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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 5, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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breaking right now at 5:00, a big blaze lighting up the oakland sky overnight. a warehouse going up in flames and what neighbors saw in the moments before. firefighters on alert across the bay area overnight. crews scrambling, resources stretched thin, because of illegal fireworks on the july 4th weekend. your county by county report of problems. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm cierra johnson in for laura garcia this morning. >> i'm marcus washington. vianey here with a look at that forecast for us this morning. coming off of a foggy night last night for those fireworks. how are you feeling this morning? >> it was. i know people were hoping it wasn't but that's summer in san francisco. if you're new to the bay area, very summer-like for the
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coastline, but you get your options here in the bay area if you want to get more sunshine, you definitely just drive a couple miles in and go on a nice hike in inland areas. san francisco right now is about 60 degrees. no real wind from the southeast. very light. pretty much nonexistent. over the next couple hours, though, you notice that we start to see a little bit of clearing, but it's not going to be a sunny day ahead, at least not for san francisco. i will have the full forecast and what to expect in just a few minutes. >> thanks. breaking news this morning, fire crews in oakland racing to the scene of a warehouse fire that went up in flames overnight. this morning, neighbors are saying they're not surprised that this happened. this is because illegal fireworks may be to blame. pete suratos is live with the information from witnesses, pete? >> reporter: yeah, that's right marcus. we are getting information from witnesses, but at last check with oakland fire they say the fire has been contained and looks like it was just contained to that warehouse.
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let's go ahead and show our viewers the scene from video from the scene. officials say it happened roughly around 12:30 a.m. on the 900 block of 77th avenue in oakland and say it started in the roof area of that warehouse. now when it comes to witnesses, they're saying that folks were lighting fireworks in that area for hours prior to that fire. they said they even saw some firework debris coming down as a result. a business owner who was a tenant in the warehouse says that fireworks may have caused this fire, saying some of the equipment and wood on his roof, combined with that firework debris, may have possibly fuelled that fire. here's what fire officials told our camera crews at the scene. >> approximately 45 to 50 firefighters are on scene. they're still putting a tremendous amount of water on the fire. we have gone defensive at this point. >> reporter: we are learning that there was some fire exposure to other buildings, but there are no reported damage to
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those other buildings at this time. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. reporting live, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. illegal fireworks putting firefighters across the bay area on alert still this morning. our cameras across the bay area capturing fourth of july revelers out in full force overnight, but with those beautiful displays, lighting up the skies come a lot of dangers. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in silicon valley with that part of the story. good morning, kris. >> good morning to you. we heard a lot of illegal fireworks around town and into this morning. i heard fireworks as i was headed to this location here in san jose. we do know there are fireworks going off all across the bay area. we have video from sky ranger here over the east bay and in the hayward area. they kept firefighters there and around the bay area busy through the night. in martinez, contra costa county
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fire district responded to 48 grass fires county wide i should say. that is 20% fewer than in 2020 and five structure fires, 40% fewer than in 2020. but this fire along the hillside west of 680 was one of ten fires that firefighters say might be related to fireworks. same for this hercules home. in the city of san jose, firefighters were bracing for fireworks related fires too. >> we saw unprecedented fireworks use in our community. we had about 54 fireworks related fires in 2020 during our fourth of july reporting period and that really stretched our resources to the max. >> reporter: cal fire put out a tweet saying that they put out three vegetation fires and one structure fire within just one hour. firefighters did tell us they hope that the cooler temperatures and the higher humidity we're enjoying this morning might make things a little bit easier for them, but we're in front of this fire station here in san jose and
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looks like they may have gotten a call. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> sounds good, thanks. staying in contra costa county, new video showing firefighters working to put out a brush fire there. this is the so-called kirker fire which broke out around 1:00 yesterday afternoon between clayton and pittsburgh. cal fire says that this was sparked by a car fire. it took several hours before crews gained the upper hand. they are in the area monitoring those hot spots. 35 acres have burned. in our nation's capital, a spectacular display above lincoln memorial. the national park service launched fireworks from both sides of the reflecting pool for a 17-minute show last night. the president an the first lady watched that fireworks show from the white house. you can see them on that balcony applauding the show's grand finale last night. the president hosted first responders and military families at the white house thanking them for their service and their hard work during the pandemic. both the president and the first lady shook a lot of hands, talking with families who
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gathered, but the convenient had fun moments as well like this one, huge puppets of past presidents dressed in washington national jerseys posed with the president and ran a race. the first lady helping to hold the finish line. the event was held directly after the president's fourth of july address to the nation in which he celebrated the recovery from covid but urged more americans to get vaccinated. >> this is the most patriotic thing you can do, so please, if you haven't gotten vaccinated do it, do it now. for yourself, for your loved ones, for your community, and for your country. you know -- >> the president also touched on topics from voting rights, climate change and justice to the economy. meantime the vice president spent part of her fourth of july holiday thanking los angeles firefighters. vp kamala harris posted these pictures of she and her husband stopping by a fire station. she thanked the firefighters for their service to the community
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and to the country and wished everyone a happy fourth. here at home there were those who smartly chose to watch the fireworks in a safe and legal way. in san francisco there's a ton of anticipation for the return of that big waterfront display. >> it was fantastic. this was the first time that we are seeing the fireworks over here in the u.s., and it's been so good. it's a good experience. >> because of the pandemic, san francisco had to cancel the annual fireworks display last year and because of the concerns of fires across california this year, new laws banning fireworks in much of the bay area, fire authorities have been pleading with people not to set them off at home. the only issues, the chill and fog in the air, but those in attendance made the best of it. >> it's beautiful. the weather is not too bad and i'm surprised how many people are actually here.
