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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 25, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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right now the johnson & johnson vaccine will roll out once again in the bay area. tonight we'll tell you which counties will be using them and when. plus -- >> my father my brother and family, infected. >> people in the bay area closely watching an alarming situation in india. how the u.s. is stepping up to help. >> pack your bags a trip to europe could be on the horizon. the huge announcement that could make for a brighter summer. >> the news starts now. >> vaccination rates climbing in the bay area and u.s., many are
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starting to make plans for summer travel. people can put many more europe countries on the list. >> they have been off limits to non-essential travel. for more than a year. details on what travelers need if they are planning a visit. >> the announcement comes from the president of the europe b union commission. there's no time line on when exactly this will happen, it will end the more than yearlong travel restrictions between the united states and most of europe. >> we propose to introduce -- >> european union commission president says the three vaccines approved for use here in the u.s. are approved in the eu. traeflers who can document a shot should be allowed free movement among the 27 nations. it's welcome news for some travelers. >> i'm fluent in french. i have been dying to wait for them to open up the borders. so i can travel.
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>> any concerns? >> no. not at all. as long as i have a vaccine. >> there are a few questions to be answered before u.s. travel should book a flight. no time line when the travel ban from the u.s. maybe lifted or modified. and it's not yet clear how they would validate proof of vaccination. for some travelers there are concerns. >> in terms of civil liberty it's unfair. people who can't get vaccinated can't travel. >> some long required proof of vaccinations before travel for other diseases. besides covid-19. and those who haven't gotten shots. some say a future trip to europe maybe the reason to do it. >> i don't know if i'm provaccine yet. >> the u.s. government still has
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travel restrictions from europe. based in part because mass vaccination program there is so far not as successful as ours here. they are in talks to work out permissions for future travel. >> majority of the bay area will begin administering the johnson & johnson vaccine once again. you see them in yellow. city berkeley did its own certification. we included santa cruz. it will administer tomorrow. they'll offer pfizer sp moderna in case people are still hesitant to get the johnson & johnson. people who are getting pfizer today had mixed reaction. >> if it's out there i trust the experts. the doctors. >> we have concerns.
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i would try to see what my other options are. >> san francisco and san mateo say they are waiting until new labels and warnings can be printed before offering the shot. we have reached out to health leader there for information. >> the situation improves in california, it's a much different situation in india. the country with so many ties here, cases are skyrocketing. today the country reported 350,000 new cases in one day. setting a new global record. bringing lt nation total number of cases to 17 million. now the biden administration says it will immediately offer relief. we're at the hin duh temple. people are praying for family members hit hard by the cases. >> there's deep concern here tonight. we talked to one man who came to pray. and told us he has 20 family
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members in india. diagnosed with covid. >> a new coronavirus wave hitting india. loosening restrictions and emerging variants are contributing to the surge. his family came here to the temple tonight to pray for 20 relatives. now battling covid in india. >> my father, my brother and family. my in laws. >> the temple head trooes says his uncle died from covid and youngest son and 72 year-old mother tested positive. because of travel restrirkss he can't fly to india to help. he relies on phone calls. >> i'm calling my mom morning and night. when ever i get time. every hour. >> continuing to join other families in prayer. >> we pray every day. we are trying to help the people.
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>> with the coronavirus surge showing no signs of slowing, today the administration said it will immediately send raw materials needed for the coronavirus vaccine production. and will send therapeutic, test kits and ventilators. bay area families hope the assistance will make ha difference in protecting loved ones. >> south bay congressman is among those applauding the aid. he released a statement reading in part quote. >> i applaud the biden administration decision to put people over profit. >> more than a million more doses of vaccine headed to california. take a look. the states allocation from the
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feds for this week. 575,000 doses from pfizer. 428,000 moderna. because of the nationwide pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. so far the cdc has not allocated any doses this week. california last shipment came april 12. the state received 68,000 doses. >> the weather. out live. this is the bay bridge. it's starting to dry out. tracking it all for us. >> we're seeing the showers have moved out. bringing much neepded snow to the sierra. thunder snow at times. happening within the last hour. toward the morning some clearing and chilly temperatures. 30s around the north bay. 40s elsewhere. maybe not quite yet. don't pack away the umbrella. especially the hill tops. near the mountains watch what happens midafternoon. with the heating.
