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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  April 25, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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find the defendant guilty. >> loved by so many. >> wait no longer. >> liftoff. good morning. welcome to "sunday today." johnson & johnson now cleared to go back into the arms of americans after a week and a half long pause due to reports of rare blood clots in a small
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handful of people who got the vaccine. public health experts are raising concerns americans will shy away from the johnson & johnson shot and perhaps the others because of the recommended pause. the latest i our sunday focus on president biden's first 100 days. we will have a progress report on everything from covid and the economy to immigration and police reform. plus, harry smith catches up with the inspiring young man with autism who has written a book and earned a degree from oxford since we saw him last. late he a new in-person sunday sitdown and a walk in the park with justin theroux talking about his new movie and the advice he got when he stepped into the tabloid glare after his marriage to jennifer aniston. >> here is what's going to
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happen. it happens to everybody. in that side of the entertainment industry, a character is about to be born. that character is you. but it's not you. >> a sunday sitdown plus another life well lived later in the show. let's begin with the latest on the coronavirus and new questions about getting the country vaccinated. as the johnson & johnson vaccine comes back online, this time with a warning. sam brock has the latest from miami. sam, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning. there's more than 9 million doses of johnson & johnson ready to go at a time where it seems like overall vaccine demand is waning. here in miami jackson health, the largest public health care provider in the area, is set up to wrap up in less than a month. another potential life line is leaping back into the vaccine marketplace. the cdc investigated 15 cases of severe blood clots linked to the johnson & johnson vaccine.
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>> whenever you hear something like that, it's going to cause you to be a little reticent and say, i will stay away from that one. i will take the other one. >> reporter: nearly half the states in the u.s. have declared their intention of resuming johnson & johnson shots. white house officials confirm 9 million doses were shipped and ready to go. the process is facing some headwinds. when you heard about the issues related to johnson & johnson and the pause, did it scare you? >> yes. a lot. >> reporter: doctors say it will is more likely you will get a blood clot from covid than the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> i would encourage anybody, get the first vaccine that's available to you. >> reporter: availability isn't necessarily the problem in many places. the vaccination sites in states like north carolina, texas and florida are closing due to lack of demand. length care providers grappling with heightened hesitancy.
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>> the johnson & johnson pause was unfortunate. >> reporter: ivan resumed his johnson & johnson shot saturday night in new york and has a message for his community. >> this is the key to your life and future and wealth and women being of our community and our society. period. >> reporter: overnight, florida announcing that johnson & johnson will be available at all four federally run sites here in florida, starting at 7:00 a.m. willie? >> sam brock in miami for us this morning. thanks so much. family and friends of andrew brown junior, the north carolina man who was shot and killed by police serving a warrant on wednesday, want the body cam footage to be released as the sheriff pleads for patience in the investigation. kathy park has more for us. good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning. it has been four days since the shooting. the community and the brown family want to know, where is
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the body camera footage? the sheriff is taking formal steps to release it. overnight, more demands from protesters to release a body camera footage in the shooting death of andrew brown, junior. the calls coming from family. >> my nephew did not deserve that. >> reporter: city officials. >> we are demanding we have transparency and accountability. >> reporter: now the sheriff who was asked to resign by civil rights leaders saturday. >> we want the body camera footage made public. some people have falsely claimed that my office has the power to that is not true. only a judge can release the video. >> reporter: brown was killed wednesday as deputies were attempting to serve a search and arrest warrant related to felony drug charges. very few details have been released on the incident. first responders could be heard on dispatch moments after the
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shooting. >> one male gunshot to the back. >> reporter: seven depp triz on administrative leave. three other deputies have resigned for reasons unrelated to the shooting. with the footage turned over to state investigators, the sheriff will file a motion as early as monday to release the video. we have learned that an outside >> an outside sheriff's office will review those in question. the focus will be to see if discipline will need to be taken. >> more questions to be answered there in north carolina. kathy park, thank you very much. it was a crowded first night for the 11 astronaut on the international space station after four new members docked there saturday morning the new crew arrived aboard the dragon capsule which launched into space friday morning. there are two spacex capsuled at
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the iss right now with one headed back to earth on wednesday. it's been a big week for elon musk in a shocker, the billionaire was announced on saturday as an upcoming host of "saturday night live." snl creating a stir with the announcement that musk will host with musical guest miley cyrus on may 8th the 93rd academy awards will be held tonight in los angeles with covid restrictions in place, thissi iyear's oscars promise to be unlike anything we have seen. most stars will be there in person >> reporter: willie, good morning. we have been getting teased about a new type of ceremony that will take advantage of the hollywood production potential and no more video conferences. nominees will accept awards in person and with an audience. the oscars are back.
