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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 30, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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if we don't invest in this country, we're going to actually start to, we're going to fall behind even further. right now at 5:00, an exclusive sit-down with president joe biden. the key points in his new spending plan as he gets set to hit the road to prove it. also the new message about the crisis at the border and getting all children back into the classroom. bay area counties facing a big surplus in covid vaccine. a live report ahead on their new efforts to keep those lines moving. and here we go again, drought and high concern about the wildfire season. we're going to take a look at some of the cameras being used to track the flames once they
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spark, as "today in the bay" continues. >> good friday morning to you. thank you for making us part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia this friday morning. to the white house, president biden headed to pennsylvania to try to sell his new $4 trillion spending plan. fresh off the heels of his address to a joint session of congress, what we usually know as the state of the union in latter years, president biden sitting down for an exclusive one on one with "today" show's craig melvin to talk about his first days in office. one of the hot topics his push for congress to pass police reform following the death of george floyd. craig and the president discussed the topic as part of this morning's interview andgh following comments from the republican response. >> watched the speech last night and the address and i watched the rebuttal from the junior senator of south carolina last night, tim scott. he said, among other things,
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america isn't racist. is it? >> no, i don't think the american people are racist, but i think after 400 years african-americans have been left in a position wherer this so far behind the eight ball in terms of education and health, in terms of opportunity. >> the president also talked about the pandemic specifically where it comes to getting kids back into the classroom. the president said that based on cdc guidance, all schools across the u.s. should be able to reopen for five days in-person instruction come this sit-down the president on the "today" show, including what he has to say about immigration and the recent raid on rudy giuliani's apartment. that's coming up at 7:00, right here after "today in the bay." breaking news in israel, at least 44 people are dead in a stampede at a religious festival, about 150 people are injured. witnesses say it all began when
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a large number of people tried to exit the festival site through a narrow tunnel-like passage, the event honors a second century rabbi. tens of thousands of ultraorthodox jews gather each year at mt. mirom in northern israel. this was also the country's first large event since the end of covid restrictions. most of the people in israel are now vaccinated. 5:03. gone are the days of long waits to get the vaccine appointment. bay area counties are now dealing with an excess, surplus trying to get people to come in and get those vaccines. well, "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live for us this morning in san francisco and cierra, seems like health leaders are focusing more and more on the younger population here. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. yes and yes. there are in fact more places to get vaccinated and yes, the push now is targeting those teens and that is going to be the subject
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of a press conference held a little later this morning. that press conference is being held by the health leaders in santa clara county, they'll hold that press conference at 11:00 to not only discuss the number of extra vaccines they have but also to urge folks to get vaccinated. those health leaders say people are simply not showing up for their appointments. they're also creating a phone bank to help answer the questions as well as target some of those teens to get vaccinated. it begins at 11:00 today. we'll keep you updated with what those leaders had to say and on to those additional sites. folks in both contra costa county as well as san mateo counties have extra clinics to choose from, when they're getting their vaccine and mainly due to a surplus in the supply. now contra costa clinic is a pop-up clinic located in richmond's iron triangle, the site has enough vaccines to administer 500 doses this week. the clinic is within the parking lot of st. john missionary
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baptist church, seeing a pretty low turnout so far so right now working to spread the word to dispel the myths and let people know they are open. in the peninsula a drive-through clinic doesn't require an appointment. they're hoping the convenience factor will lure people to getting their shot at the san mateo county event center. you need to live or work within the county when you arrive, you show identification with your age and that site is currently only offering moderna, for folks 18 and over. >> so i'm inspired by the organization of this and it was fun. it was like driving through a video game almost with the cones and everything. it was so easy. >> it's really important for us to make the vaccine available at a time and location that's convenient for everyone and removing the need to register in advance is certainly helpful. >> reporter: yes and it is in fact convenient. i was there yesterday for our midday show and the biggest thing is you do not have to make an appointment so not only do
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you not have to get out of your car, you can just show up. right now they are working on pinpointing the exact times for the future. yesterday it ran until 5:00 so they're going to keep a similar time line. stay with our website, we'll keep you updated when we have those exact days and times for the san mateo county to reopen. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> right, thank you very much, cierra. let's take a live look at los angeles this morning, where demand also seems to be tapering off for the vaccine. first dose shots at l.a. county sites are down significantly. public health leaders say for the first time the county this week will likely not meet its goal of administering 95% of its available doses. just as here in the bay area they are urging everyone to get vaccinated, no appointments necessary anymore. more than 7 million doses have been administered in l.a. county. developing right now, chp looking for a gunman who shot another driver on highway 4 who then struck a big rig, so this
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happened around 8:30 last night, eastbound this is near the railroad avenue exit in pittsburg. the victim was shot in the neck and kept driving only to crash into the side of a truck. look at that. the driver is expected to be okay. >> wow. police are also investigating a deadly triple shooting in san francisco that happened yesterday about 5:00 in the evening on market street mere powell street b.a.r.t. station. one man in his 30s died there at the scene. the other two victims have non-life-nettling injuries. san francisco police have not made an arrest so far. >> drought conditions are leaving some to fear fire season is upon us including me, yesterday. the latest proof of that in pittsburg where firefighters yesterday afternoon sprang into action to protect homes in the path of a fast-moving fire along kirker pass road. they say now is the time to clear the brush and the tall grass around your home. >> fuels are carrying rather rapidly. it is dry.
