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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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right now at 6:00 -- >> the president would like to see progress by memorial day and would like to sign it into law this summer. >> bold proposals top president biden's first address to congress tonight. the plans he will outline as he faces a nation just ahead of his first 100 days in office. plus -- >> so chief, do you think that excessive force was used? >> it's way to early to make a pronouncement on that. >> the police chief speaking out after body camera was released of a man dying whooily in custody. what they're saying about the ongoing investigation as the victim's family pleads for justice. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. good wednesday morning to you. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we start with the countdown to president biden's first joint
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address to congress. we have a live look at capitol hill this morning. tonight the president is expected to highlight his achievements during his first 100 days in office and make a new push for action on job creation and assistance to struggling families. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington with a look at what we can expect. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: hi, laura and marcus. good morning. the focus on families is going to be a key part of the president's speech tonight, speech not a state of the union. the first address to congress is called the joint address toessa state of the union speech. nevertheless he's going to do a victory lap over the last 100 days and look ahead at legislation he wants lawmakers to get done. the white house says in tonight's joint address to
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congress president biden will update the fight against coronavirus. new cases are dropping and 37% of adults are now fully vaccinated. >> once you're fully vaccinated, you can go without a mask when you're outside and away from big crowds. >> reporter: also tonight, president biden will push police reform and new gun laws, focusing on his conversations with george floyd's family. he'll urge congress to pass his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan and outline a new american families plan including free preschool. tomorrow, he's hitting the road with others in the administration, the getting america back on track tour will push legislation on jobs and families. >> the president would like to see progress by memorial day and would like to sign it into law this summer. >> reporter: senator tim scott, the senate's only black republican, delivers tonight's response. >> bait and switch strikes me as the best way to describe the biden administration at least so far.
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>> reporter: bipartisanship working together, republicans say the president promised but failed to deliver. so the atmosphere is going to be really different tonight, instead of packing 1,600 people into the house chamber, 200 spread apart because of covid precautions and the new security on capitol hill, but there will be some virtual guests. a lot of the members of congress have announced they'll have virtual guests for this address tonight. house speaker nancy pelosi says dr. kenneth tai is going to be one of her guests. he oversees a dozen community health clinics in the bay area shall the san francisco area. they got $11 million from the rescue plan to help with vaccines and congressman eric swalwell says his guest is going to be a nurse, michelle gutierrez-vaugh, a nurse at a fremont clinic benefiting from the american rescue plan. both of them trying to highlight that legislation with their virtual guests tonight. >> all right, tracie, it's
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really good to see the bay area tie-ins there for us. thanks so much. you can watch the address tonight here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 6:00. 6:03 right now. new video showing rising tensions between the u.s. and iran. this is hard to see nighttime video released by the u.s. navy, but it shows an american warship firing warning shots monday night after iranian guard vessels came too close to a patrol in the persian gulf. the lights can be seen in the distance and apparent gunshot can be heard with the tracer round racing across the water. iran so far not acknowledging this incident. one story getting a lot of attention this morning. alameda police releasing body cam video of officers trying to restrain an oakland man who died in police custody. "today in the bay's" bob redell live outside of alameda police headquarters. the family believes the officers killed their loved one so what are police saying about this,
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this morning? >> reporter: well, we asked, speaking to the police chief here do you think your officers used excessive force when your officers tried to arrest mario gonzalez last week? chief says that while yes the video you're about to see is hard to watch it's too early to say whether excessive force was used. we want to warn you, this body cam video you're about to see is disturbing. early last week alameda police responded to a local park for calls about a man under the influence and possibly involved in a theft. family say gonzalez was having a beer in the park when police tried to restrain him but in the video gonzalez appears to resist in the officers trying to handcuff him. in the nearly hour-long body cam video you can hear an officer asking gonzalez to stop resisting. "mario, please stop fighting us." one officer ends up on top of gonzalez with his knee on gonzalez's back where it remains for four minutes. gonzalez eventually loses consciousness. officers start life-saving procedures they call the fire department. gonzalez unfortunately died later at the hospital.