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we may see showers building over the coast mountains which will drift to the south towards tomorrow evening. closer look at how much we could see out of the shous and big warm up in the 7-day forecast. >> thanks. a bay area super-star musician continues to make history. her has an oscar. she won for best original song tonight. the racial justice song fights for you. featured in the film. she was allowed to take one person. she chose her mom. her excited father watched from home. she thanks both of them. >> my parents, my beautiful mother here with me today. and my father at home. the days of listening to family stone and marvin guy. they paid off. thank you dad. >> i did text her.
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i was shocked she actually answered her phone. i didn't think she'd have it. she's like yes! >> her has won four grammys. two last month. we'll have more from her. as we sat down with her last week before the win. >> a few days after being sworn in as attorney general. people gathered to celebrate. celebration featured family and friends. they reflected on how the philippine community supported him. >> thank you to all of you. i remember who was there at the beginning. and you were there. pushing me and making me believe i could do things that i didn't think i could do myself.
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>> this is a celebration for rob. i think we should celebrate the power that the community so obviously is showing. >> in addition to being the first philippine american to california attorney general. also serve in california assembly. >> people gathered for a community rally and march against aaip violence. leader spoke. also an open microphone for members of the public to share thoughts and experiences. >> firs u.s. president to formally recognize the genocide. today people gathered for a ceremony to remember the more than 1 million victims killed during that genocide. a special day of reflection. where some say the president's
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action was much needed. >> it will bring human rights and i think we can if u.s. policy also reflects the fact they recognize the genocide. we will see progress. >> around the world. >> congresswoman took part in the ceremony. two years ago she led the effort in the house to urge america to recognize what happened as genocide. >> the drought creating tough questions for a largest water provider. on tuesday the brd of directors will decide whether customers have to conserve water fors year. it's not enough to meet demand. it would effect 1.4 million customers. >> we're back with a new poll about president biden. as his first 100 days in office come to a close. how are americans rating the commander in chief?
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>> a new trend that could hamper the race to herd immunity. the reason the cdc is looking at second doses so closely. lly foru to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense. small business insurance is usually so complicated,
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you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. a new poll shows how americans think he's handling key issues like the pandemic. economy and immigration. we have more. >> a first report card for the president. >> my first 100 days in office. >> in a new poll, his approval rating is 53%. while 39% disapprove. placing president biden ahead of trump. but behind obama at the same point. of republican surveyed just 9% approve of the president job performance. confronting the pandemic.
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a 69% approval. with majority of americans at 61% saying they believe the worst is behind us. including tennessee republican. >> on the covid response i think he's taken the leadership role. >> political discord. raw and contentious is flekted in this big number. 82% say the country is divided. rather than united. >> the only way we come through this is come through together. as americans. >> immigration. signs of trouble. 33% support the job he's doing. among the sharpest critics. progressive democrats. angered by the white house backtracking and delaying a promise to welcome thousands more vetted refugees from around the world. the president will increase the cap later. democrat studies immigration. >> it was a real shock to people
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following immigration policy. >> on the economy, the president climbs to 52%. on gun policy. just 34% support the actions. >> do i agree with biden 100%? no. >> michigan republican says he is satisfied with the president so far. >> i think that he just needs to keep politics boring and the country will fair well. >> political analyst weighed in on the president's approval rating. the president has been able to deliver on many promises. unlike trump. >> he said within the first 100 days. have the wall built with mexico with them paying. and get rid of obamacare. of course that didn't happen. and a term limit for congress. that didn't happen.
