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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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right now at 5, flames race along a hillside in contra costa county, firefighters scrambling to put that fire out before it's too late. tonight f reveal what sparked this fire. and a rise in cases driven by the more contagious delta variant. now the nation's top doctor explains what you can do to stay safe. but first, today, the day set by president biden to return to normal after the pandemic, just moments ago the president addressed the nation. the news at 5:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. the president addressed the nation moments ago, calling a s. he also used the opportunity to urge those who have not been vaccinated yet to please get the shot. >> this is the most patriotic thing you can do, so please, if you haven't gotten vaccinated, do it.
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do it now for yourself, for your loved ones, for your community and for your country. you know, that's how we're going to stay ahead of these variants and protect the hard-won progress we've made. >> the president recognized all those grieving because of the pandemic, thanked frontline workers. he touched on subjects ranging from equality, immigration and voting rights to climate change, calling america's future very bright. well, the president spoke about america's brightest future yet to come today, people in o-renda are trying to forget about the past year and a half for a moment so they can celebrate the fourth together again. christie smith spoke with families that made their way out for independence day. >> reporter: it rth of july parade i orinda kicked off before noon. >> the fact we're here and weren't here last year makes it more special. >> the parade is really cool,
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looking at all the dogs in the vans and watching people march around. >> reporter: fewer entries than a typical year, but plenty of people came out. families with dogs, kids and plenty of red, white and blue. sean duffy came with his family from concord and noted the difference a year makes. >> it's about the miracle of science that the country builds back things, all the scientists enable us to be with your family, celebrate, enjoy the fourth. >> the parade didn't happen last year during the pandemic. this year is security council was divided on whether to hold it. but ultimately organizers scaled things back and the city decided to move forward. >> we strongly recommended anyone not vaccinated wear masks. we have people walking the parade masks handing out masks. we're not having the normal celebrity celebration in the park. >> reporter: for some venturing out like this was a real change,
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but independence day seemed to be a good start. >> this is the most people we've been around for in quite some time, so it feels good. it feels like a return to normal. >> reporter: and it was also live streamed. >> those people on stilts always impress me. the old fashioned fourth of july parade is back this year bigger than ever, this year featuring live entertainment from local bands as well as food trucks offering local cuisine. even organizers s community's return to normal. >> there's no words to discuss the joy of being outside in my hometown in america. >> it's nice for the kids and pets and parents to come out and our country appreciates. >> andy and ed, we are with you. this is the 50th anniversary of that parade. let's get outside right now. take a look at the golden gate bridge. you know, that sums it up. you see a line of blue in the
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distance, but you see the fog over the golden gate bridge. to see if that fog is going to be sticking around and messing things up for the fireworks display along the embarcadero and san francisco. rob, pressure is on. >> independence to get back outdoors again but not independence from the fog. we've got patchy clogs. you saw the parade there. throughout the day it's been cloudy throughout the weekend. there comes the next batch of low clouds trying to spill across alcatraz right now in the bay. a lot of low clouds like we've seen. as we head towards 9:00, the low clouds spill back across the low bay. fireworks time from 9:00 to 10:00. you can see south bay, east bay will be fine. it's between oakland and san francisco you've got the low clouds and foggy to misty skies.
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7-day forecast cranks up the heat. we'll show you how long that could stick around and our full microclimate forecast in about eight minutes. >> thanks very much. restaurants saw a spike in reservations for today with restrictions lifted. the fireworks show back and customers returning, there is extra reason to celebrate. >> we look forward to it. we just look forward to people having a good time and enjoying the weekend. it's a very different holiday weekend coming off of the pandemic, but it's still a holiday weekend. >> yeah, it is. and even better, restaurants are allowed to operate at 100% capacity indoors and outdoors. contra costa county fire inspectors going to be out on patrol again tonight cracking down on illegal fireworks. all fireworks are illegal in contra costa county. no such thing as legal there. in many neighborhoods the explosions start as soon as the sun goes down. last night we went with a ride along with fire marshals and inspectors to w.h.o. have the power to quite people using
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illegal fireworks and they're going to be back on the job tonight. we return to the developing story in the east bay. fire crews are getting the upper hand on the circumstancer fire that started 1:00 this afternoon between clayton and pittsburg. 35 authenticers have burned. cal fire says a car fire sparked it and that fire 50% contained. a reminder grizzly peak boulevard is closed this fourth of july. the goal is to reduce fire hazard and control any crowds. they're going to reopen tomorrow. we have your complete guide to all fourth of july events on our website. you've got plenty of time, three and a half hours until sunset. head to, click on the trending bar at the top of the home page. on the growing concern about the highly infecti
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variant, dr. anthony fauci says he predicts there will be spikes in covid cases, especially in places where vaccination levels are low. >> but we have a big country with dis individual is 35% or less. under those circumstances you might expect to see spikes in certain region, in certain states, cities or counties. i don't think you're going to be seeing anything nationwide. >> if you live in an area with a low vaccination rate, he recommends wearing a mask. in less than two hours from right now, demolition work will continue on the rest of that collapsed condo in florida. search efforts have been paused since yesterday so engineers can prepare for the demolition. only 24 bodies have been recovered. more than 120 people still unaccounted for. crews say the demolition will create a bigger debris pile, increasing their chances of
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finding more remains. when we come back, the pandemic has impacted millions of people financially, including college students. but now a new opportunity for students to negotiate financial aid and get back into the compe spirit, we're going to take you to the porch of july in alameda. we'll tell you about that next.
