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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 8, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. breaking right now at 11:00, a san jose mother wanted for the murder of her own son arrested. a nationwide search is now over after the boy's body was found nearly two weeks ago in the las vegas desert. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. law enforcement authorities in denver made that announcement just before 9:00 this morning and we broke it >> nbc bay area's kris sanchez is live in san jose with more news of this aest are. kris? >> hi there. we know that las vegas police are going to hold a press
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conference at 2:00 this afternoon and perhaps provides more answers and what we know is that 35-year-old mother was taken into custody in denver sand now charged with the death of her own child. las vegas police say samantha marina rodriguez was tracked down by a task force led by fbi agents in denver and is charged with one count of murder which in nevada the case can be prosecuted as a first-degree or second-degree murder, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. that is the city of denver where she was seen checking into a hotel alone days after her son's body was found in the las vegas desert. the 1-year-old's remains were found on a hiking trail, and after weeks of trying to identify him, the fbi got a tip from a family friend saying that they thought it was liam and that the mother and the son had not been seen in san jose since may 24th. las vegas police say the mother and son were then spotted in laguna beach and in victorville and southern california before their van was spotted in
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colorado. liam houston's father has been notified and is not a suspect. >> it's a heartbreaking conversation to have. this has been an emotional last ten days for myself, all the investigators that have been working on it, and we're just glad that we're able to get some closure for liam and then hold the person responsible for this crime accountable. >> now we did track down an address for the mother here in san jose. we didn't find any neighbors that knew them and we checked with checked with six south bay officers and it's not clear why they believe the mother is responsible for the killing but it seems there does not seem to be any prior evidence of abuse. when police speak at 2:00 we'll update you on and also on our social platforms n.san jose, criss sanchez, nbc bay area news.
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>> so tragic. we sent out the push alert when the breaking update came in. you can update our nbc bay area app to get alert right to your smartphone. it is free. >> new details in the bay area's water woes. hundreds of customers could see their bills going up in a matter of weeks. i know you just spoke with east bay mudd so what did they have to say? >> well, this proposed rate hike is actually lower than what was initially proposed, but we also learned that customers could face a surcharge as early as next year if this drought worsened so let's talk about what's going to be happening later today, and the east bay board of directors will vote on whether or not to increase the water rates for its 1.4 million parts of san ramon and for its wastewater customers which is another 740,000 customers. the board is considering a 4%
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hike rate that would go into effect this july and a second 4% hike for the following july. you can see on your tv screen this would amount to a $2.50 monthly increase for customers, a little bit mortgage second year and $1 a month for wastewater customers. we spoke to the director of finance that said east bay mudd was initially considering a 5% increase pre-covid but agency was able to push some projects out and find out, quote, operational savings to get that increase rate down to 4%. again, assuming it gets passed. east bay mud sd almost 100 years old and has a lot of aging infrastructure. pipes on average are around 60 years old. the rate increase would provide hundred of millions to replace those pipes and improve the infrastructure. it would also put some money into a rainy day fund. right now it's a stage one for the drought but if they go to
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stage two or three or four east bay mudd could impose respective surcharges of up to 20%, 25%. the last time the agency did this was back in 2015 with a 25% surcharge. >> let's see what happens. the water year starts in october so october to april is the water year and, you know, we're going to hope that it's a good rainy is and we can just make it through so we'll see where we are at the end of the year and we consider, you know, at the end of this calendar year where we are so we don't anticipate any additional surcharges this time for sure. >> tomorrow in the south bay of the caluria water district is expected to declare a drought emergency and ask its 2 million customers to cut back its usage by 15% based on i mudd asked its customers to volu mudd says
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it hasn't seep much reduction at all but says it usually takes a number of months for customers to get the message. reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> you look right behind bob and you see how dry it is. look up to any hills in the bay area, and that should be the message. this is a live look up in san raphael at the s-curve this morning. it's throughout california, too. >> seeing the brown everywhere. meteorologist kari hall watching the lack of rain that we're getting here in the bay area. kari? >> so dry during the winter months. the rain was too few and far between, and now we're getting some high winds here and there, and we've seen some gusty winds even kicking up this morning. as we take a live look outside in san jose, a few clouds dotting the sky and at least we do have a cool ocean breeze that's been picking up. still looking at some of those winds coming in from the west at about 20 to 25 miles per hour.
