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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 27, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now. he's urging all of us eligible to get the vaccine to do it. tom jensen is in san francisco ome are cheering the new rules, while others are worrying they might create new problems. >> reporter: what's clear is the new cdc masking guidelines only apply to people that have been fully vaccinated. but there are concerns that some people will take advantage of these new rules. lots of people enjoying the sunshine. some already following the cdc recommendations and leaving their masks off outdoors. >> with the mask off, i feel like i will be getting better exercise. >> reporter: jill says she enjoyed her first brisk walk without a face covering in a long time after hearing about the new rules. the department of health saying they will adapt to cdc changes, too. but that does worry some. >> then everyone will take their masks out. >> yeah. it might be like a free for all.
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>> reporter: two roommates vaccinated and ready to drop the face coverings but not until covid numbers hit rock bottom. >> i think it is a good idea to keep advising the public to keep the mask on. >> reporter: but a leading bay area expert on immunology and infectious diseases has been calling for unmasking outdoors for months. >> you can take your mask with you. go outdoors with it. but you can be outside in the fresh air without a mask. it's great. >> reporter: the critics say the new rules on when you should or should not mask up outside are confusing, she says use common sense and trust your gut. >> this is simple. large, packed areas or where you feel packed and can't stay three feet away from someone, wear your mask. >> reporter: the doctor says if everyone does their part and more people get vaccinated, maybe we will all be enjoying more sunshine and more unmasked
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smiles sooner rather than later. tom jensen nbc bay area news. >> here's the skinny now. walking, running or biking, no mask required for unvaccinated or vaccinated people. what about small outdoor gatherings with friends? you don't need a mask. here is where the divide starts to happen. if you are attending a small outdoor gathering, unvaccinated people need to wear a mask. fully vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask. what about dining outdoors with friends? unvaccinated people need to wear a mask. vaccinated no mask. what about attending a crowded outdoor event like a concert or a giants game? unvaccinated people still need to wear that mask. if fully vaccinated, you don't. we have gone from staying up past midnight to try to get that appoint to now just dropping in
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to get one. at the mountain view community center, there was less than a 20-minute wait for a walk-up vaccination. the goal is to make it easier for anyone 16 and older to get the shot. you are encouraged to bring your id and health insurance card. but you are able to get a vaccine even if you don't have that. >> in the beginning of the year, there were a lot more eligibility requirements, and we have come a long way from that. >> my job is right here. so i planned on getting vaccinated and going back to work, but i think i'm just going to go home. >> yep. going to take it easy just in case. an extra vaccine supply came from the federal government. so are you still looking for a place to get your vaccine? we have made it easy for you. head to you can find tricks and trips on how to book an appointment online. click on how to get a vaccine
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appointment at the top of the page. so are the vaccines working? the governor's office is giving us a first look at breakthrough cases across the state. breakthrough cases are people that test positive for covid after they're fully vaccinated. 10.7 million californians are fully vaccinated. since january of this year, about 1,300 fully vaccinated people have tested positive for covid. that's less than 1%. doctors say no vaccine prevents 100% of the diseases. well, instead of a needle, how about this? how about treating covid with a pill? an experimental oral drug could be available by the end of this year. the pill is part of a class of medicines that work by inhibiting an enzyme that the virus needs to replicate. they're already in use for viruses like hiv and hepatitis c. the pill could be a game changer if patients are able to take it at the first sign of illness.
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it could also be vital for rural and impoverished areas who don't have the medical supplies and cooling units for the current vaccine. today northern california county did make the move to the least restrictive yellow tier. we're talking about mendocino county. bars don't serve food. indoor gyms can open at 50% capacity. and outdoor live events are open. close to moving to the yellow, but in order for that to happen, the counties have to have a case rate below two cases per 100,000 people and a positivity rate below 2%. right now both counties meet that criteria as long as the case rates as the positivity rates don't go up, they will likely move next week. a comparison to george floyd. the family of an oakland man who
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died after a confrontation with police says their son's death was similar to floyd's death. mario gonzalez died last week after a confrontation with alameda police. his family was allowed to see police body cam video and says the officers put their knees on gonzales' neck, choking him out of oxygen. we spoke to the family today. >> reporter: the similarities between the deaths of george floyd and mario gonzalez are striking, but there is one key difference. no witness that we know of who pulled out their cell phone and started recording, which is why the family of mario gonzalez gathered today in front of the alameda police department headquarters to demand that police release the body camera video. >> the police killed my brother in the same manner that they killed george floyd. >> reporter: mario gonzalez died by asphyxiation. that is what his family members say after they were allowed to
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see body cam video. today they gathered with a crowd of supporters and police brutality activists to demand justice. >> say his name! >> mario gonzalez! >> reporter: police tried to contain him after receiving calls about a man who appeared to be under the influence. >> a latino man was having a beer in a park on a bright and sunny day? that's suspicious? >> reporter: police said a scuffle broke out and gonzalez had a medical emergency. the 26-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> they lied to me. they said my son is fighting with the officer. i say no. come on. you guys made a mistake. >> reporter: the family says the body camera video showed gonzalez complied with officers and answered all their questions. >> his mother says the video