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as you can see today it's a little more windy than we're typically used to so the threat is significant, compared to where we were maybe years ago in the past. >> so it was pretty bad last year, but already this year it's being called the third driest season on record, and now state lawmakers are trying to take action, proposing $3.5 billion in new spending to try to combat the effects of the drought. pg&e is getting some legal wiggle room when it comes to power shutoff measures to boost fire safety. the utility must come up with those new measures later this year as part of the federal case surrounding previous fires. yesterday the judge issued a new set of recommendations tied to the conditions that would trigger shutoffs but fell short of calling it a mandatory order. so meteorologist kari hall of course has been keeping track of what's going on. you have a look at some of the cameras in that area? >> yes, so we've been looking at cameras all because the vegetation is so dry.
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let me show you what we've been measuring. they actually measure how much moisture is in the vegetation that's in the santa cruz mountains, and we are seeing it at record dry level and one of the things that burns very easily is called chemise, the shrub fuel that also fuels the fires and it is at a record dry level. so we have cameras that are all over california from alert wildfire. they have 700 cameras set up across the state, and they're mostly in some of those areas that are prone to see those fires start, and then we don't know about them until they go into more populated area so they give us a view of what's going on at every second of the day, all across the state, and it also gives us an early warning in case a fire does spark and we can let people know ahead of time before it really spreads. so it's a good camera network that unfortunately we may be using a lot more as we head into this very dry season. we're watching that, as we get a
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look at all of the maps across the state, and it does show that we are going to have of course watching that. we also have our own network of cameras that are live as we take a live look in san jose. we will talk about our temperatures warming up and what's ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking right now for the commute? >> looking better for one more section of the bay. let's look out there, kari. i like to give good news in the morning and as we look over toward the censors, we see green censors, out of the altamont pretty much green. we have a little slower drive but that's typical as folks join up with the different freeways, and we now have more freeway, highway 84 there, through niles, the windy part is open after the second week of overnight work, a great drive in alameda county. highway 4 antioch, pittsburg, bay point, concord all at speed looking great right now, an easy drive, vasco at brentwood discovery bay headed toward 580, a live look from that number it
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but look, there is definitely traffic 580 always you'll find some headlights. back to you. >> 5:10 now. the sizzle is becoming a fizzle when it comes to the crispy chicken craze. next on "today in the bay," an all new problem that could leave you seeking other options as you head out for your next meal. you know, before we talk about chickens, we'll talk about eggs, including nest eggs and spending as well. plus -- >> i enjoy what i do. yeah, contributing, the only way i know how. >> nope, nope. >> how many of you are "dexter" fans? >> nope. >> if you are a fan, disappointed with the show's ending, don't worry, the writers are getting a chance to make things right for you. coming up, the all new upcoming season. oh, yes. 5:11 this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good friday morning. it is 5:14. let's check out our high temperatures today. it's cool for the coastss the b upper 60s and some of our inland valleys reach into the low to mid 80s today. we will have a wide range of temperatures and we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> it is the weekend. 92 is slow headed toward half