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police say gonzalez was 26 years old, had a medical emergency. gonzalez's family spoke outside the police department yesterday, this is right before law enforcement made this video public. >> the police killed my brother in the same manner that they killed george floyd. >> i understand why people would draw that comparison and you know, of course it happened contemporaneous to the chauvin trial. i do see when i watch the video, i do see a conversation between two of the officers about trying to not put too much pressure or excuse me, avoid pressure on mr. gonzalez's back. i believe there's been accusations that the officers put their knee on mr. gonzalez's neck and i didn't see that when i watched the video but again, i want the entire investigation to beorne out before we make those kinds of pronouncements. >> reporter: family say gonzalez who is from oakland was the father of a 4-year-old boy and the main caretaker of his
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22-year-old brother, who has autism. now alameda city police chief says the city hired an independent law firm to conduct the internal investigation into what happened. they've also asked the alameda county sheriff's office to conduct its own investigation in parallel and is standard procedure, the district attorney's office is also investigating. the police department is waiting on autopsy results into the cause of death. the three officers involved are on paid administrative leave until this investigation is complete. reporting live here in alameda, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. developing in north carolina, a judge is expected to rule if body camera video of a controversial deputy shooting should be released. 42-year-old andrew brown, jr., died last week in elizabeth city. deputies say he was trying to drive away. the fbi has now opened an investigation. last night, protesters once again gathered at one point, one person appeared to be taken into custody, but it just wasn't clear why. turning to the pandemic, and san francisco is launching a new
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vaccination site at 50 broad street. shots will be given to those 18 years and older in lakeview, oceanview, merced heights and ingle heights neighborhoods at 10:00 a.m. san mateo the event center no walk-ins, it is for first dose vaccinations only and opens at noon. a lot of elements are playing into place for google's planned downtown west project in san jose but not everyone's on board. that reportedly includes the san jose sharks. the team opposes the plan according to "the merkley news" the city has some brokering to do when it comes to parking and transit in the area around the s.a.p. center. mayor sam liccardo is confident all sides will come together. before all is said and done. any planners are supposed to hold a key vote on that project later today. new impact in the south bay from the climate in crisis. valley water district leaders
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last night upped the recommended voluntary reduction levels to 25%. for the past four years, it's been at 20%. they also announced a new plan to pay homeowners more to install their drought-friendly landscapes, from $1 per square foot to $2. >> if you have room for improvement, take that action now. this is the time to do it. don't wait until we're in the middle of this drought and who knows? we don't know how long the droughts are going to last. >> other agencies are also taking action, east bay mud this week declared a stage one drought asking customers to voluntarily reduce consumption by 10%. sonoma county has proclaimed a drought emergency requesting the governor seek a presidential disaster declaration for federal assistance. all of us really need to make a point to voluntarily at least right now before it becomes mandatory. could be right around the corner. >> so important the dry conditions we have right now,
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kari. >> this is another update tomorrow for our drought monitor and hopefully doesn't expand more. we did see the changes last week with 96% of california in a drought. you can see it's not just california. it's all across the west. we're all lacking a huge amount of rainfall and as we take a closer look at the bay area we have extreme drought conditions for much of the north bay and now moving into the east bay. so we will unfortunately have more of this as our rainfall deficits continue to grow. we're watching this, we'll talk about a warmup in our forecast in a few minutes. mike how is it looking for the early morning commute? >> much better for silicon valley. it came back stronger than i had us that of it going to and now cleared. this is the typical pattern. rest of the east bay and peninsula look great.
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wires came down overnight so keep that in mind. as we look at numbers a shout out bart is running slower trains in manual mode. an overnight quake small one after midnight, not big enough for most people to detect. they have that for a couple of times a minor delay. more slowing for 84 and more slowing through concord and we see the separation between these three routes and the timing it takes. back to you >> thanks, mike. coming up, making you more money. who doesn't want that? now that i have your attention i'll tell you about the two social media giants who want to help you do that for a price, of course. plus -- >> come on. give me space. i'm just doing my time. >> martin scorcese is an oscar winning director and may need
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help getting in touch with his feminine side. why he probably has the urge to yell "cut" on this tiktok video. we'll show it to you coming up.
