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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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to 80 days after that. gavin newsom wrote in part, this republican recall threatens our values and seeks to undo the important progress we've made. johnson & johnson vaccines will once again be given out in the bay area. all nine area counties are lifting the pause on the shots. the pause was put on a few weeks after a very rare cases of blood clotting issues, and today we're learning there's a case in the bay area, and for the first time it's a male patient experiencing the side effects. we are at ucsf with what doctors uncovered. >> reporter: there are concerns that this latest case, and this time it is a male patient, will cause more hesitancy towards getting the j and j vaccine. usf confirms that the man is being treated for
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vaccine-induced vitt syndrome. >> this person had a more mild clot, one in the leg, and he's in his 30s. could be related to the vaccine. >> reporter: the hospital says the bay area man came in last thursday with escalating leg and lower back pain 13 days after getting his j&j shot. as far as experts can tell, this is the first male patient anywhere to show symptoms of the rare syndrome after receiving the one-dose shot. but the timing is troubling as it comes as every local county is preparing to put the j&j vaccine back in the rotation. >> you can be on the lookout, but i think they did the right thing, which is to put a warning label on it but not stop the vaccine. >> reporter: prior to this case, every other case has been a woman nearly all between the ages of 18-49. three cases were fatal.
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while all that may sound scary, they're extremely rare, 16 cases in nearly 8 million doses given. vaccination hesitancy is a real concern but people we've talked to say they still have faith in the j&j one-shot vaccine, including a hayward man who's scheduled to get the shot next week. you're going to get the j&j? >> yeah. >> reporter: you don't have any concerns at all? >> no. >> if i hadn't been vaccinated already, i would get it. >> they've run tests on hundreds of thousands of people before. i'm not concerned. >> reporter: ucsf says the patient is recovering well and should be hospital soon. americans who have been vaccinated are asking if face masks are still necessary outdoors. we may be getting an answer very soon. a white house source tells nbc news that president biden's expected to announce new cdc guidance as early as tomorrow. dr. anthony fauci has thoughts
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on that. >> the risk of infection outside is really minimal if you're vaccinated and you're outside. it's even less. >> those familiar with the new guidelines say those who are fully vaccinated will likely have different guidelines from those who are not. >> joining us now is ucsf's peter hong. we are hearing about this mask mandate. do you think this is a good idea and a reasonable thing to request right now for people to take off their mask outdoors? >> well, janelle, i think people were already making that determination before and sort of checking low-risk patients not necessarily worried about having the mask on. high-risk situations being a little bit more cautious. i think it's a good move from the cdc to sort of help adjudicate those areas they're using, you know, the evidence
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that being indoors is about 19 times riskier than outdoors, but not all outdoors are the same. you know, if you're going to outside land and there are a lot of noses and mouths around, people are still going to be cautious. >> i know you folks have been saying for a while now, fully-vaccinated people can hang out with fully-vaccinated people. what if there's still a mix indoors. should everyone still wear their mask for now? >> well, it just depends on the size of the crowd, you know. if the crowd is manageable, it's all about controlling your environment. and you have mainly-vaccinated people. and the unvaccinated people are not that many, even though they come from two households, i think it's still going to be in the same realm of risk. what you just don't want is to have an unregulated group of lots of people, like, you know, a hundred of more, different folks who may not have had a
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response to the vaccine. and in that case you can have a transmission event. >> let's talk about the case of the young man, i guess he was in his 30s, at ucsf. he developed a blood clot about a week after getting the j&j vaccine. what can you tell us about this case? >> the blood clot was in his leg. it was about a week after, like you said. the main take away is that we are learning about the clots that you can get with j&j. again, it's very rare, even after the cases they've reviewed, it's still about the same as getting struck by lightning. but because we know more about these kinds of clots, we can intervene and treat them very well, so in this case, for example, the gentleman is going home, he's doing well. and there's no negative repercussions of having had the clot. because he was treated in a different way than, because of this kind of clotting that
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occurred. >> okay. we are out of time unfortunately, so it sounds like you still support the one-shot vaccine. >> yes, definitely. just into our newsroom, anyone in the south bay can get a vaccine without an appointment. santa clara health officials are offering drop-in vaccinations. all you have to do is show up to any county-run site. health officials are expected to hold a news conference in the next half hour. we will be monitoring it and bring you details as they come in. a county has reached a milestone in the vaccination. contra costa county has administered 1 million cases. let's see how that compares to the rest of the bay area. alameda, san mateo, all in the 40s when it comes to the percentage of people fully
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vaccinated. marin county leading the league at 50%. santa clara lagging just a little bit. it is easier for seniors in the disabled to get a covid vaccine in the south bay. there are free rides to vaccination sites. here's how it works. you call the number, which we're going to give you in just a moment. a van will pick you up. you must have an appointment to get the vaccine at a place of your choice. the driver takes you there, waits for you to get that shot, drives you back home. how's that sound? the rides are offered seven days a week. to see if you're eligible, 408-809-2124. 408-809-2124. head to our website, check on how to get a vaccine appointment in the trending bar. it includes tips and tricks including where to look online
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and the best times to snag that appointment. for the first time in more than a year, sharks fans can watch their favorite team on the ice in person tonight. that signals that we are getting closer to normal, but of course there are new rules. marianne favro joins us live outside the shark tank, and i'm sure there are a lot of excited fans out there, marianne. >> reporter: and the game starts at 7:30. people are just now starting to trickle in. if you take a look over here at this white tent, inside, fans are getting a covid test. that is the new price of admission. if you want to watch a sharks game live at s.a.p. arena, you need to take a covid test or show proof that you've been fully-vaccinated. but that didn't hinder fans. >> now we're back, yeah.
