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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 28, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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[ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪ [ singing in spanish ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: join us tomorrow night. luke bryan and brian regan will be here, and we'll have poetry from rupi kaur my thanks to michael che, kate upton, nicki nicole, lunay and the roots. thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth myers." good night, everybody. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers --" ed helms host of "the circle," comedian michelle buteau, senator from montana, jon tester featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers, and this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? all right. that's great to hear let's get to the news. president biden is set to make his first address to a joint session of congress tomorrow and just a piece of advice, joe, no matter how nervous you are,
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do not picture that crowd naked. president biden's first address to a joint session of congress tomorrow will limit attendees due to the coronavirus pandemic. though, for what it's worth, congress hasn't had a ton of success limiting attendees lately president biden today announced new guidance for wearing masks outdoors and good news for everybody on my commute, it's this. the census bureau announced yesterday that the official u.s. population is 331,449,281 that i know of. [ laughter ] can we tell our writers not to write in "wink" as the stage directions [ laughter ] it's very creepy goldich, by the way. yeah, goldich. call him up. house republican conference chair liz cheney said in a new interview that she is not ruling out running for president in 2024. i don't know, is america really ready for another president cheney
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former republican congressman doug collins announced yesterday that he will not run for georgia senate seat in 2022, but only because georgia is phasing out elections. new york governor andrew cuomo announced yesterday that the state fair will reopen this summer at 50% capacity and this is surprising he's still planning to have his kissing booth. [ laughter ] "it's no big deal. it's who i am. it's what i do." according to reports, fewer people watched sunday night's academy awards ceremony than ever before. "thank god," said daniel kaluuya's mom [ laughter ] a florida family was recently charged with fraud in federal court for allegedly selling bottles of bleach that they claimed were a miracle cure for the coronavirus, while another florida family was almost re-elected for it. according to a new study, handwashing rates have fallen to pre-pandemic levels. at this point most people don't even get to birthday "happy - okay, whatever, i'll clean."
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residents of a texas town last week reported seeing a tornado and a rainbow appear at the same time unfortunately, no one could follow up with any of the residents because they were immediately raptured chincoteague island in virginia has canceled its annual pony swim for the second year in a row due to the coronavirus pandemic they checked all the participants for symptoms, and one of them was a little hoarse. [ laughter ] a little hoarse. goldich won me back. i was mad about the wink joke. but did you hear that, ed? [ laughter ] they checked the ponies, a little hoarse. officials in indonesia are looking for two tourists who allegedly made a pornographic video on a sacred volcano, which means it's time for "interactive mono joke. ♪
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> > seth: if you want to hear the punchline, "sounds hot," press 1. if you want to hear the punchline, "they're probably used to some burning down there," press 2. if you want to hear the punchline, "they were lavas," press 3. okay let's see what you picked. you picked four. none of the above. [ laughter ] thanks for playing, everyone ♪ and, finally, tampa bay buccaneers star rob gronkowski set a world record over the weekend by catching a football dropped from a helicopter over 600 feet in the air. though i thought it was way more impressive that he caught the helicopter [ laughter ] "gronk have new bird." "no, gronk, that's not a bird! "bird have people inside it. that was a monologue, everybody. we got a great show for you tonight. you know him from "the office" and "the hangover. and he's got a new show, "rutherford falls" on peacock, ed helms will be here.
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always happy to talk to ed she's a funny comedian you know from her netflix comedy special, who you can see hosting the competition series, "the circle," michelle buteau is gonna join us here in studio and he is a u.s. senator from montana, jon tester will be here but before we get to all that, most of the time, when you turn on the news these days you see a depressing story about the pandemic or climate change or about how the pandemic is affecting climate change but every once in a while there's one tiny, tiny little story that's not depressing and it's time to share one in a segment called, "the kind of story we need to know right now. ♪ >> seth: this is kristi wade earlier this month kristi and her husband were standing in their driveway getting ready to take their cat to the vet when something insane happened. a rabid bobcat crawled out from under kristi's car, jumped onto her back, and started attacking her. and then something even more insane happened. kristi's husband grabbed the bobcat off her back and threw it across the lawn. the entire incident was caught on video on the couple's doorbell camera.
