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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 3, 2021 12:36am-1:35am PDT

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searching for that feeling just like an i love you ♪ ♪ that isn't word like a song he wrote that's never heard that's never heard ♪ ♪ ♪ an i love you that isn't words like a song he wrote ♪ ♪ that's never hear don't you shy away ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my thanks to julianne moore, dave bautista! [ cheers and applause twenty one pilots! fantastic. and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers.
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good night, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight "late night with seth meyers," ewan mcgregor. author of "the wreckage of my presence," writer and actress, casey wilson featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers and this is "late night. i'm doing well [ laughter ] let's get to the news. according to the "washington post," president biden exercises most mornings by lifting weights before he begins work. that makes sense because he is clearly not using the
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stairmaster. i'm sorry. but the clip is fun. he's fine. according to the "washington post," president biden occasionally goes to the south lawn, or rose garden during the day to get fresh air with his dogs champ and major, while the rest of the staff goes literally anywhere else. somebody commented me that it's time to stop making fun of major biting people. i feel like a year he has to go a year without biting anyone. president biden said on friday that he would not allow the justice department to seize the phone records of journalists well, that explains matt gaetz's new hat. president biden has reportedly continued a tradition started by former pre that are sent to the white house by individual americans. though in the obama days, they were mostly from joe former vice president mike pence and former second lady karen pence have reportedly purchased a new home outside
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indianapolis and of course it was outside the city because you know this guy doesn't go downtown. [ laughter ] baze alex baze as i live and breathe. a new york librarian was arrested last friday for allegedly robbing the bank well, trying to, at least. "okay. everyone hit the floor." 'cause they'd whisper outside the library. that's the thing about librarians, people think it's about the library. it's fundamentally inside them it was announced last week that pope francis will get a new electric popemobile. of course, before he can plug the charge into the outlet, they have to get married. according to a new study, dogs can effectively detect the coronavirus with 97% accuracy, which is great news because that's the only provider in your network. scientists reported that the largest iceberg in the world broke off from an antarctica last week and it is roughly
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70 times larger than manhattan yeah, but i bet they don't have any good restaurants and finally, yesterday was lucky penny day. right, 'cause who's luckier than abraham lincoln? [ laughter ] look, i don't have to read the mike scollins jokes. i get that but otherwise, if i didn't, you wouldn't know what i'm putting up with day in and day out if you see something, say something. that was the monologue, everybody. you guys, we have a great show for you. he's a fantastic actor you know him from pretty much every genre of film and television from "trainspotting," to "start wars," to "fargo," and currently he stars as "halston," which streaming now on netflix ewan mcgregor is gonna be here she's a great actress, comedian, writer whose book, "the wreckage of my presence" is available now. our friend casey wilson is gonna join us. but before we get to all that, several prominent republicans are continuing to push back
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against both mask rules and covid vaccines, even though we now have significant evidence that the vaccines cut down on transmission and help protect others and get us back to normal from more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: when it comes to masks and vaccinations, there have been a lot of dumb opinions. for example, yesterday, former congressman jason chaffetz, who's now a fox news contributor trotted out what he thought was a brilliant analogy to criticize mandates >> i think one of the principles that people just tend to forget about, which is the proper role of government. the proper role of government is to inform the public, but we believe in the united states of america about self-determination that we get to make those decisions. >> yes >> the government can help provide the information. they have a centers fo control, but there are lots of disease that kids can potentially get. i mean, we can all not die driving down the freeway at 55, or 70, or 80 miles an hour if we all drove three miles an hour
