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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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right now it is here at 5:00, rain in the bay area. president biden nearing his 100th day in the oval office. what americans think of the job he's doing so far. getting the green light, several bay area counties tell health care providers to start administering the j&j shot again. why not every county is ready to start using it quite yet. thanks for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. the johnson & johnson shot is back in use in parts of the bay area. eight counties are aligning with state guidance lifting a pause on use of the j&j covid vaccine. >> in a joyment statement the risk of people developing the blood clots is low. it is unclear when each county
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will use the vaccines again. contra costa county says it's starting tomorrow. christie smith has more. >> reporter: on a rainy sunday, people came to get their shot at richmond at the veterans memorial hall. we asked if any had opinions about the johnson & johnson vaccine after bay yaert health leaders said it was safe to use. >> if it's out there i trust the experts on it. so it's trust the doctors who put it out there and do the research. >> i would have some concerns and i would try to see what my other options are. >> our county believes the johnson & johnson vaccine just like pfizer and moderna vaccines are all safe andtrcosta county supervisor john joyia says the johnson & johnson makes up a small amount of doses they were administering before the pause, about 6% or 7%. >> we will start using johnson & johnson on monday, but those who
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wish an alternative like pfizer or moderna will have that available. so no one will be forced to take johnson & johnson. >> reporter: that's at county run sites. other sites have options, too. >> at the sites, where there co there will either be johnson & johnson or pfizer and those dates will be publicized in advance. >> reporter: health officers support the addition of a warning label and appropriate information. according to the cdc, there were 15 cases of rare clotting events among nearly 8 million doses in the u.s. still, there may be hesitancy. >> clearly there have been some individuals who have epressed greater skepticism after the cdc put a pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's the right thing to do to ensure that it's safe for all
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but in context, really the risk of a blood clot was two cases her million. very, very rare. >> reporter: this site is ending today but a new pop-up site is opening in richmond. >> our message? we have plenty of supply. >> reporter: in richmond, kristy smith, "nbc bay area news." >> contra costa will use the j&j shot tomorrow. san francisco and san mateo counties say they are waiting until some new labels and warnings can be printed before offering the shot again. we should note that sonoma county was the only bay area county not part of that joint statement issued today. we reached out to health leaders there for more information. more than a million more doses of the vaccines are headed to california, take a look at this, the state's allocation from the feds for this week. more than 575,000 doses of pfizer, nearly 400,000 doses actually more of moderna,
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because of the nationwide pause on the single shot j&j vaccine. the cdc has not allocated any doses for states this week. california's last j&j shipment came april 12th, the state received just under 68,000 doses. now, if you still need to get vaccinated, we can help with that. head to our website, click on "how to get a vaccine appointment" in the trending bar. we have tips and tricks and where to look online and the best time to snag that appointment. tomorrow some santa rosa middle and high school students will be back in classrooms for the first time in more than a year. the district will open its five middle schools and six high schools for hybrid learning. that means groups of students will attend in-person learning two days a week while distance learning the other three days. roughly half of the district's 10,500 students in grades 7 through 12th will take part in the hybrid learning. santa rosa is the largest school district in sonoma county. small businesses struggling
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because of the pandemic have another chance to apply for relief from the state. round six of the california small business covid-19 relief grant program opens on wednesday. the last day that applications can be filed is tuesday, may 4th. businesses could be awarded a grant of up to $25,000, nonprofits are eligible as well. this is the last round of grants that is planned for the program. wait listed applicants from previous rounds will automatically be considered. microclimate weather coverage right now, the wet weather is finally here. check out this time lapse of the rain moving in at the golden gate bridge today. any amount of rain will help us during these dry conditions. didn't see a lot there. a little bit, sky ranger exclusive mobile doppler radar out and scanning for the bands of rain, looking high and low, finding some. rob mayeda, how long can we expect this rain to stick around and how much are we going to
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get? >> we're seeing a lot of the moisture as you saw on the radar view is heading off to the east and the top reformers from this particular storm clearly mt. tam, the east bay hills out towards the sunol grade, the peak there, generally close to a third of an inch of rain on the wetter mountaintops. as you drop down lower, not impressive at all, the rain totals from san francisco, oakland to moraga, areas less than a quarter inch of rain. some of that keeping the field crew busy at oracle park keeping the infield dry during the game. on our storm ranger, you could see along the dublin grade, still seeing some showers out there towards the altamont pass to the northeast of downtown san jose. these showers starting to move out will see one more chance i think during the day tomorrow, just for the north bay hilltops and after that, the exact opposite sets back up once again. strong high pressure which leads to a big warming trend taking shape for the middle part of the week, more on what could feel more like summer by midweek coming up in our forecast in a few minutes. >> summer already, my gosh.