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if you compare the public opinion of biden vs. trump. you can see why the public is so much more appreciative of president biden. he's managed to accomplish things under the most difficult circumstances. >> perhaps a big challenge for the president and congress is the country's extreme polarization. this week, we're looking at the first 100 days. what he's accomplished. where americans believe he's falling short. and the challenges at the border. gun control, race relations and american economy. watch tomorrow morning on today. right after today in the bay. >> health leader tracking a troubling trend in vaccination. the "new york times" is reporting that millions of americans have not gotten their second dose. in all more than 5 million people or 8% have skipped getting the second dose. interviews some said they didn't
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want side effects from the other dose. some said they felt protected enough. experts say it adds up to high stakes risk. with more people susceptible to illness. especially with variants. >> a story in making it in the bay. california housing market keeps breaking records. the medium price reached a new high. almost $760,000. nearly 6% spike from the previous record of $718,000. announced in december. 25% higher than a year driven by california housing crisis and pandemic. which has more people leaving apartments looking for homes. >> prepandemic days. shark fans will once again be allowed ento the tank tomorrow. 500 fans get to see them.
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to get inside the center all fans over age 2 must be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative covid test. as ss case at other stadiums. masks have to be worn. unless of course you are eating or drinking. we will have team coverage tomorrow of the sharks welcoming back fans. >> it's been a year since tony bennett led the most socially distanced sing along in san francisco history. the moment today on the social media. you may remember from his home in new york. he led a rendition of i left my heart in san francisco. while front line workers across the city joined in. >> i joined in last year. for a bit. the scene outside the hotel.
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one of many sites april 25, 2020. first responders sent in video from inside the emergency vehicle. doctors and nurses came out. the hospital front steps. talk about a unifying experience. hundreds of people posting video of themselves singing from windows and stoops. a tribute to front line workers putting themselves at richk every day. when so little was known about the coronavirus. things are looking up. he tweeted saying quote i love you sf. looking up. after the rain comes -- a rainbow. in san jose. our producer ran into it getting dinner. pulled over safely. got a pigture. >> wow. nice picture. >> we should go check the pot of gold. >> he already got it.
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>> haven't seen him since. he's not sharing. >> maybe some more rainbow producing rain? >> for a few select areas. we finally after 37 days. managed a few showers. clearing skies a few areas in the 40s. north bay. may see 30s by tomorrow morning. san francisco 50 degrees. similar conditions around walnut creek. southwest wind at 7 miles per hour. still seeing clouds. showers mufed out. 49 degrees. the morning, skies clear. a winter like start. the chilly air settles in. highs tomorrow warmer. loaf 60s around san jose. 62 san francisco. low 60s in the north bay. highlight of the day could be the mountain top showers. maybe not just for the north
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bay. possibly around the summit too. radar. things have moved to the east. much needed snow and thunder snow on the west slope. that's interesting weather. it continues to advance to the east. tomorrow we'll start with the clear skies chilly morning. watching the hills here for the elevation around highway 17. and also the north bay mountains. 3:00 in the afternoon. chilly air. daytime heating below. a recipe for the showers. some of models indicate midafternoon to early evening. some of this may drift south. it will weaken approaching sunset. during the day up to napa county. and around the mountains. another day of a few more scattered showers. after that, it will be a different story. summer tries to make a come back wednesday and thursday.
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the warm air setting up. mid to upper 80s. by thursday. san francisco and the likely seeing upper 60s. this weekend the next in the series right now that will stay to the north. breezy and cooler. as we head towards next weekend. this maybe the last of the spring showers for a while. chance of those in north bay. during the day tomorrow. after that san francisco closer to 70. today we had highs in the 50s. tomorrow 60s. tuesday 70s and 80s. we have it all covered. midweek warm up. next week cooler and breezy. 37 days to get april showers. night. the oscars.
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we'll break down the big winners and memorable moments. >> do you remember this guy? therapy bunny. at the giants game last week. he's making new friends.