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>> reporter: once fans pass the covid test and get a wristband, inside the arena they can sit together in pods of two our four. but rows of seats are taped off to keep the away from other fans. >> most importantly, no food or beverage in the bowl. if you want to order food or beverage you can do that through the app, but when you eat it, you need to eat it in dedicated areas. >> reporter: no bags allowed and no more paper tickets. there may be only 500 to 1,000 fans attending the game instead of 15,000, nearby restaurant owners say they can't wait to welcome any sized crowd back. rosie's new york pizza is expecting a packed restaurant tonight. >> it will be impactful, people just knowing that they're open again for business, the sharks are playing. 500 people now, a thousand in a couple weeks. maybe we get open halfway in a month and maybe fully open sometime later in the year.
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it's fantastic to get it started. >> reporter: for these fans, while getting inside the arena is now a little more complicated, watching their team score goals in person is a goal they've had for more than a year. and here's a tip for you if you plan to attend a sharks game. you do need to get a covid test. but if you come here early, several days early, it's free. if you just show up at the last minute, that rapid covid test will cost you $50. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a first for california, the golden state will be losing a congressional seat for the first time in history. that's because of what u.s. census data released today shows. data is used to determine how many seats each state gets in the house of representatives. here's a look at what happened across the country. six states gained seats. oregon, montana, colorado, north carolina, florida, and until
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texas, they picked up two. that means these states all grew in population since the last census in 2010. california population growth has pretty much stalled. a total of seven states are going to lose a seat, california one of them. michigan, illinois, new york some of them. it's thought that the seat will be lost somewhere in the l.a. area. the districting committee will have to redraw the districts. east bay mud could ask 1.4 million customers to cut backwater use by 10%. east bay mud customers live in alameda and contra costa counties, including oakland, berkley, danville and san ramon. here in the south bay, water customers are asked to conserve voluntarily for now.
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a cold start to the week, but things are going to heat up. i'll have a look at our much-warmer weekend, when it looks like wind could come back into the forecast. then a european vacation may be possible as soon as this summer. what you need to know if you plan on traveling overseas. and what happens if you get the wrong second dose?
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as more people get their first covid vaccination shot of pfizer or moderna, the focus becomes getting the second dose on time.
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but what happens if you get a followup shot of a different vaccine? it's not supposed to happen, but sometimes it happens. in sunnyvale we talk to a woman who happens to be a scientist who had her doses mixed up. >> exactly, double-check. >> reporter: doctor thomas is the ceo of her own chemical drug consulting firm, but she was just another patient when she went to the special vaccination clinic in sunnyvale to get her covid vaccine shot. she knew something was amiss after her second shot. >> they asked me after the vaccine, did you tell them pfizer? and i said of course i told them pfizer, and i said i'm a pc in pharmaceutical sciences and they're not going to get that long. all the alarm bells went off in my head. >> reporter: she felt better after finding out the two are similar and she had no extreme
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reaction. >> i definitely had side effects, but i think they were the same side effects as everybody else. >> reporter: el camino hospital told us this is the only occurrence they're aware of but are reviewing their already strict protocols. expert dr. peter chin-hong says this one instance is no reason to fear getting a vaccine. >> it doesn't present much of a health risk. in fact, i would say that person is likely going to have the same benefits from the vaccines as somebody who got two of the same kind. >> reporter: dr. thomas agrees. she would general review protocols but believes this wast anyone to think they shouldn't get a vaccination. robert handa, nbc bay area news. are you ready to book that trip overseas? all the countries in the
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european union say please, visit this summer, provided you've been fully vaccinated. eu leaders are set to allow people to visit if they've received europe-approved vaccines. that includes moderna, pfizer and johnson and johnson. >> we have been following the process of vaccination very closely in the united states and we seek to restore trans atlantic travel as soon as possible. >> europeans are talking about using so-called green certificates. it would be like a vaccine passport similar to what's being used in israel. so when the details are worked out, where can you go? the european union is made up of these countries highlighted. those include germany, italy.
