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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 29, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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there's no reason for him to be dead. right now at 4:30, still sparking outrage. the attorney representing police officers who dealt with an alameda man who died in their custody speaking out. what he's saying in their defense this morning. and have you gotten your covid-19 shot just yet? long lines are dwindling as hesitancy grows. what a look at what a plateau would mean for controlling outbreaks. plus, the day the niners fans have been waiting for. the decision today that could well shape the team for seasons to come. and does jimmy g. have to go?
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it may be the case of out with the old, into with the new. "today in the bay" starts right now. good thursday morning to you. good to be here. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. of course mike keeping his eyes on the roads. first, that forecast for you. kari hall has been tracking that. good morning, kari. good morning. and as we get ready to head out the door, we're in for another warm day. but, of course, it's cool now as you get that commute started heading out in the east bay. we'll be in the low 50s as we are going to see a few clouds here and there. but overall take a look at this warming trend. by 9:00 we're at 62 and then we're in the low 70s by 11:00. jumping about ten degrees every couple of hours because we're headed to the mid-80s today. for some of our warmest spots in the inland valleys and spots like antioch as well as santa rosa. we'll continue to watch this and the weekend cooldown. mike, how is it looking for
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early morning commuters? >> great. just like a typical early morning. it's early so, folks, that's the biggest thing they have to deal with. speed sensors on the east shore freeway. we are looking at the 242 this contra costa county. northbound construction. you can take 680. take the corner instead of cutting the corner. it should clear in the next half hour. so should this in niles, highway 84. standard overnight closure construction. back to you. today marks president biden's 100th day in office. a live look at the white house. mr. biden is hitting the road today to sell the public on the american families plan he introduced in his joint address to congress last night. >> among the national headlines this one from "the washington post." biden offering up sweeping agenda and key policy issues that could have big implications for you and silicon valley. this will all unfold while bay area lawmakers also were making history.
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"today in the bay's" ian cull explains. >> reporter: president biden addressing a joint session of congress speaking to a small audience due to covid rules about his big idea. >> america is on the move again. >> reporter: and, for the first time in history, two women standing behind a president during a congressional address. vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi, both also from the bay area. >> and it's about time. >> reporter: the president addressing covid-19 accomplishments. >> 90% of americans now live within five miles of a vaccination site. >> reporter: and moving forward, pushing congress to pass this new $1.8 trillion american families plan. two years of free community college. quoting the first lady on its importance. >> i've heard it once, i've heard it a thousand times, joe, any country that out educates us
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is going to out compete us. she'll be deeply involved in leading this effort. >> reporter: to pay for it he would hike taxes over ten years on the wealthy with the promise of no tax increase for anyone making under $400,000. >> but it's time for corporate america and the wealthiest 1% to just begin to pay their fair share. just their fair share. >> reporter: the president also spoke about the state of racial justice, urging congress to pass a federal policing act named after george floyd. >> we've all seen the knee of justice on the neck of black americans. now is our opportunity to make some real progress. >> reporter: east bay congresswoman barbara lee. >> president biden talked about the poor, about low-income people, and he talked about fighting for working men and women, talked about union jobs. he covered a lot of territory that i think progressives can be pleased about. >> reporter: and in the republican response south
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carolina senator tim scott argues america should thank mr. biden's predecessor for the covid response. >> this administration inherited a tide that had already turned. the coronavirus is on the run thanks to operation warp speed and the trump administration, our country is flooded with safe and effective vaccines. >> it's never, ever, ever been a good bet to bet against america, and it still isn't. we're the united states of america. >> reporter: ian cull, "today in the bay." >> you can hear more from the president on our website, just click on the top story box. we're breaking down the key takeaways, and there's also a fact check of the president's speech. >> we now know the names of the three officers who responded to the 911 call in alameda that resulted in the death of mario gonzalez. his death is getting national attention this is because some believe it has similarities to the george floyd case. but does it? "today in the bay's" cheryl hurd spoke with the officers'
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attorney and a former independent police auditor. we want to warn you this video is disturbing. hey, mario -- >> reporter: the only thing attorney alison berry wilkinson and kordell will agree on is this police body cam video of mario gonzalez being detained in alameda is hard to watch. one of the officers is a veteran starting work in 2010. the other two officers hit the streets in 2018. their attorney is speaking out. >> their goal was to keep him safe and to take appropriate action for that. what the ultimate result was never anyone's goal, and they are both heartbroken and devastated by the outcome. >> reporter: an outcome that happened when two 911 calls were made to police last monday. one neighbor reporting gonzalez was standing too close to his home. another man dialed in saying he
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was loitering and accused him of stealing alcohol from a nearby store. >> there's no reason for him to be dead. when the police arrived there was no excitement and, actually, the police were very calm in talking to him. but what the police did was escalate the situation by using force. >> reporter: that use of force, according to kordell, was handcuffing gonzalez and forcing him to the ground. she feels that was unnecessary. >> when they grabbed him and he pulled away, they should have just backed up. what was he going to do? >> reporter: the city of alameda requested an outside independent investigation by former san francisco city attorney. >> it is far more complex and far different from the george floyd situation. these officers were highly attentive to the issue of positional asphyxiation. >> these officers saw an individual who was a criminal when they should have seen an individual who needed help. >> reporter: all three officers
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are on paid administrative leave. cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." 4:37 now and to the vaccine rollout, moderna's covid vaccine is currently allowed to be stored in a refrigerator for up to 30 days. the company now says new data shows it can actually remain effective for up to three months in those refrigerated temperatures. the company argues that if federal regulators agree it would boost distribution to less accessible places. johnson & johnson's vaccine has a similar life. for pfizer it's just five days. contra costa county is administering the johnson & johnson vaccine again but some folks are opting not to get it. the u.s. put it on pause earlier this month after reports of a rare side effect that causes blood clots. but, on friday, the cdc and the fda lifted that hold and the j&j vaccine is available at several clinic sites. some people not taking a risk. >> i'm coming back tomorrow when it's pfizer. i don't want in any blood clots.