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take a look. >> good morning. i need to wash my car. [ yowling >> oh, my god! oh, my god >> that's a bobcat oh, my god get out, get out, get out. get out. kristi, watch out! i'll shoot that [ bleep >> seth: this is the kind of story we need right now. the world is full of doorbell cameras, and all they do is catch footage of terrible things like a peeping tom or a neighbor stealing your amazon package not this doorbell cam. this doorbell cam caught a frigging action movie! look at this one minute, kristi's husband is contemplating his to-do list for the day.
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>> i need to wash my car >> seth: and the next minute he's doing this. ding dong! m. night shyamalan wishes he made a movie with a twist like that you want to hear another twist this man right here, this man who threw a wild animal 20 feet in the air and yelled "i'll shoot the [ bleep ]" what do you think his name is? larry? bill nope happy. this man's first name is happy, as in if a bobcat attacks my wife, i'm happy to chuck its ass across the lawn. honestly, the man should be chill, because listen to how chill he is as he recounts the incident >> i just remember seeing this face and it was trying to bite her right there in the side of the neck and so i shoved my arm in, and that's why i ended up with it like this. >> seth: oh, i see so it probably didn't hurt that much, right? >> i could literally feel the tooth on my knuckle. >> seth: this is the kind of story we need right now. this guy's taking one cat to the vet and putting another cat in the hospital also, we've got millions of
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americans complaining that face masks are too uncomfortable. meanwhile, this guy chucked a bobcat after tooth hit knuckle, and he's fine. now, i just want to point out that this is not the first time we've done a segment about a human fighting a bobcat. three years ago i told you the story of dede phillips, a grandma, who was attacked by a rabid bobcat and strangled it to death with her bare hands. which begs two questions one, who are all these people who are willing to touch a bobcat i don't even want to touch a bowl that just came out of the microwave. and two, when will bobcats learn their lesson [ laughter ] if you attack a human, not only are you going to get physically served, you're gonna get made fun of on late night television. this woman strangled a bobcat to protect her granddaughter. this man threw a bobcat to protect his wife if you're wondering how i would fare in a bobcat attack, check out this clip of me with a lemur. [ laughter ] >> so there are spurs on their lips >> seth: so when he leaves you won't really be gone oh my god. [ laughter ] [ applause ]
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>> sorry >> seth: if a bobcat attacked my family in the driveway, my only move would be to dive into the car and lock all the doors and if my wife yelled through the window, "what should i do," i'd say "watch the kind of story we need right now," all the answers are there. when asked about the incident, kristi wade told reporters that she and her husband are animal lovers and that it was, quote, "very difficult for my husband to do that." but i got to say, it didn't look that difficult since the attack, kristi and happy wade have been treated for their injuries and these days they're doing great. and you know who else is doing great? the bobcat just kidding, he shot him. [ laughter ] but this is still the kind of story we need right now. ♪ we'll be right back with ed helms ♪ like many people with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease, i was there.