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showed he has grass and sand in his mouth after being pinned to the ground. when police officers turned him on his back, his lips were blue. gonzalez leaves behind a four-year-old son. >> my guy is right here. he says, my dad died? tell him! >> reporter: a spokesperson spent the day interviewing police officering and witnesses. still no word when alameda police will release that body cam video. i'm melissa colorado. >> thank you, melissa. the man charged in the murder of a transgender woman in court today. the family overcome with emotion outside the courthouse this afternoon. elijah is abused of stabbing lopez friday morning. she was rushed to the hospital but later died. they had been dating for several
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months. segura will be back in court on thursday. it's no longer earth week, but we continue our series climate in crisis. the majority of california is dealing with draught conditions and water agencies are responding. your water company will be reaching out to you with new restrictions if they haven't already. jenelle wang joins us now with more of what's happening. here we go again. >> exactly, raj. just minutes ago, the county board of supervisors declared a draught emergency asking for help and support at the state and federal level. last week governor newsom declared a state of emergency saying more counties could follow. but other areas already taking action. today east bay announced a stage one draught, which means customers are being urged to start rationing water right now. yeah. the water district says this is the second driest year ever
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recorded facing critically dry conditions. the time to act is now. while it is not mandatory, the district is asking that 1.4 million customers voluntarily cut usage by 10%. that means shorter showers, fixing leaks, maybe replacing your lawns with water resistant landscaping. the agency says every little bit will help. >> what's really important to us is that we make sure we are smart about our water usage this year because we want to put ourselves in the best situation that we can starting next year. >> the board says by taking steps to conserve now, customers won't be faced with mandatory restrictions or draught surcharge fees in the future. customers in alameda and contra costa counties, oakland, richmond and walnut creek. the water district is meeting in an hour to get an update on the conditions in santa clara
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county. they are also expected to make recommendations for its customers. the district says no more washing your car at your house and no more power washing your homes or businesses. so people taking action asking you to conserve now so you won't face tougher restrictions later. raj and jessica? >> thank you. i'm jeff raneiri. with our draught in place, there is no rain in sight. i'll talk about hotter weather the next two days. back to that in just a few minutes. thank you. you have more time to get that real id really. we will tell you how much the deadline was extended again. also, after seeing the recent attacks on the asian-american community, a group of bakers is using food to connect peopleheal.
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outrage in santa cruz today after the sentencing of a man who killed a young girl. he will be eligible for release in as early as four years. this is video from a protest you are seeing there. the sentencing comes two weeks after gonzalez pled guilty to following maddie home, binding her, choking her, stabbing her and attempting to rape her before killing her. the crime happened six years ago. if gonzalez was found guilty of murder as an adult, he could face life in prison.
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if you are attending a live sporting event, this is about all the mask regulations now, if you are attending a crowded event, you do have to wear a mask if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated according to the cdc. now if you don't have your real id yet, you are getting more time. the department of homeland security is delaying the new requirement yet again. you may require the dead lynn was originally set for october of last year. it would have required travelers over 18 to have a more secure form of id. but the deadline was pushed back because of a lack of state compliance and the pandemic. right now 43% of driver's licenses are real id compliant. okay. here is the question a lot of us often ask. what can i do? it is a simple question with often sometimes powerful results. >> a lot of stories of people who started with that simple
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question. here's garvin thomas. >> reporter: when the world's problems seem too big to tackle, it is sometimes best to start small. and a small event in the corner of a park is just what she had in mind this past weekend. >> hopefully it can make a big impact on the community. >> reporter: she is a 25-year-old who came with her family to the united states from vietnam eight years ago. she says she's experienced anti-asian violence firsthand. >> even daily life, when you go to school in college, just walking around the mall, we still see small things that happen. >> say their name! >> reporter: but the big things that have grabbed the headlines recently, attacks on members of the aapi community. the ones that sparked big rallies in response, well, those really got her thinking about
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what she could do to help. >> i feel a little sad and frustrated to see how people are treating one another. >> reporter: so she turned to what she knows best, food, as her way to make a difference. she works in her parent's restaurant. they went into the kitchen to whip up a variety of asian treats. >> she headed out to her neighborhood park to give them away for free. her goal, to use food as a way to get people together, get them talking to each other and hopefully in the process breakthrough some of the barriers that separate them. >> so people can be more open minded to learn about different cultures. >> reporter: her one event alone won't change the course of world events. but maybe it can change the way one person thinks. and wouldn't that be a sweet result? nbc bay area news. >> those look yummy. a little treat can make
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everybody peaceful, right? >> let's bring in jeff as we talk about it was windy this afternoon. >> it was terrible. now we have this weather thing to deal with with the draught. >> yeah. a lot of different stuff happening. a little breezy out there today, especially near the coastline. but all in all amazing weather outside. if you were stuck in front of your computer all day long, these graphics are just for you. i looked through all of our sky cameras and found some of the best shots. we will start it off here in saratoga. look at this blue sky looking gorgeous this afternoon. bring it over to the east bay. lots of blue sky here as well. really comfortable weather out there in contra costa. temperatures in the 70s for a lot of us today. let's bring it to the coastline. this is where i'd like to be. you can see we are fog free and you have a view right there of the ocean looking all good.
