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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 1, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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chocolate there on the iss. he said my crew mates were very disappointed my cooking skills were close to zero. shame on that french man. >> i am surprised the frenchman would use a tortilla instead of a crepe. a massive blast caused by illegal fireworks. the arrest made after all of this unfolded in los angeles a live report on the growing concerns over fireworks and fire dangers here in the bay area. i am meteorologist, kari hall. those dangers are growing as the drought conditions worsen. i will break down the all-new drought monitor that just came out minutes ago. the grim search in south florida suddenly put on pause. the structural issue halting the effort to big through the rubble as joe biden is set to arrive.
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the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. it's thursday morning. good morning to you. thank you so much. >> we started with a live look outside with an all-new report showing just how bad the bay area's extreme drought conditions really are. let's go to meteorologist, kari hall, looking at the drought conditions and what it means for the water supply as well. >> july 1st marks the beginning of our water year and it ended up bad for the bay area. last water year in santa rosa, we only made it up to close to 13 inches of rain, and that's 20 inches below normal. look at some of the numbers. only five inches of rain for livermore and san jose, a amount we should get this time each year. as we look at the drought data, it's bad for us here in the bay area. a lot of dark red here indicating the highest level of
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drought. that means the year-round fire season as well as water shortages, and fields left fallow. we're tracking all of this and we'll talk more about what is ahead coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. 6:02 right now. happening now, crews are on the scene of an accidental explosion involving illegal fireworks in southern california, and here in the bay area firefighters are getting ready for what may be a busy weekend. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is live where some important training is take place. >> reporter: folks in the area of santa tau teresa county park could smell smoke.
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this was the scene in los angeles it was related to illegal fireworks, and an explosion happened as the lapd bomb squad was trying to detonate 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks. 17 people were injured in that explosion. in contra costa county here in the bay area, investigators seized some 300 pounds of fireworks. in san francisco, authorities are blaming fireworks for a grass fire that almost burned down a house. five miles of grizzly peak boulevard between berkeley and oakland hills will be closed to traffic for everybody except those that live there between 5:00 in the morning on sunday and 6:00 in the morning on monday. according to the national fire protection association, fireworks started almost 20,000
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fires in 2018. that's the last data available. clearly fireworks do spark fires. cal fire partnered with law enforcement agencies to do a crackdown and enforcement, and we'll get the numbers on how that turned out later today. >> thank you. a sudden and unexpected pause from teams shifting through the rubble of the deadly condo collapse in south florida. according to the "miami herald," workers reported hearing cracks in the building standing. 145 people are still unaccounted for. this comes as president biden is set to visit the site. tracie potts live in washington with more on this trip. >> good morning. here's going to be talking to some of the people that have been involved in the search, and as the president leaves washington that news reported by the "miami herald" that early
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this morning according to the paper, multiple police officers and rescue personnel said they were hearing warnings that the buildings was shifting, and there was new instability and concerns of another collapse. president biden coming today to provide not only comfort for the families but confidence the federal government will help in this search. >> whatever help you want that the federal government can provide, we're waiting. just ask us, we'll be there. we'll be there. >> president biden and dr. jill biden will be meeting families devastated by last week's condo collapse. >> it's really shattered peoples lives this tragedy. >> 18 are now confirmed dead with 145 still unaccounted for. >> i hear those voices. i hear them. i know them. i think about them every single
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day, every night. >> the latest victims were 4 and 10 years old. >> any loss of life, especially given the unprecedented event of this is a tragedy. >> this will be a fact-finding, not fault-finding technical investigation. it will take time, possibly a couple years. >> crews are unable to search a 40-foot area considered too dangerous. >> there's the items that weigh 600 pounds, air-conditioning that could fall on top of them. >> a specialized urban search and rescue team heads to south florida today to assist. tracie potts, nbc news. >> 6:06. to the pandemic and startling new data.