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good wednesday morning. right now at 6:14, packing up the backpack getting ready to drop the kids off at school we'll see a chilly start in milpitas starting out in the
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upper 40s. we'll be at about 68 degrees by the time you go back to pick them up and it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. our temperatures warming up, we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we see that buildup gently filling in all the lanes, but it is filling the lanes in, and b.a.r.t. riders may have a minor delay on remaining lines, a late night minor quake did have them running precautionary run-throughs, standard procedure, no big problems. time to turn to our business and tech news and right now the futures are mixed as big tech earnings roll in. take a look right there. facebook and its instagram platform are working on new tools to help creators make more money so if you're one of them, listen up. these include online shops so that creators can sell items directly on the platform and then get a cut of those sales or the products they promote. companies are trying to spur the
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creation of more content to keep users engaged. twitter is testing new tools including a super follow a feature to give people access to exclusive content for a fee, of course. if you are still looking to get your hands on the ps5, you're not the only one out there. sony says it's actually sold nearly 8 million consoles since the end of march. earlier this month the research firm there npd said the ps5 has the fastest selling console in u.s. history. what about nintendo when it first came out? launched last november. five months later, demand is tremendously high on outpacing supply. starbucks says u.s. sales have fully recovered from the pandemic. sales in a lot of downtown city locations still lagging with a lot of people still working from home.
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chicago tote play is doing a massive giveaway. tomorrow it will give out 250,000 codes allowing front line workers to get free burritos. you have to sign up at heroes and verify your eligibility. signups start at 10:a.m. and the code is valid until may 31st. trending this morning, legendary film director martin scorcese can add tiktok star to his resume. >> this is what you use for your head? what's that? >> okay, you're probably like okay. his daughter there francesca is quizzing him on popular women products and he got a few of them right like the scrunchie, the bobby pin but thought the hair doughnut was a small pillow. i thought it was a doughnut when i first looked at it in the tease. eye lash curler. >> you can't blame him. you can't blame him.
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>> i don't know what that is. >> it's funny to see all the videos of kids making fun of their parents. it's funny for me right now until my kids start doing it. >> there you go. it's coming. and this forecast is coming for you this morning. meteorologist kari hall, of course always working hard for to us keep us up to date on what we can expect from temperatures today. kari? >> yes, we're starting out a little bit warmer in some spots but let's get a look at what you'll feel as you get ready to head out the door. we're in the upper 40s right now in napa, which is ten degrees warmer than yesterday at this time, but check out morgan hill, that's the cool spot at 39 degrees. san jose at 46. most of us in the 40s and 50s, so you do still need a jacket, but not later today. take a look at this temperature trend, as you get ready to head out for a run in spots like martinez, we'll have temperatures there in the low 50s but take a look at the trend going into later today in the afternoon, some upper 70s
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already by 1:00. let's start in the south bay, and take a look at our highs, reaching up to 81 in cupertino, and gilroy we're up to 82 degrees. we'll see the same in east san jose. some mid 80s for our inland valleys in spots like antioch and you head toward oakland, still comfortable with a high of 72 degrees, and even some upper 50s. you can see the wide range in temperatures we'll see from half moon bay, even toward palo alto in the upper 70s. san francisco will have some upper 50s in spots like the outer sunset, and then you head downtown reaching up to 65 degrees today. some low 80s for much of the north bay with sonoma reaching 80 degrees. as we go through this forecast, we are going to have those gusty winds picking up, we're also going to have a windy evening out there at oracle park. if you're lucky to go to the game tonight first pitch at 6:45. wear something warm. in the low 60s to start and dropping down to the mid-50s with a mostly clear sky.