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in alameda this weekend, some competitive spirit all in the name of fun to celebrate the fourth of july. take a look at this. the city held a porch of july competition, inviting people to deck out their porches in style. yes, there are going to be prizes. but the event was not limited to porches, oh, front window displays, car decorations also considered for prizes. organizers put this together as a alameda pride shine. >> we weren't able to do our parade this year, so lots of people in decorating their houses festive and a community-driven event. >> the judging ended today, but we don't have a winner today. the winner is set to be announced later this week. hayward city leaders are getting ready to reopen city hall. city hall has been closed since last march. starting tuesday the building
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will be open part times monday through thursday. in-person services will be available between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 in the afternoon on those days. workers will be required to wear a mask while inside. and please practice social distancing regardless of if they are vaccinated. covid-19 has obstructed college life and impacted abilities to afford it. it is colleges and universities' aim to boost enrollment. there may be opportunities to negotiate for more financial aid. sharon eperson has more on how to make the ask and takes a look at one family's successful appeal. >> i clicked the link and it said congratulations you are a member of the fairfield class of 2025. >> reporter: julia hall was accepted to her top college choice, and what wasgr and got a scholarship. >> reporter: helping offset her tuition as a full-time undergrad at fairfield university.
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how much did it cover for attendance? >> it covers around 30%. >> reporter: even with the scholarship, the hall family worried they may have trouble covering the rest. and they did not qualify for any need-based aid. >> once they make a decision to commit to a student, they'll do anything to keep that student. >> rep for more money. >> we ensured to enclose the letters to show we had leverage. we asked for what i felt was a moderate appeal. we said our excitement level is very real. if you could help us in this area, then we would be willing to commit. >> and it worked. >> how much more were you able to get? >> we got around 3% more. >> reporter: before the pandemic, about one-third of appeals were successful at most schools and the number has likely grown. >> the school has weathered hard times but that doesn't mean they can't remain active and aggressive with a financial aid and scholarship policy for those
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students coming in this year. >> reporter: financial aid decisions made for this incoming freshman class are based on federal income tax returns from 2019. in asking for more need-based aid, experts say be transparent about how your family's income and expenses have changed since then. >> be very specific, be very to the point why you cannot afford the college you're trying to get into. >> reporter: and if you're not successful the first time, don't be discourage. >> there's always next year. there's always future instances in which you will need to negotiate for financial aid. there's still hope. >> if a student gets additional aid, make sure to clarify whether it's renewable or not. typically you have to apply for need-based aid every year. scholarship money tends to be renewable as long as you maintain a gpa and credit load. well, he has done it again. bay area native competition at
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morgan hill folks celebrating the fourth of july with a big parade downtown. this is a look at the very front of the parade, got the banner, marching band. a lot of cities ended up cancelling parades for a second year in a row because of the pandemic.
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but morgan hilled pulled it off, calling the event freedom fest. way to go, morgan hill. east tennessee got a head start on its independence day celebrations. the city of gatlinburg held what they called the first fourth of july parade in the nation. entertainment. it was the first time in two years gatlinburg held this parade after being cancelled for the pandemic in 2020 and because of storms back in 2019. if you want to be the first one, do it as soon as possible to do it. >> dedication. everybody looking happy. >> that's right. very nice. the weather for the most part keeping folks happy unless you're trying to watch fireworks in san francisco. we'll talk about that in a moment as the low clouds start to spill back in towards downtown. we're already seeing the fog over the golden gate bridge and we do think a repeat performance of low cloud cover moving into
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sf. 61 degrees. san francisco also seeing 60s on the east side of the bay. oakland 68. san jose nice and comfortable, 74 degrees. northwest wind at 15. into the tri-valley, 79 degrees. enjoy these temperatures because by the end of the week and next weekend, it could be 20 to 30 degrees hotter. we'll explain that in a minute. through about 7:00. light jacket weather for any fireworks viewing as you see around 9:00 we drop into the 60s. and there come the low clouds. 9:00 just like that over to oakland, around san francisco, the inner east bay. inland east bay will be fine. south bay should be mostly clear. by the time sunrise arrives tomorrow morning, more coolest the week.