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an all in southern california have suffered from covid as much as three times more than whites and all age groups, and we are learning a san diego woman died from covid despite being fully vaccinated. so-called break through infections are rare, and a person in napa county recently died following another breakthrough case. nearly 50 million americans are expected to travel by air. experts say today could be the busiest day at the airport. be sure and check your flight stats ahead of time. some airlines are still canceling or delaying flights each day because of the pilot shortage. tsa also warning you should expect long lines due to the shortage of agents. if you are planning on filling up the tank before work
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this morning expect to pay more. happening today across california, a new half cent gas tax increase kicking in. prices across the bay area hitting $5 a gallon in some spots. aaa expect 43 million people to hit the road this weekend, the second highest amount ever. >> there's optimism in the vaccine that it's working and working well, and there's a global increase in demand on crude oil and optimism that travel is coming back. >> aaa says the average price is $4.35 in oakland, and it's a cent higher in san jose. here's a beautiful look in san francisco. the bay bridge, and the fog is sticking around so we know it's cooler there, but what can we
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expect across the bay area today. meteorologist, kari hall, always looking hard to get us that updated forecast. >> more clouds as we start out, as we look around the bay area and a live look outside san jose, clouds here as well. it's 61 degrees and we will see it clearing out about 8:00 to 9:00, and the rest of the day is clear, sunny and warming up with highs in the upper 70s. some spots in the mid-80s for the east bay and still hot in ukiah, reaching 95. we'll get a look at the fourth of july holiday coming up. mike, how is the commute? >> well, there's crash activity with injuries near the lohse kau theirious highway, and it's the connecter between 101 and highway 12. if you are an alternate, you have to go south to hit a major
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freeway. i'm not sure about the exact location of the traffic stoppage, so we'll watch for that in the north bay. the rest of the day looks good, but the bay bridge toll plaza, did see the backup forming in the last ten minutes so you have that wait, including off of 880 right there. back to you. >> thank you. 6:10 right now. a live look at our golden gate bridge and a reminder for anybody commuting to or from the north bay. fast track users will be $8.05. the new rates are the next phase of a multiyear-toll increase approved in 2019. feature one s media giant is working on, and
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the similarities it has to twitter. we're officially halfway through 2021, and the first half was really good. we'll look at that, and it looks like it will be pretty good today. gone but never forgotten. prince william and prince harry leading the way on a new honor for her mother on what would have been her 60th birthday. we have much more here on "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:13, as you head out the door inmperatures . we're talking about an uncomfortable topic, climate change. where we are seeing signals that could be a sign for us in the bay area coming up in a few minutes. and the traffic sensors not showing slowing, but we see more traffic westbound. taillights here across the san mateo bridge. that alert still going on in napa on highway 12 coming up. we are now closer to next christmas than last christmas, so maybe start. we are officially in the second half of 2021. the stock market has done really well this year. this is a live look at the u.s. futures. let's take a look at wednesday's numbers as well. you see a lot of progress on the dow, but the real story is the
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s&p 500. and if we move from daily numbers to yearly numbers, year to date, we can see so far in 2021 the nasdaq is up 12.5%. the dow just more than that. the s&p 500 up 14.4% since new year's day. these will be great numbers over the course of an entire year, much less six months. jobless claims, 364,000 americans applying for new unemployment last week. there are a lot of jobs out there but people are not applying. a lot of places are desperate for workers. more than 13 million jobs that are posted right now have been vacant for a month on average. ford will briefly suspend production of the bronco because they are running short for the parts to make it. it's not due to the chip shortage which slowed so many other car companies to slow down
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or stop production. one good sign, lumber prices are coming down and i realize you may not be in the market for a 2 x 4, and it was one of the things we were looking at as we talked about the huge spike in inflation at the end of the pandemic. lumber prices are coming down very, very fast. i think it's more evidence of what we were talking about early, and it was a blip. i think the next six months will be crazy with the airlines and gas, lumber, everything else, and we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. exclusive stories is similar to super follows on twitter. i didn't know about that. it let's creators post exclusive content that is only available to those that subscribe. the content will be marked in your feed with a purple tag as