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but you know what? we put the warnings up there we put a speed limit up there. we say we would rather you not do this and there are consequences and some people have the, you know, suffer those consequences, but self-determination is the principle here >> seth: ooh, i hate to be one of those speed limit signs you seem to hate, but slow down, pal. first of all, do you think speed limits are just suggestions? if that were the case, wouldn't the signs know phrase ad little differently? also the proper role of government isn't just to inform the public sure, it's one of the rules. you want them to inform, but also to act. fdr didn't give a fire side chat in 1940 saying, "paris is falling to nazi, germany please let us know how you'd like us to proceed." also, i love how he accidently backed himself into arguing for mandates, when he admitted there are consequences for breaking the speed limit. a rule set by the government that has consequences for breaking it, that's a mandate, bro. you sound like a guy just spit balling an open for an open marriage "monogamy is a construct when the priest said, 'do you take this woman,' he was not pointing at anybody. so there are a lot of dumb takes
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out there about masks and vaccines by far, the worst take so far came from marjorie taylor greene, whose every utterance sounds like it is coming from someone being dragged backwards out of a costco grabbing at the dvd rack. she's like the lady at the pta meeting who argues that math violates the constitution. "according to the first amendment, two plus two equals whatever i say it does." "ma'am, do you have even ever a child at this school?" "oh, i guess i need children to have an opinion on the curriculum for a school two towns over from mine i didn't know i was living in soviet, russia." house speaker nancy pelosi has decided to keep the house's mask mandate in place until more republicans get vaccinated because so many have apparently refused. in a recent survey, for example, cnn found that democratic lawmakers in both chambers of congress had 100% vaccination rate meanwhile, for republicans, at least 44.8% of house members are vaccinated so pelosi said she'll keep the house mask mandate in place for now. and in response, greene who has a history of anti-semitism, used an absolutely insane and grotesque analogy.
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>> this woman is mentally ill. you know, we can look back at a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star and they were definitely treated like second class citizens, so much so, that they were put in trains and taken to gas chambers in nazi, germany and this is exactly the time of abuse that nancy pelosi is talking about. >> seth: she's mentally ill? you just compared having to wear a mask to prevent transmission of a highly contagious respiratory illness to the holocaust. i'd say you should be wearing a straight jacket, but with you i'm guessing a normal jacket put on backwards would probably do the trick. "how do i get out of this? the antifa democrats have trapped me in a wind breaker this is just like nazi germany." i mean, holy [ bleep ] as a general rule, and this goes for everyone, don't compare anything to the holocaust, ever. especially if you're the lady who famously said "wildfires are caused by jewish space lasers. who knows, maybe that will be her excuse
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"i want to apologize for my comments comparing masks to the holocaust. i don't know what got into me, but i expect was a ray beam from a jewish laser do not wrestle the mic away from me, i'm making a very good point. now, obviously, the cdc guidance on masks for fully vaccinated people has changed that guidance is informed by growing scientific evidence, as well as increasing vaccination rates, which is why it's so frustrating that so many republicans in congress and throughout the country have said they won't get vaccinated. now we've all been living with this pandemic for 16 months now and it's obviously changed our behavior in some pretty dramatic ways, which is totally understandable i mean, early on, we all thought we could catch it from our mail or door knobs. the science pretty quickly showed us those scenarios are very unlikely but that hasn't stopped my wife from putting the mail in the microwave and putting the microwave in the dishwasher no one i should stress, no one was more relieved than me to find out it was unlikely to transmit via mail because a bunch of times, i told my wife i had wiped it down when in fact, i i just reached a breaking point where i would have preferred dying to wiping down the mail again. it also did not help that my mom, true story, decided to send my kids a letter a day for the entire pandemic.
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[ laughter ] an incredible act of love for a grandmother, but total failure to consider the circumstances. the only thing that could have been more terrifying is if she tied each letter to a brick and chucked it through our window. but she's the best and i can't stay mad at her. anyway, the point is it takes time to break the habit we've all formed during the pandemic like mask wearing. i've been fully vaccinated for a while now and i still don't feel totally comfortable showing people the lower half of my face it's like being the first person to take your shirt off at a pool party. like we all know we have to take our shirts off at some point, but being the first one to do so is still weird so then you start chatting someone else's name to make them go first and then he does, and he has a weird scar, and then you feel bad and it's three hours beforep anyway, i'm sorry, dave, that was not cool of me so naturally, a lot of us were a little taken aback when the cdc announced a major shift earlier this month and said fully vaccinated adults no longer need to wear masks outdoors or indoors.