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♪ >> seth: our first guest tonight is a very funny actor who you know from his work on "the office" and "the hangover" films. he stars in the movie "together together," which is currently playing in theaters nationwide he also stars in the new series "rutherford falls," which is streaming now on peacock let's take a look. >> a chew stick. >> yes, lawrence rutherford's chew stick your ancestors taught him how to make one it's very simple
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>> you bristle the edges by pounding it with a stone and chew on it with some mint. >> exactly, and then my family brought that technology to the masses selling toothbrushes to soldiers and fur traders >> guess you could say we got the short end of the stick on that one [ laughter ] >> that's a good one i'm going to use that. can i use that >> no. >> then i won't. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, our friend, ed helms how are you, ed? it's lovely to see you >> i am, pretty good >> seth: that is -- you know what, we will fully take that these days you are someone like myself, who has a toddler. i've got a couple. you've got one how has the last year been >> uh, terrific. [ laughter ] cause i'm an amazing dad and my daughter is an angel she's perfect. no, it's been trying [ laughter ] there's something about the -- this much time together that is
12:52 am
both amazing and incredible, and also it's -- how can i say - complicated. >> seth: you know, though, i have to say, i feel as though i'm about to shame other dads on your behalf because you took up some crafting with your daughter >> yeah. >> seth: and we've shown some pretty janky crafts that parents have done for their kids over this past year but, ed, these are genuinely impressive tell me a little about this train here >> yeah. so that was right at the beginning of the pandemic. i was sort of spiraling, and i just needed something to focus on this was more for me than my kid. and it took me like three weeks of full-time paper mache and cardboard work pretty proud of that one actually >> seth: this is beautiful a treehouse, but the treehouse looks beautiful, but maybe did not have the best ending >> yeah. that one - that was really fun to make. and then i'm really proud of it,
12:53 am
my daughter loves it and an arborist came and told us that that tree is dying and will probably need to be taken out. [ laughter ] >> seth: arborists almost never have good news, is my experience and then i'm going to just be honest with you so you don't think i was just blowing smoke on the first two this is a pretty -- pretty bad rocket ship. >> yeah. [ laughter ] so, yeah, about a couple of months into the pandemic we just started phoning it in and just sort of throwing things together >> seth: yeah, but no. i mean, they're really good. good tug boat. the tug boat i'm very impressed with >> yeah, tug boat i was getting my act back together again i put some more effort, some design work into this one. >> seth: and this is like -- this looks professional, ed. >> thank you yes, this was next-level i really went after it on a doll house. still working on that one. >> seth: did you, like, leave -- is that sand paper, like, there to impress us, to let us know exactly the amount of elbow grease you've put into this? >> yeah. oh, i'm still working on that
12:54 am
one. >> seth: you must be happy to hear that the cdc has stopped the pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine because i hear tell that that is what you received >> yeah. i got the johnson & johnson. and, yeah, i was lucky it didn't give me side effects or anything, and i think - it's weird - like, that's the shampoo company, right >> seth: yeah. >> baby shampoo. that's my association with johnson & johnson. >> seth: no tears. >> that's all i think of so to think that like the baby shampoo company is helping save the planet is a little bit of a cognitive disconnect >> seth: yeah. i haven't thought about that it's also weird to think that they eat at the same cafeteria, like the shampoo people and the vaccine people [ laughter ] >> yeah. they're just swapping stories, and the shampoo people are like, well, we're saving kids from lice, i guess. [ laughter ] but i couldn't help wondering when i got this shot if maybe it
12:55 am
was baby shampoo >> seth: oh, i see yeah see, it's fun at this point to hear a new conspiracy theory that you haven't heard before. [ laughter ] >> yeah, not to contribute to vaccine skepticism i completely endorse it. go get vaccinated. >> seth: that baby shampoo does a wonder on the coronavirus. um, hey, one thing that i feel a lot of people return to during the pandemic, not just because it is wonderful, but it also is great comfort to people, is "the office." have you -- i mean, i know from, you know, being friendly with so many of you in that cast that over the years you continue to hear more and more about the show but this year must've been even exponential compared to that >> yeah. i mean, the staying power of that show is totally incredible. it's breathtaking. and i heard from so many friends and loved ones that they were tuning in to kind of get through
12:56 am
the tough times. and it's just a testament to the, i think, how warm that show is you know like it's really about a community, it's about people that are there for each other. and that's what we need sometimes. >> seth: you met mike schur working on that show, and he has since made so many shows that are about communities and about warmth and character and you had long wanted to do a show, the two of you guys together, and now you have with "rutherford falls. how did it come about? >> yeah, so, we were buddies on "the office. yeah, he's - you've known him from "snl" days right? he has terrible things to say about you. i don't -- >> seth: he's a bad guy. he's a bad guy >> he's a terrible person. but we just, yeah, always wanted to do something together, and then we had this idea about, like, what if somebody's really having trouble coming to terms
12:57 am
with historical narratives and whether or not they're true, and why do we cling to these things? and what happens when they're proven false and we roped in our friend sierra teller ornelas because the show had a strong native american component, and we realized we're not equipped to tell those stories. and sierra's navajo, and we wound up with a writer's room that's half native american, and it's become this really meaningful moment of native american representation that i'm insanely proud and humbled to be a part of. and it's also a totally hilarious show [ laughter ] >> seth: it's very funny i was deeply offended by the northwestern university burn in the pilot. just want you to know that >> uh, it comes back around. keep watching cause northwestern gets some love >> seth: okay. thank you very much.