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opposed to the green tag which is for your special friends on there. you will see a pop-up saying only fans can watch. a statue of princess diana will sit outside the palace where you can see a memorial. it's already growing outside the gates. this morning a royal historian is sharing what makes her such a memorable global icon. >> somebody who, of course, has given the world two fine up standing young princes, who hopefully together, but if not, separately, will try in their own way to make the world a better place. >> the statue will be unveiled on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." trending this morning, a big anniversary for television. >> yeah, the first ever tv
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commercial aired 80 years ago today. i want you to take a look. >> america runs on bulova time. >> it was a 10-second ad for the watches, and it costs the company $9. commercials cost a lot more today, and a lot 6 people have favorites. the tootsie pop ad ranked third. and then the second place, wendy's, where's the beef? i loved that one. and then the first mcintosh computer. >> how many times did that commercial run on tv? >> one time. and it's that well known. >> yeah, and it cost more than
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$9, i think. >> you know what other commercial i love, what's up? >> yeah, let's change it up and do traffic. >> you can try it. yeah, it's green like wasabe. the closure for highway 12 because of a crash, and i am hearing about injuries and it's not encouraging because the backup, there could be another crash in the backup for highway 12. that's an important connector between highway 29 and 12. highway 37 shows more slowing, and there's a bill in the westbound direction. you can see from the richmond to
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san rafael bridge. well, it's misting and it's providing moisture for inland areas as well. temperatures heading back to where we were yesterday. upper 70s for downtown san jose and some low to mid-80s for the south county. overall, this is our normal weather pattern where in early july we get the coastal fog. inland sunshine and some comfortable temperatures, heading up to 79 degrees in dublin and 72 degrees in hayward. we will see low 60s near the coast. for redwood city, temperatures in the mid-70s there. san francisco back in the mid-60s, and still hot in ukiah, reaching the mid-90s. we have been watching thunderstorms setting off from arizona to nevada and moving into sierra, and we have a chance for thunderstorms and dry
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lightning. here we're under the influence of pressure off the west coast, and it's pushing in that cooler air as well as keeping the fog very close to the coastline. we're not going to see a change in the weather pattern. going into the weekend our inland temperatures reach in the mid-80s. we will keep it that way headed into early next week, and while san francisco sees highs in the 60s. yes, that fog will continue. now let's turn to our climate in crisis and what we long feared is unfolding just to the north of us with warmer temperatures across the region. take a look. just a few days ago, hottest temperature in canada ever, and there were deaths of 233 people. now the whole town is on fire. we are just getting this video this morning. all of the residents have been evacuated as several wildfires
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closed in on this village, and it's making world news and it's a dire situation there and a warning for us that we are seeing extreme heat and fires made worse by climate change. we need to be prepared. see how the bay area is affected by climate change, and go to and click on the climate crisis tab. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> a power outage doesn't have to surprise you, you can get an advanced warning. we'll show you how, next.
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during the heat wave a few weeks ago we got a warning that power outages could happen anytime and sweep the bay area. >> fortunately none of us needed that to happen this time around but it gives us time to prepare for the next one. our consumer investigator shows us how to get early notice. >> losing power at home or work doesn't always have to be a surprise. let me show you how to get advanced warning. first, rotating outages. the key is to know your block number because that's how the outages rotate, by block number. finding yours is pretty easy. go to your utility's website, this is pg&e, and just search your address. now public safety shutoffs, and
6:26 am bookmark it. look in the upper left, if you click future outages, it switches. pg&e says it uses contact info it has on file like phone numbers and e-mail addresses to send out alerts, and make sure your account is up-to-date. do that online or by calling. when we called midweek one day, it only took 2 1/2 minutes for an agent to pick up. >> thanks, chris. the next top stories we are following today, pg&e has a big ask. the big reason behind the proposed new rate hike. what would you do if you saw
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this large mountain lion roaming around in your backyard? are you struggling to make your rent? we will show you step by step how to apply for assistance. stay with us. you are watching "today in the bay." another day, another chance. it could be the day you break the sales record, or the day there's appointments nonstop. with comcast business, you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses, and you can get the advanced cybersecurity solutions you need with comcast business securityedge. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today.
