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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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are dying because those are the folks who haven't yet been vaccinated. while the county has plenty of vaccines available, the pace has slowed way down. less than 60 people got vaccinated at this pittsburgh site today. >> we want to encourage people to get the vaccine. >> reporter: the county hopes those who are hesitant will have a change of hard. anthony says he got frustrated he couldn't get an appointment early on, but having a clinic in his neighborhood made it easy. >> you know, if we all do this, this will get over faster. i'm a believer in that. >> reporter: his cousin died before vaccines became available. he says he's not going to pass on getting protected. >> i recommend everybody getting vaccinated. >> reporter: in contra costa county, nbc bay area. the johnson & johnson
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vaccine is back, but some people are opting not to get it. it was put on hold after reports of a rare side effect causing blood clots. on friday the cdc and the fda gave the vaccine the green light saying it is safe. some people, though, not risking it. >> i'm coming back tomorrow when it's pfizer. i don't want any blood clots, not at my age. >> again, the cdc says the johnson & johnson vaccine is safe. however, if people don't want that single dose, you are able to schedule an appointment to get your pfizer and moderna. weeks after a vaccine appointment was a tall task. now no problem in most areas. no line, 20-minute process. in santa clara county, this is the mass vaccination site, no
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lines at all. the site can accommodate up to 3,000 patients a day. and it's accepting walk-ins. they won't turn anyone away who lives, works or studies in santa clara county. the hope is that more people will get vaccinated because it is simply so easy. >> we are on a downward trend the last couple of days, but we're seeing more and more walk-ins. >> you can pretty much walk in. you don't have to make an appointment, which is pretty ridiculous, you know, considering how some people in other countries, you know, they don't even have a vaccine yet. >> very good point. india and japan come to mind. the county says it is seeing an increase in non-english speakers getting vaccinated. san francisco has vaccinated 70% of its eligible population. flyers like that one you are seeing here being posted as
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businesses throughout the neighborhood. today what was an ocean view testing site opened for vaccinations. >> we were appointment only, but because we're trying to make sure that we address accessibility, you can come down, limited walk-up appointments will be made available to you. if there is vaccine on this site, we want to get it in your warm. >> medical leaders are continuing the successful strategy of outreach to disadvantaged areas. raj mentioned this before. india. help is heading from the bay area now to that country where a coronavirus catastrophe is unfolding. the u.s. delivering the first of many shipments of covid supplies. today's shipment left this afternoon. supplies include oxygen cylinders, n95 masks and rapid covid tests. cases in india have been surging for the last several weeks. today the country surpassed 200,000 covid-19 deaths,
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becoming only the fourth country in the world to do so. it is a pivotal night in washington, d.c. president biden will deliver his first address to the joint session of congress. that will happen in about an hour from now. because of covid, we're not going to see the usual pomp and circumstance, but there will be some notable moments and visuals. let's bring in janelle wang. >> reporter: because of the pandemic, the address will be scaled down quite a bit in terms of attendance. there will be no meet and greet. and the usual reception is not happening. but it's still expected to be an extraordinary night as president biden lays out his ambitious plans. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: president biden's first address will lack the usual grand industry to a packed house. covid rules shrinking the crowd from 1,600 to just 200 people.
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lawmakers and chief justice john roberts. but seated behind the president for the first time, two women, vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi. not only two women, but two women leaders from the bay area. speaker pelosi says it's wonderful to make history. she supports the president's $2 trillion american family plan he will lay out tonight pouring billions into education, including free preschool and community college. to pay for it, the president suggests tax hikes on corporations and people who make over $1 million a year. >> we don't have any resentment against anybody for their success. but as we meet the needs of the american people, it is important for people to know that our budgets are a statement of our values. and the budget that president biden is putting forth, the particulars of it, are a statement about values that people matter, that we want to invest in our children.
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>> it is the most radical washington democrats have been handed the keys and they're trying to speed as far left as they can possible go. >> reporter: president biden also expected to talk about the progress against the pandemic, the crisis at the border and racial justice. now, most all democrats will be in attendance tonight. but only about 25 republican lawmakers and some senior republicans are giving up their seats and giving their tickets to freshmen gop lawmakers who have never been to this speech before. so they want to witness history. and the first lady who usually has a box of invited guests, that will not be happening this year. so a much scaled down version. but still expected to be a very interesting night. raj? >> his comments will be interesting and filled with a lot of information. watch president biden's address to the nation this evening right here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins live from washington, d.c. at 6:00. federal investigators today
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raided rudy giuliani's new york apartment. cameras waiting outside. but the former mayor and personal attorney for president trump did not emerge. sources say agents seized his phones and other electronic devices, searched his park avenue office as well. he was a key figure in the lead-up to president trump's first impeachment over the withholding of aid to ukraine. giuliani tweeted he would make a statement on his radio show today, but then that show was canceled. a north carolina judge says body cam video of a deadly shooting will not be released to the public. however, the family can view it. andrew brown jr. was killed last week as deputies in elizabeth city, north carolina tried serving him a search warrant. the brown family has only been able to see 20 seconds of the police body cam video so far and want the entire video to be released to the public. the district attorney there says that would hinder the outcome of a trial.
