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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 6, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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san jose saying it's on its way to become the first city in the u.s. to reach herd immunity. it was once a hot spot for the coronavirus, but now 85% of its eligible population has been vaccinated with at least one dose bringing the city one more major step closer to normality. and happening today in san francisco, major changes when it comes to those face coverings at city facilities. good morning, thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm sierra johnson.
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nbc bay area pete suratos joins us live in front of city hall with that information. hi, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys, yeah, face coverings are no longer required at city hall behind me. if you are fully rit cases thro state. when it comes to the changes at city hall and other city facilities this just aligns with the state guidelines, however, you can wear a mask for added protection, which we saw folks still wearing a mask. here's what other people heading into city hall had to say about the changes including these parents of their son who's getting married. >> it feels like life is returning to normal. now that we don't have to wear a face mask and people can walk around and be in city hall, and you're not taking a wedding picture with a mask on. that's a good thing. >> kind of like, you know, uncomfortable, kind of like how
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do you hide yourself from everybody. now just free, you feel like, i mean, like back to normal, that happiness, like, you feel excited about everything right now. >> reporter: now, as far as this delta variant cases in california, state officials say that the delta variant makes up more than 35% of new covid cases. that's up from just 5% last may. and some local health officials say it could make up 90% of cases in just a few months. top health officials say vaccinated individuals are mostly protected from the delta variant. reporting live, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, pete. and hayward city hall is also back open. starting today, the building will be open part-time monday through thursday. those in-person services will be available between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on those days, members of the public and city workers will be required to wear a mask while inside and practice social distancing, regardless if they're vaccinated.
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the building closed last march due to the pandemic. more details now on the so called breakthrough cases here in california. over 7,000 people who were fully vaccinated have gotten covid-19. now, that's out of the more than 19 million californians who have rolled up their sleeves to get the vaccine. the california department of public health says the cases are rare. top health experts say if you're vaccinated, getting covid-19 is almost always preventible. and right now, the state water board will discuss how to best protect the supply of drinking water. at this point, communities are trying to do the same at the local level. in marren county, the water board is considering limiting water once a week for sprinklers, twice a week for people who have drip irrigation. the board wants to discourage people from planting landscaping. the last 18 months have been the driest on record. this is for marrin water district. the city of hillsboro went very strict only allowing hand watering. san jose customers are limiting
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watering to 15 minutes twice a week. santa clara water district is asking for a 15% cut back. east bay asking for 10%. contra costa is asking people to avoid watering between 9 in the morning and 5 in the evening. this is a live look at a very dry walnut creek. another cool day on tap, and that's going to change soon. >> we want to bring in meteorologist kari hall with a look at what we can expect for the day. >> we have been talking about how it's so nice here recently for a lot of our inland areas. a live look outside in dublin where we started out with some clouds, and we have seen the coastal clouds and the fog linger. that's keeping a lot of the rest of the bay area cool, so as we look at our current temperatures, if you're getting ready to head out for lunch, going out for a walk, it is still in the mid 50s in san francisco. you head across the bay to oakland, it's 60 degrees now, and we can see our temperatures mostly in the 60s and 70s from
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the north bay down to the south bay. here's where we're headed, for today, as our high temperatures reach into the upper 70s and low 80s. this is about where we should be this time of year. it is about to be hot. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. this morning, the search is on for a team of high end shoplifter. look at the sales video. police say just before 6:00 last night, multiple people grabbing shelves of merchandise, running out of that store, hopping into several different get away cars, and i want you to look at these pictures from inside the neiman marcus. this was right after, you can see the aftermath, shattered glass, empty shelves, dangling security chains. so far no arrests have been made. turning to the deadly confl new complications at the scene, as tropical storm elsa brings winds and rain.