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moon bay, i know. as we take a live look at the san mateo bridge, 92 over the water, here some debris as you get toward the foster city side. sounds like cars are getting through but i'll let you know if they break and cleanup. good morning to you, happy friday as well. yesterday the latest gdp numbers showing super strong growth in the economy. first let's talk aboutment so of some of the companies that are struggling. san francisco's twitter down 11% in pre-market trading after the company fell short of expectations in the amount of money it's making and the number of people joining. actually both numbers were really quite solid, just less than expected. twitter's financial reports covered the first three months of the year and for two of those months, donald trump was not tweeting. politics also involved in a new challenge for ride share, labor
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secretary marty walsh told a reporter during an interview with reuters he thought fwig drivers should be classified as this morning. what's going up? practically everything else. we're hiring nearly 1 million people a month, i mentioned gdp, and boy are we buying a lot of stuff from amazon. amazon not only had its best quarter ever, it's got more than 1 million employees, 1.2 million it's going to give most of them a raise. the average american household with a prime membership spends $3,000 a year on amazon. no doubt some of that money is coming from government checks. the biden administration handing out a lot of money, we're going to talk about how much as we talk politics, but while republicans are against it in washington, americans of every political party are happily cashing these checks and saving
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some, spending some, mostly on what economists call durable goods so that's a lot of what's driving those gdp numbers. as one columnist put it in the "new york times" this morning, americans are enjoying their new pelotons and the big green eggs, the big expensive backyard grills. apparently we are also enjoying chicken. to paraphrase the past president a chicken in every big green egg so much so there's a looming chicken shortage. seems like every fast food restaurant has a chicken sand wanlg. americans still eating chicken wings and slowdowns in processing plants because of coronavirus. so chicken, marcus and kris, is the most popular meat among americans and fried chicken is the most popular way to serve it. i don't feel i have to explain why fried chicken is the most popular. it's delicious. >> if it's seasoned right. >> oh. >> that's all i'm saying. >> that's true and you know your chicken sandwiches. >> don't i love a chicken
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sandwich. i cut them out to get down some of this weight. >> oh. >> baked chicken though, a lot of baked chicken. >> well done. >> i say take the chicken sandwich and walk a little longer. it's worth it. >> you walk for me. >> okay. new this morning, netflix we're talking about that if you have trouble picking up what to watch. the streaming service has a new fix. the feature is called play something and it takes the guesswork out of figuring out what you should watch next. pushing the button on your smart tv netflix will randomly play a show or movie. channel surf clicking "find me something else" that's what we call friday nights at our house, pick something. the next story is trending this morning, america's favorite serial killer making a triumphant return. >> no. ♪ the soul whose intentions are good, oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood ♪ >> i don't want him to look at
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me like that. new trailer for the "dexter" reboot was released. a man leading a double life as a serial killer hunting down murderers who slip through the cracks of the justice system so a good murderer. reports say the new show will happen ten years after the original show and pick up where the original series left off, the ten-episode limited run is set to debut this fall. you might not be interested in this because you're already married but you can actually buy many things online. what about a wedding? one new york woman mackenzie newcomb is selling her brooklyn wedding on tiktok. the pandemic halted her dream wedding in september, and she actually got married at a private cereinstead. a lucky couple get all the fixings, the venue holds 80 people, outdoor garden and the food, flowers, photographer all paid for.
