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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 27, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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custody. the news in 30 seconds. this california family is on the job helping our state's recovery. you see by keeping their vacation in california they're supporting our local businesses and communities. so you could say every juice box enjoyed on our beaches is also bringing nourishment to our state's economy. that's the taste of recovery. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. >> right now at 11:00, it is difficult to watch. police body cam video of a confrontation that ended up with a man dead. >> tonight that man's family said that it did not need to end that way, and they believe that the video proves it. >> also, it could be a game changer. the pill you can take at home to fight off covid-19.
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>> plus, sounding the alarm. what you are asked to do as drought conditions worsen. >> good evening and thank you for being with us. the confrontations and videos keep coming in. alameda police releasing video of officers trying to restrain a man who died in their custody. police say mario gonzalez had a medical emergency after being handcuffed. his family said police choked him to death, similar to george floyd's death. what do we know thus far? >> reporter: well, mario gonzalez's death is being investigated by three separate entities. the sheriff's department, d.a.'s office and an independent law firm and they are also waiting for autopsy reports. his family believes he was killed by police. the video you are about to see
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is very disturbing. tonight flowers and candles mark the spot where alameda police were called to this park last monday by neighbors. the family said an unarmed mario gonzalez was having a beer at the park when police tried to restrain him. this police body cam video shows what happened. >> it is hard to watch. >> the interim alameda police chief reacting to what happened when three officers made contact with gonzalez. in the video you can see officers placing his hands behind his back and one wrestling him to the ground and ending up on top of him. at one point you can see an officer's knee on gonzalez's back. >> do you think excessive force was used? >> it is way too early for me to
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be able to make a pronouncement on that. >> gonzalez's family stood outside the police department today right before law enforcement made the video public. >> the police killed my brother in the same manner they killed george floyd. >> i believe there are accusations that the officers put their knee on mr. gonzalez's next. i didn't see that when i watched the video. but i want the entire investigation to be drawn out before we make these pronouncements. >> all his family knows is that he is no longer alive, leaving behind a 4-year-old son for their family to care for. >> he yells mommy, mommy. my papi died. somebody killed him. >> reporter: three officers involved are on paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete. >> a bizarre crime in the south bay. police are looking for the
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person who shot this arrow. you see it there? into the back of a vta employee. it happened in south capital avenue this afternoon. that is near james lake high school. investigators say that the vta employee was taking a walk during his break when he was impaled, rushed to a local hospital and tonight he is in stable condition. for months we have been talking about injections. tonight the covid treatment in the form of a pill. pfizer said that the new drug could be available by the end of the year and could dramatically change the landscape of how we battle the coronavirus. terry mcsweeney explains. >> reporter: pfizer's experimental oral drug to treat covid-19 at the first sign of illness is being tested on healthy humans. the company's ceo making the bold prediction when it will be available to the public. >> if all goes well and we implement the same speed that we
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did so far and if regulators also do the same, and they are. i hope by the end of the year. >> the new drug would be the second anti-viral therapy for covid-19, join -- >> if they don't feel well, this would be given as an oral agent and would prevent, hopefully, getting sick with covid. >> reporter: the new drug is in a class of medicines that stop the virus from getting a protein that it needs to therapy can do during her research of hiv. >> anti-virals targeted against the same proteins revolutionized hiv and turned it from something that had high morbidity and
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mortality to a completely manageable infection. >> the people that we spoke to are in awe of the science. >> prevents you from getting covid at all. i would be totally open to this. >> the new treatment is only in the initial trials and far better than treatment is prevention which is why she advises all of us to get the vaccine. >> you can breathe easier now. the cdc announced if you are vaccinated you can go outside and don't have to wear a mask. governor newsome said california will align with the new guidelines. the president said it is a huge step forward in reopening the country. >> while we still have a long way to go in the fight and a lot of work to do in may and in june to get us to july 4, we have made stunning progress because