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not at my age. >> so no johnson & johnson? >> no. >> people who don't want the single dose are able to schedule appointments to get a pfizer or moderna but, again, the risk is 1 to 2 cases in 1 million people. >> we want to give a closer look at how the shots are being distributed. here is a breakdown here. this is every 2.7 million americans getting the vaccine. now in 34 states, as you see right here, and d.c., more than half of adults have gotten the shot. and let's take a closer look at this map that is provided by the cdc as you see here. the states with the highest number of vaccinations compared to the population are over on the east coast, we're talking about maine, massachusetts, new hampshire, vermont, connecticut, new jersey, the new england area. and then over here in california. more than 29 million doses have been distributed.
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and a solano county shocking details revealed about that case. and the recall effort against governor gavin newsom is moving forward. this morning a breakdown of which california counties are the driving forces behind that. plus, a new incentive to work for amazon. the pay boost thousands are getting this morning. check out my new mini munchies with mac & cheese bites.
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good thursday morning. it is 4:42. a beautiful day out at the park in san francisco but still quite windy at times, and we start out with some low 50s. jacket weather, 8:00. but you'll be taking it off later on today as we warm up. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about that weekend forecast coming up in a few mince. and light traffic around but overnight road crews continue to do their work in many spots. coming down to the golden gate bridge and you see a little fog drifting across the golden gate, but that's just a scene setter. now let's check out what's up with wall street. it's dom. good morning. i am dominic chu. wall street is set to open higher this morning on the back of strong earnings reports last night after the closing bell. stocks did fall yesterday with
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the dow dropping more than 160 points. that move coming after fed chairman jerome powell said there are signs of froth in the market signaling the fed is committed to keeping interest rates at historic low levels. in focus for traders and investors today reports on unemployment and housing as well, but it's also the busiest day of the earnings season with corporate results coming in from comcast, of course the parent company of nbc universal, as well as caterpillar, mcdonald's, amazon and twitter just to name a few. watch shares of apple today. profits there more than doubled in the company's most recent quarter. that's on continued strong demand for the iphone as people upgrade to 5g wireless technology and bought new ipads for working and learning. apple does say the global shortage of computer chips could hit sales this quarter primarily affecting the mac and the ipad. and verizon is exploring a sale of its media assets including yahoo and aol.
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"the wall street journal" reports business could be worth up to $5 billion. verizon, though, did pay more than $9 billion combined for aol and yahoo together but the digital media has failed to reach goals. verizon has sold to the owner of word press. keep an eye on some of those headlines. that's your cnbc morning report. kris, marcus, i'm one of the few folks out there possibly that still uses their yahoo email address on a regular basis. >> me, too. >> yahoo! >> i like to keep it vintage. thank you. >> we're like the originals. >> exactly. amazon is boosting its pay for thousands of its workers. the company says more than 500,000 hourly employees will see an increase of 50 cents to $3 an hour. the starting wage is already $15 an hour. that move comes as the company is preparing for a federal hearing over challenges to its victory in a union election at a warehouse in alabama earlier
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this month. 4:45. this morning a key health care signup californians. what you need to know and the all-new protocols and proposals that could soon give you more options. we'll be right back.
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4:48 for you this thursday morning. taking a live look in downtown san jose. good morning, south bay, as we
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get started with this thursday. looking nice and clear out there. one thing i noticed, kari, this morning coming in the moon, just big and bright. no clouds in sight. >> yes, we're still able to see the super moon and it's been nice to have a clear sky, cool temperatures, but we know it's going to warm up today. let's show you where we're starting this morning as we take a look at our low 60s in brentwood. a little bit more windy as the temperatures are up higher compared to the 46 we have in napa. you can see that we already have a wide range in temperatures depending on where you are. los gatos, 63. san jose, it's at 51 degrees. hayward is at 48. it is a cool start to the day. seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen, taking a look at what's happening in the south bay. as we check out our temperatures reaching 85 degrees in morgan hill, los gatos will reach 83 degrees. you'll notice it will be warm and moving over to the east bay.
