as they come in. we report and expose stories important to the community and try not to be part of stories but this time we are. >> today oakland police chief armstrong plans to announce a new initiative, the chief is using a video of two nbc bay area colleagues held up at gun point outside city hall, one of the many violent encounters in
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oakland and continue to happen on a weekly basis. >> reporter: you are looking at city hall surveillance video capturing a normal day for two very experienced journalists who have spent most of their career covering the east bay. on this day they just happen to be interviewing the newly appointed chief of violence prevex for the city of oakland. the video shows two young men leaving a car parked on 14th street in front of city hall heading towards our colleagues' location. the reporter is focused on the interview as the man in the head hoodie approaches the photographer. right there you can see him put his hand on the camera. then you can see him point a gun into the photographer's body. our photographer pushes away from the handgun and tells him to take the camera. then one of suspects points the gun towards his face. at the same time our hired guard
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pulls the weapon and points it at the thieves as he walks into the picture? there was a brief standoff with the reporter stuck in the middle. they run away without the camera. with guns still drawn and hop into the getaway car. afterwards he says why he believes the incident reinforces the need for alternative approaches to controlling violence. >> right to the surface, precisely why oakland needs to do this. you know? very angry people that are being vie leapt. >> it's ridiculous that we even have this as a story. >> reporter: city council men taylor reacting to the news camera crew being held up at gun point. >> those reporting on the crime that experience gun violence or the threat of it experience what my residents go through in east oakland.
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>> reporter: a life changing experience for two nbc bay area employees but unfortunately it's something many other people are also dealing with in the bay area. cheryl herd, today in the bay. this morning an 8-year-old is recovering after he was shot by a family member in the south bay. the 30-year-old was inside the apartment when the gun went off. the young boy was playing outside. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he is in stable certain. the family member was found and ree arrested. an elderly woman after shefrs pushed by a robber running away. happened at the safeway on mission street last week. police say a man stole items and shoved the victim out of the way. she have rushed to the hospital
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with life threatening injuries. the man is wanted on several charges including elder abuse. police alerting the tain lion spotting on the mountain. not far from mills canyon park. the big cat jumped a fence. the officers did not find anything. there have been numerous mountain lion spottings including millbrae and san francisco. governor newsom is headed to contra costa county to kick off a clean california day of action. he is expected to highlight, cleanup and hiring events in the state part of an initiative announced by the governor last month to clean up the roadways and streets, reducing unemployment and providing affordable housing. another candidate is running for governor in the recall
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election. assembly member kevin kile ye says he is filing papers to replace the governor. holding a kickoff rally saturday at the state capitol. that gives the governor a total of five republican challengers including john cox, kevin faulkner, kay lynn jenner and doug osie. recent wildfires and drought conditions are plaguing california river just leaders in the north bay are looking to ways to revive the famed russian river. the county will work with more than 20 organizations to help solve environmental challenges threatening the river. county leaders will hold meetings looking for research and input from residents. we want access to the waterways when the temperatures are so darn hot and expect them to get warmer this weekend.
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right, kari? >> we have one last day of some of the nice weather that we have enjoyed from the past few days. looking at the temperatures in dublin as you get ready to head out for work it is all good and right now in the mid-50s. will see clouds linger and then starting with clouds keeps the temperatures from heating up quickly. we have some upper 60s for oakland. low to mid-80s for the east bay and south bay and upper 70s in san jose but 87 today in morgan hill and santa rosa and napa reaching 80 degrees and will talk about how hot it gets. that's in a few minutes. mike, any problems? >> the crash we have over here. sick more valley road off south 680. reports that the car was speeding before that fender bender. light traffic.
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we're also looking toward 280 at 380. a crash there. should be at the shoulder. we'll track that. registering just below the limit. a yellow stretch. down the peninsula. we'll double check that. nothing in the report so far. over to the peninsula westbound through this kind of a dirty lens. maybe if we had rain it would clear up. kari said we don't. back to you. >> we have to break out the windex. coming up, tropical storm elsa hammering the gulf coast of florida packing with it a powerful punch. what you need to know. plus say it isn't so. could the morning coffee be in jeopardy? i don't drink coffee. i'm thinking about you. why coffee prices might be going through the roof. we are looking at the bay
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bridge toll plaza moving as slowly as i am this morning.