12:58 am
>> alright [ laughter ] okay >> seth: hey, you're also -- you have a new film in theaters, "together together." is it fun being out with two different things that i'm assuming you're proud of "together together" as well? >> i love that movie "together together", i'm insanely proud of it patti harrison is my co-star she's just a brilliant hilarious human being. and yeah, it's a little overwhelming having two things coming out right at the same time but there's something really nice about a movie coming out in theaters, right? it's like -- >> seth: yeah. i think -- i mean, i think the fact that you have two things coming out at the same time, we can forgive, like, how "the rocket" turned out do you know what i mean? >> here's the crazy thing, seth. that rocket, it works. >> seth: oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> it's been to space. >> seth: well -- i take it all back hey, congratulations, buddy. it is always really nice to see your face. >> it's great to see you, seth cheers
12:59 am
thanks >> seth: "rutherford falls" is currently streaming on peacock we'll be right back with michelle buteau. ♪ ♪ “crumbs” by jordan dennis ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ hey, how you doing baby? ♪ ♪ you look mighty fine, ♪ ♪ i figured i might come your way and ♪ ♪ roll up on you with that golden ticket ♪ ♪ shawty, can i get your digits, ♪ ♪ maybe we can kick it ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ ♪ you just wait till all my time is up ♪ ♪ you just wait till all my, ♪ ♪ you just wait till all my ♪ ♪ know you'll want me... ♪ smell irresistible. the new axe effect. right now, thousands of bartenders have nowhere to use their skills. [gas splashing in tank] the bulleit frontier fund is making a commitment to help bartenders keep doing what they do best. let's keep our bartenders pouring. keep doing what they do best. ♪ listen to your heart, ♪
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okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch. ♪ >> seth: i am so glad to have fred armisen leading the 8g band all week fred and our producer, eric leiderman, are on the april cover of "modern drummer" talking about our long-running rotating drummer program you can buy the issue or subscribe at how are you doing, fred? fred, this is such a great article, and you should all read it but some interesting facts fred, you were in a band called "kgb" and another called -- called "trenchmouth" fred.
1:04 am
i'm trying to promote the magazine and i feel like the back and forth - our next guest is a very funny comedian you know from filau: welcome to buteaupia." she returns as host of thew episodes wednesdays on netflix please welcome to the show, michelle buteau, in studio ♪ whoo >> oh, oh, oh. hi, everybody! >> seth: people, it's human being! [ laughter ] >> i'm here! >> seth: we're so, so happy to have you here. >> i am so happy to be had, are you kidding? >> seth: and you -- you used to work in local news for wnbc here in the building? >> yes yes, here in 30 rock i worked on the sixth or seventh floor who knows, it was a long time ago, i age well. and i worked the overnight shoot. and it was so crazy cause i
1:05 am
would come in, like, a little tipsy every day. no big deal, i was creative. that's what everyone thought >> seth: yep right. >> and i would just edit house fires and fall asleep in my chair and just, like, eat bagels and crepe breakfasts for four years. i am so excited to be here i'm always talking to my 2-year-old twins, and you're an adult! >> seth: 2-year-old twins, my goodness so you started a pandemic basically with one -- two 1-year-olds at the same time >> yeah, and my husband. so it felt like three children [ laughter ] i'm just saying, pick up after yourself [ laughter ] you know what? this is so - i love that no one's here to, like, laugh, cause it feels like i've just started comedy all over again [ laughter ] there it is! >> seth: oh, it's giving you flashbacks flashbacks to the early days >> a little bit, a little bit. like, "where's my drink ticket?" you know [ laughter ] >> seth: when you say -- what time did your shift start at wnbc for the overnight >> sometimes midnight, sometimes 1:30 a.m yeah, and i would sneak comedians in here. this was before security was really tight i'm just spilling all the tea. >> yeah. >> seth: what is it, teatime oh, my god plus-sized meghan markle, take it down.