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even businesses were unsure how to react at first, which left a lot of people confused >> a huge shift in life as we have known it for the last year and change if you are fully vaccinated, the cdc now says you can now ditch your mask outdoors and indoors but again, that's only if you've been fully vaccinated. >> tonight least 18 states already lifting their mask mandates but there are many businesses across the country still concerned. still hoping customers will wear masks. many businesses still deciding what they'll do. kroger for one saying they will keep the mask mandate. target and home depot doing the same but walmart tonight saying they'll drop the masksheirst mar grocery store to drop the maskor [ laughter ] second of all, of course trader joe's was the first. i'm honesty shocked trader joe's had any rules at all let alone a mask mandate it's like if jimmy buffett were a grocery store. one time i bought some of their
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"everything but the bagel" seasoning. and it didn't have a price on it and so i asked the cashier how much it cost and they said, "whatever you want to pay for it." and then they whispered, "you want to do a line? and i said, "a line of everything but the bagel seasoning? and they said, "no, man, i'm just kidding," but i, for real, don't think they were. the point is, it's confusing, and everyone's doing their best. even when you go get coffee, you can see people trying to thread the needle, like they have a mask around their ear or below their mouth, or my favorite, the wrist mask, as if to say, "i'm not gonna wear it, but i know about it." and look, it's a complicated situation, and the science is always evolving, and there are differing views among epidemiologists and policy-makers about the best path forward a lot of scientists were expecting this guidance, and agree with it, but they just thought it would come a little later this summer, instead of earlier this month >> i think what happened was the cdc kind of got ahead of everyone a little bit and did it sooner than most of us thought so i was expecting this some time in june, so it's a couple
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weeks early. i think it'll be okay but i think the stores, the businesses and the universities need a little time to catch up and have some internal discussions. and over time over the summer as more and more people get vaccinated, as virus transmission continues to decline, people will have more of a comfort level with the new guidance >> seth: it's true the guidance might have come a little early, but eventually, hopefully, it will work itself out, and people will get comfortable with it. i know it's gonna take me some time i mean, for one thing, i'm still shocked just to find out what the entirety of people's faces look like. i thought it would be thrilling to see the lower halves of the folks i met during the pandemic, and instead, i am shocked to see how little they match my expectationshe eyes are no indicator of what's happening from the nostril to the chin this has been my reaction to every person upon seeing their mouth for the first time: "huh [ laughter ] not what i would have thought. in some cases, the bottom half reveal can change how you feel
12:50 am
about a person like i found out my new dentist had a soul patch, and now, i'm starting to doubt the benefits of flossing. and by the way, if you go somewhere, and they still have a mask policy, don't be one of those people who thinks it's their "don't tread on me" moment you're not ethan allen, and this isn't fort ticonderoga just be cool and wear your mask. now, the key here is vaccination. that's what's making this possible about 60% of adults have received at least one dose, and the biden administration has set a goal of getting at least one dose to 70% of americans by july 4th and there's two reasons for that - one, you're protecting yourself. and two, the science is now telling us these vaccines are so effective, you're also protecting others. because it's not just that the vaccines are very likely to keep you from getting sick, there's now growing evidence that they also s vaccinated, you're very unlikely to spread coronavirus to others, and that is huge >> since we started vaccinating people in mass an collecting real world data, it became very
12:51 am
clear that not only were vaccines really going to keeping people from getting sick, they were also really good at keeping people from getting infected because you could be infected without getting sick but then the third component was that even if you did get an infection, even if you tested positive for covid after having been vaccinated, it was very unlikely to ever develop a virus in your body to then transmit it to others. >> there's new piece of science and this is coming out of israel earlier this month that showing that vaccinated individuals if they do get asymptomatic infection, it's about 95% protection against asymptomatic infection. if they do get asymptomatic infection they're not shedding very much virus from their nose and mouth. so even though they have asymptomatic infection, we think they're not actually transmitting the virus and that's really important news >> seth: after this pandemic is over, i never want to hear about "shedding" from any orifice ever again. it sounds like some weird drug slang you'd hear at a rave in williamsburg