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thanks a lot. rob is tweeting out updates from the wet weather. follow him on twitter. a new nbc news poll found as president joe biden nears his 100th day in office more than half of americans approve of his job performance. but a majority believe the nation is on the wrong track. his highest marks are for his handling of the pandemic and of the economy, but his lowest marks are for his handling of the crisis at the southern border. a thousand adults took part in that poll. the margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points. all this week nbc is looking at the president's first 100 days. we are looking back at his campaign promises, what he's accomplished and where americans believe he is falling short. also the challenges at the border with gun control and race
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relations, plus the american economy. you can watch our special coverage beginning tomorrow morning on "today" right after "today in the bay." as we told you yesterday, president biden became the first u.s. president to formally recognize the armenian genocide at the hands of the turkish government more than 100 years ago. tonight people gathered for another ceremony to remember the more than 1 million people who were killed during that genocide. it was a special day of reflection at the st. andrew armenian church in cupertino, some say they're starting to find please. >> probably every armenian that you meet has a grandparent or somebody, an ancestor that has suffered through this genocide and i think it's important to educate about genocide to prevent future genocides. >> congresswoman ana eschew took part in the ceremony. two years ago she led the effort in the house to urge america to recognize what happened and call it genocide. a community rally and march
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against aapi violence to a crowd in san jose today. the stop asian hate event the latest of many rallies across the bay area and the country, after the troubling rise in crimes against the aapi community. several spoke and it was open microphone for members of the public to share their thoughts and experiences. summer break is around the corner. you might be able to add another option to your list of places to visit. we'll explain. and returning to the shark tank, fans will be back at s.a.p. center tomorrow night, what you need to know if you're headed to the sharks game this season. let us take you to a place you've been craving.
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the pandemic has more people leaving apartments and looking for homes. take a live look at sfo,
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where people can soon travel to more countries overseas if you've been vaccinated. the "new york times" is reporting that americans who have been fully vaccinated can visit countries in the european union come summer. the eu is talking with officials how to make vaccine certificates acceptable as proof of immunity for visitors. the european union blocked nonessential travel from most countries for more than a year. it won't be a packed house but tomorrow night the sharks game will be electric, limited fans allowed back at the shark tank for the first time in more than a year. it's going to be wild. roughly 500 lucky fans will get to see firsthand the sharks take on the coyotes to get inside the s.a.p. center, all fans over 2 years of age must either be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative covid test. masks must be won at all times unless you're eating or drinking. we'll have team coverage tomorrow of the sharks welcoming
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back fans. there are a lot of excited families looking forward to the week ahead, because disneyland theme parks are set to reopen on friday. orange county moved out of the state's most restrictive tier earlier this month, that means that disney land and disney california adventure park can finally welcome back visitors. the parks will be capped at 15% capacity. they are operating on a reservation only basis right now. reopening also brings more than 10,000 cast members back to work. . fighting climate change. coming up next, several teenage activeists inspired to do something by one of their peers. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available
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more public school students in san francisco finally returning to the classroom. what the district is doing to try to keep everyone safe. hockey lovers have been waiting for this, what shark fans to expect when they return to the s.a.p. center. inspired by greta thunberg, a sky swedish teenager that encouraged help in climate change. >> kelly cobiella spoke with some young activists on the continuing fight for the future of our planet. >> reporter: you see it across the globe from africa to asia, europe to america. young climate activists demanding action. >> what do we want? >> climate justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: in india, it's the first protest for these twin sisters in almost a year.
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like so many places around the world, the pandemic has put mass gatherings on hold in new delhi. that hasn't stopped these sisters. >> we are here to stay and we are going to keep on fighting unti and our right for clean air. for expansion of a metro line and trying to save thousands of trees. >> you step out of your house and you feel the direct effects of pollution, air pollution. you get severe heat waves, this was the hottest winter and the coming summer is going to be much more hotter than the last time and just the cycle that continues year after year. >> reporter: how do you push things forward? how do you make change happen? do you think? >> i think it's day by day, you go in with local goals. you need to try solving the problems around you.