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it was certainly not the award as usual this sunday night. they changed it up big time. >> a thoughtful, low budget film about life on the road. scored big. including best picture. >> we give this one to our wolf. >> francis made her way back on
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stage just minutes later. claiming her third career win as best actress. >> i have no words. >> no mad lands driving force did. just the second woman to win best director. >> this is for anyone who had to faith and courage to hold on to the goodness in themselves. >> there was a slight upset for best actor. the british legend not on hand won his second career oscar for his performance in the father. award many expected to go to the late chad wick boesman. best supporting actor. >> celebrate life. >> and 72 year-old won supporting actress for the first korean to win the award. >> i like to thank my two boys. who made me go out and work.
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>> the awards were handed out in smaller scale event as a result of the pandemic. with many mindful of recent days events. >> words echoed by the winner for live action short. two perfect stranger. a film dramatizing police brutality. >> please do not be indifferent. >> call to action to hollywood's best. >> bay area left its mark. in addition to her. winning best song. the movie soul won best animated feature. pixar movie featured music from the middle school in oakland. and best supporting actor. that movie produced by oakland's own. >> fast becoming lt most famous
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bunny since easter. alex the therapy bunny. after attending a giants game. and posing with police officers. there you have it. the department posted this on twitter saying he caught the attention of officers at the warriors game. last thursday the owner brought him to the giants game. and that's all they were talking about. she lst her restaurant during the pandemic and alex is helping her deal with the set back. >> a big bunny. >> it is. full of love. >> a related sports story. we have the rest of the sports world for us. >> that's right. speaking of big. a big win for the warriors and a big night for curry. the milestone the two time league mvp reached against the sacramento kings.
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welcome back. steph curry adding another page to the legacy. he has 85, 3s in april. that's the most by any player in a calendar month. in history. he has two more days left. the warriors take on the kings. first quarter, the shot clock about it run out. he throws it up. it's good. he was 7 of 14 from behind the arch. that's not fair. another bomb. he had 37 points and the warriors needed all of them. down the stretch they were able to hold off the kings.
11:33 pm
they're battling for the one of the final play off spots in the west. >> it was not our finest hour. particularly the first quarter. we gave up 39 points. our defense improved and we squeaked it out. it was a difficult game. we were lucky to escape with the win. >> the streak over. a's lose for the first time in 17 days. they wrap up in baltimore. top four. third homer of the season. that tied the game. the o's blow it open. scoring five in the eighth. the 13 game winning streak ends. >> when you have a veteran group. they don't get too down. they got more upset than anything else. and then we went on a nice run. start one again tomorrow. >> rain and fans in the house.
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for the giants and marlins. bottom three. two on. that's your pitcher. swinging the bat. it's a triple into the gap. two runs score. he also tossed seven shut outs. the giants make it interesting in the ninth. they win 4 to 3. 49ers narrowed the draft focus to two quarterbacks. mac jones of alabama and lance of north dakota state. his colleague who is an expert in analysis say the numbers say the 49ers should select a different quarterback with the number three over all pick. >> the highest fit is justin fields. it's significantly higher. it's not about being like this guy is better. it's about in this system, this fit would yeed these results.
11:35 pm
my models like fields and fit will be a huge determination of whether we see him turn into awesome or a place where he's not as awesome as he could be. i actually fields for me is at least number two. in some he's my quarterback number one. >> shanahan is on the clock. the first round of the draft is thursday in cleveland. the 49ers pick third. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. today county health leader from eight counties and the city of berkeley are following state guidance and lifting a pause on the use of the johnson & johnson vaccine. the risk of people developing a blood clot is extremely low.