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sunday's demolition has really allowed them to turn up those rescue efforts. >> that death toll has residual ton 32 people with 113 still missing and no one is slowing down. nbc's bay area morgan chesky has more. >> this morning, rescuers not only fighting time, but wind and rain from the outer bands of tropical storm elsa. now, just over 24 hours since demolishing what was left of the collapsed condo tower, crews have gained new access into areas once deemed too dangerous. >> operations seem to be moving much faster and continue 24 hours a day for the indefinite future until everyone is pulled out of the site. >> reporter: heavy equipment speeding up the process, helping remove 4.8 million pounds of concrete from the site so far. 28 people confirmed dead, more than 110 missing. >> it's really really hard to process. >> reporter: for ashley dean,
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the days are only getting tougher. her sister, kathy stratton is still missing. she had just called her husband frantic when the line went dead. >> you believe cassie could still be alive. >> if anyone could, someone like her could make it, i can only wish and pray for some type of miracle. >> reporter: now, with elsa headed towards florida, search efforts could face harsh wind and lightning, which forces rescue crews to respond. >> the first responders are the most frustrated by any delays we have experienced, truly they live to save lives. >> reporter: their work, not loews on families or a -- lost on families or growing numbers of young people. all of them from kids, giving their heroes credit for going above and beyond. >> and that was morgan chesky reporting. the crews are pulling rotating
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shifts. the work continues around the clock. loved ones say the wait for those updates is excruciating. president biden will speak about vaccination rates a short time from you. otherwise, scott mcgrew, a quiet day in washington. >> it gives us a chance to take a look at the social media coming out of the white house this morning. the president's twitter habit doesn't make news very often because it's pretty tame stuff. this tweet is from the white house account. we don't know who authored it. a lot of people, though, rolling their eyes over the holiday weekend at this one. it says the price of your holiday cookout went down $0.16, which is not a lot. and the white house definitely cherry picked a lot of foods it measured in order to get that number. so that was the white house account. biden has his own presidential account as well, and we do monitor it. we fact check it as well. this one sent out on the president's account july 2nd is accurate but misleading. the white house says more jobs were gained under biden than
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trump in their first five months. factually true but very much apples and oranges. the economy continued to climb as president trump took office. it was on a winning streak and the economy continues its gains. president biden's first five months saw the pandemic come under control, and you're going to have much bigger gains. biden's critics sent out misleading tweets of their own. you may have seen this one, unemployment for various groups went up in the latest jobs report. it's deliberating misstating how the statistic works. the unemployment rate went up. there were jobs gains, not jobs losses, plus 850,000, in fact, but as more people say they're willing to come back to work, unemployment rate, which measures people looking for a job went up. it will go up again as we get into the fall, as schools reopen, parents can, and i think we will see them get back to work, and the jobs are there for them. 9.3 million job openings
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according to the labor department, the most in history. we've got time for one more social media fact check. this again, from a biden critic, saying the u.s. is importing iranian oil. that would be illegal. the u.s. did seize a tanker that was carrying iranian oil because we're enforcing our embargo. to say that's importing the oil, that would be like saying your local police department is up to no good because it's collecting weapons and drugs and counterfeit money and putting them in a locker, and that is after all, what police departments do. >> there you go. scott mcgrew this midday, thanks, scott. coming up, are you looking for a new car, the new incentives california is offering if you go electric. and billionaires blasting off, richard branson beating jeff bezos to space by just days. and we have an exclusive look at that new spacecraft. and have you seen this? it's the cutest story, a toddler goes viral for recreating portraits of black historical
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figures, how her mom found a creative way to hear how her daughter talks about black history. you can watch kelly clarkson here on nbc bay area at 3:00 this afternoon. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted --
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talk about a wild ride, all new video to show you this morning, showing an inmate firefighter trying to escape on independence day. he was a crew fighting, the inmate stole a fire engine before crashing through a fence of a nearby business. he eventually crashed into a ditch, and then made a run for it. one neighbor says that he heard and even saw all of this unfold, and he knew he had to act quickly. >> first it's like evacuate the house, and then i called the family and say there's a convict on the loose in the neighborhood, lock all of your doors. it was a strange day for everyone involved. >> now, it didn't stop there.