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hollywood finally has a reason to celebrate after a year-longts the academy getting creative to make sure this year's presentation doesn't feel like a zoom call. >> we are going to present this like you are wafingwatching a f, the way it looks, the way it feels. place at the historic union station in los angeles, a building often seen in hollywood films hosting the oscars for the first time. nominees and presenters attending a red carpet before sitting in socially distanced pods making up a smaller than usual audience with international locations joining via satellite. this year's nominees include the most ethnically diverse group ever with chadwick bosman favored. >> as he was fighting for his life, he was giving the performance of his life.
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>> reporter: viola davis is the top choice to win best actress. she would make history as the first black woman to win an oscar twice. the best film category, "nomad land" is the favorite. >> if anyone were to beat her for best director, it would be the shock of the night. >> reporter: the ceremony could be a win for all of hollywood with a major event gathering the industry's best. things are finally getting better and the show must go on. the producers plan to comply with pandemic protocols saying they are treating movie set wit specially designed to the minute results, including an on site safety team with pcr testing capability. of course, it will be a gala attire event. willie? >> they have had some lessons to learn from previous awards shows. it will be interesting to watch.
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quoorng. we've been talking to the rain and we've seen a couple of showers move through the north bay. a live look in san francisco the cloud cover there. we are expecting light to moderate rainfall through the afternoon but the instability out there could mean a chance for thunderstorm activity as well. so for the east bay and the north bay, along with sierra snow, a closer look using our doppler storm ranger, just a couple of showers pushing into san francisco. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including the 8-year-old girl who became a viral star for a hilarious as t wrestles an attacking bobcat in the front yard. we will show you how this ended. our sunday focus on president biden's first 100
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courtroom and led away to prison were extraordinary for how rare they are. in remarks that night, president biden vowed to push for reform in policing, one on a long list of issues that have occupied the president's first 100 days. hallie jackson has a look in our sunday focus. >> in our first 100 days -- my first 100 days -- >> reporter: plenty of presidential pledges for the first 100 days. >> i promise you. i promise you. >> reporter: a time frame that's symbolic. but ever since franklin roosevelt and the great depression, it's been a measuring stick for progress o promises. for president bidenha unifying the country. >> unity is the path forward. >> reporter: our new nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows just over half of americans give the president strong marks for trying to unite. but eight in ten people say this
6:17 am
country is still divided on issues including some of the white house's top priorities. what is the score card? start with the pandemic. the president pledged to reach 100 million shots in arms in his first 100 days. >> today we hit 200 million shots on the 92nd day in office. >> reporter: promise kept. the president pledged to order a federal mask mandate. critics point out his goals felt less than ambitious. >> he had the advantage of inheriting a situation that was going to head in the right direction. the economy was going to recover. the pandemic was going to get crushed by the vaccines. >> reporter: on police reform, after campaigning during a national reckoning on race, the president made this pledge. >> creating a national police oversight commission. >> reporter: that is a promise
6:18 am
unfulfilled. why has the president and the white house shifted the goal when it relates to that oversight board? >> the reason we decided not to do that is we sat down with leaders in the civil rights community who are working on police reform. they told us they didn't think it was necessary. they didn't think it would be productive. they thought the most productive thing we could do was work to get the george floyd act passed. >> reporter: some of the president's other pledges involve cooperation from congress. on comprehensive immigration reform, a bill the president promised to send and did, that seems unlikely given gop pushback. on climate, the president rejoined the paris climate agreement, a promise kept. along with another, hosting world leaders for a virtual summit this week. >> this is a moral imperative. an economic imperative. >> reporter: a score card setting the tone for the next 100 days and beyond. >> most important things that presidents do happen after the first 100 days. it's a sliver of their time in office.
