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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  April 25, 2021 4:30pm-4:59pm PDT

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wiches. with cheese baked right into the biscuit, hickory-smoked bacon or grilled sausage, and a freshly-cracked egg. try'em today. only at jack in the box. right now at 4:30, the j&j shot is back but only in parts of the bay area. which counties will be using them again and when. the news starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. today county health leaders from eight bay area counties and the city of berkeley are aligning with state guidance lifting a pause on use of the j&j covid vaccines. in a joint statement they say the risk of people developing blood clots is extremely low. it is a little unclear when each
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county will begin using the vaccines again. contra costa county will begin using them tomorrow but san francisco and san mateo counties say t going to wait until some new labels and warnings can be printed before offering the vaccine again. sonoma county was not part of that joint statement that we just mentioned. we've reached out to county health leaders there for more information. this comes as california's positivity rate dips back down to 1.3%, that is the lowest in the country. a live look at the oakland coliseum, where more changes are coming. pedestrian access to the coliseum is now closed. if you're set to get a second dose walk-up appointment during the week of may 2nd you have to use b.a.r.t. and the pedestrian bridge and if you need to get vaccinated, we can help with that. led to our website, click on "how to get acine appointment" in the trending bar. we have tips and tricks and where to look online and the best time to snag that appointment. now to our microclimate weather coverage, it's been weeks since we've gotten any
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rain. this might be the last we get for a little while, but you can see let's take a live look now, outside in dublin, still pretty yucky out there. roads are slick, wet weather -- >> is that a weather term? yucky? >> it's a term i use with my son who is 14 months old. so i think it's scientific. the wet weather closed the oakland zoo, closed the rides at the santa cruz beach boardwalk and now we want to know how long the rain is going to lost. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us now to explain. >> how much rain that fell across some of the hills of the north bay, you did see about a third of an inch peak and the east bay hills but underwhelming. south of san francisco generally less than a quarter inch from moraga, oakland to. santa rosa, sunnyvale, los gatos
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and san jose a rain shadow again preventing much rain from falling closer to san jose. right now, sunol grade headed up to the hill south of livermore and tri-valley finally seeing showers. clearing and sunshine around san francisco as we begin to transition out of this active pattern, thunderstorms will stay to the north and east of us for tonight. the pattern moving forward may present just one more chance of showers in the north bay tomorrow, but then the exact opposite pattern locks in for the middle part of the week, strong high pressure, big warming ahead. you may be surprised by just how much warmer we get by wednesday and thursday. we'll have a clop in about seven minutes. >> see you then, rob, thank you. get updates on the rain sent straight to your phone from our nbc bay area app. get access to our storm ranger exclusive radar scans and forecast specific to your neighborhood. president biden is getting ready to give his first speech before congress this week. it comes as a new poll shows
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more than half of americans approve of the president's first 100 days in office, but a majority believe the nation is on the wrong track. here's nbc's jennifer johnson. >> reporter: president biden spent a working weekend in delaware, ahead of his first address to a joint session of congress. the president will push lawmakers to pass the george floyd justice in policing act days after derek chauvin was convicted of killing floyd. >> i don't want just o it would be good for everyone. >> reporter: among the other expected topics the president is likely to address, expanding access to health care, more economic aid for americans struggling in the pandemic and passing stricter gun control laws. something linda sue smolen who paid for this board in colorado was pushing for. a poll shows 53% approve of the
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president's job so far, 39% disapprove. the president was given his lowest marks handling the immigration surge, but high marks for dealing with the pandemic, as vaccine hesitancy grows, leading to concerns about achieving herd immunity. >> and clearly, if we're going to be able to put covid-19 behind us, we need to have all americans take part in getting to us that point. >> reporter: one in five americans still say they likely won't get vaccinated. federal health officials say it is the only way back to normal life. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. right now let's bring in nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston to talk about some of these issues. larry, thanks for being here today. what do you think about -- >> happy to be here, terry. >> what do you think about of the first 100 days? what are some of the things the president's done and what are some problems he's got coming up. >> the president spent most of his early days on covid-19, promised a million shots, 100
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million shots by 100 days and doubled it, 200 million shots by 100 days, he's accomplished both of those goals. he's also cleaned up the supply chain i critical. don't forget the $1.9 trillion. he squeaked that through because remember, a 50/50 division in the senate, not much more leeway in the house. on the other hand, there's some things that are clearly in his way, the mess at the border continues to be bothersome. it was for the president, it is for this president, trump now biden, something critical. he's got this big american jobs plan and infrastructure plan $2.3 trillion now that's very, very difficult to get through because of the way congress is set up. so yes, he's had some successes, and yes, he has some issues and so he's moving forward. the good news for the president is, as was said in the earlier package, he's got a very strong support level from the public. president trump came in with