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investigators say after running from police, that inmate tried to carjack a second vehicle but it was unable to start. authorities caught up with him, and he was taken to the hospital after getting hurt during that chase. he is expected to survive. several police and fire agencies are investigating. if you're looking for a new electric car you might soon get a better deal. california lawmakers expected to approve funding that would encourage drivers to go green. those low income buyers, they can get nearly $10,000 for trading in their gas cars and buying electric vehicles. well, california leaders are hoping to help the struggling people make it in the bay, as well as across the state. governor newsom and state lawmakers extend an eviction moratorium to help keep people in their homes. the new report shows thousands of renters have fallen through the safety net, from july 2020 to march 2021, more than 7,600 households have been locked out of their homes because of not being able to pay for rent.
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there were many more evictions in the central valley and los angeles in the bay area. some find it hard to make it in the bay, others spend a record number of money in april to buy a home in san francisco. in april, a home sold on billionaires row for a record $43 million, the second biggest deal sold for just under 25, and the third was a pacific heights home that sold for 19. we do have an in-depth look inside sir richard branson's space port in new mexico. this is where he's preparing to ride to the edge of space. this weekend, beating another billionaire, jeff bezos by just one week. branson gave nbc's tom costello an exclusive look behind the scenes, including the spaceship he and five others will be flying in this sunday. >> in a remote desolate spot in the new mexico desert, billionaire richard branson's dreams are about to come true. >> i always envisioned as a kid that a spaceship should look
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like this. >> you did, you envisioned this that's how you should stay. >> after two decades of hard work and tragedy, branson is about to launch to the edge of space on a ship dubbed unity. first, carried by a mothership named after his own mother eve. >> so your ship drops from the bottom of that wing, you like -- light the rocket and you're off to the races. >> 3000 miles in eight seconds. >> reporter: after building his virgin empire, he started virgin galactic with the dream of taking every day civilians 50 miles high to the edge of space for a weightless experience and a once in a lifetime view. >> look at that view. >> gorgeous. >> at that moment, we will have become astronauts.
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i will pinch myself. and pinch myself again and again. >> reporter: you can't wait. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: it's taken 17 years to get here. in 2014, a tragedy struck when a test pilot was killed in a horrific accident. now, after redesigns, and safety delays, all systems are ago for a sunday launch. for years, 70-year-old branson has been strenuously training. >> i have managed to build some muscles. >> reporter: you're bursting at the seams here. >> they're going to have to get me a bigger space suit. >> reporter: and there's bragging rights, jeff bezos and his space company blue origin are also about to launch. when bezos announced he would lie on july 20th, virgin quickly announced branson would fly on the 11th, beating bezos by nine days. >> is there a little competition with bezos. >> reporter: i know nobody will
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believe me when i say it, but honestly, there isn't. >> reporter: in fact, he says, the world needs both space tourism companies. already 700 people have signed up to ride on branson's ship, some paying $250,000, including big names like tom hanks, justin bieber, and lady gaga. joining branson on this passenger test flight, three other virgin employees. now, all four are in their final training sessions for launch. >> i did the spinning cups at disney world, is that good enough to prepare me for this. >> you look very fit, very healthy skpks we would love to have -- healthy, and we would love to have you on board one day. >> reporter: how soon? because i'm up for it. >> if i was you, i would just stow away, i have always dreamt of stowing away on something. nobody's ever tried a spaceship. >> i wouldn't mind going either. you know, tom costello reporting there. the faa has given virgin
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approval to fly passengers on future commercial flights. the passenger test flight is set for early sunday, about 5:00 a.m. our time. branson hopes the price for space tourists comes down with more ships. >> i'm a thrill seeker, but that's a little much. >> how cool would that be? talk about a first date. >> that would be awesome. that would be cool. >> i might work on that one, kari. >> better than chili's. >> here i'm good. you go ahead and enjoy your space flight. i wanted to share an update about tropical storm elsa, and the recent update with the maximum sustained winds at 70 miles per hour, 4 miles below hurricane status, just off the coast, and they're seeing really warm water in the gulf. that may intensify that possibly into a hurricane. but right now, the tornado watch is up for that hurricane. so we're seeing this.
