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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 24, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to your financial health, just a few small steps can make a real difference. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, save and spend with guidance from chase. confidence feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. right now at 11:00. rain hits the bay area for the first time, this month. we're tracking how it will impact the rest of your weekend. plus. >> i wouldn't have got the johnson & johnson. >> johnson & johnson gets another shot. the single-dose vaccines will be back at vaccination sites, tomorrow. but will you have to get one? we will tell you your options. and an historic day. armenians thought would never
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come. the move by president biden leading to relief. news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. in just a with stories an earthquake that rattled the south bay. that quake, just downgraded to a 3.6 magnitude. this happened just before 10:00 p.m., north of morgan hill. at a depth of 4 miles, which is relatively shallow. people across the south bay, though, say they felt that shaking. as you can see, the quake was just east of the fault. so far, no injuries, no reports of any injuries or significant damage. let's get to meteorologist, rob mayeda, who is tracking that for us. and also, rob, the incoming rain. >> yeah. if we could go over to the w side two computer. you will be able to see that earthquake that did affect areas northeast of morgan hill. that was a 3.8 quake earlier, was just downgraded as you mentioned to 3.6. and what you will see here are the shaking intensity map. lot of folks on the coyote
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valley, morgan hill, san jose, up to santa clara valley, but it's also interesting to point out parts of the east bay, up to heyward, livermore, even to brentwood and stockton might have felt a little bit of minor shaking. again that 3.6 earthquake that occurred there to the north of morgan hill by about 9 miles. our other story tonight, of course, is the weather. we have got some light rain moving into the bay area right now. you see, the rain there, outside. and that rain is expected to fill in as we head towards tomorrow morning and there is, by the way, a chance we could see some isolated thunder showers by tomorrow afternoon. now, notice how rain rates pick up as we head through the morning. coming up, we will talk about how much rain the storm will bring, and how much snow is headed rob, thank you. remember, you can get weather updates even on the go. make sure you download our free nbc bay area app.
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you can get the forecast and even taylor it to your area. johnson & johnson will be back at vaccination sites tomorrow. governor newsom making it official just a few hours ago. on april 13th, the cdc put a pause on the vaccine following reports of rare but severe blood clots. just yesterday, both, the cdc and the fda gave the green light to begin giving that vaccine, once again. which brings us to today. some states moved ahead with the j&j shots. but california had not given the green light. that was until tonight, when governor newsom said the vaccines will resume, immediately. but even though health and state officials say the single-dose vaccine is safe, does the public believe them? nbc bay area's continues our coverage. >> j&j will soon rejoin the tool kit in california after the western state's scientific review work group backed action by the fed. stanford epidemiologist dr.
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yvonne is part of that review group. >> we thought that the benefits of these vaccine far outweighed the risk. >> reporter: the 12-day pause caused some jitters among people getting their shots. san francisco resident, carlo, just got his first pfizer jab. if he was you ever offered johnson & johnson? >> no, i wouldn't have gotten the johnson & johnson. too risky, especially if there is other alternatives. >> reporter: but others didn't have any worry. >> if they offered me the j&j, i would have taken it. >> would you have taken the johnson & johnson vaccine if it was offered? >> sure. >> reporter: to put a finer point on the risk of blood clots from the johnson & johnson vaccine, stanford doctor crunched some numbers. >> any given year, our chance of getting struck by lightning is one in 500,000. so, with -- half as rare as any one of us getting struck by lightning any given year. >> reporter: during the pause, experts figured out some way toss manage those risks. >> given that the risk is primarily in women under 50, if
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they feel that a risk of 7 in a million is too high, then they can choose to receive another vaccine. >> reporter: fortunately right now, there is enough pfizer and moderna vaccine available to provide an alternative. during the pause, the cdc also came up with recommendations for a treatment that doctors can use, if a patient does have a clotting reaction to the johnson & johnson vaccine. in san francisco, i'm serg yoe, nbc bay area news. head to our website, click on how to get a vaccine appointment in the trending bar. we have tips. we have tricks on where to look online and the best time to snag an appointment. as more people get vaccinated, the number of new cases remains stable. within the last-24 hours, the state reported more than 1,200 more cases. let's break that all down, even further. this graph right here shows us the case rate over the past week. now, you can see that we have started out this week just below 2,000 cases.