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its price for the preplanned wedding is just $15,000. >> wow! that is a steal. ladies, that might be a good option even if you have to fly to brooklyn to get there. kari wedding. >> anyone. >> that's true, anybody. >> i'm the one that could get the wedding because i'm not married. >> for a party. >> you renew your vows. >> we had a nice wedding and didn't spend that much. we had family cook, we got a nice venue and we didn't spend that much money, so that to me sounds reallyexpensive. >> inflation. >> we've been married coming >> whoa! >> all right, let's get a look at our weather for the weekend. we're starting out this morning in the low 40s and napa as you head out the door, but it's 52 in san jose. 51 in livermore and some upper
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40s in san francisco. now as we go into the weekend, we are going to be a little bit cooler for today. let's go hour by hour. i'm going to stop it here at lunch time and we're at 70 degrees in dublin. that is just perfect. but it's still going to be cool if you're thinking of having your lunch on the beach in half moon bay. we're at 57 there and we'll see some of our inland spots as we head over toward the tri-valley, the south county, morgan hill reaching into the upper 70s and low 80s and santa rosa we're at 77 degrees, going into the middle of the day, and later this evening going for outdoor dining it will be cooling off and we'll head back into the mid-50s to bring the jacket. going into the forecast, high pressure still with us. it's been blocking the storms keeping them to the north. we'll see some minor changes in that overall pattern but really it's going to heat up our temperatures going into next week. hopefully by the end of next week this storm system can make it in a little bit closer and we'll be watching that for next weekend, but in the near term
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there's still no rain headed our way. we've seen a lot of these storms drying up before they get here so our inland forecast we're going to see some 70s today and tomorrow more of the same, a little bit cooler, with the winds picking up next week. that's when it heats up and check out wednesday. it's going to feel like summer, at least for a little bit as we reach into the mid 80s and san francisco will be in the 60s, as we go through this forecast. mike, you've been watching the commute. how is it looking right now? >> first, kari, you got to be careful about this time of year when you say it's summer and the kids shut off for the school brain. your school year continues for many. there's no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza but we saw someone not making it through, a disabled vehicle in one of the traffic lanes, that is a concern, i'm watching that. to the map another concern toward another bridge the carquinez bridge it's eastbound 80 no problem. the car may be blocking just a little bit of one lane at the to
5:23 am
mona off-ramp there. travel times are great in the south bay because the freeways are at speed, kris. a couple families have a couple hundred dollars to spend after calling us. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" next. but first, check out these photos mike posted on instagram a new mural going up in downtown san jose set to be unveiled today. to get more information on that, follow mike and all of those events happening on his instagram, facebook and twitter pages. so you went to ross and saved big on shoes? oh, yeah! and snagged “yes, please” brands at “no way” prices. hurry in for fresh styles for the whole fam... ...and say cheers to spring with the best bargains ever... at ross.
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good friday morning. let's start with a tote board together our teams at telemundo 48 responde and nbc bay area helps viewers like you get back more than $5.25 million since we started in 2016. we're adding to the total every day, one case at a time. arlen fernandez helps the carrias family in san jose. the box spring had broken on them, but they couldn't get their money back. well arlen put the case to bed and the carrias family got a $554 refund. we responded to yolanda in san jose. here's what happened with her.
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she said she picked a food delivery app because of its super bowl ad. her food arrived just fine but the company fumbled the fee, she ended up paying $79 more than expected. so she asked us to referee. we checked it out and yolanda got a $79 refund. perhaps we can help you, too in english 888-996-tips. in spanish, 844-408-4848. have a great weekend. >> good to have on your corner. let's look at times square, looking a little slow right now, but the date for a full reopening of new york city is now set. mayor bill de blasio says the city will fully reopen by july 1st. restaurants, theaters, stores, offices, sporting venues will all be fully opened. de blasio says new yorkers are getting vaccinated in extraordinary numbers, which is why the reopening is possible. california as you probably remember aiming for a june 15th
5:28 am
full reopening date. 5:27, next breaking news out of the south bay this morning, a car plows straight into a home overnight. a live report from the scene on the extensive damage and the ongoing mystery for police. plus issuing a new request, the all new plea from water officials in san francisco, as drought conditions continue to worsen. we'll be right back.
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right now at 5:30, breaking news, a car slammed into that house in the south bay overnight. the damage done, the investigation under way and the search continues for the person who was behind the wheel. plus -- >> to know that it happened to me, but i think i'm very fortunate. >> all new outrage boiling over as the head of oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce revealed he was assaulted downtown, at rest made in the case and the anti-hate rally planned this weekend. making progress in the pandemic, the two bay area counties days away from reaching the yellow tier and what that means you'll be able to do where where you live. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> all right, you have made it to friday and a good friday morning to you. i want to thank everyone for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> thank you, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia today. breaking news in the south bay,
5:32 am
police looking for the driver of the car who smashed into that home where a family was sound asleep inside. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. first of all, we want to know if everybody's okay. >> reporter: as far as we know. we know the family who lives in this house here on the 1400 block of willow street is okay. not sure about the driver who crashed into the home and then took off. we heard from the mother who lives here with her husband and her children. she tells us she's devastated, given the fact that they had just remodeled this home about a year and a half ago. this collision happened around 12:45 this morning. a neighbor tells us they heard a loud screech, then the sound of the large crash. the family was asleep inside the house and awoke to find the car inside the front room. the driver already gone, took off. san jose police searched the area for the hit-and-run driver but as far as we know they have yet to find this person.