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"hey, man, do you shed from the nose or the mouth? "neither i just do everything but the bagel seasoning. but that's how it works. when you get coronavirus, and you're not vaccinated, the virus develops in your body, and you shed from your nose and mouth. and if you have an especially high viral load, you could shed a lot. and if you're indoors with no ventilation and no masks, and multiple people are potentially shedding the virus, that's how you get super-spreader events. especially if you're surrounded by a family of germ factory mouth breathers, like the olympic bob-shed team over here. their noses flare like the mainsails of a mighty schooner these dudes are such heavy mouth-breathers, when they suck in air, they sound like a dyson airblade this is why vaccination is the key to getting rid of masks. and it's also why it's a problem that so many republicans in congress and in polls said that they won't get vaccinated. now, to their credit, some republican politicians have put out videos urging people to take the vaccine, like louisiana senator john kennedy. although, i'm not sure how effective his messaging has been ♪ born free as free as the wind blow
12:53 am
as free as the grass grows ♪ ♪ born free t follow your hear live free and beauty surrounds you ♪ ♪ the world still astound you each time yo look at a star ♪ >> i'm senator john kennedy. i can't sing very well but i'm free be free. be cool. get the vaccine. i did. it works >> seth: are you ready to go senator kennedy? "i am, but i'm gonna the whole verse. [ laughter ] we don't think -- you don't need to do the whole -- i think we just get born free out there it will be fine with that. "i'm gonna do the whole verse. is tone-deafness one of the side effects? you sound like a dying cat i'm not sure if i should congratulate you for being pro-vaccine, or rush you to the vet. i can't believe i'm saying this, but maybe take some singing lessons from chuck schumer
12:54 am
♪ i want to b a part of it new york new york ♪ >> seth: new york is back, baby! we may not have broadway yet, but until then, we'll have to settle for chuck s., aka, public enema. i wonder if his kids got vaccinated for embarrassment you know, i don't always agree with chuck, but you do have to admire how much he's enjoying himself. trump's gone, he's senate majority leader, he's vaxxed, relaxed, and living it to the max. it's the summer of chuck that's the life you could be living if you get vaccinated unfortunately, there are still too many prominent republicans lying about the vaccines, and bragging about the fact that they won't get vaccinated. like wisconsin senator ron johnson, who has suggested there may be some sort of shadowy plot behind the vaccine push or senator rand paul, who announced over the weekend that he won't be getting vaccinated >> until they show me evidence that people who have already had the infection are dying in large numbers or being hospitalized or getting very sick, i just made my own personal decision that
12:55 am
i'm not getting vaccinated because i've already had the disease and i have natural immunity now >> seth: look, if you're comfortable getting by with what your body produces on its own, then you should take off that regional theatre wig of yours. now, look, obviously, you're allowed to make your own personal decisions no one's gonna strap you to a gurney and inject you with a vaccine. this isn't "a clockwork orange," situation even though rudy giuliani does always looks like he's strapped to a chair and being forced to watch his scene in "borat. "how did i not know it was a set-up?" also, senator, you're wrong about a bunch of things. for one thing, the cdc still recommends getting vaccinated, even if you've had covid, and perhaps most importantly, as we've already explained, it's not just about you it's about preventing transmission to others, and as we just explained, the evidence suggests vaccines do that. for some reason, that's the point these right-wingers all refuse to acknowledge. it's not just about you. it's about protecting everyone and yet, these people refuse, either because they don't care, or because they have the self-entitlement of someone -- >> driving the freeway at 55, 0r 70, or 80 miles an hour >> seth: this has been "a closer
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look." ♪ we'll be right back with ewan mcgregor. ♪ come in for superfoods, leave feeling mighty. what we value most, shouldn't cost more.