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>> reporter: in southern thailand this woman is fighting to protect a 15 mile long pristine coastline. the government wants to build an industrial zone endangering the environment and a way of life. >> translator: if the project happens, the beach will disappear. we will lose our land and access to the sea and won't be able to continue fishing. it's not only about fishermen. it means every living thing in this area, air, human, crops, fruits and natural resources will all be affected. we don't want any development that destroys natural resources. >> reporter: she pleaded for the project to be scrapped went viral on twitter. she and the local children put on plays to highlight the plight of their village, and it worked. the government put the project under review. scientists warn that global emissions have to be halved by 2030 to avoid a climate
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catastrophe. this british teenager took her message to the arctic last year. >> i was really angry on that trip. i could see the arctic melting, the ice floes melting, glaciers falling apart. >> reporter: we joined her and her volunteers planting oak trees. >> i truly believe people have no reason to care about the environmental cries face they've never really spent time in the countryside, so i think building those relationships are really important. >> reporter: dedicated and passionate minds from different backgrounds then in countries with a common goal, to save their future. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. the dry conditions are creating tough questions for one of the bay area's largest water providers. on tuesday, the board of directors for the east bay mud will decide whether customers have to conserve water for the
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rest of the year. staff found that current water supply is not enough to meet demand. the directors are set to hear a water supply report before making their decision, which will affect 1.4 million customers in alameda and contra costa counties. rob mayeda joining us now, the slightest bit of relief today. it was nice to see the rain, nice to feel that way again, but it's not looking like it's going to be around a while. >> waiting 37 days from the last one, so it is a few and far between and not nearly enough outside. clear skies in san francisco right now. we did have rain at times, giants game still wrapped up and prepared the infield inning to inning due to the light rain. 54 in san francisco. cloudy skies, chilly around walnut creek, 59 degrees. remember that temperature because by thursday, you may see numbers in the mid 80s, as the big warmup returns for the middle part of the week. right now san jose 57 degrees. hour by hour, still a slight chance of seeing a few showers
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here, probably through about 6:00 and then clearing skies trending cool and quite chilly for the morning in the north bay. look at that, 35 for the morning there in santa rosa. the clearing skies, cool air, keep in mind snow levels out toward the sierra near 4,000 to 5,000 feet. 30s and 40s for the morning and for the afternoon, i think the north bay will have one more chance for seeing some showers especially around lake county, northern napa county, by midafternoon, elsewhere back into the 60s for highs around san jose. 65 hayward. 62 in san francisco, and about 60 degrees for a high tomorrow in napa. storm ranger mobile doppler radar still picking up rain from fremont up toward the sun oel grade. they had about an third of an inch of rain near sunol and line of showers castro valley across the dublin grade to dublin and san ramon. as we widen out, you can see how the action is pushing off to the east but we have some intense weather to our north and west. check that out, a severe thunderstorm warning in tehama counties, a funnel cloud near
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red bluff. we did get the thunderstorms north and east, not around the bay area. we have the clearing skies here now. between now and sunset, areas north of sack men codealing with active weather and there is that cold pocket of air driving down know levels. may see up to a foot of snow above 5,000 feet in the see gentlemen rah. things are winding down, you saw the chilly temperatures for tomorrow morning, clearing skies and during the afternoon for the higher hills of the north bay, there comes we think the last chance of showers weakening as it passes south, by 9:00 tomorrow. so once that clears, watch what builds in, strong high pressure that's going to lead our temperatures middle part of vale to mid to upper 80s in the forecast wednesday and thursday ands with we head toward next weekend a storm system approaching but it's staying to the north so it's going to cool down, but any chances of showers stay to the north and the reason why you may have heard some discussion, is this the last of the rain chances?
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climatologically speaking as we go through april into may, which is where the seven-day forecast is headed, this is the gateway typically to the dry season and i know we've had a dry rain season since last fall, so the odds don't really get any better as we get towards the beginning of may. instead you have numbers in san francisco climbing closer to 70 by the middle part of the week. we wrap up the weekend with 50s and a temperature whiplash back into the 80s by the middle part of the week. it will feel more like summer wednesday and thursday. some cooling next weekend but unfortunately that cooling change doesn't bring any shower chances this far south. something we unfortunately see more of as we transition into may. >> of course that storm is going to stay north. >> looks like that for now. >> thanks a lot. we'll be right back.
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a live look at san jose right now, very cloudy as you can see. tomorrow night you're definitely wanting to look into the sky to get a glimpse of a super moon. it will look larger and brighter than usual, the distance moon from earth fluctuates every month. tomorrow night is pretty close. see it tomorrow, look east after 8:30 and you will see the extremely bright moon. national park week ended today but the park service is encouraging people to keep getting out and enjoying nature. after all it is one of the safest things you can do in the era of covid. more than 400 national park sites across the united states. several of them right here in the bay area. the nps says if you can't visit a park in person, you can join virtual activities. there is now a national park service app as well, giving you real time views of places like the grand canyon or the great smokey mountains.
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it has all kinds of information on trails, parking, admission and safety guidelines. if you plan to visit in person. we are back in a moment. which shows will you be getting into tonight? how about all of 'em. netflix. cuz xfinity gets you really into your shows. when someone burns for someone who does not feel the same. oh, daphne. let's switch. from live tv to sports on the go. felix at the finish! you can even watch your dvr from anywhere. okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch.
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finally tonight, the san francisco zoo is celebrating its penguins today because it is world penguin day. i didn't know that. >> i don't not celebrate penguins every day? 55 penguins live at the san francisco zoo. the zookeepers say they all have different and distinct personalities. penguin fossils date back to 50 million years ago their ancestors were bigger than what we know as emperor penguins. those guys are pretty big, almost four feet. that's almost as tall as me. aside from their size, penguins haven't changed much though in
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50 million years. >> tomorrow anoushah will put on a tuxedo and jump in with the penguins. >> they're not going to know i am not really a penguin. >> thanks for watching. "nightly news" is next. back at 6:00. join us then. >> see you then. johnson & johnson vaccine back in use. more states restart with it today, but some americans don't trust it and why millions are now skipping their second dose of the other vaccines altogether plus the sporting event that packe 15,000 fans into an indoor arena the united states rushinin supplies to help india in its battle against what has become the worst covid surge in the world. hospitals don't have enough oxygen to keep patients alive growing calls for the u.s. to share its vaccine supply too
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and the major change for travel just


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