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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 1, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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raniere. breaking right now. the trump organization's money man just turned himself into authorities. plus, out of control. three wildfires burning across california. the impact we're tracking right here at home. "today in the bay" continues -- and begins right now. >> a very good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. kari, what are we expecting from
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temperatures today? >> looks as good as it can get for the bay area. mist and drizzle over emeriville, and we see a strong influence over the marine layer over the coast, and it has been mild for the inland area. this is what we are expecting again today and no significant change and we will have an update coming up in a few minutes. how is it looking for the morning commute? >> santa rosa, there's a crash. eastbound highway 12 and getting to highway 101. there's still crash activity. east bay will continue over highway 101 and that's okay. and that's the longer drive, folks getting through the north
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bay. a live look at the manhattan district attorney office, and this is where the trump organization's chief financial officer, allen weisselberg, turned himself in. it's an off-the-books compensation issue. happening now evacuations under way across parts of northern california this morning, and as crews battle three wildfires. the largest is the lava fire by mt. shasta. investigators say the fire was sparked by lightning. in the meantime, 25 miles away,
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the tenant fire, and the salt fire breaking out just yesterday. and that fire is burning north of redding and is growing fast. there are fears that the smoke from all of these wildfires could have an impact on the bay area's air quality over the next few days. >> yeah, the warnings are out about fireworks and there's a major road closure in the east bay hills. and fire officials are taking drastic measures to try and prevent the disaster. >> reporter: grizzly peak will be closed down, and they have done this for three years in a row. the reason? high fire danger. >> the grizzly peak provides beautiful
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stretch that connects the oakland and berkeley hills starting on sunday. only residents that show proper i.d. will be allowed in. >> it's narrow up there. when you have thousands of people congregating and hundreds of people all along the roadside it makes it difficult if there was an emergency. >> a fire emergency nobody wants to happen. illegal fireworks activity started weeks ago all around the bay area. in contra costa county investigators seized some 300 pounds of fireworks, and in san francisco authorities are blaming fireworks for a grass fire that almost burned down a house. people that live in the east bay's grizzly peak area know they are vulnerable when it comes to fire danger. >> i think it's a inconvenience for people that depend on that road but everybody up here really takes fire danger
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extremely serious. >> and even his 8-year-old son knows about the problems fireworks can cause. >> the drought highers the risk of fires because there's not much water. >> the checkpoints on grizzly peak seems to be a good deterrent to prevent a disaster, and while celebrating independence day, they hope people think twice before doing anything risky. and then pg&e looking to have a 3.6 billion rate hike. the commission does not always improve requests. new overnight police investigating the death of a man shot and killed on violent drive
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and 29th. the man that died has not been identified. police also not commenting on possible suspects or a motive. it's time to get a look at the forecast for you. 4:36 right now. meteorologist, kari hall, keeping track of temperatures and coming off of a nice day. i remember talking to my mom, kari, and it was so hot in memphis, and i said, it's 75 degrees right here. >> no, you need to say, mom, come and visit. >> yeah, we're working on that. >> yeah, say we need to come here and get a cooldown. we have that right now as we look outside in san jose. clouds starting off with us this morning and that means it will keep it cool today. we have low 60s and slow rise in our temperatures, and once again staying comfortable and all depending on where you are. we will talk about the range in temperatures we are seeing across the area. mike, how is it looking now for
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the commute? >> sil silicon valley, the free itself moving smoothly. and your usually closure here for alvarado niles. and it looks like everything is okay for hesperian as far as traffic goes. could get some mist action. coming up next on "today in the bay," she's not a free britney this morning. a judge decides to keep the conservatoriship in place. what we know about krispy kremes re-entry into the stock market. the bay bridge toll plaza
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reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. a little warm here and we'll talk about the cool air for the coast and what is up for the holiday weekend coming up next. nimitz looks just fine. the closure for niles could still be in place, and i will let you know what i find out. for now, let's check in with bertha. >> i am bertha coons for cnbc. it was a strong first six months for the market amid the vaccine rollout and reopening of the economy and strong corporate earnings. the s&p rallying more than 14%.
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its best first half since 2019. today we're going to get reports on new claims for unemployment as well as data on manufacturing and construction spending, and auto sales for june. speaking of autos, hertz says it's ready to pounce right now on the rebound in travel. it's revamping operations adding more electric and hybrid vehicles to its fleet. speaking of a return and a rebound, krispy kreme coming back to wall street today. the doughnut chain pricing its ipo below the expected range, although
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sweet it was looking for. it was taken private, but the parent company of kourig in 2019. the busiest week since 2000, the last time it went public, we have 17 companies set to hit the market by the end of tomorrow, so very, very busy. if i worked the nasdaq right now i would have to be fighting temptation, because they set over dozens and dozens of donuts over to the set there. >> i remember when they did that in 2000, when they ipo'd back then. >> yeah, i think they should give free donuts to everybody to
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celebrate. >> yeah. ipo's, always brought food with them. >> those were the days. thank you. a wide range of temperatures across the bay area. meteorologist, kari hall, tracking that. >> we're tracking that as well as our air quality with numerous fires burning across the state. we'll let you know what we're expecting head into the holiday weekend in a few minutes. we have a crash up in fairfield, and we'll talk about what is going on in the north bay. my heart goes out to those that testified. >> reaction pouring in following a stunning decision. bill cosby a free man after a supreme court justice vacates
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the cases on the assault trials igniting controversy.