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>> seth: our first guest tonight is an emmy nominated and golden globe award-winning actor you know from films such as "moulin rouge" and the "star wars" prequels as well as his work in the fx series "fargo." he's currently starring in "halston" on netflix let's take a look. >> halston, these are not bad. >> they're not good. >> yes, this one is. effortless and elegant, halston is an exciting new voice in women's fashion. >> well, the look they've assembled here is thrown together or contrived. >> well, which is it bernadine mars, thrown together or contrived young or old," says halston. >> well that's neither good nor bad. that's just a quote. he never ever gets to talk >> seth: please welcome back to the show, ewan mcgregor. >> hey, how are you? >> seth: i'm doing very well it's lovely to see you again >> it's nice to see you, too >> seth: now i want to talk about "halston," but i want to talk about some of your work that i became familiar with over
1:01 am
the pandemic that you, i guess, have been doing a long time, which is narrating nature documentaries for bbc scotland how did that come about? >> yeah. i can't remember i was approached by the director of them. and i started doing these narrations because it is scotland it is so close i just love sitting there in the recording booth, looking at these beautiful images of my homeland and nature and the wildlife that lives there. and i just fell into doing them. i have don something, four different series i like it. i get to be david attenborough but the scottish version, you know, for a little bit, which is nice >> seth: you're very good at it, but i do have a bone to pick with you, which is early in the pandemic, when we were at our most stressed, i'm stuck at home with my kids, and my son has this book about birds. he would pick a bird and i would try to find a youtube video of one of the birds
1:02 am
we find the guillemot and i start watching this video of you narrating it and i'm thinking, "ewan's not going to lead me astray." you know, you remember this? it is the most harrowing video i've ever seen >> it's the most upsetting thing you'll ever have seen, yeah. >> seth: so let's show what i'm watching with my, at the time four-year-old son. >> okay. >> a razorbill makes a final attack [ squawking >> unable to steer, it's heading straight for the rocks >> oh. [ laughter ] >> seth: i mean, that is the worst -- >> okay, but listen, what happens there after is there's a shot of it coming out of the water and climbing back up on the rock >> seth: yeah. but i slammed the laptop shut. [ laughter ] i didn't see that part >> there is a shot that they cut to before they see it coming back out
1:03 am
now i know that might be because it's not the same bird coming out of the water as when we just saw it smashing off the rock, right. [ laughter ] so i said to the director, i said, "you got to promise me that's the same bird because i don't think that's the same bird." and he assures me this is what happens in nature. they fall off. so how do they get into the water? because the parents try and lure them down. they're down there coming, "come on, son, jump! and the birds are quite rightly going, "[ bleep ] that [ laughter ] i'm not doing that." >> seth: do you remember what the name of the young birds are called >> no. >> seth: jumplings >> excuse me >> seth: they're literally called jumplings according to the narrator, which is you [ laughter ] probably making it up on the fly. >> i know, it is so harrowing. but they're all of them because there's such drama in nature and all of the series i've done, there's these -- you know, i'm in there recording it and often, it is the first time i've seen it is when i'm actually recording it there was one with killer whales
1:04 am
and dolphins being, like there's one of a dolphin attacking -- and he can't get it down his neck and the fish is coming out of his mouth. [ laughter ] it is like a horror film it's just horrendous anyway, it is fun to do. and you know, it's a cruel world out there. >> seth: it's a cruel world out there. it's also was a very cruel world for all of us this year, and i read that you did one this year. another documentary for the same production company in the sweltering heat of los angeles >> yes it was a series called "the storm born." animals that are born in a storm, like in scotland, and norway and all of that bad and they asked me to do it and, of course, then, we and i was in l.a. and i couldn't get to scotland to do it and he couldn't come over so i just said, "look, you know, l of us like we're doing now
1:05 am