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high pressure is keeping it dry and the storm systems passing to the north of us. as they move close to the pacific northwest and bringing rain there, we're just getting our winds picking up and that's what we'll see into the weekend with gusy winds saturday into sunday and overall our temperatures changing a few degrees with our highs reaching into the upper 70s and low 80s. morning temperatures near 50 and san francisco will be in the 60s reaching into the upper 60s by the end of the weekend. mike, how is it looking right now for the morning commute? >> not so bad. things are sorting out. let's show you some changes because we do have a little bit of an issue for contra costa county. just a little unexpected as we look at the map, circled 101, just starting to see a little more volume again right on schedule, but it's actually pretty exceptionally light there for santa clara county, not a big deal. we're looking at the altamont, where there's slowing in the pass but clear once you get in toward the greenville, slowing for vasco, that last two miles
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actually a little slower around the curve, there is a crash at marsh creek around walnut not a big deal for those in brentwood. earlier crash 242, changed the travel times throuo a little bit longer, over toward the 680 work-around because 242 is slow and a quick look at peninsula, sorry for the delay, folks, peninsula no delays so you can make up time. no, sorry, stay at the speed limit. back to you. 6:21, next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> yet another family trip canceled because of covid-19, but mom bought travel insurance, so she's set, right? not if i'm standing here talking about it. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. our team is always on social media. yesterday i received my
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vaccination. my fauci ouchie. have you received yours? how are you doing? i'm doing pretty good. follow me. i'd love to hear from you. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:4, a follow-up on a tedly san jose crash we followed all morning yesterday on "today in the bay." the two people who survived are now both facing charges. that crash happened monday night on lawrence expressway near
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mitty high school. deputies were trying to pull over a white honda which investigators say ran a red light and slammed into another car. the driver and passenger of that car died at the scene. they have not yet been identified. nbc bay area responds to an east bay family's travel turmoil. >> they were expecting close to $2,000 but then after ten months, they got nothing. so they turned to consumer investigator chris chmura's team for some help. >> good morning. jack had inin san rafael booked a week-long trip to hawaii. because of covid-19 her hotel was temporarily closed and hawaii was requiring a two-week quarantine for her one-week trip. so she canceled. jaclyn bought aig travel insurance so she expected a roughly $2,000 reimbursement. she filed a claim and waited four months, nothing. not approved, not denied, just nothing. jaclyn called three more times
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over the next two months, still nothing. then she called us. our team worked on it another three months, finally about ten months after she filed her claim with aig, it paid. that's a $1,973 win for jaclyn. we asked aig for a statement but didn't hear back. while we're on the subject of travel insurance, a friendly reminder, it doesn't always cover what you might think it covers. there are lots of possible exclusions. we hear from people in that situation way too often. bottom line, you must read the terms and conditions before you buy travel insurance. if your consumer complaint is going nowhere, you can tell us about it, go to and click the "responds" option from the main menu or give us a call, 888-996-tips. switching gears, 6:26, brit knee spears is one step closer to speaking out about her conservatorship. a judge granted her attorney's
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request for spears to address a court hearing next month. this as she attempts to separate herself and her finances from her father, who is in charge of it. the case has received intense media scrutiny over the past few months following the release of the "framing brittany" documentary. the first time spears addressed the court in two years. coming up next, fighting covid with the help of a pill. vaccine giant pfizer now researching a new treatment, we'll tell what you experts are saying about the potential break-through. do you promise to be good? if the answer is no, you're not the kind of person they want visiting tahoe. the new pledge you're being asked to make if tahoe is on your itinerary. we'll tell you why. you're watching "today in the bay."
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this california family is on the job helping our state's recovery. you see by keeping their vacation in california they're supporting our local businesses and communities. so you could say every juice box enjoyed on our beaches is also bringing nourishment to our state's economy. that's the taste of recovery. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work.
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and please travel responsibly. oh, you think this is just a community center? and help our state no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream.
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michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 communityenters to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ right now at 6:30, giving every child access to free preschool. the $200 billion proposal president biden is expected to outline in front of the nation tonight and another program he hopes to greatly expand to help families struggling with their food bills. back at square one. the efforts to remove a north bay mayor from office hitting a major snag. the new error coming to light, stopping a brand new recall movement dead in its tracks. "today in the bay" continues
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right now. good wednesday morning. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. all eyes are on capitol hill, president bide listen deliver his first joint address to congress. tonight's address comes two days before he reaches his 100th day in office. new presidents don't deliver a state of the union in their first year, but this will come pretty close as biden presents his policy priorities and outlines his vision for the country. the audience inside the house chamber will be severely limited, due to distancing guidelines. republican senator tim scott is expected to give the republican response. the president will talk about topics including his american families plan. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live this morning, and kris, a lot of parents are especially paying attention to this one because he's making a push for free preschool. >> reporter: free preschool, you're right. so we all know how expensive preschool can be and what a chunk of the family budget it can represent especially in low income families.