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if you like what we had today, it will get better as we roll through tomorrow. this area of high pressure is setting up shop. it will stay over the pacific west right through california next two days. that will bring more of the 70s and 80s. unfortunately it will keep that rain far away. at least we have some enjoyable temperatures. you can see as we roll through tomorrow morn's forecast, we will start off on the chilly side. a little bit of cloud cover there for the south bay but looking good there and 51 degrees. those upper 40s and also low 50s. my chilliest temperatures right up through the north bay 45 degrees. daytime highs, another 5 to 10 degrees. so this down on the south bay will feel really good. no need for a jacket in the afternoon. you can get away with the shorts and the t-shirts.
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little breeze, but otherwise doing okay. out to concord, 84 degrees. not quite 80s for the peninsula. but hey, still a good day. upper 70s. redwood city 77. 59 in half-moon bay. the temperatures will be chilly in san francisco. the warmest is 66 in the mission and right up through the north bay you want some heat? heat out towards napa and sonoma. for santa rosa 79 degrees. no rain fall as we move through the next seven days. the next thing we're focussing in on is cloud cover on friday. we get wind at the coast saturday, 15 to 30. by sunday, mountain wind of 15 to 40 miles an hour. we keep the 80s.nla next two days bump it down there on friday. upper 70s this upcoming weekend. coming up at 6:48 tonight, we will continue our climate coverage and i will have a look
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at our warming climate and the lake tahoe of the future, what it could look like across lake tahoe. again, all those details coming up tonight at 6:00. >> a lot of things changing with those draught announcements as well. up next, what the organizers of burning man are asking its artists to do this year instead. stay with us. my conversation with the head of the cdc about the new mask wearing guidelines issued today. also, how apple is taking a bite out of apps that track your online movements all when we see you back here tonight for "nightly news."
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new details about a deadly crash in the south by. the surviving driver has been arrested. this happened last night at the lawrence expressway near 280 in san jose. sheriffs deputies were trying to pull over a honda when it
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slammed into a red car. the passenger of that other car died. both were arrested and now face several charges. it's a first for "time" magazine, a list of the 100 most influential companies and it's dominated by the bay area. 23 are from right here and it includes at the scene la, facebook, nextdoor and twitter, gofundme, airbnb, apple and google. the pandemic is dousing the flames on the burning man gathering in the nevada desert. organizers are urging burners to direct that talent to other communities and neighborhoods imagine how we could bring this culture out into a world at a time when the burning culture is needed more than ever. no, we're not canceling burning man. we're just not doing black rock
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city. >> organizers said they're setting their sites of creating an immersive experience in 2022 that will be more inspiring than ever. the pandemic may have robbed graduating seniors of proms and graduations. >> they didn't get that experience. but there is one experience that i want to make sure that they get. we are making kezar stadium able to every high school for their graduation ceremonies. [ applause ] >> that's good. >> that is really cool. mayor breed, you see that, wore a t-shirt from rival lincoln high school instead of her alma mater. so that and kezar. >> that's really good. moving forward, some big, musical acts are joining the lineup. that's also good. we will tell you who is performing next.
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cash back on select 2021 models. that's over fifty-four hundred dollars cash back on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. well, coming up tonight at 6:00, a major covid surge in india. how doctors in the south bay are
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jumping in to help. next on "nightly news," apple is taking a bite out of apps that track your online movement. inside the iphone update meant to keep your data safe and why some advertisers are upset about this move, including facebook. lester holt joining us in about a minute from now. finally, another sign of normal, the return of music festivals. >> yeah! moving forward with a plan for a fall event. today we got a look at who is going to be there. among the big names, tyler the creator, lizzo, the strokes and my favorite, jay buzine. the festival will run from ocbe through the 31st. single day tickets go on day thursday. organizers say there will be changes to address covid concerns. they are working with health leaders to finalize safety guidelines. >> and look at video like that when people used to gather.
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>> when there were people. >> october? halloween weekend. that's going to do it for us now at 5:00. >> see you at 6:00. tonight, the cdc's game-changing new outdoor mask guidelines for fully vaccinated americans the cdc now saying it's safe to go outside without a mask if you're fully vaccinated unless you're in a crowd. masks no longer needed for walking, running, biking and gathering outdoors in small groups with vaccinated people president biden citing the new guidance to encourage more americans to get vaccinated tonight the cdc director is here exclusively to answer your questions the new surveillance just out. the s.w.a.t. team converging on andrew brown jr his family releasing a private autopsy finding he was shot five times by police, including a fatal shot
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to the back of the head


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