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good wednesday morning. 4:42. we have a cool, rer freshing start for you this morning. low 50s for the north bay. 60 degrees in san jose. we're going to see more of yesterday's temperatures but then big changes ahead. we'll talk about that in a few
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minutes. some changes. pretty big at richmond, as well. very easy heading into the north bay right now. we'll show you how things are shaping up for contra costa county. good morning. i'm seema mody. stocks ending mostly lower yesterday and set to open higher here on wall street. we saw the dow fall. the s&p 500 snapping a seven day winning streak. the nasdaq reaching a record high big moves in names like amazon and apple. energy stocks slipping after opec failed to make a decision among leaders. that will be a point of discussion in today's trade. on the economic front we'll get the fed meeting minutes to provide guidance on the pathway to interest rates and the monthly job openings and labor
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turnover survey. for those that love the morning brew keep an eye on coffee prices. a jump in bean prices could filter through to the morning fix. prices have been moving higher because crops in brazil damaged by the world's worst drought in almost a century. roasters and kuf fee buyers have contracts with suppliers insulating them for about three to nine months but when the contracts expire roasters will likely have to sign new deals and result in higher prices for end consumers. now movies to the streaming service peacock no more than four months after debuting in theaterings. the new arrangement begins next year with the upcoming "jurassic
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park sequel" and new installments in the minions franchise. back to you. >> i love that jurassic park series. >> thank you, seema. coming up here on "today in the bay," a look at the forecast with kari hall looking at the temperatures for today. >> yeah. you want to make sure you get outside. enjoy that time out there today before it heat up. still looking at 60s, 70s and 80s but more 90s in the forecast. we'll talk about that on the other side of the break. you got the time before the traffic builds up. there's san rafael south. we'll check the north bay commute i promise. plus a new details surrounding the former ceo
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getting started with this wednesday. a live look at san jose as we get started. beautiful shot. i can't tell if it's clear skies or -- i never really know. >> i felt like it was warm when i left the car and came into the
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building and this warm this early we are in trouble. kari? >> you are not in trouble. it will be also slow to warm up today so we are going to see some nice conditions for this afternoon. air quality also seeing some major changes as we go into the next few days. because we have had the wildfires nearby i keep tabs on whether or not we are sensing more smoke. we do see some moderate air quality for the possibility today of the smoke moving into the coast and the bay and santa clara valley. not bad yet but you want to make sure that you limit the time outside if you have brek at thet or not. we can take it in today with the temperatures in the upper 70s
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for most of the south bay. low 80s as well. mid-80s concord and up to 81 in antioch. upper 60s in oakland. along the coast we are in the upper 60s, low 70s and mid-60s at san francisco and north bay temperatures range from the low 70s in mill valley to upper 90s to the north. our heat is going to intensify including the weekend and will be a prolonged period of hot temperatures especially for the inland valleys and liver more. it backs off early next week. mike, how does it look? >> looking good. as far as the speed sensors go, over here that crash 280 at 380 did clear up there. no incidents for 280 south. maybe one vehicle is enough to skew that speed average through the area.
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contra costa county crash on the shoulder and may be sticking out to affect a lane at the off ramp. just past the exit but may have a crew there affecting a lane as you exit. be careful out there. concord, the slower drive has not occurred. back to you. >> thank you. the alameda county sheriff's office is releasing footage of an officer involved shooting. you might find it disturbing. this is from the april 17th shooting. officers responded to reports of an armed man banging on doors at 3:00 in the morning threatening them. deputies found him behind a wall and opened fire after he refused to drop the weapons and then shot at them. now to an update holmes.
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the jury will be allowed to see communications between holmes, her company and the law fimpl of attorney david boyce. holmes argued it was protected but prosecutors plan to introduce nearly 13 documents as evidence during her trial. the documents hold conversations with the law firm before "wall street journal" published reports. that trial scheduled for next month. hurricane elsa downgraded to a tropical storm but still packing a punch as it churns up the west coast of florida. does look ominous in this video. a live look at naples. storm lashing the gulf coast with strong storm surge and high winds. this video as it was coming on to shore. one point elsa did get to hurricane strength. that storm is expected to make
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landfall this morning. on the other side of florida elsa forcing search operations to pause but workers from miami-dade rescuetims found including two sisters 4 and 10 years old. the president calling to get an update on the search efforts. >> earlier this afternoon president biden called me to check in on our community and to ensure that federal government is continuing to do everything that it can to provide all the support that we need for the families and survivors here in surfside and sends prayers and love to the families and the first responders. >> so far 36 confirmed dead and more than 100 people missing. coming up on "today in the bay," fleeing high rental prices. tech workers are leaving the bay
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area. the rising western city that's seeing a big boom as a result. time is running out for you to get the federal government to pay for some internet service. the benefit program will giver you up to $50 a month. some families qualify for a computer or tablet. the program will end six months after the government says the pandemic is over. we'll be right back. what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy,
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breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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4:56. as rent prices start to go up in the bay area many people opt out of big city life while they work remotely. >> many people around the
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country and the bay area are making boise, idaho, their new home. the town fast growing and adjusting. a developer said some areas have not seen new rental apartment construction in decades. >> can you literally not build these things fast enough? >> at this moment in time you can't bill them fast enough. it is a cultural phenomenon. boise is on the tip of everybody's tip tongue right now. everybody thought boise was in iowa. >> what? >> it is a place to go now. you can watch that full interview and see how the long time locals react to the city's new popularity. >> we know a family that moved from bay area to boise and in real estate and really busy and send us pictures. >> come here. >> i'm like i have all of this.
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>> see? you can't get this anywhere else. coming up on "today in the bay," a check with kari because we know that we have some heat headed our way. >> yeah, i don't know if they have this weather. it is going to be park. headed for the 70s today. we'll talk about those changes ahead coming up next. to oakland the traffic flows nicely for the nimitz. you have company. we'll show you more coming up after the break.
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right now at 5:00, the a's future in oakland is unknown. the next step oakland just made. waging war against vaccine hesitancy. how the biden administration plans to get people to roll up the sleeves after falling short on the vaccine goal. we are in the middle of a drought but a major water supply in the south bay is shut off. the next steps on the decades long project. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. >> get ready for the thermostat to turn up here in the bay area. hot temperatures heading the way. meteorologist kari hall is here. when can we expect the


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