1:06 am
[ laughter ] and i used to give them a ten-cent tour and take them to the "snl" studios just to get, like, a quick pick >> seth: so you were doing that job when you were still getting started as a comedian? >> yes i actually started standup a few days after 9/11 because i worked so many hours just editing the worst possible footage, and i thought, "this is a good time to start standup. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: i mean, not really when you think about it i mean, if you thought the news was gnarly, and then that happened, you'd be like, "this is a good time to get out. and i think it proved that you were right >> well, thank you very much >> seth: yeah. >> are you my therapist? i'm going to leave you four out of four on zocdoc. you are doing it [ laughter ] >> seth: you know, i didn't used to feel like a therapist, but ever since people had to move from the chair to the couch -- [ laughter ] >> i know! >> seth: so you, i deeply felt for comedians who had schedules -- sorry, had scheduled their specials, and then because of this - >> yeah. >> seth: lost that chance because obviously i think there is mentally your timing for that moment, right? you want the material to be just
1:07 am
right. you were scheduled, like, two weeks after everything shut down, and you moved it up. >> yeah. >> seth: not knowing, right? >> no, not at all. >> seth: so you got it in just under the wire >> yes and i picked march 1st, that date, 2020, because it's my grandmother's birthday and she's no longer with us, but i thought "what a great fun night to still celebrate mavis and, you know, get the special in." and netflix and the production company really thought we should do it at the end of march. and i'm just, like, "look, y'all, i've been doing comedy for 18 years, i can do the special tomorrow on a subway platform, let's just get it done." you know what i mean so i'm so glad i did because then i got to, like, share it with the rest of the world but i think also just dropping content during probably one of the worst years -- >> seth: yeah. >> of our life, it was conflicting because there is so much going on, i didn't want to be, like, "hey, everyone, i know you're waiting on your stimulus check, but can you like my special? it's so crazy, but i also realized that, you know, people really needed some joy a lot of people keep telling me they joy watched it, which makes me feel like a size 16 i'm ready to go bathing suit
1:08 am
shopping every time somebody says that. >> seth: you obviously got to edit it in a time when everybody was locked down. >> yeah. >> seth: so you actually had a thing to do. [ laughter ] did you enjoy going through it and watching this? >> no, i hate watching myself. >> seth: yeah, it's awful. >> it's like being in one of those expensive hotels which there's a mirror right in front of the toilet. [ laughter ] you know what it feels like. you don't got to watch it. too much too soon. look at my legs, yes, come on. >> seth: they look good. >> i'm gonna get it. >> seth: the boots look great, everything >> i look like a substitute teacher that could pass a drug test [ laughter ] >> seth: you did -- the pandemic did require you to change -- even though i should say "welcome to buteaupia" is a wonderful title, it was not your first choice >> it was not. we were originally going to call it "a good ass year. because i was having such a good year [ laughter ] and then everybody including myself, we were having a not so good year. so we're like, "we can't call it a good ass year, that's too much." that's like calling my special "i got all my stimulus checks on time."