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keep in mind, the uk is no longer part of the eu, neither is turkey or russia. a move to accommodate the muslim community so people don't have to choose between getting prayer and being vaccinated. muslims are observing ramadan. it involves praying, which is difficult to do while standing in line for a vaccine. these rooms feature prayer rugs and allow for privacy and social distancing and are open to people of all faiths. >> that's nice to see. let's get a check of the forecast. it is monday, jeff. some people got more than others. we got some rain yesterday, and it was nice to see. any more on the way? >> i know, yeah. you know, it was so great this weekend. i knew it was coming, obviously, and went outside and just soaked it all in. we desperately needed some rainfall this year, and it's
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just been so slow going. and it doesn't look like we have any big chances coming our way over the next seven to ten days. hopefully you were able to enjoy it, otherwise it was a cold start this morning and through the day. real chilly beginning to our forecast. but we're going to get some heat in here for you. let's get you to the micro climate forecast and we'll bring you outside to walnut creek where you can see the chilly temperatures still with us. currently 63 degrees. and we'll be dropping down to colder 50s through 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00. after that system moved through yesterday, you'll see on storm ranger mobile doppler radar, there's a few spotty showers near the higher elevations, but otherwise we are clearing out. and it may not seem like it, but we actually have warmer temperatures right now than this time yesterday. we're running four to six degrees warmer for the inland valleys. that's a sign of the changes coming our way. everything this week at least through the next three to four days is going to be focussed on
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this area of high pressure. it's going to push the rainfall away and bring back the warmer air, even bringing a couple 80-degree days for us. you can see over across the south bay, peninsula and tri valley, more 40s coming back with sunny skies. you'll need sunglasses, but leave the umbrella at home. san francisco upper 40s and north bay 44. daytime highs tomorrow will be on a climb. i really think you're going to like this. if we can't get more rainfall in here i know a lot of you will like these enjoyable temperatures. and look at tomorrow. it's right where a lot of you have been loving that weather lately. mid-70s in martinez. down to livermore, 74. and also looking at 70 in palo alto. near the coastline a mix of 50s and 60s. no chances of rain coming our way. but we will start to see things gradually beginning to warm up. you can see in san francisco by
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sunday we're at 68 degrees. winds out of the northeast, 15-35 miles per hour. and we're looking at temperatures starting to warm up. low 80s thursday and friday and keeping 70s for the weekend. the big focus for the upcoming weekend could be wind in the mountains out of the northeast, 15-35 miles per hour. we'll keep a close eye on that, otherwise i think we have a pretty good week coming our way, and terry and janelle, the pollen has been off the charts. we got the rainfall yesterday. i went outside this morning and you can see where the rain tried to wash the pollen away. there's this greenish yellow stuff on the driveway. >> wow. >> it cleaned it off. a lot of allergies. i took my daughter today. she's allergic to everything outdoors, that's what they told her. i think we all are. >> so bad. >> i know, it is bad. coming up, graduating without any extra debt.
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how a college in the east bay was able to erase the money owed by every single student. - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired school counselor. i swim every day. i like to grill, salmon mostly.
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as i got older, my hearing was not so good so i got hearing aids. my vision was not as good as it used to be, got a change in prescription. but the this missing was my memory. we've been taking prevagen for around eight years and i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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something good in the east bay. student debt is being erased for the class of 2021 at contra costa college. all the money students owe, which is about $13,000 total, will be covered. students with an outstanding balance can't receive their diplomas, so the foundation raises money to make sure students can graduate without the burden of leftover fees. >> when a student leaves college without debt, there's so much more a student can do. and our students deserve all the support that they receive, because getting an education
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with us is something that no one can ever take away from them. >> very cool. according to a report from the brookings institution, there's about $1.5 trillion worth of student debt in the u.s. all aboard! the new cal trans station is open in hillsdale. it's been updated with a new boarding platform, underpass, shelter area. it's finally time to get out of the sweats into the tuxedos. ♪ ♪ perfect music to do that. the musicians of san francisco's symphony entertained from home with their kids and pets during the pandemic. but next month they return to live performances. concerts will be thursdays and fridays through june, lasting 70 minutes without intermission. the first two concerts will be
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tonight at 6:00, they're working on the frontlines of the pandemic, but some say they're being sexually harassed at the levi stadium vaccination site, that exclusive story and more in our 6:00 newscast. and coming up on nightly news, ufos in the skies over the u.s.? what's being revealed, lester holt joins us in about 30 kanye records, this time for his shoes. >> we want to show you a pair of his yeezys. they sold for $1.8 million. that makes them the most valuable sneakers ever. >> that's $900,000 each. >> it's also the first-recorded sneaker sale for more than a million dollars.
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who bought them? a sneaker investing market place. used sneakers. nightly news is next, we'll see you at 6:00, bye. tonight, the growing outrage after the family of andrew brown jr. says police bodycam video shows an execution. the family speaking out after their attorneys say they were only allowed to see 20 seconds of the bodycam tape the disturbing scene they describe as deputies served a warrant on the father of ten the city under a state of emergency tonight bracing for more protests the justice department announcing a sweeping investigation into the louisville police department more than a year after the killing of breonna taylor. what investigators will examine the pace of covid vaccinations plungin nearly 20% in just over a week. a number of mass vaccination sites


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