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>> kind of forced me in to buying myself this fleece. wasn't expecting to need it. i went up there and bought one from a gentleman. >> maritime park was packed during last night's display but only took about 20 minutes for people there to clear out. >> always have to have that coat in san francisco. now we want to move to the pandemic and we're moving you forward as more covid-19 restrictions start to ease across the bay area. here's a live look at san francisco and starting tomorrow, no more masks at city hall. face coverings will no longer be required for fully vaccinated visitors that falls in alignment with updated state guidelines. city hall officials say anyone can continue to wear their masks for added protection. now to our climate in crisis, marin could get more structured. that ordinance is expected to be approved at a meeting tomorrow
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night. new restrictions would include using sprinklers one day a week, drip arigation would be limited to two days a week and customers would be discouraged from planting anything new. the past 18 months have been the driest on record for the ma marin water district. >> just how dry it is out there. >> it really is. just up in the north bay there's a 20 inch rain deficit. that lets you know how much lacking we are in terms of the rain department but in addition to that we're dry and doesn't look like we're going to get rain in the outlook. something to be mindful of in addition to the water restrictions people don't think about it because water comes out of your sink, right, so your athinking how are these affecting me if i'm able to take a shower. think about it like this. when there's water restrictions they start to see a loss of crops, then the vegetable prices go up and all of that starts to really impact you and creates really something rough out there. right now mild temperatures as you head out the door and they're going to stay mild
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through the afternoon. valleys expect 70s and 80s. we will be seeing brief winds at time. temperatures in the 80s for the south bay. santa cruz, 72 and keep the fog in the forecast for this afternoon. let's get a check of the traffic and see how the traffic flow is moving along. i did see a couple of overnight crashes. thankfully those have cleared out and it looks like they weren't significant in terms of holding us up this morning. hopefully everybody is okay and keeping it save as well. early on i did notice slowing along 880 typical for the east bay. no major accidents to report. i'll send it back to you. >> all right. as the bay area prepares for a were warmup it brings to mind the summer dangers. the steps to stay safe as temperatures rise. a change of leadership at amazon. the company's new ceo takes over today. the major chunk of change that jeff bezos is walking away with.
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from one very rich man to another celebrating america is one thing, but facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is taking it to a new level. the patriotic social media post going viral this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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. good morning. it is 5:13. here's a closer look at your weather headlines not just for today but what to look forward to head. we have the low clouds and the fog around the coast. we're going to see comfortable
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temperatures in the 70s and 80s inland and ahead, hot 90 in the forecast. how to plan out your week coming up. >> you're talking about the warmer temperatures later this week and we know summertime means more people are going to be spending time outdoors and that's when we talk about the dangers like heatstroke and drowning increasing because of the temperatures rising. >> nbc news dan scheneman explans how families can prepare to prevent tragedy. >> reporter: the mercury is rising across the country and experts say so are the dangers. >> we have to cultivate a safety mindset and follow that up with practices, safety practices. >> reporter: justin, caterpillar safety services, says to have a safe summer it's important to anticipate problems. >> you don't want to think about what could go wrong, but it's essential we think through the things and we're prepared so if anything does go wrong we have resources at our finger tips to help us. >> reporter: he says the entire family, even the youngest members, need to be involved. >> it's providing them training. it's helping them to think
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through if something were to go wrong what's that going to mean to us. are we going to miss out on our favorite summer activities if we got injured. >> reporter: water is a popular way to cool down. it's also a potential hazard. >> especially those between the ages of 1 to 4 statistically experience drowning the most, but really, also as old as 15. >> reporter: this doctor of the red cross says that hazard can be almost anywhere. >> we often talk about swimming pools and open spaces but in bathtubs, buckets, small backyard play pools left unattended that aren't turned over at the end of the day. any small amount of water that gathers can be a potential problem. >> reporter: think safety and think ahead and make this summer one to remember for all the right reasons. dan shenman, nbc news. today is the dawn of a new era for amazon with jeff bezos stepping down as chief executive officer.
