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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 29, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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cheddar biscuit breakfast sandwiches. with cheese baked right into the biscuit, hickory-smoked bacon or grilled sausage, and a freshly-cracked egg. try'em today. only at jack in the box. president joe biden delivers his first big speech to congress while making his case for big government spending while gop senator tim scott delivers a startling different view of where america should be headed. new details on a judge's ruling on body cam footage o the police killing o> breaking e the first juror to speakliberat derek chauvin. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani speaks about the
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raid on his home. taking work from home. dangling off a cliff over the irish sea as long as the wi-fi works. "early today" starts right now >> good thursday morning i'm phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. today president biden marks 100 days in office a barometer that sets the milestone. he delivered his first address touting his vision for what comes next it was an historic moment for the country not because of what he said but because of who was on stage with him. >> madam speaker, madam vice president -- [ applause ] >> no president has ever said those words from this podium no president has ever said those words and it's about time. >> pointing to the success of his covid relief bill, the
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president's first big speech to congress was a call to action for a once in a generation address. higher taxes on companies and the wealthy. >> our progress these past 100 days against one of the worst pandemics in history has been one of the greatest logistical achievements, logistical achievements this country has ever seen. for too long we've failed to use the most important word when it comes to meeting the climate crisis, jobs jobs jobs independent experts estimate the american jobs plan will millions of dollars to economic growth in years to blueprint to build america. 650 peopleth by more than $1 tr during this pandemic and they're now worth more than
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$4 trillion. my fellow americans, trickle down trickle down economics has never worked and it's time to grow the economy from the middle out. >> we've stared into the abyss of pandemic and pain and we the people did not flinch. the very moment our adversaries were certain we'd paul part and fail, we came together and reunited it's never, ever, ever been a good bet to bet against america and it still isn't >> in the republican rebuttal, south carolina senator tim scott offered contrasting views on race and voting rights >> more people voted in the last presidential election than any time in american history, in the middle of the worst pandemic ever it should be celebrated. instead, it's being attacked >> hear me clearly, america is
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not a racist country it's backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination, and it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down the base. i'm an african-american who voted in the south my entire life i take voting rights personally. republicans support making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. >> today president biden will take his message on the road to gor georgia. he will meet with former president carter. president biden talked about threats from china saying their threats will have consequences. >> i responded proportionately and the cyber attacks on our government and businesses. they did both of these things and i told them we would respond and we have.
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>> but president biden also said he made it clear that the u.s. doesn't want escalation. nbc's matt wagner joins us from moscow matt, good morning have we heard any response from the kremlin? >> reporter: phillip, good morning. nothing major yet. there's a lot of daylight in moscow we'll be hearing from this what we saw from biden is a restatement from his unsentimental policy towards russia it's one moscow doesn't appreciate too much. a lot of what we've been seeing from russia such as the massive military movements on ukraine's bo border you can't ignore us or set the terms of engagement. it's not going to go that way. we're in a phase of u.s./russia relations where things are interpreted as jockeying for position ahead of a putin/biden summit this summer
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that could come as soon as june. there are things that could derail that. one of the things is the situation with russian opposition leader, alexey navalny. today some people will see him in a courtroom over video link since the hunger strike started. he is's going to be appealing a liable case. much more seriously, there's a case involving navalny's organization that could see the entire structure labeled as an extremist movement no reason to think this won't happen the only question is when are they going to one and done it? are they going to draw it out over a few days? we don't know, but it's not looking good for the russian organization. >> matt wagner from russia's capitol this morning matt, thanks. breaking overnight, a deadly 13 hour standoff has left one dead and one injured the standoff is ongoing in north carolina's high country in
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boone. two deputies conducted a welfare check. when they got to the home they were met with gunfire. residents were met with gunfire and others sheltered in place. sargeant chris ward was shot and died as he was being air lifted to the hospital. deputy logan fox is inside the home right now with the suspect who has barricaded himself his condition is unclear the suspected gunman has been shooting at them hours ago community members and fellow officers lined up to pay their respects to sargeant ward with a procession of about 50 cars deputies have not been able to confirm whether anyone else is inside the home or been injured. meanwhile, on be the other side of the state in elizabeth city, after days of protest and public outcry, a judge has ruled not to release body camera footage to the public. our jay gray has the latest on that decision. >> the court's going to find as
