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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 2, 2021 2:06am-2:35am PDT

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and just breaking, another collapse oveing of tha variant. a troubling reversal as covid cases rise 10% in just a week bill cosby leaving new reporting and how he learned he was going free, and could he still face legal trouble? the nfl team slapped with a $10 million fine, the largest in league history for a culture of harassment. princes william and harry reuniting to honor their late mother why a popular social media platform is banning weight loss ads. and behind the scenes, as america's biggest fourth of july celebration makes its spectacular comeback >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt >> good evening, everyone former president donald trump's real estate company is facing criminal charges tonight, as is its cfo. new york prosecutors
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unsealing a grand jury indictment against the trump organization related to tax fraud prosecutors calling itweissel trump execs to be paid under the table in the form of sometimes pricey perks, including a manhattan apartment, a luxury car, and private school tuition for family members expenses disguised on the company's books and unreported in tax filings. both defendants pleading not guilty. not mentioned by name or title, mr. trump himself. tonight he is calling it all a witch hunt. hallie jackson leads us off tonight >> reporter: the trump organization's long-time cfo appearing in handcuffs, indicted tonight along with the company that bears the former president's name accused of what prosecutors called a sweeping and audacious tax fraud scheme they allege the trump organization over the last 15 years paid top execs off the books, giving out fringe
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benefits like cars, apartments, and tuition amounting to for allen weisselberg an extra $1.7 million in compensation, which should have been taxed. instead, prosecutors say weisselberg evaded some $900,00 local taxes, and got more than $100,000 in refunds he was never owed the defendants facing 15 counts, including second-degree grand larceny pleading not guilty >> i believe the political forces driving today's events are just that. it's politically driven >> reporter: in a statement, donald trump himself, who was not charged calling the investigation a continuation of a political witch hunt by the radical left democrats with new york now taking over the assignment prosecutors prebutting that argument in court with one telling the judge, "it's not about politics. this investigation, which is ongoing, has been thorough, careful, and proper. multiple people familiar with the
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investigation say the manhattan district attorney and new york attorney general's offices have been looking to secure cooperation from weisselberg in potentially building a case against former president trump. today's charges a sign they have not been successful so far. is any question that much wanted to get allen weisselberg to testify against either or both the trump really ta the indictment and having him stare it in the face for reality to set in. >> hallie, what potential legal jeopardy does mr. trump face moving forward? >> well, lester, he could still end up indicted, a development that might make months or years if it even happens at all. he is also facing other investigations related to his conduct surrounding the january 6 riot at the capitol and his efforts to overturn georgia's election results. lester >> hallie, thank you another major story tonight. bill cosby leaving the state of pennsylvania a day after his sexual assault conviction was overturned
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but for his many accusers, an outpouring of shock and outrage. stephanie gosk >> mr. cosby, how you doing? >> reporter: now a his pennsylvania home. leaving today to other in almost three years. >> reporter: according to his spokesperson andrew wyatt, cosby knew the pennsylvania supreme court decision was coming, but didn't know when. prison guards told him he was free at noon yesterday, unlocking the cell and opening the door according to wyatt, there were cheers from the other inmates. bill cosby came back home wyatt says they stayed up until 2:00 in the morning. the 83-year-old telling him he didn't want to go to bed. he was afraid all of this was just a bad dream. the philadelphia supreme court threw out the conviction saying cosby's due process rights were violated when he was charged with sexually assaulting and drugging andrea constand the alleged incident took place in 2004, but the district attorney at the time
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bruce castor decided there wasn't enough evidence to bring charges, compelling cosby to give a deposition in constand's civil case. >> i can sit there, do nothing and hope the get a confession, or i can try to find another way, another solution and i chose to find another way. >> reporter: but cosby's deposition was then used to charge him a decade later the court says the d.a.'s office broke a promise not to prosecute. >> yes, i intended that to bind my successors in perpetuity >> reporter: cosby's legal team calling it justice, but many of the dozens of women who have made a range of allegations against cosby from groping to sexual assault to rape are angry. >> for me, he has paid a very small minute portion of consequences for his actions, and no matter what technicality he gets off on, he is still guilty >> reporter: under the law, his record is wiped clean. he can't be retried. but for a man who was
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once known as america's dad, some damage can't be undone >> stephanie is joining me here in the studio what is next for >> well, lester, there is still a pending lawsuit that was being held into the pennsylvania supreme court made the decision it announced yesterday. but his spokesperson said he is making plans, including a documentary and he says cosby was on the phone this morning with comedy club owners >> all right, stephanie, thanks very much now to concerning news in the fight against covid. the cdc reporting a sudden uptick in new cases nationwide as the highly contagious delta variant spreads. we get more now from tom costello >> reporter: after months of progress in dramatically slowing the spread of covid, tonight signs of trouble. the cdc reports a 10% increase in new cases in just one week 25% of those linked to the new delta variant, which the cdc director says is highly transmissible, and will likely soon be the dominant variant >> it is clear that
