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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 30, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, the drought concerns leading to wildfire danger. a live look across the bay area, and there is a lot of dried grass and brush out there which can become heavy fuel for fires. good morning to you. thank for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. well, it is fair to say that fire season is basically year round now. we've already seen a spark in a few fires this week, and it's going to be another warm weekend. the meteorologist kari hall is tracking all of this for us. kari, i know many of us wish we had some rain in our forecast but that doesn't look like that's the case for us. >> no, not at all. we're not going to see any rain in the forecast, and our drought
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just continues to get worse. yesterday we had the expansion of the extreme drought status for the bay area meaning that now we're shaded in red, and we're just one category below the exceptional drought which is extremely bad, so we are going to see still some very dry conditions. no rain in the forecast. at times we've had these high winds picking up, and if a fire does spark, we need something that we can monitor, especially in those remote areas to see what's going on, and this is a look at many so of the cameras that we have. there are over 700 cameras across the state. we have a map of all of those cameras that are around the state that help us monitor what's going on and we are going to continue to use this, unfortunately, as we head deeper into our wildfire season because we do need something that will give us a head use up. these cameras take a snapshot every few seconds and spin around and this is our view of mission peek as we look over the east bay. we like for it to look like
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this, noise and quiet but, of course, once again it's something that we need to monitor for the potential of any quickly spreading fires. we've also had some warm weather, and today we're going to see a cooldown just a few degrees. we're heading up to 79 degrees in livermore and 74 in san jose and martinez today we'll reach 75 while we see some low 60s for san francisco. it will be a windy weekend. i'll have that forecast, and we'll talk about some places you may be headed for your weekend plans. that's coming up a little bit later, marcus. >> innings that, kari. this is being called the third driest season on record and now state lawmakers are trying to take action. they are proposing $3.5 billion in new spending to combat the drought. that's more money than the state actually spent during the entire five-year drought. meantime dry california means wildfire worries, and we're already seeing this. take a look at this. yesterday in pittsburgh fire fighters sprang into action just to protect the homes in the path
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of the fast-moving fire along kirker and kirker pass road. >> it is dry. as you can see today, it's a little more windy than we're the threat is significant cw is the team to clear all that have brush and tall grass another your home. you have to see. this one stanford student is now going above and beyond to help younger generations learn about climate change. lizza goldberg started interning for nasa at just 14. years later with the happen of nasa, "national geographic" and google she's created a cloud-to-classroom program. check it out any time on get a personalized forecast right now on our nbc bay area app. download it. it is free, and can you get that on your iphone or android
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smartphone. >> a cruel twist for a man leading the drive to halt recent anti-asian attacks in oakland's chinatown. the president of oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says he was attacked on 8th and broadway. carl shan says he was actually on his way to i check out another attack victim when he said he was attacked and had his head. he was able to snap a picture that have attacker. >> it happened to me, but i think i'm very fortunate. i'll be very, very unhappy, you know, if the attack is against another senior or elderly lady or maybe just a woman, but i think i got lucky. i got hurt, but i was able to quickly stand up, got pushed down on the head, punched in the head and describe on my knee and hands. i was able to stabbed up and try to fight. >> wow. so police were able to catch up with that suspect.
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we are working to learn more about that individual and any charges that person may be facing. developing now, police are investigating a late-night shooting in san jose along east brokaw road at 11:00 p.m. one man was found with life-threatening injuries inside of a car. he is expected to survive. so far, there's no word on arrest. police in san francisco are investigating a deadly triple shooting yesterday about 5:00 p.m. on market near powell street b.a.r.t. station. one man in his 30s died at scene. the other two victims have non-life-threatening injuries. so far no arrests there either. this morning a south bay family is surveying the damage while police are looking for the driver after a car slams into this willow glen home. we brought you live breaking coverage of this this morning on today in the pay. nbc bay area's bob redell has more. >> remarkably the family who lives in this house here on the 1,400 block of san jose and willow street was not hurt when
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this car crashed into their home. the company of the driver unknown. we do know that they were able to take off. the mother who lives here says this is devastating given that they had just had this house remodeled 18 months ago. this crash happened around 12:45 this morning. a neighbor says they heard a large screech followed by the sound of a large crash. the family was asleep inside the house. they awoke to find the car inside their front room. the driver, as i mentioned, already gone. here's what a neighbor saw when he arrived on the scene. >> when i came out i was expecting it would be somebody like inside the vehicle or pulled out. i was pretty surprised there was nobody in the vehicle. it doesn't look like it has air bags or anything, so, you know, it's a pretty nasty accident to walk away from. >> the crash did knock out power for at least a dozen homes in the area, but it appears that the electricity has since been restored. here in san jose. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you.
