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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 28, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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lawmaker who was there. >> now, after just 100 days, i can report to the nation america is on the move again. >> right now at 11:00, a progress report and a wish list from president biden who delivered his first speech to a joint session of congress this evening. his ambitious agenda and what it could mean for you and your
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family. >> the death of mario gonzalez gaining national attention. >> tonight, another side of the story. we are hearing from the attorney representing the alameda police officers involved. >> and india's covid crisis is getting worse. the growing concern for the people of india and the help on the way from the bay area. >> good evening and thank you for being with us. we begin with the president's plan. is it too expensive and how much will your taxes be raised. >> all of this unfolding as bay area lawmakers make history tonight. >> reporter: tonight president biden addressing a joint session of congress, speaking to a small audience due to covid rules, about his big ideas. >> america is on the move again. >> reporter: for the first time
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in history two women standing behind a president during a address. both also from the bay area. >> and it's about time. >> reporter: the president addressing covid-19 accomplishments. >> 90% of americans now live within -- of a vaccination site. >> reporter: pushing congress to pass his $1.8 trillion american families plan. insuring free pre-k and two years of free community college, quoting the first lady ones it importance. >> if i heard it once, i heard it a thousand times. joe, any country that out-educates us will out compete us. should be deeply involved in leading the effort. >> reporter: he would hike taxes over ten years on the wealthy with the promise of no tax increase for anyone making under
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$400,000. >> it is time for corporate america to pay their fair share. just their fair share. >> reporter: the president spoke about the state of racial justice, urging congress to pass a federal policing act named after george floyd. >> we have all seen the need for justice for black america. now is the opportunity to make real progress. >> reporter: in attendance, east bay congresswoman, barbara lee. >> he talked about the poor and low income people and fighting for working men and women. he talked about good paying union jobs, and he covered a lot of territory i think progressives will be pleased about. >> reporter: in the republican sentence, tim scott argues that america should thank mr. biden's predecessor for the covid response. >> this administration inherited a tide that already turned. the coronavirus is on the run thanks to operation warp speed and the trump administration,
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our country is flooded with safe and effective vaccines. >> it is never, ever a good bet to bet against america and it still isn't. we are the united states of america. >> reporter: ian cole. >> to hear more from the president, we are going to break down the key take aways and a fact check of the president's speech. >> breaking news out of san jose. police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run at the intersection of monterey highway. there is a road closure in effect. investigators say a pedestrian was killed and we are working to gather more information. >> we are also following breaking news in southern california. an active firefight just north of l.a. this is a live look from our nbc chopper down in l.a. you can see the intense flames down below. again, a sobering reminder that
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our fire season across the state will be very active in the months to come. this is called the north fire. so far it burned about 650 acres and is about 25% contained. the forward progress has been stopped. the evacuation orders have been lifted. the fire was first reported just before 2:00 this afternoon. it quickly grew in size. dry, windy conditions here at home. this grass fire is an example of how quickly that flames can spread. this is along highway 4. no word on how both of the fires started. >> we know the names of the officers that responded to 9-1-1 calls resulting in the death of mario gonzalez. some believe it has similarities to the george floyd case, but does it? a talk to the officer's attorney and a former police officer. they include on a few things,
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including that gonzalez should still be alive. >> mario. >> the only thing that the attorney and former inspect police auditor will agree on is this police body cam video of mario gonzalez being detained in alameda is hard to watch. one of the officers is a veteran starting work in 2010. the other two officers hit the streets in 2018. their attorney is speaking out tonight. >> their goal is to keep him safe and to take appropriate actions for that. what the ultimate result was never anyones goal. they are both heart broken and devastated by the outcome. >> reporter: an outcome that happened when two 9-1-1 calls were made. one reporting gonzalez was standing too close to his home and another dialed in saying he was loitering and accused him of
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stealing alcohol from a nearby store. >> there is no reason for him to be dead. when the police arrived there was no excitement and the police were calm in talking to him. but what the police did is escalate the situation by using force. >> reporter: that use of force was handcuffing gonzalez and then forcing him to the ground. she feels that was unnecessary. >> when they grabbed him and he pulled away, they should have backed up. what was he going to do? >> reporter: the city of alameda requested an outside independent investigation. >> it is far more complex and far different from the george floyd situation. these officers were highly attentive to the issue of -- >> these officers saw an individual who was a criminal when they should have seen an individual that needed help. >> all three officers are on paid administrative leave.
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you can add arson to murder charges for a man accused of starting a massive fire. investigators believe that the man started the fire last summer after allegedly killing two people and the fire became part of the lightning complex fire. investigators did not release a motive for the murders. >> the situation in india is getting worse. a record number of people infected. morgues and hospitals are overflowing. international help is on the way, but that is little consolation to the bay area indian community. >> reporter: a devastating surge of new infections continues in india. another 3,300 deaths over the past 24 hours pushing the total number of fatalities to more than >> somebody asking for a bed.