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. breaking right now at 6:30, a grand jury indicted the trump organization and one of its top executives. also, out of control. the growing number of wildfires
6:30 am
burning to our north and the impact that smoke is having on the bay area. plus -- >> we just didn't think he was treated fairly. >> justiced released a man accused of sexual assault. >> this morning, comedian bill cosby breaking his silence. what he's saying about his overturned conviction. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we were talking about the impact when could expect here from the wildfires. let's head over to kari right now. >> or, we can talk to the trump organization. good morning to you. there's an indictment against the trump's organization cfo. at some point in the future there could be an indictment
6:31 am
against trump himself, but we know the bookkeeper for the organization is under indictment. live pictures from new york city and the district attorney's office. we're waiting on a court hearing that will take place later today. we have a picture of weisselberg in the hallway of the court building. we have not seen the charging indictment yet. some news agencies say it has to do with taxes and whether or not he paid income taxes on some of the perks he got. yeah, you have to pay income tax on perks, a take-home car and tuition, and not paying it could lead to charges. it's been reported that he has not been helping prosecutors as they chase after bigger charges against bigger people, and sometimes charges are used as an incentive. the big issue that may not be
6:32 am
litigated today is whether or not the trump organization committed tax fraud when it inflated or deflated the value of its buildings, and inflating when using it as collateral, and deflating when it claims to taxes. trump's own former lawyer testified under oath that happened. the trump organization did give us a statement saying it was politics and not justice and the cfo would plead not guilty later today. >> thank you. the search for survivors in the deadly condo collapse in south florida now at a standstill. president biden and the first lady set to arrive at the site this afternoon. rescue workers heard cracks in the building raising new
6:33 am
concerns this morning. sadly the remains of two children were among those victims found yesterday, bringing the total of confirmed deaths to 18. 145 people remain unaccounted for. the number of units destroyed in that collapse is at 55. and then a man was shot and killed in vallejo. the man who died has not been identified and police so far are not commenting about possible suspects or a motive. happening now, new evacuations are under way as crews in northern california continue to battle three growing wildfires. the largest is the lava fire near mt. shasta. so far it burned nearly 18,000 acres since last week, and that fire was sparked by lightning. in the meantime, 25 miles away from there, the tenant fire more than 8,000 acres. the salt fire started yesterday.
6:34 am
new video just in of that battle now going on north of redding. the fire is set to be growing very rapidly. all of the wildfire smoke causing concern here in the bay area. kari, i know we don't see it or smell it, but what is the impact on the air quality. >> some people are smelling it especially in parts of the east bay and north bay. you see the bright colors that indicates how the smoke is traveling due to the wind speeds and wind direction. we have three large fires to the north and another across the sierra, and you can see how the smoke spreads in the upper levels of the atmosphere across the central rally further to the north. we will see that, and then the surface is where we do not see us clouds and cooler temperatures also push being the smoke away from the bay area.
6:35 am
it does look like this pattern will continue. we will monitor that as well as our air quality near the surface coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. pg&e makes a new request to hike your monthly bill. the utility asking for an approval of the rate hikes. the average monthly bill would increase about a dollar or day or $36 a month. the commission does not necessarily approve requests all or nothing, so it could approve a lower rate hike. pg&e is promising to use $5 billion for wildfire safety efforts. and then a new law taking affect covering student loans and mental and cierra johnson joins us with some of the new regulations out there.
6:36 am
>> happy 1st of july to you, and with it being the start of a new month there are several laws that go officially into effect, and some of the bigger ones we have been talking about for weeks now, and i discussed it personally every morning this week, and it's about the wildfire. it's a new law designed to help homeowners that lose property in wildfires. it would acquire additional living expense coverage to be provided with additional two weeks extensions. something else we have been talking about a lot is gun control, not only in the bay area but across the state. the state also passed legislation extending the limit on purchasing more than one handgun in a 30-day period. it includes semiautomatic
6:37 am
center-fire rifles that meets california's deaf next of an assault rifle. and another change today changes portions of the act known as laura's law. courts could order out-patient treatment with individuals with mental health issues that could be a danger to themselves or others. they are now required to hold public hearings about the board of supervisors about whether or not as a county they are opting in or out to use that, and if a county decides to opt out and not participate, they would have to provide specific reasoning. this bill would reveal the expiration of laura's law, extending it indefinitely. a lot to keep track of, everything from fires to gun control. of course, it's a lot to remember and we'll have a breakdown on our website,
6:38 am