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42%, 43%. biden is a good ten points above that, and that's very critical to moving forward. >> let's talk about 53% of americans approve of the job president biden's doing. let's talk about how that compares to previous presidents. >> well there's no question about it, that as i said, he's got good 10 or 12 points above president trump. president trump came in with glorious plans. he said within the first 100 days that he would have that wall built with mexico, with mexico paying for it, that he would get rid of obamacare, of course that didn't happen, and that he would set up a term limit for congress, none of those things happened for president trump. so if you compare the public opinion of biden trump, you could see why the public is so much more appreciative of president biden. he has managed to accomplish things under the most difficult circumstances given the way congress goes. and something else i think is
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very important. a new plan for infrastructure, the public supports virtually every major aspect of it, while republicans in congress do not. that sets up an interesting situation as we go downstream. >> president biden doing better than president trump did in the first 100 days but not as well as barack obama or george w. bush. what was the hiccups that interfered with biden being up there with his a couple people before him? >> the big change here of course is that both bush and president obama had leeway with congress. they didn't have to bend over backwards with a congress that was so evenly divided. let's be honest. the congress and the public were not as polarized let's say than 20 years ago with bush and even 15 years ago with obama as it is now. that is creating issues. so for this president to succeed, he's had to do
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get things around reconciliation, if you remember that, that helped him the first time around, and the other thing is, the situation is different. you have to go back to someone like franklin d. roosevelt, perhaps lyndon johnson to see one major bill after another. the times were so different then than now. there's no question about it, the president's got the public behind him a lot more he has republicans in congress. >> absolutely, larry gerston thanks for being here today. >> pleasure. let's get back to our coronavirus coverage now. michigan has become the nation's covid hot spot. in the last two weeks, it's recorded 91,000 new covid cases. experts blame the surge on more contagious fatigue. rural areas are being hit hard which have mostly avoided those severe outbreaks until now. those 91,000 new cases are more than california and texas
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combined during that same time period. after the johnson & johnson covid vaccine was given the green light to resume, thousands of people showed up at the indianapolis motor speedway to get it. a stream of cars pulled up to the iconic speedway all weekend to receive the vaccine. indiana health officials say that they hope more people will see that the j&j option is safe and that appointments will increase daily. the speedway did have dozens or doses rather of pfizer available as well for anyone who is still hesitant to get the johnson & johnson one. coming up, help is on the way. the united states is sending supplies to india as that country battles a massive surge in covid cases, what the vice president is saying tonight. also, conditions climate scientists to see how bad this fire season will be. fire season will be. part of our o
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tsunami of covid cases setting global records for new daily infections with hospitals running short on oxygen, countries around the world including the united states are sending supplies. vice president harris tweeted u.s. workers are working to get supplies there quickly. "as we provide assistance we pray for the people of india including its courageous health care workers. "here's nbc's matt bradley with more. >> reporter: just today, india reported nearly 350,000 new cases, that's a world record. india has now set the world record for most new infections per day every day for the past four days. experts say those numbers are probably underreported. the health system in india is badly stressed by the huge influx of patients. >> we believe in injections.
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people need medications. >> reporter: though don't have oxygen. >> we need oxygen immediately and persons are wandering here and there for oxygen but there is no help, no hope. >> reporter: people are dying on the streets in front of hospitals and many are turning to the black market in order to just get basic drugs in order to treat themselves and their family members. >> i have money. i have everything, b tragic situation is still ongoing. there's a massive hindu festival that was allowed to happen that involves millions of people and has for the past couple of weeks. it looks as though many indians are still not taking this seriously enough to prevent the spread of covid that has already taken so many lives there. matt bradley, nbc news, london. south bay congressman rok hana released a statement
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"international cooperation and humanitarian assistance are the hallmarks of a truly progressive foreign policy. in the face of apocalyptic numbers of covid-19 cases and new variants exploding in india, i applaud the biden administration's decision to put people over profits." turning to our climate in crisis series, longer and more intense fire seasons are one of the most visible signs of climate change impacting the bay area. we no longer have a fire season. it's almost year-round. meteorologist rob mayeda takes a closer look. >> reporter: here at mt. uminum in the santa cruz mountains we see the impact of climate change all around us. it's showing up in the data sampled by san jose state's fire weather lab fueled moisture content turning drier, more quickly, and more often. >> it was forecasted decades ago earlier spring would lead to
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bigger fires and larger area of growth and fire, but so we're probably just in that. we're seeing that come true. you can see that this plant hasn't really, this one here hasn't responded at all. have all this dead in here. if you walk through chamise field there's lots of down, dead woody debris. so some of that chamis se dying off, could be related to drought stress, lack of soil moisture, chai mat change, warmer temperatures, drier air, causing more evaporation. >> reporter: to see how weather changes are impacting wildfire fuels, the team takes live shrub samples from the field and into the lab to be catalogued and weighed and then placed into an oven for 24 hours and reweighed for moisture content. the results from earlier this month showed those numbers were at record lows. >> i think that because of these low springtime fuel moistures, which are well below normal,