we had to adapt and, you know, keep going so i got this little, sort of, portable set-up. i was doing narrations for some other things you know, i was in post production for our motorbike trip "long way up" i did it with my friend charlie. so i had the microphone set up and my laptop and i was able to sort of patch in and do this kind of work, you know, narration stuff, so i did it that way but i didn't -- i couldn't find - there was nowhere that i could -- you know, i've got kids. there was nowhere i could find that was quiet enough without risk of someone battering in and, you know,e. >> we call it a caravan where i'm from and there was this little caravan over up in the corner. and i managed to get in like a little wi-fi booster in there. and i just sat in there and i ip and we started in the morning,
1:06 am
and by about 11:00, absolutely dripping in sweat. because i couldn't put my little air conditioner on because it was too noisy. so i ended up in my underpants just sitting in my caravan in my pants, speaking into my microphone about the little jumplings, you know. that's how we do it. [ laughter ] >> seth: well you're talking about scottish winter storms >> yeah, yeah, yeah. well, i'm an actor that's what we do, seth. >> seth: everybody said, they're like, "if anyone can do it, it's ewan." [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: this is really cool to play halston obviously, this is a very famous fashion designer and you got some time where, i should say, you took some time to get to know some people who knew him first hand >> yes i was really lucky i mean, there are some people in his world, and who kindly sat down with me, people he worked with but you know, the most amazing friendship he had was with liza minelli and they had a beautiful best friendship i wanted to meet her anyway.
1:07 am
and reassure her that he was in good hands he was in safe hands with me that i wanted her to know that i respected their friendship and i understood that he was very important to her but i couldn't have imagined, you know, she asked me to keep our conversation private, which i would always respect but i got what she gave to me was the great love she had for him and i could see through her, you know, the great love he had for her. so, and, it was a really beautiful -- and then, i was very shortly after i met liza, i went off and started playing halston. it's a responsibility, you know, when you're playing somebody who's lived and to get him right. and i was lucky that she was able to share some of her memories of him with me. >> seth: yeah, i was say insofar is having to do research for a part, you could do a lot worse than having to sit down with liza minnelli. that seems like as good as it gets as far as research. >> it was amazing. it was brilliant it was brilliant it was such an honor to meet her.
1:08 am
i mean really. >> seth: it is always an honor to have you here i can't wait to see the show and we are going to go out with a clip of the guillemot crawling out of the water and our viewers can go back and see if they think it is the same bird >> yeah, yeah. i mean, it's 50/50, isn't it [ laughter ] or maybe even the odds are slightly less than that, i don't know >> seth: "halston" is available now on netflix we'll be right back with more "late night. >> the guillemot chicks have dense, downy feathers. and incredibly, it is unharmed by the fall. >> yeah, right [ laughter ] >> seth: thanks, buddy, it's great to see you >> it's great to see you too, man. cheers ♪
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♪ >> seth: we're so lucky to have fred armisen back leading the 8g band this week, and maybe today i can catch up with my old friend how are you, fred? >> i'm on hold, hold on. >> seth: okay. >> oh, hi. animal control yes. i just wanted to report that this afternoon i saw a whole group of butterflies on main street it was in a shop window. well, no to catch butterflies i just wanted to report that i well, i just figured that was your depar
1:14 am
okay, well, i'm sorry. all right. thank you anyway, bye. >> seth: we're going to obviously try to figure that out this week. try to talk to him when he's not on the phone okay our next guest is a talented actress, comedian and writer you know from shows like "happy endings," "black monday," and "marry me. her book, "the wreckage of my presence" is available now please welcome back to the show, our friend casey wilson. hello, casey, how are you? >> hi, seth, i'm good. i'm so happy to be here. hello. >> seth: hello congratulations. a couple of great accomplishments. the main one, let's be honest, "new york times" best-seller and i want to talk more about that but i heard tell you were equally happy abou you made "people's" beauties of every