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follows. >> reporter: a north carolina judge has ruled andrew brown's imimmediate family can see body cam video from the morning he was shot and killed at his elizabeth city. >> it shall occur in ten days and they're ordered to blur and redact all facial and identifying features of the officers shown prior to disclosure. >> reporter: the court also ruling it will be at least 30 days before the images are released to the public as the state bureau of investigation continue its worse on the case. >> from the standpoint of his family, we would consider this a partial victory. >> your honor -- >> reporter: arguing against its release, district attorney andrew womble talks about what he saw. >> the next movement is forward in direction of law enforcement and makes contact with law enforcement. it is then and only then that you hear shots. >> reporter: that's much different than what brown's son
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and attorney described after watching 20 seconds of redacted video from one of the four body cameras earlier this week. >> at no time have i given any misrepresentations i still stand by what i saw in that clipping. >> she said brown's hands were on the steering wheel of his car, that he was complying with officers and only started driving away after shooting. >> if you have disputed facts, show the tape. >> the fbi has opened a civil rights investigation into the incident jay gray, nbc news. now to an inside look at the deliberations on the fate of derek chauvin. the former minneapolis police officer accused of killing george floyd one of the jurors broke his silence and spoke to gabe gutierrez. good morning. >> reporter: previously we had heard from an alternate juror who was not inside the room as the jury deliberated derek chauvin's faith. now for the first time a juror inside that room is breaking his silence. brandon mitchell was one of the
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12 jurors who convicted derek chauvin of george floyd's murder. >> it was tough. there were days i literally didn't want to know. to watch somebody in agony to watch somebody die over and over again on instant replay. >> he said the initial ballot for second degree manslaughter was 11-1 they came around in an hour. the longest discussion was about third degree murder he said because of confusing jury instructions second degree murder was unanimous on the first ballot. the key testimony for him, dr. martin tobin, and eye witness donald williams, the mma fighter. >> i thought the prosecution was doing too much i thought it was a for sure no brainer. >> as for the defense' angry cr officers. >> i was like if that's the route you're going to go, that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: mitchell did not
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say what he thought an appropriate punishment for chauvin would be the sentencing is scheduled for late june. >> let's turn to our weather and nbc meteorologist janessa webb good thursday morning to you, janessa. >> hey, good morning good morning, everyone we're still watching the severe weather that's been in our forecast all week long it will continue for one more day and then the fronts will make their way through i do have a tornado watch in place through arkansas and sections of texas. that's going to last until 5 a.m. right now the showers are very light but we're going to see the heavier bands throughout the afternoon and into your evening. that's why severe weather is in place for thtennessee e averagek
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89 in richmond upper 80s in philadelphia. we have a lot cooler air heading our way for the weekend. we'll talk about that am could go up. >> thank you, janessa. florida residents treated to a spectacular spacex launch last night. another 60 starlink satellites were carried into space. with the goal of providing high speed internet access to users around the world especially in rural areas. a police involved death being compared to the killing of george floyd. and rudy giuliani raided why the feds searched the home of the former new york city mayor. ♪ going back to the place we love ♪ i got in! ♪ with endless summer nights ♪ he's walking!
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mario gonzalez died in police custody on april 19th. police have released body cam footage from that day. viewers might find the footage disturbing they received calls that gonzalez appeared disoriented in a park officers appeared to wrestle him to the ground and put pressure on his back. police say gonzalez had a medical emergency after being happened cuffed. he died at the hospital. the gonzalez family is speaking out about this. >> everything we saw in that video was unnecessary and unprofessional and it took a minute and made it fatal the police killed my brother in the same manner they killed george floyd. >> there's accusations the officers put their knee on mr. gonzalez's neck and i didn't see that when i watched the video but, again, i want the entire investigation to be borne out before we make those kinds of pronouncements. >> a former attorney has been
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hired by the city to lead an independent investigation. the three officers involved have been placed on paid leave. police say the cause of gonzalez's death remains unclear pending results. gretchen whitmer's accused kidnappers have been indicted. authorities say the new charges stem from an alleged plan to blow up a bridge near whitmer's vacation home in order to hinder police in october a total of six people were arrested on federal charges in the alleged plot to kidnap the governor. federal investigators searched rudy giuliani's manhattan apartment and office seizing electronics including cell phones and computers, that is according to multiple sources. the investigation involves his dealings with ukrainian officials when he was former president trump's personal attorney his lawyer, robert costello, calls the searches unjustified
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and unethical. tells nbc news in a statement that read in part mr. giuliani respects the law and he can demonstrate that his conduct as a lawyer and citizen was absolutely legal and ethical. when "early today" returns, why toy makers are toying with the idea of hiking price joos a heart stopping menomt as the phillies bryce harper takes one right in the kisser. car stench with up to 30 days of freshness. get relief with febreze. new kellogg's special k blueberry has real blueberries, whole grains, 11 vitamins & minerals, and a whole lotta delicious. kellogg's special k, new blueberry. do what's delicious. can't believe that "daniel deal" you got me on my insurance. daniel, state farm offers new blueberry. surprisingly great rates to everyone. sure you do... you wanna meet the queen?