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for a while there every day brought new drama for washington. scott mcgrew says today highlights involve a tree and a cat. >> reporter: neither of which are dramatic. good morning to you, marcus. nonetheless, we do continue to conduct the same sort of hard examination of this current president and what he says and how that stacks up with the facts. we'll of course continue to exit president's policies and well and whether his words match his actions. now we can tell already a lot of what he's going to talk about in the future and what we're going to talk about the plan to spend so much government money. biden aligning himself with economists who say spending is going to drive the economy. they are staggeringly high numbers in biden's case. take a look at four presidents, how much they proposed to spend in just their first 100 days as each deed with a recession or a depression. biden often said his first boss
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bob mah settled for too little a solution. his solution is an enormous price tag and take a look at roosevelt who was trying to pull america out of depression and he proposed $67 billion in the just 100 days. that was 1933. that numbers are adjusted to 2021 dollars. roosevelt would go on to spend a lot more money as part of the deal. well, biden will spend day 101 day, and as i said we'll continue to fact-check him, but so far the white house had not very much day-to-day drama. >> as for that tree with were talking about, the first lady today planting a tree in honor of arbor day. she said, hey, who doesn't plant trees in high heels and took a few moments to talk to reporters about the incoming white house act. we learned that there's still no time -- time line on the cat's arrival. the president's big highlight is marking the 50th anniversary of
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amtrak. biden used to take amtrak home to delaware each weekend as a senator. marcus, he's really keeping to donald trump's tradition of leaving the white house and washington nearly every weekend. president trump, of course works go to new jersey or florida. president biden flying to delaware again. same as we did last week and the same as he did the week before. >> all right, scott, thank you. as the state continues to vaccinate all californians, house leaders are now seeing a slowdown in vaccine appointments. here in california we are seeing an excess supply of dose and that's prompting experts to make a plea. santa clara experts are holding a news conference to discuss the number of extra vaccines that they have and urging folks to get vaccinated, especially teens. they are creating a phone bank to help answer questions that people may have about the vaccine. contra costa county and san matteo counties have an extra clinic for people to pick from when it comes to getting their vaccine, and they are mainly due to the surplus and supply.
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contra costa kline sick a pop-up clinic that's located in the city's richmond iron triangle, and the site has enough vaccine to administer 500 doses a day just this week. on the peninsula, a drive-through clinic that doesn't require an appoint cement actually hoping to actually get a lot of people to come in to get their shots. now this is at the san matteo county event center. you need to live or work in the county, and when you arrive just simply provide identification with your age. the site is currently only offering moderna so it is for adults 18 and older. people that we spoke with said they are really impressed with how simple it is to get vaccinated. >> i'm inspired by the organization of this. it was like fun, like driving through a video game almost with the cones. everything was so easy. >> it's very important for us to make the vaccine available at a time and location convenient for everyone and removing the need to register in advance is certainly hopeful.
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>> and a return to normalcy for disney fans here in california. so for the past time, we're talking about the first time in more than 400 days required. the park has installed plexiglass barriers around the park, and if you go, you'll have to use an app to pay for things in order to prevent the spread of germs. our los angeles affiliate spoke with the couple who made the drive all the way from sacramento just so they could be one of the first to go inside the park opening day. >> well, we are very excited. we haven't been here since what, march or january of last year? >> so we cannot wait to actually get back into the parks. >> and feel the magic again. we're really excited. >> there's nothing like this place. >> for now the park is only allowing in-state visitors and operating at limited capacity. if you get to go, have fun. coming up, cruises are set
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to sail in july. and this is one of the most deadliest civilian disasters. dozens killed in a stampede and we'll talk about the religious festival where it happened. former governor arnold schwarzenegger made a stop at "the kelly clarkson show" and gets a request for a lot of movie lines and see kelly's reaction to that. that's coming up for you on "the kelly clarkson show" right here on nbc bay area.