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communities where people remain unvaccinated are communities that remain vulnerable. >> reporter: while 67% of americans 18 and older have now received at least one shot, many states in the south and midwest are well below that mark those with the lowest vaccination rates at or below 50%, alabama, wyoming, the virgin islands, louisiana at 48%, and mississippi at just 46%. in a thousand counties where the new covid variant is spreading, vaccination rates are under 30%. 43-year-old joshua garza's decision not to get vaccinated nearly killed him. a diabetic, he soon contracted covid, was rushed to a hospital in houston, and eventually required a double lung transplant to save his life it's the worst decision i ever made in my life i had to say goodbye to my parents, my family, and my son and that's something you never should have to do. >> looking good. >> reporter: he was released after nearly four months in the hoital the who
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have not been vaccinated >> the science is clear. the best way to protect yourself against the virus and its variants is to be fully vaccinated >> reporter: vaccination rates are especially low among 18 to 26-year-olds a very big reason so many colleges are requiring students get their shots. lester >> all right tom costello, thanks in just 60 seconds, breaking news on another building collapse in a major city, just as the search gets back under way in florida
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breaking news out of washington, d.c. now. a five-story building under construction collapsed this afternoon. a rescue dog helped locate one man who was trapped. four other people were also injured there is no official cause yet, but heavy storms were moving through area at the time work at the site of that deadly florida condo collapse has just resumed after a shutdown today amid new safety concerns. and we're getting a look at shocking newly
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released video taken last week just minutes before the building came down. morgan chesky reports. >> reporter: tonight the champlain towers collapse site back up and running after a stunning overnight decision >> we're forced to halt operations on the collapse in the early hours of the morning due to structural concerns about the standing structure >> reporter: the halt coming just hours before the arrival of president biden and the first lady >> thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> reporter: the president spent this morning meeting with first responders and families left waiting for word on their loved ones >> they're praying and pleading that god, let there be a miracle let there be something happen for me that's good. >> reporter: in briefings, president biden pledging federal funds to cover all state and county costs. >> because we're committed not only to recover but to restore the safety across the board. >> reporter: the death toll stands at 18. four of those the guara family
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daughters lucia, aged 10, and 4-year-old emma, now the youngest confirmed victims. just eight minutes before the tower fell, this video shows what seems to be water spilling into the parking garage, shocking adriana sarmiento and husband roberto. >> my wife say oh, baby, i think that building is going to collapse. >> reporter: the couple hit by debris as they ran for cover. >> oh my god >> reporter: and tonight the surfside mayor says rescue efforts at the collapse site back up and running at full power. meanwhile, all eyes turn to a tropical storm that currently has south florida in its path lester >> the last thing they need there, morgan thank you. the nfl's washington football team just got slapped with the largest fine in league's history, and now the team owner is promising major changes following accusations of bullying and harassment within his organization miguel almaguer explains >> reporter: the $10 million fine is the harshest ever levied
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against an nfl team. the league announcing late today the front office of the washington football team set a disturbing tone for serious misconduct in the workplace. following a year-long investigation, commissioner roger goodell concluded bullying and intimidation frequently took place, and many describe the culture as one of fear and numerous female employees reported having experienced sexual harassment and a general lack of respect. how troubling are these allegations? >> so this has been going on for at least 15 years and that's a long time for a team not to really take any action and it's sort of deeply troubling. >> reporter: after nearly 150 current and former employees were interviewed, team owner dan snyder will temporarily step away from day-to-day operations with his wife taking over control. "the washington post," which in a series of reports last year detailed numerous allegations against the team, also
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reported snyder himself was accused of harassment which he denied in a lengthy statement, snyder said in part "i feel great remorse for the people who had difficult, even traumatic experiences. tanya snyder telling "the new york times," "i'm morfiedo think that's happening in our building and our business." the nfl's investigation revealing serious allegations of misconduct, tarnishing the reputation of one of the league's most storied franchises miguel almaguer, nbc news an important ruling on voting rights tonight from the u.s. supreme court. it's one that civil liberties groups say will make it harder to challenge the dozens of restrictions now being passed by republican lawmakers here is pete williams with that. >> reporter: in a major test of the landmark voting rights act, the court took up two restrictions in arizona, one allowing the state to throw out votes cast in the wrong precinct, and another that said only voters, their family members or caregivers can turn in a person's mail ballot.