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antioch reaching 86. you compare that to oakland. that will be in the low 70s with some breezy winds, still staying windy along the coast. half moon bay, reaching 59. head over to palo alto for some warmer air. it will be in the upper 70s. san francisco will be anywhere from 58 degrees in the marina district to 72 downtown. yes, you'll feel the range in temperatures there just driving across the city. our north bay highs will reach into the low 80s in sonoma and santa rosa 81 degrees. so here is what we have going on. so we've seen the dry weather continuing for the bay area. and we're not going to see any changes there. at times we have these storm systems passing to the north of us and it's kicking up some higher winds. we'll see that between saturday and sunday. but still that high pressure not allowing for any rain to come in at least through next wednesday. we continue to keep an eye on our rainfall deficits that are growing each day. now we need over 21 inches of rain in santa rosa to catch up to normal.
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livermore needs 9 inches of rain to catch up to normal. our seven-day forecast for spots like antioch and gilroy, we'll reach into the mid-80s today but we'll see some upper 70s for the weekend. mike, what's happening out there now for the morning commute? kari, things are pretty calm but in the east bay we do have an issue. actually, it's an alert. we do have a couple things for the east bay and this is not the alert. this is standard overnight for the last week and the half almost two weeks we've had a closure for highway 84. even north 238 looks all right. there is an alert from the off ramp there at highway 238 -- actually interstate 238. a crash overnight has some activity there. just a note we have a closure for north 242 just off 680. a live look outside shows you the richmond bridge.
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back to you. it is 4:51. new details this morning. a man is accused of murder in the north bay, now also tied to arson. solano county investigators believe victor started the fire after he allegedly killed a woman. the fire then combined with the lnu lightning complex fire which killed two people. those deaths are now considered homicides. a follow-up, and with the recall in the works of governor newsom. which counties drove it. the secretary of state's office confirming the petition does have enough signatures. this is a heat map showing you the highest percentages of voters who signed. you can see enthusiasm is far higher in the northeastern part of the state. the bay area is among those
4:53 am
least represented. here is a deadline you might need to pay attention to. health officials telling bay area residents to sign up for health insurance coverage by friday. 450,000 people across the bay area, including more than 103,000 who were uninsured are eligible for the lower health care premiums through cover california. the savings come through federal tax credits in the american rescue plan, the pandemic relief package congress passed just last month. the state says you could be saving an average of $180 a month. all right. get your foam fingers ready. next on "today in the bay," who the 49ers are eyeing to join the team and the trade rumors surrounding jimmy g. happening now, pack your swimsuit, sunscreen. cruises could restart this summer. now it's being reported that the cdc sent a letter to the industry saying that cruises
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could begin in mid-july. cruise ships have been docked, of course, as you know more than a year bringing that industry to a halt. the cdc still working on guidelines for cruise operations and cruising will also depend on ports of entry at other countries. and adhering to those guidelines. i embrace getting older. i'm so much more confident now. but i don't love that as i age, i could develop gum issues. new colgate renewal reverses early gum damage, for a beautiful, revitalized smile. i can't wait to see what comes next! reverse early gum damage with new colgate renewal. ♪♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy.
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4:56. a fateful day ahead for the 49ers faithful. a live look at levi's stadium. a lot of people believe niners leaders will shape the direction of the team for years to come. that's because tonight is the first round of the nfl draft. the niners have traded up for the third overall pick. and with potentially five top flight quarterbacks onboard,
4:57 am
it's all but certain they will pick one of them. the question is who. likely trey lance, mac jones from alabama or justin fields from ohio state. >> jimmy g. may not be a 49ers for much longer. trade rumors have been swirling for weeks. the talk now has the patriots trying to bring him back into the fold but the sticking point will be his pricey contract. they do believe by the end of the weekend he could be on another team. >> if you don't know the story of nagy harris, he will likely be the first off the board in tonight's first round. he is also from the east bay. he's sponsoring a watch party for the same richmond homeless shelter where he and his family once lived. harris was a breakout star at antioch high school before attending the university of alabama. roll tide. >> roll tide. well, this morning the covid crisis in india is getting worse. next here on "today in the bay"
4:58 am
how people in the bay area are trying to get in more supplies are sent in an effort to help. plus, a live report from washington, d.c., breaking down president biden's address to congress. in this season of renewal,
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lowe's is recommitting to our lowe's price promise for competitive prices everyday. and if you find the exact item for less, we'll match it. so the possibilities can bloom. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. oh! don't burn down the duplex. terminix. i can report to the nation america is on the move again. >> now at 5:00, pitching his plan for america. president joe biden lays out an
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ambitious agenda during his joint address to congress. our team is live in washington to break down the key highlights including bay area leaders making history and the republican reaction. >> also, going back to the classroom. many districts are resuming in-person learning for some students but some districts are lagging behind. all new numbers show how parents are feeling about governor newsom's efforts to get all schools back up to speed. plus, up in flames. two brushfires, one in the bay area, the other in southern california. both reminding us fire season is on the way. "today in the bay" continues right now. good thursday morning to you. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus biden's 100th day in office. we want to give you a live look at the white house this morning. the president is hitting the road today. this is to sell the public on america's families plan. he introduced that last night during a joint a


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