>> yeah, you took my line there. we put it all on our website, head over to, and jump on twitter this morning and try to send out a link. johnson & johnson reaffirming there's no need at this point to worry about a vaccine booster shot at least when it comes to the protection from covid's fast-spreading delta variant. at this point the company is promising to release new data in the near future. and confusion is mounting over rent relief. the governor extended the eviction moratorium and it will last through the end of september. along with that there's a new emergency assistance program that promised to cover 100% of
6:39 am
past rent that was due and utilities for those that qualify. you can apply online at you can call and your of course must be at or below of the state median income, and you have to have proof you lost your income during the pandemic. now a mountain lion caught on camera in a backyard in petaluma. it happened a little before 6:00 a.m. yesterday. this is near dana and sheldon streets. the homeowner said she posted the video on social media to warn pet owners and joggers. >> she better warn her gardener, too, geez. yeah, and looking, it should
6:40 am
be a nice day on tap, right, kari? >> yes, it will be another nice day. as we head into the weekend, i know a lot of people will be hitting the road. if you plan on heading to tahoe, heads up today and tomorrow we could see a chance of thunderstorms and lightning and a slight chance of thunderstorms on saturday, but for the fourth of july it's looking good. temperatures reaching there into the low 80s. as we head around the bay area, maybe you will be in sonoma valley. it's going to be a great weekend. morning clouds but afternoon sunshine as we head into the low 80s there. and if your weekend plans take you down the road to l.a., we are looking at comfortable conditions with temperatures in the 70s and low 80s, and then we closely watch the fireworks show in san francisco, and as of now it could be blocked by fog. we'll keep you updated. >> kari, you did talk about options in wine country, but one option not available for
6:41 am
drivers, it's highway 12, and they are blocked right here because of this, and highway 37 is an option, and around the rest of the a west push here. there wa coming up. >> thanks. new overnight, britney spears requests to end her conservatorship. just a few minutes ago, president biden and the first lady landed in florida where they will meet with survivors and the family of the victims there. let's take you out to the big board, up on the dow, and the s&p 500 hitting another record today. plus, our countdown to tokyo is on. the surfers gearing up for an
6:42 am
olympic first now training here in california. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:44 am
the heavy fog we are seeing in san francisco is the closest thing we get to rain this time of year, and it has been great to see. as our drought monitor comes out this morning, i will have an update on that. i did hear about a crew, a
6:45 am
maintenance crew traveling westbound. i saw a little slowing. we'll track that alert for the north bay coming up. thanks, kari and mike. 6:44. we're hearing from bill cosby for the first time since his release from prison. his comments made to a philadelphia radio station. >> this is for all the people who have been imprisoned wrongfully, regardless of race, color or creed. >> the supreme court judges in pennsylvania cited the deal cosby's legal team made with the prior district attorney in exchange for civil testimony. he served nearly three years. nbc's stephanie gosk is at cosby's home in elk park with more. >> reporter: bill cosby is at back home and a free man with a clean record. he cannot be retried on the charges. the pennsylvania supreme court
6:46 am
ruling out the conviction for sexual assault. get reaction. nbc spoke with one of the accusers and this is what she had to say. >> setbacks teach us to do something better the next time. so we have to take what education we have gotten out of this situation and turn it into something constructive. all of our experiences together can probably do that for us. >> cosby's legal team is calling the decision by the supreme court justice but does not change the underlying facts of this case. back to you. >> thank you. a follow-up now, and so far no comment from either side following the judge's decision to deny pop star britney spears's requests to remove the conservatorship.
6:47 am
on the business side and said he only has her best interest at heart. president biden and the first lady are airborne at the moment and headed to florida. >> they will meet with the families of those waiting to hear if their loved ones are dead or alive. >> it's so tragic, isn't it? president biden has lost a daughter, a son and first wife. air force one left joint andrews air base earlier this morning. we will bring you updates. meanwhile, back in washington the house passed a measure creating a special select committee to investigate the origin and causes of the attack on the capitol hill on january 6th. this will be a committee selected by democrats. speaker pelosi said she will consult with republican
6:48 am
leadership about the appointment of some members but doesn't sound like kevin mccarthy will allow his party to participate at all. pelosi said she wish she did not have to create a select committee, and she asked for a committee made up of experts and not politicians, but the republicans said no. this will be similar to the one investigated benghazi. as we have reported, charges brought against trump organization's cfo. here's a picture of him in front of the courthouse or in the courthouse, and the trump organization made a statement saying the prosecution was politically motivated. former president trump in texas, he has not so far made
6:49 am
public statements about the development but did have something to say about the border wall. >> we have to get that painted out now. they have to painted it, because if they don't paint it, bad things are happening. >> we are watching what is happening in florida and in new york city, and the courts there. on twitter @scottmcgrew. it's the 1st of july, and it's 23 days until the tokyo olympics. for the first time ever you will be able to say, surf's up. >> yeah, olympic sport for the first time, and the u.s. team hard at work getting ready. it's made up of two men and two women. they are on the beaches of the pacific in southern california at san clemente. you can watch everything from the summer games exclusively right here on nbc bay area. once again, the heat is on