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of all of you, the american people. >> there are questions from a lot of people. you can see the break down here. it is pretty simple. if you are going out for a walk, run or a bike ride, no mask required and no mask needed for small outdoor gathering. if you are going somewhere where some people are vaccinated and some are not, those that are not vaccinated need to wear a mask. dining outdoors with friends. unvaccinated people need to wear a mask. what about attending a crowded outdoor event. everyone needs to still wear a mask. well, get ready for yellow. today a northern california county moved to the least restrictive yellow tier. in the yellow tier means bars that don't serve food can open at 25% capacity. indoor gyms, wineries and tasting rooms at 50% and outdoor live events are allowed at 67%
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capacity. san francisco county likely to move in to the next tier by next week if they keep their rates below 2%. are the vaccines working? the governor's office is giving us a look at break through cases across the state, people that test positive for covid after being fully vaccinated. 10.7 million californians are fully vaccinated. about 1,300 fully vaccinated people tested positive for covid. less than a quarter of a percent. no vaccine prevents 100% of diseases. overseas, the news is grim in india. hospitals continue to be overwhelmed as they try to treat covid patients with a critical shortage of supplies, in addition to oxygen running out,
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intensive care units are operating at full capacity and nearly all ventilators are in use. india reported another 323,000 covid cases today and recently had a number of cases for the last five days. i have talked to my own family members there. they are scared and essentially stay indoors and inside of their homes all day and night. the bay area is helping in san jose. and other places. they were used here to treat sleep apnea but can be modified to use as a sleep ventilator. >> i got three calls from india, when are you sending these. >> it is a scary situation. california is sending hundreds of oxygen concentrators, cylinders and regulators to india. in washington d.c., tomorrow president biden will give his
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first address to congress, a live look at capitol hill. things are different because of the pandemic. only 200 members of congress will be there. also there will be no designated survivor. usually one cabinet member is kept in a safe location to make sure that the government can continue in case of a tragedy. because of covid protocol only the secretary of state and defense will be there. you can watch the president's address to congress right here tomorrow on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. unfortunately this is a familiar story for us. drought. bay area counties are now getting a better understanding of their water supply and what they will need from us. water restrictions are coming our way. here is an update from three counties. >> tonight water officials are alerting residents. we are in a drought. it is time to conserve now so there will not be mandatory
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restrictions. the official state monitor shows most of the bay area under a severe drought and in some parts it is extreme. due to another drought in winter and below average reservoir levels, valley water in the south bay. asking residents to use 20% less water, upped it to 25% tonight and announcing it will pay homeowners to replace lawns with drought friendly landscapes. >> if you have room for improvement, take the action now. don't wait until we are in the middle of the drought. you know, who knows. we don't know how long they will last. >> today they declared a stage one drought, saying it is the second driest year they ever recorded, asking 1.4 million customers to reduce consumption by 10% and to fix leaks, keep showers short, and invest in water efficient appliances. >> every action counts.
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everything that our customers do helps the whole community make it through the year. >> sonoma county proclaimed a drought emergency and requested the governor seek a disaster declaration that would open the possibility of federal assistance. governor newsome proclaimed a state of emergency, visiting a low lake mendicino last week. >> reporter: they don't have their largest reservoir available. it has been drained so the anderson dam can undergo a earthquake retro fit and all of the water went into the groundwater supply and are making up for it through emergency purchases from outside of the county. >> jeff, this is like bad news in slow motion. we have seen it coming for months. >> we really have. we had a horrible rain season last year.
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this year was pretty much the same. we are down 8 to 20 inches for the rainfall season. reservoirs, especially in the south bay 20 to 30% of normal and most of the extreme drought and the east bay. and here comes more dry, hot weather tomorrow. i will talk about the 80s coming our way in a few minutes. >> this is no movie trailer. it is real life. an investigation after, yeah, look at that car explodes on the side of a highway. >> and the return of caps and gowns, the high school tradition that is returning to the bay area.
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>> we got good news. it's time to walk as in graduation ceremonies. great news for the class of 2021 in san francisco, a stage and an invitation from mayor breed. it was a student that got the
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whole effort started. >> i was thrown back. this really shows their commitment to us as students. >> reporter: erica morris told city leaders the class of 2021 deserved graduation ceremonies. the supervisor introduced a resolution. >> it essentially said that we would like to save some aspects of fun for the class of 2021. one of which is actually going through the process of graduation. >> we are making the stayed -->> reporter: the students will have an in-person outdoor graduation ceremony for three days in june they will host 22 schools. >> we are going to bring schools in and they are going to have their graduation. their families are go to leave.
