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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  June 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tomorrow the state reopens and we have answers about capacity limits, social distancing and masks. >> as soon as we get cal osha saying we don't have to wear them, my employees won't wear them. >> we'll help you move forward at this pivotal time. plus sending a clear message to u.s. allies. >> democracy can still prevail against the challenges of our time. >> president biden and nato focus on two regions of concern. >> and the president's next showdown, a face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin. our political analyst larry gersten tells us the key issues that will provide friction between the two leaders.
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and he can't wait to get the green light for his staff to do the same. >> they would love to, yes. i know that. i would too. >> to be able to work out on a treadmill and have a heavy sweat not wearing a mask is one of the great things i'm looking forward
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to. >> many folks like ted johnson are excited for the state to reopen tomorrow, but johnson says he'll respect the rules each business sets, and while he won't wear a mask most of the time, he'll still carry it. >> if i'm in a situation where i'm not sure about everybody, i'll always have something around in my pocket just in case. >> and we're back here live in danville where you can see the mask signs are still up, but many of them will be coming down tomorrow. the folks here at trek bikes in danville say they're still waiting for their management to decide how they're going to handle things tomorrow, so a lot of these businesses still don't know what they're going to do. others say they just don't want to deal with asking customers and their employees if they're vaccinated or not so they're just going to keep that mask mandate in place. reporting live in danville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. there's a lot happening this week obviously and we're going
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to get you through it. head to our website, click on june 15th, what to know. it's right in our trending bar, from mask rules to what's happening in your county. we break it down for you. >> here's the big concern for a lot of us. we're reopening tomorrow but the united kingdom is delaying its planned reopening. just one day after announcing the g-7 wealthy nations are pledging a billion coronavirus doses for poorer nations, prime minister boris johnson says he's extending his nation's lockdown restrictions until mid-july. the prime minister cites the highly transmissable delta variant as a consideration and says the extra month will be used to speed up the nation's vaccination program. president biden had a lot of work on his first day of the nato summit from reassuring u.s. allies to rallying a united response to a provocative action from china and russia. nbc's alice barr has the latest. >> reporter: president biden standing side by side with
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america's strongest allies at the start of his first nato summit as commander in chief. he's reaffirming america's commitment to the 72-year-old alliance after his predecessor sharply criticized it. >> we have to prove to the world and to our own people that democracy can still prevail against the challenges of our time. >> reporter: the nato allies hoping to ensure stability in afghanistan, as u.s. troops prepare to withdraw. also singling out china's military ambitions as a growing concern. but it's wednesday's meeting with russian president vladimir putin taking center stage just as both nations reach a low in our mutual interest and the interest of the world to cooperate. and see if we can do that. on the areas where we don't agree, make it clear what the red lines are. >> reporter: among the challenges, intensifying cyberattacks, hitting america's
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oil and food supply. the fbi blaming russian criminal gangs. putin denying any involvement in an nbc news exclusive. >> translator: where is the evidence? where is proof? >> reporter: president biden promising to put russia's leader on notice. the president setting expectations low but holding out hope that the high-stakes sitdown could ease escalating tensions. in urkt washington, alice barr, nbc news. more on that exclusive interview with president putin. nbc's keir simmons asked putin about the infamous poisoning and arrest of a political rival. >> did you order alexei navalny's assassination? >> translator: of course not. we don't have this kind of habit of assassinating anybody. the people who have mentioned, yes, they were convicted for violating their status, having been previously convicted, given suspended sentences which were essentially a warning not to
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violate the russian laws. and they completely ignored the requirements of the law. the court went on and turned the conviction into real jail time. >> putin does admit to arresting other members of navalny's political group. in that interview he also addresses the black lives matter campaign here in the u.s. and allegations of election interference and cyberattacks. joining us now is our political appear list, larry gerston. biden and putin have known each other for years. does this help or hurt the new chapter in their relationship? >> it is going to be, as you say, a new chapter for the simple reason that the way they knew each other before, biden was a u.s. senator and then vice president. you know what, as president he has a whole lot more gravitas than he did in either of those two positions. and so biden will be talking to him from a different position and putin will have to come to terms with that. another thing to think about is that these two, biden and trump, are complete polar opposites.
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trump totally trusted putin. he said as a matter of fact he believed putin over 17 agencies who said in fact the russians interfered with the 2016 election. biden doesn't trust putin, he knows him well. yes, it's going to be a very different situation. >> they're going to meet here, larry, and there will be no joint news conference following their meeting. why the secrecy or is this just political gamesmanship? >> i don't think it's gamesmanship at all. as a matter of fact, what president biden is trying to say is he doesn't want to give putin the same stage, the same opportunity to speak when he believes that much of what putin says won't be the truth. he doesn't want to get into a tit for tat game with him, he just wants to tell his side of the story. he doesn't want to feel that in any way putin's comments, which are likely to be disputed, are going to be set up on the same kind of stage as president trump. president biden, excuse me. >> larry, what can really be
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done here, any tangible results? or is this just a meeting that floats off into the ether? >> this is a getting to know you again, part 2, if you will, session. there will not be a lot. of course the president is going to go after him for things like cyber crime and ransomware, election meddling, georgia. what russia has done in georgia. i think the only thing that might come out of this of any kind of substance could be a prisoner exchange.