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we don't have anything available and patients are dying. >> heartbreaking time for us. >> reporter: she manages this indian restaurant in san francisco, but her mind is 12,000 miles away with friends and family in new dehli. >> we all want to see them and help them. >> reporter: health care systems near collapse and bodies burned in rows of funeral pyres. >> these two weeks are going to be a hell for us. >> reporter: urgently ramping up the response, this shipment out of travis air force base this afternoon. oxygen cylinders, n95 masks and rapid covid 362,000 new
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infections bringing the total to 18 million. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, thank you. so hard to see it unfolding in india. salesforce is sending help. salesforce is loading a 787 with medical supplies and will land it in india next week. a big problem in india is the vaccination rate. less than 2% of the population is fully vaccinated. about 5% of mexico's population is vaccinated. uk, 20%. here in the united states, mer than 27%. israel has one of the highest percentages, 57% of the israeli population is fully vaccinated. >> here in the bay area it is easier to get an appointment if you need one. no lines at all today. the site can accommodate up to
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3,000 people a day and is accepting walk-ins. the hope is that more people will get vaccinated because it is so easy. the number of people fully vaccinated is near 40%. not all smooth sailing though. it is administering the johnson & johnson vaccine again and some people are showing up and opting not to get it. all bay area counties put the vaccine on pause after the reports of a rare side-effect that causes blood clots but the cdc and the fda said the vaccine is safe and available again. >> pfizer. i don't want any blood clots, not at my age. >> reporter: no johnson & johnson? >> not for me, no. >> so, if you showed up and didn't want the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine you will be able to schedule an appointment to get the pfizer or the moderna vaccine instead.
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>> we are back in 60 seconds. worried about the whales off of our coast. the legal trouble looming for the biden administration after our investigative unit exposed how often cargo ships are ignoring the voluntary speed limits at sea. >> the late night launch by spacex and how it can help people around the world. >> look at this. the pollen is high, especially for oak trees. i will show you when the wind will kick up more to push around the pollen, and the heat, it's on the way tomorrow. back in a few minutes.
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>> as hate crimes in the bay area surge, people are uniting. we reported on the community foot patrol and now data driven strategies and safety tools. more now from san francisco.
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>> reporter: an emotional virtual town hall about hate crimes tonight. panelists talked about causes and responses while community groups are taking action. >> that pain. we didn't see a asian woman, we saw a mother. >> reporter: she is as that it is time to unite against hate crimes. during a virtual town hall about understanding hate, a representative from the fbi says that it is a complex issue. looking at 20 recent bay area cases, he said the suspects were from diverse backgrounds and many had mental health issues and district attorneys filed mental health charges. >> more shocking is that out of the 20 incidences, 11 of the 20 involved mental health issues. >> knowing hate crime cases are difficult to prosecute, the department is training officers
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to pay extra attention to details about the scene. >> we are taking sure the officer is asking the right questions. >> members of law enforcement and elected officials examine what is happening and why, community groups are taking action. the san francisco shanghai association walks a neighborhood where some elders have been robbed, handing out handheld alarms. >> we know how to take care of ourselves. this is one of the ways i hope can reduce the problem. >> one that has many living in fear. >> we have a follow up to a story we first brought to you last night. a $3,000 reward is being offered for whoever shot a vta worker in the back with an arrow. the worker was on a break. that is when he was hit in the back with the arrow. worker is now recovering at home after emergency surgery. investigators don't believe it is a random shooting.
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>> a landlord-tenant dispute turned deadly. police were called to a home before 11:00 a.m. this morning and found a 52-year-old man shot outside of the home and later died at a hospital. police detained another man at the home with a gun but is just considered right now as a person of interest. >> a national environmental group is taking legal action against the bide administration over a lack of protection for endangered whales off of the california coast. it comes after our own investigative unit are ignoring voluntary speed limits designed to protect the whales. more from treasure island. >> reporter: despite government efforts to slow down ship terrific, ships are hitting and killing whales at the highest
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rates in decades and a major environmental group is threatening to sue the biden administration unless it takes action. it has to do with voluntary speed limits that the federal government put in place for ships traveling in and out of the bay. the 10 knot speed limit was designed to protect whales but most ships actually ignore those restrictions speeding above the limits 54% of the time. the center for biological diversity filed a legal petition essentially threatening to sue the bide administration unless it makes the voluntary speed limits mandatory. >> if they don't have to do it they won't. a lot of the time ships don't know when they are striking a whale or don't report it. it is an invisible problem that your reporting has brought to light. >> reporter: they are also fight to expand the speed restrictions
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year-round. historically the voluntary speed limits are only in place seven months of the year, but jones said it is not enough to protect vulnerable whales. >> the humpback population that winters in central america has only about 600 whales in it. if you are getting dozens of whales killed a huge, -- year that is a huge impact. >> reporter: what is your fear if ships are allowed to continue speeding through the bay? >> we are going to see more dead whales washing up on bay area beaches. >> reporter: it gives the biden administration one year to make the speed limits mandatory otherwise they say they will sue the federal government. >> noah, which oversees the program would not comment but says it is developing better
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ways to protect the whales and will release details. >> a new $13 million grant program to help businesses stay afloat. >> we all know that small businesses are the heart and the soul of our economy and that they have been uniquely harmed by the covid-19 pandemic. >> oakland is partnering with wells fargo and the nonprofit pacific community ventures to award the grants. >> ready for lift off. spacex launched a new set of starlink satellites into space. the rocket blasted off with 60 satellites. spacex goal is to provide high speed internet access to people around the world and through it starlink satellite. >> elon musk will be hosting saturday night live with miley cyrus. >> i saw that. >> yeah. >> in a couple of weeks.