6:19 am
yet, it really does set a pattern that has a lot to do with how well they can lead later on. >> hallie joins me now live. good morning. great to see you. the president has a big challenge on his hands in front of him with the infrastructure bill. what else is on the agenda moving forward for the administration? >> really, the folks at the white house are looking ahead to this week when president biden goes to give his address to congress, a big moment, a significant one. it's happening later this year because of issues related to the pandemic. as far as priorities, a couple of things. selling the infrastructure plan. by the way, we mentioned how the president pledged unity. there are mixed questions about whether americans think that's happening. the gop is now out with their own republican plan on infrastructure, smaller, much less sprawling than what president biden and the democrats are pushing for. the piece you will see president biden focus on this week has to
6:20 am
do less with the jobs piece and more with what they are framing as the families piece. these are domestic priorities like expanding universal pre-k, expanding paid leave, extending the child tax credit that we have talked about on this show. that's going be phase two or the next part of what you will see the president try to sell. >> will he do it with any republican votes? hallie jackson, thanks so much. let's bring in chuck todd, nbc's political director. good to see you. we are rolling out the new polls this morning on "meet the press." the country says we're divided. eight in ten americans say we are an approval rating into the 50s. what do you read into the numbers? >> he is getting a lot of benefit from he is riding the momentum in some ways of a recovering economy and the escalation of the vaccinations.
6:21 am
at the end of the day, this is happening on his watch. things loo things seem to smooth out. some argue they would have. it doesn't matter. it's on his watch. that's given him political capital. in our numbers here, you see that that is driving the overall positive approval ratings he has. any time you are over 50 in this environment, that's solid. it's the new 60% of the way when you and i grew up. there are warning signs in here, on immigration and taxes, he is upside down. it's not bad enough that it impacts his overall number. >> it's interesting, relative to past presidents, his approval at this point isn't that high compared to president obama or george compared to donald trump and given where we are, it's a decent number. chuck will dig deeper into the new polls this morning on "meet the press." nbc news will have coverage and
6:22 am
analysis of president biden's first 100 days across all of its platforms this week. coming up next here, a new in-person sunday sitdown with actor justin theroux at his own new york city bar, talking about "the mosquito coast," becoming a paparazzi prize and hanging with his famous dog. a woman's whose yellow ribbons kept the country thinking for 444 days about the american hostages in iran. one of whom was her husband. as we head to break, our photoweek. some of the hundreds of people who gatheredapolis to await the verdict in the trial of former officer derek chauvin. this is the moment three convictions came down, nearly 11 months after floyd's death.
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good sunday morning. it is 6:26. here is a live look outside, cloudy skies over san jose, as we await long-awaited rain. thank you so much for starting your sunday with us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a quick look at our microclimate forecast. hey, vianey. >> hey there, good morning. we saw a couple of showers push through overnight, mainly for the north bay. you could see right now live in san francisco, we've got the cloud cover and we're still going to be seeing some shower activity today. light to moderate at times but there's also the possibility that we could get a chance for some thunderstorm activity, which is why we are under a
6:27 am
microclimate weather alert, because that instability could also mean some possible hail. now let lk at doppler r i'm going to zoom this in closer using our mobile doppler radar storm ranger and you could see a couple of light showers. the majority of this hasn't been even strong enough to make it to the ground, but it's still going to continue through the afternoon. we're going to get better chances after 10:00 a.m. temperatures in the 50s today, so significantly cooler when you compare that to what we saw earlier this week. full forecast at 7:00. >> yes, completely different weather. see you for the rest of your forecast at 7:00, thanks. get weather updates even while you are on the go. download our app, it's free and you can get the latest a commemoration will be held at st. andrew's church in cupertino to remember the lives lost in the massacre of armenians after
6:28 am
yesterday's historic proclamation by president biden, the first u.s. president to recognize the massacre of armenians as genocide. in a statement yesterday he said "the american people honor all those armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today." here in the bay area, members of the armenian community gathered for their annual commemoration at the mt. davidson cross in san francisco yesterday. the ceremony was a mix of sadness and optimism. >> the significance is that for the f a very long time, that's really been stated unequivocally by an american president, we have recognition of the armenian genocide. >> president biden's decision puts long-standing political time with turkey in jeopardy. turkey yesterday rejected the president's statement. we're learning what could be
6:29 am
the possible cause of death for a whale that washed ashore in the bay area. the 45-foot fin whale was discovered yesterday. u.s. park police alerted the marine mammal center in sauce leeknow. significant damage to the muscle around the whale's vertebrae consistent with blunt force trauma from a ship. this is the fifth whale to wash ashore in the bay area in the last month. the others all grey whales were found in the berkeley marina, muir beach, chrissy fields. 6:29. coming up this morning at 7:00 on "today in the bay," californians can start getting the j&j vaccine. we'll tell you about that and have all of your top stories at 7:00.