5:33 am
>> when i came out, i was expecting there to be somebody inside the vehicle or having pulled out i was surprised there was nobody in the vehicle. doesn't look like it has airbags or anything so it's a nasty accident to walk away from. >> reporter: that was a neighbor. the crash knocked out a power for a dozen homes in the area but it appears electricity has since been restored. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that is really scary. developing now we are working more to learn about a late night shooting in san jose. police confirmed to us this morning this happened along east brokaw road around 11:00 last night near the intersection of zanker road. a man was found with life-threatening injuries inside a car, and at this point, police have not told us what led to that shooting, whether they have a suspect or whether they've had an arrest. a cruel twist for a man leading the drive to halt recent
5:34 am
anti asian attacks in oakland's chinatown. he says he, himself, has now become a victim in downtown oakland. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live this morning, police are praising for his thinking and response to the situation. >> reporter: yes, good morning, marcus. carl chan says he was pushed down yesterday. he was a little battered but he said he was able to get up and take a picture of that alleged attacker, that was ultimately what led them to arrest that suspect. chan is the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce and he says he was on his way to help a victim of another attack near eighth and broadway when he was attacked, pushed to the ground, hit in the head and hurt. chan says he was able to snap that picture. police were able to arrest the suspect, but the incident a scary reminder of the valence plaguing members of the aapi community.
5:35 am
>> to know that it happened to me, but i think i'm very fortunate. attack against a lady or elderly woman, but i think i got lucky. i got hurt but i was able to quickly stand up, after being pushed down on the ground, got punched in the head, got a scrape on my knee, hands, but i was able to stand up and try to fight. >> reporter: and so we're thankful he was able to catch that photo to lead to that arrest. right now we're waiting to see what charges could be filed against that suspect. we're live, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> cierra, thank you. on sunday, protesters on the peninsula plan to bring attention to anti-asian hate crimes. organizers plan to gather at the parking garage along high street and palo alto at 2:00 p.m. and march to city hall for a rally.
5:36 am
the group led by two city to register voters as part of sunday's demonstration. a live look at fran, one week from today you might be able to go to your favorite bar. all bay area counties are in the orange tier except for solano still in the red. san francisco along with marin are on track to move into the yellow tier next week. the is it i will reportedly only allow bars to reopen indoors perhaps next friday. starting next friday we should say. what else is possible in the less restrictive tier. gyms, wineries can reopen at 50% capacity. outdoor live events can host two-thirds of their capacity. san francisco leaders are now looking to make sure that the city's shared spaces program is a permanent thing, which started as a response to the pandemic, give restaurants and businesses more room to move outside but "the examiner" reports this could likely cut into city revenues because of lost money from unavailable parking meters also the costs to implement that. the mta recently estimated
5:37 am
losses could amount to some $10 million every year. here's a ghost ship warehouse fire follow-up for you. mast e tenant derick almena will be in court for a restitution hearing. he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in the 2016 fire that killed 36 people in oakland. he's now in home confinement and the court will determine how much he has to pay, not to mention court-ordered fines and other fees. a group of oakland faith leaders have an idea for an alternative city budget tied to their idea of equity. they plan to present that to the mayor's office and a new state bill would downgrade certain robberies and misdemeanors. the author is east bay state senator nancy skinner. law enforcement groups oppose the measure and plan to hold a protest outside of her office today. to our climate in crisis and concerns about the water supply.