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the judge, though, ruled the family can view all of the video within ten days. the fbi has opened a federal civil rights investigation into this case. while the death of mario gonzalez is now gaining national attention because of the similarities to the george floyd case. gonzalez's family wants the officers involved fired and charged. two 911 calls touched off a series of events that led to his death, and that's something that community activists say has them concerned. here's melissa colorado. >> he seems like he's tweaking, but he's not doing anything wrong. he's just scaring my wife. >> reporter: that was the first 911 call made to alameda police last monday. a neighbor reporting mario gonzalez was talking to himself and standing too close to his home. another man dialed 911 to say gonzalez was loitering and accused him of stealing alcohol from a nearby walgreens. >> i am really disappointed and ashamed that my neighbors put
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him in this position. >> reporter: she is with transform alameda. after the deaths of george floyd and breonna taylor, transform alameda was created to reimagine public safety on the island. >> he needed an ambulance, some water, some food and maybe someone to help him call his family. >> a man hanging out in the park regardless of the circumstances turned into a death. and that's just -- there is no reason for it and there is no excuse for it. >> reporter: the city of alameda requested an outside, independent investigation by the former san francisco city attorney. alameda mayor says until the findings of the investigation come out, it's too soon to fire the three officers involved, leave. >> i'm looking for ways that we can move forward, how policing can be improved. >> reporter: the mayor says she
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supports a public safety alternative like a program which sends civilians with mental health training to handle non-violent calls. >> the community likes to think of us as this quiet little island that's safe for some people, but we need change. we need it now. >> reporter: in alameda, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. a landlord ten gnat dispute in antioch turned deadly. police were called to a home before 11:00 this morning where they found a 52-year-old man shot outside. he died at the hospital later. another man was at the home who had a gun. police say he is just considered a person of interest at this point. not just talk, but we are seeing action when it comes to protecting asian americans. today a community group handed out hand-held alarms in san francisco's neighborhood. they stopped by businesses. the alarm, you put it right
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there on your hand or your wrist, it sounds off if you are in distress. police say there has been a slight increase in street robberies in that area, and they believe they are crimes of opportunity. some of those attacks are asian elders. >> it's one of the ways i hope to reduce the problem. >> reporter: police have increased patrols in this community. the group hopes to raise money for more of those hand-held alarms. after a covid cancellation and a mass shooting tragedy, the garlic festival will come back this summer. it will be a drive through version, though. two years ago, a 19-year-old gunman opened fire on the crowd. and then last year's festival was canceled amid the pandemic. this year hungry garlic fans can pre-order popular offerings and
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pick them up over the last two weekends in july. up next here at 5:00, a bizarre and disturbing crime. a vta employee hit by an arrow in the south bay. we have the latest. i'm scott budman. bay area rents have hit their lowest level in more than a year. but what happens next? we ask the experts coming up. i'm chief meteorologist jeff. i know most of us felt that heat today. more hot weather tomorrow and a change in our forecast coming this weekend. i'll have full details tonight in just a few minutes.
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making it in the bay. this is our series about the challenges of living here. here's some good news, though, if you are a renter. we're seeing the lowest prices in years. but how long is that going to last? our business and tech reporter scott budman breaks down the numbers for us. >> reporter: enjoying coffee in the shadow of her apartment, sara remembers being priced out before the pandemic hit. >> their prices were just like -- they were too much. >> reporter: then thanks to steep drops in rental prices, he was able to jump in. >> they started offering like concessions, you know. so like, hey, two months free rent if you move in. >> reporter: now bay area rents have stalled. they stalled after steep drops by nearly 25% in san francisco, bringing prices down considerably. but -- >> as the vaccine rollout increases, more and more people
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get vaccinated and we hit peak rental market season in the summer, the market will start to heat up again. >> reporter: the question is when. >> i'm a little anxious about that. >> reporter: but she says she'll likely be okay for a little while. yes, tech companies will continue to hire. and some renters will move back here to the bay area. but, they say, prices should remain stable into the near future. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. a vta worker shot in the back with an arrow. we'll show you a picture of the arrow used red afternoon. the employee was on a break near the station walking around. that's when he was hit with the arrow in the back. luckily the worker is recovering at home after emergency surgery. investigators don't think it is a random shooting, though. >> it looks like a targeted attack because someone shooting
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an arrow very unlikely in that case. >> it's pretty crazy. you don't hear someone getting shot by an arrow very often. >> a reward is being offered for information about that attack. yesterday, there were no candidates running for the mayor of san jose. today there are two. davis is an independent who represents willow glen and is endorsed by former mayor chuck reed according to the mercury news. represents downtown san jose. did a drone force eagles out of their nest in freemont? a drone crashed into the nest in the park. two bald eagles were in that nest and were getting ready to lay eggs. when they checked on the nest, there were no signs of these
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eagles. they also want to remind everyone don't fly your drones near a nest. >> right. you have to be very vigilant. >> use common sense. >> jeff, you said it was going to warm up. it warmed up. >> oh, yeah. i know you are happy with that, right? >> i like it warm. >> yeah. all right. so if you're like jessica, you like it warm, tomorrow will be a good day for you. more of that heat coming our way. let's start it off on the micro climate forecast. we will look outside and take you to walnut creek. you can see clear signs out here today. the big story is the warm weather, up to 85 degrees right now in walnut creek. not good enough for a record, but definitely across a lot of the bay area. now, we will drop off into some 70s here by 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. then if you don't have air-conditioning, then good news. we do get that ocean breeze back
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at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 p.m. and down into cooler 60s. why the heat? it is all about this area of high pressure. we get the hotter air with it sitting right over california and parts of the pacific. that's bringing us the 70s and 80s. i think we have another day of this coming our way for tomorrow. as we start off, numbers not nearly as cold as it had been, you know, a week or so ago. we're starting off a little milder here with 50 in the south bay and 49 in the tri-valley. plenty of upper 40s and low 50s for the east bay and san francisco. except for the north bay where it will be chillier with the jacket weather in place and 45 degrees. but for the day, i think you will love it here. if you are looking for summer-like weather, it will deliver tomorrowment check it out. 8 the in san jose. more of those 80s over to the east bay, especially for those of you in concord and antioch.