6:30 am
what is it for? >> well, a lot of people in the world don't have access to electricity. poorer countries than ours, they could preserve food. relief organizations could preserve medicine, vaccines. >> pretty small. >> no. justin theroux starring in "the mosquito coast," the new series from apple tv plus based on the novel that was written by a member of
6:31 am
justin's family. more on that in a moment. he began his career on stage in new york city where he lives today. he landed roles on "sex and the city" and "american psycho." more recently, he played the lead in the hbo series "the leftovers." the attention he earned as a self-described character actor became a frenzy when he began dating and then married jennifer aniston. now divorced, the two remain close friends. justin and i got together recently at his own bar for a sunday sitdown and a walk around the neighborhood. justin theroux's high profile marriage made him a magnet for flashbulbs. do you get out like this? >> everywhere. i'm not going to deprive myself of that. >> when the cameras catch him now, he usually is with a different kind of leading lady.
6:32 am
>> what do we got there? >> his rescue pit bull. >> doing her duty of urinating everywhere. >> if he looks like a local, it's because he is. the 49-year-old has lived in new york for the better part of three decades. he was a bartender here on manhattan's lower east side before acting paid the bills. >> new york is spontaneous. it's not like l.a. you can walk outside, bump into a friend, have lunch. it's that great thing of you never are at a loss for something to do. neighborhood bar and striking up a conversation with the owner. we're in your joint. >> my joint. >> this is ray's. i've been to a lot of great dive
6:33 am
bars in nark takes more than 20 25 seconds to make. if you want something fancy, you can go somewhere else. >> right now, we need to go. they found us. >> his latest project takes him to central america's mosquito coast in the new apple tv plus series of the same name. >> the kids could get hurt. >> they're not going to get hurt. >> he stars as a radical inventor whose family is on the. in a story on the 1981 novel by another theroux, justin's uncle paul. >> it's about a man who is loosely based on several family members, my grandfather one of them. an investor. very sort of -- hopefully
6:34 am
charismatic, charming, infuriating guy. >> i couldn't decide if i was rooting for him or his motives. >> that's by design. if we have done your job, you are asking that question. is he the most loving, wonderful father for giving these children this experience? >> we're not your family. we're your audience. >> is he the worst man on the planet? >> do you believe that? >> born and raised in washington, d.c., in a family of successful writers and filmmakers, theroux began acting in high school. >> i had a desire to get to new york from an extremely early age. it was "flashdance" which i found out was philly or something. it was that dream of that big loft with a torch welder in it and windows that were floor to ceiling. >> you realized you couldn't afford that remotely. >> yeah. hope you like places with no showers or toilets.
6:35 am
>> a couple rites of passage for a new york actor. a corporation on "law & order." >> if you are listening, i'm ready to be a corpse. >> you are pitching for that. >> a drug dealer. >> let's get you on the show. the other is to be on "sex and the city," which you were twice. >> twice. >> as different guys. >> different guys. >> how does that happen? >> i think it's about girls who are dating all the time. you burn through every single male actor in new york. you know? >> stanford. >> a small part on the first one. >> jared. have you met >> they were like, why don't -- can you come back? they would just shave my head. >> i was dating someone brand new. >> total transformation.
6:36 am
>> hope they don't notice. >> action. >> theroux landed big roles in small films. >> this is the girl. >> you don't know me anymore. >> i'm the only one who knows. >> small roles in big films. while co-writing blockbusters like "tropic thunder". >> i don't read scripts. >> and "iron man ii." >> you want to top that? >> i won't right now. >> justin had achieved a comfortable level of fame by the time he began dating jennifer aniston. their relationship became an obsession of the tabloids. was that a shock to your system, ten years ago, when you started dating jennifer and got married, all that attention that you got? >> a part of me was like, i'm essentially a character actor.
6:37 am
jason bateman gave me one of the most sage pieces of advice. he said, look, in that side of the entertainment industry, a character is about to be born. that character is you but it's not you. that character is angry. that character has a problem. that character is sweet. it's this soap opera that gets written in the margins. my advice is, don't follow that guy's story line. it was a good piece of advice. i stuck to it. that's the only way you can keep sane in all that. >> were you able to block that out? >> you leave the house and -- it's an unsolvable riddle. i don't know why it's fascinating. >> now they get the dog. >> a rescue pit bull. i'm happy to promote that. a good way of not accepting the people that don't -- aren't geared for this. >> on the streets of his new york neighborhood, far from
6:38 am
hollywood, theroux is at home with a bar where he and his dog are just a couple of regulars. it's not for everybody. >> there's people that hate it. i don't understand. >> big thanks to justin. stop in and check out ray's. as you might expect, it's a cool spot. his new series "the mosquito coast" premieres this friday on apple tv plus. don't forget to subscribe to the sunday sitdown podcast to hear the full interview with justin theroux. you can find it on apple podcasts or wherever you get yours. next week, a new sunday sitdown with dwayne johnson on his rise from professional wrestling to being the most bankable star in hollywood. his new line of tequila. and his candid thoughts about the calls for him to run for president. dwayne johnson next week on "sunday today."