1:15 am
there. talk about -- talk about this moment being recognized for your beauty by "people. >> okay. so i will say i think this is a greater achievement, if i may, than "the new york times" best-seller list you know, you can't campaign for this, but i am -- look, "people" magazine has said i'm the most beautiful 40-year-old in the world. and that's just how it is. and i just want to apologize, you know, formally to all 40-year-olds who weren't this lucky, but i will be representing all of us >> seth: did you feel overlooked last year as a beautiful 39-year-old? >> i absolutely did. i was angry, i was upset, but i decided to come back stronger this year and honestly i'm campaigning now for 41 >> seth: right >> yeah. >> seth: well, that would be heart breaking if you don't get it because that would just be an indictment of what has happened to your beauty over course of the year >> yes, it's so quickly, i would fall so i just i want everyone to know, if you have any ties or to, you know,
1:16 am
>> seth: i think it is and i think it's very well deserved i want to ask this i know you've talked a lot in the past you enjoy spending time in bed and in the bath. >> that's right. >> seth: and you actually found out about your "new york times" best-seller status in which of the two? where were you >> okay. so this is hard to say, and it was midday i was -- just gotten out of the bath and believe it or not was about to get into the bed to take a nap when i checked my phone. my husband was a bit disturbed you know, we have two kids and i work full time, as to how i was able to do those two things midday but just look, i'm a bath person and a bed person i love to eat in the bed and i love to have friends, receive people in the bath maybe on a little stool. we have to multi-task, seth. you can get a lot done in there. you can put a laptop on a caddy. >> seth: this past year a lot of people thrived in both the bed and the bath did you find yourself to be well
1:17 am
prepared for what beset us all >> no one was more prepared for this pandemic than i was it was such a smooth transition as someone who needs to be submerged in water with a down comforter over her at all times. it was beautiful >> seth: your father features heavily in your book or i should say you've suggested that people enjoy his twitter account. >> that's right. >> seth: this is an active twitter account and these are some of his finest tweets. >> okay. >> seth: "wound up not running." [ laughter ] >> he just wound up not, yeah. >> seth: this one's a good one "dinner. [ laughter ] >> they're very kind of avante garde. >> seth: this is one for anybody who is thinking, maybe logged on to twitter saying, "hey, you know, i should call my old friend paul," and they would be upset to find out that he's busy for 40 minutes [ laughter ] >> there was a bit of an incident, i think, in his brain of like, "am i texting or am i
1:18 am
tweeting?" and that got a bit - >> seth: yes there is also the idea of, you know, sub tweeting where you don't specifically call out the person but it's obvious who you're talking about >> okay. >> seth: although i don't know if he's doing it right, either because this -- who knows who this is for? [ laughter ] >> very boring i don't know if that's about this interview i don't know >> seth: well, no, it can't be it was from 2010 >> that's right. >> seth: something in july, summer of 2010, paul -- by the way, i can't believe your dad's been on twitter now for over a decade that's an accomplishment oh, there he is. hi, paul nice to see you again. >> quit making fun of me [ laughter ] >> so upsetting, seth.delaware and i have about 50 familyl, hey knows his best angle for zoom. [ laughter ] just real, real close top corner of the frame i want to talk about your book, which is wonderful we'll be right back with more from casey wilson after this
1:19 am
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the safest, most technologically advanced car we have ever introduced. cares for what matters. the new s-class. from mercedes-benz. ♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with casey wilson we're talking about her fantastic new book and casey, i always find it's very nice when people who have been successful in show business share stories about how it wasn't necessarily the case for their entire career. you write about an agent showcase that you were not particularly well, i guess, prepared for how would you describe it? >> i was well prepared, but i made some wrong choices. so an agent showcase is when agents come and you have like 40 seconds to do a monologue or a scene and impress them for them to try to find you. and i picked a poignant scene where i was being kidnapped and i wore a paper bag over my head