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democrats said both made it harder for minorities to vote but by a vote of 6-3, with the court's liberals dissenting, the court upheld the restrictions justice samuel alito's majority opinion said all voting laws impose some burden, and they don't cross the line even if they create small disparities in voting as long as the state has some justification for them but in a blistering dissent, justice elena kagan said the court ignores that voter discrimination is getting worse. she said the ruling weakens the voting rights act, a law that stands as a monument to america's greatness and protects against its basest impulses. election law experts say the court now leaves few legal weapons to challenge voting restrictions passed in nearly 20 states >> there is really not much left. all of the major tools have been significantly weakened or eliminated. >> reporter: and no word tonight of any retirements. the last nine justices to step down for something other than health reasons announced their plans on or before the
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court's final day. that suggests justice stephen breyer will probably be around next term. lester >> pete williams at the supreme court for us, thank you. speaker nancy pelosi has named some members of a house select committee to investigate the capitol riot among them, a lone garrett haake is at is tellis she is honored to be one of speaker pelosi's eight picks at the capitol this despite a warning from republican leader kevin mccarthy that any republican who accepts such an assignment from the democratic speaker would be at risk of losing their other committee posts. cheney was one of ten republicans to vote in favor of donald trump's impeachment earlier this year, and one of just two to vote to create this committee. no word how or if mccarthy will respond. lester >> all right, garrett, thank you. a huge explosion rocked a los angeles neighborhood overnight. this armored truck was filled with illegal
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fireworks seized earlier in the day it blew up as a bomb squad was trying to safely detonate the stash. 17 people, including ten law enforcement officers were injured. when we come back here tonight, the populaterest just
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a stunning shift from one of the world's most popular social media platforms. pinterest, the idea sharing website, just banned all weight loss ads.
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stephanie ruhle tells us why. >> reporter: tonight an aspirational website making changes to inspire a healthier outlook on body image and mental health. pinterest is banning any advertisement containing weight loss language or imagery, language or imagery that idealizes or the company citing a steep rise in eatiemic and the pressure of socializing again now.ortant . >> the images that people see are often unhealthy in these advertising. the messages are sometimes unhealthy as well and i think this is a strong step for pinterest, because i think it sends a message to consumers that pinterest cares about their well-being. >> reporter: pinterest has already banned similar marketing practices like halting ads featuring before and after weight loss imagery, appetite suppressant pills and procedures like liposuction or fat burning. the popular site has met controversy head-on in the past. in 2019 it stopped promoting wedding
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photos shot at former slave plantations. >> we have seen a movement toward more of the wellness in advertising and in imagery. i think that's a positive step. >> one major platform hoping that healthy body image can be one size that truly fits all. stephanie ruhle, nbc news let's head across the pond now to london for a royal tribut rare reunion for brothers william and harry. molly hunter has details. >> reporter: if there was any tension today between the we couldn't see it in the sunken guard, garden, one of princess diana's favorite places unveiling the statue they commissioned back in 2017, it revealed diana alongside three children to represent the generational impact of her work prince william and prince harry released a joint statement. "we remember her love, strength and character every day. we wish she were still with us. today harry greeting diana's brother, his uncle earl spencer but things have changed since 2017,
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the year they marked 20 years since diana's death and the year harry got engaged, all in that garden. >> i love william to bits we're on different paths. >> reporter: after the dramatic fallout, they were last seen together at prince philip's funeral. love to see the brothers get on again. but they're not interested in some kind of a public show of affection and continued private animosity. >> they want the real deal >> precisely that. they see in the brothers a reflection, obviously, of their much loved mother. >> reporter: and both brothers now an ocean apart doing the kind of work that would make their mother so proud. molly hunter, nbc news, london still ahead for us, behind the scenes as america's biggest july 4th bash makes a comeback
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finally tonight, as the nation reopens, its biggest july 4th bash is back in person, and we got a behind-the-scenes first look it's nothing short of spectacular. for the past 45 years, the macy's fourth of july fireworks have been delighting us all. and this year, as we celebrate with friends and family, it feels like there is a little something extra to celebrate. so this is one of five barges you're going to have out in the river. >> reporter: gary souza is up for the challenge. his family has been the spark behind the fireworks for the last 38 years behind the scenes, coordinating the show
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takes a village. over the course of 12 days, 50 pyrotechnicians place more than 65,000 shells on five barges floating in new york city's east river. >> they're about a thousand feet apart on the river. so we're going to spread over a mile wide. >> reporter: and they leave nothing to chance testing the show in the california desert before the big day and this year, more than any other, they want to ensure perfection it's a love letter to new york and the country as we continue to emerge from some of our darkest days you don't need me to tell you how much this means to people because it's another touchstone as life as we once knew it. >> we have a long storied history and tradition in bringing people together, bringing families together. >> reporter: being together, something we have all longed for over the past year is reflected in the show's theme, "everyday hero." >> this notion of hero within and celebrating and focusing on the spirit of the american people
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>> we've all suffered pretty hard over the last year. and this is just really an awesome time for us to celebrate. >> reporter: a reminder that out of darkness comes light and if you can't go in person, the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular will be broadcast here on nbc starting at 8:00 eastern that's "nightly news" for this thursday. thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. ♪ ♪ >> ♪♪ this old bar stool's ♪
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♪ he's got the rhythm ♪ ♪ and i got the blues ♪ ♪ and he's showing me how much ♪ ♪ i had to lose ♪ ♪ with his every little move ♪ ♪ he's telling me i'm over you ♪ ♪ he's got the rhythm ♪ ♪ and i've got the blues ♪♪ whoo! [applause] >> kelly: all right, everybody. welcome to "the kelly clarkson show." give it up for my band y'all. that was "she's got the rhythm and i've got the blues" by the amazing alan jackson. cindy and the house seats requested. >> hey, kelly. i grew up with my dad taking me
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