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it will still be gusty today, but we shouldn't see any winds as high as we did yesterday. we had gusts at 57 through the altamont pass and a lot of 55 readings. today it looks more like 25 to 30. still quite gusty as we still will have the concern of the fire danger because of the dry vegetation that we're seeing and the lack of water in those reservoirs. as we look at our temperatures for today, it has been cool because of that cool air that's been coming in off of the coastal areas, so we're going to continue to see this for a couple more days, and then we'll warm up. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks so much. now to the pandemic, and later today alameda county health leaders expect the state to move them into the least restrictive yellow tier for covid restrictions. that's all based on the current case data. here's where all the counties stand one week before the state fully reopens. you can see if things go as expected, contra costa, napa,
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sonoma and solano counties will all end in the orange tier. new details, a major internet outage overnight that affected dozens of high-traffic websites of the right now all sites are back up and running like "new york times," cnn, reddit, twitch, were down for hours. san francisco was working on a fix. the company provides cloud computing services helping companies store content in servers around the world. vice president harris is in mexico talking to that country's government about the pandemic and when it can do to slow down immigrants coming to the u.s.-mexico border. earlier she was in guatemala trying to stem the flow there. scott mcgrew takes a look. >> so the idea is if you can improve living conditions in people's home countries they will be less likely to want to come to the united states, that a wall and border guards are still necessary but america should try to get ahead of the problem long before people make that journey.
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a significant number of people coming to the border are not mexican. they are guatemalan. vice president harris met with that country's president on monday. she told citizens there not to come to america but also offered america's help with internet access, advance evens, other basic human needs. she spoke to our lester holt about the plan and how it helps slow immigration. >> we are looking at a situation where people are fleeing because of hunger, because of the hurricanes, because of the pandemic, so the reason i am here is to address those issues knowing that the people who are here for generations, they want to stay. they don't want to leave, but they need opportunity. they need assistance. they need support. >> americans don't see a lot of that on a dale basis. >> yeah. >> what they do see is children lowered over fences and children coming in with phone numbers steps yild on their hand. >> yeah. >> and so the question has come up, and you heard it here and
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you'll hear it again, why not visit the border? why not see what americans are seeing in this crisis? >> well, we are going to the border. we have to deal with what's happening at the bothered. there's no question about that. that's not a debatable point, but we have to understand that there's a reason people are arriving at our border, and ask what is that reason and then identify the problems so we can fix it. >> you'll be able to see the entire sit-down with vice president harris tonight on "nightly news" and are reminder that's now at 6:30 on nbc bay area. >> thanks, scott. after "nightly news" at 6:30 join us for a brand new program at 7:00 p.m., "nbc bay area news tonight" tolled by "access hollywood." >> coming up, the first drug to treat alzheimer's is approved for sale, but it's really controversial. we're going to tell you the reason why doctors won't prescribe it. >> two people behind bars. they the alleged gunman and driver who shot and killed a 6-year-old in southern
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california. the closure the family of the boy is starting to receive. and did you know that michael douglas has a pretty good singing voice? if you're like no. if you want to hear it watch kelly clarkson this afternoon and watch kelly clarkson right here on nbc bay area at 3:00.
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two people will face a charge and likely will be charged in the death of a 6-year-old boy in southern california last month. >> the ten-day manhunt ended not far from where the crime took place. >> reporter: this morning the investigators say the people responsible for the death of a 6-year-old boy on this california freeway are expected in court. 24-year-old marcus eriz and
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23-year-old wynne lye lee are now in custody. the police arrested the pair at an apartment complex 15 miles from where the deadly road rage shooting took place. >> we have recovered what we believe are the weapon and automobile used in the crime. >> reporter: two and a half weeks ago the young victim was strapped into his booster seat while his mother drove him to kindergarten. the california highway patrol says lee was driving a white volkswagen with eriz in the passenger seat when a shot was fired from their car on the 55 freeway. the bullet piercing the trunk and striking 6-year-old aiden in the back. investigators have confirmed owe liz's ingram profile but have not said if any of the weapons seen in the post for more this a year ago were used in the freeway shooting in orange. the memorial for the boy growing as did the reward. half a million dollars for information leading to an arrest.
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the district attorney says a sentence of 25 years to life in prison is possible. >> it's time for the system to do what it's designed to do, and that is to hold people accountable. >> reporter: on monday aiden's mother saying her final good-byes burying her son but not her hope for justice. >> they took his life and my heart along with it. i want nothing more than to find justice. although it won't spring you back into our arms. >> reporter: miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> what heartache there. another of the nine men killed in the vta rail yard mass shooting will be laid to rest today. of the nine shooting victims, only alex fitch made it to the hospital alive. doctors did what they could, but they couldn't save the 49-year-old. his wife says he breathed his last breath in her arms with family members surrounding him. they were married 20 years. alex fritsch will be buried in the south bay.
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alzheimer's has gone 18 years without a new treatment. it's kind of hard to believe. >> yeah. >> and the disease affects roughly 6 million americans. probably someone you know with no cure. but now a new drug is set to hit the market. >> so the fda taking the controversial step to approve that treatment. this is even before there's proof that it works. here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: alzheimer's patients and their families have a new place to turn in their struggle against the debilitating disease. the drug is made by biogen attacks the amyloid protein, the type of plaque that builds up in the brain of alzheimer's patients. >> after more than two decades without having any innovation, it's a new day. it's some hope finally for the patients and their families. >> reporter: the alzheimer's association calling the approval a victory. >> this is the first fda drug approval in our history that delays the decline due to alzheimer's disease, and that's -- that's amazing.