5:38 am
state surveyors have canceled their last sierra snow survey of the season. the reason here, there isn't enough snow left on the ground and that snow is supposed to feed california reservoirs. the ground there so dry right now that the water is being absorbed rather than becoming runoff and means the reservoirs will likely have to make up for demand later this year. more details this morning, san francisco asking residents to cut back on water usage. the city's public utilities commission is asking for voluntary 10% reduction. that hopes to cut back to help keep the reservoirs and ground water basins better stocked through the summer months. numerous bay area water agencies this week are making similar requests to all of the customers out there. meteorologist kari hall has been monitoring this, we've been talking about this with our climate in crisis series and everybody has to do their part but you know as we head into the weekend, certainly it's something that's affecting the entire area.
5:39 am
>> yes, and we've been saying hey, if you want to see a little bit of snow in the top of the mountains, you got to head there soon. look at how warm it's going to be in tahoe this weekend, reaching 72 degrees for today, and then we have some 60s for the rest of the weekend. we are going to see those winds picking up as well, quite gusty and shasta trinity national forest, i could still see snow on the top of the mountain there and look at how hot at the lake level where our temperatures will reach into the upper 80s and then into the low 80s the rest of the weekend, with some sunshine and as we head to maybe another spot you will be going this weekend, napa valley is going to be beautiful, 77 degrees for a high today. it will be heating up as the weekend goes along, so we'll go up to 80 degrees tomorrow, and 84 degrees on sunday, and once again, it's going to be windy there as well. as we go through the forecast for another spot, hitting the road and heading maybe to paso robles this weekend or big sur,
5:40 am
heading down that way we'll see temperatures in the mid-70s for today, and some upper 60s for tomorrow, so comfortable even there along the immediate coastline. we'll talk about what's going on today in our forecast as we head to work and school. how is the commute driving to work this morning, mike? >> it's a little bit of change. unexpected, we'll talk about the most change we see in santa clara county because everything else is green on the sensors except for the altamont pass. i don't need to call that out. 101 with the typical build, even on a friday at 5:40 we see the same slow section we typically see monday through thursday. this is atypical, morgan hill northbound 101 jams up just about dunn avenue between dun and consoured. a considerable slow around tenant and another crash there so may be two incidents coming out of south county. the rest of the drive through contra costa county and alameda county toward the bay bridge is fine. marcus, we'll show that to you coming up in a bit. back to you.
5:41 am
the future is here for the 49ers. >> we were waiting to hear this, the niners drafted their quarterback of the future, the guy that they hope will hold things down for a decade and last night's first round of the nfl draft. >> the san francisco 49ers select trey lance, quarterback, north dakota state. >> trey lance was the third of three quarterbacks picked right at the top of the draft. he's a young one, not even 21 yet so no champagne for him. he only played 17 games at north dakota state in part because of the pandemic and still made to the nfl. he tells nbc sports podcast crew that he is up for the challenge much the nfl. >> i know for a fact there's no better spot for me and i'm right where i'm supposed to be so i'm excited to learn from coach shanahan and the quarterbacks in the room, get there to learn as much as i can, as fast as i can.
5:42 am
>> we hope you will. lance talks about how he expects to learn from jimmy g. who is as of this morning still a 49er. catch the full interview on the "49ers talk podcast" which dropped this morning, available wherever you get your podcast. >> there you go. okay, so the question for you this morning, have you gotten your covid vaccine yet? still ahead for you, we'll talk about the growing number of companies now requiring employees to get their shot in order to return to work. president biden with his 101st day in office and he's proposing much more spending. we'll take a look coming up. plus in just a few hours, the happiest place on earth is set to reopen. big changes though if you expect a trip to disneyland. first one stanford student going above and beyond to help younger generations learn about climate change. liza goldberg started interning for nasa at just 14 and now years later with the help of nasa, national geographic and google she created the cloud-to-classroom website. to see more about goldberg's journey, check out nbc lx, 11-15
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over the air, channel 185 on xfinity cable or the way i watch it, any time. we'll be right back.