11:37 pm
contra costa will resume tomorrow. >> on a rainy sunday people came to get a shot in richmond. which offered the pfizer vaccine today. we asked a few if they had any opinions about the johnson & johnson vaccine. after bay area health leader said it was safe to use again. >> if it's out there i trust the experts. trust the doctors. >> we'll have concerns. i would try it see what the options are. >> our county bloefs the johnson & johnson vaccine just like pfizer and moderna are all safe. and effective. >> the supervisor says the johnson & johnson vaccine makes up a small amount of doses they were administering before the pause. about 6%. >> we will start using johnson & johnson on monday. but those who wish an
11:38 pm
alternative like pfizer or moderna will have that available. so no one will be forced to take johnson & johnson. >> a county run site. sites have options. >> at the sites, where there's being run by the state in partnership. there will either be johnson & johnson or pfizer. those dates will be public in advance. >> health officers support the addition of a warning label and appropriate information. they point out according to the cdc there have been 15 cases of rare clotting. among nearly 8 million doses in the u.s. still there maybe hesitancy. >> some individuals who express greater skepticism after the cdc put a pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's the right thing to do. to ensure it's safe.
11:39 pm
for all. in context, really the risk of a blood clot was two cases per million. very rare. >> this site is ending today. a new pop up is opening in richmond. >> our message we have plenty of supply. >> a former south bay teacher seen coughing on a baby in a yogurt shop is appearing before a judge this week. last june, nancy got into an argument with a woman. the woman didn't like how close she was standing next to her. so she took off her mask and coughed on the woman's baby. in a stroller. and left without paying. she worked as a teacher at the time. she no longer works there. she's being charged with assault. and due in court on tuesday. >> more school ls welcome back
11:40 pm
students were in person learning. among them tomorrow middle and high schools in santa rose. district will open the five middle schools and six high schools for hybrid. in person two days. and distance learning the other three days. >> a lot of excited families looking forward to the week. disney land reopening friday. disney land can finally welcome back visitors. the parks will be capped. 15%. and operating on reservation only. bringing 10,000 cast members back to work. >> it's been an eventful and rewarding few months for singer her. grammys, super bowl performance and an oscar.
11:41 pm
the native continues to be a force at 23. >> i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be in every moment. including when i was ten led up to this point. people think it's over night. but it's a process since i was young. everything in god's timing. i'm blessed and excited. >> you talk about -- >> she said tonight that musicians and film makers have an opportunity and responsibility to tell the truth about history. and she plans to keep doing it. >> you can join the ongoing conversation about race in america. you can watch it on our web site. you can watch on our you tube channel or facebook. >> we experienced it firsthand. raging fires.
11:42 pm
is there a way to predict how bad the fire season will be? a team of scientists and how they're looking to the future using clues from the past. >> after a chilly start to tomorrow morning. one more chance of seeing showers around the bay area tomorrow. before summer like temperatures show up.
11:43 pm
this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities.
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which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. turning to climate in crisis series.
11:45 pm
longer and more intense fire seasons are one of the most visible signs. it's like a year round. >> here in the mountains we're seeing impact of climate change all around us. it's showing up in the data. fuelled moisture content turning dry. more quickly. and more often. >> it was forecast decade ago. that earlier spring would lead to bigger fires. and larger areas of growth and fire. so we're in that. we're seeing that come true. >> you can see that this plant hasn't really responded. there's all these dead in here. >> if you walk through that field. you can see there's a will the of dead debris. it could be related to drought
11:46 pm
stress. lack of soil moisture. climate change. warm temperatures. a drier air. causing more evaporation. >> to see how weather changes impact wild fire fuels they take live samples from lt field into the lab. placed into an oven for 24 hours and reweighed. the results from earlier this month show the numbers were at record lows. >> i think because of the low springtime fuel moistures which are well below normal we can expect an earlier fire season. and bigger fires earlier in the season. >> we had huge fires in the pay area in 2020. we still have a will the of acres that haven't burned. we need to keep our guard up and be aware. we're in high fire danger this year. and because of the added second year of drought. it could be worse.