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. harper maybe for the third time as well part of the lineup here. oh, wow. oh, no >> hard to watch a scary sight for bryce harper cabrera hit harper in the face with a 97 mile per hour fastball he left the field under his own power, which is good he didn't return to the game though he was on social media after the game he said his tests came back good and his face was still there no gimme after taking one like that, that hard. >> and a big old black eye i'm sure a shiner. to wall street where there's trouble in toy land. geoff cutmore has those details. good morning >> reporter: hey, very good morning to you well, pass go and collect $200 that's the line in monopoly but it's now going to cost you a little bit more. hasbro says it is putting up prices for its toys as a result of higher production costs
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mattel has also said they will be lifting prices. so that fun comes at a little more expense talking about expense. you know what, the working from home shoe of choice appears to be the crock looking at their latest quarterly numbers, the company reported a 93% jump in profits for the quarter. they're also looking at sales increasing 50 to 60% across the year as a whole as people choose their stay-at-home shoe. it may be ugly, but it's comfortable and that's what people like, i guess back to you. >> they're kind of cool. they have collabs with so many artists. nonstop. >> postma lone can't under estimate that bump. >> geoff, thank you. coming up, cooler temperatures could be on the way. janessa webb will be back with us to tell us what to expect.
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we do not go anywhere near the surface, got it? >> everything good is above the surface. >> there's a million things -- >> there's officially a new trailer for the upcoming film "luca" where they venture into the italian riviera. the human rights campaign says there are 400 companies on the fortune 500 list that have thrown their support behind the equality act the measure has grown to 416
4:27 am
members including big names like apple, pepsico, general motors, cvs, facebook and more the equality act would include sexual orientation and gender identity. the cdc has a study on the effectiveness of two of the covid-19 vaccines. the pfizer and moderna covid-19 vaccines are 94% effective at preventing hospitalizations among adults ages 65 and older both two-dose vaccines were also found to be 64% effective at preventing hospitalizations in the elderly, who receive just one shot. the u.s. is sending much needed covid aide to india the u.s. government assistance flights will start arriving in india today and will continue into next week more than $100 million of supplies will be delivered this includes oxygen support, ppe, vaccine manufacturing supplies and more. the country has recorded 17.9
4:28 am
million cases and more than 200,000 covid-19 deaths. and a dramatic rescue was captured on camera in atlanta. four police officers were called to the scene of an accident involving a car on fire and when they got there they noticed that the guy inside was having a seizure. it was a struggle to remove him but they were safely able to pull him from the car. luckily both the drivers and the officers involved here, they're expected to be fine. this extraordinary 12-year-old in north carolina proving knowledge is power mike wimmer is gettingdiploma. but he's also getting his college degree in the very same month. he's not even a teenager graduating from college with a 4.0 gpa. he said he plans on pursuing a career in robotics and computer programming. would you love to sit and listen to this kid talk >> man, i'd love to learn from him.
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he has a lot to learn. across the pond one guy has what could be the ultimate remote work setup. jason griffon said as long as he has amobile connection anda laptop, he can do his work
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there's no reason for him to be dead. right now at 4:30, still sparking outrage. the attorney representing police officers who dealt with an alameda man who died in their custody speaking out. what he's saying in their defense this morning. and have you gotten your covid-19 shot just yet? long lines are dwindling as hesitancy grows. what a look at what a plateau would mean for controlling outbreaks. plus, the day the niners fans have been waiting for. the decision today that could well shape the team for seasons to come. and d


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