6:32 am
so free preschool could provide an academic head start to children while also giving their parents a financial head start in coming back out of the pandemic. let's take a look at some of the details here. the president proposes free pre-k for all 3 and 4-year-old children, talking about 5 million kids. free preschool could save families up to $13,000 a year and for reference, consider that a low income family of four averages about $40,000 a year. so you can see how much money that would mean. the american family plan also calls for an expanded child tax credit which could save at least $250 a month per child. we also expect that the president may expound on the food plan already approved under the american rescue plan which would provide $375 toward food purchase in the critical ten weeks in the summer, when kids can't access free and reduced lunches at school. this would impact 34 low income children.
6:33 am
qualifications for s.n.a.p. benefits will be automatically enrolled funds going to their cards this summer and summer of 2022. the funds for the presidents jobs and families plan could come from a corporate tax and also a tax on the 1% of americans who are the wealthiest. in sunnyvale, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, that early intervention so important in getting kids educated. thanks, kris. you can watch the address tonight, right here on nbc bay area, our coverage starts at 6:00. unexpected new twist in the push to oust the embattled north bay mayor. a lot of people are wondering what kind of setback this will be, cierra johnson. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. exactly how you say, it is a very unexpected new twist. the folks that were leading that recall effort essentially back
6:34 am
at square one after some paperwork snafu. a back story about this recall effort and what led to it. at least six women accused dominic foppoli of sexual assault, those are accusations he denies and insists he has no plans to step down. this week, organizers filed the paperwork to launch a recall but campaign leaders now say they made errors when filing that paperwork failing to accurately name his position. that means they have to refile, but that setback will likely only be a minor one. if you recall, that mayor said he would not step down but rather step back as his role as mayor as the sheriff's office and state attorney general is complete. the vice mayor will be filling in thank absence so it's back to square one. because of that error in naming
6:35 am
of his position, they do have to start over. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." speaking of san francisco, voters there will likely have more to weigh on their ballot when it comes to this year's special election to recall governor newsom. the date for that election not clear. "the examiner" is reporting city leaders are planning to possibly add races for city attorney and assessor. long time city attorney dennis herrera announced plans to move into the public utilities commission but the confirmation process will take some time. now to the pandemic. news of a breakthrough treatment for covid-19 victims coming in the form of a pill. pfizer says its new drug could be available by the end of this year. the experimental oral drug to treat covid-19 at the first sign of illness is being tested on healthy people. this would be the second anti viral therapy for covid-19 joining remdesivir, which is given to those with extreme symptoms. here's what experts are saying. >> if someone comes in, they
6:36 am
have covid, they hadn't gotten vaccinated and they don't feel well, this would be given as an oral agent, keep them out of the hospital and prevent hopefully getting sick with covid. >> the new treatment is only in initial clinical trials. a live look at capitol hill, today congressmembers are going to look at the long-term effects of covid patients or the effects on those patients. the world health organization estimates one in ten covid patients experiences persistently ill health 12 weeks after getting the virus. some of the symptoms they sleep disorder, fatigue and listen to this. some of those patients are actually dealing with those effects nine months after initially getting sick. >> the long haulers there. later today hospital leaders from across the state will update the covid battle on the
6:37 am
front lines. things are a far cry from the height of the surge in early january health workers are facing challenges. some 2,000 covid patients are currently hospitalized. fewer than 10% of the peak totals surpassing 22,000 in january. starting today, small businesses across california can begin applying for the final round of stimulus relief from the state. those qualifying businesses can receive between 5,000 and $25,000 in grants part of $2 billion in new state money available. the businesses better act quickly. the deadline to apply is tuesday, may 4th. small businesses and non-profits that have been wait listed from previous rounds are now also under consideration. >> money certainly needed. happening today, leaders in san jose introduce a new ordinance to boost the fines for illegal dumping and it stands, as it stands right now, amounts are staggering based on whether it's first, second or third strike. they start at $2,500 and the plan is to make it a $10,000
6:38 am
fine for any violation. it's being introduced at the city council's rules committee. in san francisco, san franciscans remain on alert when it comes to anti asian violation. police and community leader also gather in two neighborhoods with large asian-american populations. one meet something taking place in the richmond district, the other in portola. each focus on new crime prevention strategies to express concern over recent attacks. a strange sense of normalcy in the bay area. rent prices are unfortunately on the rise. it is the thirst straight month of increases in the bay area. in san francisco rent rose 3%. the average two-bedroom apartment is just under $2,500. berkeley went up just over 4%. san jose up by nearly 2%. the lowest rent is in oakland right now, two-bedroom around $2,000 in rent.