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♪one more bite.♪ ♪just give me one more bite.♪ ♪cause i can't wait forever.♪ mac & cheese, now in a tasty bite. part of my new $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box. . a developing story out of israel. a stampede at a religious festival. this is attended by tens of thousand of ultra orthodox jews in north israel. it killed at least 44 people and injuring 150. it's the country's deadliest
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civilian disaster. nbc's raf sanchez has more. >> reporter: shock and grief in israel this morning. tens of thousands of people last night went up to a mountain in northern israel to mark the jewish holiday. coming down the mountain they passed through a narrow metal walkway which at one point went around a sharp corner and down a flight of stairs, and it looks like at that corner there was confusion. there was overcrowding and people were trampled under foot. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling it a terrible disaster. >> we're all heartbroken today. instead of being happy and rejoice on this great day right here, people are walking around with their nose down instead of being in high spirit and happy. >> this was theince the start of the covid pandemic, and the israeli health ministry had actually warned earlier in the week that people should stay
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away because of the risk of covid spreading. now, it turned out to be a different kind of tragedy, but the warnings were there over the size of the crowds we were going to see at this event. israeli police say they are investigating, and if there's any sign of criminal negligence, they will hold people accountable. raf sanchez, nbc news, london. >> a new report from santa rosa city hall breaks down the police response during black lives matter protests. this is video from a protest in late mate. acornsing to details published in "the press democrat" police fired projectiles into the crowd of peaceful demonstrators. several protesters injured by police have filed legal claims. the report called what the city happened confrontational exercise of city authority. that report skribz four instances in which officers received formal discipline as a result of their actions.
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not looking great for the stock market. the dow is down 215 points right now. stocks fall despite blowout earnings from amazon. the dow drops 200 points there. new at 11:00, get your swimsuit and sunscreen ready. cruise ships could set sail once again from u.s. ports by mid-july following a year long covid shut down on all domestic cruises. nbc's kerry sanchez reports. >> reporter: after more than a year of turbulent waters the cruise industry is readythat ha forward and work the final steps. >> reporter: in a letter to industry executives the cdc is setting new standards that may allow ships to sail again as
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early as mid-july. >> it's been 14 months that this industry has been shut down. 14 million passengers, american passengers per year have not had a year to sail. the economic impact is massive. >> reporter: most of the major cruise lines have been sailing but from europe, asia and the caribbean. it was not like that before the pandemic. >> nearly 60% of all cruising originates from u.s. ports, and nearly half of the people who are cruising are americans. >> reporter: for months the cruise line industry has been working on its own safety protocols many of which align with the cdc's blueprint. the cdc advising cruise lines that they can skip simulated test cruises if 98% of crew and 95% of passengers are vaccinated. >> we're really very pleased and very excited because it really does set forth a path with a
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that we shy is safe and practical. we're feeling pretty good. >> i myself couldn't be happier. >> michelle al slen an avid cruiser who in 30 years as a travel agent has booked tens of thousands of vacations at sea. >> people love to cruise, and i think, you know, hopefully a year from now we will, you know, be looking back and we'll be full steam ahead. to our climate in crisis and concerns about water supply. state survivors have cancelled their last sierra snow survey of the season. the reason, well there just isn't enough snow left on the ground. that water being absorbed rather than feeding into the reservoirs, and san francisco public utility commission asking people for a voluntary 10% reduction in their water use. it's hoped to cut pack and really keep those reservoirs and groundwater basin better stocked through the summer months. meteorologist kari hall, of course, keeping an eye on this, and it's really interesting to