1:09 am
>> seth: right >> it's like, "stop bragging, bitch. can i say bitch? >> seth: yeah. >> oh, wow, bitch! [ laughter ] how many people? like seven >> seth: well, you can't say it twice. >> i'm sorry don't come at me but, yeah, we ended up going with "welcome to buteaupia" because that was always sort of, you know, a plan b in the back of my mind but i was also, like, people always mess up my name, so i thought this would, like, be a really fun way to introduce people to not only my world but my last name >> seth: yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: and we talked a little bit backstage. it was so -- you won a critic's choice award for this special. >> yes >> seth: you share the award with jerry seinfeld. >> who's that? just kidding >> seth: it's nice it's nice for both of you guys to get a break [ laughter ] >> it was so crazy because when home girl was, like, "it's a tie, that means two people won." i'm like, "i know what that means girl." and then she said seinfeld i was like, "oh, i got to lose twice? okay." just trying to smile the whole time but it's so wild i mean, i'm so grateful and thankful because, you know, this
1:10 am
is why i always tell people whatever you want to do, don't give up. just keep doing whatever you got to do because it won't happen when you expect it to, but it'll be so much sweeter and, you know, the fact that i finally got to not only be nominated, but win, but also be in my pajamas and a dress at home is crazy. but, you know, the biggest thing is, you know, my kids will look back on that and be proud of me. you know what i mean >> seth: yeah. >> they'll be like, "mom won this." the first female to win, which is bananas >> seth: i did not even realize that that's crazy i also want to ask about this. i spent a few years living in holland. you're married to a dutch gentleman. >> i am. gijs is his name [ laughter ] >> seth: gijs? with a g-e-i-s >> g-i-j-s >> seth: g-i-j-s >> yes >> seth: oh, my god, so buteau's hard, what do people call him? >> boo they call him bob, they call him boo, james i mean, you -- the netherlands -- no? [ speaking foreign language >> okay.
1:11 am
[ speaking foreign language [ laughter ] >> "oh, i don't know what that means! i need subtitles okay, rosetta stone. no, it's really interesting being married to someone that speaks a language that not a lot of people understand >> seth: right >> cause they always think it's german or something south african, like afrikaans or whatever so, yeah, man, it's a whole learning lesson. >> seth: and is he speaking it to the twins >> he is >> seth: all right so they know like cheese and kaas, and they'll just say dog and doy and goodbye, and stuff and i love it. you know a lot of people are, like, "do you want to know what they're saying?" i'm like, "no, i want to take a break. [ laughter ] let them talk to each other. you come at me if you need me. you know where i'm at. i'll be in the kitchen watching these fools. >> seth: you were saying -- you know, and again, i think a lot of comedians it's been a really difficult year again, you caught a break in that you got your special out. but, you know, especially when you're building a standup act, it's so important to have an audience >> yeah. >> seth: whereas, when you're doing a half-baked monologue, it's totally the same. [ laughter ]
1:12 am
but i want to ask this because i did do comedy for a long time in front of dutch audiences i find them to be a very fair audience, but a very honest audience >> you sound like you're married to a dutch person. no, they're horrible i'm just kidding look, no, dutch people, it's really funny dutch people are sort of like your family, right so, you know, you can't make fun of them, but, you know, they can make fun of themselves, but you can't make fun of them they get very offended >> seth: gotcha. >> but, you know, funny is funny. so i feel like if the world is laughing, then they'll laugh along. so now they like it. but before when i was working my material out there, they didn't like it. >> seth: really? >> yeah. >> seth: but i -- they're a very honest people. so, is that helpful? when you -- does your husband tell you when -- i mean, i'm sure he's a fan of yours, but is he ever like, "this part is not funny? >> um, you know, he knows now. i told him, it's not what you say, it's how you say it so it's not like, "it's not funny. it's just like, "you could use more work on that. do you know what i mean? >> seth: right, that's good. >> yeah, they're very blunt --
1:13 am
>> seth: gotcha. >> even when you don't want to know >> seth: my wife is not dutch, but she got a dutch passport so she could criticize me [ laughter ] >> i love that do you know ten years ago i did a pilot with your brother? >> seth: i do. >> in l.a. for the e! network, and i'm still waiting to hear if it gets picked up. [ laughter ] i hope it does >> seth: congratulations on this second season of "the circle." is that a fun show to do >> oh, it's so much fun. i mean, season one, it was like, "what a wild idea. we're all going to be in quarantine what's that like?" and now season two, we're like, "yeah, yeah, we got it we got it. let me just win this money." but it's very fun. >> seth: well, that's cool congratulations on that and the special. and very excited as i am with all comedians i'm fans of to see you back in front of people again. it will be great for all of us season two of "the circle" streaming now on netflix >> yes >> seth: we'll be right back with senator jon tester. >> yes ♪