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this comes exactly 27 years after bezos founded amazon and will assume the role of executive chairman. andy jassy is taking over for bezos, formerly the head of amazon web services. bezos is the world's richest person worth more than $197 billion, with a "b," dollars. >> lot of money. >> let's talk about another rich man here trending this morning. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg like many of us took part in fourth of july celebrations. >> it's the whacky way he chose to recognize america's birthday getting a lot of attention on social media this morning. ♪ country roads take me home to the place ♪ >> i am intrigued. you can see zuckerberg riding a surf board while waving an american flag while "take me home country roads" john denver was playing in the background. last week facebook won dismissal of an antitrust sxlants that
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could have forced it to shed instagram and whatsapp from its company. >> i want one of those. look, keep it going right here. also trending, dolly parton taking a moment to send a happy fourth of july to her 4.2 million followers on instagram. the country singer posting this picture of herself in red, white and blue outfit like no one other than dolly can wear. in an recent interview the country superstar revealed she does not wear sweats at home and likes to keep her makeup on at night just in case of an emergency. living in nashville, i remember hearing about that and says if there's a fire or anything, i want to be ready to go. makeup and all. >> our producers want us to do that, right. >> or call. >> this happened to me, my hair is in a bun right now, i have to put on my eyebrows and lashes. >> dolly stays ready. >> always. always on point. the weather is going to be on point for the next couple days and then get too hot. that's what it does around here. the high pressure rolls around and things change really fast.
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let's take a look at the -- what to expect forecast. these are your headlines. i'm going to go through these. don't worry. i'm going to really explain to you what we've got coming up ahead. the low clouds and fog around the coastline. comfortable temperatures. enjoy your monday if you have the day off because it's going to get hot in the 90s looking ahead. current temperatures as you head out the door this morning if you have to get to work or wherever you're headed, drive safe. temperatures in the 50s an 60s. pretty normal this time of year. microclimate highs this afternoon, valleys in the 70s and 80s, breezy at times around the coastline and through the interior valleys. oakland 70, through hayward 73. pretty warm in fairfield, concord and livermore in the upper 80s. fog and visibility we are definitely seeing some pretty dense fog through half moon bay. down to about half a mile when it comes to that visibility and also up through the north bay as well. so that fog has made its way inland. check out livermore, about eight miles in visibility. long range outlook right now,
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here's what i've been mentioning when it comes to the high pressure and what we can anticipate heading into thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. high pressure is going to heat us up especially in inland areas. so once we see high pressure roll in, that's when we start to notice spare the air alerts and things like that. the air quality outlook, a forecast for today you might notice it's going to be hazy because of all the fireworks that were going off last night but we're sieg pretty good air quality for the north bay and south bay. santa clara moderate as well. once we get that high pressure that rolls in, what happens, it traps, right, like a dome of heat over the region so it traps a lot of the hot air and the yucky particles right at the surface and that's why spare the air alerts are issued and all of that. we will definitely be monitoring that very closely once that changes. tuesday, morning mist, the drizzle around the coast. wednesday and thursday in the 60s. look what happens in san francisco.