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we are go to clean and sanitize and get ready for the next show. >> graduates will be seated on the field, socially distanced. they will be seated in the stands getting their diplomas. ucsf doctor says that it sounds safe, as long as people remain cautious. >> hug individually, maybe your family pod, and you know, one or two other friends. these kids, you know, they are eligible for vaccinations. >> i am grateful to have an in-person graduation and not have to do it online to be honest. >> graduates are looking forward to taking the field. >> high school is a lot of work. you put a lot of effort into it. getting a chance to actually graduate with friends and being able to see each other. it is a great feeling. >> this is time to celebrate. that is congratulations. congratulating us. >> reporter: city leaders are still raising funds for the
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celebration. new at 11:00, a group of castro residents are hoping to put up safety cameras around the neighborhood. the castro community benefit district held a zoom meeting to discuss the plan to put up cameras in hot spots. the district says there are similar programs in other parts of the city. >> cameras show what happens. a camera program can show before what happened, the incident and a little bit after what happened. it is really important to hold all parties accountable. >> some people are worried about privacy. if the community approves the plan organizers say they will have strict privacy policies and rules of how and when it is released to the public and to police. a follow up to the deadly crash in san jose, part of our breaking news coverage last night. we learned the surviving driver
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has been arrested. it happened on lawrence express way. sheriffs deputies were trying to pullover a white honda when it ran a red light and slammed into another car. the driver and the passenger of the other car died at the scene. the driver of the honda and his passenger went to the public with non-life threatening injuries, both were arrested and face several charges. if you do not have your real id, you are getting more time. the department of homeland security is delaying the new requirement again. the deadline was originally october of last year requiring travellers over 18 to have a more secure form of id. but the deadline was pushed back because of a lack of state compliance and the pandemic. the new deadline is may of 2023. you have got some time. right now 43% of driver licenses are real id compliant. well, for two years in a row now no burning man in the nevada
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desert. organizers announced the cancellation and are encouraging burners to direct the creativity and passion that fuels the art and the whole event towards their own communities and neighborhoods. >> let's imagine how we can bring the culture out into the world at a time the burning man culture is needed more than ever. we are not canceling burning man. we are just not doing -- >> they are setting their sites on creating an immersive experience at black rock city next year. you know in the bay area, all of the cars dusty coming back from the reno area. you know they have been to the desert in nevada. >> exactly. definitely a telltale sign. you know, this week it is going to warm up. not desert heat but looking at temperatures 15 to 20 above
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average. you can see it here. we are already beginning to see that warming. it might not feel like it outside. we are generally averaging 3 to 7 degrees warmer for most of the bay area. tomorrow morning we have had colder, low 40s. a little warm tore start. south bay at 50. mostly sunny skies across the bay area and we are also looking at 50. everything will change tomorrow. keeping the heat and sunshine and pushing the rainfall away. look at the temperatures that we will have out here in the south bay. we will be pushing back up into the 80s. we are not looking at damaging
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winds. it will be lower. down to 19%. things will be dryer. 83%. closer to the bay warming up to 75. not quite 80s for the peninsula but you will be close. 79 degrees. here we go. the beaches. northern peninsula. we have got the ocean breeze. no big warm up for you. san francisco at 66 you want more of that heat, bring it up to the north bay. that will be some of the warmest tomorrow. what about records. santa rosa with 79. san jose we have 80. the record is 91. yes, above average. next change is friday. then we are looking at wind on
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the coast, saturday, wind in the mountains on sunday. i think the wind in the mountains on sunday would be 40 to 50 miles per hour right now. we will watch it closely. it is that type of wind that can increase the fire danger. for right now if you have a pool or friend with the pool and maybe the heater turned on, the next two days will be good pool weather for us. >> we will have to find some friends. >> yeah. not yet. >> thanks. >> yeah. still ahead here at 11:00, if you notice things are different on the iphone or ipad? apple's new privacy feature and the new questions you will be asked when you go to use an app. payday just got bigger for thousands of federal workers, president biden signed an executive order raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal contractors and it will be rolled out gradually. republicans blasted the move as a stunt and waste of taxpayer money.
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back in a moment.
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>> take a look at this. eye-catching video from texas as a car was seen exploding on the side of a highway last sunday in south lake, north of dallas. a driver saw a car smoking on the side of the highway. the driver started recording and bam, this burst of flames. amazingly nobody was hurt. no word yet on what caused the explosion. did you notice a big change for apple when it comes to privacy. apple's new update comes with privacy features forcing apps to
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ask your permission to track you coming after a seven month delay where apple and facebook attacked each others business models. facebook and other apps rely on data track to target ads at users. once installed existing apps will be required to get consent for online tracking activities. a first for time magazine. the most influential companies and dominated by the bay area. 23 are from right here. some of our heavyweights, tesla, facebook, nextdoor, twitter, go fund me, airbnb, apple and google. up next what happened to the warriors tonight? we will show you and some ninth inning drama from the giants. stay with us.
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>> all right. steve kerr said that the mavericks treated it like a playoff game. as for the warriors, they simply laid an egg. it happens occasionally. remember, the warriors are fighting for the final playoff spot. at chase center, mark cuban still hosting "shark tank, i believe. the mavericks went on a 28-0 run. 28-0 run in the first half.
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this warriors' turnover, dallas with the ball movement. they get it in. 47-16. the game was over in the second quarter. second half, more of the same. luka doncic scoring for the mavs. final score 143-130. the top ten teams qualify for the postseason. part of the giants' success this early season are the old guys and we saw old school brandon crawford. yeah. bring the family. twins? cute girls. bottom of the ninth, crawford with the dramatic home run. just like that this game was tied and that ball gets wet. 4-4. in the tenth ryan mcmahon with a two-run homer and rockies go on to win it 7-5. first place a's. hello to bob melvin. bottom of the sixth, tampa's
11:31 pm
brett phillips with a two-run homer. tampa up 3-2 and rays beat the a's 4-3. we are back in a moment.
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>> we need this. this could be a bigger party than usual. it is moving forward with a plan for halloween weekend, this halloween. among the big names performing friday, the strokes, tyler the creator and the glass animals, lizzo, vampire weekend, golden gate park will be the place to be. single day tickets go on sale for outside lands this thursday and currently working with local and state health leaders on final safety guidelines. that is a fun time. thanks for joining us here on this tuesday night. see you back here tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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