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is a united states senator from montana. please welcome to the show senator jon tester thank you for joining us, senator. >> good to be with you, seth thank you. >> seth: so, you are both a senator from montana and the only senator who is a working farmer which of those jobs, be honest with us, is harder >> oh, wow i mean, for me i think it's being a senator. i mean, truth is there's a lot of things you can't control in production agriculture, but there's a lot of things you can't control being a united states senator, too so i would say that there's a bigger challenge plus, there is so many things worldwide and domestically you have to deal with. yeah, it's being a u.s. senator. >> seth: with that said, you can not be a farmer via zoom and i think that speaks to - it's maybe a little bit physically harder. >> well, you know, yeah, it is
1:20 am
physically, it is much more difficult because you're out working. and, by the way, the combination of these two jobs tends to make your body hurt at night when you go to bed. but it's good. no, they're 180 degrees different in every aspect. >> seth: is it true that you butcher and bring your own meat from montana to d.c. >> it is, yes. my wife and i ran a custom butcher shop from the time we took over the farm in the late '70s till i got in the state legislature in the late '90s and so we tend to like to eat the meat that we process and that's what we do. and then i've got a beer cooler that holds, you know, a fair amount of beef and every month or so i'll bring out some meat to eat >> seth: so, we're about a hundred days into the biden presidency you're obviously a democratic senator in a red state how is the, or i should say, how are the progressive policies of joe biden playing back home so far? >> well, look, i think joe's done a great job, especially
1:21 am
when it comes to the pandemic. and then i think he's put forth some policies that'll help middle america and regular folks. you know, the jury is still out, but so far so good i like what he's done so far and i will tell you that there are folks that are always going to poke holes for political reasons. but i think if you look at what joe's done in the last hundred days, it's hard to be critical i think he's done a good job >> seth: you talked in your book about how, you know, rural america and democratic, you know, legislation do tend to line up, but maybe democrats don't do a particularly good job with messaging and it seems like rural america has maybe just been ceded to the republican party what do you think democrats have to do to reconnect with rural america? and is something like president biden proposing rural broadband a step in the right direction? >> uh, yeah, absolutely. broadband is absolutely one of the things that we need to really focus on cause rural
1:22 am
america is very, very disconnected there are a lot of people that are unserved, a lot of people underserved. i got a cell phone that, you know, it works once in a while when i'm on the farm but not very often but overall i think democrats need to talk about what they're accomplishing a lot more and i think we need to go into rural america and put that message out. and i think if we were able to do that, i think we'd be a lot more successful. and infrastructure's a good place to start, seth and broadband's a good place to start in the infrastructure realm. >> seth: you were one of the eight democratic senators to vote against the federal minimum wage increase to $15 yet, you've also advocated for increasing t in 2014 you thought it should go up to $10. why did you vote against it, and what is, obviously, as someone who feels like it should be higher than it is now, what are the next steps forward >> well, i voted against the 15
1:23 am
cause it was pretty unclear a lot of things in it were not made clear, like do benefits count, for example and i think we ought to encourage employers to give benefits to their employees. but that aside, i will say this. working people need to get paid for their hard work. there's no doubt about that. what the right amount is much more difficult, as you've already said and here's why in rural america, manhattan, montana, is a lot different than manhattan, new york, for example. and those small businesses, mom and pop shops for the most part, if they are closed down because of this minimum wage, that's another nail in the coffin of rural america. and we've seen rural america dry up the last 60, 70 years in a big, big way so i think we need to be thoughtful about it. there's a group, there's a bipartisan group that's coming together that hopefully will come forth with a proposal that will get us to $15 over time and i think that will be something that hopefully we can get bipartisan support for >> seth: i feel as though we
1:24 am