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pretty warm in the mid and upper 70s for next weekend. 76 degrees. look at inland areas. so we go from 80s really for the remainder of the week, thursday starts to warm up into the upper 80s and we've got that dangerous heat in the upper 90s potentially even some triple-digit temperatures heading into saturday and sunday and notice i wrote there high fire danger. the reason for that is you got to remember we have the three ingredients that we never want to see together. wind, low humidity and high temperatures. that is a recipe for a fire to quickly start or spread. we will monitor that very closely especially with all of that dry brush, all of those inland areas you see are going to be warming up into the 90s and triple digits. let's get a check of the roads and see how that's doing so far. i'm happy to report nothing. there is nothing going on. that's good. we've got smooth commute really all the way from san francisco across the bridges. i haven't seen any delays being reported, so let's take a look at your south bay drive times right now.
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northbound 101 from highway 85, 18 minutes. northbound 280 from highway 101 to 85, 8 minutes. those bridge drive times, westbound towards the bay bridge, 8 minutes, towards the san mateo bridge 12 minutes, and towards the dumbarton bridge about 9 minutes. another look at your forecast once again and the drought mop tore in a few minutes. back to you. pope francis recovering this morning after undergoing surgery. what the vatican is saying about his recovery and the sunday tradition that was still all systems go ahead of his medical procedure. we are taking a look at some of the beautiful firework shows across the country. take a look at this in las vegas last night. lit up with its annual fourth of july tradition. i was there this weekend. i missed this show. hey, the casinos and hotels all joined in the celebration for the beautiful show. let's take it in as we go to break. 5:21.
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july tradition.
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the vatican says pope francis is doing well following intestinal surgery. the pope delivered his customary sunday blessing to the faithful in st. peter's square and a short time later underwent that procedure. the 84-year-old pontiff responded well to the operation performed at a hospital in rome. barring any complications he is expected to remain in the hospital for the next seven
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days. as many students work to rebound following a tough year a state law is offering help to make up for lost learning. under the bill signed into law last week, students have a number of options to make up for the 2020 school year. among those, retaking a grade level, changing low grades to pass or enrolling in a fifth year of high school for juniors and seniors. this pandemic school year resulted in significant losses for many students across california. the housing market is on fire across the county and while the bidding wars are exploding as folks try to get their hands on new house keys, some people are having a serious case of buyers remorse. >> according to bank rate, 64% of millennials, 45% of genxors regret the decision to buy a home. with fierce competition some buyers have been making offers sight unseen, waiving contingencies and this is to bidding wars to win them.
5:26 am
some are deciding to skip the home inspection. >> it wasn't the smartest idea but if you look at the house it's a pretty house. we got duped. >> what has been the worst part of this ordeal? >> i cry every day. i literally cry every day. every day something happens. every single day. >> you can't skip some of those things. we tell you that all the time. tune in to "nightly news" this week for a series called priced out, to look into the challenging issues of housing and affordability in america. watch "nightly news" every night at 6:30 here on nbc bay area. next, the top stories we're following today including a drastic scene. this is a dramatic scene in florida. the rest of that collapsed condo coming down. dozens of bodies still remain underneath. the reason why officials on the ground had to make that tough decision. plus, spreading quickly, the growing number of delta variant cases being reported here in
5:27 am
california. first, all morning we're looking at firework displays across the country. a look at the fireworks that lit up the sky around the city of chicago. beautiful sight there as well. stay with us. we'll be right back. you're watching "today in the bay."
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breaking right now at 5:30, violence erupting during holiday celebrations. gunshots ringing out in the north bay overnight with multiple people allegedly shot. what eyewitnesses are telling us at this hour.
5:30 am
more fourth of july celebrations turning dangerous. firefighters scrambling as an oakland warehouse goes up in flames. what witnesses say they saw leading up to the big early morning blaze. illegal fireworks keeping fire crews busy across the bay area while you were sleeping. the county by county reports of problems. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm cierra johnson in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. if you're watching closely this morning you're probably going to see something different on your screen, we're unveiling a new look this morning, new graphics to move us forward. a look at that forecast and bring in vianey arana. spectacular weekend out there, but when it came to the fireworks in some places not so much. >> a lot better than i thought it was going to look. when i saw the video from san francisco, you saw something. there's been years where you can't see anything. just a glow in a cloud, right.