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84 degrees for los gatos, morgan hill 86, numbers in the mid-80s around the tri-valley. 73 in hayward, around the pence larks 78 in redwood city, still chilly with ongoing drizzle for half moon bay and pacifica. highs and the north bay, 70s to 80s in most places. let's move forward to friday. look at the map. look at the 90s we're seeing coming back to san jose. bay side locations 60 to 70. but tin land valleys where the pressure builds. it will be interesting to see where it sets up, where the axis of the high is going to be. right now looks like central and southern california. that's where the potential for record breaking heat will be the highest. close enough to the bay area. we could be looking at five days from the mid 90s and hotter for the tri-valley. that will take you from thursday to monday of the following week with next weekend be the
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hottest. around napa we'll see those locations as well from thursday to next sunday seeing mid 90s and hotter. notice as we head toward san jose, not as hot. downtown seeing a couple days comfortably cool and jumping to the mid-70s by next weekend. and all the outlooks, 7-day forecast, 10-day outlook do present next saturday and sunday as the hottest days of what looks to be the three- to five-day heat wave. as you enjoy the weather this week skpend the next two to three e days, looks like the heat is making a come back. but the timing was good. fourth of july we had the best weather. next weekend we'll have to watch the heat. still ahead. it is a hot housing market. bidding wars erupting left and right. but now some people are having a case of buyer's remorse. the new problems they're seeing after they rush to get their own house keys.
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a new house built in virginia this property has to do with how it's >> reporter: the sounds you would normally hear at a construction site not happening at this lot on richmond's southside. these are sounds from virginia's first home being built with a 3d printer. the massive piece of technology used concrete to help build a 1,500 square foot home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. >> it's a home wherewithals are made of concrete instead of wood.
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>> mixed in a mixing bowl, goes through a tube in a printer head and that printer head is programmed to go around and print the wall systems. >> the process to build these walls takes about 15 hours but requires less labor and contrac say this home is no different than any other. >> same plumbing, same electrical, same hvac, same roof structure, all that is the same. >> this comes from a grant made possible through several organizations, hoping this printer has the potential to reduce the cost of homeownership. >> housing prices have been out of control for decades. the pandemic only made that worse. we think that this technology can drop the cost, make it more efficient and also help families customize a home to fit their lifestyle in ways they may not have been able to do that before. >> so, it's a good time to start testing and understand how do we try new materials, new ways of building. >> currently florida and arizona are have dabbled in the printing
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world. next virginia is next on the list, hoping to improve opportunities of the american dream ownership dream. >> it gives us this room to experiment and test, which is all that needs to happen. >> this is the future of construction. speaking of housing, the housing market has been on fire across the country. while a bidding war is exploding as people try to get their hands on new house keys, some people have a serious case of buyer's remorse. this is according to the bank right now. 64% of millennials, 45% of gen-xors, 33% of baby boomers regret their decision to buy a home. some buyer versus been making offers site unseen, waiving contingencies to win bidding wars. some are deciding to skip that home inspection. >> it wasn't probably the smartest idea, but if you look at the house, it's a pretty house. we kind of got dooped. we really got dooped.
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>> what has been the worst part of the ordeal? >> i cry every day. every single day something happens. every single day. >> woah. all this week "nightly news" is launching a new series called "priced out," a look at the challenging issue of housing inaffordability in america. you can catch more from this important cautionary tale about three minutes. we're back in a moment.
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we are so pleased to report, he did it again. joey chestnut once again nathan's famous international hot dog eating champion. this guy is from san jose. he broke his own world record devouring 76 hot dogs and buns in ten minutes. he title in the last
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15 years and that's the sort of domination people like tom brady and joe montana caneally only dream of. kelly wong also competed. she came in 8th. kelly ate 9 1/2 hot dogs in 10 minutes. we're back in six. on this independence day, the nation celebrates its reopening bill gathering in record numbers. you who americans are hop covid and president biden on house lawn with essential workers and military families. his goal of having 70% of americans vaccinated today not yet met. now the white house ramping up efforts to


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