don't talk about, on a national stage, native voters much. they are a constituency that has supported you in your time in elected office obviously, this is not a voting block that's a monolith in any way, shape, or form. but how is it that you connect with a voting group that we simply just don't talk about that much? >> well, it's a pretty well known fact that native americans have a lot of challenges, especially large land-based ones and i will tell you that not unlike any other voting group, if you go out there and listen to their concerns and really hear them, and come back, and go to work and try to solve some of their problems, letting them drive the bus but letting the federal government help them solve, whether it's unemployment issues or clean water -- issues that, by the way, affect every community in this country. then they will support you if they know you're out there doing your best to take care of the problems that they have, they will support you. and i think that's pretty well
1:25 am
proven it is a pretty decent voting block in montana it's about 6, 7% of the population so it's significant. but more important than that is that if you're able to lift up some of the unemployment problems that they have in indian country, it literally helps the entire state, it helps the entire country >> seth: i want to finish by asking you this. my father-in-law, who's a wonderful man and a musician, who lost a couple of fingers, still plays guitar now, you lost one more finger than he did. you lost three fingers in a farming accident, correct? >> yeah. i stuck my hand in a meat grinder at the wrong time. and you never want to get in a fight with power equipment because power equipment wins >> seth: and yet you still say being a senator is harder. [ laughter ] now, i think that's the worst thing you've said about d.c. this whole interview but the thing i wanted to get to, because this is a story of triumph. you still learned how to play trumpet despite that how is that even possible? >> well, this accident happened in between my fourth and fifth grade year in
1:26 am
big sandy, montana, they started music in fifth grade i was going to play saxophone, to be honest well, you miss three digits you aren't going to play sax so i took up trumpet and it worked, man, it just worked and like i told my kids and like my parents told me, you got to be good at something, and i was a pretty decent trumpet player at one time in my life and it propelled me through college. and quite honestly when i started running for the state legislature i brought my horn with me and played a few tunes when it was appropriate, and it helped me in electoral politics, too. so it's been good. i don't think i'd be a u.s. senator without my music that's been in my past for sure >> seth: well, that is truly a story of perseverance. thanks for sharing it. and thanks so much for making time for us today. >> hey seth, always a pleasure thank you very much. >> seth: senator jon tester, everybody. we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪
1:27 am
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♪ >> seth: before we move on, i have been talking a lot, my new binge show, my new tv fascination, as i've shared with you, shoemaker, is "tiny secret whisperers. and a lot of people have been saying in the comments that they don't know where to find it. it is on butternut, which is a streaming service that we've talked about it is a -- it basically specializes in shows that have non-american casts that play american characters. it is very good. and they have been sending me screeners for new shows. because -- and again, i don't have any financial relation with butternut, but i'm obviously a fan of their work and so they reach out through publicists this is all show biz stuff that's not particularly interesting. but they sent me -- they got a new show coming out, which is
1:33 am
fantastic. it takes place in coal country in west virginia norwegian cast and i just want to read -- it says -- it's the story of what happens when a mining crew digs up not just the skeletal remains of a body, but a secret the town has been hiding for decades. and it's called, "mine your own business. [ laughter ] so that's coming soon. but i think one of the other issues, why people aren't finding butternut is they have rebranded their name because i guess there was a problem -- a lot of people assumed butternut was a food network can't blame them for that. and so i guess they brought in some brand specialists, experts, whatever you called it and so it's now butternut, but the u's are y's. so it's bytternyt. [ laughter ] but i think the thought was,
1:34 am
kids like it, young people think something's cool when the letter -- like, you know, if you change an "s" to a "z" in your so, anyways, if you're looking, you know, on apple tv or wherever it is you download your streaming services it is bytternyt. and then "tiny secret whispers" was off this week, but they didn't tell you. so you turned it on and this is -- you know, again, i am supporting bytternyt and i think they're doing a great job, but it was, you know, you clicked on it, and then it was just an hour of black and then right at the end, it said, "we're off this week." [ laughter ] hey, speaking of -- we're on al,
1:35 am
plus all new "closer looks." we'll be right back. ♪ this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery. you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities.
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which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy. hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.


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