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60 right now in san jose. 12:00, what happens to the cloud cover in inland areas. it sort of disappears and we get a lot of sunshine, so definitely expect to see a beautiful day ahead. great day if you get the day off. 60 in san francisco, winds are light. temperature trends this morning not really a huge change, but we are going to notice some changes heading into, you know, the sort of second half of the week. current temperatures as you head out the door everywhere else in case maybe you are heading to work up to the north bay, 56 degrees. livermore is 58. really just upper 50s, low 60s. coming up in my full forecast, i'm going to go through the drought monitor and take time to review what drought means for you, right, how that impacts you maybe in your everyday life. i will have the full forecast in a few minutes. back to you. >> sounds good. breaking news in the north bay, police are investigating an apparent shooting in santa rosa. now this is new video of the scene on beachwood drive, that's near greenwood drive. one witness tells us people were
5:32 am
watching illegal fireworks when a car pulled up and opened fire on that crowd. the witness who lives nearby says someone in the crowd returned fire. the witness says several people were shot. we're reaching out to police and we have not heard back yet. we will bring you those updates as they become available. breaking news, fireworks allegedly sparking a warehouse fire in oakland and those neighbors are saying they are not surprised this happened. "today in the bay" pete suratos is live with new video from overnight and you have information from those witnesses out there. >> reporter: yes, we do have information from witnesses and we'll get to it in a moment. oakland fire tells us that this fire has been contained to just this warehouse in oakland. in fact, want to show our viewers some of that video as you mentioned. the fire did take place roughly around 12:30 a.m. on the 900 block of 77th avenue in oakland. officials saying it happened in the roof area of the warehouse. so far, there are no reports of
5:33 am
injuries. as for these witnesses they say that fireworks may have caused it saying folks were lighting fireworks in the area several hours before that fire and saw firework debris coming down. business owner who is a tenant at the warehouse believes the fire was caused by the fireworks and some of the equipment and wood on his roof combined with this firework debris, of course, may have fueled this fire. but at this point oakland fire officials say the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> all right. illegal fireworks are putting firefighters across the bay area on high alert this morning. our cameras across the bay area capturing fourth of july revelers out in full force overnight. but with those beautiful displays lighting up the skies come the risk of danger. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in silicon valley with that part of the story. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you. firefighters spent the days leading up to the fourth of july really urging people not to set
5:34 am
off illegal fireworks and leave them to the professionals. in alameda county a bit of a different strategy. there folks were able to go to several dublin parks and set off fireworks under the watchful eye of the fire department so it was a sanctioned activity. >> i think it's fantastic the year we've had, i feel like people need an outlet and a safe one. >> reporter: now, this was the view from nbc bay area sky ranger over the east bay and hayward area. firefighters were busy there and all around the bay area. contra costa county fire district told us they responded to 48 grass fires, 20% fewer than last year, 5 structure fires, 40% fewer than 2020. this fire along the hillside of 680 was one of ten that firefighters say might be related to fireworks. cal fire put out a tweet saying they put out three vegetation and one structure fire within one hour's time and firefighters say they are hoping that people
5:35 am
who have gotten it out of their systems now and there will not be more illegal fireworks but counting on better weather, cooler temperatures and higher humidity hopefully to give them an upper hand if another fire is sparked. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks. check out san francisco's fire -- fire department's feed. this is on twitter showing just how busy firefighters were. responding to seven reported fires within just 15 minutes last night. police in newark made an effort to get the explosives off the streets ahead of the fourth of july. police say they managed to seize 600 pounds conducting a crackdown last week and confiscated about $33,000 in cash. two men were reportedly selling the fire works out of their van. both face up to a year in jail. we're learning new information about a spike in arson in the bay area. new crime data showing nearly 2,000 incidents last year, up
5:36 am
37% from just the year before. majority happened in alameda county which saw 495 arsons in 2020, that followed by santa clara and san francisco counties. the delta variant is becoming the most dominant covid-19 strain in california. according to state data it accounted for nearly 36% of cases in june, a big increase from may when it accounted for nearly 6% of cases. experts say that pfizer and moderna vaccines have proven highly effective against the delta variant. also, j&j said that its single-dose vaccine provides a strong immune response against the strain with higher vaccination rates that leaves many in the bay area protected. this morning, the condo building in surfside, florida, no longer standing. here's video of crews demolishing the remaining section of that collapsed building last night. with dozens of bodies still inside. the concern was that those winds from tropical storm elsa would bring down the rest of that