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this is pretty intense, let it burn, the word from fire officials in rockton, illinois. this chemical plant exploded into flames. the plant manufacturer's grease products, lubricants and other fluids, the fire chief says the
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safest thing to do is let the products burn to protect the waterways. this morning's explosion at the chem tool manufacturing plant sent huge black plumes of smoke into the air. the smoke could be seen for 25 miles. about a thousand people were forced to evacuate their homes. thankfully no reports of any injuries. this is near the wisconsin border, about 95 miles northwest of chicago. "iu still unclear what caus this fire. vice president kamala harris was in south carolina today encouraging people who haven't gotten vaccinated yet to do it. harris visited a community center in greenville, urging people there not only to protect themselves but really protect the community. the biden administration's goal of getting 70% of the adult population vaccinated with at least one dose by july 4th is in jeopardy, with that date fast approaching. >> it is an extension of love áv thy neighbor to say that when we get vaccinated and make sure everyone we see or know gets vaccinated, it's not just about protecting ourselves.
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it's about protecting our family and protecting our friends, and we are protecting those who we may never meet. >> after delivering those remarks at the community center, harris took part in a conversation on voting rights with community leaders there. new york city is gearing up for its first major parade following this pandemic. it will honor front line workers july 7at long the canyon of heroes. every front line worker will be celebrated from health care workers and first responders to teachers, xwroes rygrocery and workers. nbc bay area responds to a family who felt if he exoed them a chunk ever dollars. >> consumer investigator chris chmura and his team opened a video of worms. >> let me show you video of of the shreve family security camera outside their house way
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back in january, a fedex truck backs over a light fixture right here. the driver later gets out of the van, picks up the toppled light, sticks it in the dirt, and then drives off. greg and monica shreve say he broke their light, sent us this photo and close-up right here showing what they say is damage. they filed a claim with fedex, but they say they didn't get a response. so the shrevs called us. we asked fed ex to take another look. soon after they got a check for $301.90 to cover a new light and installation. "we regret any inconvenience caused by this incident and we work directly with mr. shreve to resolve the issue." the dmv by the way says it's not okay to hit something with your vehicle and just leave. in fact, it says if you are involved in a vehicle collision, stop. if you don't stop, you may be convicted of a hit-and-run and
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could be severely punished. if something like that happens to you, try to contact the owner director and leave them a note with the name and address of the driver and vehicle owner and call law enforcement to find out if you're required to file a report. dealing with a company that hasn't owned up to a mistake, call us for help, go to and click the "responds" option from the main menu or call us 888-996-tips. >> thank you, chris. are you ready? bay area bay swimmers trying to make a splash with the u.s. olympic trials getting started in omaha, this is super exciting. >> fun to watch. yesterday was day one of eight, hopefully you saw it, if not, watch it tonight. torrey husk set a new u.s. record in the 100 meter butterfly. 25-year-old chris wiser of vacaville came you the short in the 400 free finished quart. kieran smith became the only racer to qualify. the olympics are next month,
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when is opening ceremony? >> july 23rd. you'll be there, you better make sure you know the date. >> the 23 is pretty big right here on nbc bay area. when you you know it's olympics time i watched diving for two hours last night. >> i korea. i had to learn about fencing. now i know everything about fencing. jeff, you have some specialties? >> i have a few. >> you like the restaurants. >> i like to eat. let's bring you into our microclimate forecast tonight. we've got lots of blue skies throughout the bay area, this is our embarcadero camera and the trees are blowing around a bit here. we've had strong ocean sea breeze with us on and off today, 15 to about 30 miles per hour and kind have been the only thing with the weather that might have bothered you. otherwise comfortable. as we roll through tomorrow morning patchy fog is coming back not too extensive right near the bay and the coast and as we roll through the day numbers go up, keep the
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afternoon sea breeze 15 to 30 and ahead the big headline here, looking at hot 100s. we'll see the temperatures increase from this area of high pressure crossing the desert southwest. the clockwise circulation bringing in the heat, you may have felt it today a touch of humidity. more of this on and off humidity this week, there's thunderstorms with this, most of that should stay over to the east of us, but we're going to keep a close eye, of course anything comes near us we will be all over that for you. as we get a look at the heat, the heat warnings are widespread. north bay, east bay, south bay, all under the heat warnings. as for wednesday, thursday and friday, temperatures ranging 94 to 108, low humidity, elevating that fire danger. i wanted to zoom in and get you a closer look at the places not under the heat warnings and that's san francisco, a lot of the peninsula and right near the bay because we have a cooler ocean breeze that will keep these numbers out of the 100s. again, most of us getting in on the heat but if you're near the