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that we can expect an earlier fire season and bigger fires earlier in the season than we typically see. even though we had huge fires in the bay area in 2020, we still have a lot of acres that have not burned and so we still need to keep our guard up and be aware we're in high fire danger this year, and because of the added second year of drought, it could be even worse. so even though we have these big fires, those areas may not burn as readily but areas around them could so that's what we have to be careful of. >> rob is joining us now. even with the slight improvement in new growth overall fire conditions are still high. i see that map behind you, you were talking about it yesterday. it's not good news. >> it's tied into that drought monitor as you see over my shoulder. the update from this week put the bay area in severe drought to the santa cruz coastline and it's drier now or more extensive drought than typically during
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the driest time of the year, last october before the rain season. in theory as you go through winter the drought categories should reduce or some should go away instead they've expanded across the area. we're hopeful with today's rain that we might just put a short term dent in that but climatology works against us this time of year. april is sort of the gateway to the dry season. once we get into may and june, any rain opportunities we go through the next few weeks, really hoping we could take advantage of this storm, many places inland including walnut creek really didn't see much at all from today's rain. right now 56 degrees, light showers passing by, san francisco looking at clearing skies, temperatures in the low 50s and still cloudy currently in san jose, with a few pockets of light rain briefly around san jose. around the hilltops there off to the east of the sunol grade areas south of livermore you see spotty showers around the tri-valley, mainly across the east bay hills. best rain of today's storm
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really did center up around marin third of an inch of rain. generally less peninsula. this is bringing snow to the sierra, maybe tenver the next hour or two. the futurecast for tonight shows clearing skies and one more opportunity we could see some showers firing up in the north bay hilltops around 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. some instability showers during the yesterday, around napa county and sonoma county if you missed out from today you'll get one more chance tomorrow. after that, though, chances really do start to shut down. any rain totals tomorrow expected to be generally light. you'll notice morning temperatures with the clearing skies getting cold, some 30s there in the north bay valleys. highs tomorrow warmer than rd over toward concord but set to get
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chances leave, strong high pressure builds in. so we're about to see our temperatures climb 10 to 20 degrees by the middle part of the week. there you go, san francisco getting closer to 70 degrees, by thursday, a little breezy and cooler headed into next weekend and we've had 50s around the bay area today. few areas could be in the mid and maybe even upper 80s by wednesday and thursday. so just like that, that is your spring weather whiplash, slight chance of showers, drier weather returns, again it looks like in the long range model this is might be the last rain chance for a while. certainly a 'tis of summer coming our way as we approach thursday. >> it could be months, wow. glad we got a little bit today. thanks. >> thanks, rob. you're paying much more at the pump, why the pandemic may be to blame for gas prices jumping.
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back in court this week, still has to pay restitution, a hearing is set for friday and pay court ordered in prison but unlikely to spend any more time in jail, on house arrested released because of covid concerns serving the rest of his term under electronic monitoring. a day of reflection in colu columbus, ohio, in an more of ma'khia bryant after a police officer shot and killed the 16 years old. she called 911 after she was threatened by a group of older kids. chaotic scene, body camera that knife.e an officer then shot her. many speakers today talked about how they believe things could have turned out differently with different police training. join our ongoing conversation about race in
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america, led by jessica aguirre and marcus washington, if you missed the latest episode, watch it on our website, go to you could also watch on our youtube channel or facebook page. another successful flight on the red planet, how this one is different from any other that the mars ingenuity helicopter has ever made before.
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this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery. you see he lives in california
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and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities. which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy. hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. as the nation continues to open up, more and more gas prices remain on the rise. a gallon of unleaded has jumped nearly two cents in the past two weeks with the national average more than $1 higher than it was a year ago. in the bay area, says the average is $3.39 with an average of $4.07. in san jose, $3.33 is the lowest, with an average of $4.02. prices have now risen for five
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straight months. faster and farther, today the mars helicopter lifted off for its third mission on the red planet, this was a big day, nasa released pictures from the flight. the helicopter took off early this morning, rose 16 feet the second flight, but then it a length of a football field. it reached a speed of 6.6 feet per second. that's moving along. that's significant because the ingenuity helicopter did not fly that fast in tests done here on earth. project leaders are thrilled and planning another flight in just a few days. up next at 5:00, it is back but only in parts of the bay area. we'll tell you which counties are going ta start using the j&j shot and why others are waiting. and wet weather is finally here. how much we got and when it's leaving. rob has the answers.
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right now it is here at 5:00, rain in the bay area. president biden nearing his 100th day in the oval office. what americans think of the job he's doing so far. getting the green light, several bay area counties tell health care providers to start administering the j&j shot again. why not every county is ready to start using it quite yet. thanks for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. the johnson & johnson shot is back in use in parts of the bay area. eight counties are aligning with state guidance lifting a pause on use of the j&j covid vaccine. >> in a joyment statement the risk of people developing the blood clots is low. it is unclear when each county will use the vaccines again. contra costa county says it's starting tomorrow.


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