5:37 am
building. here's a live look at the site this morning. the mayor of miami-dade county promising the search for remains will continue as engineers deem that site stable. jennifer johnson has the latest. >> reporter: the last part of the surfside condominium building has been demolished. that section came down ahead of tropical storm winds ahead of elsa. officials say this will create a bigger debris pile, increasing their chances of finding more remains. >> bringing down this building in a controlled manner is critical to expanding our scope of the search and rescue effort. and allowing us to explore the area closest to the building, which has currently not been accessible to our first responders. >> reporter: rescuers promised the mission to find the missing will intensify as crews try to stabilize the rubble ahead of the storm. >> we are, of course, continuing to monitor tropical storm elsa and it will cross cuba and
5:38 am
approaching florida likely some time monday afternoon or evening. >> reporter: on this day when millions of americans are celebrating, there's more work and heartache here. >> this is not an independence day like any we have ever experienced before. >> reporter: after over ten days of searching there is still no closure for so many families. >> the video is all i see when i close my eyes because to me that's the moment i'm watching my mom and my grandmother die. >> reporter: now at least six rescuers have tested positive for covid-19. complicating a difficult mission even more. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> just looking at that, they were talking about tropical storm elsa something that's going to affect the east coast all week. >> the concern is the winds heading into it. the trajectory right now, any time it gets over warm waters is when they intensify. the winds, 60 mile per hour winds sustained, it's going to be a concern. we're going to monitor that closely. if you're traveling to the east
5:39 am
coast or any portion of, you know, i would say boston, new york, even down, you know, if you're going to head to florida, check the flight conditions before heading out there in case there are any delays. mild temperatures here locally in the bay area, we'll be in the 60s for san francisco and then if you take it a little bit further inland to the east bay, 70s. how about concord, we can hit the upper 80s so that's quite a range when it comes to our microclimate highs. normal for this time of year, near seasonable and a lovely monday. i hope you get a chance to enjoy it for sure. air quality outlook, the good news, even though we're seeing the fireworks, it looks like the forecast is expected to be good overall. don't be surprised if you sort of smell that scent of burnt fireworks, see the hazy conditions. if you suffer any respiratory problems keep that in mind. let's take a look at your traffic conditions. any time that i cover traffic on a holiday, the traffic cameras
5:40 am
tend to be lonely. we count the cars. there's one, that's it. right. two. behind it. that's kind of like a game that i told mike we would play when i fill in for him on holidays because the traffic is so light and that's what we like to see. i don't want to see any accidents on the chp traffic report and so far any overnight crashes have cleared out and down through san jose, even up through the peninsula. i haven't seen any major delays at this time. not to worry when it comes to the bridges. i highly doubt they will turn on the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. another look at your forecast and traffic coming up in a few minutes. coming up, it's a major test for the afghan government and its security forces. the last of the u.s. troops leaving the country after nearly 20 years of war. why there are more fears over the taliban's next move. plus protecting marine wildfire in california. the details about the commitment from the state and why it could put some fishermen out of business. another look at some of the
5:41 am
red, white and blue displays across the country. here's a snapshot from denver, colorado. a spectacular show there to celebrate america's birthday. you're watching "today in the bay." this unplulugged devicice is p protectingg
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our bebeautiful cocoastlines and morere. put off chchores and use leless energyy from 4 4 to 9 pm toto help keepep our ststate goldenen.
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it's 5:43 and cloudy and the temperatures 58 degrees right now in walnut creek. winds from the west/southwest at about 9 miles per hour. let's take a look over downtown san jose, 60 degrees, but we're
5:44 am
going to see 80s in the forecast. let's take a look at your traffic commute right now. drive times for the peninsula, smooth there, southbound 101 from venice avenue to sfo, about 11 minutes. from highway 92, 5 minutes. the full forecast and traffic report coming up. >> that's what we like to hear. happening now, crews spending the fourth of july weekend on the frontlines fighting three large fires north of the bay area. the active lava fire burned nearly 25,000 acres near mount shasta close to the california/oregon border. many are back inside, but some were still forced to spend their holiday weekend out of their homes due to the fire danger. crews say the fire is about 52% contained. the salt fire has destroyed 41 buildings including 27 homes. this is north of redding. it has burned nearly 10,000 acres and only 15% contained. the tenant fire in clamth
5:45 am