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as we take a live look outside. i am always amazed, where are they going? >> what do people do so early in the -- oh, wait. >> yeah, go to work. >> or going to see a special friend.
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>> let's check the forecast with kari. let's see what is going on as y head out for work this morning as you head out for fog or drizzle heading across the golden gate bridge and san francisco, and it's enough to measure up and in the rain bucket it's good to see. we have so many fires burning across the state. this shows the near surface spoke with fires to the north as well as to the south and east. looks like as far as the smoke come into the bay area not so much of an issue because it's higher up in the atmosphere and is being pushed away from the bay area thanks to the marine layer, that westerly wind we are getting is forcing the smoke away. air quality looking good with low numbers across much of the bay area. as we look at the temperatures today, that's also been brought down by the westerly wind and
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temperatures in cupertino, 79 degrees. low 80s for east san jose. heading over towards the east bay, we're looking at weather like yesterday. oakland today looking at a high of 70 degrees. cool, foggy and drizzly near the coast and half moon bay, and a little more sunshine and palo alto, and the high reaching 75. san francisco mostly in the mid-60s for today and a brisk wind and that will keep it cool from santa rosa on southward and doesn't make it over towards ukiah and clear lake, so still in the mid-90s there. and our weather shows we have a surge of monsoonal moisture, and most of the region getting a boost in the heat as well as humidity and bringing in some of the thunderstorms further off towards the east. we'll watch for a chance of more thunderstorms firing up today and tomorrow. if you are traveling there,
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that's what we are looking at, that potential of not only thunderstorms but lightning. and in the mid-80s for a lot of our inland spots. the coast stays in the 60s, and we keep a wide range of temperatures as we settle into the weather pattern. i will have an update a little later. the crash i talked about in up fairfield, no major injuries reported, but a lot of profanity reported, details from chp. alameda county, your drive just got better. still closed, highway, 84, we
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know that about that. watch for that closure. after serving fewer than three years in a pennsylvania prison, bill cosby spending his first full day as a free man. >> a stunning turn of events for the women that came forward with accusations against the comedian. sergio contonia has the story. >> 83-year-old business cosby stood outside his home. he never spoke, but his team did. >> the women who accused cosby of attacking them, this decision
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is a shock and devastating. >> this feels like a loss questioning like what the last 43 years of this ordeal were about, if not for justice in the form we thought we found. >> what makes me sick is thinking about all of his reporters and the smugness that is bill cosby, going see, ha ha, we won. >> the prior district attorney agreed not to charge him on criminal trials -- >> there's nothing in this opinion that in any way mitigates bill cosby's guilt. he was convicted beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of his peers. the only thing that changes is that trial never should have taken place because the
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government promised cosby it would not take place. >> the cosby case was the first high profile trial during the me too movement. >> i don't know what that means about the future of cases like this. i hope women won't become resigned and in despair like all of us were when we thought we were alone. >> so far no comment from either side following a judge's decision to deny britney spears. spears made an emotional plea to a judge, and her fathercts as conservative on said he only h best interest at heart for his daughter. he now has filed a court petition to further investigate his father's claims, which
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montgomery's attorney states she is bound by california strict laws to maintain a code of ethics. and then the sports set to make its olympic debut. happening now, hundreds of thousands of people across the bay area will be paying more for garbage, recycleable and compostable pickup. milpitas will see their rates go up to $41 a month. we'll be right back.
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quickly approaching 4:57. a new court document obtained showed suspended drivers licenses restored. as part of the ruling last fall, the dmv agreed to clear thousands of failure to appear suspensions that carried out into december. this means 23 days until the tokyo olympics. for the first time ever -- this is cool. >> surfs up. yeah, that's the first time surfing is a sport. it's made up of two men and two
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men, and remember that team, caroline marks, she's marking this day as, quote, stoked. >> we rely on mother nature, so i think it will will be interested in that, a lot of hurry up and waiting, but the coolest sport ever. >> you can watch everything from the summer games exclusively here on nbc bay area. coming up next, we're going to have a look at the forecast with kari.
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right now at 5:00, more than a dozen people injured after illegal fireworks explode during a planned detonation in southern california. another sign of danger. crews making sure they are ready ahead of the fourth of july. i hear those voices. i hear them. i know them. i think about them every single day, every night. >> president biden heads to south florida this deadly cond collapse. a new team of experts will try to untangle the mystery behind the collapse. "today in the bay" continues right now. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we are expecting


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