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good friday morning. right now at 5:45, if you want to head to the beach today, it is going to be cool there, even though we'll see our
5:46 am
temperatures heating up inland. going to half moon bay bring a heavy jacket. we'll see clouds lingering and temperatures back in the mid-50s. we'll take a look at the wide range in temperatures we'll see today and for the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. last time we took a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza, there was a car, disabled vehicle that was in the middle of the lanes. chp just arrived and now you see them over on the right side, they were able to help the activity get out of those lanes approaching the toll plaza. everybody seems like they're safe off of the roadway and now there may be some other help they're offering, good stuff and we're offering this bit of clear view at the bay bridge. . more coming up. president biden settling into his 101st day as president this morning. >> scott mcgrew of course we keep fact checking the. as you always have. >> and we always will. we are changing some of the look as you see as we did with president trump at the end of
5:47 am
his 100 days, but the idea is going to be the same, the same hard examination of what the president says and how that stacks up with the facts. now we will of course continue to examine the president's policies and whether his words match his actions. we can tell already a lot of what we're going to talk about in the future is biden's plan to spend so much government money, aligning himself with economists who say spending will drive the economy and so far they're not wrong. we're getting staggeringly good numbers on employment growth and gdp but they are also staggeringly high numbers. look at four presidents how much they propose to as each deal wih a recession. biden's often said his former boss barack obama settled for too little spending. economists would generally say that's right. numbers for roosevelt trying to pull america out of a depression and from proposed just $67
5:48 am
billion in spending in the first 100 days. and before you think to yourself well that was 133, those numbers are adjusted to 2021 dollars. obviously he would go on to spend a lot more as part of the new deal. a lot of members of congress are touting all of that spending and telling their constituents how to get some of that money. they're doing that on twitter but these are all members of congress who actually voted against the relief bill but americans of all political stripes are open to and entitled to all that new spending. biden will start day 101 today and as i've said, the same fact checking will apply but so far, biden's not been quite as outspoken or frankly controversial as his predecessor. we're not saying he's boring but today's highlight is marking the anniversary of amtrak. he used to take amtrak every weekend as a senator.
5:49 am
he's keeping the donald trump tradition of leaving the white house every weekend, flying to delaware today. washington dealing with issues from the trump presidency as you know trump's lawyer rudy giuliani saw his house raided as the fbi looks into his dealings with ukraine specifically whether giuliani was helping ukrainians when he allegedly pushed for the firing of america's ambassador to ukraine. it's an issue that nbc's craig melvin will raise with president biden later this morning on "today." >> federal investigators searched the home and the office of rudy giuliani as part of an investigation into his time as president trump's attorney, his dealings with ukraine. were you aware of that raid before it happened? >> i give you my word, i was not. i made or try to stop any investigation the the way. i learned about that last night when the rest of the world learned about it, my word.
5:50 am
i had no idea this was under way. >> craig will have that exclusive interview with president biden coming up on the "today" show. in the meantime, we're talking about washington on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thank you. 5:49 and a follow-up in the north bay, windsor brewing recall battle is apparently back on again. earl whier this week the group seeking to oust mayor dominic foppoli hit an unexpected snag when their petition was declared ineligible due to the wording. foppoli is refusing to step down despite recent sex assault allegations. "the press democrat" reports town election leaders gave it the green light. this morning if you're on the fence about getting vaccinated, you may have to if you want to keep your job. a new asu rockefeller foundation survey finds 44% of employers will require their workers to get the covid-19 vaccine. of that number, 42% say they will not allow their workers to
5:51 am
return to the physical environment if they do not and 35% say disciplinary action is on the table for anyone who refuses. it is a happy day at the happiest place on earth. disneyland now open for business again today and a theme park has been closed for more than 13 months because of the pandemic, so a lot of folks looking forward to that. however, if you go, you have to follow very strict covid rules, only in-state visitors are allowed. you can't hug the characters so leave mickey alone and make sure you wear your mask. new video, stop what you're doing and look at this. you see the car there. keep watching. so this is a car break-in caught on camera, the suspects covered in fur, the bears grabbing the door handle, opening the door, this is in connecticut so the three black bears caught on the home surveillance video just opening the doors like hey, this is our car. they climbed into the explorer and the owners of the suv say
5:52 am