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see how we've seen that drought map increase over the past week. >> yeah, and it's been so dry this year, most in part due to la nina and the storms are farther to the north of here. that's the cold pacific water that kind of alliance where the jet stream goes. as we take as our live view in san francisco, being able to conserve the water, do have a few clouds. not much in the way of fog. the sky is clearing out. in san jose it's beautiful stunning and comfortable temperatures. if you're going to the coast today, it's going to be much cooler twhan you're feeling in the inland valley so looking at half man bay we make it up to 52 degrees and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds every now and then. i do think we'll see more clearing this weekend, but it's going to be windy. if you're going hiking in the south bay, take a look at the
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difference in the temperatures. by the middle of the day we'll be in the mid-70s and a few clouds here and there as we head towards this evening, and then we cool back off into the 50s. if your weekend plans take you on the road and maybe heading to south lake tahoe, we were talking about how there's not enough snow to do even a survey and from lake level everything is turning green and looks spring-like. with the temperatures in the low 70s today, mid-60s tomorrow and cooler on sunday. maybe you'll be heading back home after a morning with freezing temperatures. as we take a look at many so of the other places you may be headed for your weekend plans, we're going to see some nice weather in napa valley this weekend. sunshine reaching the upper 70s today and tomorrow, and it will once again be a little bit warmer on sunday as we reach 84 degrees. taking a look at big sur and the road trip along the pacific coast highway, even pretty warm here, mid-70s today and then we'll see some temperatures around 70 degrees for a saturday
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and sunday. so we're still seeing this blocking high pressure. those storms going to the north of here. that doesn't change next week. in fact, this high pressure moves right overhead. our temperatures go up, and then we might see a change after that. we're hoping that this high pressure will move out of the way long enough to allow this storm to move closer to the bay area, but as we've seen with a lot of previous storms, a lot of time that rain dries out before we get here. we're looking at cool weather for san francisco. gusty winds today as well as sunday. monday the winds calm down and temperatures getting up to 68 degrees. for our inland areas we'll be in the 70s today, a touch cooler tomorrow and still windy, especially in the mountains, and then next week is when we're talking about the temperatures going up. it's going to feel more like summer, especially on wednesday as our inland valleys and spots like santa clara valley and the tri-valley will reach into the mid-80s by the middle of next
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week. marcus? >> all right. thanks, kari. coming up, the 49ers have their quarterback of the future, but where does that leave jimmy g.? and make sure you stick around for this story where one 49er draft pick got the news. first happening now, the billboard mousse being awards will have a new host next month on abc. nick jonas will be taking over for the -- the fellow "voice" coach and kelly clarkson who has hosted most recently. jonas has won three billboard music awards himself as part of the sibling trio the jonas brothers. the awards show will air from los angeles on sunday, may 23rd, and you can watch interest right here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back.
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the future is here for the 49ers. yeah, the niners craft their quarterback of the future, and the guy they really hope will hold things down for a decade. in last night's first round of the draft, take a look. >> the san francisco 49ers select trey lance, q man. trey lance is one of three quarterbacks picked in the top of the draft, and he's a young one, too. he's not even 21 just yet. lance played 17 games at north dam state in part due to the pandemic, but he tells nbc
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sports bay area podcast crew that he's up for the challenge of the nfl. watch the full interview on the 49ers talk podcast dropping this morning and it's available wherever you find your podcasts. a pay-area dream come true. last night the pittsburgh steelers selected najee harris as the first running back off the board. harris grew up in the bay area, in the east bay and was homeless at a time and last night he actually organized a viewing party at the richmond shelter where he once lived. he later starred at antioch high school before playing college ball at alabama. let's get a final look at that forecast for us. kari? >> yeah, we'll have a beautiful sunny weekend. low 60s today and tomorrow and at times the winds will cut at 25 to 30 miles per hour and we're also looking at breezy weather and at least the temperatures are coming down from the very warm air that we
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had yesterday, but going into next week it comes back. it will be in the mid-80s by next wednesday. marcus. >> make sure to clear any dry brush from around your home. thanks for joining us on the midday news cast. please join us again at 5:00. we'll see you monday.
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