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that will continue to move towards the north. some of the more recent tracks, and we're where expecting it to go, keeps it as a tropical storm, and strengthens briefly into a hurricane, and moves up parts of the east coast over the next few days. we'll continue to watch that, here at home, very nice, take a look at these temperatures today. 79 for a high in los gatos. 85 in morgan hill. for the east bay, we have some upper 80s in a few spots but mostly mid-80s from liver mor toward pleasanton, and oakland today, we're staying in the upper 60s. near the coast, clear, cloudy, foggy, that still continues today, our high reaching 60 degrees at half-moon bay, and 70 in san mateo. a little bit more sunshine. san francisco reaching into the mid-60s in the mission district and our north bay temperatures reaching into the low 90s for you. but mostly 70s and 80s for much of the north bay. going into the next few days, we are continuing to see our
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reservoir levels declining, and right now, especially for our south bay reservoirs, we're only at a quarter of the capacity, so it's really getting bone dry out there, and we're seeing more of those water restrictions going up. this as we're getting ready for the heat to build as high pressure moves in from the desert southwest, and nudges into the bay area more. it's going to shift our wind direction, instead of the cool westerly wind, it's going to heat up, and let me show you brentwood, we're expecting here as we go into the next several days, we're going from the 90s to the triple digits and it's going to be hot for several days. what's going to be unique about this is that we are going to see the heat lasting for a while longer, from thursday all the way into early next week. it is going to be really hot, and at least san francisco stays cool. you're going to get a little bit more sunshine there. but temperatures bump up to the lower 70s. now, let's turn to our climate in crisis, and we're looking for ways to reduce our carbon
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footprint. did you know your food and plant scraps count for a third of your scraps. now you can turn that into rich soil by composting, and so the amount of water that you get when you have composted soil is a lot less that you use for your garden. so you're going to save about 60% of the carbon as well as the water, as you're using that to fertilize your garden. you won't even need to use that fertilizer, that synthetic fertilizer, because composted soil is a healthier, and if don't have time and space, they do that through waste management. go to where you can find out more on our climate in crisis. click on that tab at the top of the screen. sierra and marcus. >> thanks, kari. >> sounds good. well, coming up. >> you know, just a huge honor.
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>> it was a day he'll never forget: hear from the local firefighter who spent his july 4th with president biden. and happening now, a woman arrested in japan for allegedly protesting the olympic torch relay by shooting a water pistol at it. this was all caught on camera. the video showing the 53-year-old woman aiming a water gun at the torch and this is all during that relay, actually spraying in the direction of the frame. public opposition to the olympics has been widespread there in japan. remember, you can only watch the olympic games right here on nbc bay area. opening ceremony on july 23rd. much more ahead for you this midday. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, an oakland firefighter and paramedic is reflecting about his trip to washington and the white house. >> that's right, on the fourth of july, gustavo gonzalez spent the day at the white house with the president and first lady being honored for his work as a first responder during the pandemic. the pictures really tell the story. gonzalez a first generation mexican american was born and raised in san jose, a member of the national association of hispanic firefighters, you can see there chatting with the president of the united states. >> it was a brief conversation. we were able to thank him and the first lady for their continuous support of
11:27 am
firefighters all around the country. >> gonzales and other front line workers honored for more than helping the sick and the injured. >> we're active in our community, when we're not working, we're mentors, we're role models to the youth in oakland. >> gonzales and his fiance crystal anez who's getting her masters in education at san jose state hit it off with the first lady who has her doctorate in education. >> congratulations, round of applause. >> what a nice weekend trip. >> look, okay. wish we could all. look, this weekend is something we're going to have to warm up to, right, kari? >> yeah, i guess so. it's been so nice. this past weekend was very comfortable. our temperatures inland were reaching into the mid-80s. we'll see that continue today, a little bit warmer tomorrow, and take a look at the weather the rest of the week. san jose will reach into the 90s. we're going to see upper 90s for a lot of inland valleys, and san francisco, going to see a little
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bit more sunshine. i know you have been craving that. more sun and highs in the 70s through the end of the week. >> when you get the sunshine, you got to take the heat. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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