national forest has burned five buildings so far, more than 10,000 acres and about 33% contained. new details, the united states withdrawing the last of its troops from afghanistan after 20 years of war. >> as that happens the taliban is moving to take over military posts from afghan troops. richard engel reports from kabul. >> reporter: the taliban aren't even waiting for u.s. troops to finish their withdraw from afghanistan before launching their takeover. emboldened and increasingly confident the taliban have taken around 150 afghan military posts in the last two months, including a dozen this weekend. afghan forces trained and supported by the u.s. military, are in many cases giving up without a fight. the taliban are taking their weapons, keeping some, and selling others to pakistan, according to afghan officials. this video taken by witnesses, the event confirmed shows local
5:46 am
villagers moving in to loot a base for anything the taliban left behind. but one unit that hasn't been collapsing is the afghan commandos. elite special forces trained by american special forces. they're launching around 100 operations a day, shouldering about 90% of the fight. this morning, i spoke to their commander. >> if americans will keep supporting us financially and the way we want our armed troops for the future and our afghan air force, of course, we can fight. >> reporter: there's a troubling development. the united states invaded afghanistan after osama bin laden and his group of arab fanatics al qaeda set up camps in the country and launched 9/11. according to multiple afghan officials, foreign islamic radicals are rushing back to afghanistan so they can witness
5:47 am
what they're calling the final victory, the withdrawal of u.s. troops pushed out, they say, by the taliban. the foreign and al qaeda fighters entering this country are coming in through pakistan, according to afghan officials. it's the same route they took before 9/11. richard engel, nbc news, kabul. 5:47. before returning to a party at the white house first lady jill biden celebrated ipds peps day in philadelphia. sunday she declared that we are back together. >> that tenacity, that resilience, that love for our community is what got us through the worst of this pandemic. >> first lady also said that summer has never felt more full of possibilities, referring to the new cdc guidelines that say fully vaccinated people can gather without masks. new details about money going to protect sea turtle and marine mammal wild life.
5:48 am
state leaders are committing $1.3 million as part of this year's budget according to the chronicle that money will go to a voluntary buyback program aimed at getting fishermen to switch from nylon nets to deep set buoy gear aimed at preventing entanglement. the move will put fishermen out of business, at least some of them. new video to show you of a mama bear and her cub doing what so many did the fourth of july weekend. hit the water. i'm sure this is fun, if that's not your pool right. this happened friday in glendale not far from angeles national forest. the bears report lid stayed about 10 minutes. bear sightings are not unusual in communities near the forest but usually happen at night, not during the day inside the pool. >> they were having a good time. >> they were. i guess if i saw that in my backyard, okay. >> take a picture and keep my distance. >> get out when you're ready. something else to talk about
5:49 am
this morning, joey chestnut celebrating and probably recovering. >> the pride of vallejo and san jose state was at it again. the big dog yesterday, joey jaws devoured 76 hot dogses in ten minutes breaking his own world record by one. he beat his nearest competitor by 26. it's the 14th time he's won in the past 15 years. kelly wong representing the east bay competed and finished 8th. the winner for the women was meshl lesko. she ate 30 hot dogs. what is it about the bay area and us being able to dawn doings. >> go big or -- >> i'm going home. look, i don't know. >> has anyone asked what happens to their stomach when they're done. have they struggling the next couple days. >> i think they are. i think i've heard something about that.
5:50 am
pepto bismol. >> they're dipping it in water. throws me off. is the dipping in the water. i don't know. you get a dip in the water -- i don't get in the ocean but if you do, it's too cold for me, but i'm not the best swimmer. i need a pool with a ledge to hold on. if you're going to head to the beach and water in santa cruz it's going to be nice heading into the later portions of the week. today cloudy to start, 60 degrees right now in san jose. over the next couple hours, one thing you'll notice is the cloudy start and then the sun starts to pull through so let's take a look at where we're seeing the dense fog when it comes to visibility, half moon bay got a little bit better to about four miles. it was less than half a mile earlier this morning. definitely down through san jose, see some of the cloud cover down to about nine miles, livermore nine miles as well. of course around san francisco, but notice how the marine layer has made its way inland. we have the onshore flow that
5:51 am
keeps our temperatures comfortable. mild temps in the 70s and 80s for this afternoon. so enjoy this. even if you live in concord and fairfield we're going to be in the upper 80s. enjoy that. we're expecting the potential for triple-digit heat. any time that we see high pressure, a ridge of high pressure, start to make its return, dominating over the region, this also impacts how dry we get. it lowers the humidity and it bumps the temperatures. cue in the conditions for the drought. why? because here's the concern when it comes to rainfall deficits how dry we are out there. 100% of the bay area is under either an extreme or exceptional drought. what does that mean? it means we're in the worst category and what can we experience from this drought? in addition to it being really, really dry, what does this mean for you? i get this question a lot when people kind of bump into me. we're in a drought, what does that mean? instead of having a fire season we could have a year-round fire