6:39 am
prices are still down nearly 20% compared to last year. happening now, lake tahoe lieders are introducing a novel idea to tackle a vexing problem. the problem is with visitors and work from homers, now flocking to the tahoe region. they're bringing litter, pollution, and a lot of traffic issues, not to mention conflicts with locals. so visitors are being asked to behave themselves literally. tourist bureaus are rolling out the traveler responsibility pledge, outlining proper conduct. it includes just picking up after yourself and keeping wildlife wild. also make sure that you're fire safe, have the defensible space and demonstrate mindful travel. i head up to tahoe a lot and there's a tahoe way of life. it's very laid back and mellow and it is probably hard for people from the city to go up there and bring that intensely
6:40 am
there. you got to let it go. not the litter. pick up after yourself. let everything go and be hospitable. >> for folks who want to come back again. "y'all come back now, you hear" remember that? people should be looking up the forecast. kari? >> yes, i have a live camera, now that the sun is up, and we are starting out with a beautiful view here, who knows, maybe even some of these condos right here. we have some people working from home or working from a vacation for the bay area, and we'll reach you the to the low it's going to continue to warm up and before you know it, we'll see some 70s by the end of the week. here we're also waking up to a beautiful sunrise in walnut creek, as you get ready to head out the door you'll need a jacket to start but not so much this afternoon. take a look at this trend. we're going from the low 50s to the upper 70s by later on this afternoon. we'll talk about the warmup in the forecast, and what's ahead
6:41 am
for the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> pretty good. we'll start with silicon valley. santa clara county you're basically at a minimum for your drive times because you're at speed for the freeways, except for 101, where i've circled through san jose and we expect that to be a slower spot. fluctuating speeds right around 50 on average where it's orange there and that's pretty good. that's basically minimum we see in the morning. we're looking at a little slowing for the san mateo bridge approaching the toll plaza, a little more traffic comes off of hayward, the nimitz slows off the castro valley y as well before 238. a general build in the commute. look at that. one crash in concord, 242, really messed up the drive between pittsburg and walnut creek, clearly you see which route of these three has an advantage, and the bay bridge toll plaza does have the backup, sticks around there but there's movement, we'll take that and the sun's in your eyes, going from san francisco in toward oakland.
6:42 am
be careful. >> looks pretty bright out there, thanks so much, mike. coming up next, looks pretty bright for olympians as well. less than 100 days to go until the olympic games start in tokyo. the pandemic certainly looming large over the worldwide event. the new safety measures put into place before the first competition takes place. plus get your cap and gowns ready in-person graduations are back, what health experts are saying about plans to resume the age-old high school tradition. and? >> i made it. >> i love you. >> lifelong dream realized. if you ever found yourself toiling away wondering if you'll ever reach those goals we have a moment of inspiration on the way. the achievement making one man's parents very proud as well, next on "today in the bay."
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this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it.