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then, it dipped, slightly, to 1,600. then, climbed, again, above 2,000. climbed, again. before dipping, once more. >> contra costa county has reached a milestone. it's administered more than a million vaccine doses. this means the county is a month ahead of schedule in reaching the goal health leaders set. now, nearly 70% of the people in the county are partially vaccinated. 45% are fully vaccinated. new at 11:00. a fire on the bay bridge tied up traffic earlier tonight. all lanes are back open but a few hours ago, this is what it looked like. quite a mess there. traffic was at a crawl. drivers navigated around that flaming car. a lot of really, really dark-black smoke there. this was posted on social media. it was -- you could see it for miles. wow. look at that. as -- as the camera zooms out there. pretty incredible video. an historic proclamation. president joe biden became the first president to recognize the massacre of armenians under the
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ottoman empire as genocide. nbc bay area's marian reports from couperty know. >> a commemoration ceremony will be held here at st. andrew's church tomorrow and many people we talked to say, now that president biden has used the word genocide, they feel they've finally been heard. at st. andrew's armenian church prepares for commemoration here tomorrow, tonight, sisters lori and naray placed flowers in front to remember the 1.5 million armenians killed during a massacre by the ottoman empire. today, a major-turning point, as president biden issued a statement saying, the american people honor all those armenians, who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago, today. >> i was so happy to hear that he kept his promise. >> reporter: she says using the word genocide is important in describing what happened to her
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family, in the past. >> all four of my grandparents were impacted. their -- their parents were massacred. their sibling -- some of their siblings were also massacred. their aunts, their uncles. >> reporter: today, members of the armenian community gathered for their annual commemoration at the davidson cross in san francisco. the ceremony, both, a mix of sadness and optimism. >> the significance is that, for the first time, in a very long time, arguably the first time that's really been stated unequivocally by an american president. we have recognition of the armenian genocide. >> reporter: biden's decision puts ties with turkey in jeopardy. today, turkey rejected the president's statement. but for armenians fighting to recognize the suffering of parents and grandparents, the president's declaration marks a shift in a new, more hopeful direction. >> i, personally, believe that
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this is the path to peace. >> reporter: marian armenian genocide. crowds gathered in downtown l.a. waving armenian and american flags. more than 200,000 people of armenian descent live in l.a. county making the area home to the largest-armenian community outside of armenia. new at 11:00. a disturbing connection between a double homicide in texas and the bay area. this morning, police in alan, texas, responded to a call about a disturbance. and they found two people dead. this is the suspect. 20-year-old hazar. investigators say he killed his mother and then 17-year-old sister. and then, headed to the airport where he was waiting for a flight to san francisco. why he was coming to the bay area? we don't know, yet. >> san jose police are trying to find the gunman in a deadly shooting. that shooting happened at an apartment complex near the corner of south third street and
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east san carlos. police say the victim is a man released few-other details. that shooting but that is san jose's 14th homicide of the year. >> a ship strike is what likely killed a whale that washed ashore this morning. u.s. park police alerted the marine mammal center. they did a necropsy and discovered significant damage to muscle around the whale's vertebrae, which is consistent with a blunt-force trauma from a ship. this is the fifth whale to wash ashore in the bay area over the past month. the others, all, gray whales, were found in the berkeley marina, muir beach, chrissy field. now, to our ongoing series making it in the bay. what would you do to buy a new home? dozens of people camped out overnight on a sidewalk for a chance to buy a brand new town
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home in santa clara. you can see those tents there. those are potential buyers who lined up overnight. now, those town homes are being sold at a fixed price. so it's on a first come, first serve, basis. meaning there are no-bidding wars. >> it's been a while, i think, since we have seen this activity. but if you are trying to get a house right now and you are trying to buy houses on the resale market, right, so homes that already exist. you are fighting against 5 to 25 other buyers and the prices go up, you know, 5, $700,000 over what the list price is. >> part of a new development called nuevo, they went on sale this morning. they start at $1.2 million. when we come back. that's how you find a bag on the subway. you look inside, there's $100,000 worth of diamond rings. it's exactly what happened to a train conductor. we will tell you what he did, next. and elon musk has something up his sleeve. we will tell you about the special appearance he is making on nbc.