5:52 am
season and that's what we don't want to see at all. water shortages, we've seen water restrictions go into place. the fields are left fallow. guess what happens to the food prices. we see ans increase in the food prices. when you go grocery shopping notice how the prices go for the veggies. rates are high because they're not getting enough moisture boots. the redwoods. poor air quality. because we don't get the rain that helps clear out some of the dust particles in the air when that high pressure kicks in, it traps with that hot air mass, all the yuck key stuff at the surface where we live and when the fire season kicks in, now we're dealing with smoke. some things to consider there. san francisco, over the next search days, morning mist is going to remain a factor through tomorrow and really the next couple days. then look at friday, saturday and sunday. warm 70s. the concern is going to kick up heading into friday, saturday and sunday because our temperatures are expected to hit
5:53 am
the upper 90s. in addition to that potential to triple digit which is a dangerous heat for a number of reasons. from high fire danger to, you know, people who don't have ac, for your pets, neighbors, all of that. we will be monitoring that very, very closely. all right. now let's get a check of the roads, the golden gate bridge shot there. you can't make out the top of the bridge because of the fog, but we haven't had any issues on any of the bridges which i'm happy to report about. so far right now the traffic map is looking good. i constantly look at the updates from the chp traffic report and it's been a smooth commute so far. south bay drive times, northbound 101 from highway 85, you're looking at 19 minutes. northbound 280 from 101, to highway 85 only seven minutes. northbound 85 from 101 about 21 minutes. another look at your with weather forecast and traffic yet again coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks. happening now, kate middleton is self-isolating after coming into contact with a person who tested positive for
5:54 am
covid. according to kensington palace the duchess of cambridge is not experiencing any symptoms. middleton has canceled all engagements. she attended the wimbledon championships on friday. much more ahead on "today in the bay," including a tense search for a rescue mission under way in japan following a deadly mudslide. the growing number of people missing. plus a legegal d debate a a fefederal mararijuana lawaws. the surprising supreme court justice who now says our current rules are outdated. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." developing now, an intense search and rescue effort is under way following a mudslide disaster in japan. more than 1,000 soldiers, firefighters and police were deployed to a resort town southwest of tokyo. at least three people died and 80 are missing after the mudslide hit saturday. mud crashed down a mountainside into rows of houses following heavy rain that began several days ago. now to a follow-up back here in california, los angeles man is facing charges after police found 32,000 pounds of illegal fireworks at his home. last week law enforcement worked to safely discard those exploivgsz but a bomb
5:58 am
containment vehicle was destroyed in the process. cell phone video shows the moment it unfolded. 17 people were injured including residents, police and first responders and an atf agent. on saturday federal agents arrested arturo. he was charged with transporting explosives without a license. a conservative supreme court justice is questioning whether federal marijuana laws are necessary. in a recent case justice clarence thomas wrote the laws might be outdated after the supreme court declined to hear an appeal of a colorado medical dispensary denied tax breaks. many states including california have passed their own rules on marijuana use. 18 allow recreational use. but federal tax laws don't allow these businesses to deduct their business expenses. justice strikele says that he is hoping congress takes action
5:59 am
following thomas' comments. >> the justice may come to it from a different perspective than the national organization, but he said another comment in his statement which is pointed, this contradictory and unstable state of affairs strains the basic principle and right now, the overwhelming majority of states have policies that are in complete defiance of federal law and undermining trust in government, which is something we see in all aspects of our society and congress should take action and end federal prohibition in accordance with what now the justice clearly indicated that he would like to see. >> you can check out that story and others like it on our platform, nbc lx. that's 11-15 over the air, 185 on xfinity cable or any time on quickly approaching the top of the hour. here's what's happening today in
6:00 am
the bay. a big blaze lighting up the sky in oakland overnight. a warehouse going up in flames and what neighbors saw in the moments leading up to this. plus -- >> firefighters on alert across the bay area overnight. crews scrambling to several scenes, resources stretched thin all because of illegal fourth of july fireworks. your county by county report of those problems. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm cierra johnson in for laura garcia. a lot of you may be watching us off work enjoying your coffee and hopefully it's a good day for you to continue to celebrate that fourth of july holiday. >> i would say pleasant depending on where you are. if you like sunshine go inland. if you are used to the cloud cover and the fog, well then hang out around


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