1:25 am
for the duration of the scene and they just pulled it off at the end and the lights went off. and i was like, "my acting will be so stirring and so good and my beauty will -- my 40-year-old beauty at any age will shine through that paper bag, and you'll want to sign me." i was not signed by anyone >> but you do still have on your head shots, special skills, bag acting [ laughter ] >> i'm great at it i can do plastic bags, brown bag. >> seth: you can do all the bags that's what everybody always says about you >> in this lands' end bag, i'll do anything you need, yeah >> seth: i want to also talk about some sad news. you recently lost a pet. can you tell us about your dearly departed? >> it's hard to talk about, seth but people are going to think i'm doing a bit and i'm joking and i'm not. i had a beta fish named spongy that i was the only one that took care of him my kids did nothing. and i would sit by the tank and look into his eyes they come when you come in to feed them. there's a connection between
1:26 am
people and their beta fish and i loved this fish, but unfortunately i murdered him when i put in some grass that i bought from amazon thinking he could like have a little hide away it was so sharp. unfortunately, it speared spongy >> seth: wait. the thing you bought to make it a nicer locale for him fully killed it? >> unfortunately so and this is a public service announcement honestly, i'm mad at amazon. never took the time to learn the actual company i bought the grass from i just want people to be careful, like, you can love something to death because it was really upsetting to see him speared but a lot of people have reached out to me that they love their beta fish too. one woman cremated hers, okay. another woman tried mouth to mouth. people are connected to beta fish and i just don't feel it's talked about enough. >> seth: did you own up to your family that you were -- that you had brought about the demise of the fish >> no. i was like, "oh no, spongy, something happened to him. [ laughter ] you know what?
1:27 am
there are terrible people in my family not one of them even, like, registered spongy's death. i was hysterically crying to my husband, and he was like typing. he was like, "mm-hm. they're monsters monsters, all of them. >> seth: you do have a nice relationship with your husband both personally and professionally, because he created "black monday. third season of the show congratulations. is it nice to work with your spouse >> it is nice. it has some strange elements i'm in "black monday" on showtime, and so it's a bit racier if you will i guess i'm 100 years old, but he wrote a sex scene for me in which, may i speak freely here, seth >> seth: yes, please >> again, a 40-year-old woman and a mom. you don't expect to get these sex scenes where you're being essentially, sorry to speak so freely, but taken from behind by a man. my husband is at the monitor like, "a little to the left, a little to the right. [ laughter ] doesn't care at all. and the gentleman playing my paramour was britney spears' boyfriend, so a lot was going on, a lot of elements. >> seth: yeah. >> he's a wonderful actor, sam so, it was a lot going on at
1:28 am
play but my husband couldn't give -- he doesn't care what's happening with me out there and -- >> seth: well -- >> throwing me out there to the wolves >> seth: i think that speaks to the nice balance you have inion. >> it's work-life balance. beautiful, really. >> seth: hey, congratulations so much on the book it is always so nice to see you, casey. >> thank you so much for having me i love seeing you. thank you. >> seth: "the wreckage of my presence" available now. we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪ if you're 55 and up, t- mobile has plans built just for you. switch today and get 2 lines of unlimited and 2 free smartphones. plus you'll now get netflix on us. all this for up to 50% off vs. verizon. it's all included. 2 lines of unlimited for only $70 bucks. and this rate is fixed. you'll pay exactly $70 bucks total. this month and every month.
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1:34 am
my promise to you, at any point during the week, you will find that in "corrections." some people think "corrections" is something i do because i'm losing my mind well, those people are losing their mind because i'm just trying to get better, guys but you be the judge and tell me in the comments. i'm actually reading all of them although, everyone, including youtube has advised me against it we'll be right back. ♪
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