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>> reporter: but the approval is controversial. the fda is requiring biogen to conduct another trial even thought the drug will be on the market because the agency says there are uncertainties regarding clinical benefit. biogen does not contest the need for more research adding they are committed to continuing studying the product. >> is that really unique that the fda would approve it with this caveat that the pharmaceutical company has to do another trial? >> the fda is using a special regulatory mechanism called accelerated approval which allowed a drug to be put out with evidence that is tentative. >> reporter: the fda's own independent advisory committee urged the agency to reject the drug warning the evidence does not show that the drug slows alzheimer's and that there are serious side effects including swelling and even bleeding inside the brain. but one who took part in the trial has been taking the drug for five years and says it works
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for them. >> if there's a possibility that this drug can slow down the progression of the disease and give people more time with their families, maybe more time working. >> stephanie gosk reporting there. hundreds of people in oakland are about to get some big help in making it in the bay. just a few hours ago the city has opened the application process for a guaranteed income program. 300 families inest oakland will receive $500 had a month for 18 months, no strings attached. low-income families with at least one child are eligible. black, indigenous and other people of color are prioritized. mayor libby schaaf says that money is coming from a philanthropy group named blue meridian partners. guaranteed income program is the largest of its kind in the country. conservationists are upset about the number of dead whales recently washed up on bay-area shores. happening now, they are holding a demonstration at crissy field. several groups are organize sort of a mock wake to demand greater
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productions including lower speed limits and ropeless fishing technology with big boats. our investigative unit has been tracking the cause of whales washing up on area shorelines. happening today if you live on the peninsula and you see smoke, there may be something planned. fire fighters in san matteo county are conducting a controlled burn at san andreas and cedar dams. the goal is to reduce potential fire fuels and maintain access for dam inspections ahead of the fire season. the burn started at 9:00 this morning. of course, we've been talking about the dry conditions out there. meteorologist kari hall monitoring that. how are we looking today? >> still windy and dry. this has been the problem where you see the dark red. that's the highest level of drought, exceptional drought not just in california but also in
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parts of nevada all the way over towards the rockies as well. we're seeing that in the bay area and we just started to enter into gri months. our reservoirs doing real bad right now. only 26 president 9% of capacity and as we look at the reservoirs around the bay area we're seeing the very low numbers so there's just a little bit of water left in them. statewide we're doing a little bit better as some of the largest reservoirs are able to store more water and get some of that sierra snowpack come down but still it's looking very bad compared to a year ago and our water levels do continue to deplete as we look across the state. right now we're seeing temperatures in the l is a beautiful day. at least we've had cool weather and the temperatures today stay
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in the 60s. take a look at these temperatures we don't normally see in early june as we see antioch with a high of 72 degrees and oakland 65 degrees and on the coast land 62 degrees for palo alto and our north bay highs will be in the upper 60s and lower 70s. another day like this head nothing tomorrow as the winds continue to walk down. then we'll start to warm up heading no thursday and friday. highs reaching into the upper 70s, and our inland valleys reaching into the mid-80s this weekend. check out san francisco, expect the -- at times the -- let's turn now to our climate in
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crisis. now we need to be poem for a year yound weather system. you want to quota two corial. make sure your family has a man are have a meeting place and some print maps just in case the cell phones don't work. pack at least three days of clothing, food, water, medication for each person in your house hold, and also be prepared for outages and you might have to deal with that more often this year and have to give away -- check in with us at nbc bay area and found out or
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megries how to get red for fire rear wound. click on climate in cries. laura and marcus. >> thanks so much. an amateur golfing must be -- amazing yes she in. made. >> the interincomes executive committee meeting for the last time before it leaves for tokyo and the games. the ioc president spoke with senior firms as the games are just 45 days away. the scheduled meeting took place against the backdrop of the ioc and local organizers over the games due to the covid pandemic. remember, you can only watch the games right here on nbc bay area.
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you know, like everyone we're all on social media and today we're giving a big shout-out to our reporters cierra johnson on twitter. today actually marks her one-year anniversary with us right here hat nbc bay area. we're so happy to have her on our team. be sure to follow cierra as well on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> hard to believe it's only been a year, right? >> right. >> look what we've been through in a year. >> yeah. >> new at 11:00 an oregon woman did the unthinkable on the golf course on saturday. she hit two hole in ones,
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actually in the same round. that's pretty cool there and she says she couldn't believe it herself. it was her third and fourth hole in one in her entire life and first and second on this particular course. >> wow. >> to put that in perspective the odds of making a hole in one are 12,000 to is but making two it's 76 million to 1. >> doesn't ever have to play again. >> i've done it. >> we better proper if we want to get out on the links. the weather is going to cooperate, kari? >> yeah, but, you know, it may start to curve a little bit once that wind picks up, so it's going to be a little bit harder to hit that hole in one in these company, and it will at least be cool and sunny as our temperatures reach into the low 70s. it will be heating up this weekend and we'll be hitting the links then. stay hydrated and drink lots of water, lauren and marcus. >> good advice. >> that part we can handle?
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