6:50 am
in new york city. it's trending online, because new york city sent an alert asking people to conserve due to the big summer heat wave. it gets so muggy there. a lot of people, they went on twitter, one person righting, new york really said shut your air-conditioners off while we light this wicked poster in times square that has been here since 2003. times square uses twice the amount of electricity to power all the casinos in las vegas. >> wasn't that song from wicked, defying electricity. did i get that wrong? >> i don't know, but you are popular. >> oh, i like that. we are talking about the drought this morning, kari. >> yeah, i think this drought is like the wicked witch of the
6:51 am
west. we are seeing this widespread across the region. the highest level of the you drought is happening here in the bay area. from the north bay to parts of the east bay, it's causing problems from wildfires as well as the extreme heat we are expecting, and this could worsen our air quality as we see our reservoir levels running critically low and it will decline as we head deeper into the dry season. 33% of our state is in an exceptional drought. as we continue to watch that and the update that just came out today, we are seeing higher humidity and that's going to possibly slow the spread of any fires that do develop. our temperatures have been kept in check due to the coastal fog. 85 today in vallejo. oakland today, expect low 70s. san francisco, still no sunshine today. highs in the mid-60s. we are going to see temperatures
6:52 am
range from the upper 70s in mill valley to the mid-90s in ukiah. there was also showers and thunderstorms firing up across the desert southwest and into the sierra thanks to a surge of monsoonal moisture, and we are watching the potential for new fire starts. we are not seeing any major changes into the weekend, and still looks good over the fourth of july while san francisco has highs in the mid-60s. green sensors dominate the map. light here. no holiday but still a problem here. there may be one direction of highway 121 or 12 or sonoma highway or carneros, whatever
6:53 am
you call that, there is one direction that could be open. there's a second crash in the area. injuries reported for both crashes. that will be a problem for napa. and the westbound push does continue, and slowing through concord holding steady. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have the backup here, and hov, three or more will take you through. back to you. >> thank you. 6:53. paying for garbage, recycling and compost pickup. $39 to $41 for some, and alameda will see an increase of about a dollar. and then a massive blast caused by illegal fireworks. the arrest made after all this unfolded in southern california. a live report on the growing concerns over fireworks and fire dangers right here in the bay
6:54 am
area. 6:53. you're watching "today in the bay." [♪♪♪] alright, guys, listen up. my momma... our grandpa... - my daddy... - our dad works on the highway. it's so scary.
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6:57 am
prosecutors at new york. indictments against the trump organization and its chief financial adviser. 18 people are now confirmed dead, and 145 people remain unaccounted for. president biden and the first lady are set to arrive at that site at any minute. new overnight, police in vallejo investigating the death of a man shot and killed last night around 9:00 p.m. on violet drive near highways 37 and 29. the man that died has not been identified. police so far not commenting about possible suspects or a motive. happening now, crews on the scene of an accidental explosion involving illegal fireworks in southern california, and firefighters are getting ready for what could be a busy day
6:58 am
ahead. kris sanchez is live where important training is taking place today. >> reporter: good morning, laura and marcus. in just a few moments san jose fire department will begin training and you could smell smoke as firefighters try to be prepared and remind people to stay away from fireworks. this was the scene down in los angeles fireworks to blame for this explosion there. it happened as lapd bomb squad was trying to detonate 500 pounds of fireworks. and in san francisco, authorities are blaming fireworks for a grass fire that almost burned down a house. five miles of grizzly peak boulevard between berkeley and oakland hills will be closed between 5:00 in the morning on sunday and 6:00 in the morning on monday. according to the national fire protection association, fireworks started 20,000 fires in 2018. that's the last data available,
6:59 am
so clearly a danger there. cal fire partnered with law enforcement to do an enforcement movement and we will hear the results of that action later kr "today in the bay." >> thank you. meteorologist, kari hall, has a look at the forecast for us. >> looks good across the bay area, starting out with clouds and fog and headed towards the low 80s today. just a touch warmer going into the fourth of july weekend. we will keep cool weather near the coast and the fog will linger for the next several days. a big issue for highway 12 and 121 up in napa, and because we are pre holiday on this thursday, we have the tip
7:00 am
congestion throughve a great da. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. we an update coming up at 7:27. be safe. see you in a bit. good morning reversal and reaction. bill cosby waking up a free man after his sexual assault conviction was suddenly overturned his accusers voicing shock and anger. >> i'm outraged. i'm infuriated. victory. himself declaring >> this is for all the people who have been imprisoned wrongfully regardless of race, color, or creed. >> so what led to the court's decision and what happens next one of the prosecutors on the cosby trials joins us live


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