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good wednesday morning. loading up the getting ready to drop the kids off in school at heavier jacket needed but not so much later l be in the upper 60s. we'll talk about a warmup in our forecast and calling all astronomers, what we need you on the lookout for, coming up in a few minutes. >> i'm looking with the camera pointing to the roadway and we see the backup out of contra costa county, this is a richmond bridge headed toward the north bay, also slowing out toward
6:46 am
alameda county for the east shore west 80. the south bay build we saw starting to loosen up a bit for san jose, from 101 at 280, up past oakland road. >> thanks so much, mike. quarter to 6:00 right now -- quarter to 7:00 i should say. child immunization campaigns are interrupted as health organizations focus on covid vaccinations. united nations children's fund or unicef says it's impacted the campaign for measles and yellow fever. communities around the world are seeing the disparities without the routine campaigns. you can help get the campaigns back on track. >> for every posting or sharing or referencing social media account, a unicef social media account using #vaccineswork, funders will give $1, up to $5 to promote life-saving vaccine work. >> to see the full story check out nbc lx, it's 11-15 over the air, channel 185 on xfinity
6:47 am
cable or any time at your leisure on this morning. laura, we are in double digits now, 85 days until the summer 2020 olympics in tokyo. the athletes and the world optimistic about the start of the delayed games. >> that's right but is tokyo? japan just declared a new state of emergency to deal with the pandemic. here's keir simmons with more. >> reporter: hey marcus, laura. good morning to you. in the last few hours, olympic organizers announced more rules for the olympics with many japanese people deeply concerned about holding the games with a surge in coronavirus infections and new variants in japan. the organizers now appear to be basing their strategy on a lot of testing, so athletes will be tested every day, games, participants others who aren't athletes to be tested regularly and also are talking about
6:48 am
controlling people's movements very carefully, restricting where they can go to eat, for example, and in addition to that, they say that they will not announce the numbers of spectators at the games until june, so that by then they hope they'll have a better picture of exactly how things are looking in japan. all of the effort today was to try to reassure the japanese people that these games can be held safely. this perhaps one of the most challenging olympic games that has been held in history. guys? >> thanks so much, keir. remember, you can only watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area, the opening ceremony is planned for july 23rd. it is 6:48. in-person high school graduations for the class of 2021 will take place in san francisco. mayor london breed made the
6:49 am
announcement. students will be seated socially distanced and be allowed four guests in pods watching from the stands. most senior, thrilled it won't be an online event. >> high school's a lot of work. you put a lot of effort into it so getting a chance to actually graduate with your friends and you know, being able to see each other is a great feeling. >> city leaders are raising funds for stages and big screens for the celebrations. they'll take place in june. trending this morning, a veteran golfer reduced to tears telling his parents he's made it to the big leagues. >> how are you? >> all right. >> i made it. >> i love you! >> that's golfer michael vilsacki, going viral after dwhfrg week for his first ever pga tournament. the valspar championship in florida, he's 27 and he says that his parents have been by his side every step of the way.
6:50 am
>> i live with my parents so they keep on supporting me, they've been helping me out since i was 8 years old. i've never once thought about finding a part-time job. >> never given up on those dreams. visacki says qualifying this week is all the more special because he lives nearby in sarasota. >> so great. something about seeing your kids succeed, it's such a wonderful feeling. >> when you see a man like that cry after doing something, you can just imagine all the hard work, the ups and downs, and everything he's been through. >> hours. >> keep charging ahead. keep charging ahead. okay, we got to get outside and go today. what's the forecast going to look like? >> let's shoot for the stars. let's look up at the stars tonight. let's go out of this world and calling all astronomers to look at the asteroid belt between
6:51 am
mars and jupiter. what they're looking for is a particular asteroid and it will only move by very narrow part of the country here in the bay area, we'll see it and it's going to be passing by right at 12:28 in the morning and the varsavia asteroid. they need people to give their sightings. if you don't know what you're looking for, you can meet up at golden gate bridge near the archery and they're going to start there at about 8:00 with some more experienced astronomers and telescopes and they'll be able to tell you what to look for. so that's going to be something really cool to check out. i posted the information on my social media on twitter and facebook. i'm @karihallweather if you'd like to check that out. we should have a clear sky. we've seen a lot of sunshine here and we're going to see that continue in the forecast, as our dry weather continues. our temperatures have been very comfortable. so we're looking at our highs reaching into the low 70s for today, going around the bay, we'll see our highs reaching in
6:52 am