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outrage is growing following another police shooting that left a black man dead. this time, it was a father in north carolina. people took to the streets of elizabeth city, tonight. demanding that police release the body-camera video of that incident. and calling for justice. city officials and even the governor have joined in the call for the release of that video in the killing of andrew brown jr. he was shot when sheriff's deputies were attempting to serve a warrant on felony-drug charges. sheriff tommy wooten says he will file a motion in court, on monday, to request that that video be made public. >> if evidence shows that any of my deputies violated the law or policies, they will be held accountable. >> my nephew did not deserve that.
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say his name. >> andrew brown. seven officers are now on administrative and three have left the department, although the sheriff says that those departures are not connected to the shooting. elizabeth city, now, is the latest community on edge after a deadly-law-enforcement encounter. >> now, to the rising cost of cars. as the country reopens, car shoppers are facing an unusual problem. dealerships are low on inventory. experts say new-vehicle pricing usually keeps on track with inflation. going up 1 to 3%, a year. but last year, there was an 8% increase in new-vehicle pricing, in part because of the worldwide shortage in computer chips. car manufacturers had to pause production for weeks, and now many buyers are finding themselves having to take what they can get. and pay more for their trouble. as they search for exactly what they want. >> not a single chevy dealer in california had one. and when we asked if we can order one, they said it could take six to eight months or
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longer. >> on the up side, it's a great time to sell your car. kelly blue book have seen a 13% increase in used car prices. people leave stuff on trains all the time. but what about this one? a bag full of diamond rings. that's what a conductor found while he was working his shift on the long island railroad, earlier this week. the jewelry portfolio containing 36 diamond ring settings worth -- worth about $100,000. now, that honest conductor, whose name is jonathan, turned them in even before the jeweler who lost them realized he had left them behind. >> it almost didn't seem real. i was like, is this -- this can't be what i think it is. >> it was -- it was exactly that. now, to show his appreciation, the jeweler promised to craft something for him to wear. spacex ceo elon musk is getting ready to host an all new episode of "saturday night live." "snl" tweeted the lineup today.
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miley cyrus is going to be the muvgle guest. he's also made cameos as himself in iron man 2 and the big bang theory and you can catch the new episode of snl in a couple weeks. it is may 8th. watch it right here on nbc bay area. it's live at 8:30, and again at 11:30. pretty cool stuff. you know what else is cool? we are getting some rain. >> rain. >> yeah. we are seeing some of that right now. san francisco and the coast. been looking at some light rain at times. and eventually, some of those sprinkles heading into san jose. right now, 56 degrees. wind will be picking up a lit tonight, you are going to notice that, too. 56 degrees and you see the clouds there around walnut creek. and there, you see the wet roadways returning to the golden gate bridge. 52 right now in san francisco. and speaking of san francisco, we got an early-afternoon start to the giants game tomorrow. watch out for showers. keep in mind, first pitch is after 1:00. odds are better for the first half of the game to be seeing
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those showers. things should be trending a bit drier towards 5:00 and 6:00. so we will be watching that closely early in the afternoon. first half the day, i think will be the wetter half of your sunday, between about sunrise and lunchtime. and then, for the afternoon, we will begin to see a little clearing out of the north bay moving to the south. but for areas san francisco southward, showers ongoing to about sunset. so, in terms of rain totals, most of the bay area, we are still thinking probably less than a quarter inch of rain for a few spots. fremont, maybe a quarter inch of rain. higher totals likely to be around areas in the north bay and maybe along the santa c mountains as the storm continues to come on in. so notice the rain rates picking up tomorrow morning. starting off in the north bay, right around sunrise. that is the yellow and orange you see here and as we head toward 11:00-lunchtime, beginning to see perhaps a few of these isolated showers. but the sunshine and cool air aloft, sometimes gives us a little bit of hail with some of
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those thunder showers. best bet for that is going to be inland, to the north and east. by 6:00, most the action is pushing out of san jose. and then, by this time tomorrow night, things do begin to calm down. and the air, by the way, is cold enough, we have got a winter storm warning in effect. probably see about 6 to 10 inches of snow there. for elevations above 6,000 feet. and snow levels, by the way, as low as 4,000 feet by monday morning. one adjustment to the forecast. may have still some ongoing-north bay showers. maybe one more afternoon. but then after that, the forecast jumps back to summer mode. you can see it right there. middle part of the forecast there. wednesday and thursday. seven-day forecast, right at the bottom of the screen, really tells you the story as we go to these winterlike conditions in the sierra. scattered showers tomorrow, to possibly 70s around san francisco by the middle part of the week. valleys, too, also watching those temperatures climb, from the 50s, to the 80s in just three days. so we get the much-needed rain and we are back to summer mode,