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also 84 in livermore. make sure to have that water handy and get the spf out. 77 in redwood city. but check it out in half-moon bay. this is the event where the coast stays cold. 59 degrees there. san francisco a split picture. the coastline. go to downtown or the mission and we have low 70s. and the north bay will continue to have that warmer weather tomorrow through napa, also clear lake all in the 80s. well, this weather is really great to be outside. beautiful california weather. we want to bring you to the reality of the situation. that is we desperately need some rain fall. i looked at your rain outlook into next week. there is a storm system out here, right? it seems promising. pretty widespread coverage here. but at this point, as we roll through next week, all indications show it will be tracking off more to the north and unfortunately missing us. but that goes with the trend of where we are.
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you can see our rain fall averages by month and we really start to drop off here in april. may and june begin to start our dry period here across the bay area. any hopes of catching up, that is long gone right now. on the seven-day forecast, wind picking up to san francisco sunday. 50 to 40 miles an hour. and we'll stay in the 60s in san francisco. 80s tomorrow. goes to the 70s this weekend and looks like some of the wind in the mountains on sunday as well. back to that beautiful weather today, raj and jessica. remember back in the beginning of the work from home, we were dealing with warmer weather. we talked about a pool in my backyard if i started digging. it looks like i'm getting, you know, somewhat close, i guess you could say. >> he's digging? >> you're kidding! >> we want to see the digging, the diy. >> i'm going to need a cabana by the pool. >> he's kidding, okay.
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>> i think he said you're going to have your cabana. up next, a new play book for the tokyo olympics. how these games will happen in the middle of a covid surge in japan.
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well, new data shows two authorized covid vaccines are effective at reducing the risk for hospitalization. researchers looked at hospital data for these two specific type of vaccines involving 417 adults 65 and older. they compared the vaccination rates among those who tested positive for covid-19 versus patients who tested negative. those who were fully vaccinated
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with the pfizer or moderna vaccine were 90% less to be hospitalized. the efficacy dropped to 64% if they only had that one shot. as of right now, it is a go with less than three months remaining until the olympics. a lot of questions and concerns about what's happening in japan. there is a big covid surge there and only 1% of that country is vaccinated. today japanese officials ruled out a new play book. athletes will be tested every day, while people working and volunteering will be tested regularly. that will be what we do there in terms of nbc journalists, how often we'll be tested. fans can only attend the olympics if you live in japan. >> and these play books are science and experienced based. they are based on the best scientific and medical expertise being available worldwide.
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>> it will be interesting to see how many spectators are allowed inside the venues. the opening ceremony july 23rd. okay. this is going to be so cute. two baby lemurs at the san jose zoo. we'll show them to you when we come back.
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we're about 30 minutes away from president biden's address to congress. he will outline his plan for recovery as well as talk about racial justice and how best to spend taxpayer's money. a limited number of congressmen and women will be on hand. we will bring you that report live when it happens at 6:00 right here on nbc bay area. okay. something good times two at san jose. >> are you ready for it? the twins. >> yes. >> they don't have names since we don't know yet if they're boys or girls. they were born on april 16thment and the arrival is especially welcomed because the roughed lemurs are critically endangered
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species. >> look at their faces! >> she has been a showoff and brought her pups to mingle with the others. >> you know why? because she likes to move it ♪♪ move it ♪♪ move it. >> lester holt is next with "nightly news." >> it's from madagascar. >> i got it. tonight, president biden speaking to the american people in prime time his speech before a joint sessioof congress like no other in modern history. the normally packed house chamber largely empty due to covid protocols. and for the first time both seats behind the president will be filled by women. nbc news getting a first look at his speech, his $2 trillion plan for families, students, and workers. republicans taking aim at how he plans to pay for it also the fbi


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