some spots into the low 80s. as we go through the seven-day forecast, our inland valleys in spots like dublin as well as santa rosa expected to reach up to 84 degrees today. 83 tomorrow and some gusty winds for the weekend, and it's going to also still be quite dry out there, continuing into next week, while san francisco will see some mid-60s and some gusty winds all throughout the weekend. mike, you've been watching the roads. how is it looking right now? >> pretty good, kari. i have a reason for one of the slowdowns. let' look at the map, top circled first, castro valley y more volume of traffic, a little slowing north 238, and also for south 880. that's typical headed into hayward out of castro valley. circle at the bottom the slowing for san jose a disabled vehicle at the top of the slowing is northbound 101 at 880, and the reason for that slowdown is a disabled vehicle. over here at the bay bridge toll plaza we have the backup, pretty standard but more slowing through berkeley out of richmond
6:53 am
for westbound 80. back to you. >> thanks, mike. seniors and those with disabilities can get a free ride county.vaccines in santa clara the driver will pick up the resident and caregiver from their home, take them to their appointment and take them right back home. santa clara county is also offering free bus and light rail rides to other residents that need to get their vaccines. coming up next, a quick look at our top stories. the east bay police chief now speaking out after the release of body camera video showing the death of a man in custody. what he says happened, as family members start raising comparisons to the george floyd case. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
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. 6:56. welcome back. here is a quick look at top stories we're following. alameda police releasing body cam video tied to the death of a man in police custody. >> bob redell is outside police headquarters. what are police saying this morning? >> reporter: we did ask the interim police chief, do you think excessive force was used when officers tried to arrest mario gonzalez. chief acknowledges that yes this video you're about to see is hard to watch but says it's way too early to say whether or not excessive force was used. this video is disturbing. early last week alameda police responded to a local park for calls about a man who was under the influence and possibly
6:57 am
involved in a theft. families say gonzalez was having a beer in the park when police tried to restrain him. officers struggled to handcuff gonzalez as you could see in this video and nearly hour-long body cam footage, you can also hear an officer say mario, please stop fighting us. one officer ends up with his knee on gonzalez's back for four minutes. gonzalez eventually losing consciousness, officers start life-saving procedures, they call the fire department, gonzalez died later at the hospital. police say gonzalez was 26 years old, had a medical emergency. gonzalez's family spoke outside the police department yesterday right before police made this video public. >> the police killed my brother in the same manner that they killed george floyd. >> i understand why people would draw that comparison and you know, of course it happened contemporaneous to the chauvin trial. i do see when i watch the video i do see a conversation between two of the officers about trying
6:58 am
to not put too much pressure or excuse me, avoid pressure on mr. gonzalez's back. i believe there's been accusations that the officers put their knee on mr. gonzalez's neck and i didn't see that when i watched the video but again, i want the entire investigation to be borne out before we make those kinds of pronouncements. >> reporter: family says mario gonzalez who was from oakland was the father of a 4-year-old boy and main caretaker of his 22-year-old brother who has autism. the police chief says the city hired an independent law firm to conduct the internal investigation. they've also asked the alameda county sheriff's office to conduct its own investigation in parallel and as is standard procedure the district attorney's office is also investigating. the police department is waiting on autopsy results into the cause of death. the three officers involved are on paid administrative leave until this investigation is complete. reporting live here in alameda, bob redell, "today in the bay."
6:59 am
>> bob, thank you. a live look on capitol hill this morning, today the president will hold his first joint address to congress. he'll highlight his achievements during his first 100 days and make a new push for action on job creation and assistance to struggling families. he's expected to push for police reform and new gun laws and pass his $2 trillion infrastructure plan and tout free preschool plan. a quick check of weather before we go. >> it's going to be nice and sunny again today. but a little bit warmer compared to yesterday, with our inland highs reaching into the low 80s. we'll see that again tomorrow. just slightly cooler for the weekend. mike, how is the commute rolling? >> contra costa county tough drive through concord and bay point. and san jose good news the disabled vehicle cleared to the center divide. so 101 recovering. that's good stuff.
7:00 am
>> we like good stuff. we love when you join us as well. that's going to do it for us. >> come back tomorrow as we take a live look at the bay bridge getting started with our wednesday, and we'll see you back here tomorrow. the "today" show is next. face forward the long-awaited, new guidelines from the cdc lifting most outdoor mask recommendations for the fully vaccinated >> we made stunning progress because of all of you, the american people. >> just ahead, where officials say even unvaccinated people can go maskless. but could the cdc have gone further? we'll break it all down live with doctor anthony fauci.


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