6:39 am
and we're monitoring rain today. walnut creek a live look we have a cloudy start. we had a couple of showers move in late last night but still got a chance to see more rain today, becoming a little bit more widespread by this afternoon, after 10:00 a.m. doppler radar showing you could see the approaching system there and notice that white and pink area? that is sierra snow on the radar. we have our mobile done lear radar storm ranger out and about scanning, as the rain pushes through. full forecast at 7:00 a.m. ahead, our highs and lows of the week. including the pat sajack making a rarevannah. harry smith visits a young ma this show. the latest stunning achievements when we come back in 30 seconds.
6:40 am
♪♪♪ breakfast in bed isn't for everyone. treat mom to something she'll really love this mother's day... save on the best active brands and get kohl's cash. kohl's. (host) you want healthy ingredients. your cat is all about the the flavor. tastefuls has it all. (molly) i really want him to eat well but he's just really picky. okay, he seems interested. i think he likes it. i have a new cat tastefuls. one taste is all it takes. just over four years ago, harry smith introduced us to a superstar of a college student. back then, he was a 4.0 student at the university of south carolina bound for oxford after earning a prestigious rhodes scholarship. harry has been keeping tabs on him since the first interview, visiting him at oxford.
6:41 am
this morning in our sunday spotlight, harry has the latest extraordinary chapter in the story. >> reporter: he has a lot on his mind. congratulations, first. >> thanks. >> reporter: on your master's from oxford. >> they gave me the paper. it's irrevocable. >> reporter: he is a research associate at the university of south carolina. he is a person with autism. >> i think one of the hallmarks of my experience as an autistic individual has been maybe not a growing comfort level but a growing desire to want to engage with others and learn from others. >> reporter: that engagement includes authoring a new book titled "how to be human." >> what would it mean to think about autism as not just a list of pros and cons. stack them up and one scale is bigger than the other. rather as a difference in thinking. >> reporter: a difference in
6:42 am
thinking, not a deficit. his thought processes are based on images. translating images into language is no small task. >> it takes a ton of energy. i mean, i don't know how to describe it other than energy. you can feel the drain internally. >> reporter: fleming is at the control panel of his mind, channelling thoughts, marshaling resources to fit the task at hand, a difference he recognizes and appreciates. >> maybe the difference between typical and someone like myself is that it's just two dishes in the wider cuisine of humanity. >> reporter: we first met during his senior year of college and caught up with him at oxford. over the years, he has developed a manual of human interaction. we have conversations. do you have a manual on me? >> yeah. if i heard your voice, i would recognize it.
6:43 am
i would probably recognize your ears or other odd things that i tend to over focus on. if i saw your ear in a mall, i might say, hey, harry. >> reporter: what is intuitive, the difference in people's ears, is all but imperceptible to the rest of us. >> there's something very special about how he sees the world. >> reporter: his mother kelly with whom he still lives home schooled him and accompanied him to oxford. the book is dedicated to her. >> she's not just my mom. she's been -- she is my teacher, mycarer and my greatest friend. >> reporter: he writes about a world not set up for him. >> i have never felt like i'm a mistake. >> reporter: people talk about wanting to cure autism. >> i am very appreciative of the difference in my mind and lou it enables me to see problems, see
6:44 am
other people. i think if i wasn't autistic, i might actually -- >> thank you very much. the u.s. embassy in tehran -- bruce was the chief of mission at the embassy and the highest ranking diplomat among the 52 americans held captive for more than 14 months. over the years, he had been stationed in pakistan, afghanistan and malta with his
6:45 am
wife, a former fbi typist born in michigan and raised in maryland. during a long national hostage ordeal that was personal for her, she worked to rally a beleaguered country. she tied a yellow ribbon around an oak tree she shared with her husband and their children inspired by a hit song of the '70s. ♪♪ ♪ it's been three long years, do you still want me ♪ >> her gesture caught on and yellow ribbons of solidarity turned up by the thousands across the country. keeping the hostages in sight, even as the months wore on. as the wife of the chief of mission, she believed it her duty to look out for the other devastated families. she established the family
6:46 am
liaison action group. beyond helping the spouses and children of hostages, the group held rallies, pushed for media coverage and kept pressure on the government to bring their loved ones home. on january 20, 1981, the day of ronald reagan's inauguration, the hostages were freed. when bruce arrived home, he removed the yellow ribbon from the tree. penelope donated it to the library of congress. penelope laingen who spent 44 days fighting for the return of american hostages, including the man who would be her husband for 62 years, died earlier this month in marshal, virginia. she was 89 years old. ♪♪ whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. the capital one quicksilver card does not need a dog-and-pony show.