that the paint wasn't even scratched. like they knew exactly what they were doing. there was minor damage here, kris. >> you're not supposed to leave anything in your car in bear country. they can really sniff everything out. >> apparently they did and of course right there the bears explored and about 30 minutes they just wandered off. >> all right. hey kari, the kentucky derby is happening this weekend, we know you're a big fan. >> yes. i was born and raised in louisville, kentucky so we go all-out for the derby every year. you'll be able to watch it here on nbc bay area and it looks like the weather is going to be perfect there in louisville. we'll see those temperatures in the low 70s at noontime, and then reaching the mid-70s throughout the day. so there should be a fast track and if you follow me on social media, i'm going to be posting pictures of my mint julep recipes and hat decorations and two horses with the name bourbon in it. i'm all for that and looking for
5:53 am
any horse that bob bafford has and follow me on social media. let's check out today's forecast in the bay area. we see sunshine, temperatures in the mid-70s for today. we'll reach up to 74 degrees in east san jose but we're still in the low 80s in the south county. we'll see some 80s for our inland parts of the east bay with antioch reaching 84. you compare that to oakland where we'll reach the upper 60s. we are going to have a wide range in temperatures across the bay area from upper 50s to daly city and 73 in palo alto. san francisco will see a big range across the city reaching into the 60s and mid-50s for the marina district. north bay highs top out of in the 70s for the most part but there will still be some areas reaching into the 80s for today, so we are going to continue on with the dry weather, but at least it will be slightly cooler and the winds will pick up this weekend as the storm system moves to the north of us. we'll be watching out for dry winds which dries out the rege
5:54 am
station even more. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> kari, there are a lot of activity in the south bay, santa clara county. let's take a live look out there and show what you things are like for san jose where we have the build we expect right now, just starting to ease up, on friday we typically have a shorter build from 101 and on the map is t is circled coming up from 680/280. it doesn't extend to oakland road so that's a break but this is where some of the traffic is, held up north 101 coming up through morgan hill out of san martin, jammed you have past tenant where there was a hit-and-run crash, someone weaving through the backup quickly and didn't make it safely through the area approaching the crash at east dun or close to cochran. that is a slow drive. monterey road is clear through the morgan hill area, the travel times are great for contra costa county and vasco road coming down at speed, basically for 580, and no problems as you come over through the east bay approaching the bay bridge with no backup.
5:55 am
back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, there's a new at-home covid test in the bay area. it's called binaxnow and it can be purchased at pharmacy this is week. you get results in 15 minutes and still have to stick the long swab up your nose, cost you about 25 bucks for two of the tests. anti maskers target a california grocery store. witnesses say they stormed it, they harass workers there, up next, the people now standing up for them.
5:56 am
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5:58 am
welcome back. you're watching "today in the bay." maskless protests are growing in southern california, this is video from a trader joe's carmel valley earlier this month. customers are stepping up to defend workers there saying they hope management doesn't cave to the demands of the protesters or they'll shop somewhere else. san jose police are working to solve a string of violent purse snatchings happening in the bay area. detectives say a robber is tracking victims in shopping center parking lots blocking their cars and smashing a window or door in order to steal their purses from inside. all of the victims so far have been women, many of them are asian. police believe the same person is behind at least nine such crimes in san jose and up to 30 similar crimes all around the bay area. police on the peninsula are
5:59 am
looking for this car, in connection to a recent burglary. it happened earlier this week in palo alto. 35 guns were stolen from a garage at a home in garland drive in the early morning hours. police say it's possible several cars were used to transport those firearms. anyone with information asked to call palo alto police. berkeley councilmembers have passed a first in a nation ordinance requiring oversight and transparency in the police department's use of military equipment. it requires police departments to receive approval from the city council and the police accountability board before buying military equipment. oakland is considering a similar ordinance. right now at 6:00, president biden unscripted, fresh off his state of the union address this week, the president opens up to nbc news on a wide range of issues including -- >> tim scott, he said among other things, america isn't racist.
6:00 am
is it? >> the exclusive one on one sitdown with the president, coming up next. back home are vaccines piling up in the bay area in the bay area county that is doubling down on getting teens vaccinated. here we go again, extreme drought. i'm breaking down the drought monitor and growing concerns for our approaching wildpfeiffer sea season wildfire season. i'll show you the cameras used to track the fire as they spark. "today in the bay's" third hour continues right now. >> you've made it to friday. hello, everyone. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. fresh off the heels of his address to a joint session of congress, president biden is sitting down for an exclusive one on one with the "today" show's craig melvin to talk about the first 100 days in office. in a conversation largely


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