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bay or san francisco, you're not under these warnings. we're going to have more on that as we continue to move closer into that heat story. as we started off for tomorrow morning, we'll begin cool here, 56 in the south bay, tri-valley 58 with patchy fog near the coast and the bay. 56 for the north bay, san francisco 54 and the east bay at 57. as we roll through the day tomorrow, temperatures warm up but we can handle this, 85 in morgan hill, 81 milpitas. towards the east bay, my warmest temperatures out towards antioch, brentwood, pittsburg in the low 90s. go to danville at 87, hayward and oakland you probably have some of the best weather and my view here tomorrow with 78 degrees. let's bring it over to the peninsula, 75 in san mateo and also in that beautiful weather category in redwood city, 78. san francisco we're coming in with low 70s in downtown and the mission, we have that wind with us out of the west at 20, it will be colder at the beaches in the 60s and right here for the north bay, 87 in santa rosa, 84
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novato. 78 in mill valley. seven-day forecast notice this in san francisco the 70s with us wednesday, thursday and friday, and it cools off to 60s once we roll into this upcoming weekend. for the inland valleys we talked about it, it's going to get uncomfortable. we got 88 tomorrow, pretty good, though, 100 on wednesday, feeling it then, thursday that's the day when it gets dangerous, got to watch out, 105 degrees for the average inland. 100 on friday, started to drop this weekend down to 92 on sunday and the good news, once we get to next monday, everything shows the following week next week should really be right about near average with plenty of 70s and 80s. so hang on. it's a wild ride. jessica you like the heat. wednesday ais good, thursday is hot. 105. >> it's a little hot. >> exactly. >> i think i can tolerate it. up next, amid controversy, san jose state names a new athletic director, the first major goal for that new person in charge.
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well after a turbulent year, san jose state university does have a new director, athletic director, jeff conja, he had the a.d. job at northwestern university, becomes the 15th athletic director for sjsu, taking over for the previous athletic director whose tenure was marred by allegations of mismanagement amid a sexual abuse scandal. as he met the media today, conja pledged to grow the athletic program only after doing a lot of listening. >> i tell you, we are going to talk about racial and social justice issues, a commitment to gender equity, edge brace the lgbt y+ community, things i look forward to working with the students on. >> he said it is not just lip service and his department will take action. he is a two-time under warm your na cda athletics directors of the year. will the a's build a new ball park in oaklandqqúh■ or le
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the city for good? a special public meeting at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. the a's and oakland city officials will try to convince the county to help fund the eifd, enhanced infrastructure financing district, the county will be asked to help support the infrastructure needed for the proposed ball park at howard terminal. the team and city officials say the county's tax revenue from the howard terminal site would increase annually to over $6 million. despite fires, floods, mudslides, budget deficits and covid, the cherished california landmark is once again accessible to the public. the save the redwoods league joined with the california state parks to reopen the fight for fall's trail and big sur state park. 2008 basin complex fire took out the bridges, hikers had to use to reach the falls. the fires and natural disasters
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delayed things, too. the pfeiffer trail connects with the valley view trail to form a mile and a half loop. that sounds beautiful. >> it is. >> exciting. >> one of the most gorgeous spots in the world right in our own backyard. up next the giants looking to get back on track with the perfect team coming into town to do just that. laura britt will join us next.
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when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. okay, we're loving this. both sides of the bay, the a's
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and the giants in first place, leading their divisions. >> it's been a fun season so far, both playing at home tonight, doesn't happen too often. this starts a crucial and entertaining stretch. let's bring in laura britt. >> thanks, raj and jess. let's look at what to watch this week in the world of bay area sports. the giants are coming off of the road after getting shut out by the nationals 5-0, but they're getting settled in to play ten of their next 12 games at oracle park. first up, a four-game set against the diamondbacks starting tonight and you can watch that over on nbc sports bay area. as for the a's, it was a successful weekend of baseball as they took three out of four from the royals, including a 6-3 victory on sunday, which gave oakland 40 wins on the season. it was a welcome sight to see matt chapman get hot at the plate and in order for the a's to sustain their success they need chappy to continue the plate appearances. the a's remain atopth"zr the a.
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west, two games ahead of the astros as they begin a three-game series against the angels at the coliseum tonight on nbc sports california. raj and jess, i can't leave you without this interesting fact. the giants had a big tie to the westminster dog show over the weekend in the form of barry bonds, his dog rocky competed in the show at the top event. you learn something new every day. >> i just heard that, too. >> yes, a schnauzer. >> a little schnauzer. >> who won, wasabi? >> wasabi. >> thank you, laura. right now at 6:00 we are on the eve of reopening and we'll help you move forward tomorrow as you probably know by now, california will lift most covid restrictions. >> people who are vaccinated do not need to wear a mask. >> what it means for your next trip to disneyland or great america or six flags. >> plus it's not calling it ar8 vaccine passport but it kind of sounds like one. governor newsom's plan to offer a way to digitize your vaccine card.
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and they had staffing issues even before the pandemic hit. we investigate patient safety concerns at a prominent south bay hospital. in most indoor settings, this includes stores and indoor gyms. there are also a few places where everyone will have to cope your masks on, even if you're fully vaxxed. hospitals and nursing homes, b.a.r.t. and sch


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