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keep up with all this. over the next seven days. lot going on in the weather here to wrap up the weekend. back to you. >> let's just be grateful for that brief encounter with the rain. >> we will take what we can get, rob. thank you. anthony flores joining us now with sports and more on the hottest team in professional sports. anthony. >> that's right. the green and gold are red hot. how many wins in a row for the a's after another victory against baltimore? i will tell you, stick around, sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. you know, the giants are the surprise of the young baseball season. the orange and black, just one game behind the league-best dodgers in the west. but tonight, the bull pen would let them down against the marlins. it was a pitchers duel early and the excitement, yeah, just too much for this young fan. with the score tied, it's a two-run shot. the marlins score four runs in
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the inning, and they beat the giants, 5-2. >> lowry hits a high drive to right field. and that baby's gone. >> the a's staying red hot. jed lowry with a three-run shot in the fourth. the a's beat the o's, 7-2. the win streak? now at 13 in a row for the a's. at the tank, the sharks honoring patrick marleau for breaking gordie howe's record. but ryan suitor scores on the first shot of the game. the wild take a 4-nothing lead and they go on to beat the sharks, 6-3. open the gates. the quakes kicking it with about 3,500 fans in their home opener against fc dallas. first game with a live crowd during the pandemic. the quakes scored on a penalty kick in the first half. they added two more goals, in the second half. they go on to win, 3-1, in their first home game in front of fans
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since march of last year. >> they are kind of the -- the heartbeat of this club. their passion, their noise, their intensity throughout the game. it's what gives us the extra boost. we're all just looking forward to playing in front of them, again. and hoping to have more as the season goes on. >> all right. the sharks are up next. they will host their first game with fans, on monday. that's a look at sports. more news, after the break. which shows will you be getting into tonight? how about all of 'em. netflix. cuz xfinity gets you really into your shows. when someone burns for someone who does not feel the same. oh, daphne. let's switch. from live tv to sports on the go. felix at the finish!u canh your dvr from anywhere. okay, that's just showing off. you get all of this with x1. so go on, get really into your shows. you need a breath mint. xfinity. it's a way better way to watch.
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tampa bay buccaneers tight end, rob gronkowski has accomplished a lot in his career but now you can add world record holder to his accolades. >> it's got something to do with football as you might have guessed. he got his name in the guinness book of world records after catching that. a pass from a helicopter. >> uh-huh.
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>> the helicopter was 600 feet in the air. or 200 yards. two football fields in length. that's a long pass. anyway, he did it on his third try at his alma mater in front of the arizona football team. the future hall of famer was on hand to serve as honorary captain at the wild cats' spring game. congratulations. >> finally, tonight, it was a big day for our friend bear son, who completed his walk from downtown l.a. all the way to san francisco. >> we have been following this guy. >> yeah, we have. >> here he is across maybe the most famous bridge in the world. he is a man actually called jesse larios dressed in a bear suit. lot of people loving this. he completed his goal of walking from l.a. to san francisco, when he crossed that golden gate bridge today, he walked a total of 400 miles in that suit. >> good for him. >> yeah. oh, man. i don't know. he started on april 12th. finished about 4:00, today. larios has set up a nd he is as
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public to identify a charity >> you know what? >> what? >> go jesse. >> go bear son. >> have a great night. >> "snl" is next. have a great night. this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance usually forces you to piece together multiple policies. that's why three was created. it's one policy that covers everything you need... leaving those old policies in the dust. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
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small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for “spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. three. no nonsense. just common sense. [ nbc theme tones play ] >> and now live from las vegas, it's "oops, you did it again," with your host britney spears.


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