11:47 pm
so we had the big fires. those areas may not burn. but the areas around them could. that's bha we have to be careful of. >> earlier fire season. and bigger fires. >> yeah. the data that was collected on that midmonth fuel survey. the numbers did come up slightly due to new growth. the hope was with the rain we saw this weekend maybe that would bring the fuel moisture up. the backdrop of this is the drought. which is still worse now than it was than last october. you rarely see that. winter to spring. this should have improved and it didn't. you can see the extreme drought expanded across the north bay. it's not just california problem. across the west things in october were relatively better. now, we're seeing early season
11:48 pm
red flag warnings for arizona tomorrow. new mexico and colorado. red flag warnings. an issue that extends beyond california. the drought here impacting much of the west. across the rockies. tomorrow morning it will be chilly. 30s and 40s. highs tomorrow a little bit warmer. it will breezy. it might be the last chance for showers in the forecast. notice things quiet in the morning. add heating. that boils the showers that can build. around midafternoon. also watch the summit. you may see clouds bubble up for the afternoon. and lose the heating of the day. showers weaken to the south. and after that, that might be it. you'll notice in the 7-day forecast things trend much warmer and drier. maybe a north wind there on tuesday. by wednesday and thursday we're
11:49 pm
talking highs that will be 30 degrees warmer than today. highs in the mid-50s today. midweek 80s by thursday. next weekend the storms as is typically the case late april and may, storm track tends to stay to the north. cooling next weekend. for now the showers are staying north of the oregon border. we'll have breezy cool conditions. chance of mainly mountain showers. tuesday we warm up. numbers close to 70 wednesday and thursday. notice how the valley temperatures go from winter conditions. snow right now. winter storm warning. as low as 4,000 feet. and back into the mid-80s. cooler and breezy next weekend. fire danger. we had the showers. once the temperatures warm up
11:50 pm
with a dry wind. you may notice the fire danger resetting. >> just like that. >> we are back in fwo minutes.
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance.
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if you're wondering why fortnite isn't in the app store. or your tile tracker stopped working. >> part of a battle in the tech world between big tech and app makers. >> the next time the couch eats your keys. we'll help find them. >> apple launched air tag. a tracking device for lost i tems. an idea pioneered six years ago. >> this is what happens when you have a monopoly. acting as regulator. >> examining whether big tech stifles competition in the app
11:53 pm
store. >> apple and google are the only gate keepers of the internet. >> another day of pressure. that have been in the hot seat over antitrust issues. >> when they set the rules of how to play in their playground. they can make their own product that competes and change the rules. >> apple and google arguing their app commission up to 30% on digital purchases is fair. >> the app stores real success is the opportunity created for software developers to build and distribute the apps. >> consumer advocates said big tech is abusing the market power. to push their own products and eco-system. >> lock consumers in. and lock competitors out. >> some apps saying they fear retaliation. for speaking out. >> we're all afraid. is the reality. we're fortunate you are
11:54 pm
listening. >> i hope the justice department is too. >> developers asking to intervene. >> the nation continues to open up more. gas prices remain on the rise. gallon jumped in the past two weeks. a dollar higher than a year ago. the lowest price in san francisco is 3.39. in oakland the lowest is average of 4.02. prices have risen for fife straight months. >> noticeable. we'll be right back. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created.
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it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. crazy we can say this.
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we have an amazing sight from mars. new video of the helicopter taking off and flying 164 feet on the red planet. >> images captured by a camera on the mars rover. this is the third flight on mars. program leader are excited because it broke a record. going further and faster than any test here on earth. another flight is planned for a few days from now. >> we think the drones were operating are impressive. that's up there. wow. >> finally the san francisco zoo is celebrating its penguins because it's world penguin day. >> 55 live at the zoo. they have different personalities. some are like me. some are like terry. they date back 50 million years ago. >> they seem to get along. >> all right. the ancestors were bigger.
11:58 pm
called emperor penguins. almost four feet tall. >> you were mentioning that's close to your height. >> aside from the size. they haven't changed much. in 50 million years. i'm art five feet tall. so if i ran into a penguin four feet tall. i would freak out. >> don't go to the cage. watch from a distance.
11:59 pm
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