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which shows will you be getting into tonight? how about all of 'em. netflix. cuz xfinity gets you really into your shows. when someone burns for someone who does not feel the same.
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oh, daphne. let's switch. from live tv to sports on the go. felix at the finish! you can even watch your dvr from anywhere. okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch. it is time for the highs and lows of the week. our first high to a beautiful moment between a boston man and his o couple agreed they at the
6:50 am
wedding. they held their big day until she received her covid vaccine. when she got her second dose last month, they surprised her with the news and a very important question. >> you know what i want to ask you? can you be my maid of honor? you will? >> yes. >> you will have a special dress and flowers and walk down the aisle? >> yes. >> she said yes. >> the couple went a step further telling her they would be holding the wetd ing it safey for her. when they tied the knot, big sister brit was there with them. chris posted photos of the day online writing that he is lucky now to have two best friends. she looks beautiful. well done.
6:51 am
congratulations. our first low to of north carola where a couple's quiet morning quickly turned into a driveway brawl with a wild bobcat. they were taking their cat to the vet. saying hello to neighbors. pay attention to the bottom left part of the screen. out of nowhere, a bobcat lunges at her from behind. she tries to fight it off before he races to her rescue. he grabbed the animal off her back with his bare hands, stares it down and chucks it across the front yard. he chases it away as it runs back towards their car. it was captured on a home security camera. it was trying to bite her right there in the sid shoved my arm . that's how i ended up with it
6:52 am
like this. >> he has a concealed carry permit and ultimately that was bad news for the bobcat. they suffered bites and scratches. they are okay. thank goodness. let's lighten things up. adele is an 8-year-old from virginia whose hilarious impression of her mom working from home hit home for millions of people this week. >> hello. hi, jennifer. i'm busy here. be quiet. sorry about that. >> it's the snapping for me and the pointing and the whispering. adele's mom is a sales executive who says her husband returned to work recently so she's been doing a lot of snapping and
6:53 am
pointing and whispering with her three kids while she works from home. colleen posted the video where millions of relatable nailed that one on nailed all of us. our final low. a rare mistake made by unflappable host pat sajak who has been hosting since grover cleveland's second term in office. he gives away the answer during the bonus round. >> yikes. well, i would rather be standing here than there. >> did you hear what you said? it. there weren't many letters there. said i would rather be here than there, which is the puzzle. >> she put him on blast.
6:54 am
as the contestant is staring at the puzzle, sajak slips out the answer. >> yikes. well, i would rather be standing here than there. >> the answer was quite frankly. if you didn't hear that, don't worry. neither did the contestant. after 40 years of hosting, maybe for once, he would like to solve ♪♪♪ breakfast in bed isn't for everyone. treat mom to something she'll really love this mother's day... save on the best active brands and get kohl's cash. kohl's. (dad) you know, if we take that wrapper back to the store, it can be recycled into other stuff. (daughter) well i want my wrapper to be... a sled! (dad) how about a park bench? (daughter) dad, you need to think bigger. (vo) now you can recycle your crunchy bar wrappers in-store.
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6:58 am
florence in virginia. theresa and georgia. there is jerry, a world war ii veteran, in nashville, celebrating his 100th birthday. happy birthday. thank you for all you have given the country. down along the bottom, john and patrice. happy birthday. may in new york. ulalayla. and newlyweds jim and kelly in panama city beach, florida. congrats to you. send us a photo with the #sundaytoday. you might see yourself next week. we will see you back here next week on "sunday today."
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is sunday, april 25th, 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside, at cloudy skies in san jose, ahead of showers expected today. thank you so much for starting your sunday with us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins us this morning and we arevianey. >> hey there. good morning. that's right. we're not expecting to see heavy downpours come down all day long. it's going to be light to moderate and i wish it was more rain, as far as accumulations go, but because there is


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