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that will be a tune-in event. how are you doing jeff? >> hey. we are good. he is calling himself the dodge father. have you seen that? >> yeah. >> going around on twitter. the cryptocurrency. we have great weather coming our way. as we head into tomorrow it will be warm outside. i wanted to start off with something different here and talk about the rainfall average. once we head in to april we are starting to drop off as you can see here and by may and by june we are heading into the dry and the dangerous months for the fire season. so, it is not that uncommon to get what we are seeing right now. this area of high pressure, forcing the heat right on down to the surface across northern california to bring the warmer 70s and 80s. yes, it is above average. does not look like we will see widespread records for tomorrow.
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rainfall chances, they are definitely escaping us. i think you will be able to handle it fine. 50 in the south bay. looking great over the east bay. san francisco and the north bay with the 40s to the low 50s. daytime highs tomorrow, if you are still working from home, maybe you got the laptop outside. it will be that type of a day. something cool to, well, you keep you cool in the heat. 82 in san jose. let's bring it over to the east bay. oakland in the 70s. head over to the east bay hills and will be hotter. walnut creek 83. it is shorts, t-shirts, maybe the flip flops. 77 in redwood city. at the coast line you will stay with the cold 50s and 60s. downtown, 72. and further north bay up to wine
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country, they will be in the low 80s. seven-day forecast. watch out for increasing clouds and wind at the coast on saturday and sunday. we will stay in the 60s for most of san francisco over the next seven days and we will drop off friday to 78. 70s this weekend and right now we will see wind building on and off on saturday and on sunday. weather looks good for saturday night live on saturday. right. >> yes. elon musk is coming up in a couple of weeks. >> happening now, federal investigators raided rudy giuliani's new york apartment, seized his phones and other electronic devices and searched his park avenue office. he has been under investigation over business dealings in the ukraine and was a legal advisor to president trump. he hasn't been charged and denied any wrongdoing. we are back in a moment.
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>> two authorized covid vaccines are effective reducing the need for hospitalization. the pfizer and the moderna vaccine, a 470 adults 65 and older and compared the rates among those that tested positive for covid-19 among those testing negative. those fully vaccinated with the moderna or pfizer vaccine were 94% less likely to be hospitalized than not vaccinated. the efficacy dropped to 64% if they only had taken one of the
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pfizer or moderna, partially vaccinated. >> less than three months until the olympics and there are a lot of questions and concerns about what is happening in japan. only about 1% of japan is vaccinated. olympic officials rolling out a new playbook as they called it. here is some of the playbook. athletes will be tested every day while people working and volunteering will be tested regularly. fans, no foreigners. you can only attend the olympics if you live in japan. >> these are science and experience based. they are based on the best scientific and medical expertise available worldwide. >> opening ceremonies scheduled for july 23rd. it is supposed to happen but with what is happening around the world, you never know. >> if it does happen you will be there and fully vaccinated. >> back in a moment with jimmy g
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>> okay. we are on the eve of the nfl draft. the 49ers are the talk of the league. who are they going to draft tomorrow night. i can barely get the words out.
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jimmy g, please don't make it true, on his way out of town. >> it might be happening. there is a report in boston that the patriots are working on restructuring a contract to bring jimmy g back to new england. here is the deal. nobody knows. the bigger question is which quarterback will the niners draft with the third overall pick. we will find out tomorrow night. baseball tonight. hello to mike tochman making his debut. brandon belt with the two-run single. he scores. giants win the game and beat the rocks 7-3. they remain tied with the dodgers for the division lead. a little bump in the road for the athletics in florida against the rays. bob melvin and his guys. mike zunino with the home run. rays win the game. 2-0. the red hot a's with a little
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cool down and have lost three of the last four but are still in first place. at the shark tank, they capped the attendance tonight almost double from monday. sharks and coyotes. sharks scored a minute into the game, tomas hertl passed it to evander kane for the goal. sharks win 4-2. we are back in a moment. ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit and xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds.
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>> finally tonight twin roughed lemur, born on april 16th. ruffed lemurs are a critically endangered species. mommy is a show off and brought her babies out to mingle with the others. why wouldn't you. >> your favorite story of the night. good night. have a great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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